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Plyctals (Reconsideration of Folding Hypercubes)

Plyctals (Reconsideration of Folding Hypercubes)
L. Edgar Otto August 31, 2011 (note: Plytals is a general term but I prefer Plyctal or folding, the interesting case in higher space as posted tomorrow will be more like the n-space multiply density for such lattices and space fillers.)

From an informational approach the list of the 261 unfolded hypercubes is done by pairs of cubes of the total. But this considers only the outside space and not the more right angled quarter twist of the surface and internal spaces. I want to see in the case of the eleven cubes of six faces if these make a set with interesting matching properties in three space (which they do not in two space). I also see new functions in hyperspace for these primitive functions of folding and cutting as a possibility.

The cut edge is akin to the idea of a string or quarks in that if we cut a string it still has two ends. Thus the 5 quarter rayguns are in a sense strings in that the unfolding of them doubles the count of the edges. Thus 7 edges unfolded are 14 and the five rayguns are 19 (with 8 to make 27 for a general intelligible count globally). In any case the objects together in this notation make 7+5 or 12.

These are not string like nor a question of combining the complex space with other counting spaces in some method (such as the Minkowski count +++- and so on where we try to match the imaginary and real parts) In the surface-internal quasic like spaces we do not try to twist things in multiples of pi such as a rotation that comes back after 360 or 720 degrees. The resolution of these methods is one conceptually between such spaces and not an operation by any one of the views unless that is the goal of finding a needle in a haystack if it is there after all. Not to say there is anything wrong with these methods- after all our view as to what is continuous and physicality verses the discrete and virtual where these are metaphysically distinct in a more general view of physics and mathematics.

Now I have to reconsider these abstract objects from the standpoint of what we mean by science or a pseudo-science in terms of what is the overall view of things as to when it is useful to apply ideas of infinite regress and inelegant recursion formulas. In a sense this is like the brief time when some particle physicist bet their careers on bootstrap ideas of space and of time as a paradox. Most of the hidden debate in the world views of physics, especially cosmology, seems to be centered around these sort of issues (after we enter the next stage of the physical and possible cosmic background, the Omnium, we find such ideas may be resolved better than say in the relativistic Minkowski formalism and any complex number ideas or for that matter the p-adic concept of strings, p-adic strings.) Again we can understand the problems but have to struggle to visualize the solutions. In a sense we have a world that is a combination of useful regress and irreducible even unobtainable reduction in terms of compactification and my flange or condenser topology.

* * * (Post later here illustration: Tired Old Turtle (or for turtles all the way up and all the way down, softshelled...)

The lowly turtle in a sea of dark, unknown how wide the river only that as one thing in existence if he dwells in a small point he dominates and exhausts all creatures therein...

For there are degrees of non-existence as their seems degrees of existence.

An entity is one thing, it is nothing at all, it is countless copies or nuiances where what seems the physical boundaries infinitely and exquisitly blend into each other- the paradox and problem of uniquess again.

If the structure of the universe were circumscribed by a ring, and that ring could be compressed into a singularity- would it describe only one universe that can seem isolated from the others- the certainty of the one totality or brane?

Or in a compromise of the bootstrapping of space and time- all such states of some location or entity are in a sense present at once, not at all, and for all directions in indefinite seas of time?

The fractal, save perhaps at the final summation to become plane filling and in a sense a continuity of its compass, at some instantaneous point perhaps or something only pushed further away and remote so never reached in our concept of number and limit, is but a pale and quasi-unique copy of the unitary universe to which in that it is iterations and recursive in tricks and paradoxes of time, it does not describe the local condition of something like mass even sorted out in the seething proximity to a singularity.

There are realms in this sense were something may be neither holographic nor fractal, the placiticy of the mind and human language comes to mind. So, as with so many of the topics in science fiction, and abhorances that justly or do not classify whole trends and views of creative physics as weird science. It is this many-world and multiverse problem that has long enchanted and limited the imagination of man- not so the thought that since all was created by the Creator our role is one of fantasy for what is left?

The simple constructions of viewing what is not as simple as it seems from our crude understanding and scale of things where the finest crystals fade into a background of rocks of no particular shapes, or the detailed symmetries of leaves become a random shifting forest of green, says for these views that the planes or squares that compose them are whole universes or branes in the various connections. As such what is proven within one, the same as another physcially, intersecting, or not, is that which must do more than prove the deep law that seeks a monological unity and yet must do more in the natural generalization of dimensions than establish physicality or its mirrors as if non-linear were the greater state of things as an interconnected randomness. Behold this view that seems to solve some of the philosophic problems of our time as the Poly-omnium PyOm. But it is not the ultimate even when the existing paradoxes and prejudices would pain the world with say imaginary numbers and shifts of space and time to reduce to their limited style of what are the singularities. The brane complexes are intelligibly structured and counted as the notions of their intelligible parts.

What then are we to make of a theory where our best digital approches which also raise from their assertion as to the whole of mathematics, and these are equally as powerful as any other human construct, that outside of their scope they can only keep at bay the paradoxes and not solve them at the level of computation in progress?

I have asserted intuitively and metaphysically, at first blush of some idea I stumbled on too long ago not to question now with deeper insights, while watching a cloud of gnats and trying to see a connection between them (yes we can assume they are in synchronation by some physical principle applied to biology- but that is not unexpected as part of the explanation in an intelligible universe. that a fifth or greater natural dimensional chessgame would play itself. Thus we see that this idea does raise the usual ones about initital conditions, and entropy remote or not as to its nature, and still asks the nature of the arrow of time. I find it perhaps true in this polyomnic view if we so allow the reiteration of or bootstrapping of the quasi-unique branes as part of the infinite games to be arranged in self-hierarchies and played. This area seems to me to come closer to the ideas we need, show a place for real science that is a clue that I do not feel can be undecidable or a dead end.

The idea, similiar to that of TGD of the wormhole (and mouths) between parts of the organic structre should consider such ideas for the universe would be multiply p-adic and other systems where it is p-adic at all. For even in the frontiers of black hole concepts and in the fairly well popularily understood physics assumptions of the sci-fi writers we may ask- can the wormholes be held open? Is the surface of a black hole rather thin? And if light, the photons is the issue then ideas like with Kip Ward, the travel between them around a black hole as if a gate or wormhole into time would cause its own collaspe by the "duplication of the photons" - again the frontier of these questions of creative science and philosophy as physicality. But such a theory as this may have some intelligible part to play in the new physics.
It is enough for now that we may see a particle and quite differently make some interpretation of what it is or how it decays and so on- not something as simple as the quantum formulations of the idea of wave and particle. What after all in this theory is the general idea that would define these disputed ways evidence and experiment show that such radical but still hidden descriptions seem to apply?

* * *

Note to Pitkanen a comment that may clarify my question some from the other side of a real surface to the continuous groups from the finite groups as to what is the ultimate proof of the uniqueness of any particular number theory:


interesting and educational posts to which I strive to address such issues.

Is the swan logically black or white?

While this more relativistic idea of rotation is useful I think it needs more of a generalization - I think you might find my last post of interest where I post Plyctals or the folding and cutting of cubes.

The PeSla

* * *

It is not that humanity, as with any hypothetical sentient beings, will one day only reach so far because they stumble on an idea that accidently destroys their planet so we do not see much of civilization enduring in the immensity of space and time. But it is that we do not strive soon enough to reach a certain technical level where we have command of our own evolving and can survive the affronts of nature in her unforseen encounters. The species that will endure will be those who take science and philosophy seriously, and with their creative human heart.

* * *

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Minimum Structural Quantization

Minimum Structural Quantization
L. Edgar Otto August 30, 2011

* * *


Poincare ideas were on my mind last night and it sounds like you are aware of the same questions I ask myself. I wish I had access to the ideas of differential geometry or something like it- in the meantime I have to keep developing or rediscovering such wheels.

I may not get around to this post- or I should at least post the notes in a picture.

Now, in this sort of inverse of some value, even if this justifies and non-Poincarean concept of scale for say hierarchies of Planck's, at that infinitesimal place might we find the whole structure again, a sort of echoes of numbers? I never saw much explanation of that idea, a sort of closed bootstrapping of elements.

