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L. Edgar Otto (facebook status): In the voting booth may the force be with you as you listen to the rumble in your gut. The depots come to power speaking mumblegrunt, then entertain us as we slave if they stay in control, trolls with promises speaking fluent grumblemut...

* * *

Wittgenstein has said that if a lion could speak we would not understand his language. Of course the later Wittgenstein had a more general and wider concept of language as representations within representations (and he is still here to question some of our pretensions to possible certainties in notions and speech.)

But he did not unify the stances of his research and much of it was beyond the physics and what we have learned of genetics since that time. Language study became polarized and a matter of propaganda, a tool for extreme political philosophy -social culture in conflict with inherited racial logic. Not surprisingly in matters of our still vague understanding of consciousness, democracy became more a word defined as a reaction to extremes amplifying the underlying ground of questions of dualism in a hopeful but technological age.

Caught in this impasse, democracy as political compromise is seen as unstable and hard to defend despite its giving honest weight as a system of Lockean balances. Without such compromise, a word that defines pragmatic politics, political view tend toward violence and delayed absurdities.

We, as primates speak bold an loudly. Yet we are not that different in the gene code from the canines. We are leaning more about the genome on a higher level of its reading to know there are new questions of quality as to what is so similar including the evolving culture and wisdom of man. (thank you Matti, I did not know you were a brother in the organic and topological applications to DNA until yesterday- indeed I vaguely called such morphogenic like fields leonic long ago) Our smile, a physical gesture, the canines read as an aggressive baring of teeth. The wolf's view of sound signals between them is a social view and respect for resources between packs in the wild. To say to a great ape, "Lower your voice!" may not be an appeal to reason but for its obedience, domestication possible by our empathetic social and generally survival natures.

Empires some philosophers suggest, those with philosophies of science especially, are said to fail for the very reason submitting to an occupying power breeds resentment. This can be true even within a state such as our national security state where it has to arm itself against its own people. But there are degrees of slavery, and part of control is that they can count on the safety valve of the rants and grumbles of their dogs.

Those who begin in the raw at the rise of a new or mutation of civilization as if it could arise anew in an ever smaller world and economy limited by real or false scarcity- a revolution back to some real or mythical golden age is mumblegrunt of proto-facism. Yet they can ape the socialists wolves in sheep skins playing victims to stay long in power fluent as well in grumblemut.

Mumblegrunt I

Mumblegrunt I L. Edgar Otto 10-31-10

Again, the shadow dialog in the background focuses on shared themes. So before I begin this post proper I record this comment made to Lubos post today although, especially in this time of populism and need for sanity I wonder if our time and money is not better spent as we have to face war and politics. What a wondrous thing this virtual language full of mumblegrunts fresh anew, and mumblerants!

That map of a future Europe is hilarious, Lubos.
In a time when some say we should limit population growth the industrial nations are losing population.
I suspect this is because of the new liberal institution of abortion, not from a moral viewpoint but from common sense. Yes, we should consider the need to expand and restrict over extensions of economic well being in a closed system.
Yet how did the periphery of the former USSR arise in power if not the equality by a rise in population, Eastern Europe in particular?
What of the counter to other world populations in growth in new areas like Latin America? Do we really want a civilization by drug cartels? Do we expect those whose citizens have an average age of 14 to be wise enough to run a state? Is it a good policy to ask immigrant workers to come into the USA ,even long standing Latino citizens here, usually republican, seek to secure their place and limit this threat to their economy- and yet it was the republicans who first encouraged this immigration for workers policy. But it cannot work even at the sacrifice of the work of homesteaders building capital with hard labour until the next generation is more secure and law and order is established in the land. The Latin immigrants cannot expect there next generation to find work in this country- save perhaps the drug trade.
We all seem to want to be blessed under some banner of peace as peace makers- but where is science and culture that we hope in dialog to find paradise yet despair in some final misunderstanding that the only solution is the vanquishing of dialog that leads to enemies- at what point do we appeal with such ultimates and not love or reason despite our wounds of chance and fate? Surely there is a world beyond blind sincerity. Surely if we are wise in the discernment of truth and falsity in science we can begin to give a good weight to these age old problems of faith and freedom, individuals and society.

I would suggest we sensible citizens make more love and less war.

* * *

I may post the several pages called Mumblegrunt for those of us who seek truth more in the virtual world- or seek to undermine it as if language matters in the form of struggle in the virtual marketplace of ideas- but here I post a poem which came at the end of the pages- I really had a lot of informal thoughts which in the end describe a wider field of structures in both the physics and the design of language and ends on that old frontier that asks of the universe and gods, if there is somehow a program or space and logical structure of emotions (of which we are conscious in our desires) for machines- perhaps we included- that needs to be asked and resolved again from a still higher perspective. The metaphor of religions as we know them raise the rather modern question as to that cultural conflict of free will and state authority determinism (under the modern and pragmatic guise of socialism as state capitalism) of How can such educated and enlightened people commit atrocities in the world (the old stance of victims asked deep in their core by the Jews in the World War)? Or What can we expect between if we ever find a true ground of enlightenment that if it undermines our faiths and opinions it leaves us a better world and not just struggle in conflict and emptiness?

* * *

When we explore language, engage and encounter great and fundamental ideas, it changes our perception of truths and faiths- if not such themselves.

Can we really distinguish between the eternally everlasting and everlasting eternity?

Foreclosing Mortgages (Dead Wagers) L. Edgar Otto 10-31-10

A living God as universe, forever and ever
for ever His will and fate
Exists larger than our mortal, ephemeral,
empty finite bagatelle lives of no directions

Or He, mortgaged to His fate, bankrupt, the Holy City
sealed and auctioned by the ugly malevolent sheriff
To that entropy of gambles where we're left homeless
still warm in despair without end. for ha'pence to the crowns

I cannot doubt, have felt your sincerity, true believer,
my self has felt the truth in my conscience, its evidence and
Appeal to life, a church greater than such worldly authorities
I fear our garden of alliance falls to enmity in enlightening each other

Life's not for sacrifice, that the realm and right of prophets and God
To us alone in our sand grains of choices we make for sacrificing
in the pilgrimage and whirlwind made of souls

* * *

Were it as simple as our suffering and trials here then a better place
children, switches, twigs so grow the tree
But here and now as well as then our hungry roots find heaven in our earth

I, in some image, but a shadow of strength, mossy, bearded Old Man
my moldy branches fall a the slightest wind upon you without warning
The flood of time undermines the bank, washes out my ground down river

"But I am God!" our hearts protest at ease in truth sincerely
Yes, that too self sacrificed along with earthly soul you sold
Self proclaimed behind your duty in false prophesy.

* * * *

For my facebook status today of things on my mind:

If we do not struggle against our fate there is no tragedy, nor conflict in the drama, nor comfort in knowing nature's melodrama of accidental faults more than our own, not even our selfish thwarted desires to be seen as comedy. Our play becomes a farce, and life as holy but shadows where emptiness has walls, we inferring God's creative message of reason and words in pantomime.

* * *

remind me to remark on how I saw some things as a child but they were not as rich as when my brother and I saw the drawings years later as we saw them then.

