Friday, August 31, 2012

The Quasi-stable Lattice

The Quasi-stable Lattice

L. Edgar Otto   August 31, 2012

Nature evidently does not choose a grounding as to if the concept of gravity needs be in principle continuous or has to be discrete as quantized.

What then determines the foundations as to what is physical and what one or many algebraic interpretations grounding general reality as theory?

Penrose holds that stars are entropy creators and the black hole like creative objects are entropy eaters, but could this state of things not as well be seen in reverse?

Recently the idea of nilpotent or neutral structure of space and time alone comes to fore in such quasar like objects as being a science of creative structural stereonometry.

There is also evidence in the evolution of galaxies that these may have had a previous state, a center of being philosophically as I have long maintained a centering in the quasar era and not simply the quant idea of a pseudo-creative Big Bang.  Now the focus needs not be just for quasar like objects as understood in current astronomy.  Just as vague and a hint of a wider theory was Hoyle's statement that perhaps in the quasars the universe did not begin with a big bang but many little bangs.

In the illustration to this post I take the artistic sunspot and inverse its colors, re-sized in the duplication by neutral structure alone (that is a brane or surface not solely based on ideas of complex numbers in its generality, specifically the methods of fractals and so on...) Thus as physical the idea of a crater on the moon can be thought of as described as if the flat rim of cones in a creative phase upon a brane or sphere and in the background if we are unbiased to what we regard as a material or physical effect from a more general natural view.

Numbers, especially the role of primes and prime pairs seem to correspond intelligibly to these geometrical considerations by which the 24 cell 4D torus brane structure has an influence on the limits realized or perceived in familiar three space including discoveries of lattices and the role of multiples of 8 in the theories observing tablecloth neutral or dynamic negative roots of imaginary algebra fields and groups.

As a grounding in actuality realized in an evolving universe with respect to that by default of its totality is  quasifinite so fixed this grounds while of clear surfaces of distinction introduces the idea of quasi-stability around such an abstract focus of states over the omnium of the general brane.

It is not so much that different algebras may describe the same reality as the physical in its most comprehensive nature can so allow the varieties of reality as well so described by the first few possibilities of an algebra that at least in our evolving state, becoming, are closer to a unified concept of reality.

That we treat such ideas of physicality as if applying to what we are aware of or imagine in our subjectivity is itself a quasi-stable state for we desire to explain or physically move objects that seem to correspond to more subjective states when it is not necessarily possible to reduce such higher qualities, as the lesser idea of color in the existence hierarchy of light, quantized or not, or at least on the way to do so we find new levels, even distinctly new general states in such a hierarchy of physical values. 

In short we need a wider concept of both the still somewhat poetic idea of time and energy to that of geometry and entropy as classes we try to contain the logic of our theories. While it seems reasonable and possible to describe things subjectively alone this too can be an excessive view that is lost in the immensity with restraints as universal as we think of gravity (in principle by Rowlands that part of the nilpotent algebra that is given as continuous irreducibly and as an element or principle that allows the definition or interpretation to ground particle physics on the whole) over a wider idea of time such creative effects may operate abstractly and beyond ideas of the order of temporality, that is we can change the present but only in a quasi-stable manner as to the summation of all such possible changes of state realization where recursion is multiple yet logically ordered in all its concepts and directions in designs of loops.

A simple model would be a ship designed as a torus which around the beginning of the last century would be stable against the motion of waves to compensate for sea sickness.  This shape is also useful to protect by structure alone fragile glass tubing from shattering in a fall.

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*****  Related comment to the TGD blog:


I am not quite sure I see where you are going with this personal perspective in regards to the geometrical concept.  Is it an error or one that seems to be a state of confusion in reality as well as theory and perception?

But I do feel honest personal testimony is important for the critical evaluation of a work until its level is surpassed by greater wisdom, the comforting truth for awhile anyway.

If a chiral object like a muon creates its own "everything else" null space (see Rowlands) then we can imagine two types of such space as well as that distinction you make with such particles. So yes it evokes ideas of dark matter and related to further thoughts on the role of time and tachyon theory (as hinted in my simple post today on quasi-stable lattices.)

But the chriality is not everything or the most foundational thing for say galaxy creation from quasar like objects.

We may imagine the 3+1 and 2+2 formulations equally well so in a sense that is not a mistake while it can be a natural confusion.  It certainly is not a mechanical blunder.

