Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forty Years Since Forty Billion Dollars

Forty Years Since Forty Billion Dollars

I have waited forty years for laser technology to catch up with hot fusion, the plasma pinching problem and all... and even then nations had spent 40 billion dollars in pursuit even back then. At last a breakthrough economically and who knows how it will affect the worlds economy. I first read of similar methods like this in the Titusville newspaper near Cape Canaveral. (that more like a three dimensional ice tray.

* * *

Of course the poems below called Between the Hoarfrost and the Rime is about such concepts of physics as much as analogies to love and its light. My posts on the ratios of phi seem a little unclearer to me as to what I meant in the fit of purely intuitive speculation although it worked- I may come back to this post and show what happens with another such constant (the square root of 11 plus or minus 1 divided by two, a sort of dihedral angle in four space or more.)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Parallel Histories?

Parallel Histories

I tried to look up some things in analysis from books last night and still am not sure what I am asking is in advanced texts (where it says beyond the scope of this book) or whom I might ask if I know- or for that matter where to google it. But this playing with series and golden section seems to have advanced my uneducated understanding of the calculus (analysis). A lot of things such as the density ideas of triple integrals seem to relate to what is going on in space- and the FT ideas we use to try to understand our first few harmonics of dimensions. I especially liked Newton's use of differentials to approximate the limits of irrational values which seems to me (as the beauty of waves as superpositions and so on) to suggest to me the idea of limits has outlived its frontier thinking usefulness- that in a way the ratios suggested by the notation equal to potential infinity can make that some sort of number after all.

But in the wider scheme of things just where is a point on the number line which is the limit- perhaps the limit is a moving thing, an indication of parallel ideas of the worlds rather than something fixed for our approximation short of the continuum expanded. I continue to question so much in these texts I would have taken for granted as the truth should my education had been standard. For the primitive flag art studies I may go into those ratios that involve pi and e as well as phi. In the fanciful flag above I try to extend via symmetry the area ratios left and right as if to see into a flat space the next higher space like those cross eyed photos and to show that left or right brained so viewed the music makes something concrete as well as an illusion of self or something in the center.

The physics part of the poem below, posted today, involves some of these concepts of waves and space as touch and sight (defining thus geometry) called Touch and Sight Deflecting Love and Light. I continue to be amazed at how hard for some people the idea of space is especially if we desire to try to view or think about things in the next few higher dimensions.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Divine Proportions of Symbolic Variations

Here I am asking an aesthetic questions about proportions and taking a deeper look at this gray area between what we in our rationality describe as the physics and what is the mathematics of some theory or reality.

As far as the calculus of this I feel I am not sure of just how to see this as we evolve in concepts of numbers and space - nor if anyone does although I strongly feel there is something there whether we get it or not- let us say this is one of those Tesla states of mind in us a few Edison's struggle with in doubt and admiration. Tesla, the conceived the cell phone and yes the way electricity works which for me is the principle so stated of how things reduce to some surface effect of what is the equivalent three space. So, are we to assume that in higher dimensions there is a space of so many dimensions one greater than the variables in the idea of partial differentials- or perhaps it is this sort of Fibonacci ration thing of irrational numbers- more so if we have the idea of partitions and strings. I suspect also that in this sort of dynamic variation of continua in space we can have complete continua as so implied (the Greek symbol San thus the San Continuum as in the poem below)being in this more complected sense an overview of lesser transfinite continua.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Integration and Differentiation of Intelligent Design

The Integration and Differentiation of Intelligent Design (ID)squared
L. Edgar Otto 01-25/26-10 and Quasic Space and the Prediction of Earthquakes

By intelligent design I mean the general idea of the term as used by Fred Hoyle like his term "Creation Field" does not necessarily make a statement about Creationism.

I'm sorry for the photo where I think I do not look that good- but I have been trying to adjust my diet lately in this Wisconsin winter- this month I did not buy meat. Despite the tradition it was the most depressing day of the year, the last Monday in January, I was in a rather upbeat mood- not so of many around me and to some extent we affect each others moods if not our sanity. In any case in trying to help my son with beginning physics I brushed up on the books in the photo and found that for me and others the theory I propose here- rather the realization of the overall importance of this theory as a unifying them of current physics- most definitely has an effect on how we view our mental (consciousness or intelligence) states for my own self concept and if understood how it seems to help others in all psychological and social experiences, any, even some religious ones. Physics I have said I would or will post they last writing scrolled up and promised here as an informal paper on the beauty of that language- even though I continue to outgrow the thoughts rapidly. Still, I have come to realize how difficult the ideas as simple as say Newtons laws of motion are for new students if they first encounter the ideas in college instead of me who in the fifth grade was late for school as I stopped on the way in the park and thought about them in a flash of interest.

