Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quasic Determinism as Materialist Diseases of the Developing Mind

This illustration is a modification of the research of the developing brain, at least from the gray matter shell of our cosmological mapping of our brain as it evolves with the holographic depth of our broken and integrated experience of mind. found through links

Quasic Determinism as Materialist Diseases of the Developing Mind Leonard Edgar Otto March 31, 2010

Considering the conservation of intelligibility a purely materialist view of the brain, if we indeed consider the mind and its development and the universe in general as intelligible in design then this view also is an important and fundamental part of the picture. The same can be said for a purely geometric or psychological view. While it shows the fragility of our mind-brains as complex a thing it is encountered so far in the universe if not the most complex, it grounds some theories of the psych that has been seen as a cruder science than most.

This is true for example if we have to show what is normal development or part of the cycle of adaptibility of the brain. Surely, if the changes, especially on the outer cortext as if a deterioating, growing or chaning front are subject to a concrete influence of mental trauma, and for survival the memories for example are looped and more readily bound by say the emotion of fear some things may be accessible to heal from what can be seen as disease by psychodynamics alone. Yet in these pictures and view there seems to be even a certain sense of quasical determinism which for individuals suggests- and perhaps depressingly so- that little can really be done to cure some in stray mental branches of our species. Then again we are just beginning to understand things on the chromosome and gene levels.

Yet if nothing else the falsifiable quasic view may go a long way to make useful classifications of our mental states and even suggest an intelligible way to extend them to other designs of our genetics and parallel effects of the chemistry of it all.

* * *

The Book of Bonpa L. Edgar Otto March 31, 2010 Wheaton, Illinois

The tree of awareness within we behold from a small breadth of distance
as if we were God's-eye in view, perhaps with human Lucy ape eyes

So, our first songs we project on the unclear clouds and wind of nothingess
and the cycles become unglued, we squirell-like hop between or only dwell on branches

As if we could hide on the other side of the Northern face from the cold wind
where all such trees in forgetful summer spin around us or we around them

I do not know if the total vision of my own is sound I only know the viral worms
caused you to become unwound and fear fed on itself conjured some demon giant

Or the tree one night you spoke too and to which you made love while the night watchman
came out to see what was the noise shined his flashlight and shook his head

How can we know any voices are not our own who cry out in the soft flesh that cannot feel
physical pain but only indirectly where the plasma crosses and the leaves fall or
buds spring?

In your sleep walking you search with firelight and it burns the outside world down yet
you do not recall as we revel in the lights of firetrucks emergency crews blames faulty wiring

* * *

Still, this new being that you are, the grasping in free fall for the self or the glide
down on flying squirel wings to some solid ground meditating softly

Struggles just as hard for its survival, flees from the shell of knowing good and
evil some deep language of your art and yes the same old story

That once we have tasted the evergreen and felt betrayed and tempted by the apple
we look into the vague unknown of our music within for some tree of life

But take what you can from the mystery of life, the branches sometimes fall and the palm grow
top down in aging memory, cling to your creativity

Sometimes we as stars are flung out of the global cluster and only there is all right that
we are not failed stars but a place where life can arise and pruning survive new night terrors.

* * *

Experiment and Reason (What if the LHC Finds Nothing?)

Experiment and Reason (What if the LHC Finds Nothing?)

We certanly have had a couple of decades of the flowering of theoretical models which it is hoped the LHC may tell us some things about particles and some of the models. The idea of dimensions has attracted what seems the boldest research, will we make micro-black holes- some have computed the dimensions (of measure) and say at the scale of energy of the LHC it could come close, the same with micro black holes or with say a "particle" of dark matter. And of course the great mystery of the force of gravity compared with other "forces" and what gives things the measure of their mass. Some new surprise or phenomenon as a gateway to deeper physicsw would be welcome- but my Quasic views without appeal to the supernatural presents a model that may not depend on our crude idea of dimensions at all. And as dimensions of measure what exactly do the empiricist physicists hope to measure? If things are closer to say Eddington's fundamental quantum relativiy then we seem to have the answer for the bulk if not the tweaking of mass and our mathematics already.

What else could I mean on a more intelligible level than this when I suggested that the phaneron or brane, the quasic plane has a "metric"? Of course having such an answer from a scientist's view is a sort of theory of everything (please, use the word Omnium coined by myself and independently by Penrose) may seem too complete and confining to some, at least emotionally. But really, in a unified theory how can we expect to explain the cosmos before we understand the deeper workings of our mind along the lines for example of the last posting here? Sure, it is the work without clear measure of how sound it is on the face of it- peer review or not from one thinker to another. Will the colliders get us closer to these ultimate and independent phenomena of our mind? Will it even if all is explained in physics ever demolish the mystery of being alive?

Yes, there is an impressive amount of data many times over that of the total information presently on the internet. And the events are relatively rare of all events and yet it is quite a bit to interpret. I hope some enterprising physicists will look at this level of data from a more unified view say to see if somehow considering all of it that perhaps, just as that view of the mind of parallel and coordinated thoughts, or between molecules, or the hiddeen symmetry of the expressed genes and so on- that some events at a quasi-action at a distance may indeed be unique and cloned, that is we reduce the spooky particle zoo to a few parallel forms. Yet, this is one converging idea for an answer like reaching collectively the frontier of knowledge in that we may not have evoloved enough nor can we if the scales are just beginning to open up to our microscopes- as if the quantum physical and so call consciousness interpretations correspondingly converge- or that in the analysis of such data to model and learn the laws of particles we must program the computers with such laws- if we truly believe our reality is intelligible.

But I must say, as far as the geometric dimensions at least, including ideas of n-dimensions, I resist abandoning them as a tool of long use for what seems a pure and sensible theory of the dimensionless yet not cloudy view. Then again like with the germ of truth in our developing ideas not all of previous theories are abandoned.

Thank you for reading the Ottonian view- all I can say is that in the main I do have a sense of the unity of this world in these models and it can be yours if you are able to understanding it - conceptually as well as programmed sensible free will. If the world would understand better there needs be no fear of those who would use the new physics and tools of physics as madmen- to say science can be so in the main is a lot more of the sky is falling idea of things than say some object eating the solar system. I think that those who would misuse science are not intrinsically capable of understanding what could be done but they think they know- not only nature may heal herself and be a censor to wounds of unintelligibilty, but the cosmos itself, if you like as if some external agent in the present invisible nothingness of destiny and intervention to prevent ultimate evil as if philosophically things should neutrally not matter anyway despite the beauty of this world- our psyches also are censored by such laws perhaps- even if not the universe in its ends and beginnings. Then again in the Postmodern age these old models of experiment and reason are still there to deny our children doing better than ourselves and the ideal of making this world a better place (religious ethic or not) and this is well known or felt to be some half truth of our intensions of the cry for and use of education.

In this illustration I want to convey the sense of mass as if counting only a system of subunits (imagine if you will an idea of compact dimensions on the bark of a tree but it is more like a birch tree with jagged fractal bark). The issue is not say some spirit or god surrounds and holds an atom or universe together nor that from some atomism or quanta view we need a void of space in which they can act. So in a higher sense such entities as ecotoms may have consciousness in a quasi-real analogy to the equivalent idea they execute as will as if just matterial physical particles (and the quasireal certainly is the field or space not full not vibrating in flux or detail and yet not the idea of void or vacuum in the usual measurable dimensional sense). Quasic space, a dynamic dialectical and possibly a living thing as a background gives both the substance to matter and the place for it to move.

* * *
A comment on the idea of Higgs mass posted just after this one in the blogspot THE REFERENCE FRAME:

BTW, it is conceivable that should they find the Higgs that its mass value would be in a neutral quasic range of one of Eddington's 256 sub structures, after all such a theory in itself conceives (and this is as far fetched as looking for the Higgs itself) is already from my view quasically that which in eight natural dimensions, octonions wherein it is actually an advantage to lose the mathematical laws through ther plateau regions great and small that Eddington imagined an exact number of protons in the universe. Here of course we encounter questions of the multiverse and so on.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Science and Philosophy of Creativity

The Science and Philosophy of Creativity has another significant article today, and as usual such things are in a strange synchronicity with events and my areas of thought. In fact the article mentions the research of a "Jung" :-)

Part of understanding others is the understanding of ourselves (I make an immediate new post because I do not seem to edit and add to the previous one which for my foreign readers refers in the title to Scott Toilet Paper- perhaps in poetic connections of metaphors- "Please don't sqeeze the charmed quarks.")

Check out this article!

