Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Alphanumeric Grid

The Alphanumeric Grid

L. Edgar Otto   30 May, 2013

This I post for personal reference as a filing system here empty that reflects embedded groups for consideration of applications for cloud computation systems.  The diagram generalizes the core geometry and algebra of the quasic grid in terse cell position notation in which the content may be independent in the organizing connectivity in a logical manner especially between links or evolving pages between linear or cross linked private or public net systems.  When I can show specific examples (the motivation to organize my own massive photos and drawings without conflicts with other established systems) I will post more on this.  What here is a simple method is a grounding for the general scope of how we may classify and evolve diverse contents as thought itself, perhaps to analyze the relationship between philosophic and scientific concepts of thinkers.

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term coined by Dyson analogous to Stonehenge

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

N- dimensional Imprinting and Social Gravity

N- dimensional  Imprinting and Social Gravity

L. Edgar Otto   May 28, 2013

From what I can glean from the news reports of Weinstein's conceptual model this video seems to capture the general idea if we  make the usual analogies that a surface can be read as a brane.  In a sense it is  indefinite in extent and hardly as deep or extensive as Leo Vuyk's system (but it is a start on things more multiverse like or as we here said  Raspberry or Ultranscontinuum) with more creative forces of directions.

But the theme of this post of which I will add to here later or in the next post is the mirror image of the idea of such n-dimensional physical printing of forms as if a subjective process.  This reflects the widening divide between the real life world of my childhood and the virtual world of my adult children on the surface of it.

We are in such a social sea before the source of the bridge over infinity.  This has become clear to me in retrospect on issues political and social as virtual media promise a new spring that only results in the disconnection to the real world as if it is more than indifferent but a dead one.

I also have tried to begin a new poetry blog and clean up my video pages on youtube.  This theme is also on my mind.  At the raw conception level we may pepper the brane with alph-0 dots (atoms or stars, people) so the conclusions as the actual but not potential infinite is crudely suggested in such arithmetic.  Some say in a deterministic world of particles or forces given endless or finite time and the assumption that in a sense the number of atoms are finite- the configuration of them if repeated in space or time will recreate the place we are now in as if to go back to a concrete dream.  But in the sense it is a finite totality we obviously can have more than one totality in the count of such collections of atoms.  We need then and it seems to me the depth of comprehension depends on how we work out this for physics in its quasifinite details.

Related to this is the transcendental number realm where information can be encoded as a length difference in particular all things ever written or will be in a cosmic cyclic year that ratio of pi in a circle.  Yet beyond the flatland to which space and light may neutrally interact as a reference (extending not contradicting GR of Einstein) we may ask of the mixing of such transcendental values when we say take pi to its structurally relevant values in many dimensions.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the Complexity Introduced by Considerations of Consciousness in Physics Systems

Merunitom Implications (Mum)

On the Complexity Introduced by
Considerations of Consciousness in Physics Systems

Grounding of Our Concepts of Gods, Giants, Angels, Ghosts, Aliens, Ecotoms, Merunitiy Intelligent Creative Anchors at the Frontiers of Comprehension of the Cosmos in Our Times

L. Edgar Otto    25 May, 2013

Since my first days on the science and philosophychat forum I have considered ideas of perception of and as consciousness adds a great deal of generalization and complexity to a theory of the universe.  Lately, I have come to realize that the insistence of my friend there galatomic could be a concrete possibility... just like what seems to me an absurd idea of a Boltzmann brain flying around in a space without much matter left in a distant future- if our physicists are suggesting this as a possibility then why not galatomics conscious ecotoms?  If we consider this as a reality of some sorts over the work and ages of empires,  Mt. Meru of the Hindus or the detail ideas of the Mayans as to infinite yet a zero of cyclic time we learn something of the universe and our development of thinking.  In a sense the old gods for all practical purposes including the God and My Right as we cling to a king or leader we living things then.

Now in the sequence Angels, Ghosts, and Aliens, the extra-terrestrials seems to be the form of this for our day.  What next?  I mean on coast to coast last night the author guest insisted they where from the billions of earth like planets yet insisted not from the inner earth or some higher dimensions nor like time travelers (he should have added what we may be doing in our advanced projects to whom the average human may be relatively insignificant).  I disagree, for if these things are in a sense real all of those descriptions would apply in the next paradigm of very complex physics.  We cannot save a stance or theory of but one god say, not even if we reduce it to the cabala of 11 objects or choose our favorite interpretation of the Trinity of three or four space.  We do have a sense of motion of time, a certain order to heed or do first for the unity of our understanding the world.

So what if there are a billion worlds over the time it takes our civilizations to reach the level we are in now- if not from some future the disembodied brains exist and do so presently- if those being do not stay around to dwell on our sea of dust and material we call stars, planets, galaxies for the number is meaningless rocks in random piles and irrelevant.  In that sense we are the only ones maybe if we compute the chances for life in this galaxy or any galaxy of the size sufficient in entropy to allow life- and with sufficient and stable structure.

This and the physics of tornadoes on my mind as with all theories of spin where the issue is what of our dreams can we make manifest as matter or energy that is not just dreaming?  Can a ghost move matter?  Can a god become a man? Such are the ideas in many of our faiths...

