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Singularity Pyrons (Structural Falsifiers)

Singularity Pyrons (Structural Falsifiers)

I see something here involving 11 of these connected and disconnected objects. Perhaps two ways to view some space structure principles. Also imagine a Plane or Brane intersected by some point or not by two spheres or a sphere and two planes. What if there are 4 such kissing objects and so on? Would there not seem, as a matter of stable partitions a fourth and stable one as a square some think as a fifth force or particle? Within a range of perceptible reality why is it so hard to think in singularities?

Dreaming in Colour

Wow, according to the blog post count from my two blogs the sum is 666. I may look at this particle stuff again and sort it out with details- or I may pursue my internet projects. But I do not want to stick around with all the name calling here to the extent I have. So, for my last intensive posting although I will be around to view and maybe if something is really new update the theories I choose a further commentary on Pinkers book in sections that from my reference frame of mind show the differences of say Kea's approach and TGD as having more alike than in conflict unwarranted. All are welcome in the new domains and its methods hopefully of better aids for communications.

Dreaming in Colour L. Edgar Otto May 31, 2011

Pinker goes on to say things I now see as relavant to some of our systems of theory at hand as they are probes as a new theoretical physics. He ties in his previous trends of thinking and concerns of his enquiries as lucid commentary on the philosophy of science. He peepers his work with references from the culture of his time - something that put me off in my last jumps of reading him- for example television shows. this was something I noticed in undergraduate writing, apparently as taught and mimicked by students of creative writing classes. These to me did not transcend the local culture but seem contrived to add it, as I was used to less shallow and more classical literature.

Yet apparently his books were best sellers and immensely popular, a style I should emulate if it weren't that in simpler words some of the deeper meanings are invisible or lost in the translation. Of course from the editors of such books every formula is said to put off many readers.

I would hope where I have looked at those invested in a theory and have pointed out similarities that such combining was not seen as detracting from their individual contributions, claims of priority of discovery, or tarnishing by association. As far as I can tell everyone mentions in this blog has approached the concerns in a way that Pinker calls the true spirit of scientific enquiry.

In such enquiry some of the new physics methods stand out as promising. Two in particular seem to me to work as a more mathematical approach to explanations. Which Pinker points our niether one is a good explanation. He, being more evolution minded and not above barbs at those with less scientific centered superstitions like the Creationists or Sociologists stances, or in general as this book is about reasoning how the mind works rather than what or why the mind is, a synthesis or practical merging of these poles of a view - from a biological and adaptive perspective his is an attempt or observation of a compromise as much as the search for unification without his explicit saying so.

He is keen to keep in mind other things like the development of language and how foragers are to be evaluated in earlier and even more demanding world views and mental effort than our more modern civilization/

The issue of categorizing things in the complexity of what nature multiply applies in her programs evolves unlike merely a programmed machine view. The averaging of views as a cost is justified by a mental or coordinating supervisor for projects like the perception of space and stage lightning. Or the detailed and thoughtful experiments by some individual like Land that had its benefits in careful details by its useful result an organism can organize perceptions with inference.

The other pole of this is that we limit things in the boxes because our brains cannot hold say, the powers of subsets of combination's - which Pinker questions even though mentioning that the numbers grow greater than the available electrons in the universe.

Both directions I have casually accepted as promising, after all these are at the heart of more philosophic archetypes of what mathematics is said to be- Platonic, intuitionist, formalist and so on at the foundations.

Of course, here one should make information part of the grounding theme or in the more Platonic view of which I do not see how a dynamic quantum theory substratum of issues of meaning or consciousness solely apply, nor that the context of either stance cannot be transcended. Alternatively, grounding in such a theory makes it such that it cannot be abandoned and the system as set up on these principles not crumble.

I do not regard it as good science merely to state from ones own system what of an others approach cannot be true for in most cases something is said outside the scope of that view or worse it descends to propaganda and low class name calling where some have fallen short of that theory retarding class membership. Wishing and disregard of objectivity and science as a social and international enterprise will not long make it stand true, although Pinker offers us the why some theoreticians are categorized and impeded in their choice of careers- rants, spams, to which in the relative autonomy and intimacy of the bloggers we all appear with shallow emotions and as we are not perfect over constant time, much in different approaches of combined machine like complexities applied to living things, we all have fallen short of civility.

This addiction to such enquiry or expectation of work or fame can trump other natural human relationships as say intimacy, child rearing, personal nutrition, teaching others and children and family support responsibilities.

Of course it has been a decade and a half or so since books and his books from that fresh and hopeful era. Predictions from bits and studies of neuroscience today seem to relate memory and memory retrieval and emotions involved to stress hormones. Yet just as light still seems detached from its grounding in explanations and processes, a hidden memory as dynamic now asserted, we can only fool ourselves by the comparison to reflections as if Pinker's example for a reference frame for photographs of 18% gray reflected back while the subject holds such a card.

In these considerations I have discussed a more binary and linear situation for coordinates abstractly of black and white. Pinker says with colour we multiply these consderations by three (presumably the red green and blue of the physics theory of colour mixing.) This I interpret as issues of Triality and only carefully do what the observation of Pinker suggests is something too general that one can see these threes everywhere and write volumes on it. After all, the number three is a number of a great deal of information and little meaning. Again, this is a matter of philosophy for what are the mathematical foundations.

But whence the colours, let alone the light, in our our dreams? Of course the ATP emits very weak light as a background. But why colour at all as if the traditional example raised in philosophy do we agree on red as red?

It is not enough, even in the design and logic of programming to represent the world in information structures of black and white (understand that grey groups if any are superfluous). But at the heart of such ensembles of zeros and ones we can colour code them for informative and more general systems. Yet, this added dimension of colour does not give results we expect in space and topology with our traditional and evolving mathematical methods and notations.

In fact, from this view there may be higher analogs to colour as colour is to black and white, and black and white is to nothing at all absolutely. This level, as with some idea of absolute on the macro level if scale ultimate matters, as any that may evoke a continua of hierarchies, should not assert something mystical is involved here like ESP as earlier imagined for the quantum theory then be left at that. But I have written about small parts of Pinker's books.

* * *

And a further comment to Ulla's last blog post:

From a natural selection view life by replicating appears to have reverse causation as an explanation that the best theory is natural selection so far. (well, according to Steven Pinker and Dawkins and Cloak among others a decade and a half ago.)

Most things in nature are asymmetric, it is the symmetry and some idea like gravity up and down or defining right angles that is the exception. Cognitive theories can only explain things so far. Light does not tell us the texture of that it is reflected from and if TGD like ideas expect vague ideas of heat as the generator and a negative entropy- it is not a deep enough theory by itself.

His advice to Kea should be taken himself for they have missed each others point and the reflected wisdom does not reach do a higher view which is real science in the neutral content.

As Kea said we need to know a little more about these ideas and the theory of colour as applies to such particles.

Why should not a particle closer to the foundations or beginnings not give trouble for predictions in the simplicity and thus remain vague- one cannot improve or apply the quantum theory with its vague ideas that do not really extend to the complexity of living systems in a concrete and objective manner. The left and right brain theory is way obsolete, and if you read friends of Kea you find at the base of things a lot more depth than the simple perpendicularity we all wish we could easily identify with say dark matter or antimatter.


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Stereonometry and Consciousness

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worth checking out, also Kea's comment:


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Stereonometry and Consciousness L. Edgar Otto May 30, 2011

How the Mind Works Steven Pinker 1997

I cite this author as a reference and for more formal documentation especially the parts of this book I reread and with new information, usually from discussion and submission between bloggers and those on the science or philosophy chat forums, and the fact of my new ideas on consciousness from a newer physics and mathematical view, perhaps my further learning or intellectual maturity or the shear fact of longtime focus on the issue with less demands for my basic living, from a vague recollection of some point on the edges of a room full of leaves distinguished by two eyes but not one in his discussion of stereographic vision, my estimation of this author has given me a greater depth and appreciation of his analyses, if not the parts I read earlier about our evolved ability to mentally orient and perceive things in three space.

Some of his conclusions that are reasonable, in perhaps the Bayesian way the mind organizes vision, leaves me a little sad at the human condition as to our failures to develop at critical times beyond the womb. We need to explore this area more to see where it applies and at what depth we may intervene and compensate the scientific facts of the assertion and theory. Yet, I understand enough now to disagree with the author, or rather to extend the implications of his theoriews which after all looks less directly at the nature of consciousness in itself. it is always a case where, when we turn a philosophy on its head we experience conflicts and vertigo.

Consciousness is the stereonometry of the topology and alephs- not just a product of them. Let those who grasp my recent insights make these connections for a wealth of things are there so to apply parts and tends in their take on their own theories of the bigger picture, and perhaps what in turn maybe transcended again from what may endure as a popular and accepted theory awhile then appear as a lesser fad of new generalizations.