Clearly, a lot more is going on, and dialectically so in our human psyches. (Look, I could write an awful lot in the experiences of but a day or so. I also saw the movie
Men Who Stare at Goats) Perhaps in some sense the universe does not exist if so then how would we know if some micro black hole ate up the universe? I mean is this idea any more absurd than the ideas of nature never reaching some infinite singularity in the cosmology or time conspiring to prevent say the discovery of the Higgs or something?

Do we not all have to decide what is demented and what is sound thinking. I mean it is as if between humans we have a further classification of inter-intelligence, a multiple intelligence in the sense of Creative Intelligence. Do we not develop and adapt to these things in ourselves, and how is it we sometimes intuitively feel that for example depressed people are creative, the price and influence perhaps of our crazy artistic temperment.

For example I have tended in past to vary my main work between the poetic and the math and sciences as they seemed to balance things out mentally- and yes in my hard poems there is an atempt to integrate science say with advanced mathematical metaphors. Now some who were around me a lot noticed that in my periods of poetry and math the amount of hair growing on my balding head dependend on which study!

The accompanying illustration is a sheaf of wire spread out like Einstein's remarkable hair style in his day and echos the illustration in the newscientist article. Again, those slow may in the end be more advanced in some areas- and clearly we in theory are capable of making human intelligible decisions and developing our white and gray matter in reason and emotions, science and poetry and maybe should heed and feed both. Well, maybe not for those with quadrapolar disorder!

On the bus coming down here I did not get that revolutionary feeling of Lenin passing thru the front to lobby the prols in Russia to leave the war- It was just a ride from one place to another. Heck, you have to go far beyond walking distance just to reach the bus stop, no longer the heart of the city. And we could ask the french fry gal at mcdonalds about the schedule and bus tickets- next the drive by window hmmmmmm. Last time I felt it amazing a young nurse I spoke to could call back and forth on her cell phone free between two cities. This trip was about three hours of some dudes chatting up their babes and loud ring tones upon texting. I finally moved more forward and so did one lady and we had to share the open seat and we had a great conversation about vitamins and statins and so on.

I went to an art store to see if I could find some acrylics of the primary colors and met a Spanish girl working there who really was very interested and helpful finding things for us after I noticed her tattoo of Beardsley and commented on it. I later thought she knows her stuff working there- I mean not just the creative aspect of artful earings and clothes - but a very well informed intellect with effort of expertize to know all the brands of tubes of paints- and what purpose I wanted these paints that none there would work.

Up Me Beam, Scotty

Up Me Beam, Scotty

What a nice way to end winter and begin spring, out like a lamb and all that, Well, yes a great technical achievement, the LHC. Perhaps a new beginning for physics.

I find it amazing here in a world where I am not used to not knowing everybody for a long time now- how fast and easy I can connect and make friends in a world of strangers.

* * *

Footnote: the background of he accompanying illustration is the first data from the collion yesterday at the LHC, perhaps a event worth noting March 31, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

In Search of Honey and Salt

Tomorrow I visit Chicago to watch my son's dog a week or so. I will try to visit my philosopher friend rrushius from the philosophychatforum. Hmmmm, maybe get Lincoln to sign his book as I am but a couple of degrees from people that know him.

I do not have much to write about today- and maybe need a vacation of sorts, I mean I watched some old television and this side of the story and technology compared to back when it seems at the same time hoakey and profoundly predictive. The Korean war era consoles and aircraft seemed dated even in the sixty's. In particular two Outer Limits shows this morning- just when I am thinking over what my roommate said about turning his demons into friends in the Jungian manner I presume- well a lady in the show is marked by her childhood monsters- I concluded myself that our brain is such a thing it goes through these states of "dislocation" the show said which may have been a movie, also an episode OL on mystics and scientist and the reversal of his hand in a magnetic field to some fourth dimension!. I mean we all seem to have that night terror stage of development- her shrink said. In any case that we write at some stage of ideas pretty much the same thing and find it intelligible probably does tell us something about our deep psychology.

Thing is, if my post of yesterday is true then all who have said religion is the source of the world's deep wars and struggle. then this, dividing the world up or not into compartments of being or energy, reason or mystery, that the nature of how we view science and its foundation even secularized in these objective but quasi-mystical terms, is also a cause of great strife and evil in this world. Take away the religious metaphors and some scientists are political bigots with meaningless or arbitrary agendas- very much the politicians.

I hope to take a few photos there also. If inspired and the ideas worthy I will continue posting.

When I return here it will be Easter- May all your chocolate bunnies not be hollow. If any of you desire to visit for coffee when I am there notify me on facebook or comment here.

The accompanying illustration contains the dark copper rocks of the river around here in Western Wisconsin. These make good natural aquarium gravel.

I keep wondering and struggling to recall what it was like to live in a big city again. Just how windy is the Windy City? and What happened to all the top hats and machine guns? How odd if I had chosen one of two rides that I would not be making this trip because those I will visit would not be there.

* * * NEXT DAY March 28, 2010

Well, it looks like I will not be taking pictures this time around. I am waiting at the coffee shop now for the bus but wrote more along these lines this morning:

The Persistence of Vision

My freedom is your freedom
your freedom is not my slavery
My slavery is not your freedom
your slavery is my slavery

How persistent is our being
universal our struggle unto vision
The hour dealt anew, poker faced our God in all beginnings
half full or empty spring surrounds your heart
Into which I cannot see directly light and passion
save if I recall my own first awakenings and
Yet this too my struggle to see beyond my own heartbeats

I to you, also part vanished shell of shadows
our expectations frozen to melt too soon, short or long our time
May all your chocolate bunnies be not hollow, my child of Earth

* * *

Your calling is not my calling
my calling is not your failure
Your failure is not my calling
my failure is your failure

The spinning sea of many, lukewarm or as cultures clash
reduced to one flesh exercised unto God's face of nothingness
To enter the distant higher Kingdom, Heaven brought to Earth\
that we be born again, survive the baby killers

History's myths open or closed, the Mover sinks into sleep
or stumbles in stampede, relives one of His pillars
Crave you the raven safe in the arms of abandoned hope
on what branching tree of life hangs the endless rope?

The hares run by the hounds for fun and for the fox his fur
the nests of colored eggs their meadow children we infer.

* * *

Friday, March 26, 2010

Zephyrpoint Quasi-real Awareness, Of God and Gravity

Zephyr-point Quasi-real Awareness, Of God and Gravity

After the post yesterday I saw had an article on elliptic functions and I wondered if these were similar to the more discrete model proposed. Also was the usual discussion on the nature of consciousness as parallel (rhyming) connections over the neurons as a possible model of consciousness. One thing for sure someone sees the importance of such things to solve more physical models.

That said, I have come almost to a religious quandary when it comes to interpreting some of these physical and metaphysical ideas- I see on that there is a lively debate between Lincoln and Forest_Dump as to if gravity should be taken on faith similar to a religious faith. I can certainly see Forest's point here but I can see more too. This is much like the asking of if there is some sort of Holy Spirit, Sophia, logos, and the like in the religious tradition of the people of the book (I do not know enough really of the deep history of the Jews and Islam and how it relates to Greek philosophy.

But surely the Philosophic Distant God and the Personal one (a question mtbturtle raised on the forum) is akin to this issue of the difference really in the illusion or not or the consciousness or not, of time or gravity depending on if we are on the inside or surface of a hologram space structure. If, from an atomic and thus less Aristotelian Christian view, but the plane as a more Islamic view, and the tent idea over Jerusalem and so on as man the religious early on- hard to keep all these straight for us historically from an over view- why not the present if but a metaphorical understanding of God as quasi-real a spirit in the hologram sense- not to say that perhaps gravity has some religious source behind it.

Let us not forget there seems to be "being" and "energy" early on and that these were once religious and poetic words- is that the meaning when some say, like Lincoln, that the key to it all is energy? And yet I do think we can make something intelligible of things more transcendent than a silent God, personal or impersonal. Not just philosophy but religion and yes mutual respect is fundamental to the debate if it can be unified, Islam as egalitarian for example or some idea of the return to our founding principles or not in our propaganda of health insurance debate - it is as hard a problem at least mathematically. Now, for my part I do not see how in the last thirty years the insurance and private sector have given us anything but grief being middle men in the student loan department. I have been denied and forced to apply for my GI Bill for the last few decades. Do we believe or not that education is good for the benefit of all of us? Both parties seem to justify the means by some end!