As there may be a picture of a previous state of the universe as to the precursor black hole like objects- a pre-hydrogen or neutronium era, certainly the physics of this state needs to be developed uniquely so there is still a vast world of work to do.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pram and Perambulation

Pram and Perambulation

L. Edgar Otto     30 August, 2012

The simulation is fleeting & only perfect in itself
   prime focus recurs in its vanishing
Drama lives in the fading oil cloth of natural burns
   the dinner table stacked high against the fall as
Ideals in turn are attrition in changeless patterns of tradition
   we sacrifice our centered hearts that we forever grow
No denizens in the wild some recipe making genes
   no ownership or ultimate levy to protect the greens

The lampposts shrinking in the distance as Einstein
   pushes & pulls the pram defines not his child
A copy of himself but not him as precipitation resolves true
   for the lamp is not the light still enough to see
As we ride one photon of sentience, accept against the fright
   awakening mourn lazy commerce by the Zurich Zee

* * *

The average life, gift of no known cost or measure free
   cannot out smart the trolls, their riddles, pay their fee
Another generation of fresh skin to scar and burn, make
   plastic of callouses in the sunlight, recycled dust in urns
Fill all space with ink & paints, indelible symbols of graffiti
   Lady & Tramp in caricature consume kiss lifelong along
A strand of spaghetti, civilized, bare naked, myth so real

Our commanders, our gods for all who can rebel, change
   stoic to the play, excited by seasons renewed rearrange
Scoundrels demonizing empty law Libra lost Scorpio claws
    legends, action heroes as if any of us matter we
Who feel safe or trapped in the flock against the flack & 
    interference lead ball cannon scatter, cannot see me
Now giving birth to galaxies & stars, I lived, so now you
    I see build nests, write nursery songs

* * * *

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nothing, Almost Existed

Nothing, Almost Existed

L. Edgar Otto    August 29, 2012

Sometimes there is not much breaking news and the articles say in the science magazines are OK but not all amazingly relevant to the explorations at hand.  Music, and the various coloration clearly help explain the group theories and concepts- and lately I notice it does help my creativity and guitar playing of which I am doing more of as if to take a break from physics foundations.  At this point it is not the theory but the physical practice, dexterity, that determines the frontier of my limits.

I suppose, as in a note by Sartre as if to fill the blocks of days when one has little to say or no events stand out, but relevant to the philosophy he wrote "Nothing, existed..."  While virtual space has to be alive with daily content I am not driven to tweet my every move as if to leave a wake, as if to confuse the landscape and maps with the landmarks where not appropriate.

We do the best we can artistically to fill in with imagination what we lack of knowledge and wisdom.  I offer in symbolic digital photos and drawings alone such a visit by an artist in an old moldy book from long ago of what in the "New Astronomy" is an interpretation of a sunspot exceptional and with great plumes.  But sometimes the clarity of vision comes later and the symbols find parallel meanings if any and if they can find what is the reality of things, that or all such symbolic systems are in a general sense unreal.

Give me a set of colored pencils and ink and as much as I write with pen things slow down, but it is often worthwhile to relax at this raw first frontier of new intellectualizing and let the concepts grow.  I mean what seems to me a little too mechanical to be called an art, graphic designs, after all can be a source of fun where thinking the formal learning of reading and playing music as work is self defeating to progress and emotions.

Also, where heretofore my math balances my poetry,  in these times my drawing and music balances all the trying to grasp the technology involving the web and the coding... If I just were not so lazy and if the circumstances allowed such thought, and if we all were less than failed stars and broken people from the struggle to live.  That others and diet affects us or can leave us free of such aloof concerns such as politics and money or any appearances and pretensions, well, poverty is a relative thing and a balanced soul should expect the biased ones to see him off the curve as poor or rich, or beyond such a post economic idea of wealth. 

Now if I were not a little too tired or lazy or old, or even had the good new or my old lost tape recorders and songs- I could ease the burden of memory of all the new song directions and lines for my own American album.

I wonder why in the monitoring of the overview of encounters with these pages it peeked in Feb. 2012, I guess the general climate on speculation about the Higgs raised the general interest.  Sorry, in my informal posts on basic graph paper I made so many mistakes I now see through tired but clearer eyes- I will get around to that too...