The post will be called "Minimum Structural Quantization"

The PeSla

* * *

Never saw that to explain much, actually... a sort of grounding in a blind fractal view. But it is the analogs on the side of these main ideas that I find interesting today- based as they are on very simple four space structures.

* * *

* * *

Again, we think of the ground a iotas rather than points or stings... but there is at any place of singularity one or many or no such entities of which they do not "know" what sort of space structure they are in. In any case the higher structures that make metaphorical analogs may contain this omnic idea of many, something or nothing in the parts of the structures that are not encompassed by contiguous branes or planes (which by the way contain phase spaces on the square quasic circuit boundary which can be anything such as a triangle or circle or a shunting or shifting between them over a locally global restraint) and those parts of the non-existant are also quasized or quantized as structures this way.

The iotas viewed in just their point formalism may in fact execute right angles along the path (fractal like but in actual three space the hidden part of these fractal axial influences (quasi-flangelation) can do these 1/4 twists.

Cleary we see that the linear is an analog to some irreducible or minimum concept in the sense it acts as if aleph-0 in the quasic hierarachy of transfinite levels. So we find that these analogs do not necessarily reduce the manifold to a point unless we consider that point of a variety of intelligibly accessed singularities or even virtual centers as if a mirror singularity. For in the shunting that seems flat around an alph 2 set of branes as a circle or torus there is a freedom of the path descripitions that may separate or integrate the global structures or isolate some, or show a probability of the states as either a balanced or unbalanced set of sub-structures in the set theoretic hierarchy. For the number of curves that may default on the point structures in a minimum reducible group is greater than the number of lines of such paths. Also the number of membranes in a space volume is part of the greater analog to this and so on.

The division into three circuits, a set theoretic analog to triality, if we see them as particles, I choose to call these erions, after my friend who insisted on the philosophy of such loops dynamically coming or going in some relation to existence of which these I have heretofore called rrushian strings.

There is a distinction on this simple geometrical level which begins to make the distinctions to some degree as to what within such a higher metaphorical structure is the inside and outside of things- in fact this general idea defines what is such linear directionality, conserved or not for physical values locally and globally.

Yet, not knowing how much of these thoughts is in the literature, if this were the only and a lonely resolution of a little newer physics, I am not sure this sort of universe if the end all of our journey, though intelligible, is a comfortable place to exist in. Sometimes the answers can be too close to the facts to be so totally encompassing of what may be ultimately true.

* * *

I had a rather strange thought today also on the nature of light if we ask these questions from the viewpoint of the slit experiments- that is points and so on as a property involving these conclusions and as to what is a point photon response for example... more like we view through a screen of square wires that at some point of qusic focus things do not block the light save as so many lattice points. Do we have a natural quasic focusing of our evolved light vision? Is this a way to show the development in species of other senses as intelligible systems. Can the chemistry of smell in the canine in a sense be like vision? Sound and touch? Even to some point the use of such lattices I have seen in adverts down town such that they more or less make things invisible as if a one way mirror : see photos of the Beer ads on Water Street in Eau Claire on my www.spheresend.blogspot.

* * *

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dihedral Entropy

Dihedral Entropy L. Edgar Otto Aug 29, 2011

*1 Part of the general idea of containment by a sphere or surface as if a polyhedron is the "last face"... Thus the sixth mirror is not needed to describe some of the infinite reflections... but as always the last face may only appear to reverse itself chirally in respect to the other faces.

*2 Where near miss polyhedra exist in actuallity and locally these can revert to the idea of a Euclidean space.

*3 Other lattices are possible to which the counting of cells is intelligible. We can imagine for example isolated dodecahedra of 60 triangles (after all the full group if made notes on dodecahedral dice with inversion also must interchange the pentagonal order with the pentagram order of five objects and these in the same global sense of the rigid rotations.

*4 These dodecahedra determined by 14 sided figures (ten pentagons and 2 hexagons) of which there are 72 triangles. In this sense of the dynamic dihedron entropy the axis between the hexagons can in a sense be emitters of rays or half rays from an emitting stellar object or particle.

*5 The 20 possible tri-onimoes of six labels can be stacked into twenty triangles on an icosahedron. But again, on an octahedron only four such triangles will make a valid group of them. ABF is valid but AGF is not.

*6 One curiosity of last night was the using of pentacubes to describe the skeleton of a 3 x 3 cube (the skeleton involved in ten fold symmetries considered too) These in a sense make a puzzle of 20 things or so determined only by the axes-one corner cube could be rrryyo for example- these worth exploring (recreation-ally).

* * *

State of the Vison:

We crave the light and for some reason want to speak out our vision to others, that or hold a conference where we all seem to agree at some interpretation of reality. Lubos has an interesting article today on a string theory conference (of course I do not quite think it is enough to consider compactification and weak theory alone- nor that cosmological constants and in general dimensionless constants can be ignored or dismissed and true grounding for physics found- but it is worth a try I guess- some versions of string theory are trivial and will not be but an equivalent version of one true unification of such theories. What is the point really of making a whole new particle zoo that cannot in principle be that clear as to masses?)

Still, the monkey tinkerer within us- for example, Leo has an interesting idea about lattices and photons- and today there is a lively discussion in the comments on Kea's updates. Ulla sent a link I could not access but from what I can tell it involves a catalyst of elements for a form of local (tinkered) cold fusion involving the cold transformation from nickel to copper with a gain in energy- while this is not forbidden by quantum ideas there is no general theory these tinkerers operate on but the old fashion way of invention- we monkeys and holy men messing with and exploring our environment.

But whatever the vision, the overcoming of the way of doing things as the playful monkey stands beside me in recreations- and believe me one has only to surf the internet to see how elaborate such visions can become even when they strive to be scientific (and not an outright delusion or scam) as well those who work in the field who only suspect some higher vision but intuit enough to call it a mystery that they assert or hope can be solved later. So in a deep sense, and who but us care for these difficult things for now? - we really should realize what is actually the way of doing science as some responsible higher being beside the struggling monkey evolving (hopefully) within to undertake new work and explorations.

It is not enough to be competent and even poetic in our visions, the work cannot be divorced and sanitized, laundried, and that makes it scientific and far from the human considerations that in the end are essential for life and science- that we can call an elaborate work a deep and sane science or philosophy. We can be competent scientists and still not do competent science, we can be great tinkerers and stumble on some great instance of useful vision and still remain blind to the bigger picture no matter how much a so called theory of everything our dawning, dimming light fills the vacuum of what we think we can see.

Only those with creative vision and a sense of being a part of the abstraction of space and time, can see in others such potential and state of the vision that unto its day we may say- behold, this is a scientist. Some science may be foundational because such an awakening for the sake of we sentient and social beings and the spending of the mysterious touch and light to find this- is the essential and fundamental and proper object of enquiry.

* * *

Note: my use of the word "dihedral" does not necessarily refer to say "dihedral angles" but more so the polyhedron with two sides and no volume, the Dihedron of which it is a legitimate but less obvious form of the possible Platonic polyhedra and I suspect that even in the more continuous group theories that such duality and dynamics of surface interactions and dipoles and chirality and so on- that this for some is treated as a group principle as if it does make a function that organizes other groups and phenomena. How is it that there can be some sort of intermediate entropy as if a surface phenomena much like the stacking of cubes- say those with the edge of the Planck length?

* * *

I had some thoughts casually last night for those cases where I encoded the dice faces with the international signal flags- just like with the applications logos can we make a meaningful international artificial visual language? A fan of interglossa now glossa- while these symbols could easily supply the articles of a language tenfold- the logic under it as that draft as on auxiliary in the face of more modern physics would have to be radically revised for some of our simplest notions of space and motion- yet, some notions such as the counting number system with multiplication by say tens as in the Greek alphanumeric system or the resistor code tolerances would be valuable. But this is mostly fun, like the shadow code that fascinated a generation using their imaginations listening to the radio. Still, there is something here about structure of patterns that draws me, along with the sense of color. Of course this system, basically unfolded tetrahedra, are perhaps not good for the case of tricolor flags. A new flag principle for me has been also a new principle of the underlying logic - including what only works if the field is limited.

