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On the Intelligibility of the Standard Model

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Love is that which is an all encompassing distant nowhere, and whose single heart of nothingness is everywhere.

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Arian Otto
If you were a contestant on Jeopardy, what brief life story would you tell Alex about?

L. Edgar Otto On leave from the Air Force in Great Yarmouth stranded after a Chicago Blues band promotion gig, walking on the beach by the North Sea on a cold morning, noticing the stones and shells with holes as the sea life rather sparce that place and time of year, I became interested in cosmic geometry and wrote an equation, alas, in the sand.

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Has an article coincidentally with my post for today.

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On the Intelligibility of the Standard Model

*1 my very first conception of the OMNIUM as a model of the general universe involved systems from infinitely long ago slowly taking on more structure until we reach a center or fulcrum and then the loss of structure until infinitely far away. We can see this as if we are here - an anthropic idea really if that makes a difference as a fulcrum of time, of some measure from an event in history, or from one's own ego perspective.

*2 but it now seems unclear to me, once these (poron, Zeno) structures come to be, that other global state possibilities may not continue in future time- even transcend the ontological nature and physics of this reality as if it perpendicular to everything as seems the absolute vacuum itself. Certainly, both ideas can be in effect as part of reality.

*3 clearly, even if the standard model proves less than adequate to describe the ultimate nature of particle physics, and even at this writing there are still deep unresolved speculations, it is useful for the above OMNIC model. In this sense the four fine structure constants (see Rowlands) and the ration that could be exact mass values, may be intimately associated with a "linear" Zeno distance of the classical radius of an electron and a presumed fixed Planck scale and light velocity interval. Thus where the distance is "external" and the dimensionless constants vary over time it indirectly works outside the observed phenomenal universal Zeno fixed quasi-established distance.

*4 we cannot expect praise and recognition from one notion anymore than from a detailed system of notions. Attainment of facts universally observed, vanishing as does the uniqueness in the obtaining is the norm of creative possibilities.

*5 the very question for the details of the standard model which in this theory may be empirically unverifiable on all scales and the math to describe things like quark or lepton mixing acts itself like this theory even beyond ideas of zero or infinity where they incur notions of vanishing.

*6 what are our cosmological models but reflections of our own organic structures (for ill or good as an earthling centered analogy). Inflation, even eternal inflation are like ideas of cancer in one organism or statements of rapid infant growth and growth spurts. The big bang is a notion also of conception. Loop ideas, chicken and egg. Recently this (my early Omnic) theory that fulcrum in embryonic development where most species at a certain time look the same has reached a more general understanding of the ontogeny and phylogeny of cell integration and differentiation.

*7 of course, string like theory, and add-on's after the fact proposals of matrix multiplication or cosmological constants, or even empirical mass values, the groups in particular, that after conception where an organism becomes and individual to be further differentiated into tissues, bones, nerves... rather than be divided into so many clones or twins- begins in mammals at 2^5, and the differentiation begins most likely beyond 2^8 cells.

*8 Ulla's question, a concern I've come back too many times - this (quantum? quasic? TGD?) new revolution in genetics, biology -for example the division of mind into multi-consciousnesses (personality numbers different in males and females as any kinetic-potential virality) may symbolically be mirrored in the topology and string group ideas of identity and individual total structure of chromosome number- each a copy or personality in itself - this, a little more complex than braids and chirality, majorana or not, massless or not, neutrino like systems. Although these describe dynamic growth over an OMNIUM. life and thought is in fact the reachin for and dealing with the question of unity of an organism as much as what can be its transcendent final state as in religion, if there are any such unique and different states.

*9 we may not admit "divine intervention or sustaining" along this newly defined arrow concept of time, but we may have such ideas to avail ourselves with in engagement to further creativity in the OMNIUM, to control our evolving and knowing of knowledge ourselves. God, as teacher and author, and the best of teachers expects his students (children) to surpass him (at least in these mundane earthly ways of physis.)

*10 as a technical footnote, in the rather fixed and real part of change over time in the OMNIUM, in matters of pairs of particles be one of the pair a vacuum and so on (see Rowlands) and if in a sense we regard some sort of perpendicularity as a vacuum, anti-matter, dark matter state and so on trying to find words that can communicate facts in our notions we may be justly proud of in the comprehending, that these also seem to be variations in discrete units like charge.

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I am not sure what the dream means. It was rather an animation and occasionally the planets would get out of phase or order and crash into each other in the center of the torus hole. But the interesting thing was also that the orbit, a figure 8 in relation to the torus, an O, were linked only in the sense of Borromean rings are so linked- this particular notion that of Whitehead. But is that not a useful way to think about the logic of variable conservations or not of three interlocked but bound rings? It was not as much a deep contemplative dream as perhaps a fascination with any such video as entertainment. But the animation was in space- perhaps it came from hot pepper cheese- or maybe reading that in a sense there are only particle pairs if we count the vacuum, and that leptons are in a sense free quarks. I begin to see this standard model as nothing more than a generalization of gravity itself as a force or particle concept. I am lucky my father taught me the difference between waves and particles, as a child, when my answer at first was they are obvious corpuscles- and of course the combination as duality, four dimensional possibilities due to the time, when mars was near, and Einstein had just died.

I also find two straws to make an edge (see photo last blogpost) are strong and have interesting but opposite global properties to the issue of fixed points and lines and space with friction or not, degrees of freedom and so on...

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Certainly the adapting to oxygen changed the world's climate.

These analogies to elements that replace other elements down the periodic table are after all the right clues to set up research experiments. Replacing Zn by Cd then Hg is important, or the health effects of Iodine and Cholorine replacement.

What if we replaced all the water by heavy water- if the organism lived it would be heavier and larger- isotopes make quite a difference.

BTW I am waiting for you take on the idea of the contribution of dust in the atmosphere (see science daily yesterday) in relation to climate, with new mathematical modeling.

Oh, well, she is not my type- brains is not the whole picture- but thanks for the puzzles post. sex, money, theories- guess two out of three ain't bad.

The PeSla
BTW I refer to this link again on dust in atmosphere :
[ ]

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Science Daily today has two related methane and metal molecular symmetry articles- Chemistry is alive and well...

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I still prefer to call the so-called dark matter the idea of opaque matter- but in what sense would someone want to modify Newton's or any other theory of gravity in light of these posts of poron or Zeno like ideas- Why should the halo of a galaxy be elliptical? From outside of such other space sphere (and from geometry the idea of a disc) is to be expected. Then again modification of even the Euclidean geometry or relativity as in Whitehead is but a theoretical stepping stone- and on the Einstein rings and bending of light as a prediction 1917, let us not forget his ideas of what we see thru the sphere of a star also! Certainly, the nature of topology- especially Euclidean, has to be explored further than currently done with cosmology and particle physics.[informal comments on various other articles recently- as and so forth...]

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I am not sure if it has relevance to your CKM matrix applications... But I saw a pattern between Conway's Matrix and perhaps non-standard uses of these decay ideas.
Please see today's post and scroll to the last photo entry.

The PeSla

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Interesting that with four generations so to speak, as in the dream, if they orbit figure 8 around a torus- that torus of genus 1 connects three objects to three other objects without crossing over lines. I assume that information can be compressed into a linear mode for some higher dimensions but it is tricky to do without the simpler idea of starting with a two space plane. Of course I am not talking about complex space here necessarily, and the fourth black and white k and w generation would be mixed further in the notation with new letter group like wk or rk kg ... for the same number as if we considered uu dd ss cc tt bb kk ww... for some interesting new variations of ways to braid in four and greater space. I wonder now if TGD uses this term braid the same way- my suggestion of it was various coordinates between different quasic space planes for a literal "teleoscoping" braid.
[let us style them "dreads"] but certainly there is an analog in particles and space to such principles say in DNA.]

From one point of view- in the ultimate randomness of momenta angles quantumly, we really should not think non-linearly as there are no gray groups if we reduce things down to the symmetries of things.

If we label the subcells of a hypercuble it equals 81, which of course can be broken down to 3 sets of 27 point labels just as a hypercube of 16 can be broken down into two cubes of 8 label points. What my illustrations above suggest is that we are working with the full set of hypercube subcells but the others are opaque in the application of such matrices...