Well, this sort of thing on my mind (and why fill out the census if this state twice did not let me vote? - in any case I will be in another state under the letter of the law at the time.) This sort of thing on my mind but that said I will post what I casually wrote down last night:

* * *

In the misty continuum space our cold snowy souls descend to the great ground plane of earth- and we sometimes evaporate before even our raindrop lives reach the ground. So too our tricks of avoiding the need for deeper understanding.

*Given a set of neurons they can work globally in parallel or be active in the small in regions (also considering details of exploding novas as something in between).

*Global intelligibility can occur with or without consciousness.

*Existential intelligibility can do the same.

* * *

*Two such intelligibility's can cause a state of motion (also still pictures, the painted ship on a painted ocean, can imply a motion in the mist, in the atmosphere that covers the plane and sphere of the universe and earth.)

*Two can "physically" restrict each other as logical multiplication.

*If zero it may represent a potential for motion rather than a state of motion, same for infinity, both with a unity as intelligibility a sense of possible or impossible a little be fuzzy in the stratosphere of thought.

*Primacy, and zero as such, may have at least one successor (predecessor) and may have only one, this without the idea of mathematical induction so to distinguish the even and odd numbers and dimensions.

*An alternating series summed need not be ambigous.

* * *

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zephyr or Zifr Points

Zephyr or Zifr Points

Just a stray thought yesterday, not very well developed although I should not underestimate the intellect of say the Ancient Greeks by the content and progress of their studies. Is Plato really relevant? Are we?

I find it interesting, to quote the zero book, that Chiristianity chose the void over the Bible,which is to say chose Aristotle- and yet the Moslems chose the atomic theory, the atoms needing a void. It is perhaps precisely here where the idea of projective spheres (virgin and child) and the tessellations without showing the face of the Prophet meet somewhere on the complex plane. But of these two worlds where we have a region, more or less that of a point or things that may encompass a point or zero, for me the Natti point and the recent Martin points- these must also be a sort of unified theoretical model.

I mean, just because from the idea of the transcendental a point on the number line not being so is infinitely against then why do we take up so much mind and space and matter on such small integer numbers?

But the idea I toyed with and did not get any earthshaking impressive results was to take the prime numbers and put them in various binary quasic notations and see just where they wound up in the quasic plane. 2 13 43 241 ... for example. Now, let us conceive a wider connection between parts of the broken representations of tensors that represent the generations of say particles: We can also make sequences and notate them and find some place or pattern on the quasic plane. Of course we can mirror them.

But let us then consider the motion in such spaces generalized and so on. I thought I might call this the genrenome (Ggm) rather than a continuum. But I have not found a practical use for this yet- much as my early explorations of such things recapitulating as if from Greece my metaphysics, philosophy, and science as exploration. Yet, I feel this sort use of quasics can describe useful things about some of our more varied spaces, of points of sorts and not say just atoms as crystals, that being quasically the overall structure of space in the universe.

Natti Points x Martin Points = Zephyr Points - the gauge and strings = physics.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Climate and Monochromatic Color, Economic Justice

Climate and Monochromatic Color, Economic Justice

Strange that today there is an article posted on The Reference Frame blogspot that seems to be in tandem with my afterglow of speculations of my post yesterday.

But it was also a point of philosophy in relation to the influence of some model, especially of economics and government. And of course wave mechanics. One would do well to google apod recently on the gamma ray data of the Fermi lab survey of such objects- an interesting term is micro-quasar, and so is the labs logo. I do not see a quasar as such as involving "jets" but then again metagalaxy is a term used for a group of galaxies, all such terms though more encompassing than the mathematics formalism can be compressed and limited in the coining. In any case the general solution, perhaps logically, seems to be converging in our thinking and scientific speculation perhaps in the wider seas of gravity we doing it independently- or perhaps this is a rather Jungian idea of some historical marx like or teleology of convergence- or the old firmament of ice that is a finite conception of some of the strange interpretations of the world as an ancient biblical garden- an ontological idea of a sheaf of ice, a bare charge, an event horizon, a recurring in history seen and projected to the future of our variations in the essential singularities beneath the sines with computable monochromes,

In a sense then there seems to be some relation to the teleological, cosmological, and ontological proofs of God or a model of science and manifest determined yet contradictory destiny. The free and determined and yet the random and fixed, the mechanistic and statistical, even the teleology of the ateleology or antiteleology.
The question then can the models of government be closed with the poles that of something like freedom and slavery? But then not all things are closed in random walk over some square root of time.

Let us not forget the wave front can go faster than light as well empty space may be said in some models to actually so expand- given an Euclidean and dimensionless Eddington metric assumed to some tensor like zeros the question is how much faster and how can we measure the intensity of the density of such torque loops so they teleological over time?

I have looked at a grid of the critical strip and how they form a series of points which do relate to the symmetries we are familiar with in the dimensions and what physical model of say a polyhedron can shuttle and shift the raw integers- I call these Martin Points in the Martin or Mist Continuum (which hovers above that of the lines of a Riemann globe.

So, utilitarianism, egalitarianism, libertarianism ... Rawl's, Marx ? Do we as aiming for good weight with Liberty's Lockean inputs balanced not have to first understand what good weights are in the various modes of gravity? We can argue many ways about all this very close to how we are dogmatic in some model about things like Health Insurance or the leveling mandate for individuals across all states- or yes, some idea of the role of individual hearts and minds and the cost of living or doing business in relation to some wave collection of politics and climate. I was naive to think science free from this or had objective solutions for all this barring there are no ultimate, but maybe best solutions.

And yet it occurs to me that in my personal explorations as I learn more of the advanced mathematics, do I comprehend what though technical, is already worked out by those on a higher level I cannot see- or is there some new discoveries of which I as a modest man am not sure anyone has yet achieved in the enterprise of enquiry?
Again, we might ask if there is a myth of genius and if not what does this say about human expertise and intelligibility?

I want to add a technical point: the mirrors of these Martin points suggest a sort of supercomplex space or numbers expanding the quasic unity of logical addition and multiplication- in many ways Penrose has a good principle of twisters to those general related problems.

Still, in a model of physics where we cannot ultimate distinguish what is above or below, in the practical reasoning of it all, our needfully normalized measure should keep in mind that top down or bottom up alone creative forces are incomplete.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cloverleaf Mazes and Labyrinths in the Quasic Model

Cloverleaf Mazes and Labyrinths in the Quasic Model

Perhaps one of the first and oldest principles that lead to the quasic model, here what happens on the boundaries between the cells in the grid presumed to be connected that as in the pieces of a chess game they move through the rim or flanges. So in a sense all the surfaces of such an entity are instantaneously connected as if one could walk on the surface of the earth to say the moon. This is a deep question of connectivity and continuity. I owe the general hint to my father when I asked how the electrons "know" to relate to the protons and what caused them to emit the light. He said stuff happening inside the atom causes the things to happen on the outside. This view is more of a quantum one where what happens in such a space is like the particles negotiating a maze just as in a more general relativity view of the "pressure" and zero "density" of things there are no such connections at a distance of ideal infinite speed save spooky action at a distance. There is only maze of looping and not labyrinth. Yet both general spaces can result in even a classical dynamics of chaos and directed time, that is time that we observe directed and not explain.

Yes an electron spins and has a magnetic field- but considering the magnetism of an atom depending mysteriously on the number and spin of electrons on the shell it would seem a more simply physical and unified model of electromagnetism is needed. From some mirror world we could imagine the monopole as coextensive with an electron or simply the circles and lines in quasic and projective space reversed such that we have say an imaginary mirror image.

Now sense we imagine we can go out in lines, Riemann style, to "infinity" and thus imagine coming back again to make the star polytopes with density of the intersection- we can also imagine a more general and directed net of such densities. We can imagine in particular isolated five fold regions like quasi-crystals, a wider application of the non-euclidean tessellations, and depending on the entry or exits of a maze or layering the probabilities involved in intervals of particle decay and time and initial conditions.

Any purely quantum or general relativistic model fails to be a complete description of the world when it reaches the fundamental theorem of calculus of this model for who can say what going outside or inside is conserved relative to the totality and things in the totality when some of it needs explanation not by a mere sea of merging forces and parts or sea of holes but a total integration from an independent aspect of space upon the zero solutions in the topology and complex plane of what, given a world conceivably of ultimate decay and dissipation, are independent entities themselves- as if everywhere self collapsing principles are scaled and correspond to independent spins and dances of that which sees only the positive in the small to make unexplained connections derived from small networks and twists.