I want to add also that in the analysis of what I call our supernatural space concerns as a mental phenomenon and as the series of poems to be posted I call Between the Hoarfrost and the Rime I will add those poems to the post just before this one for an ongoing visited reference.

But the Insight from my dream of night before last that in reading the books in the photo and pondering the themes in these poems this principle I have taken for granted stood out, perhaps as one of the quasic laws of motion:

Qx1 - Linear diagonal motion through a three space of two variables is a circle in a two space of one variable.

Qx2 The coordinates of quasic or natural space exist as to the uncertainty of which is real or primary while each can seem a complete description of the state of motion. In this sense quasic motion is more general than quantum and relativistic methods and models.

Qx2 - The logic of things can be overly restraining or excessively disordered and it mathematically involves our conception of the types of numbers as applied to a real situation or physicality including vectors as a generalization of number and the transcendental assumptions of using trig in complex spaces and physics theories.
When and were exactly does a photon leave an electron and on what scale down into the shells of an atom? In truth the distinction is that diagonal or circular motion or potential is not a change to convert its energies in an inertial frame manner as much as these states are uncertain in identity in the first place and we make the distinction by our specialized rules of whatever physics.

Qx4 - Clearly, we should not mistake the quasic and creative applications of such space as fields (with perhaps added axioms to the concept) with non-Euclidean ideas and certainly quasics can be Non-euclidean even if in a sense Non-Newtonian. In the restriction to spaces of one variable, as perhaps the surface of the sun, we can understand from a thermodynamic viewpoint and this principle why things are "hotter" and at what point the surface seeks its three space form.

Qx5 - Yet in general these are questions of not only group theory where it stands dimensionally or not properly between or beyond the ideas of the infinite and finite as something to distinguish, but also of the nature of numbers as to their proof of transfinality. In a deep sense this more general idea of bits of information in the coordinate systems as if a doubling or excessive generation of the information of entanglement allows for a better integration of systems with such logic be it those mental or physical or not. Dark matter-energy may not just be some complex space or diffuse ideas of chaos but as in the recovery of memory that vanishes and by this first principle is collectively recoverable also, but can be this wider view of geometry as a quasic space wherein say black holes as if having an inside, or particles for that matter, a form of at least quasic structure.

For my more advanced readers I add that it is not clear to me that there are only the three physics, qlassical (including relativistic), quantum, and quasic involved in integration and especially the creative forces where they are in this world.

If we understand these concepts, short of some totally guessed or random foundation for the world as if it ends at some quantum flux or perhaps some certainty as a ground of the nothingness (we really yet cannot say things about a Creator scientifically can we?) The one to one mappings of quasic and natural space may certainly predict the stresses and releases in a mathematical model of say earthquakes on the surface of the earth where the circle (as if say a ring of substance in our minds) as a complementary concept is potentially kinetic as well as even not in a vibrating state is kinetically potential.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Between the Hoarfrost and Rime

Monks and Quantum Physicists Drawn to Mountaintops 01-25-10

Air grows thin as I climb the mountain of wisdom
my blood boils cool and sooner and its too late
To shed my backpack of words and phrases nor go back
with a helping hand more than leave bread crumbs and life lines
For those afraid of heights and jumping the abyss of crevices

Beyond the beginning because its there my footprints
plod on immersed in beauty ever rare its grasping clouds
I cannot be the monk, distance hungry with its solitude
who sees his glory reflected at the top and waves, thinks
His echo bidding him to enter Shangra-la and so step off

The plane that brought me here crashed in the snow
before the condor knew of jet streams on the way to Santiago
Love for decades my muse descending though a glacier
will be found and make good sense yet quaint, not erased there.