I took this test and am not quite sure it is better than the usual fare- I was aware when I had made mistakes of being tired or the music on in the kitchen or what I should have answered knowing it would make a higher score in the questions part- guess I do need some more exercise... Of course this is fun ( a little long I think, sore neck, smudged glasses, raman diet lately, weather change and sleep and so on- but here is the results in hopes this approach adds to such research. I know I am better as some of the things than that, obviously... and for some I did quite well when I let the force be with me so as to spot certain patterns right away- or in the cross check as if counting on my fingers took time away from what was correct. But I like this game and I do not do computer games beyond the wolfen daddy please dont hurt me level of expertise. Still, this begins to tell me where I could improve my methods and use of time- who knows, plot the map of this mumblejumble idea of brain in mumblegrunt space of some sort of language deep in our brain scans? This may be about as useful now as knowing the raw code of our genome- well, maybe for being at a crime scene :-)

[like the middle of a semester one wonders why we put ourselves thru this and that it does not really matter so of course there is no challenge for credentials or genius]:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gull in the Dead Zone

Gull in the Dead Zone by L. Edgar Otto
Oct. 29, 2010

Sustained gale, threatening wall of gusts
waves suspended breaking on the rocks
Gull in flight riding the wind shear
one eye frozen on the beam East South East
Razor bill sword edge Zound's lighthouse ray

I Shall obey, Aye shall all ya', in His Will, insha'alla
Will I? Its stillborn thought, resting heartbeat
Pausing sea the face of Wisdom and Longivity, no seashell sound
My single iris of the storm eternally far, expanding
From falling through the Dead Zone half blind, we carbon dust of stars

We ride the dark to nowhere, we do not feel the
hailstones, shake with them the grid of one and many
The last of warmth our soul asleep through winter, Leyden foil
our fates but strands of hair flying apart, insulated Tesla coils

* * *

The great umbilical christening oil from above or lost
deep six below, broken turbulence, chaotic top and bottoms
Pinches apart plasma anchor rings, I cannot see you on this surface yet
I follow you as they pull the plug, my tail not eyes ride light, lightning bug
My X-ray feathers cold and soaked oil slick heave made of
spumes and scud of vanished forests and fauna up from the mud

How can we weigh, explain how our spirits and stars evaporate
if we cannot see that of the dewdrop, the universe one and
All electrons on an oil drop, sleep itself a windless aether?
Without your wings I swing through jungle vines like rope
Catch your hopes before distilled, fermented Everclear your wine
there in some diorama of your Deltafane our child's hands play school
Drawing, learning our "A B C 's"

* * *

Friday, October 29, 2010

Diaphanous English I ( English by the Sea )

Diaphanous English I ( English by the Sea ) L. Edgar Otto

In this series of blogs I am setting down a resource for certain conventions of English both as a teaching aid and review of my own use of the language. In matters of logic and linguistic theory I will explore "pre-interglossa" ideas of the time, the beginning of the 1900's before WWII. We shall consider also the claims of English as a World language. Part of the discussion will also consider the evolution of the language in the age of the internet (in particular the hypertext linking of terms and new future possibilities for it).

English by the Sea

1. Four Principles of Language circa 1927
2. A list of transition phrases in sentence construction. (which I will post here today)

Note: From time to time I have found and here hope to review dusty old books and for this post I searched google and found the book to cite on Amazon: I notice this material is listed on the internet as copyrighted and hope that this academic treatment does not overstep some boundary (but really, who owns our genome or our language? Who can patent the sphere?) This excerpt saves me typing from an original volume (although I was going to merge it with other related developments referred to in the Loom of Language and Interglossa. I am really taking a stance of archeology here to try to preserve books that have been influential for me and valuable and do indeed interact with our changing language The four principles express this program as well this sort of collection of words and that is found in the preface (which is not listed in the following excerpt: )

For the Linguistic professor, Sultan Ratrout, I will post the preface in photos and the transition phrases- but I will have to check copyrights and so on before I can continue this research and blog using this reference of works by those with thoughts on language and English.

* * *
I decided to email preface for educational purposes... I note also that in Project Gutenberg some of the criticism involved lack of original prefaces and change of the original works hard to authenticate.

And looking on wiki for Zane Gray I post this:
“The lure of the sea is some strange magic that makes men love what they fear. The solitude of the desert is more intimate than that of the sea. Death on the shifting barren sands seems less insupportable to the imagination than death out on the boundless ocean, in the awful, windy emptiness. Man’s bones yearn for dust."

“The so-called civilization of man and his works shall perish from the earth, while the shifting sands, the red looming walls, the purple sage, and the towering monuments, the cast brooding range show no perceptible change."

Zane Grey (quotes from Wikipedia, among many with similar sentiments I would have chosen, and I post here because of the influence reading many of his novels of late, on this blogspot)

* * *

Creation anyone? And just how does a black hole lavaverse work?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plinthilation - Punch and Slice Quasic Topology

Plinthilation - Punch and Slice Quasic Topology L. Edgar Otto

* * *

It sometimes seems to me that, as if by coincidence, our blog postings of some of the bloggers of physics theory address the same subjects before the fact. So before posting my casual thoughts of last night, Plinthilations or vaguely Plinthons (not so much a tile in a tessellation fixed or not as if a pixel in a grid, but more like surface quasons from one view. Yes, Lubos thank you for pointing out the quantum and string greats were considering "liquid" models. I saw casual because there are times when this sort of pursuit of physics even for the greats seems to me an overblown enterprise that inflates our expectations of the future value of obscure topology where the theories are in a bottleneck or have no known present application or use. I have noticed this posting (a sort of Jungian thermodynamic model) of delayed responses before the fact on the poetry submissions and at least the illusion of it elsewhere on the internet- even a little more rarely in life itself. We should all experience what it is like to be in a state of mind where as voracious readers we can no longer read for awhile- or be entertained say with some fiction on television. That is if we are to understand our states of mind for physics enquiry.
In today's post I still consider linguistic and topological problems. Of course the remarks to others on blogs- perhaps who do not even know of the work or each others existence, are not perhaps personal- their strings do seem to work in an independent background and imposed historical perspective. In fact, Lubos raises the great issue here I discuss at the moment of time directionality- and a comment to him raised the great issue of gravity and thermodynamics. So, and I probably should not read posts before daily postion- nor get bogged down in facebook in chats discussing the ideas of the day before posting- for example some notions that correspond to Sultans poem or status of the day, I saw this- but I do not assume I am being addressed by the bloggers nor I to them without explicitly saying so. We all seem to realize the importance of some ideas and each offer some solution to some question of which they know to ask- maybe we all are in this collective climate of human thought or era. I read this and so much stands out I post as relevant: Great job you guys, I hope your expectations are fulfilled if you have them:
Luboš Motl

This "global" or "eternalist" perspective also exists in the classical counterpart of Feynman's formulation, namely in the principle of least action. Mephisto has complained that the principle is "retrocausal" - that you're affected by the future. Why? The principle says:

The particle (or another system) is just going to move in such a way that the action evaluated between a moment in the past and a moment in the future is extremized among all trajectories with the same endpoints.

At the linguistic level, this principle requires you to know lots about the particle's behavior in the past as well as in the future if you want to know what the particle is going to do right now. Such a dependence on the future would violate causality, the rule that the present can only be affected by the past but not by the future.

However, if you analyze what the principle means mathematically, you will find out that it is exactly equivalent to differential equations for "x(t)", to a variation of the well-known "F=ma" laws. You need to know the mathematical tricks that Lagrange has greatly improved. But if you learn this variational calculus, the equivalence will be clear to you.

So while the principle "linguistically" makes the present depend both on the past and the future - here I define a linguist as a superficial person who gets easily confused by what the words "seem" to imply - the correct answer is that the laws described by the principle of least action actually don't make the present depend on the future.

* * *

But it's true that the only "completions" of physics of divergent quantum field theories that are known to mankind are quantum field theories and string theory (the latter is necessary when gravity in 3+1 dimensions or higher is supposed to be a part of the picture). Any statement that a "new kind of a theory" (beyond these two frameworks) that could reduce to the tested effective quantum field theories at long distances is extremely bold and requires extraordinary evidence.

* * *

Topological explanation of family replication phenomenon Matti Pitkanen

One of the basic ideas of TGD approach has been genus-generation correspondence: boundary components of the 3-surface should be carriers of elementary particle numbers and the observed particle families should correspond to various boundary topologies.

* * *
But I will leave it to those who can to make the connections of the following notions with any entanglements of our strings or blog threads:

*i n-genus Noether infinitely flat principle of symmetry and conservation that applies to spheres apply here - or the idea means little, even for least action.

*ii Tori plasma pinching and spherical duplication Tarski style where imaginary space complex image, two spheres or cubes so split in the shadows is still a torus.

*iii Partial lines of flux of intrinsic curvature in field seem linear and quantized.

*iv Symmetry, as need to balance myth, theory, philosophy(Kant) offered as a reason but not the underlying explanation of extension or transcendence or deconstruction of a notion.