Dequasic theory: the difference in the mixed angle mass between particle generations I imagine ud to sc is 1/4 and sc to tb is 1/16 they say then it follows that ud to tb is 64... now ud to gen2 gen3 gen4 gen5... goes 4 64 256 1024 and so on sc to tb is 16 and ud to tb or sc to wk is 64.

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Motlampion 1 (Poron Brain Puzzle)

[sorry if the changes in the relaxed values of angles I made on this last illustration were confusing. Basically, we have here a triangle without area. One can get a little sloppy when thinking from higher space to the lower cases.]
Motlampion 1 (Poron Brain Puzzle)

I did not do much of anything last night- I discoverd the straws with a flexible tip were useful for constructing some geometry projects.

I recall when I first joined the philosophychatforum that our founder mtbturtle when I showed her my first notebook of metaphysics (and she and no_reason sent me a book on philosophical paradoxes and a surprise xmas $100 when I had nothing) that her eyes glazed over when I talked mathematics on the chat channel. (This was of course before the zit faced scientists thought they had a monopoly on metaphysics with the intent to hold all philosophy as obsolete.)

So I had read and commented in general on Lubos Motl's apparently most popular posting on the Brain Puzzle book and some of his solutions. But I did not recall much of it in the pattern having the straw triangles and squares- so I thought of some general things- Oh, as geometry seems so mysterious to those deep into algebra and vice verse I admit my eyes glazed over with all the equations Motl offered (anyway I have had doubts that programs like mathematica can do some of this work if we do not know how to program it maybe) Clearly our pattern recognition makes the computer's "eyes" glaze over just as we are lost in brute force rapid calculations.

Poron is a word that I saw on television for materials, Dr. Oz I believe to balance the weight of women while they walk on high heels- it sounds like a particle or something but in general I mean it an abstract or Zeno fixed interval or distance of which the edges of this puzzle is assumed such a unit. The question is how does such an interval relate to the rotations in a general (flatened) space.

I like Lubos's appeal to the Pythagorean Triangle in looking for solutions but these after all are unit or interger like solutions. I chose then the golden section as the first and slowest irrational quadratic number to get an idea of what is over the field constructible or reduced to rigidity over space.

Clearly, playing with such squares and triangle the question comes up as to how these may be generalized to natural n-dimensions. Clearly in my view of quasic space (and I assume other ideas of space of compressed or superimposed latices into a plane or membrane of any dimension) is approached by overlapping of the polygon elements as a possibility and the physics question of what is frictionless or not in the idea of real and abstract vectors. (In fact I now wonder if the idea of 8 instead of 9 gluons is but an artifact of how we set up and deal with space in say the calculus. Three space itself should have this general idea thru unglazed eyes.

So (and here we find the square root of 5 times phi^2 = 13.0901685...) a refined look at the continuity here of things in the rotocenter coordinates of such space rather than the just 3 4 5 Pythagorean triangle- that is the square root of the golden and fractal like effects rather than just 13.

Obviously, the sum of edges of a triangle involves a journey in the equation into four space and back again. Obviously, the five foldness and importance of the golden section in four space suggests higher space resolutions of say the idea of some sort of string relationship or some sort of topology involving 5 space- as so many intuit. More than that the diahedral angles between rigid rotations in such a five space would involve the square root of the all important number 11 for the fibbonacci series and not just the square root of 5 whatever the polynomial in the quadradic roots and their signs.

Our instinct, a radial centered pattern as a solution to such problems (I note this tried by Lubos too) is that such rings of them will stablize multiple squares- but of course the rings in ring edges may shift as with all counter rotations and gears and so on.

Here is a puzzle: Can we make a variable 5pt star candle mould?

Lastly, one can read Fermat's remark on the analog to 2 space Pythagorean law in the margins of that book- where he speaks of cubes in general he means a picture of literally cubes and not just a glazed over equation with hidden roots and proofs.

(ps...I hope I did not make typos with the numbers... a little under the weather yesteday)

One futher remark : The Zeno length thus encodes information which does relate as if the holographic princple to the depth of the greater space (thus in my illustration photo I place these things on a window surrounded by other figures of depth- by the way the cube there shows variations on what we consider friction or frictionless points.) And some of that (quasic or dimensional) information can be encoded back into the assumed linear zeno interval or element. Such thoughts on information should be the concern of both the string guys and the general topology guys.

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This article seems relevant to me: a brittle liquid (glass) and a solid (dust). Now it is suggested on

That the fracture patterns and scale calculations have reasonable correspondences. This in relation to climate change. However, a scientific as this approach to global warming seems to me (take note young Lubos) it is not clear that we have such mathematics for such folding and breaking in a space, crumpling and so on. Yet I recall another article this month somewhere that had a new take on such changes in structures- most likely Lubos will comment on this article (I hope).

We know dust can travel far and wide- influences in North America from the Sahara for example- there is wide room for such global effects to research.

I have always thought it significant that on the beach the grains of sand tend toward a certain minimum size.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Divisions of the Codon Compass

[By way of review so the explanation is not that hard to seach out- the illustration above uses four colors for the GUAT in a chain code. The compass (I call that because a phyisical circle made of such codons or amino acids on a different scale can be oriented to say one particular codon) suggests many interesting properties of how we read such information. I know there are ways to generate such chain codes but this one, not sure is unique, I dedeuced from "quasic" grids. It can be read in both directions. But the main reason I post this explanation is to let those interested in the possible biology applications to read the pegs every other peg in threes to get all 64 and only the 64 codon combinations. Otherwise it seems rather random. Now if something as intelligible as arithmetic behaves so why not some arrangement of material particles also at the ground of things intelligible? Why, for example, did the makers of the I Ching not extend it to 256 of 8 lines and beyond? Here we begin to put a more modern face, the group ideas, strings or whatever, to what was intuitive in human wisdom at the dawn of the alpha-numeric age.]

Divisions of the Codon Compass

Of course the idea of the parts and whole issue and the looked for transition from from classical and modern physics can assume a field in which the idea of force is really an aggregate of momentum effects (Rowlands). He adds that at some level the description would be an uncertainty as a quantum cloud. Rather than ask how or why the world reduces to a cloud of uncertainty, the question of how things remain rather fixed and computable, rational, not clearly answered seems as much a mystery.

A* Intelligibility, the simple arithmetic of the codon compass chain code of 64 elements, the codons or amino acids by three and five raises questions as would any such even divisions of n-adic coordinate space.

B* From the quasic view compared with string or TGD formalism, n-adic quasic space is the concrete and fundamental one of these three.

C* The remaining 60 codon triplets are divisible by 3, 4, and 5 significantly into spatial modes or vector concrete and real algebras as equivalent views. Thus 60/4 = 15 and 60/5 - 12 ( part of Dirac for 5 or ten space algebraic systems).

D* Motils observation of 29/31 in the algebra of the puzzle post suggests since a shift of an integer unit is involved a link to questions of pairs of consecutive primes.

E* We can imagine "folding" or protein conformal issues as connections (see Pitkanen) as if wormhole or tunnel and braid like objects between them.

F* The fractal eka-codon and field on the same Planck scale levels can be NP-hard or not (that is quasi-NP-hard) on logically (super-)imposed hierarchical levels and within the same field level.

G* The variation in quasic space also involves (from Motil's observation) angle considerations (in higher n-adic and quasic space if we assume field depth) beyond thous integrally transcendental and are thus "sophisticated" rather than explained by simpler space relations.

Gb* Let us observe that the velocity of light as a measure is set at a convention rather than an exact empirical measure. Let us consider that pi as a pure number does not change in the sense that pi of the sum of angles in a triangle can be imagined to change. But as Motil was concerned with the irrationality of 1/2 the square root of three- the area of an equilateral triangle compared with its side of e would have the height = pi approximately with an error of about two thousandths.

H* Subspace Planck photons between these n-ality, n-adic, n-dimensional quasic field spaces may add, detract, or replicate from such a field unity (even and mind or coherence of an organism as a whole and this explains the variation of energy-like structural effects (chirality and rotation) and scales standard models seem to preclude. "Dark photons in a physical sense may seem inherently "creative".

I* Braiding discretely can be a property of abstract quasic teleoscoping in the particle context as well the aggregate of the spin of the field itself. If in the Lie algebra we require partial handed groups in a system to explain particles the issue is more general and deeper than such mechanisms to realize or impose mass.

* * *

On Science Daily today: (So the creative view and general unity of such vacuum effects slowly eating the momentum of the data on all scales :-)) L.O.