* * *

* * *

Sans Continuum

How fragile the little birds made in kilns or
of dry clay and painted in arid climes
Or the collectors plate packaged and sealed away
against the shocks precariously on the wall displayed

Far worse the silvered rim, commemorative for the commonwealth
of the Old Dominion garlanded by bleeding dogwood
Its bright cardinal a fitting mate for the virtues and the amazon
catching my eye, failure forgotten, tourist candy for a trash bin

No one can, save by real time near nostalgia, auction off, as
if our rare collection of endangered butterflies keeps unique value
That such memories then and now protect yet enslave us
I guilty of that other whole continuum, grave marker names only not forgotten

Do I want to retrieve it, the stone reads only Mom and Dad, who never
stayed together, who moved him, who bought it, who honored them?

* * *

We make do with the trinkets left after building on the deltas
between the monsoons and hurricanes, thousand year quakes
Thank the gods for the few things untouched in the debris, rubble
count it as an act of faith or faults, thankful though standing naked

Those who welcomed into the school of Thales all faiths and nations
had a long run, millennium of a golden age, surpassing the best of Athens
I, like Leonardo of Pisa feeling alone in time trying to make sense of all the
rabbits, we who freely give to fallen temples ought also throw out the money changers

War made obsolete and so too war's attrition
short of apocalypse the terror a slow dirty fission
Her our unknown soldier phalanx arrayed in Lee's place, once Washington
the stainless banner still flies in Richmond near the holocaust and rebel museums

Edgar Poe felt the stars and pendulum, raven not before not after his time of stovepipe hats,
Black train smoke stacks, telegrams, between the hoarfrost and the rime

* * *

When the runes and songs have lost their salty savor, too costly
the flying buttress and fan vaults, no holy ground to set the quoin,
We'll fall back to the sacred music through stained glass windows

* * *

* * *

Touch and Sight Deflecting Love and Light
Category: Art and Photography

L. Edgar Otto 01-29-10

I can see you through the one way mirror
not just myself and my world in reflection
Nor from the shadowy rime ice blue in stealth do I
watch your actions fancied private hoarfrost melting

I cling to your light though it surface only
your image invisible to yourself
My little singing star echoed in my dark chamber
you with pinhole rays of warmth to bathe yourself

We both move through the world of others
waves on water, walk through walls
Unless our hearts slow down, dreams speed up
our trapped wide focus ride into a narrow whirlwind

Laser eyes iris to iris knew me better than I knew myself
You who walked on water, I who waved through walls

* * *

* * *

Thermals in Our Free Fall
L. Edgar Otto 01-30-10

I cannot quite let my songbird go
thought she needs and longs for freedom
when late for her work of singing
spirals down with me smaller endlessly
As love and my height grows small and its she who

Returns to me with another of Love's new morning calls
late for work and in her coat wets her beak
as if all the time in the world from my cup of coffee
to chase and flee earth ages and their dawns between
Us count the last of faces, our globe a closed polygon

Her frost closer to my cloudy dream turns to spring rain
my rise and fall, thermal rides make hailstone shells of ice
Snowflakes of shifting sheets of iron in avalanche, my frozen core
again standing on or it magnetic fluid fire though its meadow seed
first salt she gleaned long gone

* * *

So odd that I sit here writing, below zero outside
by the window, bright the rising sun and through the blinds
I hear a peep and song and see her feathers puffed up against
the wind- my your look so big little one, how did you find me
Where have you been? She gazes up to me not startled and sings again.

* * *

Your false breasts like my brighter plumage
must grow cold in the windchill, frostbite the
thin skin and rice wine blush, pink grows pale
brine or silicon, pin pricked aneurysm balloons
The strongman's barbell weights proved hollow
the wholeness of Love's design endometriosis and stroke pain
my galaxies light up, my feathers stand on end
between your sweaty idols chaffed milky warmth
Yet its the memories we chase not erased such phantom limbs

But we glide without effort on the wind awhile
soaking the sun in, reptiles stirred from hibernation
survey Love's landscape from a height, hold our nose
getting dirty see what others found, join the scavengers for heart
Transplants still warm- yet the heart sings on its own though
we do nothing, we frozen embryos

* * *

Yet come another spring and springs without end I ask again
Some shared rhythm and shifting song Love hears, Are you not the
same songbird?