It should be a small matter to put this sort of thing into the proper mathematics which utilize better the omnic principle of zero, one, and infinity whatever side of the intervals one is on. Is this not obvious? Certainly if we can begin to understand the genome in its complexity this in no harder a model- but we cannot just separate the idea of inter-atomics as a separate study of what goes on in the organic world on higher levels of matter organization-that we find things not any more complex and the genome for example more intelligible. Let us say for example that the dna spiral is indeed an interval between the outside and inside of the space grids and as finite is a loxidrome Riemannian spiral in two directions and this preferred shape in nature certainly is a length with ends like a chromosome.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On the Physical Logic of the Complex Plane

On the Physical Logic of the Complex Plane

A quote from Lincoln on the thread today under Physics called singularity.

It is quite likely that new mathematics will be required. However math is the least of our problems. Math is merely a language. The issue is a model that represents reality. Then the theoretical physicists and/or their mathematically-inclined colleagues will work out a way to solve the equations.

There are mathematicians who derive consequences of mathematics in a vacuum. Then voracious physicists descend like locusts to see what they can steal to make things easier to calculate. And, occasionally, people will need to invent the math to be able to solve their problems. One example given for this is Newton, who need calculus to calculate things. (I'm not a sufficiently-educated Newton historian to know precisely the order in which he did all this during that couple of years when he was waiting for the plague to burn itself out in London.)

One thing that is true is that no new math will solve the singularity problem as is. The problem is the model, not the math to solve it.

* * *

I have finally made the leap in understanding the unity of mathematics of our day in itself which may catch up to the models I have proposed- I too thought it would take a new mathematics but although slow our mathematics if very powerful- and at some place, in many models, the math and the models are the same thing. As far as the intelligibility of teaching and learning these heights of understanding the world what we seem to be really looking for is the unification of the diverse branches of mathematics itself rather than some application or background calculation. Oddly, few seem to readily accept the alternative models or stray to far from the long steep learning curve of our gains thru a succession of academic gifted students and teachers. Some research, some teach, but few combine both well.

The complex calculus as a rewarding and most beautiful thing, the contour calculus which ties much of mathematics together. It serves no good purpose to operate so as to teach by a principle or model alone and not the answer a prioi at the end of our journey in the back of books. The essential thing here- and each of us is responsible for our philosophic position - is that the world is stable to a point and finite in some of its functions- and these between realms or domains as if a linear continuum contain points on that continuum which may or may not diverge as with any place we deal with the infinite and zero, with horizons and singularity. Our inability to frame the singularity problem is more one of philosophy than models.

Is it not abstract enough that we imagine some higher dimensional structures and even those filled with so called "holes" of part reaching out to ideal infinity so as to have them return again in structures of a multiplicity of density? That things are simply connected such that a loop may reduce toward a point and not have an internal region which is really the same as that outside- consider all ideas of the very small as reflecting the very great- this the source of wider topologies. Yet the world can be more complicated than even the non-euclidean and presumably finite use of this terrain. To say GR breaks down at some level is just to restate that there is a problem to be solved on the nature of singularities, an empty tautology perhaps of what we assume is the given state of the reality of all models.

It is no priestly secret that most of the advanced made in the last few centuries that apply to physics at least for the experts of theory and not necessarily the expertise of the engineers that this involves the complex plane. Is the symmetry of Maxwell's equations that surprising when the mathematical formalism of Cauchy solved it before hand? And how far away are we from an intelligible idea that the unbalanced monopoles therein may not be there also in these higher complex quadratics structurally right under our nose? Here we may need a new formalism of materialization of what it actually means to be a pure particle or wave.

We should explore grids like pi/e ratios in the flatland of such dynamic matrices of space- and there be one law of motion of the zeta functions to describe things not two that have not gone beyond the grounding symbolism of our formalism.

* * * This said I continue the poetic and metaphysical parts of the posts with such things and similar things on my mind. It will not just take a new Newton or Gauss or Riemann or Einstein- but a whole new lineage of such mentors to make the needed breakthroughs who at least inspire and not stiffle the next creative and gullible generation of physicists and mathematicians. * * *

Is that Love's Linear Analysis or Infinitesimal Calculus Leonard Edgar Otto 21 March 2010 spring

Our dreams are so similar as to be confused
that we distrust the empty "is", see as abuse
Honest intentions that say "I Love You" and
our faith in each other unhealthy agnostic to everything
Confusing change and chains for the source of timeless Love
some squared acceleration although primes exceed the squares
We already there who missed the boat, overshot the
first fall together creatively into false vacuums of
Annoying presence and persistent orbits of mere friendship

No one can be wide awake at early morning classes of
spherical trigonometry nor grasp its austere
Beauty, take to heart and use, topology down to earth for living
bare naked simplicity, singularity and continua not disturbed, perturbed
We are more the Cupid's arrows still yet moving by our heartbeats

* * *

Yet your ghost my world indifferent to your out of sigh seething cauldron
is not so forever far away Love's consequences do not catch up, return to us
Reality and the Good Lord slips through all dihedral angles
its empty shells return to sand, predestined all entangles
It hardly matters, dust in an urn or vessels embalmed and
set in holy ground as the sea gives up its copper waste and dead
That we got lucky and can't exhaust the final bank's unbalanced wages

Our first dreams also challenging our children, age appropriate the ages
some moral stance of all Love's that might have been our bonds, roles, children
Its open sesame street the agenda, one family diverse its children
who will look back and see it, the hoaky Sea Hunt moral message
What was theirs beyond the closing words today of Jerry Springer
How Mormon tabernacle choir the tame gyrations in Muscle Beach Bikini's
Until returns to farce the talking spherical horse and younger but dead actors, mangled ravens.

Crime goes free with hanging judges that law fills the territory, prairie
while the citizen army protects the planes and codes, demean the play as well the indians and cowboys while
We debate come Trinity the flying carpet bomb bey's over Mumbai

* * *

The Tree of Life Covers the Earth
21 March 2010 spring

In the braided rings of time the avatars as
shepherd moons vie for all the layered sky
Five or seven come eleven space to chase the
Trojan bodies where futures past and the past future
Craters made from echoes of the war to come
between the thirsty dirty dust along the Indus and
The troughs and sells of the Prophet's tears
heaven perpendicular, no parallels ten thousand household gods

From the Ganges Ghandi Gunga-din felt the non-violence
winds of Aether, a Baluchitherium he rode again and
History as it were returned as snowbound Lama down from the world's top
David and Goliath, Persia falls to Greece, Albion and the Bear and
So on goes the soliton sensed and fixed in prophesy the apocalypse
Each new Eden, even sword sliced Zion, the center chosen inheriting Hallowed Land

* * *

What profits man that he divines by prayer or reason cleft
deducing truth outside his dream that nothing else is left?

What have we done with our dominion over the Earth when
the roots were fossil real, whales elephants returned to sea and

All the beasts and chimera, ape man in the mind of sleeping God
half awakened now on Eearth recalled in cracks of broken vessels glued?

The golden fruit half and twice eaten so too the lodestone worms
our minds go beyond our skulls, beyond the holes in the canopy of stars

Although lighter than the angels, ghosts, and aliens, beyond forever's
our archangel wings awaken, command their clockwork fires

Let us praise the many lost and the few who found the way through the maze
even the demons are immortal in memory who stopped and built their kingdom

Tired and part way and free from the Lords of the trade routes
giving birth to angels with time to tame the wolves, plant orchards.

* * *

Gods In Retreat Half Fail
21 March 2010 spring

How absurd into dimensions shod of mystery so
the only analogies to trust those of geometry

Or in your simple faith thought obvious to the point
you think me full of nonsense, irrational

That you accelerating at light speed shrink me, make
me smaller in the distance, send me to ideal margins?

When I come closer to you, timeless and instantaneous
the greater shift of unities you face away dark side moon

My Hubble eyes can only see by your theory of rainbows
thought's small step tears in the empty sea of Moscow

As if Lenin made a pointless difference who lived or died
in retreat the skaters art for change sake on rocks not ice

The frontier is within the half-spin and spin twice
Adam half facing God, and atoms half shrinking science.

