Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Virtual Dark Woods

When one is free of the apparently real restrictions of physics as we know it, we can just imagine a wider world of undreamed of light as well as a prison holding the torch strait on the path through dark woods against the unknown evil that may be there in the nothingness if we stray from the path.

We cling to the light and fire that guides us, its warmth against the cold and its power to reflect unseen eyes that may stalk us. We are at a center or vortex or bundle of things of which the pieces or sticks may be claimed and the small things may undermine the unity of things bundled together. Our inner world betrays us as much as the decay we find as we progress in the outer world to which we keep a blindness for the sake of archetypal sleep that our center is fixed in motion or the path is direct as if a river or boulevard reaching to the distance lined with elm and oak to some infinitely distant (we think) point of perspective.

In the artwork posted above I emphasize the darkness as if a virtual vortex from any one of our viewpoints- we are so different absolutely and yet somehow one being depending on how we look at it. The old circle and line describing a minimal flat space, the old laws of what perseveres the angles or areas of stylized mathematical assertions. As we walk along the boulevard each bend in its river is all of it and we do not think of the ultimate source or the end- so far into the perspective to the ideal points at infinity, along the way, the place is the same, the oak trees shrink in the distance past and present, we are in some place, a mystical place that is as opaque as our Father the same world and vague concept as Heaven- yet such a heaven is theoretically possible still in how we mentally and physically progress in this world. The native Americans regarded only their part of the river as their realm- more like an oxbow lake. We strive in our narrow visions.

We cling to our path in the darkness through the woods and praise the fire and light and panic when the light goes out or the ground itself seems to shift and vanish as well our sense of self. We teach the gospel of light as physics and insist, especially as we learn things and get proficient, as if we can implant to another some idea into another beyond the due respect for the journey and love for the wisdom and yet in reducing things we in our denial of great new possibilities even beyond the sociological view of things we cannot see our strait path in the darkness but more than one of narrow vision.

One day, if we admit our lack of training or discovery on our own, some big picture we will come to realize, and yes cherish our lesser incarnations. Between us as the native Americans the denizens of the forest, say the bears, are just another form of life of which we are a diverse part of our spirit animals. Of a wider group of beasts in the wild of which we think now we but part of such fauna or the myth of them I speak beyond the spirits of the air, beyond our narrow ability to describe what is the meaning and the self and soul of each one of us if we so desire to look.

Of physics I speak of the symbol of such a place, the laurels, of perfection to which it seems we touch such a heaven of boundless time and space on earth as if this free gift of creation unfolds unto us before that moment of awakening as if a horn of plenty to which we are not always amazed and grateful enough for this life.

Or alternatively beyond the absolute death, the skull and crossbones where even death itself vanishes- and just before that the descent into decay, our despair and goad to questioning of the sand that runs out of the hourglass.

That outside of the phaneron of physics, as if to know it we assume one must vanish, is a matter of view too- hence the carousel or vortex idea to which some imagine we can come once around or a thousand times for another ride. Somewhere the flatland of the the Phaneron meets the Phosphene of our dreams as reality- even more substantially than say the insight of Jung toward such things.

These are the hardest of the limits of that light we arrange into physics for these reach the ultimate metaphysics of question if we treat them as physicality. In any case clearly our new generations for all of their virtual dependence and lack to grasp the import of the narrow moment is a new species of what our soul and hearts and remarkable waters and dust of life can and will become, somewhere and when.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Virtual Vortex

We can imagine the eye of a hurricane as a tranquil zen like place. Surely there is a lot of science unrecognized which synchronously hints at the supernatural as that which to some extent we can see as science. The suppression of these ideas indicate to what extent the reductionist view feels intuitively threatened and thus it is a sort of evidence for the hiding of truth. Now, some of these ideas I have been mulling over lately and coincidentally I return to the old radio days and find that some of the strange ideas do speak of my more advanced and the ideas more advanced like that of the nature of mind and dementia so organized as the key to it as on new scientist. Alas, the vortex ideas and those of things like dead carrier waves and voices from the multiverse ideas reach too far for what they have actually done the experiments for- yet in that vortex of the atom smashers are we not doing the same sort of seemingly metaphysical thing? Let those who want the real light so strongly find the high energy of it at some focal point a the expense of the creative and the measure of what is still in the entropic seething and depressing heat that they have assumed explains the arrow of time as irreversibility. (see one of the blogs I follow today on Boltzman) and a poem related on my blog on myspace/ottonian today called Whisper Doll (that resperdol? as shots given to some I know in the coffee shop.) But I may return to this theme, a hint of another one while my thoughts are deep in the koi pond and what such a restful place of contemplation can do physically. Of course one should explore the relation of phi in all of this and so on just as much as the young students claim the expert and true scientists must know about Frouier analysis- but do they even explain the eye of storms or absolute values or perhaps the arrows of time that collide where positive and negative are relative and arbritary in definition. Sure irreversibility is not intrinsically magic but it is so in that the universe ultimately seems so if one thinks about it.