* * *

* * *

Ganymede to the Zee Descending Glides on the Bells of Zurich L. Edgar Otto 01-31-10

There is ringing in my ears
amplified in tune the spark gap harmonics
My eyes detect, my dream catcher flows one way
that my lover's colours crystallized through night..
My cat whisker brushing deeper than rusty razor blades and lead

The fast harmonics of bells I learn to hear not dissonant
only the songbirds hear, Love's perfect pitch evolved
Climbs out of the sea of cheerful and sad minor melodies
dust dancing on the speakers wildly as if drunk
Until finding meaning improvised, the choreography within the jazz

Adept at gears and bells and whistles, through echos and the
noise reverse the song dispersed pinpoints my songbird
How advanced back when yet now so trying the bottleneck of buttons and
still I cannot tell from song if she is one or legion, my songbird

* * *

Would you drink from my fountain, then know
my water's full of dropping pigeon droppings ?
So thirsty they risk downloading the milk in Liberty, Marianne
each and every one fancies themselves a swan
Jove's arms desired, our king but no false saviors for Gideon

She trusting in the world offended by the lack of trust in her
as I, no trickster in the sky to bind her wings by brawls or wine
Win by words her imagination knows better than to believe but longs to hear
though she needs no words, sweet enough her glowing music, glancing eyes withdrawn
She came to me her gentle beak worrying blood and salt from my breast

Not a raven at love's evening or proper dawn, wings clipped, songs sung at Love's predictable eclipse
to pluck our my eyes beholding her, Love blind or hell frozen over
That drank our last of salt, shared blurred eyes, Love's last of tears
only he gone deaf still writes and hears, blinded sees, unless he cuts off his own ears

Like Vincent who painted stars and their dark matter they so born
Startled by many ravens cawing in a latte sea of amber corn.

* * *

* * *

Love's Surreal Susurration

L. Edgar Otto 02-01-10

We men whose tongues instinctively suckle
the milk and mana, nursed by the Holy Book
The scriptures depict as trees, the darksome
forest of them, the orchids and viaducts, oases
Knowing, good and evil in the garden; the font, a Tree of Life

Our words most universal between peoples those
for trees and runes or tally mark abacus for numbers
"Who knoweth not the names, knoweth not the subject."
the carving begins with the slaughterhouse, ox head and castle
The crystal rim of reckoning counts ice sweetened apples, frostbit kumquats

My love sleeps under the whispering stars, Orion's hunts in winter
we hug in sleep not sure our shelter warm enough for us to awaken
So joyful for the rain of yellow leaves dead calm come falling come sunny morning
drowning out far away Antigua's strangers screams and a thousand meadow butterflies

* * *

Between the cotton and the rust belts the gathering
blizzard's churning ice storm wrestles with]
The white noise, the brightness strong turned off
we blinded by the windows, Love's broken fifth screen

We hope we can pass through it like all tides and seasons
not beached or stranded in the snowy sea foam
Our cave and hearth the Pink Lady singing in spin her sparkling cloud of glitter\
this generation too forgets to lasso the moon, walk on Mars

Where do the songbird's go, action and reaction my own
migration vertical to the music of the spheres, tornado alleyways?
The Viceroyalty of New Granada of New Spain rest in the
southern climes, empires long lived in their return to pole stars

The bark of trees covered them as if the vines
creeps over the whole tree, keeps its rings, drinks its light

* * *

Wisdom, so minuscule, a parasite take over, eats the brain
of the blue crabs their shells soft in growth and molting
The command the apparatus, robot arms seem wise these puppeteers
as magical as Easter eggs and bunnies from nowhere my songbird appears
It is enough we peckers in the suet surprised our hearts with her to sing a duet

Words and numbers are living things their subtle breath in cycles
the decimal floats and shifts, Mayan zero great arcana or origin for ice sickles
So goes any dream epiphany or scythe, metallic whips beyond the speed of sound
by thought alone an explanation, the moon looks bigger near the ground
No matter what here as above or from below, my secrets, heart enough to know you in by earth glow

Love is bothered that its never ending, not time to dream so full of issues
sweet nothings in our dawn stillborn, forgotten our tears with the tissues
Yet I know the gods are proud of her noble eyes and life's longing purpose
our love remains, fading in and out, or beyond the all or nothing

* * *

I danced with her in the evergreen bluegrass last night, stroked the feather
through the harp strings of her hair made through her blindfold, bandanna
We as if equal to the gods, real and wise in noble glory, creative whispers
in her ear knew better that it was you who was there dancing, singing

* * *

San Walkerberg
L. Edgar Otto 02-01-10

Do not deal harshly
with your father king
who was but a vessel
to bring to the world your poetry
Failed star, embarrassment to your eyes

Demean not his judgments and
conquests, trappings of his capital
centered in the Confederacy at San Walkerberg
he only wanted to bequeath to you his presidency
That old soldier respects worlds made for his sons as poets..