* * *

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simplex Virtual Chirality

Simplex Virtual Chirality Unifying the QFT and Diracian Views of Quantum Theory L. Edgar Otto Aug.28, 2011

I spent a lot of time trying to draw some things I realized could not be done (I do not mean as some sort of projection of axes or actual space models.) The problem was to make a clear representation and graph of the unfolding of the 5-cell. Whatever way this was done there was always an opposition of the orientation of the triangular faces that could not be arranged as say the moving of congruent drawn objects on a plane. So I had nothing to say really today until I realized that this was nature's problem too. The quaternions and like can be viewed as indicating the physical or they cannot. We can imagine the interchange of charge and mass for example. Why are there two such views of Quantum theory, QFT and Dirac? Where in Dirac there is negative energy possible (thus anti-particles yet no firm foundation for this theory is there short of the actual prediction and finding of them). The virtual sea of particles and the filling of that sea- where all is positive or not or where we see there can be left and non-right in issues of the ultimate mixing and reaching of some remote limit or not in the still not integrated into the other laws that third thermodynamic one.

* * *

From an overview, as we probe new levels of physics and review some of the earlier levels and scope of the technology in new light, it should be expected that we will find conflicting and reversals of what we think as physical and the proper interpretation of the data. For what we discover is after all concepts and facts we have to deal with which ground our ideas of science itself and how well it works as to its uniformity of laws and reasonable certainty of predictions. So the data and the conflict to resolve them into the older views, which can be almost a religious faith in our familiar systems as if on the level of not so much a conflict of cultures as the fronts of conflict between civilizations, should be no surprise. For after all in the new physics we have not had to press the issue as far as the anomalies that now show up while the methods were but a matter of taste and worked will enough within their compass so far from the remote and foundational encounters.

There are analogs of complexity in time of course, the wave or the matrix formulations shown the same and yet so different in what we choose to define as the weirdness or the physical in the quantum theory. I am not sure this analog has been realized yet so as to be put in a form where we can synthesize and transcend the current conflict.

What after all in terms of physical theory and how that relates to the raw and abstract geometry of things, that of 256 chiral forms of the carbon only one is recognized by the body. The solution to this, as with all things that catalyze these new hidden analogs to higher symmetries, a focusing really, a science really of cataloging and exploring the reactions, is in our time just how seriously we take the idea of higher dimensions as real, physical- an issue some feel is obviously the case or not still in our day. It is not enough to push the idea of such symmetry which at times is stronger in theory than physics or as the pendulum of philosophies swing the physics is primary again, into realms of concepts of Dark Matter or Energy and its varieties. But it is clear that since there are a few independent but equal descriptions of the Casmir like forces including its possible reach into cosmology, that here we need a closer scrutiny and period of unification into a more general theory. Yet, I find it hard to maintain some averaging, some quasi-reality that half persists, without a solid understanding of measure, that the universe is that abstract and relaxed in its sciences, and not find a little unity, verification, and certainty that while these in theory might totally vanish can still explain the whole. These clashes of notions by our theorist, a see of real but fanciful preon-like scales of continuity, can collectively and individual risk the board and the game and it is not easy for them to see what they have not developed the clarity of intuition, the creativity, and the tools to do so that they so perish along with their world view. As Napoleon once observed in his games in Corsica as a child that lead to the great changes in the history of Europe, on the chance or fate of his role in law and war, "It is but a small step from the sublime to the ridiculous."

But in some ways what cannot be done in the physical world can certainly be imagined and sometimes done, with vision.

* * *

I find it most interesting, and what should be obvious but hard to see for some reason, that the centers of these structures if they exist in the next space do after all embed the tetrahedron (self dual) into the four space analog of the octahedron (not the 24 cell). While in normal space we can connect polyhedra by extending the connection between two faces by a prism or an anti-prism, the connection between these two faces can do neither if either is tried. This is a basic observation of Kepler and the count of regular and vertical solids. But in the extension of this idea it is clear that such considerations that involve the icosahedral (even the deltahedral symmetries- for are there not 18 faces of the corner tetracube? each of which might be considered a triangle?) is also and intelligible count of how these subdivide hyperstructures into these simplexes. I wonder if the magic sequence of electron configuration is correct after 50? In any case the inclusion or not in the duality of regular and vertical solids do seem to have a pattern where the surface count of the nodes may be two more and so on. Then again some of these considerations have been intuitively explored on this blog before these proven a deeper theory- yet when we apply this to say the structure of DNA as if there is only a positive direction (no negative anti-state) many are still operating on metaphors and intuition, and some strive to only see it positive on one side of these important duality lattices. Certainly the fivefold-ness and how the signs interchange- say + + + - - to - - - + + should be explored where there are variations in say relativistic invariance that strives to interchange space and time as if these were always distinct concepts foundationally. What is confusing in the relativistic theories is similar to that of the quantum theories for a corresponding ambiguity of separate theories.

Even if it could be shown there is no supersymmetry, then the restrictions such ideas would impose can still be there in the abstract virtual forms of such symmetry regardless of the underlying nature of the prevailing quantum or qlassical theories.

The remarkable consideration of symmetries applied in depth to the polytopes in four space and its wide variety of structures- and these intelligibly related to the simplex count, 120 and 600 and so on... that these are shadowed in the ten fold symmetry radially or elongated as in a spiral of such polytopes or tetrahedra, that we have a cycle of duality of five levels in the flat highest Euclidean space (see Coxeter) I not only find intelligibly as geometry but that such shadows can in fact be seen in a few varieties of ways, sidewinding to what we imagine the limit of such shadows.

Of course it would be nice to pin down the values of mass and energy and so on- something I am not trained to do- with these new considerations.

* * *


Principle of Squaring the Oblong Numbers:

One problem with the labeling approach is not the confusion of the labels, for it is a great advantage having a rapidly recalled system of symbol substitution, is simply that I run our of terse labels. Although formulas are an advantage in the simplification of logical systems, these too have their own limitation of labels. It is hard to reduce them into simplicity at times without a focused and clear reduction which in effect narrows the scope of explanation and information.

So, with another set of alphanumeric labels, for the 21 items before of 5-cell simplexes, A to U, I attempted another layer of color. (this I call 7-arcolour, 7-arc) yet it is in a sense like the Conway matrix where we place the 21 and the mirror of the 21, triangular numbers, to form a square number. Apparently this can go to wide complexity. But the value of these matrix like items is that we should keep in mind that it is representing doorways to hyperdimensional structures in some sort of plane theory. But at what point will the picture be the minimum complexity of the labels?

Nevertheless, such a doubling of the notations, informationally, can make the overall picture of color lattices much clearer where the confusion is a result of the different interdimensional "unlattices" is the issue and not the color as seen from some perspective of the priviliged or prefered lattice- not to mention the reduction forced of such seemingly lost paths to follow of the system itself when in fact the restrictions over the totality are not to be assumed as free as that in these ideas of hyperdimensional symmetries of which we explore at first by play and tinkering before we sense a path to breakthrough to an intelligible general theory.

Also, I have been under the weather again lately, not severe as last month but a recurence of minor flu or alergy like symptoms- and a diet change. But this idea comes from a nice day at the picnic table by the pavilion outside to where I slowed down enough to find something interesting without that much strain on mental labour.

* * *

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Viriality, Physics and Alternative Quasi-calculus

Viriality, Physics and Alternative Quasi-calculus
L. Edgar Otto August 27, 2011
these concepts derived from Deeper Thoughts on Triaconway and from still further reading passages in Peter Rowlands book on the foundations. To that end I use the term somewhat differently, There is no necessary phase space in physicality that can describe foundations below a certain point- one that perhaps is the limit we have reached in theory as if those of a speculation on so called "preons". I realize now how radical yet in the tradition of physics not much moved on really from Newton and the invention of the calculus my program of discovery and definitions is. Perhaps there are no new discoveries possible including the new physics as long as we cannot see this new view and others like it- such theoreticians save for the rare poetic few in the current regime are after all equivalent to rather good but overly complicated engineers.

Again I was handicapped by lack of access to my papers of 95 and before so had some problems recreating the solution to the elegant Triaconway problem- but in the search for it again, and even with doubts of what I had seen, I found some rather new and interesting ways to view these color cubes (dodecahedra) and make some new conclusions on the foundations of existing physics. Like Rowlands points out in his system that some of the problems as in the quantum theory cannot be solved globally I do recall in my lesser learning I did solve some of these problems locally. But we need a better and quasic distinction of all this. Perhaps the most interesting conclusion or suggestion found is that the tetrahedron in the vast sea of ways to color and unfold the structures can in a metaphorical sense be said to have a center but that center may be inside or outside.