"Evidence is growing black holes play role in galaxy formation"

"Black holes more active in the past"

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Beyond the Field Communique'

Beyond the Field Communique'

"The whole sustains the identity of each particular part, while each part in turn confirms the manifested whole/"

"Since the field communique' gives each entity as communicated, knowledge 'of' appearance is inseparable 'from' appearance."

Tarthang Tulku

Tenative Tenets:

*0 - (a Lampionino 12-27-10) We can accept a fixed value on the Planck scale provided we accept a multiverse, or we can accept a universe provided we accept a hierarchy of such Planck scales.

*1 - In such abstract communication space, the source and sink, signal casual purpose of action (ie Tulku's from-to, my teleoscoping, galatomic's will, and pointloops motion and so on from the philosophychatforum) is scaleless or scale free across (for all measure purposes) all abstract dimensions and is not necessarily a shifting fulcrum of some "present" (Tulku's assertion or observation), spacious or otherwise. Tulku provides the ultimate source of motion in terms of the Buddhist philosophy of space, time, and appearance from knowledge (mind).

*2 - A "cubitoid" or "cuboid" (not to confuse with Q-bit for cubits in the concept of a heavenly city so measured in the Revelations. Alternatively a kaabe or pyramid.) that is an abstract quasi-measure generalized in spacetime from the Lampionino principle above- may communicate or be associated with other cubitoids of diverse dimensional sizes and scales. These may be intelligible as relations to their diverse Planck units.

*3 - Time is abstractly linear at some dimensionless surface for measure purposes. A cubical Planck volume of a unit edge may be that which appears as three-space full of more dimensions (shadow polytopes for example). Thus a Zeno length with high dimensions may contain length greater than the unit edge across the diagonal inside this cube. (for example in a cube one inch on the side one could lay across it inside it the length of a football field given the right number of unseen dimensions.)

*4 - The traversing of this length influences an innate particle lifetime. What after all is the Zeno length of the Universe? Of a proton? And if across such a length at some scale (after all this was how Dirac thought of spins and such when he introduced relativistic ideas into the quantum world) this Proton were equivalent to a universe beyond its bare charge scale and energy in this universe- would there be a concept of a Planck scale as small to the proton as to the radius of the universe it is within? Yet, we can imagine such abstract generality without only an appeal to higher uncertainty and randomness as grounding, nor some vague notion of non-linearity?

*5 - The concept of spin from a string or abstract algebra view, where we may resolve fixed frame (aether-like in both Newton's and Einstein's senses) or relativistic ascending unto c is such that a line to a circle, time too is holonic in the 3+1 formalism where as if on the quadrature of the quasic plane time as the working (but empty?) vector addition is such that west can touch east as if no space parts- the same as the spin or identity of some atomic particle in space, irreducible or not.

Note: I find the term field communique' one of the more clear and beautiful of Tulku's terms- as so the idea styled and expressed- so I adopt it. It also carries to me the poetic sense of knowledge in the commons, or commune, or even communion- but even with the hints of new metaphysics and the need to go beyond the encounter with new science to find new science- we much go beyond this still philosophic notion.

* * *

I just noticed an interesting puzzle post by Lubos. From what I understand of the spirit of it I find the mathematics sound but think the conclusions he reaches can even prove the opposite of what he claims- in particular the non-string theory context of "those in error wasting their time with such finite physics." Of course our diagrams and drawings can be misleading. Of course so can blind formalism of the equations. In any case the square root of three is a rather special irrational number and certainly has effects involving its use as complex number planes which would be the next step in such mathematical explorations.

Has he proven the only rigid case is the overriding quasic 2-plane of a more general and natural geometry? Has he shown that we can derive a higher space picture from the combination of small geometrical objects? Has he found and deduced general exceptions that these are after all a tetrahedral six? In the coordinates has he not shown that the 3+1 formalism and 2+2 formalism of the quantum physics are both applicable to a more unified theory? And what about things involving such angles as in the case of soap bubble planes between nail patterns that have no known answer to predict as a mathematically unique position?

"The same thing holds in many other contexts. In particular, all people working on discrete theories of spacetime - or any quantum theory of gravity that is not equivalent to string theory - may spend lots of time (it's decades or centuries rather than hours in this case) by fabricating more convoluted models. "

"But it can be seen that there are no consistent non-stringy theories of quantum gravity."

"You need to add a new player - internal angles that are not multiples of 30 degrees, in this case - to have a chance to find a solution."

Of course we may rule out certain infinite (no-go) solutions and even if there is enough time "rearrange the flowers into a solution". But is it not enough to generalize upon the obvious Euclidean and Pythagorean model of relations between numbers in the trivial field communique' without generalizing the metaphysics of our position so as to look at the theories of space and number from a more general perspective. This is not to say that theories of loop quanta and so on, related to string theory or not, cannot eventually describe what gravity may be- only it is hardly the bigger and more detailed picture such brilliant minds skirt around without seeing the essential insides of the problem or where it is just a surface and come close but do not rise up to the level of science of space and gravity above our first blush of accepting the multi-dimensionality of abstract strings. From this view a totally string view as a theory of everything reflects our lack of awareness and so is a sort of negative reflections of what is essentially a core metaphysics. But I praise the interest in such games of geometry- it is perhaps instinctive as for example Penrose and all drawn to five fold tiles. Thank you Lubos for your proof, QED, that TGD and quasics are also still in the game.

The PeSla

* * *

This certainly shows relevance to my concerns with Bicentinum, elements 120 and so on of which I came to these issues by intuition alone in 69.

Now that our very hairs are numbered we seem to be doing that ourselves :-)

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Dialog with Ulla

In the music of the multiverse there can be experts as if master jazz players who have explored all the fractal (and quasic) classifications of riffs and melody long before the theory comes to show they have exhausted the possibilities. We need the musicians as much as we need the dreamers. Let no one apologize for their faith in spirit (mind) or science that the real world is there and has some sense of order over the chaos. But as to why there is so much resistance and so much clinging to muddled ideas I cannot say- nor anyone in a superconductive flow of truth and will to enquiry. I only know that this sets science back centuries with which we could have used in our time to the benefit of humanity, those near us in space and time to which we claim such identities and uniqueness are important.

There are still ideas to which even the metaphysics is not worked out- but for anyone to be convinced of some theory because they first thought of it or think they did should be suspected an error- and intellectually not a complete theory anyway. All we really should have as a scientific method or philosophy is basic honesty.

Metaphysically, within the life force -perhaps in the eyes of science and the world a lesser science- that we share in our explorations- such complexity of the organic world so divided in its descent into emotionless progress and assent into improbable futures of disembodied dreams might be diverse enough that from some reference frame of this world some unique and special theory could be an absolute truth and not just from one theoreticians perspective. We are part of a wider multiverse- which somehow is in the here and now, never and forever... I find it intolerable that we waste the genius of such as Pitkanen for in many ways our shared thoughts and times and brains are a working and vital theory of the multiverse as perhaps an echo of a theory of everything that can exist without us.

The question, Ulla, is what in our dialog may we glean of your insights and offer you for you research and motivation in a world where enquiry is possible?

* * *

Lampions Vb What Gravity Is

To take up again or wrap up the same topic:
Lampions Vb What Gravity Is

But even I have to take care not to confuse some things- rather neglect some paths of ideas asserting others like it is the God's truth of things.

BTW I tried to write a little but rested a lot over the holidays, I am getting too used to typing so easily on a computer. I did not have many negative thoughts nor much in informative or disturbed dreams. I did think about some people- especially with the strange ideas of TSK and present time. And the darn Its a Wonderful Life movie almost made me cry again! And my neighbor comes back from work across the way and goes out of her way to keep her window wide and change, pretend she does not see me, walks around a bit in the full monte and then pulls the shades. I suppose she was touched by my candles shining into the darkness when someone looks my way- Hey, I am here and good morning to you! She tends to do that on holidays! I sometimes wonder why this sort of thing affects us- perhaps the drive to future and family. I have a hard time with linear time but I am not sure TSK makes sense either, if from a Buddhist or quantum like perspective or not.