The following are comments in I made lately in the social networks and forums:

Leo, that link is excellent for a reference-  I bookmarked it. Thank you.  It makes it easier to find your links.   A raspberry zpe would logically follow your first thoughts and (hey I did not know you did experiments or found them, commendable.)   Yet some things in a unified theory do have the same laws- but if they do not in a radical way where does that leave us beyond our logical theories?  I have a most strange idea now which suggests the truths possible in the pseudosciences such as the idea of extra terrestrials (the Boltzmann brain on the ball lightning micro--scale would be structural possibilities of some subjective point energy).  This means we as thinking things imagine such things and have based whole empires and civilizations on it.  Monopole auras where stuff happens is a good idea in our neck of the universes woods.  In the strongest tornadoes we can be in one for they are at bottom electrical phenomena...and can induce St. Elmo's fire.  Also this gives support for my friend galatomic's idea of conscious beings that come back as if from the future to micro engineer our enduring evolving as a state of the real and not disembodied physics.  His Ecotoms.  It helps to believe in succession as if a god or king the trinity to base the logic of it all that we in reality are a little monopole fuzzy in thinking.  Energy or material is the issue as to how we can tap it or not-  the consequences if we can would make extraordinary changes in how we finally understand or interpret the world.

Reply to Leo Vuyk 25 May, 2013   Leo Vuyk
S Hi Edgar,
as my answer, see : my new Vixra essay Q-FFF xperiments, a summary.

on facebook as the people remarked on ron's feeling he needed a tin hat to keep some strange thoughts out of his head--- some replied it was only the full moon, others on which side of the foil to use and so on...

Be careful if you double the foil not to put the shiny sides out together or you transmit to those lizard guys your position. In a weightless environment of dream space shiny sides facing inward to each other causes you to spin. Simple mirrors can isolate your thoughts - we have forgotten what people have known for thousands of years. Our scientists today making manifest such material do not understand this so to explain it. Do not use a smart phone antenna neat your tin foil declaration or the Nigerian hackers can read your dreams and access your bank account. Peace ye strong ones in the faith!

In debate with Kris on face book today:

 Look; there is substantial evidence, from world wide agencies, that show vaccinations are necessary and important. There is no link between vaccinations and any developmental diseases. No scientific study has ever backed any of these claims. So the conspiracy theories need to end now.

No, statistical proof is science. If X exists and Y is created to combat X and X then decreases to near non-existent levels because of Y then the statistic is sound. Now how that statistic is used could be sociological in nature, but that doesn't deny the reality of the science behind the numbers.


 Chromosomes are a different story. I knew an XYY once who would punch his girlfriend or my rear view car mirror out of the blue. Now there could be deep science around a sociology ideal which as science (so says Obama and the NSF now for the professional degrees - such as social workers who could use it is for marketing). I miss the high level of our debates in the coffee shop and I think we miss each others point. But there are no necessary realities yet in these matters and I would like to know the truth. I do not get flu shots for example. Also I sense you have a greater intolerance for BS lately than you usually do - hope it does not detract you from your creative work.

May 26, 2013 at 2:22 am

Generations as I understand them in my Quasic theory are certainly not ad hoc say as mass and gravity seems to be in the measurement by string theory or other physics. G-string reads to me a humorous term in English btw. But can you see or apply these ideas like game theories in simple informational arithmetic, in information. But the “polarity” you ask of nature is a deep question as we debate if these lesser group formulations of string theories need apply at all after a better unified view (than say the obvious structure of this implying E8 and so on.


You are asking the same question as to if open strings exist so we all have similar concerns or intuitions.

If God created Nature by the ‘word” (rhea in Greek) then did she “plagiarize” some higher theory? I wonder why it is so difficult for some of us to see these structural things of simple geometry. Our convergence to a new physics (and as some in the pages think a new level involving consciousness of some sorts thus quasi religious reality or thinking) looks to me to have all the free developing quasi-fractal like complexity of merging spinning winds into a great tornado.. spin is important in this sense as the same question (see kimmo’s descriptive formulas which may be ad hoc or not- but what isn’t?

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Singularity Point Energy

Singularity Point Energy

Beyond a New Anthropology, Quantum Truths of Consciousness as Hot or Cold Fusion

L. Edgar Otto    23 May, 2013

The velvet universe retreats into the weather as interpretation just beyond the quantum theory and its ideological and philosophic interpretations where the specter haunting Europe leaves is mark of indifferent faiths and scars further from violent revolution.

Like the string theory suggests at the foundations a leak between higher realms of dimensions so as to explain better the force of gravity what leaks from the abstract pints of singularity if not some ghosts of departed quantities that touches the ones and zeros deeper than strings to which we in our towers of the sense of unity in our complexity and tentative states of mind conjure spirits good and evil, conspiracies, and debatable methods of indifference or leaky tori of pinching plasma in every higher energy levels of hot fusion?

Is it not a paradox that blind to the question where consciousness meets the physicality we are blind save to see the spirit of it leaking from our dreams of clearer and more unified physics to make sense of the image of our gods?  For some we have to keep such visions distant, for others they too miss the point of our powerful tool of thinking to which our symbols are not quite as powerful, if they ever can be this side of some closed or empty wall of Heaven.