* * *

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Metaphors and Translations, Diseases of Intelligibility

Metaphors and Translations
1. Special Effects as Simple as They Used to Be
2. Diseases of Intelligibility as Undecided Mathematics
3. The Parrot Fish Crunching Coral Though No One There to Hear It

L. Edgar Otto on Facebook today: Would you, at the borderland of discovered Love and Truth, not have to first translate your own poetry?
* * *

Special Effects as Simple as They Used to Be

Jesus wept and His teardrop spread
across the seven seas and the world's four corners

All the fisher folk agreed He the apex of
time and space, invisible awhile His resurrected center

Or in the naked longing in their hearts only
did they know their dhows and skiffs tsunami

Not so the crash and wash of souls by the shore
endless beach, echo ring of fire to distant coasts

While casting nets full of sunspots and glass bobbins they fought
the spiraling school, fell overboard, plank stoked the furnace

The flotillas in His name fragmented each others navies
made claims on the great harpooned whale of Being

I, but a crystal seed of salt met him halfway in the nothingness
my holy raindrop and His blood a flood against our hellfire

* * *

The tides shift with the vanishing of the moon in but\
a blink of an eye and a spiraling that takes forever

My faith denies its roots and spin, empty the imaginary
yet positive in the cloak of night outpacing the jet stream

Yet time's chariot catches up to me its ocean of storms, icy second death
where we cant see beyond Earth and stars in syzygy and Mayan dates

That conspire against the paradox of time's healing mirror arrows and
fitful paths of pendulums, we counting ourselves as fallen sparrows

* * *

Diseases of Intelligibility as Undecided Mathematics

Under the floor, the crawlspace above dark foundations, our prison, cave, yet infinite descent and no end in sight of the the expanding balloon frame of the house of mathematics, we find the mold and dusty cobwebs, tunnels of termites and carpenter ants, our paralyzed cocoons of silk that pepper the last living fluids of our dreams we keep at a distance to admire the hourglass and steel blue black beauty of eight eyed and legged self crucified weaving widow spiders with nine wounds.

Sure, the empty space is full of filaments as if with a life of its own. Its succession bridging cycles and seasons and spider egg cases opened from within by the strongest in the struggle - or from without yet if the mother taken the back riding siblings, although snowflake unique, intertwine with matted hair and legs, vanishing as if one tangled ball of belly button fuzz.

Their light between each other seems complete, moving across an interval of infinity contained, each as prime and a unity, wave or particle conceived, integers the multiplicity of light yet the signature of discontinuity that it too may be more ordered than we think, as much free, originality and dreams discovered possibility, and as yet or even forever undecidable the pattern in the digits of pi - the light itself through higher variance above number worlds of trivial zeros, irrational sequences beyond the real, such motion of the quanta themselves quantiz3e, circle-ray-circle-ray alternatively that outside our grasp of imagination, intuitive or non-intuitive, we at once and in an infinity of steps - but could chaos and the primes be otherwise?

Therein we rebel at certainty, grow nauseous in a wider sea of information saturated unto blindness with nostalgia, that our hopeful brains may survive this instar and fly into the sky on silk rope kites to new land, risks to drown at sea, knowing such dreams may unravel our selves if we suspect the signs to change and thus decided so unravels the sky itself.

* * *

The Parrot Fish Crunching Coral Though No One There to Hear It

Your poetry is extraordinary
so full of youthful love and
meaningful its destiny, expectations
but your longing heart or wounded spirit of
Tragic loss, of universal laws of righteous indignation
play peek-a-boo between us stuttering in
translation implied misunderstanding
not even accessed and the custom
Cherished of our human imperfections

You are so shy in your coy nakedness
at a distance as our gazes linger silently
together, thoughts vanishing and awakening
in the main more alive than not, that higher thought
Love a dance exists in steps between us, time's coral sand and parrot fish
* * *

The right to love someone is not the right someone to love.

* * *

Yes, the predators wait in the shadows
color blind to speak to you, your open vibrant ocean colors
the fry burst out from the swirling herds in sync
easier for the devil to take the hindmost and

Where Lucy is without fur one finds the Lucifer...

In the main find safety in vegan symbiosis and numbers
craftsmen of love as if its first discovery
round them up through hardships the raw hide cattle drive
low tides and crossing the Red River reaching neural railroads
As mice sleep with the feline insectivores
love's family of mixed metaphors and emotions
in flatland or perspective drawing the blurred
lines of your still photo suggest motion and
We must flee or follow fleet for the shake of chase
Not so your first admirer who truely sees your face.

* * *

Our self reflections share recipes, intuitive experience the measure
Ranting to ourselves for others expertise and stammering spill our guts
in laborious leisure.

* * *

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Expectation and Variance between Extreme Theories

The Expectation and Variance between Extreme Theories

The reference frame blogspot today also is talking about the issue of statistical methods.

I am not sure the statements of the author, in defense of statistical methods really makes a fundamental point from the view of a more evolved creative science. But I am at that point where I have ran out of approaches, things to day, and to think about them as I did this first day of spring morning I feel like a child coming again to a great task for things I have to remind myself are deeper than I grasp. But did not Einstein have a period of stumbling and exploration between his relativity's- did he not struggle with determinism and relativism and his preference for a stable but unified world view? Look, the relativity experiments will not be proven false to the utmost scale of their experimental compass- and the statistical methods that seems the world as quantum physics will also continue to verify all its compass. But for the teleology of things, that understanding will take a little while longer to ground on something scientist feel comfortable with.

Now, what does it mean when the author says in the real world we cannot know some things with infinite accuracy? Infinity, the lazy 8, is not a number in the algebraic sense- it is but a potential infinity. But if in a deeper sense infinity can be interchanged with zero as in Riemann's mapping of the complex plane to a sphere- then why should we expect zero is not such a number? The certainty of logic is that zero has successors. All things seem to reduce to some idea of unity or one and these unity generators may or may not relate to aspects of zero or the infinity where they correspond to a reality number, that is zero and infinity and thus to some extent one are quasi-numbers.

One should keep strait the underlying philosophy when making scientific statements to have a wider view of continuity and variance, not dismiss what can be intelligibly known with certainty about numbers as metaphysical. In the wider view of things, beyond even the idea of acceleration and gravity equivalence, we ask why the design of the world is complicated- yet we also can ask how it is that so much in our reality remains the same. Both stances can be seen as a great mystery and neither philosophy seems to have the last word as the primary one.

As science grows and ideas are further defined, and some pinpointed indirectly, we note that Newton did not address the mechanism of gravity, only its measure... in turn Einstein's gravity waves do not well describe say an imagined mechanism of certain differential laws and particles as say on the level of dark matter, at least like the particles that do not observe velocity but do acceleration and so on, Higgs, etc... These ideas may be beyond experiment but do connect at least by the nature of number theory.

What is distance that the square root of the absolute sum of squares seems so one sided and directional? How can anyone assert as a truth and not a possibility that toward the small where at a Zero point the energy is infinite that things vary faster with a flux of positive and negative values of a series? Is this not enough of an idea to describe a preferential direction for some physical property?

Is this not a question also of the zeta function (the one half real value between zero and one of the critical strip of Riemanns complex plane?) Does this theory moreover not apply to the situation within a furnace- what about say the sun?

Maybe for something like a sun there are degrees of these extremes of structure and how these structures can be related say the mechanism of information transfer of say the dark matter, or even dark energy from a galactic core. What sort of quasi event horizon does the sun's corona reach a couple million degrees while the surface is a few thousand? What exactly are we to expect from say variations of particles and the time to escape the core of the sun if these have resonant generations?

Alas, what would a critical strip look like on the sphere itself- but a part of some circumference no matter which way the sphere rotates? Would this not also establish a certain distance in the race of Zeno, his arrow perhaps chasing the tortoise, that has some fixed initial distance?

We are again where Descartes was in his coordinate system with zero and no negative numbers. Quasic space is between the need for them and no need for them as numbers and these definitely relate to the quasi continuum idea of what are prime numbers as suggested going back to Euler despite what some say are his mistaken ideas.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Real and Imaginary Space and Time DeGaussed

Real and Imaginary Space and Time Degaussed

I would be remiss if I did not emphasize the role of probability as part of the picture. The bell curve as fundamental to the analysis; the integration under it over infinity as unity; the role of pi and computation of fractional and imaginary factorials; the direct analogy between expectation and variance to position and moment of inertia of things only measured accurately by their differences, of estimations that act for a resolving of better regions and areas to some degree of finiteness of samples- and so on to state our view of the quantum ground and what beyond the event horizons -as some grid of fuzzy zero point energy concept- on any scale is the nature of structural design, the normalization or super-normalization of some ideas of physis and number.

Perhaps, assuming we can have someplace as a path or orbit of singularity as if a meridian, some place outside of the questions of the uncertainty of location and momentum, that that grid where the phanerons or brane have different and physically real fundamental densities of the energy and geometry where they come to the big bang or reverse big bang at a black hole to extend maximally the laws of relativity but perhaps not beyond, that this grid and value and flat constant pi to base the curvature upon, is on the equator of such a complex but seemingly bounded finite area of space plane, some form of the Bell curve- and intersection of such curves. Buffon's needle may say a lot about our ideas of resonance and minimum distance to any scale including Planck and so on- but such wave ideas as probability are not a complete theory to describe what seems to some an enduring ground of consciousness so it also fails to ground the idea of what a universe or particle is for all things are not necessarily magnetic with respect to some reference frame interpretation.

