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Physics friends only. It occurs to me that in a 1+1 surface setting the Planck length might be thought of as a form of scalable Casimir style separation phenomena in quantum mechanics. If you remove the medium requirements of classical wave propagation you automatically have a two surface issue that could be coupled to a subPlanck <-> Casimir like separation phenomena. If the attractive strength scales high enough, the surfaces might osmose into a (1+1)+1 dual system analogous to Maxwell. by Joseph Marchione

L. Edgar Otto I was just thinking this although hard to visualize (hard to simulate? ) This, like twisted light in a standard fiber optic cable is a consequence of Quasic (Compass) Harmonics. I just made shorthand notes I will post here for the arts sake. These are principles, some of which would existentally express Null thermodynamics (see Penrose on entropy at one narrow event of water in ice) Imagine two Casmir plates one can cause water to freeze or melt but not by radiation (lasers). D4 over min. QM is a QM tetrahedron over discrete and analog directionality. 00 01 10 11 tt self dual qubits of a double system. Also the boundaries of a quasic grid can after successive iterations can jumble time directions as if randomly resulting in ongoing depth of linear time as if the homogeneous color cosmic latte lattice infinite inflation thinks needed to explain backgrounds. Very good thinking, physics friend


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... default state of attraction or repelling as with DNA at some scale. The chirality of a helix spin does not depend on heat or cold nor magnetic lag to reverse as if ahead or behind the constancy of light velocity.
There is a little more than that going on. Glycogen chemistry - ATP and so on. Oxygen used in the brain and to scan it in magnetic fields taking 20% of a body's energy (15 Watts) is constant as in experiments started long ago by Faraday.
It is the understanding of an unclear idea with a certain logic behind it. But it hardly can be said a modification of K-Klein . If anything KK would be a modification of that. This sort of symmetry is too narrow a basis for extending string theory or QM as a theory of everything. Consider Sudoku. What is the minimum hints needed for a solution? There are 3^4 squares or 9x9 which can be drawn on three cubes in three space representing a 4D hypercube. We can immediately see given one solution we can find others the same arranged sequences looking different in Flatland, but not hidden dimensions half going off to infinity of that primitive KK theory as 6 dimensions. So what more general theory in QM discrete terms is this amplituhedron a minimal jewel in the heart of? It takes 15 memorization's to build from there arithmetic. We forget potential infinity as looping cosmology or stringy for wiggle room can also be explained by superimposed null sets. We live in a indefinite scale large Sudoku Brane, at least where nature can be expressed Euclideanly.
Every once in awhile a string goes dead or snaps as we try to fine tune our theories.
God is like the Princess who could not sleep because through several mattresses stacked someone placed a small dried pea. Sensations too amplified. A small thought blossoms to fill the skies, it can be as much a subjective pain as physical one, or restless love and passion. Earth bound our treatises of dreams mentions tersely - And the stars also.
Odd, that I have been thinking about this too, even though pure thoughts may not be there nor shown there are connections where in the source of light we still need space even more than time.
I can imagine it closer (physically at least) to being right. Whatever a particular structural variations in a universe, the overall laws are uniformly Quasic, but on developmental (evolving) scales they are not necessarily so as regards wave mechanics, including that observable as radiation or that implied in dark space properties such as communication between regions by gravitational waves. Thus we redefine both the reflexive and intrinsic inertia as rest and motion giving trending time into superdeterminism. How then do we escape a charge of anthropo-centrism? We may not be able to because while a universe corresponds to our brain structures it is natural to ask if it is a thinking ensemble or that we are not,. The Quasic brain is at the frontier of what is our consciousness so the periodic waves beyond randomness (and QM chaos) depends in finer detail of time frequency's for what we perceive from light as its microscopic neutral entanglement span. This then allows a string of quasifinite entities (iotas) where the bulk of physical effects applies only in the extreme and low dimensions of generally different beginnings, directions, displacements , and ends to concentrate thought as matter beyond methods of complex analysis as an ideal separation of 2D transfer of heat. What this means is that physics in our day can not only be seen as a precipitation of biology but essentially Neurobiology in 3+1 formalism although some speculative authors are not aware of it in their physics and math models.
I find it a new feeling and wonder how universal it is within us - how can one intuitive mind hold ideas seemingly isolated from the mainstream yet feel no isolation at all in the reaching for what can be a shared vision in that it is correct or seems certain to become so after an individuals working through what can be shown uncertain in their confusion. Some borrow a deep concept in mathematics as if evidence of one partial vision can explain another. On the contrary, it is the mainstream that finds some thinkers blind and isolated, fragmented in the social gravity as if this blindness a good grounding as a measure of research and physics progressing to a certainty of truths. If you asked me tonight I would say there is no meaningful thing as pre publication and that eventually our intuition is sound enough that such individuals and our future for such failed souls no longer care, let alone see the point in leading them into some hidden or overt assumptions for nefarious purposes of rashly considered consequences of dogmatic conversion to some ideology. Souls or not, delusions heart felt in the spirit of it, each of us needs a fundamental opportunity to breathe.
Mainstream physics, especially as it denies review for some similar intuitive cases requiring intuitive proof as in arXiv is a rather dull number.
So I wonder if my DNA compass method works better. I suspect three similar structures of a unique folding can exist yet may make no difference. We need theory here more than experiment for quantum chaos algorithms where the cat exhausts 9 lives before a coherent adaptive mutation.
Quantum Billiards, random matrices and chaos, I was wondering if they solved that yet. No.
That works too, Ulla. But they are looking at it from only one corner. You have the ability to interview them and see what they are not telling or don't know. That is quite a magical power too
If we blew the whole universe up, if something could see it, where would all the parts go? Finite and infinite is a false distinction, but in any case is quasifinite and quasi- stable. Their 2D graphs are informative but less stable in interpretation than what abstract simulations seem able to tell us. What seems original and unique or what in our explanations are parallel. We can no longer wait for stale breadcrumbs. You have the magic, mate
Thanks, I am too crude yet advanced, out of practice. I first picked up a seven dollar guitar in Laredo, listening to Lupita y Rey.
Yes, relevant, but depending on the area of application and work of explanation - we can see there are no gaps nor symmetry breaking in the big picture and big show.
These Simons speculative papers come closer to having to deal with something new. (Which in terms the could understand better in their descriptive equations only, we may as well call QM tetrahedra.) You are too modest Joseph. I begin to wonder when, if ever, they will catch up with a few of us
C,athi, the answer to that question I believe goes a long way to particle descriptions (gluons are not necessarily spaced in linear increments trivially in asymptotic freedom. It points to higher physics and is implied discovery of it maybe not what we imagine as string or loopy unification. It is a most brilliant question if one thinks deeply about it