Clearly, consciousness as such leaks out rather than emerges or evolves over the range of space and time.  For to deny this possibility of interpretation for the quantum world is to deny the reasonable methods of quantum theory itself.  Cold fusion is not forbidden by quantum theory but does it amplify or magnify the energy in the intermittent balance? Does any such device achieve this disembodied from a ground?  What sort of super symmetry may permit such possibilities of an energy gain if that gain is only a leaking or looping gain in the subjectivity of our experience alone?  By what twists and turns do we look over our shoulder to outrun the eagle of Don Juan as if a truth and not a metaphor as our anthropology and anthropocentric truth in fiction if only a possibility of new concrete science there at the creation?

Do we assign a matrix to spiraling or warp curve jumping time traveling like finite points of relative spins then to explain it as proof of the comprehensive realm of all rational numbers, of the real part of them in powers converging parallel by some integration?  Why do we not extend the depth and span of this idea beyond what Riemann himself knew was more to the picture of things?  Are we to be content to do ideology or do science?  To demean our fellow theorist or try to understand why they think how they do, of what they think if we can catch the depths of it - not merely the comprehension of it for we should not assume another sentient being as irrelevant or outside the mainstream of our general unified development as a civilization.  Can we not welcome the return to the fold and yet secure a better life for those willing to sacrifice and serve the dream of science?

If quantum mechanics does not forbid cold fusion then the same idea in hidden dimensions and spaces suggests that we can communicate with our dreams as information, with each others dreams, so materialize them in the world or between each other if we find the better cosmic code.  Or we may cringe like beast running from the wildfires, earthquakes, great spiraling storms as we try to discern the red-shift of the spinning sky and hold the evil falling out from an arbitrary tornado the razor talons in a distant dream or act of God.  As the climate debate rages how can humanity be so low as to cast the issue to fate or faith unless the world makes no sense as science as both sides think it does?

To deny cold fusion as an absolute or ultimate principle is to assert the unified hidden mysticism of the mind of God, and to hope in the spirit of it things are better refined, tweaked if only beyond our abilities to prove a pattern at inaccessible energies brings physics close to an act of faith only that was in some cases the opposite of intentions and earlier reversals of some grounding of being intended in past trends.

We have to remember the weatherman is not to be blamed for the weather, the messenger for the message, and intellectually ignore holding against someone the disturbance of our quaint continuum that they changed the quality of our wisdom and opinions.  Hopefully, outside our narrow worlds as if one living universe we give good advice to each other and are important for tech support as scientists if done honesty and more beyond sincerity only for our good intent.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Escape from Symmetry, Conservation and the Virulent Universe

Escape from Symmetry, Conservation and the Virulent Universe

L. Edgar Otto    21 May, 2013  01:07:01 PM

If we imagine as if in a dream a process by which we draw a series of pictures where as in a difference of included and distinct regions of scale the themes and interpretation have a logical development on which we may imagine causation. We raise several questions on the foundations of this dreaming process itself as well as what meanings we may apply to the content of the dreams.

While on several levels symmetry strives to keep a balance of cosmic laws in our perceptive dreams even the sense of motion seems to be contained as if in isolation as a system of which the span of such inner laws in informal inquiry may be at best intermittently comprehensible for external views of what seems closed as self-referential.

Symmetry is one of the great darlings of methods and analysis of which physicists and mathematicians are fond. But symmetry, up to the wide but limited or blocked concepts in debate as to the sensibility or utility of the string theories is but a stepping stone to the possibility of new physics. Symmetry cannot fulfill its role as the sum total of theory nor show in a wider generalization it describes the only thing, game, in town that paradoxically appears as a dead end for careers as the theory and application emphasis pendulum swings.

Still, on most any level of technology or philosophic speculation we as a species imagines and tries things.  Can we for example as there is some evidence for it reproduce outside the dreamer the patterns of which he dreams?  Perhaps the way in the details of at least geometric descriptions may lead us to the transfer of such patterns as a narrow gateway to that external.  In what sense can we in fact take a picture of a dream even if the memory of it endures in our awakened state of mind?

As awakened we may recall the method as our process of dreaming evolves or reduces from a range of equal possibilities so in that sense we can try to reproduce in the awakened world the methods we used in dreams. I may try to make such drawings as I so developed last night yet reaching for my camera realized I could not take a picture however crude it was to summarize the process from the last picture so to make something similar in the greater spectral intensity of real sunlight.  We of course have to take note of what is happening or let it run in the background not noticed while it can still be influential to our thinking.  Theory in this sense is an intellectual process.

I see little difference where this paradox and balanced confusions walk its linear and non-linear tightropes between what techniques we need to interpret the cosmic wmap background on the large or what we see in the colliders in the very small at the frontiers of our ideas of conservation and symmetry grounding.  A solution to our dream thinking process will aid us in viewing and interpreting what we see on those extreme scales also.  If such is the case as a possibility of decoding granting us in the foundations one or more methods of access above and beyond ideas of the relative or absolute nature of nothingness or substance actual or implied as vacuum.  It is here that the exploration of angles of spin and other warp curves may set up the mathematics that may show us the way in what we call the transfer of energy and the expanding dimensions of momenta.

Much can be thought of as viable analogies to our biological nature in complexity and information stances for model templates working toward, working perhaps blindly, to a more comprehensive theory.  This comes home to us sometimes with anguish if one accepts certain stances as the uninterpreted or falsely believed fact alone when we say our biology determines our behavior or better the links between genes on a more complex level than the raw sequence in our genome.  Where is our identity and is it private and uniquely ours?  Where are our dreams as dreams?