*v Thermo plinthon surface as tori and Energy, thus Bi(time)directional in a quasi closed system is like unto a 4th person Feynman quantum physics idea (Feynman quabics)... the terms btw seem like this in a trinity: quAsicity, quaBicity, qua

*vi Concept of Transcendence which interprets a language or word as a generational level independent of the schema, seems consciousness or alive in the general unity or context of itself. All language is here seen natural and not artificial (as all physical theories) But the replacement (Buddhism or Hindu-like) of "will" or "life force" is a conceptual error if all, one, comprehensive, and unbalanced- so to expand in rigid tessellations some dark flow or bypasses them. If not non-plenthic or measurable systems of space thus consciousness may transcend schema, and schema may become transcended. (for physics theories and languages)

*vii Social class systems and the ethic of war, empire by Will, thus Hegel in struggle and conflict- denial of ideal schema as Marxist deconstruction, the rise of programs denying or as a power by might against spirituality.

*viii ... so called "junk" genes and the 20,000 in the genome may equal a 5 quabic space provided a unified developmental spacious present system.

*ix The Transcendental state of a language may assume the power of truth and identity in split understanding of a schema of parts and whole of a brain. Facts, propaganda, advertisements, empty pointer words like drug names, may be or seem real or virtual as some influential schema. (Why some obey "voices" or react against them in addictive topological field cycle- or for that matter the effectiveness of some drugs).

*ixb... Idea temporary forgotten from earlier and not written down... (I think this was it: found the idea scrolling up: our problem with the logic of language is we need a much wider notion of logic/math. Which is to say that one of he problems with the perception and structure of a language such as the great project of Interglossa as a constructed language is not the metaphorical transcendence of the words and notions as such- nor the underlying hardwired, software, shareware layers of encoding such as the information and instructions of the genome, the inheritance, but we need a new basis of the logic of it all (for example what living word or concept has some sense of opposite or negation- how about imaginary forms of this in a context rather than just the negative?) Of course such a grounding schema of plinthonics would come closer to a more unified view of language as a natural as well a transcendental thing as it comes closer to a deeper understanding of our minds and the cosmos.

*x Two distinguished (distinct?) forms of Energy may each be separately conserved (symmetrical) but not so if the kinetic-potential amounts may vary locally in some combined (possibly geometrical) totality.

*xi Punch and Slice motions of a linear and circular tori of four cubes each in four space as a quasic function- the change in natural dimensions of quantized number of directions in the flux may multiply between dimensions of the orthogonal structure. n = 0 1 2 3 4 ... and 3d x 4d is a twelve punch-slice space motion directionality or inertia (that is unless it varies from outside it continues the direction or rest soliton like from within- for minimum action (purpose) as a punch slice or plinthonic principle. Also 8 or 7 subcubes = 24 or 21 flux lines in the transitive distribution of the schema in the context of quasic motion.

* * *

Later this morning:

we note the parton structural model of a proton the central layer of three contains the charge for a neutron or none for a proton. Such things should be considered per the classical radius of the electron and the fine structure constant (and further ones in the quasic depth of plinthic space)

Punch and slice are f and c values of parts of a quasic motion. (see previous work on quasic motion notation, additive and multiplicative...

Plinthons in a sense answer the averaging and stability of a more general space- we need to resolve the notions more than the specific ways some of the so called problems we are interested in for physics.

Henrietta of the asks an interesting question on eigenvalues to which my first guess is indeed, in the apparent hierarchical asymmetries in nature, that it is a quasic bias or directionality to compliment any neutral stance on the particle level or sub-particle level. It is a result of such principles. I do not think the members of that forum understand nor answered her question.

* * *

*xii Other notions lost and recovered for this post:

The ship of Thesus;

xii a: In a genome where we can have quabic or plinthic oeconomy of the godhead, the three-ness and so on of globally shifted natural quasic dimensions, from the higher genus like view the duplication of the ship via its parts may not be seen as the paradox we think- nor the consuming of human flesh in the school-men's question of our soul as a material thing or heave as an abstract thing. This principle supplements the idea of things on the micro-level being so rigidly a binary relation of events between paths of a whole- yet it shows the restraints of treating sub paths such as QCD triplets and braids as if flanged down to such a one to one correspondence as function. The n-player of Kleinian games relates as well as the ideas of Lie groups in a world of inversion of spaces within our without on some shell of a beginning or pivot across hierarchical quasic dimensions. It is not clear in particular that something symmetrically is lost that something else materializes in some tunneling action at a distance.

The nature as topological and systemic of cancer in an organism;

xii b: Such freedom and uncertainty between genome quabic dimension total states can in the idea of partial shifts express a new mechanism for the growth and speed of growth as a model of cancerous pathways.

The example of plinthic notions showing the creation field of mars and not just that the moons are there as asteroids- the dumbbell shape of one of them (and as in the Hmong myth of the creation of humans such a shape);

xii c: In the illustration above we have the idea of a slip-crete like plastic pad to help one from slipping when the sidewalk is icy sloped at the crossing which reminds me as there is plinthic uncertainty of what is circular or linear in discrete space of our view of yang compact extra dimensions but on this the evidence of former leaves on the concrete as if shadows on a flat plane- nature that takes a natural but fading persistent picture of the cycles of autumn- and that they seem from this moment to have a certain directionality- the ship paradox works both ways in this higher idea of quasic time at least on the meso-level of plinthilation as well as this higher idea in the quantum theory.

And I think that covers my thoughts of last night and today.

* * *

One point to add to yesterday's post here:

This Ship Idea comes up in the general notion of the identity of the unity of clones of concepts like a prophet who preaches to a local region or planet and one that is universal in the schema--- the notion is somewhat influenced by quantum ideas but to use this level of logic and intelligibility goes deeper into such theories and I suggest this is a way out of and shows this a useful paradox as science principles as well as the metaphysical notions.

One blogger has an interesting idea on the LHC of colliding deuterium in the same direction to investigate some ideas of fusion (I understand his work to be published soon)... This reminds me of the water drop models and my watching the lava lamp of late as a simple source of some of these ideas. Only rarely do the oil drops in the lamp when they collide merge- they bounce off- so much for brane collision modeling.

And yet, with all the gravity and thermodynamics and breaking apart and coming together again of the oil drops I quite imagine rising and falling tori I can almost see in the Hubble like star formation plumes- as if these topological things within a certain range have general structure but not so in the existential moment- a sort of shape conservation.

I considered making a sci fi on this and submitting it to the newscientist project, the creatures on the surface of the oil in the Lavaverse... Applying perhaps new ideas of what if violation of some natural law in view of new and creative physics. I find it interesting also how the liquid around the oil can be trapped inside a certain region as if bubbles themselves... eyes of a spinning storm at the poles to make a moon like cratered appearance.

We have names for smoke coming from small holes or the great holes in volcanoes.

Metaphorese... language like a living thing, or soap bubbles and oil drop simplifications of fiction and experiment- the question the blogger explains of how we might be twice as fat in other dimensions? One big bang or many little ones says Hoyle, and what to do about the point at identity say on a torus in a higher string space as if some interplay of Steak and Kidney pi's, Mates! And, even that old lover of wine, Gammow, felt the spiritual implications of his cosmic furnace where the worm eats the inside of a four space apple, reaches the surface, and eats as much again- does half an apple really give us half a worm?

There are no Nobel Prizes for original theory ideas- and in our time not much place for a position somewhere in physics- my starving poets may your brilliant creativity be of some consolation for you. Keep the faith, and know that one passed your way who walked with you on the beach and read your messages in the sand.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Architectonic Soul

The Architectonic Soul

The idea of a quasic plinth-(on) or freely and independently scaled pixel-like region of the quasic plane is in that sense a quasi-irreducible region of space and logic. (heretofore, I have called such concepts as "quabic" in my mythological poems I called "Spheredream", In a sense it is a division of the Godhead in which the concept of such abstract division under unity was at least five, the forth being what I imagine when certain ideas of philosophy, notably Kant and Aristotle, are better understood, that next stage of physics as we imagine it today as science- a sort of pure four dimensionality.) This post primarily concerns the Trinitiarian or three foldness as a part of the general structures of physics. It has implications, simplistic or otherwise, for ID Creationism (or Biologos, Theistic Evolution). Without doubt the Deism of say Einstein is not enough to contain these insights and intuitions that recur in the human heart of peoples over time in our species. It may be that quantum theory has undermined the idea that the hypothesis of God is not a needed assumption (for there is no determined clockwork, even if it can be thought so in the mind of a distant and transcendent timeless God). We should try to understand these subtle if not empty aspects of our psyches which empircally may indeed seem more of a strictly scientific concept than what we think of vaguely or empty and vacuum in the camps that debate just how science and religion serve different or one purpose in our comprehension and reality of being.