But here is a quote (perhaps for facebook at the end and beginning of the old and new year. It was important also as I was planing to use the theme as part of the story I was writing (window open so the smoke would not offend my roommate) called the Flower Gardner before I was so cuddly interrupted:

"What alternative to such patterns do we have? We can hardly abandon the present or the past. In one case we would never have been born; in the other we would already have died. Nor can we cling tightly to the present of our own present identity, proclaiming our independence of the past and our indifference to the future. Between future unborn and pass passed away, the transition does not stay. A present that does not take from the past will remain a ghost; a present that cannot enter the future will prove to be a corpse. Even if we could somehow attain such a present, we would lack all knowledge, all vitality, even all being." Tarthang Tulku (ibid pg 89)

on facebook:
L. Edgar Otto
‎"A present that does not take from the past will remain a ghost; a present that cannot enter the future will prove to be a corpse. Even if we could somehow attain such a present, we would lack all knowledge, all vitality, even all being." Tarthang Tulku

"Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow" and "It is Always Morning somewhere in the World"
sundial, Morehead Planetarium Chapel Hill, NC

* * *

Of course I had other thoughts too, not so many- oddly enough on this idea of placebo and ritual and so one, and Love and its rituals... time and family... somehow comes together in the quietness alone (roommate with parents today and I opted to take some time alone but did not have the energy to shop or write in the cold.) Trying not to think too a lot of effort. I hope my randomly written notes capture the further questions and meaning of the ideas of how to address the phenomenon of gravity. (Ulla, h bar? Let us be very careful on our terms least we all be confused with how we use them. I think there may be something I do not know or know wrong in the way you use that term- like reading superimposed in TSK, an obvious commentary on the influence of quantum mechanics. I imagine reading this lampion and no one understanding it at all- maybe only if we are born near and in the same cultural past)

Not that long ago new scientist said evidence showed placebos had no effect at all. Then again there were rats who were given the red or blue pills , a control and one with cyanide. The next lot of them watching who was given the blue pills and died all died when they were given blue pills which were also placebos. The question of love and time thus somehow intimately tied up with our ideas of faith and knowledge, rather belief TSK time space knowledge- of which this is a rehash in part of the same old questions of dualism and so on. I make the distinction between the spirit and the mind- the mind may not be a sound basis to show scientific placebo effects of that mysterious thing we recognize as love.

But why the concern with metaphysics as a way to heal the human heart that is hurting? I mean why assert passion and teach worry for souls or lack of them? Do we need some idea of a body (mind) on which to house the mind (spirit)? Or given sufficient independence of will, could we not imagine the pill we take as well? New Scientist had an article that we eat less if we imagine eating some fine food first- food for thought and soul.

I had a double impacted pain of two teeth once and the medicine (aspirin, Excedrin and so on that only worked to a point). I had to wait a day, the weekend for the appointment. I discovered in the intense pain that I could slip a few seconds out of time (not sure looking back if it was into the future or past, maybe neither or both somehow- anyway the literature is not clear on that either). Let us say slip the mental part of me a bit- now, I can take very much physical pain but two teeth proved too much and the pain is only stopped to some conscious threshold by meds as we get used to it- can only see how intense it was in retrospect or with codeine.
But it took some physical energy sometimes to the point of dizziness and almost passing out- for if the guard was down at all the pain came back from out of time and hit my head like a hammer. This happened a few times until finally I fell into a sleep on the couch and in the morning the thought helped that it would soon be over. On the other hand, the moral or spiritual or mental concept of pain is hard for me to feel for it is way outside our concepts of time. I finally understood it when in the rapture and y2k my computers failed and my youngest kids vanished awhile into the unknown. Hey, I tried to keep in contact with family- their branch was not so sentimental- at least I tried to save family photos. Time has gone on for so long for me who knows who is around or who so changed they do not care- So while it is not painful, I note that some of us did not communicate at least in this instant world of communication and location- in the same city, and in the same spirit of literal brotherhood. It is not my fault nor do I blame them- unless it is because I have always had a hard time trying to understand or mold my world into linear time. Time is only of the essence when some want to tie you up into time- threaten to put you into some sort of jail as if you were not there already.

* * *

I thought of a doodle, not sure it has much to do with time- the hand with a red point and red line on it- you see, it is said (passion being pain and love) that Christ had to be nailed to the cross by his wrists, not palms- that would not hold. But the common thought is that some bleed from their palms to imitate what they thought was the situation with Christ. The hand, facing you and chiral, the flag on the back is reversed with no red areas as that part of living or vital time unseen in its faith and human weeping. The hand as primitive as the new branch of human species leading to the Melanesians and others in our mixed family tree. All this geometry in the vital spacious present perhaps only there!

* * *

Anyway, I may add some of the Flower Gardner story here later today. I still am not ready to translate my three pages here formally, still a little tires, nor go about it in a ritual and formal way- being careful not to impose my views on anyone.

* * *

Science Daily has these relevant articles: the last two on issues of time- guess this is common thought (ghosts of future and past and all and solstice):

* * *

You Were No Angel (The Flower Gardner) 12-24-10

Snow fall in a day reached the record of a score of decades to come before that much would come again.

Rip walked through the narrowing path of shoveled snows on the cleared sidewalk by the house were he worked as the flower gardener, spring to fall, layed off in winter he was on his way to visit friends, spin tales, talk politics at the neighborhood salon.

The side streets were not cleared. The county ran out of its budget for kerosene to melt the snow with a wall of fire and gasoline for the tractors and horseless carriages, even some of them stuck in their snow clearing duties.

A shaweld and gray haired lady came thru the narrowing streets with her walker of snow ski and passing him on the sidewalk said "What a beautiful day!" Rip replied to her knowing she was the mother of his boss in the big house and her's was a mission of Christmas cookies for him, "and it is even more beautiful with the memory of all the flowers on the porch and garden here."

Eugene sat by Rip at the Thanksgiving Diner and everyone asked how Rip felt. He had fallen down from the old ladder while building a tree house for Eugene and Bungle. He did not want to go to the old folks home and Sleepy said not to worry, to move in with us.

How odd that some delay things until after the holidays- as if the ritual of it all keeps the pneumonia at bay, so the family said finding out a small broken twig in the ground where he fell had punctured his lung.

Rip looked at Eugene and asked him why, after showing him how to do it, he did not water the tomato plants he planted in the back yard just before the trees by the little ditch. "I do not know, I did not think about it. Everyone was so worried about you and I felt so guilty we insisting you build the tree house. We were so sorry."

Near the corner of the house Georgia had planted some radishes and Eugene helped harvest them with her just before the end of fall. It was sacred ground to him because of the shawled old lady. When spring came he forbid his brother and sister to pick any of the wild flowers that sprung up there. Of course they picked all of them and when Sleepy came out to see what the argument was about Bungle told him. Sleepy gave Eugene a whop on the rear and said, "you really should learn to share some things with your brother."

Time is like footprints in the snow, Eugene has thought many times he should have told them the why of things and how sorrow he was for his selfishness- Sleepy, in his example seemed so right. So it was that Eugene wanted to be alone on the holiday, think about things a bit, the future perhaps more than the past. The way things were he had lost contact with so many of his family for so long that he was afraid of what he would find- and he felt it was not his fault- he was the sentimental one trying to keep memories alive. But like the memories they were alive only in the unreachable past as all things that are ghosts. Holding the thoughts alone as if to speak of them as real and yet they could not become alive in some future reunion again was to hold the past as a lifeless corpse- and what point was it then if for all our sentiment and care such future is past?

All things fade, are weighed down by all the memories superimposed on our fleeting frames and places where we live a thousand times and days. All things can shift into being forgotten and as they say dust returns to dust again. Eugene began to not make sense of it all, although from his world nothing was ever lost or faded for his core of faith and reality remained a fixed beacon strong and he was not ashamed of earlier and newly returned fads and styles of life's truths.

No one really knew the meaning of things, the reality one way or the other beneath the shallow surface of occupying a place, that paradox of a place of one's own that is a trap- but what else is there that we remain real? It was better than lost under a bridge under the meaningless traffic from place to place, Little Red thru the forests on the way to grandma's house. All the hungry wolves in this Its a Wonderful Life. Yet when the state in the end has to make a choice as to how to deal with civilization and rules to live by it too has to ask the lone individual what is in the end his state of mind. Behavior and words cannot really convey the situation. Lies are great placebos. Faith in our doctors is protected as much as for the healing properties of faith in itself.

Perhaps we never make that transition, and empty present, between adult and childhood- not when that part is missing from the continuity of a family- but even for the timeless it is hard to meet again after so many years- for it is not a vital thing to let our memories of others age in our dreams.