* * *

I would like to add in case anyone is following or will follow some of this a comment with a little more direct substance. The idea of the scientist on the Coast to Coast show in the wee hours of the night on WLS am was that of the 11 or so string dimensions and the voice over the dead carrier waves represented parallel universes (hence our near copy knows our name and so on) and that in such paranormal phenomena there are vortexes as the vague model where these things cross over- let me say also that the measurements of the magnetism (not the more complex idea of Ley lines) was solid if unexplicable science at $300 a day for the use of the instruments. Now as far as these non-linear things in many ways that is the heart of what is looked for or potentially looked for in the COBE data (WMAP) and even if we dismiss inflation or looping (some of which is indeed part of the picture as the at least possibilities of Lee Smolins more organic concepts of initial conditions).

Yet it is a primitive theory from my viewpoint as if in some history line all these concepts could have spawned whole religious like tracts of metaphysics as if to relate the cultural to the technology on what it means to be part of the real. Now the separation, a relative thing where materially at neutral spaces (Hoyle s creation field idea was my original take on it)- that is any such paranormal phenomena, is that the author in his forthcoming book takes from the speculation of others or terms of others or general idea of the science of others the idea of separate string dimensions as if shells or vortices that intersect at times. Here again we have very unclear and ambiguous of the term dimension. Newscientist comes clouse in this weeks survey of such ideas leading to strings- on the one before that on the E8 ideas I do agree it an important step in the overall picture if not the ultimate step of unification of things. Now in what way does this describe the condition and structure of the mind in itself in these transition states of sleep and consciousness and the question of the evolutionary reasons for sleep (newscientist article related this week) The quasic ideas (including the skeptical question I asked on philooshychatforum that Is there a Quasic mysticism like the quantum mysticism which on the forum asks after all does coherence and qm apply to the unity of living things- scientists not dismissing this as those on the forum did and some still do- as would anyone who hold the second law so absolute) are much easier to see well beforehand what appears to me to be at best a theory that will be vulnerable to criticism on many grounds yet where it is not it is grossly too simple. Sure we may think in a trance we can time travel, but clearly with quasics there is much more in the virtual and absolute empty gardens of space and high heat energy we can to to shift the clocks and echoes of time- just as with the need in the model compressed and string like of organic symmetry so to the real and false echos of the personality or mind of the universe as uncertain and simple as it may be compared with that beyond.

* * * (next day) :

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Samuel Taylor Coleridge


`But why drives on that ship so fast,
Without or wave or wind ?'


`The air is cut away before,
And closes from behind.

Fly, brother, fly ! more high, more high !
Or we shall be belated :
For slow and slow that ship will go,
When the Mariner's trance is abated.'

* * *

Consider a semi rigid rubber ring and apply four corners of pressure. In a sense this simple idea of space and its math is a view of the minimum quantization of the electromagnetic field- that is it becomes the baseball curve of so much thickness or properties if the extent perpendicular to the curve is some arbitrary unity.

Let us not totally dismiss the idea of qm looping in the sense it searches over a range and there can be random choices that affect one range or the other- for all the fancy formuli the concepts are at base those of logic, especially a coherent logic over some zen like local depth of grid in good arrangement at some point of this division between parallel worlds as if scanning or scrying randomly. Of course the idea of a flat space permits more properties in this sense. Can the realms overlap? How thin can we not see a calm as well as turbulence in a vortex? I mean to the extent Minnesota pushes East is that the extent that Michigan pushes furthest West? What is such a line, or a magnetic line, but in some sense a vague singularity? How physically as well as metaphysically can we understand the idea of some invariance of unity and do we expect evidence against it to be only outside all our perceived and discoverable realms? The LHC is at least a project of philosophy and even if two particles collide head on nothing is explained yet of when the momentum reflects inward.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Virtual Koi Pond

For those in the know these philosophic ideas can have many applied uses and will make our control of our shifting technological society more ergonomic and user friendly. It does not aim to establish divisions nor support any side of lies - for example the denial of certain evolutionary experiences of human psychological and spiritual history or which side (and a pox on both their houses if they are lying to us) of the swine flu and immunization debate as a way to control population- or if in the inoculation against cancer precursors this is the end result of our incoherent (or deliberate) genetic engineering. We are at times less than guinea pigs, we are the culture dishes of experiments. But the biochemistry is strait forward and should be the common property as knowledge of the people. In the birds and the bees the honeybees and RNA show the problem that comes back to bite us.

Yet, there are those who imagine in our artificial world and take it to the bank defense of turf and power for money rendered unto the given face of Caesar of the day who insist and believe they are morally right. Let us hope enough human beings have a conscience in our medical and drug fields to keep things a little more real. For science for all its beauty and promise is not done well by parroting engineers who are only artificially there in the gown far from the strength of the masses in the town. The anti-humanists solve nothing with their elite priesthood- that is not the needed science and technology yet they preach in the name of science.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Of Fishnets and the Beast (Zen Cubes)

So what happens if we treat the realm of relaxed and finite numbers as a garden free to roam the ideas of time and space. In John the maximum fish a net can contain is 153 when directed to cast forth into some part of the sea. And what is the number of the beast with all such properties of what is the real world at our finger tips such that it is a triangular number? What is this elegant familiar just space trying to tell us about space and numbers and that beyond two times two is two plus two?