Basically, as in issues of perception of bits of information as visual entities and encodings and against a background of our ideas of surface holograms and the inadequacy of the projective theory as the ultimate description and organization of space - the idea of what is an illusion from Leonardo to Wheatstone, is for nature ranter an objective fact of physics as being.

pg 244 the chapter The Mind's Eye

"But of course running a likelyhood backwards - saying that parallel stuff usually projects near parallel images, therefore near parallel images imply parallel stuff- is unsound." Pinker

If I had taken this argument to heart, paid more attention, it most likely would have made it harder to imagine a more metaphysical case which for me turns out more scientific than the reverse of this quote he calls a romantic notion of seeing lines as on the surfaces horizon of a lake or most everywhere.

My idea then on this, and my allies, others in this rarefied world of new explorations could this be seen as unsound. On the other hand our current and dry ideas on the old physics and golden age of cosmology and swan song of particle physics and new humility on the biological works of the genome - the nature nurture thing and blank slate the author keeps in mind. may one day be looked back by new generations with nostalgia for such a romantic age of speculation and dogged holding on to cherished thought sound scientific ideas.

* * *

In some ways Pinker is describing the eye as perceiving the quasic plane as to the inversion of light and dark pixel areas, in some ways the deep merger of the focus beyond the ground, all the cues of the eyes, even one eye for space perception, as in the idea of a mirrors that reverses things with no seem between them left to right this makes it hard for the mind to understand and conceive of higher spaces without some sort of sea sickness and disorientation as a perceptive background.

* * *

Guess that about does it for blogging- I notice I am no longer listed on Kea's blog which I did not asked to be and it takes a lot of pressure off trying to be more formal- I also notice a very negative comment to her from Pitkanen- not really about the content but some sort of philosophy of how one does such theoretical science. I will make a post not sure what I it will be on to show the growth in number of posts before I move on to other projects or find something truly new to explore.

I hope I have said nothing or put words into Kea's mouth for it was her papers and encouragement that made the most sense if one is willing to understand the details since I have been relegated to the blogging sphere.

* * *

May those who still have faith in the ideals and show respect for life work have all the luck to come. This has been quite an experience, but isn't everything?

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PeSla's Conjecture (and Memorial Day Rant)

PeSla's Conjecture
(and Memorial Day Rant)

Some of my friends have finally made it off the grid- and then I sometimes feel I have for all practical purposes vanished off the grid myself, but it was not my choice. On the other hand the ability to speak on line is a whole new virtual world and identity- yet is not a powerful or significant force in the sharing of communication and influence on the world as we usually think it will be whenever a new medium is introduced. Of course I regard these friends and if not new back to the earth homeschooling hippies at best then rather whacky in their evolving conspiracy theories. It was a strange feeling and ending telling them but who knows if I know what I am talking about after a long rant which held them at my feet spell bound. But I tried to get the conversation back to useful things, some from the thirties, that would make life better for them on their farm. The topic of course was my earlier post on Aristotle's farmers, teachers, and healers to which they agreed in this society are soon to or are starting to fail.

Well, today is Memorial Day, for the parade anyway. It was just to be another day to get to the coffee shop and post perhaps, or just read. Avoid the hype and politicians and things like the Army and the Case of the Soldiers in the Chosen Few group in Afghanistan on the show Dateline. I should not have watched that.

So, there is nothing much to write today, I faced a blank sheet of paper. I ate some chili and had a dream about Memorial Day in a disturbing mood with the realization that even in my active protesting, spontaneous actually, I have never dreamed about such individual things as what happens to us cannon fodder. Oh yeah, is it a dozen or so suicides after a tour over there lately? Name me one vet who had anything to do with the veterans administration and hospital who is not falling apart and are much younger than I? Thank God I was in no position in the military where I had to hurt anyone.

Now, in that part of the dream (the other part was a mathematical conjecture, one small one with no time to follow the thought as the Memorial dream interfered) I asked myself if there was not something in between "The obligation of the constitution we swore to defend that if there are mistakes the government is responsible for them, and in fact I am entitled to all the years of money I would have made if the Veterans administration not fouled up my schooling more than once- and that if I could be off the grid at least to be left alone I should at least even if I get no compensation at all now from my time in the military, serving honorably and not disabled, that I should be in danger of being homeless again as I have been intermittently this last decade despite asking for help." well, it was said in the dream with a fewer words and more emotions so as to awaken me in the middle of the night.

However, the work goes on in the background in the living, we aware of it or not. So, I offer PeSla's Conjecture (this term supersedes and replaces what may be there on philosophychatforum where I may have used the term for a differnt conjecture.)

PeSla's Conjecture :
In these new (meta)physical models of how the natural idea of dimensions relate to physicality and to transfinite numbers, it should be that just as we can double the numbers in complex spaces, that we can divide or half the aleph-n's into sub-alphs where this division acts as if finite number systems such as the fundamental theories as of arithmetic.

(Today I seem to read Pitkanen and think that this conjecture of last night, and based on my own flow of themes posted here lately, that this may be like what he is talking about. But it is not exactly about simple hierarchies or the probing by intelligible methods into them- the braids of braids and sheets and planes and so on- it is a deeper sense of what we almost cannot imagine about say aleph-4 broken down as far as some idea like curvature is concerned, int say two alephs-2. We are like the fish discovering the seashore and climbing out then awakening that there are stars.)

* * *

Let me rant this some more for it is the real purpose, the formal mature purpose inside this post. On top of everything else PBS discussed some psychological test research that studied criminals and labeled them psychopaths as far as if they ever leave the prison system on parole. The inventor of this test works against this use that he feared can be misused science.

I was accepted and trying to straighten things out with the VA so there would be no problems a third time they diverted me to concealing saying if I went they would fix it so I could go to school. Not so, I took tests, it took months before I could see the results which they showed me with a lot of them standing over me and I having to sign a paper as to what I would use the information for. The test results were unremarkable, average is all. But by then the so called deadline had passed.

Of course now I wonder what good is the school, at least for this generation, but I also wonder if the people are seen as criminals- that is we label them even from the very young age in grade schools as some sort of psychopaths. It seems btw that people evidently not caring for others as much or without a sense of guilt and remorse do on the average much better in business. I guess, well they treat the veterans as if they were criminals, guilt presumed before hand, now it should then be clear that ALL BUSINESSMEN ARE CRIMINALS At least those who do better in our competitive environment.

So, is it really productive for science for us to call each other crackpots? and who is doing it but those entrenched in the institutions or universities such that the students cannot think for themselves? A generation not knowing what rights it has lost? Freedom is free, it is greed and selfishness a treasure one needs to defend.

A couple of years ago, on and off, I was told there was a pension if I were on the street (temporary) and when I gave in to check on it I found the service officer here in Eau Claire County WI had lied or did not know the law- for to get it one had to be disabled and take a lot of psychological testing. Of course his pet projects is expanding the vets homes usually populated by ex meth and alcoholics that as far as I can tell this had noting to do with their service. Heck, one man in there but just over the 180 days has for 20yrs got 2500$ a month and has 15 bottles of medications. His black Sargent made him give him a blow job at gunpoint he said but I have often wondered why when he did go to college all his friends and roommates were gay- of course, not knowing he schizoid, lying and drugged out, not really and accountant for the farmers, and linked to me for the start-up candle company- well, I just walked out when he put his hand on my thigh one night on the couch. Turns out he was not all there and not clear what sort of romance he wanted anyway.

And of course two memorial days ago I confronted Representative Kind in the park I being there by accident when he mentioned his new homeless program (like the one of three years earlier) I being homeless at the time. Now, what am I to think when he wants to run for Senate and I get an email asking for money? I simply replied that I was not longer active in the party and if anyone had listened I would have money to send. But it does not matter, such mail - you can only feel good or fool yourself into feeling good- It is too late for me to opt out of the grid anyway but damn, sooner or later they must realize I have nothing more to loose.

* * *

Some futher comments to Ulla, see her blog for her interesting replies:



I recall reading a book around 1966, Thirty Years that Shook Physics.

It said that after 1930 or so there really was not much progress made, that the theoreticians were stuck. I suppose more subatomic research and the string theory looked like a great breakthrough for awhile.

But do we not still come up against the logic of all this, the same OLD logic in new applications?

If God is the ultimate observer, and not a subjective being, and the laws of physics very wide with lesser subjects in them or not, Could God make the ultimate multiverse of Lubosi disappear?

This gets a little fuzzy as we approach the surface of some gravitational object and try to divine its hologram and so in self analysis find the light shifting and dimming to ourselves or others- which is truth?

In the Revelations it states that "at the end times we hath no need of candles for God supplies the light, and the mystery (secret) of God will be finished."

Where does the candlelight ultimate vanish as it goes out into the expanse of time and space? How many light years is that?