My writing reflects also distractions and variations in light and diet lately, and odd sleep schedules because of it. But as a general principle while surprised that I have something further to write today as usual, one can reduce the symmetries of things and get greater diversity of structures as well expand the symmetries to find a greater simplicity. This is important when one tries to identify time and entropy with the idea of connecting colored cubes.

* * *

Comment to Santeri again on Pitkanens blogspot:


Yes, phase space concepts and even the idea of invariance where the coordinates relate or are independent of things like mass- is no longer able to give us a better and deeper picture of physics- nor for that matter is the quantum theory although as Matti points out it seems to change our view of core mathematics.

I begin to doubt that in these standard terms alone we can ever solve some of these issues we have imposed upon ourselves since Newton.

This is not to say that Matti's ideas are easily seen and to be promoted, nor that they are as simple as some seem to see or believe- they are transcendent and represent the more democratic view of access to learning- so as far as money and recognition go (the Swedish syndrome of the "dudes" notwithstanding) the net is after all the issue of popularity and such virtual reward.

What, I ask you, on the microlevel is such a quantum cat made of and where in the heck is any right angle in the linearity?

The PeSla

* * *

It seems clear to me by simple counting of finite possibilities that the whole enterprise of trying to relate things to but 6 natural dimensions when there can be a gauge that involves at least the 8, is an error on how we should see space as physics. As far as I can tell even our theoretician blogger here seem to make this error and persist with it. Of course if they do not realize it is an error there is a hope or chance that all things can be arranged in such formalism- but there is no way they can actually think that this will be as things turn out with any guess we can say to be an educated guess. Claims of expertise and priority and what seems reasonable criticism of other theory systems and their authors from my view looks humorous in retrospect. But sometimes the whole enterprise seems a futile fancy overrated as if I were not quite born in the right age even when a decision now implies that is one made in the future. Of course such criticism if we are honest and intellectual, the strength in questioning our own ideas and if such applies to our own experience and sense of self and being, should have each of us face that our theories may be unoriginal, not creative, and even irrelevant intrinsically. Then again the enterprise would not matter much anyway to the hopes and evolution of mankind.

Perhaps, like with any addiction prone person stuck in a limited path and view, there is in the superficial sense of purpose and even mystical destiny, something wrong with their brains. We have to be committed or addicted to something- and we can have a reasonable civilized control over it even if difficult. I have found myself much less tolerant lately of those who cannot think for themselves and are broken and expect me to tend to them even when they waste resources on say drink. But the tough love is justified only because they have taken away from the well being of the whole of society, not that they are criminals as much as they have wasted our lives and time when we could have done more to uplift them. Yes, there are exceptions- both those on the street and those in power as far as the actuality of sanity goes. The best government will judge indifferently its people and yet rely on them as to who in the end can determine the evolution of projects of enquiry- rely on what precipitates out as to the purity of the sane. All that is expected is that we have a say in the decisions before such mandate costs are imposed arbitrarily on the society. Democracy is not just a first blush idea of balances of power or terror that assumes the ultimate ideal is the Lockean enquiry system that requires a middle class.

* * *

Friday, August 26, 2011

Viriality and the Foundations of Quantum Physicality

Viriality and the Foundations of Quantum Physicality L. Edgar Otto August 26, 2011

It will take awhile to post my contemplations of yesterday. These are rather advanced footnotes to the progress made on this blog so I hope it conveys the sense of physics that we can ground on the simplest of hints at the foundations. Peter Rowlands mentions that beginning his career he was advised that there was not much progress in a career these days for the study of foundations. Considering the state of physics, experimental and theoretical, today I find him a prophet entering the new space of our universal drawing board. At one point my ideas flow freely as if the first discoverer in a new land when there is so much to find that almost every area I touch leads to an interesting fundamental theory with answers for the depth of questions I wonder why no one had asked or felt the need to.

The first thing I will illustrate and discuss is the set of Virial Cubes which is a variation on my zebra (black and white) set of them as pure information in which I apply the six or eight colors to the 32 edges of the hypercube. In this sense we are working from another side of space structure duality. But as a metaphor by the dimension of color we can make certain conclusions about fundamental issues such as chirality in ways that explain this better. For one thing it is an alternative way of computing the possibilities of unfolding the hypercube which I recall is around 240 or so but I have reason to think we should recheck the count.

Being a new and virgin territory one has to improvise at times- and so the drawings are not to be set in stone otherwise we would not make valuable experimental progress. So I present a draft of all the possibilities knowing some very basic notions of which I am aware in the other models may or could apply here. To the extent a physical theory is close to reality, a particular method will tend to ask the same frontier questions where all such theory models have their limits of explanations. Just as with vacua as an issues more of the metaphors and psychology as to what is concrete and well grounded (see Lubos today where he orients or twists arguments toward the subjective confusion of notions of global warming- yet his insight here is rather deep as to the nature of our general problem of human and self centered human reasoning.)

I also posted this comment to Kea who realizes that there are also more possibilities on the frontier in the application of octonions and so on...


This much is obviously true (to those with a little better understanding), but we need a fresh look at the foundations for physics between the phenomena and raw information theory. The community will finally have to come back to the drawing board to make sense of things a little better- other wise their ideas are disguised as science but really are rather speculative and mystical as stated.

If M theory works beyond complexification it must work at the foundational levels. I just read about preons and how they relate to such fundamental physics for the very problems we are trying to solve. But I think the notion of them is as narrow as pure stings themselves.


* * *

Virial, the doubling and halving of things in the equations- the duality really, a term by Rowlands. Of course to me (and perhaps Pitkanen) it is really the continuum of powers of 2 that may be involved, and certainly triality, n-ality is part of that) is perhaps my first epiphany where I felt at home with the foundational ideas of physics and was able to see its beauty (somewhere on the way to school in the 5th grade stopping in the park on the way and thinking about things until I was a little late). But I also got this key idea of viriality in the sense it is the difference in the Kinetic and Potential energy concept- that after that I would always ace the tests with pictures of the science section knowing this distinction. But being a method of socialization our teachers did not encourage the science despite high grades in that area as they wanted to have "well rounded students." This memory came back but along with it the questioning if I can really interpret this latest color structure as something, some form of physicality that relates to what is actually the energy and mass of things. But in a relaxed wide open new physics I find these interpretations as good as anyone's as we all strive for clarity.

* * *
Dark Fluid Quasistar Punctuated Hierarchical Epiphanies

:- Uncertainty and Structure
quantum: The appature diameter (square root of the diameter) between two holes is less than the distance between them.
quasic: The distance between them is relative, scaleless, nonlocally infinite, and these contiguously zero...
qlassical: The distance between them can be zero or a constant Zeno-like that becomes initially set at a certain value.

:- The iota is not a string nor preon but is foundational for fixed and fluid scales.
It follows that BB and periodic table reductionism is not a complete and comprehensive method of enquiry.

:- Between omnic many-worlds multiverses, if the spherical top harmonics asserts distance between them then the actuality of laws of physicality between them is quasi-uncertain.
The ephiphany of phoenix physics is quasi conserved and relates to the analog of foundational energetic fluidity.

:- The solidity of the tesseract structure is grounded by this semi-regular space lattice (octahedra and cuboctrahedra in a phoebe snow lattice count) as a condenser reductionsism.

Stray Mysteries and Paradoxes:

:- Parthenogenesis (clone or platinum wire initiator at an egg) "dark anti-sperm" is the mirror condensing process in egg selection in the ovary's cycle.

:- While an average man and a computer is a genius, the quality of that genius is limited by the genius of the programmers theoretical insights.

:- An appeal to some standard idea of dimensional measure comparison is as falsy certain to its interpreter as a quote from scripture, chapter and verse, that has undergone diminished meaning far from the original metaphor. In this sense a scientist, in his sense of righteous views, sound and true or not, is as much a fundamentalist.

:- The philosophy of a creative and purposeful person that we live each day as if it were our last, such as the inventor of the popular ipod, iphone, and ipad, eventually comes due. Creativity struggles with reduction, eternity with the finite, both may ultimately seek a false and empty hegemony and claims of legitimacy, while authentic remain mortal. But the true seers and dreamers remain immortal.