Sometimes our scribbles make of the black board a zen like garden black or green.
* * *

The other thing on my mind was a posting in the new activity section of the philosophychat forum: "" This from this source:

This "major discovery" strikes me as a given, somewhere between the relaxed sensitivity to what is Platonic and what is so modified by our minds- after all at some state of insight one might conclude as some intelligent souls have that there is a mathematics possible for everything.

Now there seems to be reports of bickering in conferences by those that actually do and boast of the importance of their careers of science ans what science means to them, see the science forum. But having banished their metaphysical detractors is it not clear that without enemies time and time again some in group attack each other for lack of external threats? What a festival of soul searching when it dawns on some people to question the core of their methods, doings, and beliefs having no historical connections to the past to see the use of such things. In that they for the sake of money to pay perhaps for the pointless education that has limited the world perhaps for the security of the established order declare philosophy useless we see they raise an issue which in the end by their own testimony shows science to be useless in the main- that is purposeless really beyond its own pure sake and the open belief as a right of all people to make the world one possible for enquiry.

Clearly, as far as the nucleus of a cell we have the double membrane and it follows in such quasic matters of the merging and division of gene codes that these structures, especially quasi-crystalline and five fold as the symmetries of life and of space structures of higher dimensions that the math of such was foreseen and given as much as discovered. Some have a hint of this to some degree of awareness and for those in the know a question on say the quadrapoles of electric fields is such a stereonomic or geometric question. Why force things into some sort of idea of a spiritless world of simple three space with minimum quantization of the electromagnetic field (the baseball curve) and expect it a total proof of ones idea of what is life and their life in particular? Take the hint biowizards and decide if you are to be an engineer or a scientist of curiosity or at least be aware when to mix the two. An honest scientist maintains a certain distance from his biases.

Friday, August 21, 2009

ZenRockMultiworld and TimeTravel

There are high moments in our life when we fell more awaken- but in what sense do we distinguish the virtual from the real; what is ghost and what is materiality?

Last night before my second son moves to the city I watched the dog and cat the last time for awhile. Two weddings in this significant month of August. Everything seemed to fit together magically but came close to glitches in the planned time line. Say the picking of a woodland sunflower and wearing it on my suit and that being the childhood favorite of the brides best friend. Or waiting between the taking things to the dump a walk to the store short of a fiver so just along for the walk in the gentle rain I found one floating in the gutter but at the store it turned out to be a fifty which I needed for other things also and wished I had after all the frenzy was over when I said goodbye and saw them off.

Sleeping on the floor in the empty cleaned house the animals curled up by me and seemed to relax from all the changes. I had a radio and listened to WLS on a show about time travel and on the art bell show. I feel like a time traveler myself but was this science or a coincidence of sorts on my mind? Seeing my fourth son after so many years also made things shift in time. Not a star rover like Jack London as much as some sort of multiverse rover. Nevertheless what was speculated upon by such a show and website came close to the heart of science and philosophy- I too a naked singularity stripped of its event horizons. I could see some errors in the ideas and the reasons behind them which the vague scientists cannot or refuse to see where the world itself as substantial is virtual.

Clearly as in the internet virtual world or the one of who determines the metaphor of natural selection and systems of government and economy- or who decides the design of the agenda for the exploration of science and pseudo-science we have the first applications of the issues at hand of things like karma and the meaning of an actual time travel as say by my quasic z like codes. So if we can shunt to parallel realities and change things in that destination but not the unified one where we are most creative and unique- how can this be? What deeper explanation is there? Like all partial and rumored theories what actually is seems just to escape us and hint at contradictions as well as some future physics or metaphysics. We who are original and fundamental, or sometimes reach this height are really not relavant and are invulnerable to the pathetic changes of some people who think they have and can impose an agenda on the world and our mind. They in the main are the puppets and we are in the main the next step in understanding and freedom. Only we know as puppeteers it is a meaningless exercise that is truly virtual and multiworld without the sense of a scientific and spiritual really to arbitrarily tie and move the strings of others. In the health care issue and speculations on world history we have only a representation of possibilities and not a more reasoned destiny of what is possible in this world. Alas, myself and most of us do not have such a degree of faith in some unity of our being to engineer our realty nor go back and change things or know, given the power, what course of action in depth to take. We do not even know how to address the higher spirits of the worlds directly for in such things all is as metaphorical and recurring as even a Darwinist natural selection metaphor. I know only that a few precious things came back to me from the nothingness or depths of the landfill- things I desired and needed. It clearly was not some unobserved lapse of memory for that is a reality after the new fact of return. I hope this is clear enough but I doubt one can get the sense of it without at least a minimum of experiencing such things. I only know that at the foundations I had a tremendous amount of intuition and energy and people praised my songs and words and I felt at once ancient yet timeless.