Sycamore balls, how you hanging?Will you fall come next fall will you spring come next spring seed gatherings in your banging?
Acorn worn bush brush against the hush,daughter of Gypsies, how can you not blush, romancing her lace belly dancing?

The physicists ideal spherical horse is as lame as glue made from its hooves. Without a way to find our monads have windows or black holes have hair it is just high grade horse hockey when in the ordinary world such entities seem better described as Velcro. This "Teleoscoping" principle over time distinguished 3 forces from gravity in the first place a which is rest or motion. A fifth ball is clear and is as precariously balanced as a cells mechanism response as its self referential choice of the same mechanism as balance of its life or death.
A cell for security assumes 1/4 th its members are security leaks so tries to adsorb them to pass false information to enemies. Or purge or convert them as in Japanese chess or expert hackers hired to learn weakness in a system as a plea bargain. The idea of the spy game is to make the other side paranoid. In a republic both a charismatic or imperial president can undermine its vigilant unbiased bureaucratic agents. If they think and for all practical purposes execute their office as if having Godlike power.
Chris, a possibility of which we can find rare exceptions where this higher understanding of physics as pure energy (opposed to pure mass) in frame relation to vacuum topology is not necessarily so.
Or it could be just an effect of a distant image as a negative index of refraction that is neither matter centered nor intelligent construction, but a natural physical effect as if a Dyson Hypersphere. Sort of like acoustic action over a finite action at a distance chaotically yet cyclically.
How odd that we can record and reverse the sound and feel the pressure yet not hear anything at all. We can use ultrasound to break up kidney stones without an operation then things painlessly clear up in a day. It is as if we entered a body's space from the fourth dimension, removed the appendix without passing through the skin at all.
I'll have what some of those tapeworms are having. But it should be labeled- Warning, the manufacturer is not responsible for any modified walk of shame side effects.
I wonder if it was sending us a message about not talking by texting ot if it was trying to send all the cats one through your phone?
I thought of this: a 16 foot parabolic mirror can focus sound to a boat on the lake as if the sound comes from just within the boat. "Fishermen, this is God, you take too much. Release those walleyes back into the water and go home."
John, I do not recall anyone explicitly saying we could control hot fusion with sound, but we do know there is a lot of structure on the surface of the sun thought hotter by acoustic sound or noise. A sort of controlled plasma leakage then? Good point and idea!
That is very philosophic, like Newton on his walks. I mix and melt, carve and color, cool and contain ingredients ; but I do not know when it becomes a candle; nor at what moment we talk in love; when some branch becomes a different tree. I just know that in thought on long walks from the place unknown where poems come from, always a surprise, I have imagined all the parameters to try to bake and time, store as recipes. Cupcakes opened once like a Xmas gift, or a galaxy of candles, all different, yet each predicted colors shifted and modified come out beautiful.
John, how do we reduce vibrations in a mechanical system of degrees of articulation freedom in robot arms without them getting out of sequence and falling apart? Is this your question?
Now this looks like progress in understanding such subtle differences of these material higher dimensional objects which like stars and planets their surface spherical tori can break into Firmion pairs.
Cottage cheese and fruit loops. Just a double shadow of a whole new class of Transterranium (Z>120) matter
Yanick, that could cause an earthquake on Titan or Jupiter to eject another small moon. Sort of like if our SUV's cause global warming or nuclear winter as well on Titan.
It comes and goes as any spinning ball of gas (sunspots?) Even layered turbulence in a laboratory. We could regard such spots as surface thin planets themselves or some sort of visible black holes. Pluto's orbit in higher rocky space dimensions is chaotically stable clearing its path of loose debris as was not predicted for sure before our space up close probe.