The quantum world needs not be mystical. But we should do better educating the general public about the origins in the mathematics of where some of these ideas come from that sound hard to comprehend while the methods as if our consciousness were a differential machine spewing out sets of equations can be done quite extensively and mechanically without the simple creative understanding. At the top of the branches of mathematics the most diverse ideas seem to approach a common view of things that have connections- bridges between mountaintops of the disciplines.

For me forgive me if I have not crossed smoothly without a bridge from mountain to mountain but rather sunk into the valleys in some pointless zero sum- I mean we do not need the leveling socially as much as we need the specialization- if I showed excellence in science it was not encouraged nor even acknowledge so as some of my other social studies would not suffer- I mean I have persisted but I have been fought and held back all along the way. I have tried not to do this to others when I have such position and not to deface the mountain in the climb.

* * *

I would like to add, a few hours later, that in the debates on Zeno in the old philosophychatforum and the dalnet philosophy- that the idea of bare black holes that is black holes have no hair- that the meaning of his paradox is that two points at a certain distance remain at that distance- I read about this again in new scientist and had read about in a book of philosophy given to me by the nickname No_reason to the effect the matter was not as settled as some argued on those channels. But clearly I propose by quasics something more fundamental that the quantum formulation and more general that the relativist compass for the background of the universe.

The flags also indicate the idea of lines and a point to those lines in some sort of vector space or that of Pure Euclidean and so on. Certainly, the difference from a probability standpoint of the Gaussian curve meridians I intuitively found as that of the difference between holographic and fractal models. And that is where it stands for awhile. After all a prime is either 4n + 1 or 4n - 1 is it not?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the Ludicrousity of Luminios, Phaneron Wave Mechanics

On the Ludicrousity of Luminios

Now the Aristotelian model just presented most likely appears quaint and old fashinoned, outdated, obselete and viewed not to be taken seriously beyond artful entertainment, for some as ludicrous. But the same has been said for the idea of luminos (llm), by Heinz Pagels I believe. In high school and for one of the few of my poems that were based on scientific speculation (the craters of the moon- read mars; the tectonic plates- when S. America and Africa threw; ideas before the physical discovery) the idea of neutrinos as a "cause" for earthquakes was about these opaque and neutral like particles.

What after all is the change of generations and maybe analogs of generations at perhaps a wider time scale? Such "luminios" materially the pointless continuous spin of monads without windows through the Earth from outside? (We imagine that as with Aristotle the objects can spin in circular motion but not linear so as not to reach the infinite or make a vacuum- thus we reasonably conclude that in some reference of intelligibility we do have to add force to sustain and change an object's motion.)

The phyllotaxis of the galactic disk then a dynamic and dialectical interplay and not just neutral artifacts of multiplication or 3-space scalars on the dark matter sphere of the galaxy. The variation of climate due in part to the entry of the Earth periodically to the galactic plane and in terms of such opaque rotation a physical interpretation of what we mean by electric and magnetic fields(read spheres) and cause and reason for inertial frame behavior and the reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles.

Let us speculate then on the dark or nightlight. We could suggest this "continuum"(read metacontinuum) has its own inverted duration of invariant speed and is also quantized. A modification of Newton or a Higgs field effect but incomplete ideas that are also not seen dynamically quasized as are string vibrations. This apparent super Non-Euclidean equivalence higher gravity as if quasi-quantized as lumino quanta( an artifact of gravity opaque and independent) the creative aspect and climate points to the black hole light regions a the center of the galaxy emitting an integer number of them, and intelligible measure of the interger differences of the number of them.

The galactic creation needs not happen all at once. Some happening can still be a dynamic influence for the physics - ideas of pair production as a source of nova energy and the rapid release of objects in closer proximity may be indempotently a general 2 to the nth pair production mathematics.

* * *

Phaneron Wave Mechanics

*The Creation field as a neutral independent background (the term I also use following Martin Gardner is Phaneron) may have a physics of quasic entities which unlike in quantum theory may be cloned by a two to the nth factor.

*Matter or a special coordinate itself may in effect cause the finitude and exclusion of antimatter (hyperbolic field invariant) of Riemannina space yet (as Platonic they act in relation to fundamental real number theory) we can present an idea of a metric for the Euclidean space and even a variable scale of mixtures of such spaces.

*By intelligibility I also mean conservation of energy and motion of 2 brane flatness of stable circular and elliptical orbits. Yet these can be stable not centered on a star or special coordinate (and is akin to vortex theory or in organisms the dead zone where the not centered orbits pass through space within a star like object aware of it on some level or not). The intelligibility or geometry conserved is the change and conservation of physics within it as the generalized universal conservation laws that are fundamental grounding of existence. Some of the stable circular orbits as inverse square regions have orbits that pass throug the interiors of material and quasic creative objects.

The complex plane and the quasic plane (perhaps given ambiguous looping in linear telescoping or 2 to the nth double quadratic relations- is there a dark antimatter?) can also although Euclidean from some view as a physicality vibrate with quasic tesselated spherical harmonics.

Now, we can ask what happens when two quasic or branes intersect in a pixel or point considering that different regions in the plane unto enough dimensions beyond the fixed properties of mathematics and the relative vanishing of time or place centered on some scales of extension. In this pixel we can have a wide range of commensurable or smudged laws of neutral and fixed spaces- and the calculus of this would be useful in the multiverse and cloned regions to vary and see the quasic averaging of the phaneron of what is fixed in spacetime. Perhaps to measure the intelligence in the design.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beyond the Blue Beam Horizons

On the Ludicrousity of Luminios

L. Edgar Otto on Facebook: Our right and left minds do different things based on our diverse views of physics- the ghost of departed quantities or the quantity of departed ghosts- we are learning the proper music so as to think, make our own background of meaningful soundtracks for our dreams and canned laughter.

Part 1 - Beyond the Blue Beam Horizons and Music of Aristotle's Spheres
Part 2 - On the Ludsicrousity of Luminios, Newtonian and Leibnizean Notations


* Along the lines of Aristotle's thinking and as a principle we look for at least for abstract symmetry in physical laws, we "see" because "light" goes from our eyes to some distant object. Perhaps, and our terminology crudely describes yet fails us here, "touch" as say a "force" of gravity. This concept was after all falsifiable theory, the fixed stars for example as explored by nominalist down-to-earth forerunners of empiricism, the applied awakening in practicality of Greek science. In terms of dimensions as a holographic idea, the model seems to have different and inverted perceptive consequences. We behold a two space, the celestial sphere, at infinity while we are centered in three space as primary.

* Imagine then the celestial globe as fixed, and a projection of or hologram of the earth, our direction skyward to a Platonic horizon the "past" and that projection as either a Riemann sphere or complex planes as the case. Now, that celestial sphere as a complex and even quasical plane for all the Greeks knew in the main and we do ultimately, intelligibly, all that fire outside the Aristotlean sphere is the state of a flat Reality.

*(one might say that difference between Newton and Leibniz in the notation of the development of the calculus is the same old division between realism and nominalism, Plato and aristotle to some ultimate Oneness or myriad monads and particles- surely we cannot say as simply a theory of limits that we reach some zero- the idea of such a number needs greater generalization than the differential change laws of nature and her functions- we choose the vanishing of things beyond the second differential as so small and yet in the finite view it may be less metaphysical to assume we reach some sort of deterministic classical model as more sound than the said reduction to anything that mathematically vanishes beyond some squared value or transfinity of quasic and other branes. From a unified mathematical view as we exist we cannot say from set theory alone that the number line has to reduce by count to zero probability of finding rational numbers. In some ways Newton and Leibinz reflect the future debate as to multidimensions and the design of string theory.)

*We observe changes of things in this model if we observe it on a long enough scale, that is the small variations from perfection of the celestial whole. We see "pixels" of stars as if cities on the globe of earth (by our nightlight or dark-light birds-eye view)each star coordinate is as if a "city" that can grow or cluster its suburbs and colonies in a metropolis, yet we need not in our lack of the illusionary depth to perceive in that celestial sphere that these are actually changing in three space extent. Sometimes what we see is what we get, at least as a possibility and one in the simplicity may appeal to common sense. There is a certain history too, a chain as if causation, in and out these stars in time. The events by its interpreted structure is the prime move of memory and the arrow of time.

