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Dirac Reads more Clearly Now in Retrospect

Dirac Reads more Clearly Now (to Me) in Retrospect
L. Edgar Otto 31 December, 2011

Well, I got up at 5am and wrote these posts. At that time Samoa began to welcome in the New Year. (Damn, I thought I had it worked out in my head on the way here to the coffee shop, but now not so sure again... anyway for awhile I thought it 36 hrs again, but perhaps because of surreal multiplication normal numbers can have the value of one and a half again may have influenced my reasoning.) Anyway I also heard on the BBC on the radio a reminder in detail that light is given off by the separation of two surfaces such as sticky tape pulled apart but if there is a fourth post it is not written down on paper but I do so now. The main thing (that is the problems of what happens and why things are charged if in a sense we take them out of superposition, the separation of branes or equivalent spheres as charged entities and the nature of charge itself- addressed by Dirac early on- there does not seem to be an explanation, not a quantum one.

* * *

This sort of thing already set to ink in the before I heard the show. I posted this comment to Pitkanen this morning in trying to translate what his vision is from a my wider understanding of analysis and numbers:

that is a very wise point. But in practice there are some things that appear to exist that are not understood even in terms of the quantum formulas.

How is it we can separate to sticky tapes and it gives off light and x-rays? Or why when we separate surfaces do the planes exchange charge one all positive and one all negative?

Part of it is the effect of this Van der Waals very week force which we know can be put into different models such as the point models- as you say with magnetism (I think is a metaphor for your deeper vision) and Maxwell's formulas- these forces can be thought of as points or Casmir forces or other such things- so what is your explanation of the idea of monopoles?

But I have no doubt all of this applies very closely to organic processes to the beauty and extent I read between the lines of your vision. I have not made the leap into some sort of disembodied field (magnetic body) mathematically indescribable, but I have not tried to reduce things to materialism or its slippery slope. I do not dismiss the possible connection.

I have had a few things to say lately in comparing our visions which I may post today or at the beginning of the new year- if you are interested. I think your question of how things on the level between the "wormholes" become somehow finite has a reasonable answer in my posts.

the Pe Sla

* * *
Unexplained Light

I feel my quasic view as described in the illustrations today go far to explain the light effects- as well some other theories of planes, such as the complex which the researchers of these weak Van der Waal's forces for St. Elmo's fire, and lightning, and breaking certain candies in the dark (wintergreen?) and the opening of envelops between the sticky flaps... and more to the point, the menicus of mercury in a tube shaken against the sealed glass filled with some neon, the very same gas by the discoverer of the Nobel elements- gives light orange and green- a separation of charge that remarkably occurs in pico seconds.

Can there be such effects that in space emit gamma bursts? In any case the background of the physics seems to relate on the micro and macro scale of the Dark Energy and the cosmic constant expansion. (I relate this also thru Peter Rowlands treatment of such quantum spaces and the explanation of Casmir like forces to TGD and philosophic issues of free will- as in the next authoress on the radio, the People's pharmacy, discussed a new book on how to deal with stress and new years resolutions by reducing the variability of our expectations of our future selves- it is clear that our behavior is influenced by a society that promotes stress and cycles of indulgence - witness the near riots in the large discount stores over the commercial holidays). I do not include ball lightning in this analysis so far as it is a pure quasic and creative phenomenon for frequencies and such. But how is it that infinitesimal complex light up from a modulus of density fits all scales that intelligibly corresponds to cosmic expansion so as to add to the evolving values and changes of a more general Omnium of spaces. Certainly, the brane idea has better grounding should we apply the concept to any more general space or to a foam of partially filled levels of space in the mix of chiral and neutrino time effects.

This phenomenon, without explanation of its light, I regard as evidence for the validity of the quasic theory and many near similar theories we all work toward.

* * *

FOOTNOTE: The illustration has significance as I look back at some of those from over last year... It mainly refers to commentary on Kea's insights and intuitions on algebraic structures. It seems strange to me that some views and problems have occupied many mathematicians for so long. I liked her recent comment on the nature of experiment and positivism also here. Original and Fundamental ideas, as with Dirac and Others depends a lot on that level with considerations of philosophy. Did not Einstein and Popper disagree over this issue in private letters to some degree? I imagine there will be a boom of economy and technology in the next few years... Optimistic yet I am grounded in the reduction of variations for a deep grasp of a steady state against too stressful variations such that we get an honest sense of those people, and those breakthroughs in science we imagine we become. But the interaction with this new dialog even at a distance does not cease to surprise me that I have something to say when I come to a brick wall or make some mistakes (the posted zeros of the surreal numbers due to sloppily drawing under the dim light of the television left out two of the ones in the count- but the spirit of it is there and with those a much more coherent theory)- that said, and not always aware of my exhaustion in the moment- I have no idea what topic I may take up for the start of the new year- things always seem to be a finishing as much as the calm eye of a hurricane before some new beginning. I feel more confident that I have begun to understand a lot of the formulas too in books such as Diracs classical one- but I also see him and others as just normal people writing for which the rest of us inherit as etched in stone what to him was a creative idea- half the battle in cognition if we have a worthy theory as an opponent- is the growing perception of these very creative first ideas which pass us in our thoughts as stray ideas if we can hold them and weigh the inputs that creative people take time to labor over and write down catching a moving target on the wing, sometimes. If I had the way I would bring us all together with our pens and boards and all- then again in a sense, I mean would we really move so far away from home when it is hard to go back and forth between isolation in the country to the cities in an economy where when a great state falls apart and no longer can defend itself against criminal elements it becomes a mafia state and return to false impulses and wants, especially after the loss of battle. Those in power fight very hard to keep it. We are in a contact of sorts at a distance each some part or potential of scalar beyond meaningful measure.

* * * * * * *

I saw on the news a lady has a book out describing Nixon as gay, alcoholic, prone to rash calls like nuke this or that country or the capitol, sham marriage with wife beaten up once into the hospital and seen a half hour a day and his lifelong friend seen holding hands with him, Beebee Rebozo had a bedroom in the white house and no role in the government spending more time with Nixon than his wife. So who runs the government or ran it? I recall Nixon was raised as a Quaker... makes sense that between him and Hoover don't ask and don't tell is a matter of silence until the spirit moves you. Now sometime last year Carter said it was time we had a gay president- well, If our first gay one is history I can imagine my more liberal friends asking why did it have to be Richard Nixon.

* * * *

Well, as pretty much a long practiced poet at least I know I did a good job of applying it to science- look at this interesting new scientist link, here.

Friday, December 30, 2011

How Many Hours is New Years Day on the Earth

How Many Hours is New Years Day on the Earth L. Edgar Otto 12-30-2011

Lewis Carroll once asked "When does the day begin?" and the result of this was the International Date Line as a division of twenty-four time zones along the equator of the Earth. It was set in the Pacific where the jump between a given local hour across the line was a whole day so that it affected only sparsely populated regions. Let us recall that New Zealand is center of sea mass and England the center of land mass.

Recently, Soma changed its time zone to match that of its commercial partners to be three hours ahead instead of twenty one hours behind. Thus Friday, December 30th vanished from their calendar. I do not know what this means for birthdays, but I know the courts ruled workers are to be paid for that work day.

I have asked various well educated people in real life and over the internet this question and passionately received a few diverse answers in disagreements and even observed some to change their mind switching sides.

I regard it as a simple problem if I ever got around to work it out, or maybe chat with people over the world while the holiday is passing. But considering the models of mathematics involving projections and time from Riemann's analysis of manifolds to Dirac's observation on what styles of waves occur in nature, that and clock time difficult respecting longitude in navigation (the chronometer helped in its time), I am not so sure it is a simple problem. So, I will now address it creatively and informally welcoming any input or comments that may enlighten me, especially how it applies to our new particle zoo which seems to me still much in the state of theory Dirac called of that level of things, Pre-Bohr.