To distinguish what is science and psueudo-science requires this sort of reasoning about our fundamental physics- and it goes far to make real what is useful in the metaphysics. If in the sense of Titor there is a future war as the reality of this one and such time travel as a material thing is possible most of us will have to think a little more complexly about these things- it is unlikely we will stumble on them from a cold reductionist experimental sense- moreover, some of us will not permit it - especially if we are annoyed by those who walk this world as robots and zombies. If I have been successful then it is because I respect and have been close at times in my life to what we can at best say metaphorically is our God. But this sort of time travel idea (and the math of it related to complex numbers) in the microworld at least is something I knew of long ago and is perhaps my lonely but greatest discovery. Only if I could now gain back and not just transcend it all- and only if I could awaken us to a better world where our hearts confound this one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Probability as a Measure of Intelligence and Ignorance

Clearly, as a long standing principle of logic things like the law of excluded middle and the Peano axiom that there is zero and a successor to define numbers has its place, but such an axiom can apply to other structural and informational systems.

Such information as physicallity can be seen as fractally (recursively) conserved and thus a material system more or less constructed linearly and materially like DNA is someplace a quasi-random system. The application of mathematics to the physical world may or may not be thought of as a rigid matter of causal inference in the succession.

zero precedes one and one is preceded by zero. One is greater than zero and zero is less than one. Yet both of these (as well as the geometric confusion of zero the equivalent of potential infinity) are some form of something or being- initiators or generators of some complexity of abstract higher numbers.

Structural quasicity precedes quantum interference and undermines qlassical coherence in the special time "flow". The imaginary direction in the trivial case iy causes a quantum like jump over a unit area, just as units can be zero contiguous in the natural number line direction. Doubling and halving, just as if a propery of organic things for replication, is part of this mathematical environs and accumulation. Yet once extended in a binary phi sequence the physical reading, the immutation, is in both linear directions (despite the desire to see but rays or one side of a divided plane and reduce physics to the idea of one or unity of dimensions.

Materiality itself and its structure once given can vary the combinations and introduce a fact of information of those material ones to be varied upon. Global nothingness permeates and thus procedes dynamically structural somethingness.

Here for the diagram today I offer mostly art at the pixel level as a suggestion of some quasic systems having global unity yet reflect but part of say a chessboard. It is important that the powers of two are considered when reading higher echos or recursions of a given sequence that in fact grow by different binary rules and bases.

Today I found my first books of poems as if they came back from the nothingness and even in the high school these had the germ of the physics I have developed and published on the science chat and philosophy forums. Also in activities of moving things there was a certain sense of being in such places before but only in dreams- the dump in particular with its archelogy of burial mounds and murder of scavenging crows. In a sense my work is exhausted on these insightful themes thought conserns only in isolation and in the waiting and loss and reconections they still stand from the origin and first energies of faith and my awakening mind- the usual concerns and yet in all the intenisity of feelings and emotions these last couple of weeks I am very close to realizing just how much some things spiritual apply to our mundane lives of reductionism.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hyper-, Ultra-, and Meta-complex Numbers

My thoughts lately with my sons weddings within two weeks there is not much time to post- but I have had thoughts on the geometry of things again, of art and mathematics.
So it takes a whole plane to map the imaginary numbers. Aleph2, perhaps, the number of curves greater than the lines in a plane. But what is the next step where the significant dimensions seem to be four rather than the expected three? And so on. There is after all a level of insight to which some seem not to be aware and frankly it is not my loss they they remain uninformed and think my words are obscure- after all I played at the wedding and was surprisingly drunk underestimating the champagne and wine. And people danced to my music (for the first time)and held each other close and I made so mistakes, the band loaning me the guitar probably wondered what was happening with all the attention and cheers (they are a nice laid back blues and funk band at their first wedding gig). I told my son I was sorry I was so drunk but he did not warn me I would have to play- no problem everyone said, they were all drunk too :-)

Maybe those on the frontier of complex analysis can extend things a bit- well beyond the idea of quaterions and octonians and the roots of unity of hypercomplex numbers- after all the world seems to decisively reflect this as well our Platonic dreams that border on the downright mystical after all- and well, a little more where all this comes or will come together. The e pi phi i relationships are well advanced and an achievement as well the idea of what so limits logic to some rational plane but these are a little dated, as well the idea of recursive adding on to a sequence of the sum of previous ones fractal like, such that such information say in the DNA is conserved. Of course we need new but careful notation of these methods similar to sigma summing and pi products- perhaps qoppa or Q quasic foundational chi like origins. Dont understand- np - one day we will and our detractors be long left behind- I expect more from those who claim they teach and do such work- but I do not expect them to have the desire to reach a hard life of such awakening. Yet, you ghosts you cannot stand in the way of the ghost I am, ye without faith and belief can harm not the wine nor have drought forever with the chaf you shun even if it is wheat. The sin of alcohol, well the rivers flow with it in Islamic heaven yet no one drinks when in the fulfilling presence of God- and the woman like me feeling so old yet seeing my portrait Oscar Wild like forever young stay so he knew of life as given and eternal as art and not that we dance, walk the moon to our songs and mimic love and desire and deep knowing- we of the simple earth and metaphors and of the mystery of dreams.