Hmmmm- sorry I got the quotes and the comment on them (en)tangled up. But oddly my replies above seem to fit.

One point- the biological view, as a philosophy or even counter to some religions, some think a lesser philosophy, came way before the quantum discoveries.


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Status Comment on Facebook Today:

L. Edgar Otto
You cannot go home again for there is no such home any longer, Jobs and School, businesses and a place to live with a little peace- not grandiose Memorials. I wonder when I move on like the 18 per day WWII soldiers the dozens a day suicides from the gulf wars- If I will even have a burial flag to hide our shame behind.

But think not as laws change, societies and the relationship between people change, the viability and promise of schooling and wisdom, that we are victims of the decline by our age and no longer fit in- most likely the society like a raisin from a fallen grape it that which has left you and not you the party. In that sense though, there is an irreducible optimism to which our frailty in politics and social engineering, we ignorant, stands out for what we can and will do as we carry the ball of enquiry and are intimate to the ways and limitations of our time.

* * *

Hopefully the parade is well over, the weather here is finally getting muggy and it is rather a ghost town with the students mostly gone. I begin to wonder if it was such a fortunate idea to live around so many students in a university town where they become a major part of the economy. So I think a little more about Ulla's last posting and make this comment:


Ulla, this relates and shows the status of things where they can.

I is still a problem to me how in the use of standard ideas... even p-adic, and so on, that we can be limited by these hard found words which may not convey the higher insights.

Where the perpendicularity seems to have perpendicularity (in our more philosphic sense) it is natural to compare the anti-symmetry and the anti-matter otherview ideas and perhaps show the connection.

If, as a simple anlaogy and model here, we can determine things from the "Big Bang" as to this ratio of He and H, would it not be reasonable for some other concept of an initial beginning that the quark-antiquark ratios point to some higher level where we have to consider too that the universe in a sense has hierarchy (that nevertheless the data seems to show it too reaches some evidence of resonance).

It remains physically a question as to why this difference, and perhaps Kea's observation points this out depending on what level the math, such as p-adics, applies to what level of the otherness. 2 and 6 (thus 36) certainly have unique problems of constructable (fault lines) properties of numbers as in the dominoes in6 x 6 blocks of which no other numbers so have this property.

We deal with cubes in space which are essentially 3x3x3 but as in the report on the soma cube news there are other puzzles from such pieces that we can select coherently a different set to make a cube, even as a matter of dice probability. Nature obeys such rules even if it has the hidden bigger picture as so we do. Of course in the matters of 24 or 27 or 30 or 32 ways to organize things, 32 and 64 for example, it is clear that we should keep the numbers and geometry and dimensions straight if we are to probe the reality successfully in the down to earth effects to expect as TGD and Kea et all seems to promisingly do.

But let no one discourage you from your contemplations for you are getting there along with the rest of us mere humans who dare to think.


* * *

A Biological Speculation inspired by the PeSla Conjecture:

Again, from the quoite on the comment that suggests the old physicists are not comfortible with biological examples:

*We primates seem to have evolved in our perceptions of the space around us and our description of such general spaces into the emphasis on the verticle as depth, the linear symmetry snake like instead of the span more lilly pad like.

*Compare this to the dolphin brain that may get clues from the degrees of freedom afforded in the sea as if an analog to weightlessness and consequently we understand such models of space where the molecules in an ensemble have say 6n degrees of freedom. Such creatures may indeed have problems navigating where the world and their paths become subject to more linear considerations.

*This this seems a matter of perceptions and adaptibllity of consciousness in life as semmingly more complex than what we organize in our purely reductionist mathematics and physics.

*This concept, the conjecture, on a lower level of dimensioned directions and perceptions- all generally potentially there to relate to in the mix, as a linear continuum of the natural physical possibilities, of the negotiating of higher set theroretic analogs to points, lines, curves and beyond in for us even more unclear concepts far from our familiar environs... as a source of supersymetry like freedoms and their resonant loops and closures and buoyacy and density

*We after all at least bicameral and bilaterall in the symmetry- that there are different ways to divide or duplicate as in the topology of such super manifolds our systems of evolving brains and emphasis of perceptions.

*Part of this seems to me intimate with the nature and sub parts of an organism on the chromosome level- especially in matters of halving and duplicating them.

* * *

More Ulla, as I am still in the coffee shop- Hey it is really neat to see on the stats what contries seem to be viewing this- Finland, and NZ and lately England, and the Asian states--- if the map better the Czechs and Jordan- but I find it interesting that Iran showed up- what the heck can they make of this I wonder? It seems the views are over then thousand now- but without the ability to accept the cookies in a public computer we cannot discount the views of the posts from the author as when I add more. In any case there should be two more listings in the count for this month I could republish from the drafts but have included in the next posting so as not to disturb the growing direction and continuity of my thinking. But the count does not matter because a great many postings could have been divided with themes and illustrations. The bright stars in Lyrae can be seen as double doubled upon closer examination. Anyway, Ulla it does help to find a comment here now and then to know, as closed and unadvertized as this is, I am not talking to empty space so thanks for your comments. One day soon I may make a way for us all to interconnect more logically on a domain, an art one really, where notions and statements may not get lost in the complexity of it all.

Interesting insofaras we are actually following each other...

The cube thing was asserted as metaphysics really, but as an example or model we can make some sense of, yet it is after all about this question (some say is not a question) of what after all is classical and where it begins in any hierachy. Which is to say Euclidean and flat.

The fun begins if you try to make four dimensional "cubes" from such a set of possibilities and trying to decide if there are higher forms of curvatures involved.

In which case, regardless of what is a spinor or spin for that matter, the reach of some linear or more quantum like method, or the n-adic ideas, or braids even, is not a much higher reality of things than we now want to cling to.

Sorry if I did not read the decay modes in detail finding them primitive and boring and a great underestimation of our sense of space.

Perhaps you will like my biology speculation on the Dolphins in my last post.

If we are trapped in some terms and the notions behind them, well, intellectually one must consider that even the "experts" have understimated (except emotionally for or against) the new physics. And that is TGD too and to the extent it is quantum deterministic over the more general ideas- they underestimate it exactly like they tend to overestimate what we know applying physics to biology.

The PeSla

Read it as not much more of a higher reality than what we now want to cling to

or these do involve a higher reality than what we are used to

to clear what I meant up abit...

The PeSla

* * *

What Parade?

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stereomnium (Beyond Stereonometry)

Stereomnium Beyond Stereonometry
(A New or Deeper Metaphysical Foundation for the Objective Physicality of Physics than the Esoteric ones Already Offered)
* * *

Sacred Geometry and Arithmetic Prelude:

I find it noteworthy that I reconsidered volumes involving spheres and values of e and pi and phi and their powers but did not find enough to post- and yet I found the following comment. I thought to do this exploration because of a comment Dave137 left on Kea's blog and a memory in my slide rule days of some interesting volumes but alas I will have to search some very old notes on it.

The following I saw today from Gary Croft and it was put into awaiting for moderation as that is a surprise it has happened. I re-post his comment here as it related to my comments on twin primes that used his ideas as an example where things relate to some of the ideas of Ulam and spirals and their place in TGD. I post it here for reference and to think about it in more depth for what is going on I feel is not as obvious and intuitive as we might imagine, especially if we think of these things in what is well none about this ratio in terms of binary numbers. I will comment there eventually.

Fibo(13)/Fibo(11) = 2.617977528089887640449438202247 ...
Fibo(19)/Fibo(17) = 2.618033813400125234815278647464 ...
Fibo(31)/Fibo(29) = 2.618033988748203621343798191078 ...
Fibo(43)/Fibo(41) = 2.618033988749894831892914017992 ...
Fibo(49)/Fibo(47) = 2.618033988749894848153928976786 ...
Fibo(61)/Fibo(59) = 2.618033988749894848204586345776 ... from Croft...

* * *
Part of the general problem of those I encounter who debate and offer alternatives to some stereonomic concept of physics, especially the quantum theory, is the mere assertion of the existence or not of abstract motion unless perhaps it is assumed.
The following considerations tend to focus and explain this cognitive paradox of the foundations of such givens and reasoning.

Discrete Holofraction and Depth Bouyancy

*Although this idea is vague, I imagine a total volume when the inversions at an informational coordinate vibrates, the difference in the volumes make fine adjustments, seen linear or non-linear, to integral values. In which case the singularity (or singularity complex) has to consider the classical areas and volumes in space computations.

*The various volumes may be considered together as if one distinct volume inside another. Now, the question is what dimensional relativity (Newtonian) of scale has a measurable influence on the minimum dimensional calculations.