Consider a train of a unit, or interval length that goes through a tunnel of the same length. It achieves its length entering then leaving the tunnel. If we imagine this twenty-four hours a train then the usual answer is forty-eight hours to complete the full cycle around the equator for the holiday.

Of course the world spins in one direction, some say this changes things half again for the answer of thirty-six hours. If we imagine the tunnel in motion toward the train in motion some argue it to be precisely twenty-four hours. Others adjust the figures with better approximations that involve fractions added to parts of hours- not the consideration of say local sun time at any given location.

We also know from the voyage of Magellan taking a year and with kept daily logs to navigate the earth and from further voyages, depending on going West or East, the dates match or lose a calendar day coming back to the starting point.

This evokes in me foundational questions like what if in the center of a tunnel two half trains left each other at the speed of light. In a simple sense their relative velocity as if two photons is the velocity invariant of light. The twin paradox time differences, ground casuality, depends on which twin is undergoing acceleration. or for Dirac this sort of asymmetry is in the consideration of but one photon formalism.

Now, many have challenged my casual use of terms like an infinite velocity or problems like time travel, but such conceptions have begun to be discussed in the depths of physics again. These being questions of contiguity and congruences, isolated systems or open ones, in general singularities and certainly issues of conservation of energy.

We can map projections into projections, a sphere into a disc or expand lunes to so map and recursively map successive copies of the world again into the partially seen hyperbolic space representation of the interior of a circle. Or we can show the amount of daylight over the hemispheres, a Mercator projection as a moving double belt in the Geoclock (TM), the whole earth and in a sense its shadow.

If I were in Somoa today how many hours would December 30th be somewhere on the Earth?

* * * * *

Supercomputers & Surreal Chess Game Programming

Supercomputers & Surreal Chess Game Programming L. Edgar Otto December 30, 2011

It seems possible now to me to treat a chess game in any dimensions between two players by the rules of surreal operations and quasic tables in binary. This raises a lot of philosophic questions especially when it comes to foundations of physics or the nature of what we imagine as consciousness.

We lose a game, as if we traveled briefly to another universe where we are not a chess master but a chess amateur- this is not to prove we do this in our minds or in some real place- the point is we make blunders or do not pay attention to some move of decision. Nor does it seem in the multiplicity of things we apply many of our moods or personalities to one game. It is natural to make human blunders as we are at least a supercomputer of computation which is to say our number space of a more finite operational variety has all the ambiguity of powers of the ordinal nimber space variety. Or we can think in vague concepts as we concentrate upon the powers as concrete finite values making the clear and intelligible logical algebraic steps to find what we have designed what we were looking for. Chess defined then (at least for now where one can at least keep the game going by choosing the structural coordinate surreal zeros) as the winner is he who did not make the last blunder. Can I say then that a system, in this case a human mind, who imagines such ways to program or perceive a theoretical basis for the universe will as an analog digital surreal quantum quasic supercomputer at least find the answer in those terms just as would raw disembodied analog conscious or cold mechanical computation.

So I post mistakes in the matching of primes- I vaguely thought I should have checked the list but it was just the first few primes so I left out 43 thinking of yes, 51 is divisible by 3. But is was informal work anyway. Yet I decided this error was part of the human organization of mind- I mean at years end we see the old gods of our youth dying before us (and an exception to the rule someone like Steve Jobs ten years younger I bracket by my years.) But in what sense can we say that God as a mathematician is a Master chess player anyway, or as I wrote above can some level of the game play itself and can we prove it. So I worked out the pattern with the error and found two concepts, the half quasic mirror and the varying in more formal series choices of what a unified atom of a prime can be when there so chosen beyond ideas of some permutation in shifting sequence.

Imagine we are in a room and there is a little night light and you awaken a little confused as to what you are seeing having never seen the room (Plato's cave?) in the light of day before. The room is full of various hats, baseball hats of many colors in particular. At first we are frightened because we think these are alive and not necessarily friendly surrounding us. These are in fact the "Cheshire grins" of evidence of a ghost world. But after awhile you realize that even if the ghosts where there they cannot hurt you and that all you see is the colorful and artful collection of the hats. We need a more full picture of real and dream spaces.

For example, Lubos tries again to defend the quantum theory against the mere "pilot waves":

"People, those bigots who are still denying that the insights of quantum mechanics inevitably force one to be careful about the positivist, instrumentalist principles and that forces us to understand science as a gadget to organize our observations rather than to promote the idea about an "independent real world": give up, apologize, shut up, and calculate!" But I would think it a lot deeper question to comment on than the issues, instructive ones, of the early part of the last century. What does this surreal view say for the idea of pure string theory or what is or not some ghostly field or particle or something left out of the concepts that we can move on in an imperfect model that clarifies eventually some better one or method as our goal? Again we find the acid test of philosophy the issues of free will and determinism- freedom of degrees as in the vaguely sensed and outlined matrix method done by the Japanese in the news in terms of course of modeling the results with a supercomputer simulation. At least we know now in some proofs and cases and implications to any higher end where an error can be known before hand to show up that we can rely on such simulations after all. But applying this to particle physics, the purpose of our national security development, was to simulate nuclear explosions and understand particle physics. Yet we must know how such physics works to program the computers in the first place.

The idea of a time independent self evolving chip, a little redundant and with isolated transistors of which if we remove one the circuit fails, at least can be explained by the surreal zeros in the design as filled or not, uniquely or not. But as to playing the game in the actuality of the existential moment of this universe even if something like total randomness is the foundation just this side of nothingness- what is the point of a chess master with the help of a supercomputer playing a supercomputer with the help of several chess masters?

* * * * *


No problem, If I had a lot of hair I am sure when I touched the coils with such high voltage theories it would make it stand on end, Einstein like.

Your deeper ideas are hard to get a clear picture of in new terms- but I do see the classical level as a sort of prime or given- but consciousness as such is not any more mysterious and miraculous as the fact of matter as given, to me anyway. If we cannot (philosophically) show God exists or not, how can we say consciousness itself is beyond any mathematical formula? Not to say there may not be some such unique reality to be so described. But I did offer lately other or alternative consciousness definitions in terms of the empty distances between generalizations like p-adic (adele) and quasic and Conway's surreal space- I mean I read your concepts on a much higher level than say the quantum terminology- for is quantum mechanics not the heart of chemistry anyway and we cannot reduce neuroscience to that?

The PeSla (but I am not coiled even to Lubos, see my post today abusing your name perhaps- the Pikanadic Continuum or the Pikanomnium.)

* * * * *

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surreal Number Tables over Quasic Space

Surreal Number Tables over Quasic Space L. Edgar Otto December 29, 2011

I thought I would do the obvious and convert Conway' "nimber" tables of addition and multiplication and powers into the quasic grid ordering.

I wonder what it means for someone to hold that if we find a hypothesis true like Riemann's then "a large part of number theory must be redone" those that begin with something like "assuming the Riemann Hypothesis is true, then the following theorem...". Is it not the same for Turing who believed this hypothesis not true? Is it the same for Conway who feels the continuum hypothesis is false?

This is a logic problem I imagine and we do achieve things along the way- if a student of the abstract can master them or if someone is in touch with such concepts in some form intuitively, or that they have a sense of intelligibility of letters and numbers- for example an idea of base called lexicographic wherein each digit is treated as if part of a general base number. The problem is where these ideas meet in our heads and the structures of our heads as analog and computational devices over some form of physicality, physics. Thus those looped in a theory may or may not be justified in the exclusion of a different or equivalent view if that is the ultimate case or not. Or we have not reached a new intellectual cognitive level and sufficient to the day of problems thereof all research is glorious and all errors in the innocent spirit of things can be forgiven in the eyes of history.