Eugene went into the streets and wondered if the others will find such joy in the end-times and hope they would not think of him as alone in the dark- a prisoner of gravity where the state first made him a ghost that they can make him a corpse so long before the hard objective fact. These gamblers not in control of their own health and fate, insurance a protection, a service imposed by the very ones imposing the bets on others. What is left but the few of us who feel the ever higher weight of this world's gravity until we cannot stand up, or move far, or talk and touch only to others that are close to us- until one day, we said poor planners, even that crushed out to be alone- for in the luxury of freedom we are like the mussels on the rotting piers of time where the shore meets the sea and the tide shift- we are fixed and remain so once fixed, on the now empty shells of others who came before us.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lampion V What Gravity Is !

Lampion V What Gravity Is !

Do not have time to explain due to festivus, but will try to be here in the morning. So I post the notes where the idea of my last quasic metaphysical lampion for the touching of surfaces dawns on me as an explanation for gravity and any other natural philosophy unification of forces. All you Einsteins here is the framework into which you can make your computations!

Lampion 12-23-10: This morning I think what we call creative falls in that already vague difference between the null and the zero. and before that the possibility of contiguous "quasons" which are separated yet in a sense are touching relative to some quasic view.

* * *


I recall when first reading Aristotle in the original how much of what seemed physics, number, cause, space and the like were in a book of philosophy and that was so long ago to our era. I got the same feeling yesterday when finally understanding the deeper philosophy that underlies the Buddhist tenets and their counters to other concepts of the time. But why does this sort of framework remain a deep interest to sentient beings to the point it has launched religious wars over concepts of substance? I must conclude, from the perspective of the average person, that some of the core ideas in metaphysics may be very uncomfortable or threatening to their sense of being- something I observed in my Buddhist roommate for some ideas like if the universe was once a small space as large as a grapefruit. I just have never really been uncomfortable with such ideas- save maybe one idea of absolutely caused all that is in reality in all its levels and detail- total determinism which for some seems to be a view of comfort. In any case these feelings are used to defend or challenge some other philosophic view. But today, nothing in my understanding seems that alien between people or cultures. We are doing philosophy, in fact one could suggest we all are doing something like Buddhism- the same intelligible results under one sky of which we put great emotional energy into the specific heritage and names for things- after all, humans are at heart poets too.

* * *

My second sheet on what gravity is raises perhaps more questions than it answered, that is as a frame or reference for how we do things like write the equations that are useful in the world of measure, be they finite or diffuse inertial or not. Or maybe as Rowlands observed that such equations are not everything or the only way.

* There are ideas that when we reach some nadir or zenith of number if not time and space the cycle and relations repeat again. I assume this is what some of the theoreticians posting I have read mean by different levels of Planck's constant Pc^n.

* For whatever reason some ideas seem to be quantized, integer like in action and numbers- at least from one way to view things that matches or not to an evolving or descending continuous view. Clearly we have questions of entropy and energy on the surface say of black holes where these physics concepts seem to be intimately related.

* I would say that at a certain surface or volume things are generally quasi-discrete but all that means is we have a certain hierarchy of things like mass which seem to vary slightly, like sizes of bricks but we add on each level the mortar. This sort of idea was around before we made headway making sense of the particle zoo.

* Let us say between two quasic surfaces- that is the connected surfaces of spheres at some vacuum or Zeno distance from one view- that the "evaporation" or emitting of some particle or of some information, that dimensionalized we can lose the volume in integers of Planck units (perhaps the sub-Planck levels are like vacuum mortar, of course such mortar has to be adjusted to the commensurable or Archemedian questions [darn, I wrote Aristotle and the Roman centurion when I should have typed Archimedes in an earlier post- sometimes pictures can interfere with words]).

* Now between to surfaces so to speak, as if two spheres or stars, there is a connection where the forces between them can be exchanged. Indeed, in general this is how something positive connects with something negative in an atom, not at an action at a distance so much as a action at a quasic distance- and it describes a general idea of both the force and the measure or count of nodes we call mass.

* In general this mechanism, and nothing as crude or simple as magnetism suggested as all there is left to explain it by default, that black holes consume momentum of things around them.

* This "gavionic" exchange gains or loses dimensionality but is adjusted to creative energy or space as the natural information vanishes, one Pc place converted into another. (there is a certain conservation of intelligibility in this world and one that moreover can measure the differences between vacuum and matter- why if the maximum entropy is reached at a planck level of zeroless dimensionality can there even be an emission of engergy? Are mini-black holes in that sense immortal?

* In the east there is a preoccupation with fiveness, in fact fiveness in fiveness and so on- and this is structurally relevant despite the crude metaphors to which the algebra is illuminated. But this seems to me a useful paradox of Tarski where in the abstract we may divide a sphere then reassemble it to make two spheres. The point is that we divide it into five (like the plane of the four directions and the central kingdom which can be an empty element) but on the micro level where these regions meet we do not show how they mesh- but his is a background for creation fields and particles. I note here that in this dimensionless (zeroless) subspace with structure and potentiality although uncertain has structure and potentiality as an objective principle (for even the measure of flatness inertia systems)

* The totality of a "spherical" surface of a black hole (or other creative object) cannot evaporate beyond some integral number, say 120, that is do so "spontaneously".

* The symmetry of such sections and its information and complex-real bundling thus restricted to "reflections" in an area of thermodynamic and micro roto-centers of simply connected regions.

* Two such mini-regions may combine by a series of surface curved to flat mappings such as lunes in the harmonics of spheres.

* Can a solitary BH be a minimum area or energy at maximum entropy? This dynamic duality is after all the fulcrum of conversion between the line and point duality.

* There may be some merit to the idea of 2^ 2/2, that is 2 and 2^1/2 in questions of particle generations and the potential/kinetic quasic fields. can there be a ttt that is not in a sense some structure with the same problems of 5ness of groups with no possible quadratic like group formula? Are there in a sense only five quarks?

* * *

Now, some further explanation of yesterdays page Quasigenesis of Gravity:

By holofractor I mean a machine of sorts in the making of candles with multicolored layers. There is the difference and yet some idea of equivalence between a pipe that constrains fluid flow and a pipe as an infinite series of holes.

We built prototypes which consisted of a series of cans with holes over cans with holes the water blocking the wax in the final bottom fractal like layer. The idea for this was to make a lot of pouring in a small space (for the spectrum of the colors of the layers were like a star and although mass production was not considered an art so said those on the hippie commune to me, I replied but I was making a quasar.) Alas, the holes in the cans as small as they were had way to much variation in the ten or so seconds to pour 343 candles (or any number) that some candles were but a layer high and some overflowed. Eventually we had to learn to use the pipes in a variation really on the siphon which can pour accurately to the drop. Such mundane ideas, even taken from the design of nature, seem to be similar problems of measure to apply this creative geometry to concepts like quanta. By analogy the beer cans to which the candles were poured represent a vertical or five space like concept in the literal Euclidean model and machine in this age of fluid models for cosmology. Of course the simple idea of n-cans of many circular wax areas for computing the input of volume of wax to the top of the machine was equivalent to the area of the wax compared to the area of water between the cans- a general idea of a diffuse concept of what is part and what is whole.

* Clearly it is established that proximity of objects with gravity affects the total energy of a system even if this is not apparent from the equations- and the aberration of gravity and light differences, the rotation of the frame around something like spinning black holes, can be explained by this quasic idea of gravity.

It is a convention to say, in the idealized n-body problems and even by brute counting of the linear matrices we may imagine philosophically as Will- although it not certain if this corresponds to mind or spirit! these as quasi-linear matrices,
that we regard forces between bodies to be directed to a center. It is precisely this sort of difference between a classical radius and a central real or apparent singularity that these questions of force between 0 and 1 are to be resolved.

* * *

Posted while uploading photos to facebook in the album festivus 2010 in the Joynt last night.

I note a post on the blogs after this worth reading- in it we are cautioned not to confuse the additions and multiplications in e^z number representations which of course on this level of physical topological interpretation these are the same sort of raw induction to be intelligibly distinguished this side of heaven.

* * *

Ulla also posts on things like plecebos with links to Pitkanen on homeopathy- how is it the effectiveness of medicine is influenced by aromatherapy?