One case is what evolutionary reason may be there for the persistence of (obviously as non-replication) homosexuality.  We may as well say, in His mysterious purposes, God made us this way and still question the wisdom of this premise of a Creator.  Like many dominant and submissive relationships as in the genes to have useful meaningful patterns the view of such development has to permit asymmetric possibilities in the laws of the universe.  Partisans of some views then diverge from some imagined balance and mainstream and the dark mirror of symmetry turns the benevolence of a Creator or the creation only on end as a moral weapon for love or war.  Clearly, not passed thru say the father but enduring in the cousins and uncles the traits while hidden persist as in recent articles in the science magazines- or in one long ago in New Scientist that carrying the homosexual gene enhances the sexuality and perception of the female who carries it - thus an evolutionary reason suggested.

So again we wonder in general, if we are not rare in the universe as committed to gender difference sexuality and will not publicly whisper our method could be an aberration in the universe for living things.  It has been asked why nature spends so much of its energy in sexual reproduction if we take just an evolution theory standpoint.  We certainly can suggest such mechanisms to question why that applies to our more subjective states of mind save maybe that we in the structure of our nerve and brain system merge the energy of such ideas, libido and so on, so not responsible directly for the affairs at our fish brain stems.  But the paradoxes of such dualism are still with us and not necessarily resolved in the place we imagine one substance.

The wider picture is to ask not of enhanced sexuality, or the need to or possibility of exchange of encoding of a sexual nature or not is to see that virulence itself is the issue.  What is the source and guarantee of our drives and motives for a given set of shared space and laws between us- can the universe for such virulence as biologically complex as it seems, unclear the boundaries of such razors, inductive or not in method, that in a sense this is the best design and sensible reduction of description utilized by any universe?
Perhaps the only surprises are the rude awakenings that we are blind to some truths, surprised for we held them not just incomplete or irrelevant or wrong as general wisdom progresses to make our old system nostalgic to us while we still live beyond reproductive years otherwise the collectible becomes the next generation's pointless jokes and junk.  To debate if this can go beyond a living system is more quasi-religious metaphysics still rather than new fads of awakening magic as the physics.

The issues seems to me to surpass the idea of magic beyond what is naturally developing to a point of accurate access to decoding we confuse with metaphysical geometry and the wider things we imagine about metaphysics.  Less and less will this analogous principle apply, save in the fantasy world perhaps of our virtual media to which we treat as real fantasies in the fantasies within them such as money, to what not that long ago in past generations struck them as miraculous and magic.

Phenomea in the universe hoover on the fulcrum of what is virulent or not of the same encoded viruses of physical substance and the application to physics, especially to view that discipline as a simplified branch of biology at first before a better generalization and unification, is perhaps too obvious for us to see there is a need for new methods in mathematical physics as it is natural for us not to extend or see beyond our more conserved quasi-isolated dream boundaries for at the extremes the information may appear as not useful or no threat to our greater chances of survival.

If the universe by default is favorable to the whole of life if not in effect benevolent then at a certain critical threshold we who strive to dream, control, and create our world can override this state to make our world indifferent and perhaps ultimately that which works against us in the balance where it did not have to be once we have better awakened and better dreamed.

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L. Edgar Otto    21 May, 2013

The evidence or hallmark of a good theoretician is the ability to recognize if a new theory or observation contains a given or possible significance, what intuitively is in the balance of importance.

Another part of this state of contemplation is taking two such theories and seeing they are linked together into unsuspected deeper explanation.

This a matter also of the logic distinguishing where the effects are real in our nature of thinking, knowing what is paradox and what is fallacy.  The conceptual patterns that describe both stances toward a theory makes a great theoretician.

Sabine Hossenfelder posted two facebook links, one on the neutrino results detected in the Ice Cube beyond expectations of energy (and over formally in my neoteric philosophy assumed a process outside the normal models of cosmic ray formation.

This reasoning grounded in the normal classical questions of logic on which we may hold as a reference frame pattern for other systems of logic to which all such may stand or fall together if they are in a sense equivalent.

From such a ground some have questioned the ultimate nature of logic itself or in some cases cause to question the law of excluded middle (ultimately excluded extremes also) or ask just how far can we rely on mathematical induction.

Since the early 60's my view toward the cosmic rays although not any standard view has withstood if not the reason my own interpretations turned away from the mainstream all the details in experiments including those that mimic the high energy involved in our colliders or what in new discoveries we observe in the cosmic background radiation, as well non-locality in our useful information for gene encoding.

So, with such background long familiar it does seem I would have not reached the conclusion of this essay as if instantly suggesting some intuitive certainty in the idea that of course will raise self doubts and self skepticism until something like physical evidence deeper than the usual truths by statistics- that such speculation with a natural and healthy skepticism endures as a concept accepted or derailed from the mainstream by the test of time.

But time itself is the issue also, as well our stances toward causality which is also much like our living reasoning as to what grounds or molds our thinking patterns.  This beyond the reasonable measurements is also something to be resolved (as with all issues of foundational singularity usually) between paradox and fallacy including such grounding itself as tautological or contradictions outside the span of useful structural and physical information.

This is a general symmetry condition in nature that may be considered as ubiquitous as our gross (not intrinsically useful and beyond the question of non-locality or wider issues of entanglement) concept of the force of gravity or extension to higher dimensions by looping self referential processes of recursions for their solutions.