I would ask myself after doing what seems so trivial yet suggestive in this illustrated chart (forgive all the dots of prime coordinates for now as I had to recycle my qs graph paper.) If in a generalization beyond the quasic and surreal can I imagine an empty distance as an analog to those lesser geometries or in some sense like some feel the string formalism achieves a totality of exclusion within the bounds of physical reality this is the case decidability. That we cannot prove God exists or not by some method or level is a matter of (well accepting all experienced inputs) a matter of philosophy but it may be a matter of science as well. We could hardly reason without some such intelligible, even common sense ground of these abstractions in some form on some level we can get our head around, but in doing so we should not assume we have then mastered the infinite that once so challenged us.

So much of patterns can suggest if not tell us something. I see in one of the three tables above that the quasic regions, 3 x 3 or 2 x 2 come together to arrange the zeros in the first 4 x 4 quadrant region. There are seven here (presumably the two sets of 4 which I regard as quasic generations merge at the zero or unity position. So this seems the Fano plane number or the similar idea of octonions and so on in that we may go a little further to generalize our ideas of the projective plane. Of course it is instructive to read the diagonals and rows and columns as if a matrix.

In the numerology beyond these 7 into three space of 2^8 do we not just barely get into the endless patterns to say in a coordinate we can imagine 11 dimensions? Just a suggested idea- much as the idea that there is a dynamics of multiplication between the generations one down on the same level of abstraction as per Riemann's insight on space dimensions, (is there a nimber to the nimber power chart- if not why? Is there something perhaps I am missing again that does not make the abstraction clearer to me? If missing then why can our theoreticians come so close and be so intricate and miss it?

Whatever else I can say about this quasic idea it inspires a lot of abstract thoughts, and evidently a hell of a lot of trying to express things in words- so it gives as much or more than it saves us in visualization. Something in us also wants a solid grounding and maybe the certainty of a totality, not just the quicksand of change in descent endless into the surreal infinitesimal.

But I wanted to illustrate with a picture of the quasic chess game with the ordinals and cardinals and surreal levels and physical dynamics focused and implied in such a complex (here four space compressed into three)... But I am sure you get the picture.

Oh well, I made a simplified cover illustration...
* * * * *

Surreal Continua & God Made the Primes...

Surreal Continua & God Made the Primes... L. Edgar Otto December 29, 2011

I might add that the usual notation as far as powers of powers is intrinsically ambiguous when it comes to these distinctions of the natural or usual numbers and those on different power levels of surreal calculus so other than a rule that imposes some ordering (as the operational order of parentheses- thus in the string like space we do find the Catalan numbers relevant) as natural counting even over some infinite continuum. The same goes for other functions and zero, infinite or special unity division. This quasic generalization also reflects our ambiguity of what we can see with those core reality omnic values zero x infinity = unity when all other theories save some ultimate source or origin against a background of absolute non-existence as a sea of discontinua- this is the foundations of the foundations- and of course in that these are quasiclly ordered in a plane of syllogism that part of logic applies with general consistency and certainty- but we could of course expand such tables of validity to triality and perhaps beyond as a matrix. The universe is most certainly and unquestionably multidimensional and these do have ultimate pictorial representations. Quasics covers the surreal, Fermat's considerations, reciprocity, base issues and binary power distinctions, p-adic and higher number systems, the discriminants and matrices, brane theory. I find it interesting that a rather trivial result to me, as a focus of the algebra, that the Heegner numbers move qualitatively to the a and b quasic axes or that the Fermat primes the a axis and the main diagonal one of great and hidden significance. I know that Kea was keen on these numbers but I did not look into her links nor think about them at the time of her update (I should go back and look, I suppose theorems with confusing names of people put me off a little). For her last post I find it interesting that she has different signs in the imaginary part of her matrix.
But such problems of the orientation of say triality squared or cubed (implied) color cube axial orientation was after all the wider discovery and concern of my Triaconway space.

I see that Lubos today is beginning to see this deeper level of space insofar as the ordinal numbers are concerned... synchronously. We sense this greater unification of space- but other than some vague idea of time to explain it topquarkomnium needse a deeper reason for its exclusion from the game.

* * * * *

I posted this comment to Pikanen today:

Well, Matti,

With great visions (and sometimes lesser visions) one certainly gets the idea of a unification of things happening in the universe or brain. It is a powerful leap of our cognition.

Of course this seems to me beyond the leap to proof of such unity as existing. Yes, I have touched on this sort of philosophy lately with the idea that just perhaps there is some sort of physics involved- not sure Magnetism is the fundamental idea as we know it.

But it is on the way to understanding at least the mathematics that may be involved.

So the issue of what happens between classical and the other representations in relation to this sense of uniqueness and unity we call consciousness is still an open question- you should submit this sort of thing to the link I supplied in the call for papers a few of my posts back.

The PeSla

* * *

I find it interesting that Hawkings is asking for help to improve his ability to technically communicate. In a sense this asks the reverse question of how we interact physically with whatever theoretical visions we find by hard work or epiphany.

In a more general space, well, like dream space, we face the model or code of the universe. These issues of theology and neurology can be seen as an aid to the search for the unity in phyiscs, but only we dare to look outside our own visions and trudge on despite the defending of powers entrenched in history and the world.

* * *

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year and New Physics

Happy New Year and New Physics, post to appear here next time perhaps. Happy 2012.

Leonard Edgar Otto

I noticed on the news this morning that today is a new tradition where a lot of things are thrown away from the past year for a new start- I wonder then if this sense of needing a new start and the shredding of our former incarnations of belief and learning, of loves and holiday ups and downs of joys and sorrows and abandonment to foolish behaviors and resolutions... is not a natural part of the cycle of things and the bigger picture.

has this interesting view on the matter. It is all so elemental. Anyway, having missed the photo of the sun in reflection for the poem I included a couple of post back I place it here but more to the afternoon. Poem (Inside and Outside Our Myths and Taste of Caves 27 Dec. 2011) at bottom of the Dreamtime post.

OK all you synthetic and analytic, finite and continuous theorists- keep plugging onward. May we find better days to come whatever the source and promise of rainbows.

* * * * *

Uniqueness and the Congruence Problem

Uniqueness and the Congruence Problem L. Edgar Otto Dec. 28, 2011

Drawing on the Cave Wall for the First Time Again

Consciousness is at least the connection between isolated and unique paths, beyond some boundaries, beyond the necessity or sufficiency of substance as a ground, across what seems hidden to the mathematics and structure of the highest concept of the whole.

It is a small step to imagine that the unity of the world, its vastly complex intelligent and intelligible design that from some Creative Source that any life or mind is far from such a God in the modulus of their unique existence.

Lesser visions, while grounded in any bounds, can only ambiguously claim absolute uniqueness as the theory of the whole. The world cannot be just the immortal heartbeats or the organic bag that would have stem cells self organize. Yet even in the petrie dish separate hearts synchronize their beat. A state, artificial or not where the bounds are that of wrought glass and controlled conditions, will aim for false mergers or totalities reasonable and intelligible at some time.

We cannot have a world where our touch of the source is unlimited to the design and ultimate bounds. No state that feeling the source desires to be Orthodox in its monothism and traditions of rules can endure. No state be it the fundamentalism of the Christian West or the Islamic Middle East can sustain hegemony over the egg case of philosophies of design and the shell of this earth. Nor can the denial of a Creator. Nor the acceptance of all inputs of enquiry as in the Eastern, yet still imperfect and debated philosophies.

It remains unclear to me if there is an ultimate hand intervening or guiding our destinies as a possibility of the problem of unique existing or direction to some vague purpose in the world. Yet we know that all can ponder the design and the source whatever their station of sentience and whatever their resources that connect to the material economics of their place and time - also the respect for other creatures that raises the idea or the sensing of the good idea of respect for life in general.

At the humbling state of my slumber and new awakening, and more modest understanding that begins to arise from my dreams again, I realize the solving of some of these theoretical problems of our time is the higher purpose of finding ourselves and the source and why of all things.