I am amazed, not so much as my own attempts at interpretations and explanations (although I rather am annoyed so much was taught in physics as the truth of things without cautioning it as only theory),but how in the last half of the century in the midst of progressively deeper exploration of our world how ideas where considered then such as that of "irreducible complexity" that in retrospect seem at best of questionable logic in the long run- the likes of Hoyle and Watson solving the problem at least locally that the seed of life came from outer space for example. In all of this they are really asking about some fundamental intuitions from the next round of research, experiment and theory. Some texts of but last year contain mysteries that now make them obsolete.

* * *

The generation problem of particle physics to me is a quabic or quasic space problem.
(That the universe begin or did not so in any of the religions is not for me a question that should apply to the general scheme of cosmology for in some ways such questions are artifacts of our incomplete knowledge and are conjugate to our incomplete faiths.) One can find the three-ness everywhere, beginning with the idea of three space. As often said this can be seen as a numerological coincidence and that space structures, like numbers, can be found as a foundation, but ones that could be so general in their simplicity so as to contain maximum meaning with little information, or as the number 3, maximum information but hardly any meaning.

If we regard the genome (of which we only found about a fifth of the 100K expected genes and we as a species not that far in that number from others- yet these differences seem qualitative in a sense they can crudely measure evolutionary distances between species) as a matter of permutations of the bases of which in some place the order is not biased and thus not degenerate- which is a third generation problem akin to the triplication of electrons, muons, and tauons... we can to some extent categorize things on a next highest level again as if natures does restrict and design and categorize aspects of the unity of herself.

What to the school-men and poets throughout history tell us in their introspection? That the unity of the soul is more than body and mind, more in fact than what they saw as spirit as distinct from soul. Today, we imagine our soul, if we can imagine it, being as a distance from even the idea of a splitting of Mind or consciousness, as a unitary being- perhaps an underlying unity in the chaos and complexity within an idea of measurable space and time as a theory of everything, an idea in the mind of God of each of us even before or after our living.

Why could the soul not be three if the particles can be? Why could not the same concept say inertia be expressed from different perspectives under one principle or mechanism? Charge and gravity for example two sides of the same coin?

But I do not come to this from some philosophical or religious principle- rather from thoughts on higher dimensional geometry as applied first to our physical bodies. While I have suggested to others in the field to apply string theory to the structure of our genome- have I really asked how to apply my own quasics to the system? If we take the permutations of the bases of the codon as unbiased and in some sea of infinite-finite unity we might conclude that our physical bodies could have three distinct forms and we generally observe one of them (although like with the neutrinos these forms are thought to be changing into each other sometimes for various reasons.)

Thus, while we can imagine an algebra of groups, say the 1152 of the four dimensional 24 cell (that is 24 octahedra, and it is self dual) and that these may interact regions as if they were particles or the skeleton of particles and in fact here we have the hint of a mechanism or logic of it all to allow the universal and inevitable rise of living structural forms with variety and within a range complexity, that this can be broken down orthogonally into three hypercubes in one example of decay or counting between structural parts. 16 is the key number of fine tuned variables that Creationism would hold as set from outside or initially by the Deity or this explained for those who do not want to face the complications of a multiverse one who in theory may sustain or intervene (paradoxically from our view)- so the 16 points of a hypercube abstractly as the fixed body of an organism (which in itself is a trinity say of the reading of the genome).

Upon this we have the analogous structure or the mind or consciousness processes. Next what we may designate as the soul proper. Of course in the various faiths there are many more complex intuitions and arrangements- but not a sea of them that is daunting in the possibilities as if our metaphors of creation have ran wild against the order of things until our concepts and languages are incomprehensible.

I do not mean simply a ball and stick, Euclidean model of things, for we have those who see the flow of space, of surfaces and continuity and so on. The hexagon, the rhombic dodecahedron, the 24-cell are like a sequence in our 9 dimensional broken into three space. If in fact there is an oil or water drop concept and it does take external things like force to change the motion, or say heat as if in the lavaverse rising and falling- the convection at any breaking of the drops involves the creation of tori, and other hidden genus fields in the topological view- in fact two spheres can be historically shown equivalent to such a three space torus- and that is the volume of a surface of a hyperspehere. Geometric theories are intelligible and seem to fit the general scheme of things as well as the algebra.

So, there are partons and quarks of our general being or soul- and we can learn much from the ancient myths of quiet mediators- perhaps almost reach such a gods-eye view and find much of what we have been told was true or not quite besides the fact of what is the universe and what we are and are to do in it. But at this stage of the new "architecture" of our souls I am not making explicit calculations or claiming the explicit nature of the notions worked out. Nevertheless, my contemplations in this rather metaphysical area do explain a lot of things about faith and mind I have wondered about- and while we may claim science and philosophy, religion may have some worldwide ideal of unity- I expect it not to be in any of the explicit forms we now use to justify or argue for such a co-existence.


σχήμα and polyschema Kant: patterns through time. I note that Schopenhaur like many who think of such geometric patterns for physics holds little regard for the idea- too transcendentally vague I suppose (he certainly understood it unlike many who discuss Kant- I seemed to have stumbled on a lot of standard philosophy today) and I was surprised to find from a link form Sultan asking about the Islamic position on the big bang that the book I read last night by Collins who did work on the genome and aimed for Theological Evolution in his creationism- a book I found obsolete and shallow but evidently the ideas of ID were discussed extensively on the philosophychatforum and sciencechatforum - and his references to Hawking, Dawkings, Dennet and so on- seemed to be influences from 1991 and hardly direct or original thinking.

Interestingly in my Spheredream or Olney myths he rides the Buncle Ob to explore the heavens, and its symbol is the five flamed candle. Of course the oeconomy of this finned beast as a negation or complex thing also sees the godhead as 8. Ideas I imagine are symmetry breaking in the subconscious of the physicists now, but they do not see the inversions of things when it comes to hidden symmetries and vectors.

Where Collins hints the Islamic view may not be close to the big bang idea, a question I asked Sultan (Hinduism is from the standpoint of nothingness then creation) to which he found verses Quran of the splitting and fire of the gas in the beginning- a question really of the infinite and transcendence of things, I reply the ultimate of the infinities in infinities at the frontier of concepts. The Buddhist of course have a hard time with a finite but bounded universe, and Collins seems to reject the multiverse as an okham like theory of creationism.

Can it be that Kant stands a lot higher now than once thought at the turn of the century? Can it be that morals aside and starry sky above, that the metaphysics of the Jewish mythology and the Christian mythology are also needed to ground a unified theory of physics if we but choose to sort out things this side of a possible heaven?
If the Quran says, surviving the question of what came before a supposed big bang or even crunch that the universe expands---again, the infinite tessellations of the scheme in art, an intrinsic expansion of vectors transcendent if that is the case of vectors in the usual sense of a dark flow and real flow of time and space.

* * *

Imagine the 24 cell broken into 24 octahedra each duplicated its six points. In a sense, Diracian really, do we not have 144 or 12 squared as a sort of intelligibility of the algebra? What sort of computation of matrices would that number cut in half minus 64 = 8 or 144 - 12 = 132 shy 4 or 5 = 136 ? but this is still a vague numerology of which such schemes of numbers appear to the novices who hold suspect and justly so the coincidences of numbers out of universal or multiversal context.

* * *
In the illustration the idea is we can be blind and half-blind, one or two eyes, or see and half see...

The Otto symbol, one of a double explosion she with such beautiful eyes liked, and one from last night of the five sticks that hold together until you drop them as something we made of Popsicle sticks in childhood play to watch them break apart when dropped as a symbol for things in this post- after all one can make a pentagram that holds together of five sticks- a fifth dimension of sorts in symmetry. But as with making a variable candle mold of the mollet, or star, the dimensions stack and hide each other to limit possibilities in subtle ways.