*Since we appeal to simple fluid models I offer one for my first quasar like multi-candle pouring machine composed of cans over so many cans with holes. The top bucket was filled with wax and the bottom one with 343 beer cans open at both ends (for leakage was as big a problem with a small hole) and a layer of water to have a base for a candle to start. Needless to say, the accuracy of the holes had a certain level of uncertainty which caused the candles not to be uniform in height and even overflow. What is the radiation from inside a black body through a small holo that involves the square root of two? It what with this unexpected accident where our averaged out projects seemed to work fine that we took a day off and went back to pencil and paper and found some practical uses of some of the ideas of algebra and buoyancy. Eventually the idea of a pipe equal to infinite holes had to be approved but fortunately other principles in the depth of the volumes worked very accurately such that we could pour a layer drop at a time. In the raw metaphysical consideration here, in at least three space...as different volumes are considered in the abstract there seems an equivalence regardless of if the secondary space is one or many from the higher unified view

*It was clear that the uncertainty can indeed determine some bounds as the example of a cue ball radius compared to the other pool balls is the source of uncertainty as well when the wavelength exceeds the geometry of the definition of an object. But the constraints that all may explode or converge to some unity or function of that unity such as phi, also constrain the fuzziness of the surfaces for quasi rational adjustments as we substantially vary the absolute volumes and area ratios.

* We now offer the idea (complex number fields aside) of the Dynamic Fractals over the Hologramic Fields (hence the use of the term Holofractor beyond its candle making plumbing machinery). At this point the concepts may apply to some of our other new and cherished ideas of physics and what is the physicality. We should compute things over a general difference in the plane and sphereical space regarding more than two substances of area and volume with in itself is the area compared to volume. We can imagine for example that the shadow or alternate substance or force could be identified with Dark Matter, Matter itself, or gravity or even a hierachy of unitary values such as Planck's and Light. In short there can be a doubly dynamic fractal.

*We now see that linearly things can go thru a point or more importantly through space in general assuming abstract motions as if one direction thru the space. This is to say that from a physics view this part of substance distinction in a general space is really going in all directions in the higher space to which in the physicality of perception, the idea of gravity as twistor orientation, or of the need or not for a collapse into classical from quantum or relativistic space makes sense as to the origin of such notions.

*This is essentially the difference in not only the ideas of potentials and kinetic energies, or of the grounding of action and reaction but that difference of holograms and fractals where existentially the alph2 - the alph1 transfinite's are equivalent to these sliding staff over three and two space dimensions.

*These can be a directional variability where holofraction in sub-cell space is equivalent to the "equivalence principle" of GR. Clearly we see another way that in some cases spinning frame of this nature is taken along with the spin.

*In general, this symmetric differences conveys the sphere to plane model as action reaction, buoyancy depth as energy of information content in the shift where 4 to 8 bits convey over non-locality the infinite set of orientations of all numbers on the Riemann sphere, which is all numbers so transmitted.

*Stereonometry in a sense trumps physical physicality in these models. At this level the omni-omnium is the omnium and such a multiplicity in the philosophic continua may not exist for purposes of general physical descriptions.

*There are neutral or ideal-like coordinate information flows possible that are not inversions or directional.

*These ideas can be applied to explain asymptotic freedom in QCD but we should explain the concept in general of freedom in the first place.

*Pseudo-sociology can trump reason. But will such reasoning once understood advance civilization one iota after all in our quest? Sociology in some place is the ally in reductionist view if human wisdom rather than the antagonist to science.

*Some formulas are to be taken metaphorically or descriptively (not what we expect as literally as if our sense of hard counting or 1 to 1 matching) when we expect functions or numerical values- such as mass, that is the formula including the formula generator of the quantum bra-ket notations, are limited in the scope of its physics background or dynamics in a context.

* The unitary direction can be conceived as equivalent to a monopole (simply hold in ones had comfortably a small object like the blue ball in the accompanying illustration which weighs much and compare it to the dipole of magnets. The imagine the depth of such things as if in a general condensed surface or fluid. And these poles can roughly be identified with our idea of natural dimensions as pole and n-pole complexes, discrete and positive, transfinite alph2 to alph1 as the idea of a natural continuum. The npx can moreover be thought of as say a three space lattice.

*These linked ideas and considerations are perhaps raised, and even raised as global anomalies in new physics and old physics, beyond the obvious of ideas of our mathematics and definitions of dimension, with the notions of what is dark matter and energy and how can the physics so deal with it.

* * *

A Philosophy of the Somap

*There exists a discrete landscape of entities that, composed of sub-parts, each ensemble represents and abstract location.

*An exchange of two parts represents a "travel", an abstract distance between such coordinate states.

*In the collection, which can have mirror states within these transrformations, in natural dimensions as if the states are arranged on a surface with reference to a higher central state, each coordinate minimally and uniformly on one one travel exists of an exchange of three sub-parts.

*This is a statement for a unique point on a sphere of plane as a center of holographic direction by triality.

*Within a quasi-crystalline arrangement of point and line regions, while certain regions may be forced into a position its internal and intelligible parts may rearrange independently and with no effect upon the structure of the whole.

*In a holofractal landscape parallel configurations of such internal shapes may actually form external connections or develop in mass as if they do so.

*The significant count or dimension (J. Conway) is 240 with respect to the twistors or orientation in 8 dimensions.

*The super abstract distances may represent a constant background of force and variable signs for it of cosmic density and directionality.

Here I am making some conclusions from Conways Somap and Penrose Tilings for examples of these ordinary and familiar topological or metaphysical explorations.
Let those who see a connection of the soma cube that came up in Hein's attendance at a quantum lecture decide just how much these considerations relate to quantum and other such theories as unique to this example. But the sense of a deeper metaphysics behind this came first in a series of things I now see as related or equivalent including this issue of the state and modes of our perceptions and cognitions (and as Pitkanen points out Boolean notions)before the idea that the that the perhaps coincidence of such artifacts in my memory chose this example.


* * *

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110527162509.htm interesting in the wider viewing and proposed experiments to test our groundings assumptions and intuitions in such ordinary concepts of physics- perhaps we should explore the relation to the magnetic switch by a heat cue too a little more- in any case this sort of imagining the wider geometry does seem to fit with the above considerations- but then did not the spin of simple electrons always do so when we try to arrange a more centered and coherent theory of atoms? But one does not have to explain the underlying mystery of such electron spins on an atomic subshell to take advantage of the observed and reliable physical effects.

* * *
A comment to Ulla's post today on Lubos (how brave of you to attempt it, I mean Einstein did get the prize for quantum stuff yes? Perhaps certain reference frames are in a sense absolute- I admit worship of Einstein myself but I also had a picture right beside his of Newton.


If we observe Lubos do we change him?

If we try to view him from a certain reference frame does that change what we see of him?

If we pass by Lubos at the velocity of light in some sense is he rotated so we only see the other side of the object from where he was?

If Lubos is entangled with us and beyond the line of sight do we remain entangled with him?

As I posted, a little annoyed with Lubos position in a comment to him- taking the high road really- a quote from Einstein that Politics is temporary but an equation is forever..."


* * *

Here was a comment to Ulla's blog today regarding Lubos and so on and another one to her reply- please to to http://zone-reflex.blogspot.com/ and scoll to the Copenhagen interpretation as the direct page link does not seem to work to see her replies (interesting ones at that)

ThePeSla sa...

I recall reading a book around 1966, Thirty Years that Shook Physics.

It said that after 1930 or so there really was not much progress made, that the theoreticians were stuck. I suppose more subatomic research and the string theory looked like a great breakthrough for awhile.

But do we not still come up against the logic of all this, the same OLD logic in new applications?

If God is the ultimate observer, and not a subjective being, and the laws of physics very wide with lesser subjects in them or not, Could God make the ultimate multiverse of Lubosi disappear?

This gets a little fuzzy as we approach the surface of some gravitational object and try to divine its hologram and so in self analysis find the light shifting and dimming to ourselves or others- which is truth?

In the Revelations it states that "at the end times we hath no need of candles for God supplies the light, and the mystery (secret) of God will be finished."

Where does the candlelight ultimate vanish as it goes out into the expanse of time and space? How many light years is that?

Hmmmm- sorry I got the quotes and the comment on them (en)tangled up. But oddly my replies above seem to fit.

One point- the biological view, as a philosophy or even counter to some religions, some think a lesser philosophy, came way before the quantum discoveries.


* * *

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia in the Alpha-numeric Age

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia in the Alpha-numeric Age

* * *

So we want to find a "gene" involved or some sort of more detailed neuro-network structure?


There are a lot of links along these lines:


* * *

Today I find this the lead article on Science Daily when I have had thoughts that may seem to amount to ranting- but these are serious issues for the young.

To start with, Aristotle held these three professions most high- that of the teacher, the healer, and the farmer. I seems to me that since the 70's all three of these things have gone down hill and most are not aware of it in their generation from a view over wider time.