* * * *

Feeling a little more integrated in my cognition I quote from a link by Plato on this result commented on earlier by Pitkanen. It should be quite clear that while this is an interesting result in terms of the Triality (See Kea's research, Updates like 127 and in general) of the 9 of spatial dimensions and the source or origin that suggests a 3D expansion thus inflation models- this a link between super-string and supercomputers (that is hardly human elementary when humans obviously have intuited and imagined the patterns long ago).
That this is a small part of the theories I refer and write about from the existing mathematics, and then only if it acknowledges the quasic matrix idea- that btw exceeds the concerns of complex numbers of some teleology of the Omnium- so it is a great experiment but less than complete theory, GUT or UFT-wise. Then again, the issue here (short of an assertion that it is reasonable to assume a Creator with Intelligent Design in the hard sense as philosophy) is after all what it means ultimately to do theoretical physics...and how worthwhile it is to spend our lives and have so many work so long in the same issues once set into motion and usual orignating by some individual and imperfect mortal human. Perhaps it is obvious that three people who give their names to a theory develop one of nine dimensions.

"IKKT matrix model

A new formulation of superstring theory was proposed by Ishibashi, Kawai, Kitazawa and Tsuchiya in 1996. (IKKT represents the initials of the authors.) The conventional formulation of superstring theory is valid only when the interaction between strings is weak, so it is not suitable for application to real physical phenomena. The IKKT matrix model, which uses large matrices to represent the fundamental dynamical degrees of freedom, has been formulated in a way that is also valid when the interaction between strings is strong."

Earlier investigations were restricted to the analysis of the model that treats time as an imaginary variable for technical reasons, and the relationship to the real world was not clear from the results. In the present research, the technical difficulty of treating time as a real variable has been overcome, enabling for the first time the application of the model to cosmology by explicit calculations.

Are things set into motion along some path to save the Big Bang, Inflation, or the Minimal Superstring Theory? Or does the design and its complexity and path boundaries have the concepts fall into place that only imagine some sort of inverses or compliments as mirrors of which there is no reason to assume physical or rational connections?

* * * * *

I found Lubos post of yesterday quite humorous (good thing a consultant for a sit come, the Big Bang, as a comedy has a sense of humor) for taking the title seriously I immediately came to his same conclusions- the 247 reptiles smuggled in by a Czech national, corresponds numerologically to the Maximum 248 symmetries of the monster group. Lubos counts the smuggler... But I went on to ask about the animals that died (or were caught) in flight- somehow in an 8D representation the 4 time-like dimensions of the 240 spheres close packed around a center one. :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adele Quantum Mechanics and Riemann Dynamics

Adele Quantum Mechanics and Riemann Dynamics L. Edgar Otto 27 December 2011

Inspired by reading Prime Obsession this general subject HERE a recent paper involving those mentioned in Derbyshire's book.

This is a book that will survive as a great and informative read whatever idea we have of the proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. In it I find the beginning of a serious and formal mathematical and physical (interestingly the author says to Gauss and Riemann these were not yet thought of as separate divisions) as well as a work of foundational philosophy. It shows the how of a generalization of the idea of p-adic numbers.

Two related concepts in my estimation- that by Russel we could not find an adequate definition of a number (not even its class concept) and If Godel uses primes in his proof in light of at least the approach of Adele then clearly there is more to the problem than still meets our eye when we try to understand a deeper meaning of what primes are. As the author says some believe and some do not that this approach holds water as respected mathematicians so even p-adic theory as a position is already a matter of controversy as to the acceptance by the math and physics community.

I might add that in the bounds of horizontal flat lines and the Big O problem that if we also include Weiestrass for the ideas of the Plane then we could imagine a sort of mirror 1/Big O perhaps but as usual the notation is lacking. We also can imagine a mirror of the quasic plane in terms of complex numbers in bounds that resemble parabolas, and this perhaps involving the mirror hidden quasic diagonal that would balance the idea of a quantum dynamics as a unification of the Riemannian variety (again with this issues asking if a system is complete (even when consistent). There is very much more to be explored and even now what I have posted is most likely very much behind papers. I would not at this point assume that the hypothesis is either true or false, or is either but intermittently- for it is such concepts at issue here as a matter of intuitions without the mathematics or training that seem to make parallels in my isolated understanding (indeed, the hypothesis is intimate to these ideas but I doubt just in the description of how it related to particle shells as classical entities only for matters of probability- especially the idea that primes are maximally random in all conceptual universes.

I wonder, considering the efforts put into this problem if we might consider the hypothesis the very heart of unification's to come as so many go different ways in the pursuit of systems of physics- again something perhaps a little beyond its truth or falsehood as a reachable and practical proof. Certainly it involves any idea of condensates and more advanced thermodynamics.

* * *

Dreamtime and Dream Space Complex Landscapes

Dreamtime and Dream Space Complex Landscapes
L. Edgar Otto 27 December 2011

The visualization of space by Riemann seems exceptionally bold and deep. I casually jotted down some notes and plotted still further numbers on my last piece of quasic graph paper. I did the Heegner series and the number of regions one divides a disc into which after a point turns out not to be a power of 2 series. In the first illustration the colored numbers represent the latter.

Again we find the former numbers pushed toward the boundaries of the quasic grid as if a factoring into the information of a holographic space in the x and y directions, like the Fermat numbers to one axis of this grid and the main diagonal.
I left several minor ideas of patterns of these numbers suggestive more of the shape of the spaces than obviously what might or might not make balanced triangles and magic squares of them. While it does not, it we ever can, get down to an elementary and reasonably solvable way to generate primes without the exponential formulas we can get a sort of sense of such proofs by philosophic argument with some certainty if we realize the foundational concept of prime itself is to be generalized.

This of course leads to questions of what is the subjective, the metalanguage and the ambiguity of Godel like proofs by prime powers. (I found it very thrilling to see the landscape and the formulas that relate pi to e and -1 as the z series and zeta zeros and how they converge or not. This was a very good book to find (Prime Obsessions) but I regret in some ways I did not know this aspect of things from the algebraic side, yet it feels like Riemann in such analysis is also closely related in his topics to the geometrical side as if in his mind it could go smoothly between the concepts the rest of us count on our fingers or try to make partial pictures of.

I see today Pitkanen is also posting on the concluding idea of this paper- the Dreamtime as a deep background and the Dream Space as the landscape (the terms time and space here are to be taken in a classical way not necessarily connected concepts but these involve hierarchies of concepts as if the many-ply sheets of the multiverse can intelligibly generalize the relativity's as deeper geometry. I do not know if in this sense Pitkanen means by multi-sheets this same sort of geometry.) But It is clear, here my Biomnium as yet another holding word or continuum, shows the landscape under discussion here as in the realm of mind and biology. Now I do not know if it is deep enough to describe consciousness as Pitkanen does as a situation of holographic structures of space but in the general picture of quasic space here, and especially the concern with at least Mersenne numbers, it is clear that as I have shown in the last two graphs illustrating their quasic coordinate positions that informationally these do convey the idea of some intelligible relation to the holographic idea. See Pitkanen's post today here. On which I just added this comment:


And we note that non-parallel lines in four space may not necessarily intersect (Riemann) or that a line can intersect a point in 3 space yet from outside that space.

I have had the good fortune to finally understand the complex analysis and rough pictures of the functions. (I think this sort of thing should have been taught much sooner- would save a lot of effort)

Now does your many sheeted idea relate that closely to Riemann? His space of infinite perpendiculars and no parallels?

I find it odd, having dared to post when a lot of viewers lately are more from the physics only side of things something as subjective as our landscape of dreams and consciousness... Is it not strange we have reached a similar topic and conclusion to post at the same time?

The PeSla (man, the more I do and if I slow down a little the more I can do- I got a lot of rest this holiday, hope you did too.)

* * * * *

I notice today Lubos has an interesting post on anti-quantum views and Weinberg of which I find an interesting read in comparison to my posts of late (especially the ground of the continuum which is rather radical I call Otto-Motil statistics - my name first because he probably would not want to endorse such a concept philosophically perhaps.) Here.