Monday, October 25, 2010

History and Memory, Research and Love

History and Memory, Research and Love

Not much on my mind today but some stray ideas from the idea of language as to the meaning inside the Greek roots... history, well, some idea of where memorial comes from and that philosophy of Fitche? forgotten, as an alternative to Descartes- do others live only as long as someone remembers them? If we survey the world of even a few generations ago, in this extended history and archelogy and anthropology of the unique and unknown, a blue rose with our without redemption, can be fail to note how many are forgotten, even to historical records, even the tombstones in Kew Gardens of famous families and we only know of them their name? The dark flow of this is renewal only while the living and the concrete extend somewhere in some fleeting short time of all things computed infinitely over a finite space as that which enhances Love and that emotion for others in parts of a second, in parts of their brains, in the world of surfaces seen in detail of viruses- in the name of this years Nobel Laurelette... I am in my bubble of red glow and shift and the bubble is not big enough... I see the cone of time and light and heat and the flow of surfaces (to which English has no such affix as do the other Tutonic languages of some spatial form expressed as touch) in the lava lamp of time... displacements that come and go as long as the energy flows, conserved yet but one and both eyes to survey as rays the light house at night, the something smelly in Danmark Fart(speed) of light... But between me and it is the window, the window to which I take the photo without lens for I can only focus on the screen and not what may be beyond it- save even the crow clinging in the fog to his height that from the chimney will come warmth to him come winter- he sees masks and recalls them and that is perhaps all there is of what our oil drop and reflective lives that endures.

Some of the images for this paragraph comes from my attempt to post a video today of my strange song of 67 called The Charleston Shipping Canal (ten minutes filmed out my window with the lava lamp and crows and wind- not me, that my voice was clearer.

search ledgarotto on youtube

* * *

moderator approval pending

Lubos, Another A+ presentation! Again I see the far reaching thoughts, as radical as they may seem to some, of Feyman. I can understand and see he first saw a higher view to which I feel even more comfortale as an explanation and which I quite imagine a physics of an even greater generalization. I agree that things had to move on past Dirac, but he connections are there in a sort of real history with all those paradoxes - and yes we need fresh and younger minds to go beyond Feyman also. Dirac as you said almost did this much. It is hard I imagine being in a new world of thought where the reality of it grows way past you consolidations and sense of reality. For me triangulations are not out of the game yet- and our stance toward the continuous or not of space and time may still be a mixed situation. (that is for some things I have a hard time finding your logic of it as the only picture but it is an enlightenment worthy of any scientific program.)
I have not voted in a long time, well in the primaries last month. When the right tied to religious groups come in power the funding in the USA and UK is cut. Can it be when the left comes in money goes to junk science and closed minded politics? West Virginia would suffer from the carbon tax being a coal state- what ever happened to the dire warnings of acid rain in the black forest for example? So, I do not see a win either way and there is nothing logical nor continous in the path integral of voting history. If my heart is not in Texas I guess I have to get my a** out if there were some place to go. Still, there are some beautiful ideas, ideal ones which our science understanding will definitely aid our philosophy and politics. I can see the universe as a unity- and see it as that with broken but intelligible change.
Maybe in some sort of flat land of all this averaging and predictible if non-linear space a turn is only 360 degrees... Only when we think a little higher would the spin come back to origins (as Feyman's thoughts seem to guarentee) would it be 720 degrees, and so on...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

INSEI XI: Linguistic Dellusions and Notions

INSEI XI: Linguistic Dellusions and Notions

A Draft on a Draft on Draft on the Abstracts of Abstracts of Abstracts on Language as a Tool and Human Logic and Psychological Artifact:

I was reading again with a little more comprehension as the subject came up of the nature of the operatives in Basic English- that go for example is not a verb- something as a poet (which means composing or creating in Greek) that came up in my discussion with Sultan Ratrout. So causally I wrote down these notes in no particular rigid or exhaustive form. I am not quite sure where I am going to go with this, but I should check the Interglossa or Glossa draft of a later project on the forms used. It is uncanny how study of language can change my fundamental world views and yet that seems not to make a differnce.

* * *

1:16pm Sultan
now almost to be done with my new poem, reflections on the journey of love:"

1:19pm me
great msg me when

Like a mathematician, you'll calculate the possibilities,
And prepare to encounter all the anticipated intricacies
Up above you, there is heaven and your destined fate,
It's stronger than you, pre-determined prior to this date.
final lines :)

good you already have the final lines so I cannot influence the ending

i added tow lines to it its 30 lines :)

but it is uncanny what I jst posted on pesblog

what is that uncanny stuff?

do not click errro clip board


damn lost it

weird pic

It is uncanny how study of language can change my fundamental world views and yet that seems not to make a differnce.
this was what I was trying

i talked about the chemical side when we love
when we love, we do chaneg chemically speaking right

to post thinking it reminds me of those last lines in some ways
yeah, chemistry----

love betrays you , so when u r broken hearted that will shwo up right, thats the chemical side i talk about\

I need to put some more from those casual notions and pages up in a type form so they are easier to read- but it does cover the idea of linguistics- your thoughts for example on deluision.
linguistics and psychology

waw thats what i want :)

before I can recall what my abbreviations and scribble meant
... go not a verb in BASIC but operative
go thru space fast means run
if your are ready to talk about this now
heed a stimulus obey a response


command is heed
so are the commandments stimulus?


that is if we see things from that second revolution of psychology Behavioerism?
And the third never came unless it was Drugs or as you say chemistry
the first being psychodynamics of course, talk therapy

* * *

Sultan and I then interrupted each others posts in progress: (but I was hoping we have time one day to make a joint linguistics project. In the creative science and philosophy let us recall that poetica from the beginning may conflict with a more scientific or discipline of intellect. There is this dialectical interplay between word order for example and unrestrained use of metaphor as both an issue of notions and communication. I learn by thinking on foundations- either as one who tries to see language scientifically or creatively. This sort of thing also seem important to the foundations of our notions of physics. (one where I am not so sure, as Lubos remarked, that we should abandon the more cantonical forms of say relativity where it involves quantum ideas- that is although I see a wider background or phaneron, I know that some of the old ways and paradoxes frozen after fifty years may not be because the adherents are in error. It is hoped that this linguisitic project does explain this impasse and that in the end short of a new medium such as what we also could analyze as communications on the internet- that perhaps language itself can after all be powerful enough to solve our areas of conflict for peace beyond the confines of the structure and content of this tool.

* * *

Of course (I posted a comment to a blogger I follow on the 24 roots of unity) that the alphabetic range of human languages seem to relate to these complex numbers and even just the real numbers in natural space intelligibilities. Not to mention the field with chromosome influences from position on context.

ThePeSla said...
Yes, I know the feelings.

That 24th root, in terms of geometry, is most interesting to me. Have you associated it with the 4space 24 cell (Euclidean) in any way?

I am glad I understood some of this in my old age.

The PeSla

October 25, 2010 10:57 AM
Kea said...
The PeSla, there are many things to do here. The 24 cell will certainly show up somewhere, as others have noted. But I am not sure it will make it to the top of my list any time soon. The list is vast.

* * *

I had a poetic thought this morning- my subtle idea of quasics, really a steppping stone on the path of unification I feel, that we can imagine small things and assert they exist- say, animolecules, atoms, neutrinos and so on. This blue rose statement without evidence without physical evidence is a linguistic notion which can turn out, as in the case of bacteria to be the case. But bacteria are real. Can we imagine an averaging across all the multiverse where all such levels of smaller and unseen things are in a sense the center of it all and of complexity? Is the life in a raindrop not in some sense as deep and experience as I walking in the rain under the autumn leaves and thinking about the universe? Or in the averaging I might take up a microscope or a collider and look- finding that I have gone a little higher than these denizens of the very small. (to this end in these post where I say "pixel" as a metaphor of a quasic unit I will use the word plinth or plinthon and loosely that means tile, but it is not to be assumed a rigid tesselation nor one as if a vague cloud- here again the notion of what is the real and unreal and of time and such, and preference for falling into some other state of being or seeing the world for such catalysts as a matter of only if there is underlying energy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heavenly Lavaverse Brought Down to Earth

Heavenly Lavaverse Brought Down to Earth

Man's achievement in cosmology is the taking of the Euclidean vetical plane and laying it horizonal for the foundation of physics. Which way does the heat flow in this picture? Where is the gravity? Sometimes complex and deep physics are inspired by simple models like the water drop ones (but here I just post a poetic metaphor). Do the surfaces collide, expand, inflate? Given the heat source from outside our bottle one can observe a cycle of things and perhaps name the images after some familiar form- no tripod here so the consciousness observer has to minimize the shaking. These forms in the background of vibrations internal to the liquids fit general patterns despite local instabilities.