I probably should not leave the radio on PBS over night- but all left on the night light tele is infomercials (of which apparently for such adverts we now pay). Also I should probably not listen to the talk radio with its more right wing view when I can probe thru the weather on my AM radio. This influence and cognitive dissonance seems to make it hard to vote and for a long time seemed my fault to the point I perhaps should not vote if I know not what I am doing.

Well, I still need to get rid of last winter's fat, I mean since I last ate well food has changed- too many things in it, artificial and so on that even though I walk so much it is hard to not gain weight. Adding three flights of stairs last year did not help at all. The more we study the food the more it seems that it has become a less healthy for us to eat- perhaps better to just go for the fatty sugar food groups while a third of us eat out anyway- no one cooks, grandmas biscuits became Bisquick, and her children cannot make biscuits at all. All the tenet tobacco farm and grandma- walking thru the southern black community, the neighbors waving hi and the children crossing the street to say hi to you rather than cross to avoid you- it reminds me of home and the home cooking coming from their drafty houses. Of course there are the insecticides to worry about, and the cost and proportions reduced.

But it turn out on PBS the book Over Diagnosed came out and it confirms some of my observations on my fellow man from a left wing conspiracy view. As our technology gets better we find more an more diseases- the "Better safe than sorry- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Ben Franklin's sayings perverted. It seems it is easier to make money, usually thru government programs like medicare, by enticing more patients by their fears not to have preventive explorations. Ben Franklin's sayings perverted. It seems it is easier to make money, usually thru government programs like medicare, by enticing more patients by their fears not to have preventive explorations. So we monitor high blood pressure and recruit patients to lower it to the point where they have harm, and have to stay on such medications the rest of their lives. It is now even questioned to what extent we should lower certain levels of cholesterol without some genetic history of heart aliments- that it would be better not to know the value. Sadly, many who have ailments that are for real do not get the help they need.

Added to this is the notion that we find certain cancers the better we can see them. In a sense we all have our imperfections- we are cancer survivors as usually we die from other things first. The prostate and breast cancers are prime examples of what is over operated upon and over diagnosed. Cervical cancer or pre-cancer is another better safe than sorry procedure if left alone will 90% of the time go into remission but not so if you use the scraping or laser scraping of which the women in my neighborhood all had to find out if they needed the procedure when the hospitals got the technology. The woman doctors published in JAMA these statistics a decade and a half ago- but what does a woman doctor know in the good old boys meat market for unnecessary hysterectomies? What ever happened to the 50's motto that the fear of cancer was worse for society than the cancer itself? Why do the poor fall for more "cancer insurance" and are targeted for it? It is said here, in Wisconsin, by the left and so called "middle class" in the private and public sectors that the current Governor in his cutbacks will cause a lot of deaths because of less payed for prevention procedures. In my cognitive dissonance the case could be the opposite. Anyway I have had medicaid now for a year and have never needed to use it but apparently the state pays someone for it regardless of how little I have needed medicine. The old guys around me, especially if they got involved with the Veteran's hospitals, all seem to be falling apart this year, a long winter.

Medicine has skyrocketed in the costs, and so have the drugs. But we also should worry about the institutions of education. The tele news shows reported yesterday that the burden of student loan debts has reached a trillion dollars and surpassed the national credit card debt. My friend, and actor in the coffee shop, says that he owes 50K dollars and it is hard to continue his degree path and hard to find a job in his field. I remark as I count pennies for today's coffee- that wow, I am at zero today and yet I am 50K richer than you and many others.

One of the investors in facebook was on the news and has a program to encourage kids to start a business and drop out of school- if he had waited for the internet project for those involved to graduate it would have passed the ripe time to start such a business. Anyway we all know the longer one is in Harvard Business School the less likely one can make money, or those who drop out make more of it. The investor has given some of these young entrepreneurs 100K to drop out- even though he somewhat of a prodigy and has degrees- well, these seem my thoughts too as we go beyond the post economic and alphanumeric age. Again, since the 70's and 80's the cost of education has gone up way too much as to be out of reach anyway for most students who may have to delay their careers perhaps forever. The CEO and the chancellors have a lot in common it seems. These so called capitalist in the public and private sector are living of the capital now of our future as a nation after a long period of decline where they made the wealth of the interest they lived off meaningless.

But the good news is that money is rendered meaningless- that is there is nothing stopping those who care about wisdom and health and so on from founding new institutions, virtual ones perhaps- which does make the world better in general and for our children. Our need for credentials and job security and recognition (I suppose just to know we are not invisible and exist and can actually contribute to the society that asks us to do so for free, to volunteer while they have slogans that help no group as they speak with hypocrisy, the same for certain so called Christian groups who are not really Christian but in name only, the money changers.) can be designed in these new times, ourselves and bootstraps to rebuild the world after its man-made tsunamis. This applies to mental health too as we strive to clone again extinct species from former dark ages and wonder if all things considered we should do so. At least we desire an option to extend life but hold its quality up if we do so- not to merely save starving children in distant continents that seems good beyond the appeal of our hearts and that the numbers who survive the inoculations are more? But where do we put so many more people if we do not design our world a little more logically?

Welcome to our invisible university then, the forerunners of not only a new physics but a new world- only this time, wisdom and its lovers have a level and new playing field.

* * *

Footnote (Physics): I have discussed some things on the holographic principle and found this later (I usually google my brain first and forget to check out what exists in the literature):


"Assertion 1 The first assertion of the Holographic Principle is that all of the information contained in some region of space can be represented as a `Hologram' - a theory which `lives' on the boundary of that region. For example, if the region of space in question is the DAMTP Tearoom, then the holographic principle asserts that all of the physics which takes place in the DAMTP Tearoom can be represented by a theory which is defined on the walls of the Tearoom.

Assertion 2 The second assertion of the Holographic Principle is that the theory on the boundary of the region of space in question should contain at most one degree of freedom per Planck area."

Some say the boundary is fuzzy (Lubos for example)between the walls and the room. Some say the information is lost. Some debate on what unit or series of them to base the Planck area (Pitkanen for example). But it seems to me (myself for example) that the second assertion here is the unit origin or singularity or null consideration in the quasic plane from some more general view of space and number. As the article went on to say- we do not yet know how to incorporate asymptotic freedom in the QCD. The problem is philosophically a little deeper than that- we do not know how to incorporate freedom in the first place, at least intelligibly and comprehensively.

* * *

Friday, May 27, 2011

General Stereonometry and Arithmetic

General Stereonometry and Arithmetic L. Edgar Otto May 27, 2011

Well, my post today written last night does seem to concern some issues of physics, stereonometry as number theory of which one should compare Lubos post today for the fine details of disagreement. My post is a result of the first few graphs as a formal look at space and number theory which proved rather fruitful and promising after all- and I present it from the viewpoint as to the nature of how we relate to our philosophy of science as the issue of subjectivity and progress if any that is part of our process of speculations and theories. A critical point is that we can use such notations, not reduced so that solid information is probabilistic only in the viewing rather than some arrangement in higher space of the bits of information for it adds little when we view the quasic plane with the proper logical ordering. But the questions raised by things like parity and arithmetical axioms and combinatorial methods afford a generalization for how we can envision space and the principles, objectively, of things in it.

* * *



A most excellent presentation and analysis. I say this despite so many fundamental disagreements as to how the quantum ideas have progressed. This does not mean I imagine a sort of quantum mysticism where the subjective is concerned- but I see how you might see these things in others and certainly the history here is very instructive. Perhaps we do not need to say after all that qm theory is incomplete, as you say- but it needs more depth. What you propose may be the case but that too is clear only on a much deeper level.

This all seems far removed from string theories and would like your take on that- even if there is some probability that theory is dead or alive. The philosophy of course as to how we do science, especially in that age of positivism, carries over to later theories.

In any case if for some reason we ever meet in Europe we should definitely share some Pilsner beer. But I notice it freezes a little sooner than the stout.

* * *

General Stereonometry and Arithmetic in the Quasic Physics Model:

Is consciousness about something or is it something? It certainly seems to have this property which carries over to other notions and physicality whatever the height of its meaning or grounding in reality.

Consciousness and cognition seem to have direction and gain wisdom and structure one way and tends to become chaotic the other way although from a higher perspective the directions may appear symmetrically balanced and at least in the near space and future the accumulation of wisdom as well as the suppression of error on the whole is positive as existing. I have called this progressive awakening and ordering of insights and intuitions, so to bring them into crystallized focus ever more from the cloudy vagueness, "Omnometry" (from Omnium and 'name'). This in itself is a notion that unfolds into our models of clarity, asks the foundational questions ever more made manifest for that hidden, for science, and asks the state of things concerning simplicity and complexity, ends, persistence over an indefinite expanse of space or time and spacetime, and beginnings.

We strive also to find, design, and approach better logic and symbol systems, programs of processes, and knowledge of limitations of systems along the way.