:- In many ways the reduction from cold physicality into asserted principles of collective diversity as interconnected logic while seemingly more human and creative is less symmetrically rich and more reduced than an indifferent world of universal laws as physical. Equality that is transitive to opportunity to everyone may be achieved only at the dehumanization of the individual.

:- Redress and revenge of perceived wrongs, in a world were values may be a matter of taste and of arbitrary justice and responsibility, the ruthless more successful there dues to make legal their brutal rise to wisdom, these in a world of no necessary reality, ends and means, are most likely doomed and trapped in their own ideas of necessity.

:- So the soul does not forgive fake tragedy and false comedians easily.

:-Love is that which, in releif to the conservation of the Deity, can be created and destroyed.

:- Love then can be seen by some as an act of violence and method of control - but this is imposed philosophy far from light and love.

* * *


:-The same role of semi-regular polytopal lattices of not (alpha,beta,gamma n-dimensional structures) also intelligibly color match - especially for the Icosahedral symmetries - and on the lower dimensions at least relate to these polytopes in a general global structure intelligibly.

:- The generational structures over the tesseract in a preferred direction of the triality directions possible are evident in the interpretations of the dynamic motions of the moving contained but unfolded cubes- of which there is an electron and magnetic component which is metaphorically the weak and then strong components of the expressed distinctions of chirality- thus the idea of monopoles and of that of point particles is intrinsic to such a standing out above the neutral and foundational information space into that of color space.

:- In a deep sense the cycles (and ideas of quantum jumps) as if the universe were an unfolded tesseract and the unique positive structure- we would still have two concepts of the electrostatic and magnetic- namely the Big Bang cyclic as discontinuous or the steady state as continuous- both the same way to view one unified electromagnetic model.

:- Fractal paths (that may relate to hidden dimensions) as phenomena may be combinatorially jumbled in the natural dimensional expression to add further effects of differentiations and integrations of geometrical structures.

:- In a deep sense nothing can be said to expand without limit or in the motion all but abstractly emit radiation (note the magnetic circular does not make electric but the moving electric makes the magnetic ultimately) - so there is a persitence of distance as a fundamental coherence but there is uncertainty as some orgin such as our mythology of the Big Bang.

:- These concepts explain, in terms of information theory and condensing theory what makes a particle, especially a hidden one, Majorana or not. This sort of foundation just after the creation of a vacuum is in a sense pre-chiral.

:- The 16 four rays of the colors on a tesseract of the six six color permutations have the anticlockwise to clockwise flat ordering in a ration 3 to one plus to minus or the reverse case. The may have bearing on the notions of fractional charge.

:- The 24 cell or 32 cell Holographically as models is alternatively the dimensional values of the square root of two or tau (phi) or some powers of the roots of two.

:- On the level of information we may find a different inversion of the outside cube to the seven other internal ones- but in color space this distinction is self dual and neutral in the metaphorical standing out and physical expression of structures.

:- There is always a danger in the creative writing (for less enlightened followers or admirers) in the act of making a seemingly insightful maxim or saying or the accentuation and glorification of them as a book- the heroic and sensitive writer takes this risk and is the first to doubt its meaning and worth- and to expect reward...

* * * *

Facebook Status Today:

This has been a hard year, changes and disasters all over the world- and near misses, revolutions and rumors of depression, Nature enough without our own folly, and I think of the mystery of the Lost Colony in Dare county Carolina- perhaps not such a mystery after all as the promise of Kitty Hawk seems a lost dream as if ghost ships we forget to haunt us at Hatteras, the Graveyard of the Atlantic. As hard as the winters are in Wisconsin I find firm ground on the Canadian Shield.

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From the sci mags just now:

I suppose it is good we can try such things even without a clear unified theory, but these articles seem highly relevant to the above discussion. Yet the underlying unification of theories should keep in mind the fundamental distinction in which objects are at rest or move, symmetric and not symmetric, reversible and irreversible, and from there we may predict such phenomena as we hold some theory constant in the experiments in our relaxed dreams of exploration made more concrete.

In a wider sense :- (the assertion sign as I can type it) we should keep open the view that these concrete or abstract concepts of virial inertia laws and motions, that we can interchange the kinetic and potential aspects of descriptions meaningfully and intelligibly, sometimes.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Principles of Polytopal Duality Fields

Some Principles of Polytopal Duality Fields
L. Edgar Otto August 24, 2011

:- 1 As quasicity is the defining states of particle generations difference the polytope (of general dimensions) duality defines the asymmetric direction between them.

:- 2 In an ensemble of nucleons these principles show the division up from Tritium of fission products unbalanced intelligibly.

:- 3 In the intermediate state (as if inspheres) of duality transitions the field has an intelligible set of ambiguous points of path departures.

:- 4 Because the 8 anorthogon octant defaults to excluding 1 or 5 colors, six things taken 5 or 1 at a time, the orthogon-anorthogon polytopal differences condenses to space as 3D.

:- 5 These orthogon-anorthogon levels of 15 triads, so two generations apply of the pattern of 36.

:- 6 So viriality is a centered field (C2 group responding not so creating the physicality or field) over 36 if the 2^6 space such that the 28 4D elements imply the four space.

:- 7 These 28 can be quasi-transitive over (organic) cell differentiation on the 64.

:- 8 The remote states of a 2^n continuum symmetry privileges the quasic quadrants
that mass and field structures behave intelligibly.

:- 9 The accumulated uniqueness of a developmental field may endow certain privilege to entropy and the arrow of time to intelligibly distribute mass weights reflecting general physical history of the universe. (Locally, the energy or mass is not creatively spontaneously renewed.

:- 10 In a quasic polytopal quasi-continuous duality field the concept of "bits" of information, while intelligible, is fluid and dynamic across the range of dimensions of physicality.

:- 11 What does it mean to ask "Where does the information go?". That is this defines the general details of an Omnic background (Phaneron).

:- 12 The concept of number, vectors, are intrinsically dynamical fluid.

:- 13 The fluid logic explains organic physical systems clearly but is there an analog qualitatively to mental (cognitive, conscious) systems? Which may lead to the asking of this question of any physical process that may appear to have sentience, purpose or meaning, intelligibly.

:- 14 The descent in the contribution of the value of Euler's constant intelligibly relates to the exponential or logarithmic grounding four thermodynamic and fluid information structures for remote continuity - this does not

:- 15 Mean physical information defaults forever or beyond some sort of asymptotic freedom or limit forever into say the concept of mini black holes.

:- 16 The fluidity of number systems suggest concrete repeating decimals in a sea of transcendentals.

:- 17 We can extend (to fill space) the anorthogon and orthogonal color matching contiguity's into a lattice.

:- 18 There can be external or internal implied centers thus in the cubo-octahedron and octahedron as a space filler if no center exists or does so exist, Rowlands's metaphysical notion or insight has an analog in the gammas (ortho) and betas (anortho) of these dual polytopes through natural dimensions.

:- 19 Quantum shell integers and the inverse square law is grounded foundation-ally as arithemetically and quasically.

:- 20 Lord Kelvin's space filler as a 5D shadow has a slight volume difference in three space 48 + 24 = 72 such a symmetry which is one tenth of six factorial.
48 x 15 = 36 x 20 = 24 x 30 = 12 x 60...

:- 21 In general the wider matrix of square 64 subsquare objects follows the progression (seemingly trivial as counting) such that other prime powers are introduced to the value of products (linear inverse square law) save these are binary powers when the product or compass of quasic squares are themselves binary.

* * *

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anorthogon-Orthogon Quasi-twistor Theory

Anorthogon-Orthogon Quasi-twistor Theory
L. Edgar Otto Aug. 24, 2011

I present this, for those who have followed the arguments, many of which are embarrassingly a return to my first thoughts on geometry and physics just before adulthood, almost without explanation and as a mere appendix or footnote for the sake of completion. It is of course obvious that if we compute the corner of dimensional objects and there is a duality of points and lines, faces and so on, that we have to consider more involved in the coloring and commutative results for the structures and possibilities.