But if there is such a background it is not clear to me the argument that at the micro-level things could reach an unmanageable chaos of particle events if indeed we do not have such a radical probabilistic theory and unstable classical background. Which brings us back to corrections or interpretations of Qm theory as "consciousness" which seems to be the discussion (at a distance) at hand. But really, despite our several deep philosophical conflicts by the set of bloggers I have encountered- our purpose and interest is after all to be scientifically grounded. So, if we take the six faces of said dice, and the permutations or perturbations involved... A sort of Galois concept, is it but four of them when separated or two of them that are the significant way to view things like fields and particles in whatever space dimensions? This goes to the heart and questions what we are doing by interpreting things like slit experiments in the first place and ultimately the data, random or otherwise, of the atom smashers.

* * * * *

In this blog I follow (after all part of my inspiration for the issues of consciousness intruding on the sterile geometry of it all was my roommate and how as an artist and diagnosed schizophrenic, how he sees the universe and if knowing some ideas would it help organize the complexity of his mental universe?) for those of you with credential or interest a call for papers- of course the moral law within as an issue, more of philosophic than medical one, I have recently found as an issue beyond that of the nature of consciousness needed in my contemplations on physics of which it seems a rather great divide of disciplines on the face of it. Do we hold others responsible for their actions or not, ultimately? Do we hold animals responsible when to eat the natives they merely do their animal nature the animistic natives only too well understand and laugh at fate or misfortune? This for me is a higher question of uniqueness and comparison where possible, and that threshold of transcendence to higher sentience- purpose perhaps, but that is beyond the scope of this call for papers I imagine. Here.

* * * * *
Gee, I am still in a parallel-ish universe of intersecting synchronicity's- someone else posted about the interferometers and the aether on Pitkanen's blog. and I mentioned this sort of thing just now (but I think on a much deeper level of discussion than the articles to refer to there). But, note that in the division within a circle of so many nodes, the lines that do intersect are restricted to no more than two of them into a point... the mirror or inverse or complements of this (the symbolism in math is not clear as to how to represent this without explanation as to the use of such symbols in some publication). What is a detector of radio frequency anyway but half the wave, a guru of what? motion in a classical aether or gravity itself? Oh well, I have other things to do now rather than be caught in this loop of synchronicity at a distance. Cheers.

* * * * *

Inside and Outside Our Myths and Taste of Caves L. Edgar Otto 27 Dec. 2011

Sparkles in reflection on the waves and swells on the rivers water
at noontide facing the direct and cutting infinty of the sun's lighthouse light

But the wind is chill and more immediate, taking time while I dream of
other weather in the rains and evaporation of memories

So too nature hides her wares waiting, teasing me to try first our
imagining unification, our half shy touches at a distance looping

Legs opened wide eagles in flight welcoming prone on the couch
the familiar rituals of comfort our linked synchronicity of midnight moons

Our worlds shake and spin, earthquakes from the shivers and rains
She casually pulls up her auroa curtain, turns down the light, goes to bed

But the dance cannot go on like this where the universe and we desire more
knowing such passion cuts through the infinity and can go on forever.

Our lives are hadly elemental but unique when one can inspire such rings of fire
unreasonably and impossibly from among the churning seas of loves so many.

* * *

Monday, December 26, 2011

Quasigons and Afterword

Quasigons and Afterword L. Edgar Otto
Dec. 24, 25, 26 2011 Go Packers! Go Bulls!

I have presented you a model (or myth) among mythis and models. Whatever the geometries where the flat meets the curves, and planes, and beyond; wherever these wrap or jump around, twist and shift; ultimately creatively or vanished and in the end the style, perceptions, and cognition as unique in isolation as nay author looking into the mirror of art, other, and himself (herself), I hope the vision is instructive and intelligible and that the expression I also have shown of my process and of our states of mind also unique and half-intoxicating as is any awakening to transcending universal laws that uplift humanity- we hermit crabs seek new or abandon our trivial shells we outgrow or leave too soon for greener lands that follow sunsets if only there as longed for, or the shell with haunting echoes of our origins as we look back to former homelands by great seas.

I think Dave King's comment on my post where I have emphasized the science as a pursuit due to the stinging loss of so much finer work as words, that this informal physics has a poetry of its own.

* * *
This blogging effort and the more serious of chat room forums passed and even wasted time to ease the losses and the fall another time into the street- the beginning again of journeys- losses that were time did not ameliorate my thoughts of anger and revenge to destroy the heartbeat of those who want my bones and skin and pride (family), we stalking quantum cats at blind night or in the formal rituals of daylight as artificial justification of legal theft and fight. All this done as if with those undomesticated, wild the quantum cat as an individual without conscience when unsupervised - unlike the canine subdued if left alone with his obedient belief- the moral law at the frontier, justice raw and fair before corruptions organized or the external swarms of collective states in war.

The quantum cat, like any living thing awakened, has needs manageable or not, a sense of right to expectations by virtue of his being. If you aspire to be a man do not let the world, engineered by the losers themselves striking out by what they ape as an indifferent beak and universe, these greedy Whores of Babylon for anothers colored eggs against all squabs of the first bonding pushed from their nests- do not let them take your balls and claws, not let the fruit of freely chosen seeds tear out your siblings future from the womb.

But to be more than half a man, know also woman has an equal role and can rise level headed with higher nobility than men when there is great crisis, for she has seen the reality despite the frills and faints and wiles, fringe and lace panty lies of intuition on the other side of the Looking Glass.

* *

But do not think the issue between me and some of the others is over- for those who do not have conscience can be removed without remorse or recognition in a banns so proclaimed to the world- for they cannot be awakened by the worlds indifferent punishments. Liberty requires its vigilance and warning snake rattling likewise. The false god of Global brotherhood and economy and the paradox of hegemony of the one or many states like some messiah comes again too soon. Maybe, for all it matters even this subdued idol, false in miraculous tears and only supplicated to on the feasts of syzygy, forgives; but as brothers, should the treat arise again, let us not forget. Not that we bear our burdens as victims, a minority party accepting violence over new ideas of feather beds for falling faiths watered down in wisdom or of the mindless fanatical true believers, but that we have evolved to know such folks are in the way and they destroy or delay the higher, future dreams of mankind...

* * * * *

If I am the Weather, where did the Winter Go?

So I watch the Bulls game and see Lakers ahead who make one foul basket and at that time imagine the Bulls will win by one point. It came to pass dramatically.

Oddly enough, the Packers lost last game because before I came to the game late they were behind by two field goals and I thought they could lose by such goals, 14-1 now stands out over record breaking statistics- why? For they lost by 5 points... yet in that we perhaps amplify the intuitions of others- really the key is Rogers- but he said in an interview the only part of the game that makes him feel a little uncertain is that of the field goals where he has no control.

It was interesting how the knee of one of the basketball players healed by some modern new methods. Now, my other roommate Christmas eve eve got into a fight outside our apt door and my more gentle Buddhist roommate tried to halt the violence. Me and the man who came with him stood by so as not to be part of the fray unless one of us entered it.

Now next day I got my roommate a gift for Festivus (as none of us can afford gifts for Xmas this year)... and he is 40 yr old shy of the ladies. It was a Playboy calendar which I have not seen so I said it was a twelve days of Christmas as presents to open under his Festivus pole tree. But the truth is I am tired of all the Easter calendars and looking at the Dali Lamas face. I was going to the Festivus in the bar but few friends or family were back this year and there was a little chill or cold outside. I thought about going to church too, Episcopal about the level of my preference- but I settled to watch the Catholic mass of the Diocese of Lacrosse sponsoring St. Patricks in Onalaska. Alas it was so familiar in the rituals and I could not help but thinking about the underlying historical philosophy of it all- sooner or later we do not watch the Its a Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time again in the season.