On the subatomic level, with our acceptance of reasons to explore compliments and mirror images such as with the complex number analysis, I suggest a particle (or process as philosophic as I imagine the idea of the Higgs to be while still a physical concept) I style "Neutrinomnium" by vague analogy with Neutronium.  Nom (as in nominalism) is found therein and also my and Penrose's term for a theory of everything so to speak, the Omnium.

SB cites an arXiv paper on causality...(I did not download the entire article yet so speak from the barest clues) which considers time and causality and I presume is about some sort of triangle inequality the conclusions of which do not differ far from my quasic formalism in a discrete or continuous center of interpretation.

It strikes me as coincidentally and embarrassing numerological in the finite case of the number of neutrinos into this super-hidden symmetry that a neutrinomnium particle may decay into- still the general concept is there to ground variations upon the realization of what products there may be in the process of colliding particles and the angles implied of the mirror like momentum decay which of course is the issue of when we decide something is meaningfully distinguished as taking finite time to occur or said to collapse out from the quantum theory into its classical form.  It is numerological in the sense that we can treat the symmetries of string theory as relation of intelligible numbers in the finite or integer descriptions.

I suggest also that other neoteric principles are involved as to how we view in nature what is multiple and what but one thing including our concept of the multiverse.  Surely a generalization into the omnium would require the unification of Higgs-like and Neutrinomnium-like aspects of particles or fields.  For now there are a few theoreticians who take this to be some effects of perturbation (worked by accident for the discovery of the outer planets) or in the still highly speculative but intuitive concepts of suspected phenomena like dark matter.

Such guesses may pass by the wayside of new developments unless sound theory that proves the fact or near the steam of the spirit of new facts provided these not falsified from the beginning grounded in fallacy- in which case the guess wins the day despite it unlikely and seems to be the goal of some who work with theory for or against what is fact or sociological agendas they fancy.  Who in these golden times of cosmology and the swan songs of our atom smashing machines in their abilities can deny we need a better philosophy of science?

Some of you will see my last post  E confluence or simply E related principles that will aid in the decoding of the words and processes needed to connect ideas in this essay for it does involve creative design issues beyond the metaphysics and into what we can try to retro-engineer or imagine of Aristotle's lost book Stereonometry.  This is to say the confluences exist beyond physics and metaphysics in that they represent a theory of our reality or universe.  In particular concerning Pythagorean triangles at least where some process may begin or end as in biochemical pathways and averaging remembered statistical histories that the numbers 25, 26, 27  thus the extensions 28 beyond the square or cube idea of a matrix as a physical description may be a whole new science of these neutral and presumably achiral particles in some respects of intrinsic angles or coherent similarity of phases where the universe holds the aces of unbiased principles as quasifinitude.

* * * * * 05:52:51 AM

Monday, May 20, 2013

Neoteric Philosophy and Mathematics

Neoteric Philosophy and Mathematics

L. Edgar Otto  20 May, 2013

This post relating to a link on Dennet,

By neoteric I mean philosophy moved on past the post-modern age which from it preserves elements from past or learning stages of evolving concepts, as does some architectural contributions of post modern philosophy itself.

This concerns the recurring issue of how mathematics seems to describe the physical world and does so accurately or to greater degrees of finer definition  This then is a question of foundations, moreover the foundations of foundations.  We move, following Aristotle and trying to imagine the third lost book, what comes after metaphysics that follows physics as that not hidden somewhere but in the Greek tradition is the hallmark of science that brings out or decodes nature then puts it into a communicable system and form.

The third book of Aristotle we know was called Stereonometry which certainly suggests it is concerned with matters of space as foundation.  So geometry is considered a measuring, a counting and logical pattern system by which we feel of all analogies made with such reasoning these ring true.  Logic is part of the system of philosophy, but in what sense does our perception and ability to observe or reason depend on our equations of physics as mathematics or our logic symbols system in design?

For one thing I imagine beyond the felt shared need for consistency in a theory, in the unity or multiplicity of applications and occurrences  we have this core question of uniqueness.  If a consistent set of concepts or equations are sound and on some level or depth convincing as if the unquestionable answer sought for a general system of truth, of certainty that falls out from the chaos somewhere, we can still ask what grounds the uniqueness itself of such a consistent theory- in other words, are those equations and the logic of the underlying mathematics unique?

Our saints of physics from the past and their relevance in our times is not science that can stand only on wishes or relative cultural assertions and its stance for the hidden propaganda of our assumptions.  We as sensitive humans do respond to rumors, see in the growing tree of disease that which applies all or in part to ourselves or others, to those with natural parental authority who bring us sacred books telling us how to live in fine detail- that something they see is hidden within us.  Psychology in that sense is more an observation of possible human nature than a science and we probably should take its working advice that we comprehend the physical situation first.  But the physical by itself cannot resolve our questions on our psyches nor in what language method the poetry is relevant beyond the mechanics of meter and rhyme.

A presentation, including citing certain scientists and philosophers of the past, such as Motils discussion in his last two posts describing string theory or a more historical statistical development can in the bare bones of it read to me as empty or at least still having a long way to go to come to the state of comprehension I had decades ago.  What is new there really beyond say the researches of Coxeter? Indeed, it does not include in string theory all of his insights that should apply.  Sure, where it is understood it seems an authority and is an achievement of mastery but is it original as a creative enterprise and stands out as unique?