The gist of all this is that we are all more or less enquiring into the same questions of reality and some of the ideas are concrete and some are sugar pill or coated- but in this fine space of depths into our understanding of number for all practical purposes much of what we regard as something like new age is real and our ideas or even the "ritual of taking the medicine if we believe this while known in suspended disbelief even beyond awareness" can in a sense heal- but the reason must be a little deeper than mere conventional material reasons, structures and reasons-that these influence our ability to perceive what is wholesome in our own spacetime and cultural perspective.

Ulla, I could have gone to meals and family things- and to pass time I decided to post for the sake of the festivus last night and excitement I felt I had a new insight or basic normal comprehension of what gravity may be- but in my solitude today and tomorrow- I am really taking a little time off for myself. I find no sense of isolation at all. I am optimistic next year will be one of my peak ones- and I hope that I will continue to grow beyond what I have this year and perhaps find something even more startling new. Love knows no limits in its dimensions.

* * *

Resolved: not to spend money at Culvers next year because they are raising money for Hope Gospel mission and the Salvation Army- now if you give the Salvation Army is truly a good force in our community- but other than the gain we may have for our sense of giving the money to Hope Gospel goes into their pocket only and destroys more lives than they proclaim to help. Any benefit from faith in healing should not be a matter of propaganda and hidden agendas- in man's eyes if not only to Gods.

* * *

TSK (Time, Space, Knowledge) Reflections

TSK (Time, Space, Knowledge) Reflections

I took a look at this author again, this time with understanding having become more familiar with the Buddhist tenets and issues of philosophy. Otherwise, it is too clear to read even with his specialized use of ordinary terms.

He does not claim his work is Buddhism and does not mind if someone thinks that. He has worked in America for at least 25 yrs and was trained in the Tibetan school. I was interested in what may have been lost in the translation in such an immigration to another culture. In a sense we all are immigrants to our own futures (although this in his system could be a conceptual error). I ask myself, further, why are we philosophers and scientist driven to such work - Why did Aristotle not stop what he was doing when challenged by the Roman centurion? I note many of you posting just before the holiday- clearly, somewhere in the reflections and the many faces of the God particle space in the internet, Tulku is right we share a dialog. We do not know if we are of the same purpose and unfolding or as he says our time together could be just an alongsideness.

While I do not not yet regard this book as deep, and I have looked at it to see an example of a soul who does confess his mental state as a distance really as if that may hold some key for others or how he achieved his individual enlightenment (something I rather doubt now as useful or see as a contradictory message for the existence of the self and soul), I did find some cautious speculation in someone more modern to the metaphysics of the East- ideas that echoed what in mine I see as new and deeper philosophy. Clearly, in some of his terms and the fractal cover of his book, he has tried to adjust to the new ideas from philosophy- the second philosophy in particular or things like black holes and big bangs now considered in science. Of course the exercises in the end for a system of comfort or faith that may reassure the experience of our existence telling us one way perhaps how to live leaves me with boredom- but who knows? Sartre had a point that our philosophy should be living philosophy. (But alas, Marx is dead).

Well, some of this did influence a dream I do not want to report here while it is a holiday- a dream of mixed feelings as I awake. Holidays can take a tool on what we imagine the state of our friends and families. So I walk in the snow to the coffee shop as it should be closed for a couple of days and a motherly lady comes thru the snow bank to the large house and has to cross my path cautiously and says "what a beautiful day!" I reply pointing to the garden and second floor porch "especially with the memory of all the flowers in your garden."

So, seeing a pattern on the google logo today I copy it for a festive illustration for in a sense it covers the continents and all seems to arise from Hellas.

So Tulku cautiously says some of my more metaphysical insights and some of the way he sees space and time applies to such current insights of others. Is his zeroless not a similar issue to zero point considerations? That there is a deeper level of the nothingness as I maintained and called Null. Lampion 12-23-10: This morning I think what we call creative falls in that already vague difference between the null and the zero. Not so much the issue of the zero and the one.

But the issues are the usual ones that seem to shift over time. The still open questions of cause and effect and of aggregates of self and systems. The inadequacy of the traditional proofs of God and the ideas of faith and reason as if they need or can have a proof. Was Kant right in his awakening by Hume concerning the teleological proof? Was Hume that clear as to what becomes between the mind and the matter? Gardener was not a fan of the pragmatists yet said he had faith. His was the great height of the era of the skeptical enquirer. He mentions Russel who in his earlier days wanted a proof for induction. But did Russel not abandoned his dream a little too soon- that like the atheist Hoyle life has its intelligent design, that is there is some order to which the scientist believe is behind the chaos in the universe- and that on this are hopes of a general theory of everything.

Or are we still in delusion, in arguments that fill the gaps with emotional steps as Gardner observes- still, emotions as drama and intellect have both evolved in our species since early times and the creative poet as well the scientist now operate on a higher level than before and whatever we feel about time and space we still dream and engage with this force pushed under the rug of gravity we call knowledge.

Dynamics of Time and Space (Transcending Limits on Knowledge) by Tarthang Tulku ISBN 0-89800-266-4 (paper)

* * *

Kea said...

Ulla, such constants are always in our minds. ThePeSla, basically I do agree with you. In the context of this blog, a 'matrix' is not an elementary object from linear algebra.

* * *

facebook statuses today:

L. Edgar Otto Sometimes, looking back at the chessboard and some piece removed we can tell from the context what piece it was- it is much harder to do this, if it is possible, in seeing moves ahead of which the masters only see so few and far. Nevertheless, there are people in this world that I shall always miss at some state in th...e game long after the reasonable thing to do is resign until we lose or we find stalemate.

L. Edgar Otto Holidays are fun, sometimes hard, I woke up from a dream having not bought much in the way of gifts due to weather nor things for myself (to relearn to spend money) and the thought was- now I can afford guns. But walking in snow to coffee shop a lady crossed my path saying what a beautiful day- I said as she entered he...r house- yes, especially with the memories of your flower garden and those on your porch.

Or better still when matrices and time seems linear in the directionality of gravity:

Now, I am not sure which book I read about it in Gardner? TSK? but the idea was that chess players can sometimes in looking back at the game where a piece was taken off the board figure out from the context what the piece was. This had something to do with reflections on the movement of time, perceptions and the laws of the universe. Of course Gardner was careful to say he was not against the anthropocentric view. Well, in these higher metaphysics it is not clear at all that the laws of birthing universes have a range where the idea emotionally would be that we do not want to imagine most of them lifeless and empty. So these questions are yet beyond the frontier of our knowing and dealing with any sort of flat and empty geometry that sits around some idea of zeroless dimensionless spaces (matter occupying space or not ultimately or finding at some zero point its identity there in a relationship) be it on the macro or micro scales of things.

Still, in the game of chess to which it seems finite but hard to imagine so far into the possibility of some futures yet easy to recall- the black box of memory and knowing unto some purpose or direction- I am of the opinion that when we make chess blunders or when John Good kicks our ass in chess even on prescription drugs that we briefly jumped here and now into an alternate universe- be it of our minds or in fact.

* * *

And this Ulla, btw, is a problem of applying consciousness to some sorts of visualization- as if in fact we do have some control over our relationship to mass and time in the universe. Yes we can image cancer for example or anything that can in physical fact say make us allergic or make things worse even from such a height of general, even at a distance, concept of healing. I did not for example in my meditations on biology and the new physics pray- but acted as if there were micro time travel that in the present we see that- if we looked up the literature now there we would be closer to a cure for inoperable brain cancer- and Lo, it did occur that I find articles not there before in which although not cured it was something controllable people could live with as soon as the data was distributed. Alas, it was too late as all references to the lady vanished. Two things, if in some sort of fact, totally within this reality, we have such power to change things- whatever the general purposes of the universe are there is some restraint on what we can do- for example curse someone to jump into a river threatening to throw you in- they can come to the river but being of some value still, even to you, at best they are arrested and put in the psyche ward awhile. The other thing is that given the power and all the options at what level will one use it to change things? Certainly way back to change the fact of my brothers heart failure as a kid would be high up on the list, that list limited by what we seem to do to take up our time. It may also be that in the greater scheme of things and the intelligibility of the universe that none of this makes a difference- and why not leave people in the choice they make for their ignorance- in the end you determine if they exist for you? Then a third thing comes to mind- that some small changes here affects other parallel situations of which some of it we can access by dream- so one can do simple things here like change a path or not that solves a big change there in some place or time- yet, of how many such places are there- and of course what does this do to our sense of self and ideas of God- other than for the deep thinker we find all things in the world a limit to our imaginations?