As I said, if one works for hours in a place where they play little drummer boy a hundred times from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I can forgive those who would not care if the Little Match Girl freezes.

Now, in reading the Book by Zane Gray, one of my favorites after Riders of the Purple Sage, a masterpiece, it pretty well takes an authentic look at the attitudes of the time- and apparently on the range, around the women and at war there is this element of men wanting to prove themselves and defend the honor of mere words in fights. Well, the violence continues in the Middle East some on the verge of civil war and we so quietly left (should not have been there in the first place) and the violence rises dramatically. So, football is a rather manly sport it seems, but it is hard to watch the cowboys get so many injuries- and that can make all the difference in who wins or loses the game be it a matter of rivalry or not between the country folk and the big city.

I guess I am also tired of hearing individuals are nothing and it takes a collective to achieve anything in science. Not that I think Atlas Shrugged is deep philosophy but I am into minding my own business and not telling grown men what to do in their vices and so on- even if I feel drugs a desecration of the human mind I am progressive. But none of us should have the bomb, and that especially includes Iran who should perhaps be getting a sound threshing- so my choice of candidate is not perfect nor likely to win. Mormons at least know the value of saving and well, they do tend to live cleaner than I do in general so that religion is not an issue. But the news, so far from the truth in its advertizing and spins- what a waste of local news when it is said we will get more foreign students- especially Chinese as exchange for the local university. To a point it makes sense even if we with the other hand not knowing what it is doing builds up a constituency of patriots and wounded soldiers, certainly women proving themselves too in battle but left out of say the engineering as schooling as this economy goes under and any state that is dedicated to an influx of invasive species (where are the Wends in Western Germany? Perhaps intermarried as the Germans are wont to do) so to level and dumb down the culture as these philosophies swing back and forth as to the self reliance of people or there secure joint project and honest sharing.

But it seems that it is just a matter of cultural exchange as neither side is really an expert at a language, the university here mostly interested in professional liberal degrees outside of science and job issues as service. But many seem to think that now, in Wisconsin at least- we enter a new era of knowing the value of manufacturing. I thought someone should protest the obvious and challenge the social leadership and engineering of the university- and this is an issue that like the tea, the strongest thing the Quakers had so to deprive them of their anodyne, these issues have divided brothers and families as to such high emotions for such dumbed down emotions in but a surrogate and money game for the potential deeper wars.

But as a father in law said to me, he being rather right and progressive in business and energy issues having lost the election in his state when I attended a christening in the unitarian church about a water ritual too and then asked if I would attend I mentioned to him it was a little liberal for me- he said "Well, it is the people that count."

* * * *

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recondite Fermat Number Space

Recondite Fermat Number Space L. Edgar Otto December 23, 2011

Well, it did snow a little and it got a little chilly so I did not go to the Festivus at the bar called the Joynt after all- it did not look like as many old friends would show up like last year, the season is more of a brown Christmas- not that I did not relish my time alone (well, I did have some time one on one flirting with a more isolated soul across the way - I mean people are much more important than theories, and I calmed down everyone after my roommate got into a fight when another friend tried to push his way into the door... and yes, Lucinda and her half wolf pet named Coyote did manage to make the way without serious incidents driving the oxen and wagon into the valley to face both the beauty and the immensity of the virgin west in Zane Gray's novel, the tension in the novels the wide new world and the foreboding of isolation in Luce's soul when we return to the frontiers.)

So with such interruptions I offer a more formal graph or question as well as some stray notes errors (but significant ones for the general theory) and all.

For the book Fearful Symmetry I almost feel intimidated or fearful to read it as it is very well dressed out despite some silly humor and repetitions- worse than that how can I show the uncanny synchronicity of it when the philosophical concepts I developed recently came before this beautiful permutation theory of Galois groups when it comes so close in time- In any case I am not more familiar with the standard terminology. In general I see it as the unification of the usual arithmetic axioms with the all important independent ones of the continuum hypothesis and axiom of choice- if in a sense these can be so unified. I disagree with some of the general comments and results of some of the laws- like for example the numbers that describe what is in an equation cannot be that different or hidden from those of the coeficients of the algebra of it or that I do not see the great (and yes thomnic) sea of infinity as something we cannot grasp a little better or maybe totally with the number and topological ideas arranged in the quasic plane (or a much better one) I mean, the book, concerned with Diophantus ideas of what is the finite in all this suggests it is a "generalization of reciprocity" of which I seem to address too but in a different way perhaps. So now I wonder again, in synchronicity just how this relates to Pitkanen's view- and I can see his posting today. Here. I am not that clear on what the objections are all around.

In the illustration of the Fermat numbers on a quasic grid (and the location of the primes as a square root of that grid, the general idea also that the concept of generations can also be generations of our idea of fields but maybe not quite in a perfect computation as expected by the application of these ideas alone. The next prime on the graph is of course 4097- 2^32 - 1 not a Mersenne prime... all these questions on which we can almost answer- and I wonder moreover if I am seeing Pitkanens view of this correctly. His is a generalization too of the ideas of reciprocity and space (presumably the ones in this book somehow goes beyond Riemann's treatment of planes or multiplanes, but sometimes simple observations of number properties are very much a result of our generalizations- Ramanujan and the idea that, well it is obvious that certain numbers all are divisible by 24 on some level and what after all is this hidden intuitive view of things that those in another faith hold as mysterious or some sort of difference of genius or method that some of the exalted old mathematicians seem thought to have?

I only left the simple graph here, I did have plans to map other of these 2^n or 2n numbers- but there is a lot of information there already to see, including if it is trivial or not- there is certainly a lot of information in these books but I do not feel I am making a hopeless chase trying to adsorb and understand it- revise to a better level what the ideas are in terms of their suggestion of uses and importance. Some things in my notes are not my own btw but come from the book as a reference as in Conways. I do not see the wide world of maths as overwhelming to explore btw.

Now Pitkanen's post as with many who use the group theories (and the issue is about symmetry- if the Monster Group is the maximum symmetry why would Conway suggest it may be surpassed if I read it right?) that make sense in what they are saying (also I see where I have used a word or concept differently when it is a standard word would it make sense if translated as a statement to the concepts those words?

I hope Pitkanen makes it a little more clear why he feels some of these issues are on the wrong track or not. We are not quite there yet either in our separate paths of theories- of course the established theorists are a little intimated and afraid also- just as with government who only allows so much faith or magic before it is suppressed for the stability and order of the whole. What is wrong with the matrix approach or that of gauge theory (even if some papers while more advanced and generalized in these concepts do not get it right enough let along not even wrong?).

Anyway I may slowly figure out these theorists positions on my own in my own dialog. I see several areas I have to clear up for myself of words I do not know quite well enough yet that the bloggers have used. A simple idea like only 2 or 6 not able to make Graeco-Latin squares seems to me all important as to how we reduce these ideas of symmetry, its breaking, and any generalization of inverses and reciprocity in numbers or space. While I do welcome an explanation of Fermat's last theorem as a matter of Elliptic algebra proof thus these them of this book, Fearful Symmetry - I feel pretty sure we should still look for more elementary proofs- the Galois theory is not a deep enough foundation as explained for the patterns in the universe. I find it interesting also that there are things like Bell's numbers and that we can use but two of six expected permutations (now I understand how Kea used this idea) but more than that I begin to see a need to look for a deeper why if it not stated or posted somewhere already but not pointed to as to the relevance or application.

As I said, this is a "Brown Christmas" not that I want the record snow of last year-
so I also put up a minimal "Festivus" tree, a reduction to but one aluminum pole in the artificial tradition, less religious and less commercial as the usual mediocre themes and so on... If we think of the general idea of field as the snow all merged at least in the light as a sea of white, if we see the 80 odd types of snowflakes but that no two were ever the same across geological time and season, then we think of a particle as a grain of salt put on the side walk- well, that is a simple picture of the space around the grain before the snow begins again where you can see the sidewalk underneath where it has melted. Is it possible that in the end we find a more elementary theory of everything to which all these complicated edifices are our powerful over excited imaginations?