So what are we thinking when we say up and down? Past and future? Twist and shout? What regions divide some continuum metatatively and smoothly as if we can count the Brahmins and their universes as many as the ants?

Upon the sea of uncertainty, or those empty of the light and music, do we not look upward or afar? Do we not stand tall and upright on the ground until after many dawns we feel the earth spin? As solid as the size of grains of sand we dance relative and weightless so down in earth what is substantial, collasped we say, is some dance toward hidden compasses.

Even Einstein thought about the Brownian world between our quantum and classical dreams- and Feynman his plinths in vibration. Gravity, if the world left static to itself in a bottle some hothouse glass of electron shells in reflections- we lost in the snowy sky and terrain or in an airplane at dark of night disoriented, seems to find its levels as if oil and water, jet streams and clouds.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Direct and Indirect Dialog and Thinking

Direct and Indirect Dialog and Thinking

[In progress to be posted later, perhaps today- but it is a rather poetic idea I am mulling over in my mind... well, maybe this is enough for now: ]

She says she does not want to talk to me but stares up talking through her window..."

That some pass away makes us feel vulnerable and yet enhances the bonds in a way that we realize the fragile depth and beauty of the reality of another as if we need the old argument we cannot see the good without the evil. So looking or talking to the side (and all such dialog can be seen as talking to oneself) for we really cannot know an others state of mind when our chiral dreams bounce off each other and collide or merge. But what I am trying to show or say is more direct- a direct thought as if we face an idea or even our vanishing or the truth of someone else vanishing head on. That in fact today I so much more cherish life and thoughts and others, so much more that things can have the depth of enhanced reality if we take the trouble to drink deeply of her aura, hold her frail thin wrists, be able to state for long into her eyes and we not turn away from the gaze, nor be embarrassed as if hypnotized to hypnotize in a dance indirectly heed the animal magnetic suggesting- thus to let her know I care for her faults and hold so precious each stumble against the fall to what we can be careful not to drop or crush, to learn to care for life itself- face not just fears and the initial dark of the cosmos or the gods, but love directly, love whose moment is not just immortal sun, but alive.

* * *

Brief except from facebook dialog this morning with Sultan Ratrout that relates to this semi-poetic post:

[do we face our fears head on? Can we stare into the sun or the face of our lover if we are embarrassed? And yes, can we know her name? Can we see the face of God? and so on]
reality acquires the shape of delusion when we think excessively.
or think too strictly

... we need woman and maybe need her to be evil in that we can see God all the more
yet evil is not necessary is it?
(should have included that ambiguous thing)

- here, how should I feel about my friend Jessica passing away- I mean the poem in a way was a stoic response. Maybe a delayed sadness in a subject much greater than any poem
- I mean today I am much more spontaneous and the world much more real and much more optimistic- I a closer to care for life and people and for the miracle of their thoughts and bodies
-we should not walk on egg shells with our own hearts, life is too short
and if it is a delusion then let us if we survive it learn and be deluded!
poetic license maybe

* * *

Facebook status on my mind:

L. Edgar Otto I am quite amazed how much information say on math and physics is now at my finger tips and how far casually I have come and understood it. But I really feel now that there not enough time to grasp it all- in the end it is much easier to reinvent the wheel for it,

L. Edgar Otto at least and in my own language I have found what I was searching for and can mediated the issues with sounder opinions. After all, I see the community of physicists and crackpots? as just humans in the struggle for ideas with themselves and others.

* * *
Lubos made an informative and kind reply to my comment today:


This post stands out as one of your best I have read. I can quite imagine one day a new generation will look back at our era and people (even in blogspace) and judge where they may have been going down the wrong paths or seemed to have vast but modest insights. I think your praise for Feynman was understated (he did think about partons, wow!).


Thursday, October 21, 2010

INSEI X : An Experimental Test of Quasicity

INSEI X : An Experimental Test of Quasicity

***0 - Because of notation such that he binary information compacts or preserves the pattern between 4 and 8 dimensions and evidently the groups involved, a link between quaternions and octonians as an example of complex number intelligibility, we can imagine an experimental test in a controlled laboratory setting if the cosmic parameters are within the reach of our machines.

***1 - Since by quasic concepts these structures and analogs involve the complexity in systems with and in a nucleus, we should expect the forthcoming collisions of of lead and other atoms in the LHC to be capable of yielding surprising exotic physics along these lines including, for example, the creation (akin to the term in Hoyle's sense) of surplus protons with definite connections and intelligible counts and inheritance of pathways or trajectories (if these can be inferred without a better lensing theory and devices from the new particle zoo debris). What sort of physics would be between such groups of space discretely? What sort if from a quasic view such physics is already in a sense a unity? On this level we can conceptually distinguish models of fusion and fission and their shadow analogs as if a global general symmetry.

(Hey Lubos, a powerful polemic today on the crackpots- but the study of cosmology as philosophy is certainly not a dead but a new field- as philosophy it makes sense to me only I would call that universe a blackberry with black holes also. After the people of the book we will have to show clearly where Buddhist ideas fit in for they were here long before relativity and quantum uncertainty. One needs to explain why physics cannot go back and one hopes we do not get stuck forever on some idea that does not move forward, especially if this is not science but a quasi religious undertaking.)

***2 We may have to ask again just how safe are such experiments but on a higher level of concern. If these effects are a part of nature, nature tends to heal herself and such small effects in a small region should remain relatively local- barring unknown exotic effects imaginable but still beyond our speculative fiction. For example a weapon of action at a specific distance or subtle changes in present time as if time travel beyond the spacious present working in a sub-spacetime. Why are fission products ( or fusion with muon catlysts) not generally globally symmetric?

NOTE: we should not imagine the Kaaba as an object of idolatry nor the meteor (insei) within it as such an object of worship- but these just as a needle on a volt meter changes by our dreams point to higher and deeper concepts of our cosmology. If the reference frame is to do the work of God for physics even if it is the skeleton of quasics or math or logic and the concepts are not as alive as our thinking- it is but a beautiful but lesser shell, a human artifact the simple minded cannot see as idolatry.

* * *

Jessica Told Me Long Ago of Her Secret Dream of Deltafane L. Edgar Otto

Our past in the pueblo and mesas
our dreams when I look for you
not just deadwood but a petrified forest

It took so long with my meager tools of sharpened sticks
to carve for you a cist through white gypsum
set beneath a vertical slab of sandstone three by five

We, who dined on eagles eggs
shells and stones and worked deer bones
mats and baskets, feathered prayer sticks painted green

Ten pieces of pottery, bowls and dippers
seeds of squash and corn for you journey to the underworld
shattered, cleaned, crushed and charred your ossuary

Where they made a feast of your soul
yet set you in the Northeast, daughter of royalty

Even then seeing God and time so much closer
in the desert, faces toward the single sun
sacred frog the symbol on the vase, water carried from far away

The people spoke to each other as we did with spirits
of happy hour in the bar drinking sulfur springs and toxins
doctors gave to you slurring your speech but not our resonating DNA

I do not know if I loved you for your spirit or body alone
or for longing to taste the tears from your single azure eye
we talked of our lovers driving us to ruin, not looking crossing streets

Oh, he is not around me no more, Cherwine from your home town
says he needs food but I saw his dozens of empty vodka bottles.
So that's why you couldn't sleep that night I heard your name crash on my scanner.

I said I'd marry you if you had not found someone by thirty
we did not hold each other to it, now your passing in your prime

Only you must know how I react to it, our hearts long dry, too numb
too wounded long ago our loving, yet ours always morning sun

* * *

Here later today I found a relevant article. Yet, it is an example of how nature may have in its ongoing experiment uniquely arisen, or more rarely so, by first principles- here volume and energy of the mitochondria- and how we who undertake theory interpret these natural experiments and their frequency.

I note two thinks, the comparison of the elephant to the mouse. The issue for more complex cells is also a general theory of a nucleus, organic or inorganic, and the fact that the metabolism of size**** is the square root of the fourth power! By this we come again to the speculation that life could be more prevalent in the universe than we now suspect based on general principles and universal laws.