Vegetables like climate do not go extinct as do animals (since predator and prey support each other in phase and configuration space) Climate then is stable chaotically, sometimes hotter, sometimes colder while plant and animal species adapt, some going extinct doing do to fill the vacuum of some niche. Unless some alien event (asteroids? ) destabilize things. Or some internal belief changes the economics to redistribute wealth and change individual or species survival. The sparrows adapt to human population pressure but the songbirds are not aware their dwindling forests and wetlands are killing them.
We also can navigate the land mass as if one continent, thus find a projection of this cycle as if we only have one sea.
David, a form of information theory in that if we look hard enough we can find any pattern message in any other one. (Newton could have read JFK would be assassinated) Perhaps our generation of theorists are the ones programming beyond our time. Yet Leibniz had an alternative calculus and field background which launched our computer revolution at about the same
Give this some thought: the difference between consciousness and awareness is when global informational activity reaches the velocity of light. C as in your flip (inversion) mirrors this on the microscale. That is GR : QM:: iQM : iGR, i = imaginary. This admittedly a metaphysical principle. A small piece of wire fixed on one end then plucked will describe alternating vertical and horizontal ellipses, but two xy groves and a fixed length of pegs on both ends sliding in them describes a circle. The apparent relative distance may be for CC fixed different ratios (things reflected in a mirror may be closer than they appear. Now, if we have a rotating rod from a center point and each peg (foci) has a rod with one peg (say a light) free to spin from a circle center and the other peg empty, like a conventional drawing of an atom it describes two fixed ellipses.
It could all be a coincidence our solar and lunar calender's closely correspond. But there are Trinities in other faiths too. Newton is rather deep. He mainly revised Aristotle's ideas on inertia.
We forget Newton studied Bible codes and was our last greatest astrologer. Randomness moves the planets in the same direction. Yes, he measured the mass of Earth, but is it not said that as above so it is below is a mystical proposition?
Jord , Biblical or not we note the world is 3D. Some string theorist call 3 quark Trinity the age of Christian physics (or quark -antiquark) as good and evil. And what are 11 dimensions but the Tree of Life 11 dimensions of the one God's emanations?
I will think about it. Each receptor in the retnia is a 286 computer replaced every 7 days. Much of processing is in the optic nerve, a supercomputer. Then there is the brain. Now we find different parts of the brain can fall asleep or a small pea sized region can expand to a full blown migraine. Then there is the negative index of refraction-reflection. Superposition at a distance. You ask a lot! DNA?
Well, I still think much of it reduces to linear models or multiple ones (the formalism of inverse square laws) We explain little by calling that unknown uncertainty as non linear. Otherwise any star could explode any time or a small created BH could eat Europe. It would have been done in nature many times so it is stretched, slowed, and sort of evened out. I wondered why your little dots were doubled in some photos. But if you find a liquid crystal simulation where the screen with a defect grows and goes black, let us know. smile emoticon What happens digitally if two Turing machines of different 1's and 0's collide or merge? My toy model starts as static but even this cannot tell me if I am a child again facing a much wider multidimensional ocean. Some quantum laws may be universally limited yet not forbidden. But in your search your thinking is sound. The age of the universe is the same as light looping around takes from a center to leave the sun.
I have said all along we need a calculus of singularities (although as complex analysis it may make no observable difference or that method of math is severely limited to low dimensions) Sphere group K is at once the most interesting and least interesting continuous group. (Banach-Tarski wise).
So, Joseph, two sets of wave sequences meet to make liquid crystal animation?
Or Charlie, our lover.really is the whole universe and there are no real things nor others. As long as love and we live, then when we insignificant specks die the whole universe vanishes in but one of us.