Friday, August 14, 2009

subpixels and praise of string physics etc.

The biggest problem of how math applies to the real world (even the great Laplace in consideration of a Deity asked questions that amounted to asking what is consciousness- are we to just take from the greats what we are biased toward?) is the desire to stay where we are on what we consider logic from the very beginning and unto the idea of periodicity in imaginary functions. Euler was right about so many things we say in more modern eyes were nonsense were realms cannot approach but unity from the plus or minus. But what is unity in the ambiguity of zero and one? Fermat was no amateur either when it comes to the recondite quasic like properties of numbers. In this zen garden drawing I ask what are the integer values of several pixels. 89 the 11th Fibonacci number and a prime and 80. Here in the background I do not insist on each collection of pixels having a border. The ratios of pixels are interestingly everywhere and are at home at zero also- it is a good idea but we cannot just build physics up from small finite computer programs.

* * *

I want to add a metaphysical overview of this- perhaps from a more artistic frame of reference beyond the Platonic given or those who hold the modified view that evolution can explain it all short of initial conditions. Even Kepler was right and his idea should not have been abandoned as much as generalized to higher spaces.

Life is seen like a Ferris wheel or carousel we enter from open hyperbolic spaces and go around a bit and leave to unknown spaces- so goes the classical metaphor. And we interpret things upon this, imagine life so short or sleep so long, or that in the periods we have recurring lives of indefinite extent. Waves are part of the picture for in the limited world of this real universe much like Hawking we may say that the time imaginary is infinite. But between our beginning and ending in a finite and only universe all therein is constructive interference- all in the corresponding model of imaginary periodics is destructive interference from our view- surely then there is an insight and only that, an analogy of deep and mysterious geometric validaties, that what is closed here is opened somewhere else- the primitive idea of a new heaven and earth or of a soul that transcends it all as if the catenary and spirals work on the single round universes of many dimensions and not just the line and circle or parabola and circle of Descartes but such curves and a general invariant picture beyond that not necessarily deterministic only.

The idea of a heaven is still in the running and something we did not evolve out of apparently. That is if we do believe in the intelligibility and certainty of experiment. I personally no longer need to worry about what some experts say.

Today I attend other sons wedding rehearsal so I apologize for being unclear and terse but the joy of math is not really taught well enough to show its meaning and prepare students for the exploration of these new earthshaking ideas.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beyond Leibniz and Binominal Root Methods

Picture of an ambiguous cubes in an ambiguous lattice here as buildings and other artful symbols. Deep in the quadratic plane, lines and circles, parabolas and circles of Descartes in space, and some curves all about e and pi and anti-derivatives and so on in the completion of squares and real and false roots, some imaginary, that compliment dialectically.

I am not sure this new interconnection of those on the net (some major now in facebook and tweter) is the thing that brings a new cultural phenomenon of substance and struggle for our expansion of human consciousness and learning- maybe it is just another higher phase of the same old promises of the media and growth of science. I think my fragmented posts on the old philosophychat forum are hidden away under the new and less accessible format- I do not have a thread anymore in the metaphysics section and wonder if there is any metaphysics there at all.

I should have known it was well known that there was a great cultural difference between the gods of Olympus and of Rome. The applied and theoretical in science- that one can have a lot of training and competence (so called expertise) and still not be in a higher sense educated. Like the current crisis and debate in medicine the idea of science as one of quantity of procedures and stopgap proscribing of psychotropic drugs is this one standard of science as in Rome: What is bankable. The right and the left share this error, so do the religious fundamentalists and the so called diverse and culturally enlightened. All is controlled media in a sea of media and it is a deep political and philosophical question in this virtual world if we should regard the hierarchy of the spin on ideas as a democracy or not- we have to face somewhere the ultimate philosophic consequences of the mirror of real life in this virtual world. Beware of those who think it a given to control your free will and give but lip service a true and enduring sense of diversity and privacy.

If the third world and the bodies of the other worlds live by a philosophy of struggle, of some idea of an absolute view of the second law of thermodynamics then the expediency cannot be but one of warfare living and dying by the sword- in effect there is also cultural war in cyberspace and those mutations will not take hold and the third world will remain a lost world despite some places at one time or another having had like the Western Greeks their golden age.