I conceived of quasic space, the quasic grid, as an extension, logically, of two player n-dimensional chess games. In my life on-line I have envisioned its clarity of presentation as a teaching aid or tool for such notions and notations obscured by the beautifully complexity of developing disciplines.

Today it dawns on me that my informal explorations can be analyzed more formally so as to relate the axioms of arithmetic to those of n-space geometry and then to understand, critique, and generalizes its foundations.

From this stance the stereonometry, that relationship in space on our familiar scales
as we are in the observational sense at the center of objectivity and subjectivity, is decidedly Euclidean- and yet this geometry seems to have become a more solid foundation and is used in the mainstream to try to explain cosmic structure.

The problem with visualizing things in terms of spheres or planes is also what problems we seem to have in visualizing, as wholes or parts, in systems and notations as represented as if vectors and partitions over natural multiple dimensions.

The grounding afforded by the quasic plane is subtle and requires a leap into its subtle simplicity. But the logic of it, again more a return to the classical rather than logic like quantum logic of a more exotic nature, makes crystal clear and even allows us to generalize the still vague notions in the foundation of physics- for the plane has its inner logic built in if that is the measure of a theory, as if these foundations still are assertions made from pure philosophy, itself for its detractors a sink of their glossed over myths.

When we find new, powerful, and seemingly complicated and reductionist systems such as string theory, these bring up their own philosophic myths and new vague problems. Yet one grounding myth, an essential part of the general philosophic reality and a useful tool of analysis and discovery, is the privileged statistical view as a method of enquiry - a sink of what is not complete in quantum explanations along with a certainty of such notions, some notions like this uncertainty still vague or adopted only in principle and long use giving accurate results. Yet, the squaring of things is only the beginning of understanding what happens when we go deeper into such virial space structures.

The term quasi- as a prefix (quasics was first conceived as special places or objects, then not known, in space of different types of matter and dynamics as if less uniform laws throughout the continuum, at first a crystalline concept and only that objects called quasars later coincidentally because there were less Greek terms coming into English to associate with terms of science) itself contains the sense of vagueness, especially as a working term, to combined systems and notions. In that philosophy can be defined as a shifting of meaning and terms, much like mass has changed in meaning in advancing systems of physics, part of our problem is linguistic and keeping useful ambiguity open. Nevertheless, such ambiguity can crystallize into what was remote in the parallel and rhyme of notions into unified resolutions as imperfect as our language locally and for some systems globally seems to be.

We have for example, should we distinguish the structural parts from the count and whole by the quasic processes, the idea of a possible generalization, as with many things beyond the compass of our perceptions and differences as say "quasi-commutativity". Even a quasi-distributivity as the heart of algebra resulting in a greater unity of theory.

A plane has many more properties, such as curvature when compared with its contained linear transfinite case. Yet it seems to factor naturally and raises questions of a holographic principle as primary in nature- that in particular of surfaces compared to volumes in vague theory as far as the information and details go.

Thus in a plane we can say there are two directions of quasi-multiplication-addition
and take a certain ordering of them, say A x B. Yet we can also see the plane as a series of logical crosses, its indefinite (ie quasi-) span and for grounding duality and virialty, C x D.

Furthermore we have a depth that may correspond to hologram notions (and ideas of density and decoherence and so on) just as the span can be seen as more fractal like structures (although the view does not have to depend on the complex plane or any such numbers) yet this relates to our idea of applying group theory and can be seen to stand on the idea that some element contains an inverse that too a quasi- notion as in the still open question of parity and signs. Moreover, the idea of dimensions as inversions, the chirality and charge are quasi- as inverses. Here we can call this philosophic dimension E x F.

A grounding pixel or quasic yet indefinite scale or region of generating unity or null space has these six combination's and permutations available for its "degrees of freedom" of what forms we take together as partial descriptions if or not the expression of forces have or not equal weights in all directions.

From the view that space is an abstraction like say gravity or substance, number as also an ideal realm, Platonic reality in its own right (matter or even the conception of opaque or dark matter and its resolved views and processes where there is at least quasi-rotation or that quasi-translation, the ideal reality of a physical particle can be identified as an "operation" in the processes of the quasic and other matrices so numerically describing them with operations. This might be related to consciousness as something or about something, our theoretical sense as G x H.

Although our mathematics of planes seems to come later and so trained we leave the earlier world of the finite and discrete, circular motions only, this notion itself involves quasi-curvature.

Clearly, after the halving of nerve connections, a duality, in the child of two or so, a child and the first words of humans relate to learning space relations. But it is not clear, in the complexity of the human mind if in fact earlier or primitive people, or in some issues as autism, develop notions of space and time the same way- nor that ultimately they are inferior to Judaic-Grecian Western Science. Still, we should carefully consider a founding principle of psychiatry: check first for physical problems (such as toxins).

Not that a pure quantum system, especially with amplification of generalized complex numbers can not up from the anarchy or through the chaos explain and ground the reality of space, a quasi-continuous space at that, but our biological models including the mental do after all conform to quasic models with wide adaptive freedom.

A further example, at the forefront today of the question of cosmology as to the role of the idea of multiverse and similarity in general and so on is my term Transcontinuum (Xcm) to be followed by a more general continuum, the Ultranscontinuum (Uxcm). But a better way to juxtapose and quasi-organize the concepts would be to put Xcm mirrored by a "Ultracontinuum" (Ulcm) before our notions of a little higher synthesis into the Uxcm.

In these philosophic models that seem to evoke ideas of inflation cosmology or of a more steady state structure as a more general scope of flatness and infinity we have still further to go to understand space and its many manifolds in the the landscape.

* * *

Note for comment on Kea's blog yesterday: in her ratio 48:x:24 which she reduced to ratios involving 2- I posted 120 as a higher level- but I meant to continue the observation that 48 is the rotations with inversions of a cube, and 24 the rigid rotations (Alternating Group) half that value--- so perhaps I should have made it clear as 120, 240, or 480 when these numbers come up in particle values- and with Dave137 I was distracted by thinking about Eddington's method of finding this dimensional constant involving 120 + 16 (and by fine adjustment probably over the general structure of space or thru the changes hidden or overt in the Omnium, the plus one or so added to 136 as an obvious matter of these quasic numerical and geometrical principles. Also the logic of such arithmetical multiplications where in some sense the octonion and quaternion information may have quasi-ambiguous representations and partitions the arrangement of vectors can find representational and universal structures (the singularities his monomarks in the Uranoid) such that the use of these things is quasized as well as being a qualitative and quantum case for the underlying physics.

* * *

Note and links:
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110525131701.htm the mystery of autism continues.

http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110527/sc_afp/australiaastrophysicsscience This is an interesting news link on "missing matter" I see a relation here to some of the recent postings discussing this sort of thing as geometry by both Lubos and Pitkanen and do not see anything about his on the popular science mags yet.

* * *

Illustration from the art of Bonpa who wants to study physics again and leads me to the thought as I see his soul develop in his art, its highs and lows- that it is hard for me not to disagree with those who say mental afflictions will grow worse with time hopeless to resolve, but at least if we grasp geometry and thus the right relations with others for an insight, such hearts and souls inevitably get better. This drawing says something about perception and space- but after all he does dabble in the cubism within the surrealistic and it would be hard while his painting to decode what emotionally and actively went into them so to replicate his style.

A Poetic Interlude:

Writing Ourselves out of the Play L. Edgar Otto May 27, 2011

Not so much that we are forgotten
even our glorious monuments bare empty names
But that while the living we knew not life's depths
immersed, awake beyond glimpses, in touches and nectar's

The Oasis face the arteries out of the way
diners and drinkers, faces regular in the neighborhood
New crops of uncontainable youth nostalgic in worship
not their own, coats and colours, seeing not the aging veins

Sketchbooks, diaries and doodles not read outside the roles
the pat reply to half hearted questions of now and soon their place
Smiles and frowns but shells of hidden joys and pains
shrink away or like into your face, keeping to the maze, rat race

But was there nothing else better than this long for to come
or in the warmth while bonding too far past the play and kiss?

* * *

The failing schools some say are turning out students some say
are ever more brain dead... they accuse me of arrogance and the limiting of
clarity in communications when all along I am the one that speaks English
while in their leveling and forgiveness of the Vulgate they have taken away
our wolf fangs only to magically find truth in their witches cauldron far from the
spirit of Shakespeare.

The Baker's Dozen
L. Edgar Otto May 27, 2011

King Joshua Jacob James
went to the naked games
whilst peace between the juggernauts

The spirit within their language a babble unconfused
cradled them against the hoards they feared
as if forever time lasts in their caves and tombs

Or echoes returned to them from sand crab burrows and
sea shells long abandoned by their mollusc meat
save for kids and Joey wolves loyal or whimpering by their feet

As all things oblivious to short lifetimes
slipping by, measured by stations of cycled seasons
hot and cold their hopes return, night owls too with moods reversed

A way of life subject only to acts of God or self-deceptive lovers
Graded eggs in the nest, yearbooks, Bibles tornadoes carry far away
from their quotes of tribal law, chapter and verse

* * *

Touching base with the science magazine tonight since I am here:

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110526064802.htm Memory and Matter?
this new research of interest perhaps to Ulla per our discussions.