The war's between the hoarfrost and
the rim ice, not races, lovers and their genders
I, the Pe Sla, his laurete, compiled this codex sixth screen and
groomed and gleaned amaranth from the din of her songs and feathers.

* * *

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time Begins at Year One

Time Begins at Year One
L. Edgar Otto 01-21-10

Love's star at its birth, at the creation
cannot be broken down into a mere conjunction of planets
Yet that is how we mark the calendar, days in stone
our hedgehog quills rolled into ourselves
Point everywhere, love's arrows but a small part of
our light transparent between and through each other
Suspended in disbelief love's flesh and blood warmth described by skeletons

Love's trades a compromise, true forces drawn together
or pushed apart, distance a true measure of the dream
Somewhere toward infinity, its gains maximized away from zero
as all wise dances between freedom, lovers backed into a corner
Flat the light between heart's mountains, diffuse and far away
our interference or support amplified my universe and yours decohere
Stark the lines of love's cathedral, time a picket fence our spines renewed

* * *

Equality leaves no doubt, Love's truth submitting into oneself without
mutual admiration or care for each others arms as cradles as we race the
Expanding shells, space hotter drumming, Love's glory prominences and penumbra
consuming lesser stars our pulsing beacon once and nova
The rising bread by bread alone the light of Love's gift Casanova
when most are double stars beyond the acorns not planted
Why are we surprised Love's stable chaos braids and we have planets?

Love stalks and walks invisible and disguised sun dry the dusty
dirt roads yet through its jungles wet and dark my eyes collect
The first sparks of Love's birth, glittering mica or snow drifts twinkling
your eyes walk in familiarity with rainbow colors of produce stands, shallow
Fallow fields cannot conceal you are a jaguar and the red eye spots shadow rings
bedeck your golden skin no sun's impressions touch- Love that left at my end
Clouds beyond known constellations is where our my love, such love, our love begins.

* * *

A third time since the solstice I am backlogged with poems.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Know of What My Songbird Sings

I Know of What My Songbird Sings
L. Edgar Otto 01-20-10

it is not too late for you to awaken to love's song
you come to me who could crush you and I may want to
yet the gods forbid and exact a price from you and duty
as I in joyful faith will pluck from you your parasites

the jackass penguins bray as they only fly undersea
the red tailed hawk streamlined, swift through the tangled
canopy without the motorbike gang of the murderous crows
the drakes bite to blood with bills at the hen and her
brood the crows scavenge before hand and take from her to
the distance - youth foolhardy in abundance part of creation

you too, magpie of Nile fevers, believers one can dwell in
dumps find what the wasted treasure left in this world behind
I tie you to the bedpost, wore you out in dreams more real
You willing sacrifice, four burning wounds and and my spear of
inevitability and vinegar, we who fly reach for love's many mansions

a cross on a sphere shaking, shrugged holding up Atlas
overlooking the first of five volcanoes, your smoking mouth
your sharp teeth of obsidian, your pure what arms out
stretched spread the eagles wings, my fantasies half
humbled, our realities made safe our human song of higher
love that risks its privacy that it moves and hears the world

as you learn of this I can only rejoice your eyes have seen, felt
the truth of it that you grew feathers. adapted found purpose and
transcended lesser dreams but most of all that you were loved.