It may regard other traditions as "crackpot" standing on a theory that will win or break even according to simple rules on the whole, some game or theory that reduces things to a relativism of debate and war of which nothing can be certain as to what is the case of science hidden in the debate as if all hidden is our sense of the mysterious- the stuff of quantum mysticism- the symmetry of such cultural propaganda (and racial also for without a better logic and theory the common sense understanding of these last century issues can potentially recur in hidden forms that blinds us to better points we miss in each other and the predictions made on sensible grounds of the world we live in.)  From a higher generality what grounds such logic is not even empty but ongoing intrinsic violence where we all lose and maybe lose all.  Is there an objective existential condition of race or do we whitewash it (no pun intended)?

Is it in fact viable to legislate morality or manipulate the appearance of truth on by our high level language that forbids some form of words or speech of which the post modernist with their hardly comprehensible strings of words as equations think it can change our hearts fundamentally?

At the stage I am in now as far as mathematics from the information viewpoint something like Motil describes as his spiral string matrix idea (or whomever he cites in this time or in the past - usually Jewish as if they are at the top of the heap or bell curve as a power house of physics since the justified pride in one's race finds again a homeland), is very much something not deep enough to describe the physics of say the vague idea of intrinsic curvature of warps especially as discrete phenomena.  It is metaphysics looking for a meaningful stereonometry.  It does not unify the dimensions when it enters what seems a fundamentally mysterious space with surprising loops arising by default.

In fact, the otherwise liberal biased Public television network such as the Nova program on Neanderthal DNA would not place the Jewish race at the top of the bell curve (a system worked out by those of that race) with the Orientals next, then whites, then blacks at the bottom of the heap.  There are wave after wave of peoples leaving land masses as they spread over the earth-  Tuscany the highest concentration of 4% or so Neanderthal genes. If the intermarriage with Neanderthal gave future generations immunity say to some diseases prevalent among today's Jewish population (Barr) the bell curve can be read quite the reverse... European whites,  Orientals, Jews, and blacks again at the bottom of the statistical heap.  Let us not fancy that such statistics in our time is not the work of true crack-pottery that is a danger to the human landscape.\
At the very least in mixed migrations races mutate and persist... intelligence in the same race such as the American indians or the Maori may vary widely to the some norm.

Interestingly, as Einstein's observed if his theory right he would be called a German, if wrong a Jew...the Spanish and Arab populations went beyond the ancient dead languages of Hebrew and Greek and stand strong in intellect.  It is not the German contribution that is to be looked down upon in the Israeli state as to one by origins- the situation is reversed. The age of German-Jewish physics is over as the dominant age of such inquiry   It may be that in the challenges to those ideas original in Einstein that we cannot look objectively at them until we get past what in common sense bothers some as mere cultural cloaking.

I, of course still feel honored that Lubos made a comment that my ideas were even worse than crackpot- but like the character in the sit com I feel a little sorry for the situation and unlike him have hope that such powerful minds may live up to their encouragement unto aspirations.  But the philosopher or perhaps scientist in me dares asks why a fellow blogger feels this way ignoring hints of human arrogance or any politics involved (yet the global warming debate from both extreme sides seems to be very important as to what the actual science of the case can be) for he does perceive something possibly different my my view to consider.  Now would he be convinced if he could or would understand the deeper mathematics of my system as to patterns and so on, the binary?

Do we heed Einsteins advice we look to foundations only so deep but not go further?  Is it not evident in the spirit of it for a neoteric or  hybrid new modern physics (as already the case seems to be anyway in the equivalent descriptions of theories seeming radically different) that the multiplicity or strength of mathematical systems as hierarchical may have different degrees of power (in the unified holofraction quasifinite view) that our mathematics and even intuitive sacred senses of religion and philosophy may convince us that reality of theory and our formulas uniquely and ultimately match at least in the complexity we observe but reject a theory over haphazard experiments toward solutions in the complexity of our biochemical and genome systems.

Of course, intuitively, I still see that at whatever foundation I may not yet have grasped something deeper yet in our search for wisdom as life seems to move forward without necessary restrictions of its parameters while unaware of dangers in new levels facing it including those involving the indignity of appearances and outright mental lies.

* * * * *

Sunday, May 19, 2013

E Conceptual Confluences

E  Conceptual Confluences

L. Edgar Otto   beginning: 16 May, 2013

By E I mean many things, perhaps M turned upside down or rotated R or L as in Eye chart reading.  Here, I Edgar, consider what amounts to the more metaphysical principles that underlies our more solid physics or intuitions for directions of biological and economic research.  This list informally is not necessarily exhaustive.  Commentary and footnotes placed at the end of post so refer to the En number.

My filing system evolved differently from the we normally assign things in computers, so this is also and attempt at more formality or at least in the Electronic media world a better manual for navigating what seems a more general delta of links of ideas to aid and strengthen the memory - or at least make it easier to translate between arbitrary systems evolved but not set with unique planned reasoning.  Our research thus becomes fresh and young, chaotically raw in the initial poetry, as well as giving us the deeper sense of ancient or eternal wisdom of the foundational principles of our poetic and scientific world.

Can our dreams be interpreted uniquely?  Can they be separated from the hierarchy of codes, the holofraction principle this side of some absolute idea of singularity, save for primates on the level of their proteins and gene analogs?