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110526142957.htm Xtal rain ?
the same old why they are there accumulating disc theory- that works but has anyone ever considered the forming of these things in a creative, generative space?

* * *

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Miscellaneous Thoughts

Some Miscellaneous Thoughts

I found an interesting way to explore with color coding, a sort of pink noise or seeing a spectrum as if a log scale. But it too was not clear or worked out enough for a more formal posting. But it suggests that some matrices viewed in color codes may be of use for some descriptions not easily seen or expanded from black and white.

Now, yes, we can imagine the application of points and such for a wider physics that incorporates the number theory - but clearly we should keep in mind that question if there are points as such in the first place, rational or not at the end of lengths. I see a footnote like this on TGD diary blog but I find it pointing to an idea but not very clearly worked out- and not as clear when you reach some ideas which to my mind are more obvious than metaphysical- still, the CPT breakdown and the basis of reality that seems so convincing as a preferred spin is itself not fundamentally creative so it is but a holding idea- not matter what colliders think they can find about antimatter by the observation of the halo or perfect sphere shape of protons and electrons.. BTW the color coding as composite representations goes far in a vague general description of such endpoints as singularities or complexes of them to so describe any such concept of a concrete particle.

I am still not clear as to how things spin one way in a preferred direction as the tornado thoughts of yesterday... but it seems fundamentally amazing to me that a pendulum reverses its direction- I mean, I had never seen and questioned such a thing before to which our explanations do not seem intuitive or innate such as the vision of or Euclidean universal grounding in the two articles today in sciencedaily.com :

* * *

surprisingly spherical electrons:

* * *


"And, in a spherical universe, it turns out that the Amazonian Indians gave better answers than the French or North American participants who, by virtue of learning geometry at school, acquire greater familiarity with planar geometry than with spherical geometry. Another interesting finding was that young North American children between 5 and 6 years old (who had not yet been taught geometry at school) had mixed test results, which could signify that a grasp of geometric notions is acquired from the age of 6-7 years."

* * *

This photo struck me today- a cone which is really a pyramid of planes that is topped by a sphere rather than the usual cone topped by more linear and curvy varieties of lightning rods. Is there an advantage in the children before the brain matures or is it a primitive way to see things reduced to spheres?

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/05/110525181416.htm this one too, reminding me of Alice and questions of scale and size- again, perhaps not as a matter of perception but as what can be from some perspective as the physical facts of how nature can be if we emphasize some aspects of how we relate the finite and infinite, the discrete and continuous. Philosophy itself seems to divide at the initial maturity of our brains (the five year old a full development in the sense that if he were as large as the parents one wonders if he could learn anything higher and more civilized). There are only circular motions says Aristotle. Yet I have come to appreciate more such an emphasis as if to relearn more classical forms in new light.

I keep thinking, Einstein walking his child in a pram by the Zurich Zee and watching the lamposts grow smaller in the distance- could they shrink in reality and expand only up close to some limit? Or for me, the lamposts should not vibrate when our eyes are tired of waiting in time and imaginations saturate- the solid ground in which our dipoles and all can be seen a phantasy- and yet, where does it come from but gazing at the lamposts reflected in the water, choppy, disconnected, a fun house mirror that we if we do not grow seasick with theory stand amazed as if what we are or see in the mirror over time and our size and shadows cast in the world, that somehow it holds together. Nothing today, existed says Sarte. But there is more then the passion of creation, and more in the great literature than things lost in the translation or some edifice buildt up of myths that so define the boundaries of the state and faith and race.

We may walk or run with the wild wolves, our spirit animals and imaginary childhood friends, our interplay with them as we learn from each other, or it may be that in the cycle for the taste for blood we grow fangs in the stealth of night under the full moon. But such dreams may not have power save in the perfectly spherical moment for such colors of ghostly souls in the passion of creation (and that Nietzsche once we learn the Biblical and the Twilight Helmet rituals of the Thunder Gods is greater than the passion found in moments of creativity and is convincing influences of greatness and madness) for in the dreams we behold such perfect sphere in isotype- the primitive colors black and white, or black and red of yin and yang before they break into the yarrow sticks, binary.

And we run dimensionless in size and without regard to it, nor of the direction and scope of time, nor if the path is a loop or endless, or at some place where we can persist as if a spirit world together one to one and unique, both are one thing and yet that one thing is not the place where we so see an run, halos we are in the halo of what is, and of what it is made.

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Now, if some can follow me here:


What an excellent and novel way to explore some of the things (to me anyway) - surely this is what we are talking about and imagining geometric or metaphysical models to try to explain thing like "asymptotic deconfinement" or new states of matter with degrees of freedom in these depths of higher symmetries and so on.

But the suppression imagined is just a natural result of the topology and arithmetic and the expected application of ideas of the group theory where fundamental as say the finite roots of equations of the fifth degree. We are relating to the generations of things rather than suppressing them beyond the first generation states.

How might this relate to the decay and birth of stars? Or in general in the widest sense of dimensions that part of substance, as if particles and atoms evolve?

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Leo points out this concept today (just another one which relates and we all have considered in one form or another- relates specifically to all these dark energy issues- "but Lincoln said there was no connection on the sciencechatforum and I sent a apod link on it- among the reasons I was banned from that part of the forum- my last argument ahead of the experts was simply deleted. But who cares even if there are 93 gigs of that forum in existence now?)

Yet, I disagree with the abstract as a matter of general principle which claims that space is full of virtual particles by the quantum theory- well, we can see it that way and a spinning mirror can give us intelligible results, but this does not have to be the case at all in a wider view of generations, dimensions, and new physics. These may just as well arise from nowhere, creatively. The quantum theory, even with relativity and dark energy ideas, needs a lot of work over the various interpretations which are perhaps our highest mysticism. The experiment did not need the social introduction of any such interpretation of what is happening in the unknown- and if the structures or principles were known then one would not need the quantum theory as such. What is weird about QM is not the theory but how it is seen in the mind of its researchers who in our time do a sort of alchemy that happens to get results- even if they do not know why. But part of it is part of the bigger picture.


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This one to is relevant to my miscellaneous thoughts also and the issues here today in what is happening in the so called "virtual" freedoms of the halo physics. So many of the general bloggers seem to me not so much full of cognitive dissonance or contradictions (not this blogger btw) but more like mad scientists who have put together a Frankenstein monster from a few parts and shook a frog leg of it or two with voltage.

http://arxiv.org/abs/1007.4556 from
whom I follow and he always seems to have interesting things to say and research but among our usual grouping here I do not see him linked- still, this man strikes me as what we should admire as an honest and easy yet formal scientist.

But I do not see this paper as new or deeper than usual- a conclusion waiting to fulfill its engineering suggestions use of the mathematical methods- Fourier and Spherical harmonics- but is this not today's theme, at least one halo of DM around a galaxy that considers the gamma ray "point sources"? And the matter of distributions statistically? Even the idea of pink noise color encoding in the shield charges of virtual particle space as things spin at light speed relative to somewhere.

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For abiotic life and carbon genesis buffs: (and perhaps global warming)


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It occurs to me today, an old idea, where we may avoid the problems of language translation by the conveying of theories through photos alone. I wonder if the html here can be used with click maps?

OMNIYM project:

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornadoes and Tori

Photo of same house after catching fire last year: (I really should cross reference these themes as it was hard even to find it in a listing of images.)

Tornadoes and Tori L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

The condensation of absolute matter (or the notion of it, today after seeing new speculations and getting to the heart of some physics with such truths as our alternative principles- the numerical nature of "points", the reach into space by the braids, the questions I thought best to ask and begin to answer by raw thoughts expanding our grounding in philosophy to accelerate further progress) the extenza of Descartes in the Omniverse could result in a condensation over remote time of a true Higgs particle in an intelligible crystalline like manner with internal structure.

The multiverse has its analog visibly and perceptibility distinct to the n-body problem- these strings extending cosmically in depth or span, linearly while seeming to eliminate dark matter as spin for its imagined (by recent bloggers) remote ideal roles. (Indeed, this simple question of spin in the depth and field, and especially the long wonder at why such things flow in a certain direction is part of the conclusion here which may relate, where there is a difference in the rotation, to what is not yet clearly stated or known about extreme weather.)

There is no longer a meaningful prestige in the social rewards of the Nobel Prize, perhaps an economic one only - yet a very powerful and original idea could merit it provided it is realized a universe of such discoveries make previous awards pale into our limited vision of declining and fragmented obscurity.