In the picture is the suggestion perhaps that there are what I style metaphorically the Dirac dimensions on the celebration of his life anniversary. One is what is continuous, one is discontinuous (after all he realized there was a minimum of the energy in this question of what is finite, quantized and the filled negative spaces) and the parts that are structured as regions- the polar centers and the complex planes all subject to flatness and diagonals in some dimension involve the dimension of contiguity. These three aspects are what Newton defined as part of the definition of continuity. Such contiguity is tied up with the idea of expanding space, and fractal space and I coin the world consparsity for the whole. Moreover there are several ways to combine such abstract lattices. Clearly even in an infinite space we could imagine applying say relativity as Dirac did a measure and interpretation of a magnetic moment but not the quantum wave function of the universe itself as a complete idea. We see also that in this consparse sea we can make various interpretations of what is aleph 0, aleph 1, or other varieties of the transfinite for each dimension. But this is a frontier and yet to be expanded upon although obvious consideration.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abstraction of the Stones

I imagine here in trying to visualize higher spaces, the square stones over the numerical garden and all the golden ratios that which is touched by my artistic whims and in the abstraction we find at the heart of things the casual scattering of ink that reduces natural things to vague abstractions. And yet the suggestion is there as in the Japanese sculpture of such abstract yet worked with thought common stones that we have indeed a sensitivity to three dimensional fractal effects with the twists and hollows.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Virtual Zen Garden

The Oriental Perspective on Painting and the Quasic Field

The differences in how we view space, especially in a cultural tradition as in the West from the beginning of study of perspective, and the East which to some eyes appears flat and simpler without perspective, reflects how we see and interpret the physical basis of our reality. The East is very much I Ching influences on what is the host or the slave, say in the arrangement of trees. The idea of heaven and earth and male and female which can cover the canvass with themes, even for the mountains, that are embedded as themes in themes as representations in a recursive yet motionless fractal like manner scrolling through space top to bottom.

As with the reading of the binary I Ching the painter can apply these principles on a higher level intuitively beyond technique and with expertise ever trying to feel the terrain mirrors what is mechanical or of a wider sensitivity in art.

What one picture would you paint given but one canvass, one lifetime? If, as our global cultural perspectives converge, we allow the tortoise as one of the greater seasonal animals with the phoenix and dragon and crane, and the snake is with the tortoise a symbols of yin and yang- what then of the Chi that a third perspective say of height and flight looks down from some abstract space outside the canvass.

* * *

Sunday August 9th:

An error in the above post, the mystical animals presumably from the stars and seasons are the Phoenix, Dragon, Tortoise and the Unicorn.

The idea of perspective is indeed worth exploring and I find there has been some speculation. In the Oriental ideas of point of view there is the perspective looking up, in depth and looking down from a more or less level or flat view. In fact a frame can ruin the unity of such a painting which implies openness.

What do we see in four-space and that point of view as perspective? Certainly in the West the Mother and Child icon is a deeper metaphysical idea than that of space perspective alone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Work is Done from a post today linked to a blogger I follow. A conference on mathematical physics.
(some social implications of mathematical physics, my poem on )

* * *

My Work is Done L. Edgar Otto Aug. 6, 2009

I think I know what you are asking me and why you ask it.
but there is no sure guidance in all the wisdom's

When it comes at least to how humans bond

At the origin, singularity, singular paths
Of chance and necessity and the shells and walls of time.

As the best of teachers are surpassed by their students
or squabs, first galaxies, are taught to take their risks to fly

Or that they resent the breaking banquette for their autonomy

My work was done and the world's work, its making of
Our nests of learning love together, debris and tidal surge

Drawn by tears our programmed faith of gentle caring
beyond the rewards, prestige, control of self-with-others
We cannot save even one, ourselves, let alone everyone

Yet I watch you free of me seeking the wild and finding home.

* * *

The Burr Head Universe
Footnote to what was on my mind just before the above poem:

More than asking when things begin or end and compare the paradoxes of
stages of our lives and of our generations- we should look more to question the paradoxes of some source or origin where things seem ultimate or different everywhere things change yet are the same. The loom of years cannot be felt or seen until the days have done their weaving. Nothing of the mistakes of the past needs color your own futures and yet in spiritual bonds some things we cannot escape even over time. This poem comes after a small idea of mathematical physics as if we do indeed gain the whole world but cannot locate our center and soul- but as all our spheres interact in shells of expansion, duplication, attracting and in repulsion, centers may correspond as if a dream and not embodied on what is a sea of ghostly spheres anyway to that center, origin which seems to forever be a way into descent and yet abstractly is a very focused limit. The math then, so far, is a loose mechanism of fields and matter and points and lines as if zeros and infinity by analogies- but the description is not understood exactly.

A particular small point flat and in a sea of distinguishable shells does not "know: which "shell" it is in. Is not spatial expansion implied by this as galaxies were more compact in the past and even more their components contain an overall energy than distant objects?
As the world transfer energy in structures is it any different the way the shapes of things like spirals and trees do it? But the bleak picture of fading sparks of light in the growing immensity of space is a small part of the picture in awe of some idea of randomness and a rather depressing picture at that if time itself were not so far from the collapsing of worlds.