We eventually come up to such ideas and have to deal with them. It is no wonder there are parallels in the unique and original and rediscovered physics whether the design is intelligible or not, whether our destiny has value and meaning or not. It is no wonder that the core logic of it all, even if the earlier states of religion and belief are more or less a copy of the holonistic idea of syllogism, that we have a hard time seeing or swallowing the logic in forms that may accept contradictions or some sort of negation of negation or affirmation. Antientropy, or some sort of antihiggs, ideas from recent blog readings, are a part of this reasonable but inadequate logic of our being. The ideas are intelligibly deeper than those offered to or by us at first blush.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TGD Dialogs

TGD Dialogs

Ulla, let us begin with some impressions of the TGD article and consciousness as I was reading it.

I typed these things that came to mind, the first I will add to my last post as it refers to some general concepts of constructable space ideas.

point to line triangles

dark rays from everything Buddhist

quasicity and TGD

metaphysics of zero point energy and Rowlands

hierarchy of Plancks [There are useful and debatable spaces of infinite regress.]

kernel reductionism and periodic table [that is by Pauling's table, the peach pit as a materialist center or self- yet the chemistry acts on the surface outer subshells.]

absolute preternatural dualism theories

quantum non-determinism? on what scale, absolute singularity.

M theory reductionism, a continuous view by waves but
the initial state is not needed perhaps in Rowlands

* * *

I then quoted passages from:
2.2 Basic philosophical problems of quantum mind theories
3.1 New space-time concept too long to re-post here I imagine from that
most excellent contribution to this article on consciousness:

and we may discuss the other authors you mentioned also.

* * *

• What conscious information is? Can one give it a mathematical measure? Can one measure
physically the amount of conscious information? Unfortunately the recent day physics can only
provide measure for dis-information as Shannon entropy and the best that subsystem can achieve
is no information at all if this picture is accepted.

* Shannon's is a most refreshing and valuable theory. Basically, it says that information and meaning are conjugate (the more of one the less of the other) and in a sense as you (and the Buddhists assert) intention is important, consciousness has the deep idea that is contains meaning and not just raw objective information.

* * *

• What is the quantum correlate for the notion of self? The quantum notion of self should be a
generalization of the notion of observer which in quantum measurement theory still remains a
structureless outsider.

* Indeed, but let us put it this way. In relativity where you are, the reference frame, determines or influences what you observe, on the macro scale. In quantum theory that which you observe is changed or influenced by observing it on the micro level. Our minds seem to be in a scale in between, consciousness as observer is changed by its own frame of reference and by the act of observing itself.

* * *
3.1 New space-time concept
The physical motivation for TGD was what I have christened the energy problem of General Relativity.
The notion of energy is ill-defined because the basic symmetries of empty space-time are lost in the
presence of gravity. The way out is based on assumption that space-times are imbeddable as 4-surfaces
to certain 8-dimensional space by replacing the points of 4-D empty Minkowski space with 4-D very small
internal space. This space -call it S- is unique from the requirement that the theory has the symmetries
of standard model: S = CP2, where CP2 is complex projective space with 4 real dimensions [42], is the
unique choice.

*This is essentially correct and certainly seems a complete theory for certain continuous ideas and groups. But it needs further generalization I imagine- for the issue, from an informational view, is to replace binary bases inside of binary bases- this we can imagine the 8 (normal mathematical foundational properties notwithstanding) embedded in 16, 64 and so on. This is the Quasic space of which we all seem to skirt around and sense or describe. I am not sure gravity comes into as you suspect but something should explain it or why it does not behave the way the M theorists suggest. In any case my quasic space is not described by ideas of negative or even zero point levels, more of a positive space- while the ideas of complex numbers (even the applications to quaternions and octonions) may apply they do not tell us everything about how to imagine and perceive such spaces. If the structure of quasic space does describe what we are trying to by quantum terminology and ideas- then it seems to me treating consciousness as a dynamical flatland. But are we not looking for a topological explanation, even in the vacuum, for consciousness? To me it is certainly deeper than the DNA, or molecules, or nerves but a property of the nothingness. Your insight into the importance of chirality is right on as a dynamic mechanism- one which Rowlands begins to see as useful. But so many of your concerns and insights are right on- Certainly, for example, the quasic space touches on the ideas of projective space which has its uses, especially where the calculus has places of stability in magic squares. Another example is the use of recursive or iterative ideas as if fractal, complex space or not, quasics is a general space in spaces of the widest structures and description.

* * *

"All things can come from all things- but if that is the case then a flame could emit dark light."

* * *

Let us recall that there are ways to define energy as hv and mc^2 and the maximum diameter of an evolving continuum!

* * *

I add, interestingly Pitkanen's last post with a link to this anomaly (I do get the good reason to explore such anomalies but other than long standing ones science seems to shy away from such original explorations.) Again I agree that the issue is the geometry as with such toplogical factors of 4 fold pure space as a possible explanation and a new way to see the physics (yet I have not time today to read the other links to Pitkanen's theories on this post.

I am amazed this is how things are done, and the detail of it in the collider and the approximations to get around. Certainly it could lead to theories based on first principles- not to say the experiment and apparatus is not a great human achievement- I wish the superconducting collider had been built and we may be talking about different things now (I lobbied for it in Carolina).

Anyway, this is most likely part of the structure of the recording mechanism of the events but I found another coincidence (not taken as if some sort of real numerology) in the article itself:

"The TPC covered the angular range from 20 to 160 in and extended from 30 cm
to 122 cm in R. It provided up to 16 space points for pattern recognition and ionization
information extracted from 192 wires. The momentum threshold for charged particles
entering the TPC was approximately 100 MeV/c."

Here again I see 192 (hey we need a sense of humor, even Einstein was a master punner) on the other hand could the configuration of an instrument presuppose the objective observation? Certainly it does not generate the anomaly.

* * *

Lampions IV Wellspring of New Metaphysics

Lampions IV Wellspring of New Metaphysics

I note this blog post by Kea? today and made this comment:


But if we resolve everything to matrices- from the quantum view is this not a discrete rather than a continuous wave physics?

For me, although it has been a long first intuition, I see particle exchange say between two nucleons as that literal duality say between a cube (hypercube) and a octahedron (8-cell).

I think we need some new metaphysics- a few deeper ideas than any of the old philosophers imagined.

But I shall return with comments when I follow your links and terms here.

The PeSla

* * *

So on some level of abstract physics the issue of what is behind coincidences, the synchronicity of it all, or the seeming accident of it all, is the question of interest to physicists where such intelligible numbers match the dimensionless constants and so on. The issue, even in the Buddhist tenets, is one of the nature of cause and of uniqueness.

Buddhism in a sense is a scientific philosophy that is a counter to the ideas of Hinduism- yet both consider the ideas of reincarnation and movement with purpose to some higher form of enlightenment or liberation.

The Hindus. as in western philosophy, religions, have what the Buddhists call the peach pit core of a self- they say rather an onion in which the self or soul is a place to find emptiness. Of course different schools would claim both things are to be found and they make subtle distinctions when it comes to real and false perceptions. It is not clear the explanation for nirvana is enough for us mortals to understand- as metaphysics we may need better and new models if we are to apply it to physics. The "middle way" would say it an error to regard the proton materially for example as a peach pit. In Rowlands, his mentioning of a metaphysical principle used in his book, the meson and all not meson as vacuum I feel close to this philosophical principle of late Buddhism.

In my last lampion post I discussed the aggregate of particles (of which I tried to apply them to things like atoms and not just to the mental aspects of observation.) I mention that in terms of karma (energy) with purpose (that is the world not absurd) that over time and causality, responsibility in the will perhaps, that the same model of aggregates can apply to time also. Parts may be contiguous in time as well as space if, as even in the string theories, we show some directionality as to what touches what or will be caused or is caused by what (if indeed cause and effect are closely looked at as to if it means anything to say they are simultaneous.

But it is clear that these concepts, within one or many lives (or the one to one, many to many, many to one and so on...) we are not talking about a deeper metaphysics than what is intelligible and phenomenal in the background- it is in fact not a deep metaphysics of the singularity. But within its range, as if an interval that does not necessarily map a part of itself to infinity, an organic model really, a Zeno like interval of "distance" we keep open the possibility of absolutes and evolving teleology to residual properties past the gestalt fixing or existent past fact of some structure of which we may feel its properties objective.