* * * *

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L. Edgar Otto to posted photo of festivus tree: At festivus our shortest days will grow longer... inside the snow angels is our desire to look to the future, to get some alone time before a fireplace, to hibernate without the clock, and to snuggle.

Also posted as comment to Vanessa (but do not see it today, may she get better and feel better)

L. Edgar Otto

On Festivus, December 23. 2011 I put up the minimal tree (an aluminum pole, traditionally). Good for a reductionist xmas and a brown one snug inside reading and just maybe a better time for us all next year- may your stress of the shopping and family obligations be lighter. I never imagined I would miss New York city...

* * * * *

Friday, December 23, 2011

Alternative SUSY 101

Alternative SUSY 101 and From My Casual Reading at Festivus L. Edgar Otto 12-22-11

Principle of Innate Bias of Developing Systems, Numerical and Mental: Our problem is not cognition so much as the theoretical context in which we organize and interpret things. Thus an alternative context might not be seen at all, or perceived as more than a simplistic idea system on the context of either side of what is in others or the state of comprehension within our self.

I looked thru three number books I took out of the library and was able to see what they meant in depth where from my view of things it meant nothing profound. Had I know about modular numbers for example I may not have found an alternative view.

I notice today Pitkanen has a post- that I cannot see on the blog today by Peter Woit
with the comments on a matrix theory idea and that article I link to I agree in actuality predicts nothing or nothing new so I do not find that profound from just the string view and 11 dimensional view alone. It certainly does not adequately explain why the world is three dimensional. Indeed, in reading through these three books their is a vast area of such ideas of triality right under our noses- for example an angle (phase) has three trisectors...

I revise some of the things I said about Riemann as readable- one book suggests he was more a philosopher with but one mathematical symbol per page and only in the translations was he readable. That or I found his language easier than my own or maybe it was the philosophic issues involved. Certainly his view became mainstream in the generalizing of Gaussian's non-Euclidean ideas of planes. But at the time no one wanted the attention to such a crazy idea beyond the good old Germanic climate of Kant on time and space. I almost think that with these mysteries of number theory yet to be solved that amazingly one can read through whole works and systems only to find different views of which one would be negligent to leave out if the idea is to find the foundations of the universe and physics.

With both views within my cognition now- the number theory and its more obscure problems read to me very clear and perhaps a little easier to solve some things. Pitkanen and I stand like Riemann to Gauss who from his habit of surveying saw it all as square planes yet Riemann generalized it- from inside the curvature for another geometry unlike (and I can see TGD here as one of the others) outside or hyperbolic variety as relations between n dimensions (of which Pitkanen expresses this at the quantum superposition) but all such questions is a matter of what we mean by distance or some interval in my opinion.

I find several interesting things with the idea of Mersenne primes to find a limit or investigate for Pitkanen's take on the matter and the application to particle physics. I need to see how he makes these connections better. But I feel the one statement in these photo posts above answers or can answer his (as well as others)questions of linearity (that is as an adjective applying the algebra of matrices). This is as much a geometric princple as a numerical one:

In a quasized plane a parabola of square numbers (modular n's and Descartes like mapping of quadratics in a plane of natural queen move directions or dimensions) divides into two lines parallel by the knight's (discrete?) moves.

I was wondering (due to the influence of Kea) what in quasic space is the equivalent of the associhedron?

So many awakenings on the ideas and what seemed interesting only for its own sake had continual unfolding of applications until my eyes grew tired... and I took the time to write some of it down... after a nap went back to the West of Zane Grey again, perhaps to take a hint on his clarity- that the description of the terrain and the basic modest, a little shy like Riemann, feelings people have toward each other in a rather unique drama- two hearts in hard work making a ranch with but a sniff of adolescent memory of each other matured- And then the isolation that such work and love has in the initial conquering of new frontiers. This sort of drama is as if a formula but it just never gets old.

* * * *

Gee Matti, I see it now via my Google Reader- some very deep comments by you by the way. I am not sure I disagree if that is clearly what the Japanese are doing as you so describe- I think we are missing all of each others points (pun almost intended) but am not sure what it is that upsets you about the theory including if it is a non-perturbation theory. Certainly, a Riemann did have the whole and the part in mind no matter what actually became a point or not as we condense dimensions- but from the start here I have shown that the groups containing other subgroups to embed into or develop from is not as simply defined as some thing in their mental flatland as well as some topological concept of dimensions. We could have an interesting debate on this maybe (of course I cannot post a comment to your post today if I cannot access it from my blog). In any case I quite imagine if there were a breakthrough that was certain in to what so called Matrix theory is implied there then I imagine that as mathematics if not physics of such theories (it took sixty years for Riemann to find its place as physics- maybe the age of German Mathematics and philosophy is over- I mean as is the age of Jewish physics if we cite Einstein as original- but hmmmmm if we are not sure he is right do we see him as a German or a Jew? Paradox, no?) that a few of us, including the rather young students, were very much coming before in discovering what is yet another claim for a unified theory. From my viewpoint what they say about things without quasics is not much at all- let alone imagining where number theory applies or more general non-euclidean quasi-quanta wormholes.

* * * *

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Theon Physics and Partial Visions

Theon (literally God-like particle) Physics & Partial Visions
L. Edgar Otto 12-22-11
Toward the end of these pages (and I had thought about a different overview illustration but I could not photograph my hands both at once- open the church and see all the people and all that) I realized in our common pursuit of theoretical models that my number theory dream of floating planes was not so far from the ideas of Pitkanen as his floating planes- I make the point also that our one sided mathematics the quadratic conception of the plane may impede our conceiving of the others.

Our tendency to appeal to religious metaphysics as a metaphor- a god particle or external and highest force of nature- If that is our eventual goal and it is the destiny of some elect and chosen in the seas of infinite singularities that we work out the mechanism of the world and the destinations imagined- and I show this at least a possibility in the era of new speculations and doubts of our physics grounding- then such a Deity who sets in motion our unique projects and paths with the indulgence for some for a distance from such a dream- there is still a long way to go and more to be shown us than the miracle of existing in this uniformly miraculous universe. How else can it be done with our short breath of time that might at least give us mortals and non-scientists a poetic gimps of the bigger picture. May you dreamers not despair of your true visions for in the mix of all things your struggles are recorded so as to live in a sense concretely and unique in this miracle. Your life as special in the sea of humanity, in isolation or as part of us all, cannot be without significance and purpose that we all and the universe has not comforted you from your freely chosen labors- even if it seems from afar.

* * * * *

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Theomnium (Sea of Naked Singularities)

Theomnium (Sea of Naked Singularities) L. Edgar Otto December 21, 2011

Slow day, had a more philosophical thing to post, I did check out a couple of books on number theory in case the light novels become boring. I think the disconnect in the physics and mathematics goes way back and deep and continues thru since then in things like how we cannot quite find solutions to some number theory questions like the Mersenne primes or the numbers too large when the formula is both necessary and sufficient. Then there are Gaussian primes and the like as part of the picture and points of departure. But if the universe is like one simple naked monopole against the outside there or not, and if we come closer to the concepts of some relation beyond the background full of multiverse, the sense of destiny perhaps of research or that there is a helping hand in an indifferent cosmos... we can learn something from that more tangible possibility still that reduces to mathematics and physics.

The again this field is so wide (even considering how Lebesgue and Riemann considered what was linear in squarable surfaces and their intersection where I think we may question some ideas we find or think non-linear in the continuity and measure of it all). Then again with such a model one might easily see that just perhaps we can imagine a different set of primes given where the intelligibility of the universe as physic can be questioned even with all the mirror and the matter that sometimes numbers are not fully understood on the simple level by our formulas or just about so intuitively- the limiting at the reality horizon independent of our thoughts about it (and as Pitkanen seems to suggest modestly as if a profound law in his vision so asserted but correct- that such vacua and the material can exchange or even vibrate the reality between the dark and the light of things- as long as we are content to say that something is a conservation law as the background expands and accelerates.