I did not write your life script and you used so much of my blood and ink- still, where you create a fictional character, you the author, the best of novels is one where the characters though unreal take on a life of their own. Our real life character sometimes the worst of our own self-deceptions. Love in the main endures and is not lost, is conserved in the immensity. What we write on this earth, it matters not the loss of ink or runes in stones as much as we write with more than our own blood- thus you all ask me too of your origins. Your stars of love need not fail as have so many before you nor do you need to think on this as you entangle your tears and joy in confluence together. I only pray that I have not harmed you even if unknowingly- but we do stumble over each other in each others dreams.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Scientific Poems

Two Scientific Poems

For Lincoln et al : should we not consider some alternative answers when no other explanations are offered? If we need to look at artificial
cosmic rays horizontally is there a chance it makes our vision flat?
"[Ducks] + [Margaritas] is not rescued by [Ducks ] + i [Margaritas]."
Lincoln at


Leaving Some Things Undefined Aug. 3, 2009

You cannot find the thirteenth step
in the truth of dreams added to dreams imaginary

We know our hearts are stuck there in spin and
tailspin, in the aether and light and matter

Yet some dwell there, build babbles towering
far from the bottomless core and endless sky

Denying spirits in man or beyond this world
can stay the clocks or make them, work intervention

We fallen angels at rest feel no acceleration
our sparks of persistent sperm feel no resistance

We keep our heavens mysterious, veils at a distance
inside the atoms, lust and lover, outside the universe

Ball bearings and magic through the radio without wires the child
could not see the magnets, just cat whiskers and iron filings.

* * *

"" As always the Astronomy Picture of the Day inspires poetry
(as well as sending posters to philosophy to "mathify"
their alternative theories leaning toward prose, Dr. Lincoln. Yes, and poetry.)

Doubled Moon Through the Windowpane

We do not paint the moon as oval
not as we understand her, our eyes see her

Fibonacci's rabbits hop through the windowpane
trapped in lasing mirrors, Casimir their growing pains

Escape through the polarized slits in blinds in ghostly
images, time's shadow arrows hawk like and duck like

A property of space itself beyond the sea of waves
what spins in the cosmic background noise non-linear

I move obliquely to scan fast, not disturb but unify the picture
nor my neighbor primping herself for sleep, Cassandras vanity mirror

The shadow moon orbits from nine to twelve o'clock
the truth and sin original, vaporous energy, mysterious love

To her I am but a braying mule, her sea a donkey in Tranquility
cloudy glare not perturbed through the sun, my eyes not naked.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Structural Reductionism and Quasic Physics

Structural Reductionism and the Idea of Singularity in General as Both a Perception and a Physicality:

As I read through the mathematical physics, apparently going beyond the calculus is where the interesting stuff is, I feel more confident that my speculations as those of last night make as much sense if not more so than things like how we treat configuration space and what discrete principles are involved in vectors and the restrictions of say points in some natural space of particles resolved to a single path. Reading this is as if I have received a message from a different world and see the history of the development of their physics. I note that the proven assumptions if generally true definitely limit as well the culture and psychology of their viewpoints. I ask of course, intellectually, if there is more than even I see in this remote area of enquiry, or that perhaps all I see has and can be presented better. Nevertheless I find some value in the few directions this blog has gone lately as if I had to go step by step to come to some very strange ideas of numbers- yet these are more of a link to whatever we may debate as to what is concrete or what is only brought down from some Platonic conception to the real world (forgive me Doron S. my first instincts were right about the quality of your work in that I can use this link to show the mechanism to bring it down to earth.

The issues I raised in the last post, well let us wax mystical unabashedly (after all the forum is waxing reductionist unabashedly concerning Dawkins and the issue of what is true or not for me in a more general view is not one of either in exclusion- all such assertions tell me is there are closed minds without clear demonstration and that is impure metaphysics and hardly the scientific method as a working principle. Oddly enough two of my sons are discussing Dawkins book one on the trip to visit for their weddings and do not realize how much I was there at the creation. But in any case no one bothers to look up the thorough discussions already on the forum. Yet as poems in the social blogs show these are also concerns of what is time and love and the expression while the living, the loom of years as the days can do their weaving. This business of being and learning in context or as an individual and what it may mean as we become more aware of each other in cyberspace. Clearly, in terms of dimensions, the Euclidean center of a tetrahedron is determined by phi (or tau, the golden ratio) and yet it is a limit really of the Fibonacci ratios, rations that do explain a lot about particle structural possibilities. I will supply my diagrams of last night that started simply but freely developed to make an area of theory I now style "Organoms" for in terms of local and non local and ideas of rotation and so on the singularities are remarkably similar to things like quarks and the number system works efficiently in Fibonacci as well as the natural binary. Amazingly I see patterns now as if numbers are alive but are freer in the ideas of scale although asymmetric and endless. This knack for arithmetic is what I wish I could have done earlier so as to feel the numbers. It is the organoms not random nor determined, string or point, that behave in a creative way and sort of explain the idea of dark matter in their duplications and global group restrictions. All this fits nicely with carbon ideas in organic chemistry. To insist on will in the ecotoms, galatomic, or randomness to explain energy Slacker-Lincoln, misses and overly restricts the next obvious level of prediction and understanding our new natural paradigm.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dependent Observations Obscuring Each Other

Codependent Screened Logics:

I want to interrupt the previous posts which as it stands my put off some readers as if a smokescreen to the ideas that are more mathematical and come toward the last of the posts. But I am not alone in this subtle form of reasoning. It seems to be the case as with an article today in newscientist titled dark matter obscures the shape of the universe (that is some are not so sure it is flat after all and no one really understands lambda.)