* * * * * * *

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quasifinite Space and Iterations

Quasifinite Space and Iterations

L. Edgar Otto    28 August, 2012

Iteration has its own descriptive symbol in my manuscripts for decades now, beginning with the behavior of ink drops in water forming a succession of tori as a phenomenon of turbulence not explained at the time and apparently still in need of further clarification.  It was the cursive terminal t followed by the more print like variety of r as one  symbol.

Here, as lately in the blogs and yesterday the science magizines the issue of iteration seems to be a current topic but throughout my on-line posts the subject comes up many times in relation to physics at the foundation.  The issue is close to that  of turbulence, and ideas of chaos of which it seems a hint that chaos occurs at the eight level and beyond.  Yes, and where is the chaos in quantum theory is a question asked not so many years ago.

The issue is tied up with that of entropy considerations and on the face of it seems in terms of space as quasifinite, that is in contrast to such classical absolutes as time as absolute and quasifinite in the ongoing evolving Omnium, to suggest a dimensional analogy where once the Milky Way was imagined all the universe in a vast sea of empty space, now perhaps the universe itself such an island in the immensity is suggested.

But this is less than a more comprehensive and general view for clearly this is a matter of some sort or range of perception and scale to which the finite nature of matter may appear as not smooth within a range or boundary of observed scale.  That and the relationship with time so imagined, the idea or even the illusion of the present within a range as finite in the immensity.  Time in this respect is less abstract and the relativistic spacetime idea may be itself an application to a quasifinite range of the universal axiom of physical laws in the wide uncertainty of theory.

Given just the galaxy there is sufficient entropy considerations for life to arise and be sustained at least in a window of evolving far from the violence, the radiated heat wasted into the vast unknowns.  So too we can ask such a question of the symmetry of entropy for the universe itself.

While there are several ways to describe reality with a similarity of laws we make the distinction that things tend to condense or crystallize or tend to disperse and make a stance as to which way the grounding goes.  Even in simple chemical and physical models we observe for example the idea of KMnSO4 when cooled will move to the center of a jar of freezing water.  The phenomenon is more than a question of that of general disorder.  In essence we can imagine in a sort of reverse time direction the idea recently as if to have to choose a general direction, say impulse reaction or free from impediments a statement that the understanding of physics is not to gain effects in terms of anti-centripetal devices, mechanically, within at least a certain range of occurrences.

I see reports then as in Orwin's comments to Pitkanen on the TGD blogspot of distinction between kinds of fractals. I find it the case that while recurrences and iteration are said to be the same phenomenon we can make a more subtle physical and philosophical distinction in view of the higher variations in symmetry we imagine possible in super-symmetry and in resonances of quasifinite particle scales. It cannot be just a description from the continuous or finite models alone although each can play a grounding part in the schemes of things.  Iteration in its widest sense is not necessary a recursive proof nor are such methods usually considered less than elegant in mathematical proofs.  Are viruses alive or only in a context, that is the issue that seems to me constrained in quasifinite ranges of interpretations, observation, and definitions of the physical.

By quasifinite and quasinfinite in this stereonomic sense of space and time I here mean the same thing.

* * * * * * * * 

Next day seeing the usual sort of post on the subject by Lubos as if in the rocket ship of new physics the global cooling causes the breach in the O-rings...

I note in posting this the clear assertion today by Lubos as to the world not being classical in defense of it being quantum theory- well the world is not just quantum theory and no amount of wishing will make it true-  This is a spurious argument for as in there is no "foam" on the Planck level as experiment suggests at Fermi, see smooth universe, one could just as easily say it resembles a more classical and Euclidean approach after all.  In the speculations not even the highly imaginative idea of inflation will save the universe of Einstein from greater expansions from a world more than our local galaxy nor will Feynman find absolute truth in what is indeed a non characterized world (In Rowland's sense) by resting on a lattice of being an electron in his imagination.  These significant physicists would not approve of such limits to intellectual consideration.  Well, what is greater than (the nerdy preoccupation) with a Nobel Prize? Perhaps we should have the Crackpot Prize, and hey, Scientific American once printed that Nobel Prize winners beget Nobel Prize winners. (So who was in your class or with you in class dear Lubos?)

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Thanks to a link yesterday from Ulla which in the on line papers mentioned the work of Rolands on the foundations and the algebra of his Diracian 32 with nilpotency interpretation...  In some ways we have the same physical reality of which if it can be described as different algebras  something as in Rowlands insistence on the fundamental position of physic, the algebras must be wanting,

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