**** October 22 footnote: [I meant to say here the fourth root (of the time) - so why did I make this typo? It seems throughout history this sort of space concept if very slippery, the Greeks and doubling a cube. Part of it is our concept of halving and doubling- I have found books that teach algebra that says the fourth root of minus 16 is impossible and others that explain how and generalize the result yet it leaves out the very real nodes on a circle which gives us a vague understanding of real discrete things in a context- the idea that at the bottom of things there is a flux and no absolute vacuum- today on newscientist I find a discussion of computer simulation of "hot dark matter" which makes an equivalent modeling to the idea of "cold dark matter". So I ask if this is in a sense not a mistake as if one read the radical sign at first glance as a square root- after all, these questions of inflation and branes colliding and so on and as Matti in TGD blog today in his excellent and informative commentary geometry applies and of course the 2 or 4 ness maybe not just a matter of taste in the Dirac formalism and perhaps the doubling of the shift of mercury initial error. One thing for sure many of us have for a long time asked questions I see now being asked in the literature. I note also from another blog I follow a commentary on Nexium and its chiral center of Sulphur but the author shows how it makes no difference if it is a pure or mixed form when it becomes adsorbed in the gut- despite the difference in cost of the forms of this drug.]

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

INSEI IX: pq-adic space -The Other Reference Frame

INSEI IX: The Other Reference Frame

Quantum Super-relativity, Eddington string, Dirac Space, Quasi-uranoidal space or quasuroidal (QUr)
L. Edgar Otto 10-19-10

**0 A more general idea of a string (taken to a vanishing point via some hypostasis of quasic states) is one that when cut produces two strings with two ends each, or two strings with one end or two strings with no ends. Alternatively, these are states (ends) as point particle descriptions. But a string can also be cut into two with multiple ends.

**1 A quasi-uroidal view [Uranoid Eddington's term for universe with 256 coordinates]- imagine space relationships as four space "flanged" into three space)may read these co-variant vectors and others in an entirely different direction and arrangements, each equivalent and each (in this model) as valid as the other.

**2 Roughly, these describe the difference between electrons and magnetic effects, the vanishing as a general process mentioned above may emit "photons" alternatively change the field as if instantaneous photons. (a grounding theory of the age of visibility in an early universe state this may supply) Here we begin to resolve the reversible and seemingly not symmetric ideas of Maxwell- and wrap our heads around the idea as paradoxical and abstract as the I Ching codes stable within ever changing.

**3 The number (based on Eddington's and Dirac's concern with dimensionless constants and the idea of coincidences of values in nature's scales) of protons or electrons in the compass of a continuum-quasicontinuum model such as this, needs not be strictly the same numbers even over time compared with a "super" or more general global averaging. (again, most unsolved problems of physics starts with closed minds and fossilized ideas more than the obvious chaos in creative thought)

**4 This is the foundation of the general sense that mass seems a property of chiral differences, yet independently of complexified quaternion like algebra.

**5 The codon system organically of a 64 variable space algebra beyond speculative coincidence (Ulla- which space would be encoded by the DNA?, yours was a great earlier comment by-the-way.) is ideal as a physical realization of these models unto epi-genome methylation- vanishing leaving a structure as if inner and outer changes connected or set in space once connected, charges drained or freely there or not between say protons and electron shells in the inorganic nuclear analog to this model of a higher quasic level of language where the arithmetic can shift intelligibly and the geometry can explain shells and nucleation and energy-density differences.

**5b [beyond certain limits nature has supplied such a comprehensive range of experiments past the mechanisms of vanishing that they are invisible to those who rely on and try to set up scientific experiments for evidence when that is all around them- nor may we conclude from true spurious coincidence that the pattern is true when what it involves is not subject to experiment at all necessarily]

**6 Thus we establish raw group effects as if an inner operations language real or virtual (in the same representational dimension here) such that these may freely interact in a space or ordering without clear general beginnings (initial states) nor a hierarchy of sub-groups as hereditary only, yet intelligible.

**7 Also the state of code reading in a system establishes and evolving "now" in the mainstream (reaching again the paradox of what more and how comprehensive the general evolving states possible of matter and space- beyond the string-like ideas and space groups of Dirac and Eddington (Thus I combined two equally in our time bizarre theories.).

A photo will be forthcoming- for now imagine instead of flatland with dark flow we have a three space counting or magic square ordering (the hypercube) the first being "Kakok" and the second being "Makal" and note the symmetries which are not hidden in labeling the points. (sometimes such symmetries to our natural and the universe's compression and compactions of view are not obvious and seem irregular).

Uroid for me a general term of any scale from the iota particle-string to the overview of the zero x infinity Omnium universe. In the mapping of the abstract higher structures than on a particular scale or difference in scales we note between discrete circular regions this difference of thirteen within it is 25 between them no mater how far in the span we extend the grid. But of course this is only one simple example of the complexity of space- In a sense this answers what is substance and what is the nature of vacuum between it on a higher abstract level, but here we also understand how we can only observe certain physical laws over a few differentiations... how far in the dark flow can accelerated accelerations go?

It was interesting to learn of Mohamed riding the Horse B. to survey the levels of Heaven. Or my image of Washington the equestrian on the seal of the Confederacy and the noble experiments of successive revolutions. Perhaps Einstein on a ray of light that is still seen, still commands unto itself the flame and center as if a white and black hole beyond the light expanding (surely one can see that I too have used some of his models and contemplations toward a wider understanding of the universe despite my complaint of what is myth and what is the reality of our legends?)

But in our time we are torn between the dark flow of fortuitous winds in models of space of questionable ubiquity deep into or dreams and bones. Like the Christ I enter the city of learning upon an ass- and that is the most stretchable of things because Moses tied his ass to a tree and walked forth forty miles. I pass as a leaf between these spheres, and planes, and saddles to ride the ocean itself... some of us can ride the whorl wind, and some of us can command it- and for awhile we see the wide beauty of the landscape and its flowers columbine and Colorado, some Odin blind with a stud of many legs more than the unicorn, (How deep we think with suspension of disbelief we are entertained or allow others to entertain us that we touch something universally in childlike images and myth must be what it touches upon...and I know when I spread my bedroll to the fertile and virgin ground and lead my horse to rest and drink, that I have lost nothing by my dreaming and gained the deep and simple pleasure with difficulties and aching of my spine- of sleeping under the stars.

* * *

Check out this interesting youtube video found near Stan Tenens at :

string theory:

Clearly there is a lot of light here where it really is invisible and abstract- and what is the grid of the little compact balls of hidden dimensions- whatever the geometry involved even these may be subject to a wider view of what can compact or expand of such higher dimensional and quasic densities. It is not clear either just how between natural dimensions we are to regard different strengths of things like gravity or other energy effects are to be viewed as so mystically distant and inexplicable- or from some flame center of a tent as absolute.

An invitation to solve a mystery

I came across an ad on facebook and found the link to this- I saw it a couple of weeks ago but could not post a comment without joining the wordpress and I have enough of such connections. Apparently a son is promoting the work of his father and I said it brave to take such a stance in his time. I have only seen the first page of this link and had to look up where il extension was.

Why is it so many Jewish people think they have an inside track and status on theoretical physics and then lobby so hard for some idea? The myth of Einstein and his race or culture? We should judge the theory in itself and not the politics of science. This error or blessing in education and access to it is not different than that of a hundred years ago in the American west, an elite and chosen higher level few who dabble and are ill prepared for life and work- while the nine-tenths of the rest struggle and appreciate their skills and what they had to learn. This is not to say in any people some who are authentic and original will arise. Let us not ignore those who will make a true contribution because others have the position to lecture only because of the political climate of their time. It is not a tribal war or turf battle, nor global conquest that we in humility are but in a white or black hole, too many of us now to intersect instead of mineral and water wealth and a future for our children in our great cities founded with no competitors for a thousand miles around. Let us manufacture again, applied science, but if we are to do theory in a needed revival let us manufacture it as if we worked and husbanded the earth itself- for these are the things of the earth before things of the gods.

Our dreams like our wealth should be there by their position in space and money and our debts not taken by force of eminent domain without compensation and reward for the property and free state of our toil, and like Marx said- capital, money, is a commodity like anything else in the abstract. But let us put an end to so called education when it is worthless even to have the labels of social status, fake degrees and fake rubles do not make a real world of the right to learn or right to work for knowledge too is a commodity- one that does better in an open and not closed market.