In that our minds mimic the processes of physicality of the cosmos it is clear that our reasoning seems to cloud our reasoning within certain parameters. A statement like that of Lincoln today in philosophychatforum that concerning Dawkins there seems to be two answers, in fact newscientist has an article suggesting things beyond genes, memesm and x today, to the effect yes but only one of the answers is right, seems to me evidence of a lack of understanding of our very fundamental notions of what spacce and chirality is. Sure we can model it with say quaternions, yet this is not enough to pass through the obscurity of the general picture on that level of particle physics. A more discrete twistor like model would work as well, especially with things like virtual pixels in this third stage of possible internet replication integrations of culture and biology. Some of the mathematical problems which some find students there, and I emphasize students who seem to want to replicate so as to teach what they have learned- a condition of not even knowing that the world view obscures the deeper truth where mathematics and physics and number theory meet at least on the level of the monster group of 196884 dimensions- why are there three particle generations and space as three dimensional is the important question. Where is the quantum jumping on the quantum level? Clearly by considerations of geometry of flat tori and spheres what amounts to a quater rotation in the quadratic plane is an inversion in three space without an appeal to discrete limitations of complex methods. The juggle or the tetrahedron in motion has no center (nor in five space can we say which is the inside or outside as things vibrate) yet it does have an actual center of the value phi in Euclidean space coordinates. So to assume there are point particles or an origin at the big bang is to assume really the idea of the strings and twistors and jumps already in the logic of it all. To solve Keplers conjecture is a simple matter of understanding these differences of our idea of locality and non-locality of dimensions and chirality as to close packing of spheres and whatever restrictions are a matter of physicality on possible space or universe shapes. It becomes a more important question as to why there is not an 18 face deltahedraon- but on the forum the answers were assumed obvious that I should understanding them and apparently despite the ongoing evidence of the science news breakthroughs that my speculations still stood and to understand some of them is to understand before hand the articles, I was not nor the subject taken seriouslly. I remind the members left that experiments are one thing but in many cases the world has turned out close to my reasoning before hand and short of having some esp such as precognition or some sort of genius insight beforhand how does one explain this and is the reasoning before hand not some sort of evidence of good scientific thinking?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Does God Hold Atoms Together (Part 2 of 3)

Does God Hold Atoms Together? (Part 2 of 3)

This is not to say the interpretations of mathematical physics is not beautiful in its own right but clearly as evidence of the interpretations of the equations- say density or energy or even the conservation of energy- seems pervasive yet vague and again there is some sense to the philosopher's charge of the ghost of departed quantities. On some quasic level we can take the conceptual step a little higher for something like if some region is toroidal and yet it is not even if things are finite and conserved by whatever fundamental theorems. Symmetry can be seen to come before the power of conservation as much as be behind or co-extensive with it.

In general if the purpose say of the former philochatcom science site is to further education that is a nobel goal but educat is always the leading out of what is within us and the indoctrination from outside us as the basic distinction to keep in mind- a distinction that can relate to and be colored by other realities of our steps of personal and social growth. The participation on such forums is much like the arbritary meeting of a loan officer that is a crap shoot on if one gets the loan or say what to expect from the conscience of a judge's court decisions. What else is there but this human element. But those of us in the know see the irony and true colors of how some of the members feel about certain ideas - ideas that I feel I have grown beyond my allies in the debates btw. Some there beyond the personal factor are truly friends of ideas and science.

Let us say for example, from the wider freedom of the philosophic side of such a forum which is he mirror of our age perhaps but not a clearly defined one in personal or generational time, that an ultimate answer that "There is no universe" makes some intelligible sense for we can indeed imagine a time past or to come when individually this may be the case- or that in a sense we are the same person as say the South Australian organic chemistry teacher walking by me saying hello in the morning with his discipline and years of wisdom and care of his dog on its walk, he the same really as his young student who has finally awakened to the value of enquiry and too after the fact how precious life is and that of his child he sired in wandering years.

As if we are indeed somehow disembodied shadows, ghosts, or wills in this paradox of existing. The question as to what of thought is real is a lesser question and insight than this, lesser in level and irrelavace as Descartes pointed out in doubt and sensing being, for now. The wider idea o cosmology in a belated analogy to natural biology as a process to be taken seriously is also lesser in scope although in that physics seems a branch of biology seems to hint at ghosts where the highest level of complexity is such consciousness- but what that is in the failed interpretations is much more adaptable in complexity as a unified system, it is more on a higher level still and not that we cannot see things on the same logical level or perceive things beyond that but that what we imagine in this lesser level is far from whatever is its ultimate truth as being.