*In that there seems to be a causation in sequence and direction in time we might represent this changing information- this illusion of a reversed hologram principle, a duration inversed, some constant invariant as if an expanding or shrinking sphere. With no good explanation for our time direction and irreversibility even the laws of thermodynamics keeps Aristotle's insights in the running. (But is this to say the illusive extremes of the One or monads of atoms or of our minds, as well the micro level ideas of consciousness are sphere gods and goddesses to worship- that have supernatural will that intervenes to conspire to keep the environs of life and thought favorable and time and discovery husbanded?) Even the best of our skeptical physicists at times express a favorable leaning or at worst a compartmentalization of their feelings and intuition of some vague truth.

*Clearly, at least a neutral independent abstract world of two space teleoscoping as linear branes can be seen as a sea of diverse spheres. Two branes ideally intersect in a perfect zero point on any scale if the is a finite difference to assume in a quasi-infinite world, especially in the middle scale. (More thoughts on this to be posted as a third part- Part 3 - Phaneron Wave Mechanics
Interestingly I see the discussion on The Reference Frame blog discussing quantum mechanics seems synchronously relevant- I will comment essentially on what seems like the hidden variables where we distinguish the classical and quantum worlds if we consider the more general and not mystical but not needed to be normalizable formulaism of this world viewed through the second physics and the real.
To Be continued... 03-18-10 As I was saying:

*From this respect we may not only regard Riemann's the flatness of the microworld as approaching Euclidean, but the analogs to Aristotelian spheres as constant surfaces of micromatter withing complex unity factored spin at least 2D (ie x+1 times x-1, a difference of squares, branes as quasic, probability squared ...)but in the galatomic sense the microworld may act as if the direction of "future".

*In natural space, continuous, clearly the information of structural entities as within either pure essence or existence between this more general idea of unifying holographic principle dimensions, the planes enter and leave space as spheres into points-circles-points wherein the state may be a point rather than a possible zero brane. (again the idea of the fundamental theory of the real numbers as this interplay between the infinite and finite and the probability ideas apply here.)
To what extent this grounds some ideas of conflicting grounds of consciousness at least in the middle unitary scales applies it allows for the multiplicity and quasinfinite (and quasiquasics) of real and existing monads of awareness.

*Nevertheless, despite all this our being and existence seems the utmost wonderfully mysterious, even if mathematics is but quasi-objective and these models of the geometry of the universe still seem of lesser order in their mystery and beauty, ability to confound and evoke terror, than the universe itself. (perhaps we as thinking things imagine we can by thinking and touch change the inertia of the motion and energy of some object like Aristotle said, the momentum as force- and on this level it could be the case but we do not know, yet we can do it by the proper physical set ups and knowledge of experiments and matter -both seem to have some underlying expectations and symmetry for what is and what we believe it is.) But we need not give up all intuitions of our individual experience of the moment, a false vacuum at times as if a false hop as truth, should and when the world prove more than we know and can imagine.

Note: I know this seems a more metaphysical and it cannot stand and give the right impression without the other parts- but due to the length of this post I will post the rest separately.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creative Philosophy and Science

Creative Philosophy and Science (an email sent to one of the more prolific and creative minded blogs I follow)

Hi, philosopher,

I have followed some of your blog, Intangible Materiality, for some time now and I found today's posting rather interesting. And this passage especially from the previous post:

For all I know our universe is a soap bubble floating from the pipe of some young girl, on a breezy summer day whose trajectory is as circular and yet unchanging in it's transformation as the sentience that invented the effects of the wheel for us, to contract space and time as an illusionary effect, when on the surface of our planetary home. It all may be a matter such as play, whether it is the marking of rune stones or the isolation of astronauts floating in the ether. We play at discerning purposes on our own terms.

For my rather mathematical musings have reached a high fever pitch where I must retreat back awhile into philosophy. The universe becomes rather diffuse and makes less sense and yet it is and what we are does also as we understand more. The concerns in your paragraph, by synchronicity or perhaps indirect dialog, are those I am addressing lately about space and dimensions. While I admire Coxeter for example it is certainly not clear to me that we can have a blanket statement with clarity like his "There is nothing mystical about the fourth dimension" At the very least this closes our minds to a wider view of mathematics and physics that can be useful and make progress for our survival and sanity.

The idea of circular motion and spheres and a finite world is Aristotelian, Aquinas and so on as science and philosophy- religion and art finds our own terms of , as you say about purposes as the pendulum swings. Of the three traditional proofs of God- here we find ourselves repeating in echos that of Teleology. How can the assuming of the finitude of the world only not invoke Prime mover up from the Infinite, Ontological perfection from the chaos of the zero or infinity- that there is more than what is the now of our being? And the cosmological argument, the infinite regress, may not save the day either no matter what the looping of space and infinity.

So, God is the great inertial system in one frame of reference sense and as with the science an ideal, an assumption made as simple as possible but not simpler as Einstein remarked- and yet can we make it any simpler? The idea of God also fulfills the stated need of physics for an independent and neutral background.

I felt the desire to write you, blog to blog, for to ask why and what it was that lead you to also shout into this space of human vastness that is not wise enough to be aware on the surface of things of the significance of the message and insight you bring.

I remembered myself this morning as a young child- and though it is a relative thing, we not outside the perception or rise and fall and peaking of the perception of ourselves that intellectually I should consider that what some recently say- that I am genius. I scoffed at the idea of what is something maybe by accident and default around ill and squandered lives- but if something like the insight of Riemann is genius then by that definition my epiphany as that child begging his grandmother to visit at night the travel agency near the costume and magic shop to stare at the celestial globe of the stars.

How can it be, having learned to draw a pretty accurate map of the world and its major cities, that all the stars could be placed on a globe- especially if when asked what holds up the moon the adults said a rope- and where did it end? My mind expanded and the space closed around itself and each star was as if an intelligible coordinate in an intelligible system. Of course it was not all the stars but did early Greece know better, or Einstein of that beyond the Milky Way? Sometimes less knowing gives us room to grow and breathe. No doubt the stars are relaxed analogs to cities, the clouds and seas and mountains of time as space the expanding bubbles of our dreams.

New Scientist reports of a vital new electronic cusp that records rather nerve like the previous potential reached of voltage in an electronic circuit. For those who see the world as a computer I ask what sort of computer? The vague quantum ones? The gears with teeth in their complex arrangement that measure the tides? Or perhaps this sort of circuit where we struggle to reach our potential and learn, have the memory that also establishes the relaxed causes of goals of the teleology? Einsteins uncomfortable with the Now. Is the universe that close to the design of our brains and mind?

I remark also the other interesting thing near the magic shop, a blue neon sign with some stick figure cubes selling ice- perhaps this too a clue to design and thermodynamics.

With respect and great sincerity,

The Pe Sla, nobody really, that is any more than what we all can be and are. But like the dreams of string theory you are also on one of the mountaintops waving to me as we look for more and perhaps a unified theory above the fog.

* * * A further thought later:

If the consensus is that the universe as the Omega reasoned absolute of being and this known without bounds the God by His parts (Spinoza) that God cannot know Himself on this intelligent level- that Kant applies this to our human psyche (but is that not some stated goals of the sense of self and ego in Eastern Philosophy?) then why do we insist on rigid dogma as to what the world is, a dual aspect or not? Rather the more relative diffuse accepting all inputs is more creative and profitable with due respect for our traditions (not the classification of the elect neglected or decided by God of the fate of those predetermined thus the always possible inhumanity of men to men the state of things we cannot assume fades away even with vast resources of reason. We can to a great degree know ourselves and heal ourselves given the freedom of non-necessity in philosophy.

I add here a remark on facebook I posted as to what I was thinking:
L. Edgar Otto
After the more intense look at recent physics I have to face philosophy again- but I am not sure anyone knows the answers we seek- but one thing for sure in the clouds of society and government and our hearts work- I begin to know what is arbitrary bs when I see it. It might help if we could see how each of us individually deals with all this.

You see, the last few days I feel this way of seeing the world in such a generality and knowing at a distance steps others are going through- art as revolution or for arts sake we poets of the endless adds in the media that seem not to apply to most of us, and to liberal and conservative talk radio where being interested in living and caught up in the race, and with the responsibility for children, and the changing of technology and generational differences and attitudes, I like anyone else at a certain level of trials or comfort do revisit our past incarnations of moods of understandings and confusions. But such a conception does give me a more civilized idea of what this cloudy intelligible but inexplicable world is and one that fits better with the idea of who we are and what we can do and in the end how to at least while the living understand our own diffuse and measure of our sands of time and place on the globe of depth and extent of our dreams of which we really need not make a myth or story as we are in and transcending the globes of the
story and making sense of the time and place in natural space we seem to be within.