E1 - The Bidirectional Polygame Principle  19 May, 2013

Somewhere in generality the infomatics of cosmic and biological code reading can mirror the direction of multiplicity from or into unity.  Can such confluent principles be the basis or axiom to prove more than describe an environs of being or thinking this is virulent and not an empty self referential stance of principle?

E2 -  Spanning yet ever more Isolated Territoriality at Points of Confluence Spheres of Influence Principle

E3 -  Half again or a Quarter Exclusion of Quadratic Symmetries of Forward Path Description Principles

E4 -  Illusion Principle that Resources of Long Duration
May Define the Span of Present Use beyond its Moment

E5 - Principle that the Encoding in Products of Linear Space will not Describe Higher Space to Deeper Generalizations

E6 - The Concept that in any Given Confluence or Configuration a Path Model is Necessarily Unique or that such Ambiguity of Unique Totalities Drives Time Direction

E7 - That Uniqueness among Total Models is Forbidden or anything as Uncertain We Characterize of Nature may not Realize this Paradox as Solution without Deep Explanation

* * * * *

A nod to the Poet species Bufo... well, frogs and lilly's anyway... symbolic small and large ponds:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Great Grand Quasi-paradox ( Scryview and Uniqueness beyond Nonnecessity )

The Great Grand Quasi-paradox
(Scryview and Uniqueness beyond Nonnecessity)

L. Edgar Otto   15 May, 2013

In greater, for all practical purposes, ultimate concerns, the enactment of form as creative or the focusing to the general fact or existential place or moment is the impassible wall in which an individual entity logically approaches yet only discovers an atmosphere of a paradox of isolation if not a state beyond existing.

In the ultranscontinuum, the raspberry extension of models of universe we reach a point in the intelligible quasifinite physics where if we are honest as living beings and theoreticians we comprehend that outside a certain sense of unity and focus we do not understand what is happening in the world as if despite its persistence we still may imagine much more may be going on, relevant our not to our span of being, of living, our tenuously focused neighborhood of time and space and all its interactions at all spans and depths to which we decide to discern or divine the laws based on what we thin, touch or view.

The general question, in my terms, amounts to some resolution be it a paradox or ultimate contradiction, and that it has always been hard to find a common term, Is there one or many as the issue that applies to the atmosphere we may or may not know or enter...the Omnium.  For now the issue is far away from our sense of the reality of our state of development, civilization, technology...  The unity of a number as prime may form the metalanguage of the present situation or we may only regard what is physical as a counting of place holder and unities of binary information which already within reason harbors half of the developing state of reality as zero, emptiness, that which may be the final ubiquity of social gravity rendering fanciful morals and ethics as irrelevant as our simplistic paradoxically possible of our tribal gods.

It may make little sense to everyone to say we in effect have to consider going beyond information as well as meaning in the places where the content meet and for some among us who live some way despite this, as important.  Our mental environs do seem to behave with certain ideas close to the physics of symmetry- not to say this is a comprehensive or even an illusion of what is the case.  We look up to the next level of complexity or look down and the viability as the ground may dominate the effects on general time and space equally well, and may or may not form a unified reality somewhere between such stances.

The vague range of such paradoxes I style great-grand following the wider vision of Conway for the four space solids as we should at least begin or be aware of these questions of higher space and our stances toward it.

In technology, programmed or with some sort of intuitive endowment, education, borrowing or mimicking the language, direct or indirect the influences of equally paradoxical others as if they too each all of the omnium,
we may base and so undermine an organism by its digital informational idea of interacting viruses including strings of data that undermine the data stream of certain structures.

We do not always see the consequences or outcomes of such an application of our technology for in such matters given the inevitable openness and freedom of it, we cannot see the universal terrain or assume it of such and such a reasonable state of certainty and expectations... we proceed ignoring the great grand paradox as we have done since the dawn of life that our code expression is a matter chance and favorable environment of recurring forms.

From the infinite and continuous aspects of a global (multi-verse or not) where the universe is everywhere or partly quasifinite we may approach from the viability of the opposite stance- that the environment including the imagined relations emerging as if an intelligence in some idea of connections or computation similar to the cloud is equally vulnerable to half vision of this paradox, for the next level of struggle between the builders, and the takers is the mastery of encoding such vague space, I style this venom.  And venom as surely as viruses may undermine the whole.

We need to have the option of pulling the plug, appealing to the empty option if such transnational (when will we learn the lessons of and surviving wars?) especially if the systems promoted, along with the opposite of purposes or intentions,  of lie to trick the masses into servitude which in the end even destroys the essence of capital itself along with the old form of credit or money, it too a state in the failed god of science as the old Marxism- that withers away.  When will our former competitors in the global science having reached the brink of extinction and survived keep some better faith in our innate human pragmatism?

Our generation has inherited a long range of growth of wisdom (and if anyone cannot see this philosophic writing as poetry and physics, my inclination is to think they are neither poets or physicists, at least in a more modern sense while we have the right or power to chose some state of wisdom under which to live, what does it ultimately matter?) so now we can finally begin the greater journey in this world of better choices in our evolution with sensible but not overly strong restraints.  I hold it must (and that is a word I am rarely prone to use) begin with education.  Not that a state as it becomes more powerful arms itself against its own people nor that the people grow in arms as the ticking clock to inevitable ends beyond control to indifferent vanishing of both... but the measure of a nation as to its PhD's as well caring for its people including those with merit scammed before their birth to squander lives and resources, who accept as leadership the other hell on earth of their lies.