Primitive Quasistars are also a concept that adds the points and connections between hierarchies of objects much like in the fractal conceptions as a concept that led to the quasic space and the centrality of inversions. I mean what forbids an inverse or a quadrapole logic of inverses of say 1 over the p-adic values... or the inverse square law... or some deal that in the Fibonacci series can determine from the order which is the prime number or which is the subscript as prime? The quasistars of course follow the constructable directions of which these follow Pascal numbers.

P-adics in TGD in a sense quantizes the distribution of mass as this very difference between the three polyhedral spaces and their motives of which are corresponding so quantized (but not simply by affixing a duality cyclic group to some other group.) So the qlassical x quantum is the quasication such that we do not necessarily need a much deeper explanation for say mass or gravity than what is on this low range of dimensional structures and levels.

The idea of these alphanumerics is thus established as the metaphysics of iota 0 and 1 where these foundation-ally apply to extended theories. So the idea of a matrix as more of a plastic entity that actually maps almost as an identity with the physical as in the mass of an entity should be as fluid and alive as this entity. The order derived in the illustration was after all a setting of certain Pascal analog numbers of the orthogons and manipulating these values of which the shifting of diagonals and rows and columns means the shift from orthogon to anorthogon. We also may merge the 30 cube graph that they make 25 (as in the 25 particle standard model including Higgs. We change the oblong to the square by merging the elements in the matrix of unitary value and excluding the zeros and the main diagonal that contains them.

These numbers for the record add up to 211 or 237 as the case may be.
(237 + 211)divided by 8 = 448 or 7x8x8, 8 x 56 for you braiding enthusiasts. And 448 + 64 + 512.

From the view of simplexes (triangle like dimensional things) the computation of points and faces of regular solids in this case 6 things taken four or two at a time symmetric across Pascal binomial expansion applies where self dual. In the illustration pi is for pion more like TGD and my early concepts, G for gravity, m for mass... and on this simple projective dualism level we find mass or gravity, and as we can intelligibly combine these Platonic objects it is clear that over a short range sometimes the connectors need to have inverse orientation of the faces between them. Note also that the cube is three tetrahedra and the octahedron is four for such considerations in counting. The half value is the real part of the zeta function consideration across the range between the zero to one iota vectors.

* * *

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Orthogonal Superhyper Colour

Orthogonal Superhyper Colour
(How can we know if the observed Particle is the Higgs?) L. Edgar Otto August 23, 2011

*1 - 1, the prime Pascal orthogonal singularity-generator.
1,2 the duality principle, viriality in space
1,4,4 two finite planes can intersect in a point-field entity

*2 - 1,6,12,8 Higher three space ensembles of points my exhibit structural duality, synthesis of balance, and asymmetry.

*3 - These colour labels are inductive-deductive to higher spaces.

*4 - These are integrally intelligible in the count of abstract and real objects.

*5 - Differences of such duality polytopal spaces are orthogonal and "quasic" may compute local groupings in a range of natural dimensions.

*6 - These make for the divisions of coloration and vectors as an intelligible count on surfaces, centers, and the condensing or crystallization by parallel (flanged) dimensional effects.

*7 - In one part of the duality colors may only there be transitive.

*8 - The grounding for particle mediators and structures is the intelligible defaulting to different dimensional centering.

*9 - In the "weight" of particles an ordering if privileged can be so grounded, where the hidden parallel forces and labels are needed to solve the physicality.

*10 - There may exist higher analogs to or of superhyper symmetry including finite (at least) field effects of implied division algebras, including grounding for an infinite collective of prime number intelligibility.

*11 - The decay products and paths, 1 to 1 bijective or intelligible otherwise by statistical observation and careful defining of layers of quantum mixing in a range of dimensions are clues.

*12 - There may exist a level where the assumption of sub-symmetries as the internal or the apparent hierarchy of them is virtual but influential.

*13 - Such ideas require a deeper understanding of time and coherence (decoherence).

*14 - This virtually hidden symmetry structure may be neither fractal nor holographic.

*15 - These inferred particles (depending on our lesser interpretations so far) as in momentum, say for neutrinos, are quasi-physical and quasi continuous frontiers of (phoenix) mechanics.

* * *

Somewhat related to these issues today is a post by Lubos on the relationship of gravity to entropy... In my opinion both papers cited leave a lot to be desired and are a little less than a deeper understanding of this creative approach and debate.

That is, some such relation may certainly be involved here but our science does not seem to have caught up to certain core issues, times arrow and thermodynamics and symmetry itself, other things such as decoherence, and an ultimate idea of some sort of absolute indeterminacy, and so on as really a matter now of creative philosophy.

In the illustrations above the script part is the sheet following the one typed at the beginning of this posting. From this I will extract the philosophic speculation which if one is to look deeply there is a wealth of the geometrical part of this better written page on superhyper symmetry as it should follow from things that seem to be happening in science in our time- things of course well beyond the propaganda from the post-modern accepting of a new age of awakening of an interconnected world view. What after all is the long term investments while the short term fluctuates?

Of course, in that this relates to particle physics or any sort of intelligible treatment of what are distinct inertial systems as if mass or gravity and so on, I tried to answer Tomasso's question on how can we know if such and such a particle is the Higgs or something else? I am not claiming to answer this directly and after all my position is more that of Pitkanen's insights, given him a little evidence of what else could something be from these geometrical groundings. But a bigger question than say supersymmetric particles as such would be in this higher generalization of dimensional space are there some particles or reactions possible in the background we could not really infer at all or observe yet they are real at least as we can reason them out even if actual energy concerns are still remote? There should be intelligible analogs to what SUSY suggests but in superhyper levels.

Philosophy where some physics principles are at bottom still metaphysical (in Peter Rowlands' sense which after all does assert a role for the muon and the paradoxical rest of the universe as an entity that creates is own vacuum.):

The "purpose of life" is not that it can stand out from the universe to become a self-reflection on itself or on the universe. It is (at least) in the evolution as grounding, that the evolving itself stands out as an open purpose and directed end, to define in our own lives what is unique so standing out as intelligible.

I have at times often wondered about what the birds were on about as if they really had a purpose and some control of their own world. But can we not ask this question of ourselves from perhaps a little higher perspective? The purpose of a photon as Noether suggests, is light to find the path of least action over the widest freedom of symmetry- an still we have not placed the lowly photon in a greater physics context in our own search for the truth or not of unified theories.

* * *

Preface here to today's
Comment to Pitkanen:

We have made a great fuss over what may be these particles- I agree that the cosmic and nuclear string ideas still have validity even if the faery fields and standard strings fail- I have shown the way from the very beginning that the duality between the Platonic like or regular structures imply a sort of vibration and mediator particle and as with Pitkanen not something deeper- and yet there are more complicated particles than what we observe or can today, even beyond the idea of Higgs in the vast sea of singularities. That would be quite a discovery and more to the engineer's taste. So why not look at the alternative logics and theories so we can say rather easily if such and such is a Higgs then how many and so on. But until we grasp the wider ground of as yet undefined dimensions and can stare at the obvious and that not be invisible and ambiguous in the counting, we cannot agree on the value of and soundness of such a universe that must just sense its total grounding. There is still room in this world for reason and imagination.

The Comment:


back to the logic questions.

Lately, in seeing more of the extent and depth of your reaching I suspect that you would benefit from my so called quasics view as well I would benefit from the more Lie group ideas of the topologies.

We can of course default it all to binary- for that after all is the structure of such Boolean logics and yes beyond a quantum aspect of it or parallel the (finite or Klein) geometry can revert in the end to more classical logics and not these intermediate steppingstones.

You see, at least we have the sense of beauty in these rarefied realms of physics while it seems that so many play without the reach of Chopin play chopsticks on a grand piano - or sing along to the great karoke in the sky until the drink kicks in following the bouncing ball faster than the jittery film in their own heads as if he scroll of he player piano were their own.

Are we the designers of such logic systems or within the sense of its design? What of uniqueness as determined by primes as in Godel which is after all a metalanguage rather than say a statement of physicality? But can the same subjectivity of notions not be said of Boole?

Now on newscientist today an article that crudely suggests that most of mass, and the new data may have to redefine mass radically anyway, is in the black holes (the cosmological editor there). But this may be the case in a sense if he means structured singularities.

One does not have to be perfect to recognize perfection in a world where the old logic does not apply and (Ulla) you would like to live in a TGD universe you say- but well, you may be surprised somehow that you already do.