And I was a wee tired this morning otherwise, and without an especially strong drive to just post for the sake of posting nor for the newness sought, that I would have not posted things today in this form but imagined the start of a poem of the same title which began perhaps like this: Your standing on the turtles on turtle will not make you fall nor save you, not that you are shows you being can ever reach some perfection and remain aware without transcending perfection, nor that you have goals to define what is beneath the art of you raiment that what you are in the memory of this world or God can be sustained somewhere and when beyond transcendence, the good.
But the hour is late for this brief wind a little while with you- another failed star where no such stars are possible his stuff of light...You are here still beyond the accident of he transcended and I begot and after the great effort to break the falling rock that it needs never come together again to destroy our dreams I hear and understand you who searched for a universal mind and banished evil as the destroyer of death as well the creator- that we will not find it in religion alone, for some things beyond belief are also beyond our ignorance, But it does not have to be that anything in the cloud of our being in only our personal hardship- I too weep for those who tried to fly so high and fell as much for those lost in the maze.
* * *
guess it came out different anyway as I apparently am composing this now... or in some sense beyond the child punching a hole vertical to the Riemann sphere and thus his mind between zero and infinity our thoughts always there enfold no matter what the epiphany of the time and place and moment in the many wonders of this world? And I thought, peacefully independent and in the periphery, my dreams were only those as my old instars done in the original sins of isolation.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Poetry as Dreams in Parallel Universes of Lovers

Poetry as Dreams in Parallel Universes of Lovers, an example of some of these ideas applied beyond the 4G clouds of translation perhaps- Is not physics and mathematics also about the recurrence of parallel patterns, somewhere meaningful rhyme?

Postmodern Entanglement
03-15-10 L. Edgar Otto

Touch follows your light into my dreams
the LED blinks the unset time on my broken clock radio
My roommate cannot sleep, nor meditate green but in
his cave free of smoke alarm indicators and starlight

Yet I can leave the monitors and music on, still
you break through my deep naps of too few hours
The imagined graffiti, tangled words collage at my core cannot hide
the parallels of poetry of your nakedness in morning's mirror

I missed the springing forth, less your winter layers
playing my exotic electric guitar loudly at the frontier of my soul
Yet your stretch and yawn breaks through ear bursting jazz and bluesy rock
our hourglasses empty we sipping coffee facing away together from windows

Pretending to tiptoe not to awaken me, your kitchen belly dances and
I not drawn away from the open mike unreality that guards my sleep

* * *

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teleoscoping Mathematical Quasinduction

Teleoscoping Mathematical Quasinduction (Teleoquasiduction)

I continue to expand these ideas. In my speculations throughout this blog on matter pair production (the note about reading the observed nova yesterday to be posted midway between this post- yes, mathematics can also be wonderful and terrifying to our sense of self on the frontiers of speculation, nay even sanity) if you want the standard and computed view which I had not seen heretofore:

Yes, teleoscoping comes from teleology at first a philosophic principle the Teleomnium (Tlm) thus I continue some pondering's from the last few posts.

* Information may be reduced from one higher to a lower shadow natural dimension, the flange may be a linear theme of the actual as a sequence but it may not behave without the ambiguity or compressed shadows as to what of a location in history preceded by x can be followed by z. Is the choice of some history a unique function? In any case our central but relative experience of a given state or sequence can be a relationship rather diffuse and relaxed to some design of functions.

* But the teleoscoping of information can be imagined to contain this information by successive quasic planes distinguished as to the design of information in a pixel or quason region in relation to its vertical or horizontal code read span.

* The information equivalently determined by the coordinates across the quason universe of discourse while an equivalent amount of information of the surface or volume holographically- the differences nevertheless in both directions of dimensionality seems to gain or lose information over the universe of discourse.

* Fundamentally,(not an empty science sounding word but more like Eddington's use) beyond the two player binary games of the quason (you may read brane or brane-like background here)in question the discorse factors by four states of the directionality, neutral to a fifth direction linearly both in the quasic and natural dimensions.

* A given quasic universe of discourse of shifting initial sequence may be closed in the binary quasic discourse universe and that preceded by what at a "now" and followed by what can be multipaths (not necessarily of an infinite quantum history).

* In general a quason pixel may default to an Archemedian commensurablity of what are telescoping irrational and transcendental numbers to bases of approximations of scale to some quasic depth of discourse. These measures as probability, also closed as some level of discourse as if in time as to origin may interact teleoscopically.

*We tunneling blindly between constructed shadows eutactically may only know upon completion of a circuit or circumference that the method of design was sound and corresponds to the mathematical procedure within a flat balance of given laws of space.

* Quasic space at times, beyond the comprehensive but less useful information, may be more accurate in output quasi-finitely (and in entropic measure at some level) if some intelligible chaos ensues in the computation (see recent newscientist articles on relaxed computation of inputs which relates to this long time speculation)toward intelligible solutions.

* These reports yesterday in newscientist, as in the drawing above the supernova and gamma pair production as anti-matter level of energy (actually that we may infer the stats have no metal Marshall as earlier stars is an interesting theory of quasic state and atomic levels of structure of physicality evolving.)here discussed as holon generational levels before the fact in this synchronous sequence as if I create synchronicity somehow synchronized with posting, publishing sequences and clocks. L. Edgar Otto on facebook:
Not that where and when we are matters but where it matters we might not know when and where it does.

* Note: teleoscoping and quasiduction where always part of my understanding of the gene code reading and origin of the idea cerca mid 70's (the exact time and date somewhere in my earlier papers). Of which there is no surprise of an overgenome reading on various levels (methyl groups, epigenes?) although as with the nova can be explained by say probability or other physics as well in a non-synchronous non-creative manner. I doubt anti-matter the explanation of this sort of gamma burst anomality.

Indeed, what explains teleoscoping asymmetry of the ratio of matter and antimatter save in some exotic subatiomic processes? Surely not merely the arising of chance regions statistically (or even from the complex plane amplified from the microworld)that leads to runaway scales and endless size?

Otherwise, understanding black holes (these can move as if clear points in a fixed space being brane-like or spinning also)and pair production could indeed go haywire where in terms of energy generations and dimensions this is not the case as an artificial likelihood. Such chances less than zero and infinitely greater than the roots of unity.

Maybe as I bring new learning into the world (alternatively find a limitation to the labeling or inventing of new ideas such as those contained by words)and physically alive, by what I randomly and do not see, this too beyond the transcendental continuum of aleph-2 perhaps. Yet it should be clear my sense of self and reality is stretched thereby, or it transcends the economy (yes some rather interesting economic applications of teleoscoping too)involved as greater soundness, but I can say my teleoscoping sequences are uncertain beyond memories as to if my or anyone's life path be said destiny.

* On some level the existence of anything can have great improbability or be seen as a probability of zero if we use statistics, but certainly statistical factors may cancel out in some from of reference. (just as the vibrational aspects of the brain on both side orientations to a physics may make intelligible the relationship and perhaps illusion of time and consciousness in an awakened state).

* The GR and Qm formulation can in a sense each be true and complete and independently so as sub-dimensional factors of the quason plane of the next higher dimensions or phenomenon as such, unification may be achieved only by quason teleoscoping of general freely ordered or non-linearity.

* * * A Little Later:

* If we divide a sphere into five parts (see Tarski) the micro-boundary unclear, it can be reassembled into 2 to the nth (to generalize his idea a bit)spheres in some n. This applies to neutral background independent quasic space and its conception.

* The descent, base 2, into vertical directions of pixel teleoscoping amounts to a coordinate position pixel in natural space (or time closed to the generation or dimension of the 2 to the nth continuum power of subsets.

* The surface of the psi-plasm (mind) being a holographic difference (also with the branching numbers of brain nerve structural design as holographic) between levels of this principle of levels of dimensions may cyclicly contain up or down the locality of consciousness and thus we "dream" and the natural extent of the mind is generally denser toward a center of diffusion not clearly say, skull bound in its perception nor some function of projective reaching out to a measured ideal infinity.

* Such phenomena of looped and binary consciousness can linearly transmit (like with electromagnetic antenna and what is thought to be by some gravity waves)but the unity of transmission uncloned multiply is shared in the teleocoping field of discourse as entangled equifinally by the usual quasic principles of inversion of the coordinate notations. (which is also to say we as conscious are at least self-telepathic).