If the world does not so begin to change at least as philosophers we can laugh at their ignorance and folly, read the fine print and between the lines, view them without machines of which it is unlikely they will make to counter this world's innate freedom in time, and out of time. In such a climate neglecting reason, revenge will be the rule and all living things remain on borrowed time as vulnerable though honest but not outside the shifting scales of laws.

Now, what does it mean to say our views are unique even from some multiverse of possible beginnings?  My words then with little meaning when all words are not necessarily relative or innately equal as the general laws describe, for we are in our wisdom equally in the paradox great and grand of our shame and sanity.  The measure of a soul is perhaps not what it has to do but what it can do.

* * * * *

Virus and Venom ( Digital and Analog Error Correction Code Multi-space )

Virus and Venom
( Digital and Analog Error Correction Code
Multi-space )

L. Edgar Otto  13 May, 2013

The situation space at the moraine of the Green Bay lobe glacial retreat

Deep the waters on the fence of continental divides
the earth shrugs, builds on its scars

Supercooled avalanche carves, creates the waterway all at once where different flora and fauna meet

The soil sprouts if nothing else a crop of stones, all sizes
the winter's frost uplifting them, a sweat to float

For the love of a farm and Millard Fillmore, the Winnebago
keep their land far from prairie and the drift-less area

Mitchner's points of the human terrain researched for a long time coming, I leaving little trace of my days in Mount Simon

No neccessary realities when it comes to shifting light, of Physics or of Poems, paths, places, if our efforts saved

* * * * *

Footnote:  After viewing a lecture by Jerry Apps on his book
For the Love of a Farm  PBS  2008, see fb I understand the book is still in print... our university wisdom is at the great divide...   L. O.

** ** **


L. Edgar Otto    14 May, 2013

The body of being, of wisdom, old things new again, the diorama in motion and the panorama in scope as if St. Origin's model of reincarnated souls; the spirit as specter
a life rented against is own kind of nothingness where all new is the old and perceptions in spin are dragged with it,
each life of whatever degree of awareness, of creativity in its drive as if a purpose or centering has fabulous detail and complexity beyond the lucidity of dreams, and as the universe itself can be imagined condensed into the smallest of time and space, each of us feels, foreshadows, forecasts, forewarns, on prophesies and denials insist, predict, as if individuals or in some collective impose as if our own the genius of the cosmic code greater or within our dreams as we live and view, scry view, its pulsing dance.

The pages of our books of life flayed its finite fish-bone forms before the greater sunlight, surprised with seasons wet or dry, hot or cold so caught off guard as if we  can command the weather, unique or copied in arrays on the screen, touched or taking thought to expand it can recreate in its spacial form some printing made flesh in higher dimensions.

Yet such a transcendence, a tethering is still confined in our developing scores of our folksy familiar soundtracks of our dreams.  We the inadequate playwrights, chained or holding the umbilical twine, gladiators or lovers not too close or to break apart, become the lusting crowd for blood who judge the lovers hope for fame and freedom, mouth to mouth in dialog in shouts or underwater, embracing or with sharpened knives in hand, so to establish bonds or rank baring the accidents of escalation or the lies that we cannot prove this a promised God-given land and no dark empty faith for the sake of guilt if present and a tug on hearts of shackles to assuage our hearts abundance in a distant kingdom come we not the authors of evil or that turned good on the slogan that the poor are always with us, our universe a joke, its truth the lie. 

The volume reaches not the deaf turned up that your hidden feelings make things true for if you think another unworthy that speaks more of you.  If the gods shrugg or the earth herself with something in the plot misguided or indifferent so to walk away, the dice cast and after the climax the slow death left awhile to wind down, wide the battlefield after the battles, where death is the journey made alone, for greater awaking we are not ready nor forever known, but our efforts were of all things under heaven and meant well, the most worthy.

Of God and my right, in order and benevolence or of those who wage the cosmic venom, each soul becomes the universe to heed the songs and dance, serve or work for supper, stones in the end our bread, but it is not necessarily born so nor does healing the world need to take time. For we  as the universe may awaken with the many of the whole, or one among us unwind it for us all or render it as the emptiest of nights, the snake or spear its need to taste blood or by ritual putting back the demon in the sheaf a token self infliction. 

Snake-speares of shallow humor will not long assuage our pains, deny the deeper truths-  or times the she lion bitten and blurry eyed goes off into a cave to heal her wounds, repair the pride over those she must abandon for the chance that all survives.  Her germ cells sparked into replicas of herself, the clones, by platinum as metal makes fertile, some hidden layers down from the copper bloods, or the old bearded drone with dreams like the photosynthesis in flowers sparked by a single photon of light its many cells so sparking many lovers his marrow and his arrow digesting her joys or sorrows free of thought of tomorrows.  And as she takes up, learns to like his songs forgets the lust for gold or that gold reaches its own level grandfathered in they say yet no child yet the grandfather in the warm nest made for them as it starts to eat our brains.

The true creators of verse have this responsibility in freedom and look beyond the message of complex art that anyone could feel or see as great and good as the play takes on a life beyond that taken on by the characters- not to bury us in only a trance of fictions.

** ** ** **