* * *

The Couch Surfer L. Edgar Otto 01-21-10

I was there at your heartbreak
but neither one of us aware of it then
Not you of mine though we both spoke Love
the first language of our birth

Though the symmetry broken, we walking
in a dizzy fog, lies our cradling cloak
Love, God's gift a joke full yet empty naked going through
the motions, susceptible to suggestibility

The pendulum swings in monotony lulling us to sleep and
we do not pretend we're more than the cued fake roles
Dancing like a chicken, we in drowsy sunrise our own chanticleer
'till thrice the threesome crows and treacle flow promiscuous clouds

Would I were a couch surfer, so short my pillow of your breast
Not that we don't want the rest, my time left for you another heartbreak at best

* * *
In the Lindees before Shades of West Windees 01-16-10 L. Edgar Otto

I would, if I could write her a book of poems
so overdone the theme of love, hard to find the new
I've written chapbooks before, some crush, vanity's comic farce

It would ring true and return her trust, the see-saw
of love and lust confused of lovers, friends, or fathers
We who could sleep alone together, share only crying shoulders

Yeah, right! as if I could touch her flesh and not desire to
keep her near and hold her tight, fulfill her craving need for
Clothes and beaus, orange blossoms on the mantle, lips ruby rose

I did not know her flower scent jasmine strong, while young -
O that I had a time machine- I sat by that flower tree with
The old men wearing Jackie Cooper hats smoking Rialtos and
roll-yer-owns in Nuevo Laredo back when

I never hung out in the Red Light District as ranchers, oilmen
and sailors are wont to do
Now no barrios to the wealth of cream and chocolate,
all the colors of her pixels fill all my space as her eyes see
Further than the boarders of the many worlds.

* * *

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


VINCENT L. Edgar Otto 01-18-10

The gray lady takes shape in the foggy distance
hopes rise from the sea breeze

Millions for defense but not one soul abandoned to
night's tribute, invariant our human gratitude

So we rejoice in children lost then returned, for what little's left
of miracles, no rain of lead or prison for the faceless refugees

Are we almost there, we imperfect prophets trying
to explain sheep huddled into strands, communities?

The barred pinwheels reduced by clumps of dark dreams
tribes and states struggle down to chaos for the scarce source

Will we be left in cloud sinking vapors of troubles,
bubbles only the outside sun can raise again?

Dispersed drops of Mercury, not measurable its perihelion procession
egg beaters not feared but welcomed that delivered Vincent

* * *

Monday, January 18, 2010

More Backlogs (The Universe as Placebo)

The Pleiadian L. Edgar Otto 01-16-10

Bounded by time's beginning and its end
our life song's strings are struck
at some primal place, the Lyre tuned out
of dissonance, a new game improvised
At the frontier chaos of seventh chords

The blue babies, reptilian the hole in their hearts
leaving the checky shores slowly fade
into the horizon in phase with the calves
the eyes uncertain, the rays of light looking
Back reflecting from sinking stars before their vanishing

Yet the visitor, the Pleiadian knew theirs an endless walk
no more would they be crushed at singularity
anymore than he, the strings like Saturn rings
thick or thin their mass and hours in completed rainbows
As if a part of him a fallen angel. time weighed him down

More than did the dust, He knew his brainy crust of dreams
Not sand and iron enough long to stay the rust

* * *

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Backlog of Theories and Poems with Related Ideas

Backlog of Theories and Poems with Related Ideas:

Please come back as I have so much lately after a rest for other projects, I have cold feet about posting things so openly on the blog or so deeply personal in the poems- for the love of simple physics I will post here the following articles and poems eventually in this backlog:

Modern Creative Myths of Trans-dimensional Systems of Physicality 01-15-10

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Athletes on Steroids and Viagra 01-13-10

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Friday, January 8, 2010

A Salute to HSM Coxeter

An interesting article today on the reference frame blog : ""
The 248-dimensional heterotic E8 symmetry built in the lab

It is very gratifying to see the world coming closer to my ideas- especially where they were influenced by that guru of geometric gurus, H.S.M Coxeter, one of my heroes kind in our brief correspondence.

From so far back have I considered the idea of a limit to the electron configuration of an atom- I still alone against overwhelming media fanfare that there was the discovery of Bicentinuum in mica, an element beyond Terranium, 120.
The picture corresponds in the magic sequence to considerations of the E8 ideas as I have intuitively felt since the sixty's and tried to explain in the sciencechat and philosophychatforums the last few years.

Let the followers of Klein and Lie extend these concepts to balance the seemingly "magic" numbers. Let them consider the upper limit to some snowflake of monster groups so to fill in the blanks.