* * * Stan Tennen I have talked with and he too has a take on sacred geometry- in fact in a dispute over propriety with Dan Winter whom I also spoke with when he came to town. But both men's dreams have something to say about geometry and some things that will not look so much New Age in retrospect. Both men have a sort of fire riding some ocean of space of mysticism. To me this is an echo of the cultural wars of the past- I mean, if we had settled Denver first then perhaps the east USA would be wild and unsettled instead of our overwhelming sense of home. Let us not try to follow the dark flow of faith to over take the earth by force, nor hold up in a circle like the crater of Bohemia against the plague where our light only sees an expanding and centered white hole. But in no case, should we proselytize and feel the need to do it unto others should we fool ourselves. Let us not play the victim card when the whole universe of space is still before us.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

INSEI VIII : A Poem in Insei and Math Thoughts

INSEI VIII : A Poem in Insei and Math Thoughts

q-adic density L. Edgar Otto carved these runes...


Kakok kalil kamem kanan
Kekok kelil kemem kenan
Kikok kilil kimem kinan
Kokok kolil komen konan


13 26 39 52
77 90 193 116
141 154 167 180
205 218 231 244


Kakok komem kolil kanan
Kinan kelil kemem kikok
Kenan kilil kimem kekok
Kokok kamem kalil konan


13 231 218 52
180 90 103 141
116 154 167 77
205 39 26 244

* * *

While studying the numbers and sounds cvcvc on the quasic grid, a matter of computation really, I had some notions that applied to physics (especially some of the recent considerations and debates of bloggers I follow) which this morning seems to be worth posting and explains for me some principles linguistic and of physics.

For example, this is a very efficient and dense idea of sounds for aiding the visualisation of such spaces. But as sounds, in this cvcvc system I find the actual language a vaster larger array of possibilities and entomological history. The tendency to add suffixes, internal changes say of vowel structures, prefixes and declensions as if to add different systems- while stable in some idea of a matrix is also linearly unstable with the possibility of extending at some place in the grid or coordinates, affixing sounds or notions, as a natural result of asking where the coordinates begin or end and on what level for a given word.

Just as Santayana said "Man's achievement in architecture was the taking of the Euclidean plane (as if the surface of a pond) and standing it on end." applies to this quasical arrangement of elements in a plane. After all, we can view the normal Cartesian plane on end as if it responded to up and down such that the curves resemble the slopes of mountains and so on- and this too applies to consideration of the complex plane in some respects.

Thus, and quasi-finitely, we can have in the "q for quasic q-adic" concept (this train of thought started with a search for a double shifting of prime numbers that such that some numbers, like 52, were left off from the logic of crossing out the files and columns. Thus in the vertical direction with adjacent numbers we have a doubling of the horizontal direction with every other number.

Of course there are many patterns possible and in this efficient number theory counting device we can turn numbers at a certain relation such as a square of four of them (here 16) into a magic square.

So we essentially have a question of order and shifts of order in the counting as if a time like dimension, and that of matrix properties. A magic square means what is more stable in differentials, here as a space like property.

But in the pondering of these computational things better done with the aid of a computer I also got a feel for some more general principles- some that seem to justify ideas of our bloggers.

For one thing the graph of course can have depth or span, but just as we can set the reading in ordering in two directions we can read the depth as ascending or descending- in some cases the mere reversal of the coordinates- yet there is a sort of quasic density which treats some abstract things on a higher level- say an electron or the monopole. That these magic squares with intelligible patterns are possible suggest to me more general laws of density in the expanding or contracting of general space- thus energies involved, and the idea from a more absolute Leibniz's relativity background that in a sense the orientation (that is if we treat the orientation of some object concretely to sense gravity as in twistors initially in concept) yet the orientations in the plane with respect to some concrete object such as ourselves viewing some object as up or down and so on, are after all the matrix as ordered or as magic square, radial electric or magnetically in circles. Gravity then might be explained and not a force but a geometry similar to Einstein's equivalence principle but as a super-equivalence principle for it is that which without a need for a mediating particle description touches all matter as a scaleless (in the quasic sense) fall.

So in the quasic plane of multiple dimensions and variable grids in definitions in the idea of "Dark Fluid" it is not a question of what evidence may be left over from say other "universes" or previous ones- But the dark fluid is an intrinsic concept of the totality here and now in this universe as well if not only so. Here we reach the paradoxical thoughts again and hopefully not confuse the notions of the abstract with the concrete in our explanations- the whole and part, one and many, heeding expansion and mandate of belief or closure and exclusion, level of voices in the complexity for all practical purposes real as in the depth words evolve and transcend their mundane simple meanings into higher powers of metaphor. Maybe I should use Sultans word formed in English as a question: multiuniverse and with that my reply also unimultiverse- where the words share the paradox of the notions.

by q-adic I mean that there can be intelligible quasic like patterns over the quasic patterns (epiquasic in rough analogy to epigenome?) But such concepts are really those of density in an actual and relative way to discern measure, that is to virtually apply some idea of mass or force in at least the nearby context of space. We cannot reduce it all to the ideas of infinitesimal shift calculus as useful as that tool is for at this sort of flatland of space Pythagoras rules and does so with the ideas of symmetry breaking, building as a property of number theory even at the lower primes, the density considered on number lines,- thus a measure of energy as well as gravity and doorway to a more general thermodynamics (and yes, in these concepts speaking of so many natural dimensions as 5 reduced from 8 or even 12 as a matter of mathematics we observe that Riemann was wrong to say quintics added no more to the general concepts of the theory).

* * *

Dialog with Sultan Ratrout appended for more explanation:

So, anything new happening with you?
[Sultan Ratrout]
No but thinking of a poem to write
Good, what subject?
[Sultan Ratrout]
It is basically a philosophical poem
[Sultan Ratrout]
about time
ahhh that is part of it all
[Sultan Ratrout]
downloaded the 2010 encyclopedia of language?
anyway, I should not disturb you- and I have nothing new yet- maybe some lighter stuff like a video song
[Sultan Ratrout]
wait plz
[Sultan Ratrout]
whats that poem lol :):)
math poem
attracted my attention
what are you asking?
[Sultan Ratrout]
the pic u tagged me in
an experiment in cvcvc roots for parallels but it is so simple it only describes arithmetic
[Sultan Ratrout]
ahaahah great attempt :):) I liked it in roots
yet is very hard to read
of course Arabic has no o but logically we have A E I O all some none and so on
but I posted on blogspot full explanation of the idea of it to easier see ways out of the debates there by the physicist bloggers I follow
and that is very much hard to read and hard to write
So now I am wondering where one could find a list of roots
there are short and long vowels- it will take more than 4 spots to map them
[Sultan Ratrout]
It makes it easier to see binary assembly code relationships in our head as if a language
and the structure of some strange spaces
some of the basic ideas of Islam as opposed to earlier forms make sense in the metaphysics
using religion of course as just a metaphor
[Sultan Ratrout]
my (forgive me there is no other word) "quasic plane" is different than the usual planes
If we take the surface of a pond and stand it on end that is what Santayana said is mans achievement in architecture- taking the Euclidean plane
Now, in Islam I have read a description of Heaven
and like the plane, a Newtonian infinite plane, that super plane is stood on edge
such a heaven said perpendicular to the world
but this description was in very old books

Does this explanation help some?
[Sultan Ratrout]
r u referring to Alburaq , the pony or horse that took Mohammad up above the sky?
I do not know that reference- but it sounds right
Interesting, searching, Adam=Paradise
I do not see anything about perpendicular plane but fortunately I have that old book in storage
It still could be there and most likely in the scriptures
in revelations New Jerusalem is described as a cube- similar images in the links to link above
too much references to various traditions like the Zohar to consider for now. 7th heaven the idea of Dante too.
(before I go and you can write if this helped some I will append it to my poem peslablog?)

in quran its said the more u know abotu science, the more God paves the way for u to konw more about God himself
I certainly agree with that
2:28pmSultan is offline.
but under heaven we perhaps can only know so much of science. (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because Sultan is offline.
All the poem and numbers are doing at this point is to find deeper foundations for our notion and languages- not necessarily the foundation of the faith of it- just science of it. (send as a message)