* * *

Refutation of External Objects (Cittamatra):

I quote:

"Because it is the basis [of all faults]. eliminating this [conception of a self of phenomena] reverses thorough conceptuality, i.e., the one hundred [eight conceptions of subject and object], etc.

Because it is the basis of all faults, when one eliminates the conception of a self of phenomena, it is said that one reverses through conceptuality, i.e., the one hundred eight conceptions of subject and object, twenty-two through obscurations, eleven assumptions of bad states, sixteen conceptions of self, etc. "

I find it amazing, even in my own Christian culture, how much time people take to go to a spiritual place to study philosophy? I mean so much of it is more of a study than a healing faith or fellowship. We do have the desire to learn I suppose.

I also find the complexity of such systems, Hindu and Buddhist and many others where they list certain things like numbers of heavens and hells and so on... Yet it also amazes me that these earlier thinkers came close or hit right on certain numbers that are important to modern physics, even string theories- 192 the important number for Plato, or in Egypt and Babylon the all important and sacred 240 which in 1964 was proven to be the number of eight dimensional spheres closed packed around a single one. Perhaps there is something in our human minds that intuitively makes sense of some numbers and their relationships to which we try to map or categorize notions in that intelligible format.

* * *

Sometimes we can explore simple structures, as to how we have evolved to see or imagine a surface or plane and have results which show what the algebra would.

The unity of geometry and algebra goes deeper than our ideas of e to the i pi.

* * *

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lampions III (The Science of Mind)

[Note from 12-23-10 added: in the illustration more a symbolic representation of the symmetry possibilities- It did not escape me that the two center rubiks can have inversion of images- but then again so can the normal inversions in higher space- thus let us consider this when we talk about such vague super symmetries and the application to substance in the various dimensions]
I find it hard to imagine why the average villager would be so deep into abstract philosophy- in this case take time to go to some sacred temple. But the average person seems to rate these core concerns very highly and thirst for knowledge very much like the gurus and their leadership and disputes. Perhaps, we thinking beings are very much concerned with what it means to have a mind. Perhaps, it is just a survival thing quite outside our nature. Passion- well, I did not know it also means suffering as well a state of love. The term has no direct translation unless it means something like compassion. If to love is to suffer it may be reduced to the idea that, as in the quantum world as a principle, for something to come into existence new the old must perish- there is no duplication in say beam me up Scotty transference. It is both a question of decay and decoherence and the how of causality. In any case I present the tenets of a compromise between all is mind and all is matter- as with that whole school of Buddhist as a vehicle. I hope that in the current wisdom of our science that on these philosophic issues I can add new views on this matter of whole and part and the popular ideas of interconnectedness. Still, the so called middle way, topologically and structurally, seems to me the very interval or region in which that which we can experience while we live, is the life force far from the extremes of what may be external or internal and so on...

Odd, that these thoughts are new to me- and not common knowledge by the theoretical physicists- at least not talked about as some sort of grounding for science. On the other hand I find even the explanations of the translations in the book hard to read and just like the first raw contemplations of any art- open to diverse interpretations.

* * *

Citytamatra (Philosopher of the Mahayana System) His the proponents of Mind Only school and close to him the proponents of cognition by Vijnaptivadins.

The book is called Buddhist Philosophy (root text on tenets) by Daniel Cozort and Craig Preston ISBN 1-55939-198-7. I refer to page 189 on the Establishing Selflessness and the section Refutation of External Objects.

I quote:

"When a tiny particle is encircled [by other particles], if the eastern side does not face the western direction, it is seen to have parts,[but if it does] face [west] there is not gross [form].

When one tiny particle is encircled by four tiny particles in the four directions, if that part of the central particle that is touching the [particle on the] eastern side does not face or touch the particle on the western side, [***] that central particle would have parts; if it does face or touch [both the eastern and western particles] that eastern particle would have to touch the western particle, whereby those tiney particles would be in one place, whereby gross form would be impossible."

* * *

Lampion source concepts 12-21-10X :

Now, let us consider that the four directions are those of the quasic or any other two dimensional plane. This can be translated into higher dimensions and so the questions here are about indivisible atoms and the space between them.

Clearly, one counter to this tenet (and some hold that Buddha gave lessons as a master teacher which involved many contradictions on purpose) is that things may have no space between them and yet not touch! I am thinking in particular of the idea of a particle as generally spherical and how we try to imagine (and that is a key word to make a distinction with in the science of mind view of what is innate or external or a real or dream like object. Imagination can be used to suggest a proof or not as to what in reality may have such parts- or as in the trinity concept just what can be the nature of substance as one or independent in the persons.) So we are in modern terms discussing the idea of quarks in a trinity of sorts- of three space dimensions ultimately, and do our imagined Preons exist for example.

So, in my terms, parts can be contiguous without space between them and not touch. And they can be separated by emptiness of space, non-contiguously, yet touch- that is be of one continuity of substance. There can be a concept in between with or without intervening space or vacuum.

In the idea of the lampion or law of Omnium we should imagine the potential infinity as the cause and intrinsic existence of unitary motion as if the zero element is moving along the infinite element- particles that exchange the pointness or lineness from various interchanges of continuity and discreteness.

* * *

Lampion 12-20-10Z:
What may seem the perfect inversion (thru the center) of a divided atom (with parts) or for that matter some level of particle structure (such as the idea of preons)-especially considering complexification of a topological "field" - may become complicated in structure on a higher quasic or at a natural dimensional level with which from that level appears a perfect symmetry that on a lower level seems irregular.

Although information on the surface of a Soma Cube contains the enumeration of its arrangement of the tetracubes in its volume - such quasic reduction does not always give a wider view of structures on the higher level- namely the convention in crystallography does not generally use three space inversion.

In particlular, if Rowlands seems to accept the relation of 2/3 and 1/3 charges of Rubik's cube corners as applying to quarks (this idea mentioned in other with a caveat it was controversal) In space inverse of a Rubiks cube is not simply the six color sides inverted but what seems an irregular but patterned mix of colors. This I derived by consideration of the various grounds of DNA encoding systems but will have to refer to my papers as to how I did it at a time I was considering the way certain values of matter seem to be in levels with fine adjustments. I did submit to Journal of Recreational Mathematics (around 1980?) but had not idea as to what was expected in the presentation which looking back seems much more difficult than in these more modern times to swallow the ideas. Yet, several of the ideas published there later in other areas were some things I had derived early on- and some things I saw as significant in the future which even the authors told me they could not see how it was anything more that a mathematical recreation.

* * *

Speaking of Math Recreations I find this fun video on facebook today:!

As in these videos oddly enough I saw looking for ledgarotto music, I did imagine if I could make the bubbles large enough and somehow connect the ends a torus might exist for awhile.

So in a way we have surfaces in surfaces and something between them which we can imagine as a dream space, so the Buddhists suggest as a real thing but not part of mind nor of matter. Even our ideas of what is Platonic for a mathematical notion can have centered or diffuse concepts of structure. Nature seems to be a physicality of sorts in this complex manner to reflect what is natural in our notions or our notions reflect what the natural does- keep this in mind when we assert new directions or restrictions on the possibilities of particle geometry. For example:

Sometimes ideas like the limit to fifth degree equations and beyond for general formulas apply to certain aspects to consider in what is reduced or not into say the 3+1 formalism be it an idea like Wilbur's holons or the matrices of quantum theory and geometry of higher dimensions.

* * *

Two related articles on science daily:

As to the first I conceived what I called the mhosister of a moebius strip but Sandia corporation experimented with its use as a capacitor.

As to the second I doubt this will explain crumpling of materials very well, but the general idea is useful- for I once took a long thin hat band and went thru the twist numbers to let it balance out in three space form and found many interesting global three space symmetries.

We now realize, as the article suggests, a physical application of these essential ideas of topology!

* * * Holiday poster:

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From the television news this morning a suggestion that the nearer to the interstate the more the incidence of autism in children (400 yards?) and it was suggested it related to toxins and the response to it- toxins, they said increase the blood flow at first. Now considering tons of cadmium come from tires, and there was a neighborhood here in Eau Claire at the height of the Uniroyal Tire Factory- is there data that might reflect this. I did note when we first got here and the factory was working awhile that it had an effect on the range and speed of my thinking. In the news the experts cautioned it could be from general stress and so on. Interestingly enough Cadmium is carcinogenic.