It occurred to me this morning in the shower that this principle can be generalized and transitive to lesser subsystems of structure. In that sense gravity may not so stand outside the consideration of the other forces but in a sense, on the nucleon level for example, even those forces may be quasized in concept. Certainly we ask what happens when two such atoms join, and more in some intelligible pattern as if that speculated upon as decoherence between universes adds to the design of things.

Although mine is a beautiful picture one can wonder how I found such a path and it before hand the only one or if it one of many ends of any dreaming. Yet in my poems lately on cosmos and tragic loss of love, beyond the modern and post-modern of our closing reductionist century, and the post alpha-numeric age, I question the heart itself of we who read the message and are the messengers (who reads this post anyway?) when in our era of uncertainty of methods we appear not to identify and guarantee both. See what the little bird said in my poem: I Have Known a Month of Sarah

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quasic Logic Applied

Quasic Logic Applied
01-05-10 Leonard Otto

We may define the real, at least on the quasic level of physicality as our conceiving of the generalized idea of quasi-holons. The universe as tentative yet fact and not in a way torn between these as extreme foundations.

Does the universe begin and end, or has it always a presence? While the unity of physics itself can be called into questions of null or empty unsecured existence, even if the imagined extremes are somehow logically shown to be a meaning free question, mechanisms can be developed, tentatively unique, for a mechanics of the expression of these principles by at least geometric analogies applied evidently to subsystems.

Classical logic is a relation as if a subset of the mysteries of quantum logic which in turn has that relation to quasic logic. While the quasic logic is hard to see and pin down in the details -perhaps to imagine or develop ideas on the physicality of higher dimensions- it makes quantum ideas clearer.

We may stumble on some applications empirically as we refine our experiments with the very small materials and effects. Such seems the trend in our time for the large and the small. The idea of adopting a mathematical, logical, or empirical reasonable correlation evidence in terms of one and zero makes this interpretation diversions as method farther from the fundamentals. Zero as the impossible and one the certain that leaves all in between as a matter of probability is but one grounding method. Logic seek false and true beyond debate in its own scope. Math explicitly proves where it itself is paradox. The empirical is open to dawning revisions when all inputs are at first considered.

Admittedly, what I am about to suggest as possible applications of quasic theory is on the speculative frontiers of engineering; my abilities to know and even learn from experiments and thus expertise. Not that I have claimed otherwise in this noble exploration in life but a caveat I feel should be seen as that spirit, albeit creative, within or potentially within all of us- not so much the idiom and argument by accepted cliche mediocre for those who would aspire to science.

*1 We should explore further technologies (also a limitation of the age into which we are born and a passion in dispassion for aspiring scientists who consider the utility of such thought)in the nano-scales with complicated architecture of Casmir effects.

*2 Quasi-crystals may apply as methods of systems of such effects for computation. In the organic realm, Fullerenes, beyond the mono atomic layered dimensions, due to their aromatic properties, could clean and store coal emissions.

*3 Clearly nano-layers could navigate quasic space or alternatively the exploration and integration of space as consciousness. Thus logic's that cover a wider spectrum of the real that have some boundaries and restraints, closer to human intuitions might refine what we are and can be, expect of deeper love accumulating the real manufactured naturally in understanding with wider hope by dreams and faith in ourselves- we lesser archetects of the worlds and souls.

*4 The nature of time itself, ans space which may open up a new level of sources of energy (and density as if nutrients for the universe)may be a richer design than heretofore.

*5 Philosophy and Science (perhaps authentic art and religion) periodically come together as if the idea of branes, but locally in a way that seems unique transcendence beyond present cycles to so reach such an other higher maybe final place and alas their separation again until the next enlightenment.

Monday, January 4, 2010


It seems my project to make things read simpler here, and the lack of access to a computer when it gets so cold we have to stay in during the Wisconsin winters- and the holidays - who reads this anyway and in the dark hours of the night I know that such knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands in this era of stupidity? Thus, as I catch up here and on my other blog poetry sites I still write obscurely. So in the interest saving space and with denser meaning I type the post of Jan. 03, 2010. Some of this came from three peaceful nights of dreams but the connection was very hard to see the evolving significance deep in the absurdity and ordinary symbols interpreted.

Quasi-holons 01-03-10

*1 There is a finite number of arrangements of sub-cells of independent five fold metric rotocenters in quasi-xtal space.