Gravity, like mass can be so described, in GR dynamics, may be simply a global and thus dimensionless but constant property of the multiverses on intrinsic curvatures.

The universal or existential scales times the Einstein into a Newton condensation is at least the case.

The shell structure, an atmosphere as flat, a linear source unto spin and jets, the weather fronts, the chirality and mirror vacua, thus the bias and direction of spin, electric and mechanical braiding, we find the origin of flat-particle like entities as a general direction of into the depth over the span as if a two dimensional black hole. A question then of the structure or mechanism as momenta transfer or condensation, as with water and its bonding issues all for complex space focus, heterodyning and amplifications. (A Hurricane is more a span analog and the Tornado a depth in reference to the flat and infinitesimal or flat at the infinite plane of this sphere of earth...)

A black hole, in relation to actuality in the multiverse, naturally toroid-ally decreases and decays to such multi-spin focus at singularities (or the singularity complexes where the notions are really one for general space and here for some ideas of higher consciousness definitions) as if inversion of holograms.

If this model is true, taking the space structure with it, considering the energy of the storms involved, how can we contain or reverse these tornadic entities?

A fatal assumption is that we depend and believe in experts who know answers and what they are doing and how the world and people work.

Can ice discs (certainly as also electric components- and here we may reconsider the ideas of some bloggers as to the relation of black hole like objects and lightning or lightning balls as a science and not mystical spiraling, may be considered as galaxies on the simple geometry of hailstones.) as a sort of quantization , h bar and so on, in shells of higher dimensions have black hole analogs for four space matter and would that not default, as singularity complexes over time, the needed hologram symmetries as constant even considering the universe as such a black hole?

* * *

The following is a poem to be expanded, an except of Olney speaking at a distance through his cornucopia conch shell screen to the wise ones in Far Rock-a-bye, in a time when such dreams can be seen at a distance with dialog unto the learned ones in the lounge and tea shop atop the university, appearing to them as if an airy hologram while they debate why the creamy foam floating on their coffee forms cores and spiral arms, or at the last of their Earl Grey, they try to read the arrangement of the tea leaves.

Maelstroms Long Hidden Under the Seas L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

In the living our life may not be an act of prayer, yet it is a communication with the God or gods.

We are the blurry eyes of God and like a rabbit stopping in its turn, responding to the eons of hawks, our lives close or far from Him are blind when He can see us hidden in the debris. Yet, sometimes we are invisible by motion.

We can build up treasure of the soul in our Heavens of physicality.

Faith is a paradox that blinds the God, sometimes the greater our faith the more we give God dishonor.

On the great shores of wisdom we should not be humbled by the immensity of phosphor stars, not proud that we have circumnavigated the globe - such equality or not is beyond the stars for we are not the sea or shore. Nor that in putting our awareness into a bottle, that bowl and canopy beneath greater skies are we the bottle.

If we think then that we can reach the many and single mote of God whose compass is free and without dimension in His all knowing sea of dots - not the eyes but the spirit we cannot discern if its grounding there is full or empty.

We may read the words, the world of logic's frames spoken into creation, and what more can be said?- but we are not the message either.

We at the apex of youth and immortality run on the beach, around a small island between the Turks and Greece with our companion, the short lived wolf, his loss brings me down to as great a sorrow as the loss of a child. His death in my arms. my narrow world finds joy in roundabouts as if a forever spacious journey and in my darkness sees God's tears as if my trial and punishment.

* * *

A Look Again:

I would like to remind possible readers to visit http://primesdemystified.com/ for there are a lot of parallels to my simple but composite counting. He has the Tolent number 8 of these primes: 1, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 & 29, but everywhere in the factoring I find numbers from my view of things--- interestingly, in the primes as Ulam spirals and the factoring as a pattern of the quasic plane we do sort of see the 4 fold quasic symmetry. I wonder what Mattis take on this in realtion to p-adic primes and I wonder if Lubos knows that also shows up in the arithmetical distribution pattern of his graph as if a holographic plotting.

I got the feeling also from reading their posts that is it a matter of taste as to if we apply some ideas as extending to some sort of idea say a line or string to an internal or external infinity as to what is the top and bottom of perceived scales. But from my view, these sorts of ideas (and they do not answer the idempotent idea of a unity as in Boole nor questions of similarity, not all electrons seen as one quantumly, nor the center singularity everywhere as if a dream or thought in the grounding observation of the universe as if a God) is but the 64 idea of what I called the Ultranscontinuum (Uxcm). That is, these notions of the bloggers seem rather primitive to me for some cosmic models- yet some of the questions are rather deep where the models work together or compete.

* * *

In matters of the remote in physics, the dark and light fractal and holographic frontiers, in metaphysics we weigh questions of what boundaries are defensible...

Olney Seemed so Real for the Fisher-folk were still in Dreams L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

When Olney walked as a shadow and spoke among the fisher-folk, the Townies they asked him "Are you a ghost that has come to tell us of the last edge of the endless beach that cannot contain the sea?"

I am further along and remote indeed, in a place where the middle sea is full of donkey herders pushed into there, those wondering souls of slaves... And in the inland desert the camel headers walk homeless and aimlessly. As all such souls who die in violence are left to explore, find the way, or forever wander. I am not wanderer nor is my path to be plotted by the compass and the stars, I am already at the center of everywhere. I am not ghost but then I am no miracle either.

And the chief of the fisherman asked about all such lost tribes and those who seem to have been found and held special in the eye of the gods- "Will they ever return to their homeland again or will their brothers crawl back up from the sea?"

"Kind Sir, All deaths are violent..." Olney replied as a stray bolt of lightning rolled past him in a ball and the shadow of his lost companion wolf inside it yelped and said hello to him- and bid him to come to a higher place so as to run."

* * *

Bored still, not many around on line or the coffee shop while the change of semesters and graduations here, I made some comments- this one to Ulla relevant to the recent trends of the cross discussions between my sphere of bloggers, indirectly. It was most refreshing to see Kea post again, with very important things to say.


Interestingly I followed a lead last night may 25 which did not get me very far and there was no better method than drawing things in the flat two dimensional case (with the understanding of course higher dimensions were logically represented).

So there was a posting not on this suggestion I had made earlier for it seems that beyond say fourspace we really do not gain much by viewing thing in multidimensional or natural dimensions of a matrix. It does raise the issue of what is clearly communitive or not when we take the roots of things.

Lubos has a post today on the dipole and shape of an electron. The may as well be toroidial in shape for what we can see and interpret. Anyway, I smashed an ellipse into a circle in a symbol on my post of kepler's second law- this is the case when we reduce things from the outside into ideal spheres or taking infinity into account as important we have the same old problem of viewing stretches where the congruence of such ellipses intersect in areas.

Thus, at some stretch of infinity as if seeing cosmic strings we are limited in our notions and perceptions to a universe centered on ourselves and it is not clear that either the big bang view is helpful or any sort of inflation model.

Such strings can only be understood and comprehensive of a more general space if we used the practical methods of Kea, and the numerical insights of TGD. Other than that I am not sure what else may be there save that I remain more advanced only from the standpoint of longtime familiarity with notions of the metaphysics and what I imagine from Aristotle's lost book on three space and the thought of everything in it, his Stereonometry.

The PeSla

* * *

I just saw this one so I really have to post it:


Of course I am not sure what we can read into it, but it is about hailstones- the biomass perhaps as an active alternative theory. Maybe we should keep in mind Lincoln's comment today on sciencechatforum about the nature of groups that there is no evidence (beyond the standard model) of these sorts of connections. Certainly not the 5 one- in his replies on E8. Still, poetically there may just be something here to consider...

Back that night- I knew there was a poem in there somewhere!''

Rotation at Zero Meters Touching Down Without Warning
L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

Just as the cycle climate of clouds help the world to breathe, carbon corals under sea
Or the rain forests on the land, so too the line winds meet in gnarly shells were dwells
the soft tissues and muscle if not in their seeds of left hand spirals for transcending homes.

The ice pearl shells around a germ
twisting, melting, freezing saw blade hailstones
Life that moulds the world, its triple space
barred and spiraled, pock face moons
A Ninja's blade thrown with magic made of Haggle-runes

Ten trillion viruses in a teaspoon, hyper-sea and salts
iron miners of the core and veins, fault lines, plasma and defaults
While ashes back to ashes ethereal and bacterial
return all to the dusty ground and in the sky in somersaults
The bivalve of infinity once free now fixed the waters filter
irrigation's rain barrel diffused we pocks of toxic irritations

The maelstrom as the earth breaths, spins down
its third eye, hot and cold the hormone mudflats moan
The debris rolled into a ball, a scythe levels the city to fertile'
ground again, its razor nicks on tranquil oaks like matchsticks.

* * *