The signs of things simplify equations, the bad or good emotions are merely that and have no ultimate reality fixed beyond the local time of solving things. And the game is that the voiceless and deafness do speak to us as we are driven to hear, discern the message.


* * *

Monday, August 22, 2011

Super-hyper Information Space

Super-hyper Information Space (& Vector Intelligibility in Natural Dimensions) L. Edgar Otto Aug.21, 2011

That two planes can intersect at a point as an axiom of higher space, this is an axiom also of quasic and informational space, and phase spaces in higher dimensions. Without such a core understanding of simple combination's of axes and so on, of the lower dimensions in a vast sea of them we may try to force things into what we think of as six space and compactification and not the Eight face representations. So in these abstract analogs to 3 space structure, xy and z, we understand as if natural expressed vectors inductors and condensers of such information supercolor space. But it seems to me there is an awful lot of deep geometry and formulas built around such a simple counting of our first few fingers. Perhaps even a cave man cannot understand.

I would like to add that these consideration of natural or traditional and alternative ideas of space and dimensions suggests to me their applications to ensembles of the so called particles we are attempting to explain or describe-that is such symmetries my apply to atomic structure (indeed how is it we can double the neutrons to the protons in a nucleus?) And do we extend the periodic table even further than the combination of generations of quarks? Dark nucleons- do you mean this Matti? And it suggest to me another revolutionary level in what we need to understand the information if not the mechanism of the dimensions of the genetic code. But gene revolutions are becoming ordinary lately.

* * * *

Comments to another blogger:

PeSla said...


I would be interested in what you make of this paper.

It was on The Reference Frame blogspot.

Does this scientific paper tell us anything? Is it scientific?

The PeSla
August 21, 2011 1:32 PM
Bruce Duensing said...

As a conceptual projection of various scenarios based largely on the variability of human nature, it is a fair and balanced presentation with all the required caveats in regard to it's own critical assumptions. Where I would criticize the paper, is that it is incomplete, in my view as it is flawed in how the scenarios are arranged into good bad or indifferent effects. The complexities of human life in community ( which is the paper's context) is not characterized or experienced by any such simple means in terms of valuating effects and origins which create our own contradictory behaviorism's. It could be and more than likely be in aggregate sums some entangled variation of effects from each column, of which there would be "good effects" and "bad effects" and "no effects" By it's nature, it is made of puzzle pieces that fit more than one way, yes? Also..the road to perdition is based on critical assumptions in the form of good intentions that do not translate as evangelical postulates in an non human or non alien culture, and so my read of this from a non human perspective, is it ( the paper) is laudable in the sense that it serves as a sensible argument for taking a stand off approach, and that any inferred or presumed control of effects from contact is laughable, and a warning to keep one's good intentions at bay as accidents, unpredictability..all under the umbrella of the unanticipated are more than probable to arise. The cure might be worse than the disease as far as tampering goes. However, if the tact is to promote any insight that is arrived at toward our own make up by our own efforts and not their own, this tact would seem to do the least "damage" and may in fact be what is occurring. If so, that does not mean it will "take." or have any significant effect, as most of the effects to date from a presumed provocation are patent nonsense in the human community.

In view of this simple observation of natural dimensional axes one can imagine that applying Fourier analysis to compute say the density of matter in the universe is a less than adequate method and we cannot just throw away small contributions of a series or differentials... the mortar between this hierarchy of material bricks where it is not an integer also needs the contribution of levels deeper than the Fourier. Not to say we do not get an approximation and think the final values are but a small modification of the equations away.

* * *
My Facebook status today:

It may be that it is not about jobs... the social disability system is insolvent and seems to implode along with the boondoggles and bureaucrats of that industry. What they do not understand in investment in the people is that such systems merely pass on the bad debts to those on the bottom who cannot honor them but would do so. Insolvency is the highest and worst form of taxation and not a game that should be played beyond the community.

* * *

Although it is hard to see or believe, in a universe where in theory we can radically change its past if someone enlightened enough will choose to do so, it does take awhile to follow the depths and possible truths in a theory. Some of these in reaching out to try to understand, and yes to the homework in the symbols and notions they see as the unique core and contribution to explanations and total theories, that I have found several alternative view of others taking a very long time to find the heart of its meaning, and its wider significance in the nuts and bolts of ideas to which we if honest will intuitively soundly gravitate towards.

One consequence of this is that ideas of which I gave little faith more than the courtesy of consideration (which is to my and all of our benefits) is that some of the ideas we can clearly see as inadequate- but more so that some of them are clearly beyond the scope of things that are considered the ground of theory today and nevertheless are a reality at least in our near futures.

This is perhaps right up there with my general ability to pick a song that will become very popular and influential to the point those who balked at my prediction have often come back and apologized saying I was right about the song and musician.

But for those whom I in my politely held doubts, I am the one who owes the apology and the responsibility for showing their paths had great substance after all. This would be a pointless statement if not in the apparent shortness of a life the restraints of this issue were not still with us in our own time and incarnation in a world where if life were so precious and so short we would not have time for some common sense things like our tribal instinct for false flags and prejudices.

* * *

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Physicality Beyond the Two Player Game

Physicality Beyond the Two Player Game L. Edgar Otto August 20,21 2011

Today on Kea's update she links to a paper which concludes quantum information theory goes both ways to elucidate particle physics. What I find remarkable, even though we are talking about the metaphor of color here of which it is debatable if these, like abstract spin, are not literal and the same word and concept, especially lately and where nature may indeed have different ways to see some particles, and that these are in a sense composite when thought point irreducible. Iota's anyone?

In any case other than the actual measure of mass of which the formulas are somewhat successful, the old bricks with a small amount of mortal between them, and as Kea points out the place in the matrices and so on where integer numbers are involved if not explained their place in quantum worlds, I see in the paper the same conclusions as in my alternative suggestions as far as the numbers go - only, I feel from reading what I can of this paper that the insights have not come from awareness of a more general theory to which what is found to me would not be reassuring had I not a long alternative view of space, color and dimension. Still, the convergence and confluence here of coincidence should reassure us of computable paths as long as the world is intelligible with numbers, that we are solidly on the right track.

Today I will just post some minor general observations on theories of games which includes quantum concepts, again along my theme of physicality. I will also add a philosophic point on the nature of God as the most general of inertial systems in that our attitude to this concept is the modern issue of what we have a tendency to look for in those notions we call unified theories. (please forgive the complex language as I wrote these early this morning.)

* * *

*1 - an (n-dimensional game greater than or equal to 5) may play itself and may play it in a few different ways.

*2 - a two player game may win, break even, or draw.

*3 - a two player (consider all such duality here as in the C2 group, viriality and so on...) my only win or draw in the relation to initial moves and conditions.

*4 - the scientific part of the chess game is the endgame.

*5 - a (finite) n-dimensional chess game may introduce expanding and only locally predictable choices and paths, loops and terminations.

*6 - the choices made within a range of a game may non-linearly affect those of another game globally including no choice made by the first game.

*7 - the physicality of such choices may physically affect other choices where the response is between entities and views of the physical.

*8 - No sequence of choices must necessarily be unique or that all sequences of choices contribute as foundational to the general state.

*9 Clearly the duplication of a board of a certain representational range between odd and even dimensions or that numeric distinction quasically in the plane perpendicular to that, in symmetric binary states, may distinguish as the not commutative of the natural binary states of representation of those dimensions and of those dimensions (such as thought of as powers of two as the dimension) and in general these relationships are intelligible as physicality.

*10 - a unique present state and evolution direction is not necessarily irreversible and may vanish or arise locally, and creatively beyond its notion as a field to some more probably higher level to make on the whole a persistence of a physical entity.

* * *

As a model of Creation being more intricate than many reduced scientific and philosophic systems allowing a more comprehensive and inclusive, beautiful unity of phenomena, the idea of God as well human nature and the structures and processes of the universe, should not be as rigid as to have us insist on conservation of anything on the level we strive in physics to so define it.

Only on the level of an ultimate Being as the background inertial system of space can the assertion: "God is neither created or destroyed," even begins to make physical sense.