But again, the truth and beauty we feel for ideas of systems gained is evidence of a sorts. Math seen as a faith too, one that can sometimes prove itself based on faith.

* * * * *

Doctrines of Space and The Calculus

Doctrines of Space & The Calculus
L. Edgar Otto 12-21-11

Encountering these first works in the original and understanding them in the historical context, I ask if Riemann foresaw so much that could be developed into physics- what of the ideas of Lebesgue? For one thing, although I find the standard theory more and more inadequate and absurd especially in the mixing of chiral senses as a source of mass- that Lebesgue grounds the idea of Feynman in the reading of his simplified graphs (and in the concept of higher variations in space structure that is the sums of infinite paths depending on quantized space of integration functions in the more general sense) that we can rotate the Feynman graph 90 degrees for the interchange of field and particle mediation and descriptions. See Lubos here today. Lebesgue turns Riemann's axes for a Brane or Plane around. But can we say then that the calculus of Lebesgue foreshadows the work of Feynman? Or is there an essential step to be made where great thinkers have to find the way in a sea of chaotic thought in a climate of mentors where Nobel Laureates beget Nobel Laureates and the universities lead society in uniform continuity found between the teacher and the student as an enterprise of awakening?

Today, in thinking about the geometry of it, for example I could say that Lebesgue in a sense my own views of space- a quasic distance from the quantum ideas on it. This is very close for he is concerned and asks questions I have asked and said things about that may make one wonder why he felt the need to write it down when the world might certainly see it as vague or pointless to do so or at least not needed to make the point that perhaps only becomes clear at some future time. I do have an inkling that others around him in the dialog did talk about and inspire some of the questions on the mathematics of the time- so again in the context of a lonely genius I may attribute him too much- that is the reaction from admiring students or the rebellious ones who go further in the iconoclasm than the modest desires of their teachers, as in politics.

Today I had some questions for Pitkanen, for he too is foreshadowed in Lebesgue in that there is such a concept of more general space. But it seems those questions synchronously begin to be answered here. For I was wondering where I differ and Pitkanen differs from such calculus in the matter of if his distances between a multi-sheeted geometry (which I imagine more general than Riemann's multi-ply concept of space sheets and re-entrant polyhedral densities if there is multiply connected and distinct surfaces or volumes that include such a point) if there is in a sense between is a quantum concept of distance or a quasic one- for such ideas of abstract distance apply equally well to the undifferentiated concepts of what is a plane or a sphere in the geometry. I note the general idea, as if a proof by construction and alas a geometric or topological picture by Lebesgue considered over just the abstract algebra, that Pitkanens intuition of further levels of a Planck constant, a hierarchy, a fractal like and quasic recursive idea as a possibility, seems to be suggested as a solid grounding in Lebesgue's calculus. But this is not clear, even in the standard physics where perhaps we need further fundamental constants to explain the mass horizon at singularities, that in a narrow and even Diracian nilpotent view, even a rarefied space only of scalars that the idea of a Zero Point energy or minimum level for measure of such things as some assure us the string theory finds for its grounding scales- is an idea not developed enough in our alternative or standard theories- it is perhaps an independent idea from the application of matter and gravity in standard unification models. It is thus universal but does not contain much accessible meaning in the details. Zero point energy is a viewpoint and perhaps goes against deeper ideas of mirrors in absolute spaces such the very general ones described by p-adic theory. But I have not address the Maxwellian question in Pitkanens post- just the earlier one of Is TGD integratible now that I understand such Lebesgue boundary ideas and the primitive idea of applying this to quark confinement as a foundational theory of standard unification that is not even as deep as the topology described. Of course I ask about such distance as if the types are virtual or real, coincident, as perhaps anything we may observe in a mirror.

The hallucination question is inspired by the treatment by Lebesgue of the idea of sets and certain shared points in an interval on a line- this is a case where we ask about the axiom of choice which is independent from the ZF axioms. We know biologically that such a jumbling of our content of consciousness in the way the chemistry and structure of the brain works in animals is necessary that with things a little out of focus one finds the clarity otherwise lost into the background- a matter of cycles and balances. But the choosing of these point like solutions in infinite sets is after all done by such a method of focusing.

Now, a further point, a political one, for those who find it expedient to delay the advancement of science and discourage enquiry in the details. Is our technology a threat, say in the biological sense- of course I personally think to evolve viruses in a lab (and the government asked rather than warning professors not to publish some method of decoding or they to be arrested for early computer ciphers) that the details of such study not be posted in the name of making it easy for terrorists. Well, it has been known for sometime now we can make any virus artificially in the lab (my objection is that in the banishing of diseases those kept in labs have invariably escaped to make epidemics- so what is the zero tolerance for such weapons?) Nevertheless, in the long run it is the very knowledge that would make the cure for such biological's less a threat. The knowledge that will make us all mutually safe as a group or society from the power of even one of its malcontents for each soul is potentially such a malcontent on which there is less likelihood of defense save the containment by ignorance of all free people. Still, just as we had underground testing of the atomic era- we all drank Strontium 90 a children and worried over Polio, it seems to me that given the proper theory we can simulate such tests or effects and evolution of viruses without the direct need to rattle our sabers for the show when other than to find deep wisdom need not do the experimental proofs. But this is a philosophy of science that to a great degree, accepting the idea of historical conflict, Darwin like and Lemark like also, socially, that a people can think ahead for possible surprises- that is be predictors of events that are based on sound science and not just lost down chaotic paths of no return for the good of what in the future is the best of probable outcomes and places where new thought becomes new freedom.

I was going to ask Pitkanen what was his objection to the gauge theory concepts but that has become clearer to me in these more advanced views of space anyway. I just doubt quantum ideas grounding the escape from its confinement of physics enough. I guess we all have private styles if not private languages- even not as poets. So part of it is learning the Pitkanen speak. I think I have addressed some of these questions he asks and tries to use earlier terms to expand on the ideas and the terms. Magnetism, flux tubes, and so on... all the quantum terminology too... I think the Maxwellian part, considering his residual flow in nature, and the explanation of monopoles, and the Diracian idea of a shorting of such forces by at least one monopole, explained by the arithmetic patterns (if not just the counting that is the province of finite things rather than congruences of measure and non-overlapping congruences as refined by Whitehead) by my refinement of the quasic plane where the x and y cannot simply be rotated about the same information. This is a step a little further than the space and presumably a calculus there too of Lebesgue's view of integration of surfaces.

New Scientist has this article- and we certainly need better ways to discuss these concepts of dark-x ,x = matter, energy, fluids etc... sometimes too common a word does not convey the relationship or depth of an idea as we all try to use them for it is not proven the link to what Pitkanen says if the opaque matter if it exists but something exists on many scales... see here, like so many things the established powers go to great lengths to save the face of their complicated but questioned or failing theories- conspiracies (even the great Godel felt this in his eccentricity and that part of the Integer book is a little too speculative for me still) may or not be conscious or linked as they censor and confine our promisingly bright people or damage them where they can only so far fulfill noble expectations that are worthy and help us all. Those who care are cannon fodder for those who do not and it is not clear that anything on this lower level of us great apes really matters to any higher power or each other- or for that matter all our children's futures. We have yet to make a world where morally and ethically at least we become ourselves a higher power not long out of the absurdity of vandals sacking settled people- but we should not be ashamed of our origins for they go back very far and the next stage here in the world for us can hold wisdom to come that is not that far away.

It would have been great to talk one on one to people like Pitkanen over these shared issues in a world of research especially in serious universities and political and social, environmental climate where merit is valued, and a world of enquiry is possible. The young grow lazy and expect much when the cost of existing is much greater than the cost of living yet everything is free.

I wish I had a little more time and was a little further along sooner.

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