*2 These "discs" may be said to spin or be at rest at some maximum (virtually infinite) rate of relativistic acceleration.

*3 Two discs may intersect (at a point, brane-like) with different zero spins, a region self-enfolding unto a zero boundary as if an expanding or boundless totality.

*4 The disc as alpha-n quasic planes may project into n-dimensions.


*alpha - The contents of an individual mind may only partially reflect the traits and tendencies of other minds.

*beta- The variability of independent arrangements of thoughts (traits) measured statistically may contain zero information as description (pre-decoherence principle, see final item posted as these tenents.)

*gamma- Many discs may intersect or coincide and interact in a region.

*delta - A particular path of arrangements, as if transfinitely linear, may form a "biron" (a quasi-particle neither point nor string)

*epsilon - Within a quasi-half region, a totality n-dimensionally at rest, the orientation of a picture may be directly apprehended in a totality unto the maximum spatial dimensions of apperhension. [In theory we can immerse in a video the full experience of at least three space if we knew the interface code- not by mere ideas of frequency differences]

* * *

*A - The quasic environs, locally and universally, at the cusp of katabolism and anabolism converts (also implies as dark systems pressure) linear to circular motions in tltal or partial byron dynamics.

*B - These "discs" as quasi-holons (truncated or co-extensive planes, membranes) impact relative and persistent self-evolving "mass" (or gravity as another force to consider using this conceptual mechanism)

*C - The mathematics informally here goes far to explain the processes of "friction" in a plane to plane quantum and other Casmir effects (ie quasi-Casmiric lattices- see recent friction article in new scientist).

*D - Extended Idempotent Particles - In the uniform quasixtal lattice the regions may repeat patterns in a probabilistic manner and outside the regions probabilistic calculations may apply. This may be the mechanism and origin of relative and intrinsic spin, literally and abstract.

*E - But unto infinity any particular pattern may persist or vanish as independent cycles of bryons.

*F - A Byron (an iota particle quasized and relativistic) thus allows for lost or permanently recurring patterns unto the paradox of the universe (multiverse) itself as quasiholon. A particle as "Icibeshi holon" allows (guarantees the possibility) a direction of evolving (devolving) state changes at least if the universe is byronlike (that is it too may only relatively spin).

*G -Logically two or more progressively shelled universally interacting quasi-holonic byrons may be preserved and lost simultaneously and at the same time relative to similarity as identity.

*H - The sum totality of possible and actual paths of bryrons may integrate the extended joint mechanistic and statistical effects by virtue they are spatial iotas and not just point or line sting moving particles.

* Null - Clearly the description as science of particle behavior (an alternative to the conception of forces unification and symmetry breaking evolution is quasi-metaphysical and quasi-physical (theoretical or applied philosophic principles) for reality of interpretations. Political divisions and territoriality with economic systems follow suite such as insurance and spy warfare as quasi-holonic systems.

* Double Null - (01-04-10) *Have we enumerated the possible hyperbolic quasi-xtals?
*These Qx null factors in cosmic backgrounds as Euclidean akin to gray group computations? *The intersection at a distance from singularity of coherent branes and byrons? *Is the spin effect explainable leaving the singularity into event horizons far from rest?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What Are We ? (MMX)

What Are We?
L. Edgar Otto 01-02-10

As we begin the new decade, a sequel to our sense of time, a unique touchstone and change, a new millennium - something in its inception, a steppingstone, seems to stand outside of time - we collectively and fragmented individually have thought about and learned, have become experts of sorts to what we have developed from our initial state of innocence. (But can we break through the fluency of the metaphors that our formal and private songs can be better shared with each other?)

If I may reflect the art and literature pointing to our futures, our odyssey at the
frontier of the space age, the Star Baby awakened to think something more than the careful handling and elimination of weapons of mass destruction, his tuition as to how the systems of life and worlds can work, without the burden of excess - waste that at least ideally in a beginning to be morally said to take food and prospects from the mouths of our profuse children covering the earth in paradoxes of survival, then we can say we have awakened to that cusp of awareness in a sense always there yet new that we as a species can intervene and influence the higher battle of our progressive evolution both for what we are and what the ground of space and time is for our intuition where hopes and dream designs and mechanism apply, that we let and bring the light, go through the valley of dangers, ignite to glory and intelligibility all the failed stars.