On the other hand, all such supernatural and pseudo-random systems cannot be simply unified by an underlying interaction of everything and every phenomenon connected in nature to everything else -or there there would be no unique games and relations between competing entities, no useful or real meaning that is a balance in unified theory, no enduring design or evolution, and no moment as certain causality in what we imagine the personal and physical.

These notions concerning a more religious perspective are nevertheless at the heart of how the philosophy of it colors our theories of everything. We have the Distant God who dwells in receding mystery and forever expanding with our understanding. We have the God Incarnate who paradoxically falls down into the physical world and can return to the higher realms again as so humans in His image. The Catholic and Protestant views seem parallel here. We have the New Age God, of light- of late sensate mirrored evil also of his ascetic rule of vengeance and conflicts the norm until the age we are in seeks oblivion or balance again. The New Age God to the monological others even when the division of the trinity suggest a certain pluralism again, a just and Democratic God, the transition parallel to modernity and post-modernism. Civilization returns to its tribal roots or earlier views as to if a system is unified or diverse for time and space are in this sense quasi-relative and what is the physical fact of things after the fact adjusts to the fact as the real in the face of the freedom of what might have been. In this sense the game persists and seems conserved but only in a quasi-physical sense of the reality.

Yet we must find such Gods beyond the scope of our notions of the day so as not to allow them to work against the very structure and purpose of our unique existence if we choose to create such. In this respect we observe that the God of Our Cognitive Awareness and total Enlightenment forthcoming as to some better model of our uniqueness- is also in the greater unity and reality of things, maybe just a stepping stone to other states of lesser or greater being.

It may be that we do not ultimately die alone at some place distant from our reaching out to others or being a part of the world- But the play begins and the resolution one on one we who know and see the gods and thus become part of the god-game.

* * *

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nessedal (Valley of the Elves)

Nessedal (Valley of the Elves) L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 19/20, 2011

This post is a stretch but that seems to pass fast. For it is but a short lag a the foundations between the myth and the science, the emptiness and the physicality.

Lubos supplied this link yesterday which discusses a paper on what do we expect if we make contact with the aliens:

In this climate post: the general issue of which in terms of hard science or not is my topic of the day- after all like the weather it seems some advanced formulas can be used to predict where there are pockets of crime and that has gone down where the police have used the program.

Today he writes on the consistency of string theory as one of its strengths:

Another blogger wonders if nature chose a code that was not random of all the possible amino acids:

Kea speaks as does Pitkanen of a mathematical program:

These issues (again from my view there is a lot wanting in this sort of geometry in a mere 6 space, and again I am not that worshipful of Witten. Lubos even shows the linear situations as do some of the other bloggers in the context here.

discusses the science of consciousness.

Also my comments to Santeri on his posts I have reconsiders somewhat as to his stance on the nature of transcendental numbers and loops and such- for the issue in an arithmetic and geometrical program is for me now one of uniqueness- and if that is not primes then what other models are there in nature? So the valley of these mythical beings is the spirit of what we may become. Is this remote speculation a matter of science? Is the so called Big Bang not the past but the future that starts the next big bang? Is the universe zero and unity and no concept of absolute negative zones in its arrow at all? Of course for me that place is central and timeless... my myth of Far-rockabye in the Journeys of Olney to the quasar era.

So, Santeri, I brought up the comment that we are well beyond the post modern philosophy of science here. Now Lubos link to the aliens reads very well as something worthy of publishing as science- and yet it really solves nothing or tells us little that the average person may not already have discussed and ran the ideas to the ground or said it was some conspiracy of state power and so on. It does matter if aliens are physically there or not as to shedding light on what we may be and act in out history to come if we survive. The bloggers I link to that discuss the UFO community issues in my opinion are a lot more honest in their contemplations than this fake formal paper, and such honesty culls out or is aware of untruths.

A post modern paper on the other hand can sound very scientific with big words that also tells us a lot of nothing at all, or something that appears surreal that but seems to make sense- after all words are a most relative thing, the waste product of thought and culture, a tool to change or fight for our evolution to come and control it.

Is it not a small step to think that if Penrose is right then it may not be simply a cycle of universes and so on? The next stage may be what some seem to sense, that there is a Heaven to which what we are in the universe so become. And there are ghosts and angels and elves that in the background help direct the world as if the unique and conscious things in it are protected and guided by such airy spirits.

So, is such a paper scientific talking about things beyond the scientific realm or does the creationist and UFO aficionados overstep their bounds by talking about the science outside their reach? In either case the remote remains remote so that the immediate physicality seems all the more unique and real, as do their visible spirits lessens the spirits in the dark that really describe the climate of our minds. Not to push such spirits or gods or not well behaved equations so distant is to undermine our sense of reality and grasp of struggle for our unique being that constantly needs reassurance it is meaningful in this world- or the grace of the beyond may so take the burden of viewing the light that it is real for us.

* * *

Anyway, what is mathematical or scientific in the illustration of notes is the treatment of or counting of the "motives" or in general the z directions and xy directions as if we think of differentials, partial differentials, vector properties and so on... In color space as if these are particles themselves or fields that can connect as at least a partial reality in the random climate change seas of entropy by such logic that also underlies the reality (Otto-Motil statistics) of scientific truth. How these intersect at certain points, much like Pikanen planes that connect or like those purely Euclidean things (with the scalar grounding) assume that we can jump the values of pi in slices of Riemann multiple density of geometric shapes- and yet from some continuous view, there is not observed jump even to the quintics or less than Pythagoras of which the young Riemann asserted was not relevant to the complexity of his system or to observed physics.

* * *

The odd thing is that some of these esoteric considerations really reach and touch some of the people in the coffee shop as if to have them understand or awaken to their own seemingly trapped human condition. Of course it is easier if they say have some knowledge of things like Zen philosophy via marshal arts or some such higher concerns. As I understand it, today on the science mags we have to rewrite what we know say of chromatin - how much do we still not know about such a basic and intimate part of us? For example beyond the scope of zen debate are we more prone to suicide if that is in the family tree? Where does the idea of karma come in or not? Can we escape the history of our own past? Well, if the remote big bang is the future and not the past this is a possibility of sorts. Now in the mags there is an article that says some people figured out or intuitive knew how to beat the lottery with say three of the numbers (now of course those lotteries are "toast" as the article says. And it seems the old debate is there as to what extent of free will or determinism and the responsibility for it of the individual is there. So is all a randomness of some degrees no matter how intricate of chance, synchronicity, coincidence outside the expected norm? Is all determined or ultimately random? Is a person not special as much as they may feel they are unique or is the failed uniqueness something they have to protect to be in a relation to the world? Can it be in the still unintelligible mathematics of it all that the world only makes partial sense (assuming we do not just live in our heads, another core debate of long struggle to understand) that there are only degrees of pseudo-random numbers when it comes down to it.

So mixing red and blue marbles half of each in a pail by stirring theme around left handed with a stick, the reverse right handed does not but can order them separate again- this is basic- yet on the average they are never really totally separated into randomness.

What can I say but have new thoughts like being aware and more intimate of forgotten things in the perhaps welcome oblivion of life as I have lived it- the living that keeps fears away that life is possible- that I renew contact with things as simple as how muscles and digestion work, how the feel of my hand upon my wrist is a miracle that tells me something of the unmasked and unhidden physicality of my being and more- that in the ongoing awareness and not the memory we can appreciate and should the depth and value of the touching and touch of others taken so for-granted in the living it and the desire of it as if we by chance want to drink of the fog.

We still crave the recognition at a distance, groupies to those we otherwise would avoid and now join the crowd crossing the street to bask or be a special part of their fame- bragging rights maybe, a learning maybe, a seeking of the wiser one. But I had he singular thought today that what would I feel if after so much wisdom say if I had mastered the paths and credentials in a physics or biology career that the world has changed, no one has the answers today, and that all I would have learned was wrong. Yet, in many ways it is good to clean the chalkboard and start again.

* * *

Why after all of this do I remain so optimistic for our futures? If we imagine an eternity of darkness before us most unconcerned yet do so for an eternity of darkness after us, how much more the distance of our sense of well-being if there is no such past darkness or if it is it is intimate every moment so as to be invisible and innocuous- all that we measure is just everlasting and only partially stable and unique in its own day. Yet, I know that such questions of ends and origins have little to do from some higher perspective with our ideas of futures and past.

* * *
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