There are two kinds of theorists in the world- those who ask Ethan and Lubos...

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State of the Vision of Unified Theories

While we make progress in theory as to the general nature of the universe, clearly as in Sabine's cautious description of the possibility of a table top experiment that in principle could show if gravity is quantized the 'usual' description  of the grounding term "Quantum Gravity" especially with the concepts of 'Looping' in terms of a vague quantum formalism applied to models described by information in context (is there a 0 or 1 or something in between conceptually) means that such cosmology is neither Quantum nor Loopy - just as she points out that there seems to be a contradiction rather than inconsistency or like an uncertainty principle we cannot know both things describing the slit experiment in the paradoxical but complimentary probabilistic observations involved on this deep level of scale of which the string camp has its own take on that thought in principle unknowable (another vague quantum formalism).  This is a deep question of the nature of logic itself as matters of proof.  As she pointed out Poincare even if given a strict proof may not be the case when we consider the topology when we consider local regions and deeper ideas crossing boundaries at neutral or highly compressed regions near or at singularity. This is not to say in the stance of Nonnecessity more general a foundation for physics as known partitioning (quasication) that we have to modify or abandon either the quantum theory or the relativities. Moreover, we need not revert to classical logic nor abandon other logics like quantum logic for have for what is physicality a practical theory. But we do need a wider interpretation of what is open or closed in a wider general theory of our arrangement of all such models.  How is this different from the ideas of the abc conjecture? One cannot print a simulation of objects within objects within objects and so on in less that a finite number of steps unless we start with two facing mirrors to achieve this all at once.  But this is not a contradiction.  More like a contradiction superimposed on a tautology of which the tabletop phenomenology is both the mirror and the cyclic repetition as if one sided mirroring as seems the most general big picture of what is actual nature.  In view of this I find so many promising ideas as essential to consider but will be looked back on as very learned but still embarrassingly incomplete. Just as in DNA it seems previous but abandoned theories can still have the influence of who is the father, which is to say we go beyond our wrong questions of things like diversity and a tree of natural selection as a general description of the genome. In this sense our brains are the consummate table top experiment.