Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Panorama Of Gravity and Soul

Time and the multiverse of dark matter and familiar constellations- Only Van Gogh could see the stars truly.

The Panorama Of Gravity and Soul

On an origin of our religious sentiments based on cosmic conceptions of space and time.

This idea on my mind today, almost a Baconian conception moderated a bit by the idea of reincarnation in the panormamic view of the Christian St. Origin - and with clearer notions even that generality is not the apex of such revelations or contemplations.

But I looked again at a blog I follow but not lately:

and found this interesting quote: "The universe is not a fractal on large scales!"

Which certainly seems to apply as part of the picture of my posts lately.

Today's notion really comes from a new look at old hints of experience- one involves the sense of feeling objects at a distance as if they contained some sort of memory or in general a relation or being of external consciousness. The other is the sense others also mention that the dead seem to stay around a little while and many seem to be aware of death forthcoming for a little while- but then they seem to move on to some other place or greater place or no place... The falcon farther away than the sight and call of the falconer.

But from a scientific viewpoint- one more from that of the relation to geometry rather than our usual vagueness of the psychological - our sense of the existential here and now aware and defining better the sense of those terms in relation to consciousness- I decided to take a new look at the general ground of the intelligibility of linear continua, those to which we seem to have affinity for despite any scheme of knotted dimensions greater than one. In our fractal world which in the end is a question of useful information, energy, entropy and so on, we can still imagine a theory of everything where all degrees of freedom are infinite degrees of it not normalized with respect to some so-called origin or ending- yet the set of linear things are assumed somewhere to reflect this absolute freedom beyond dimension and all scales.

Humans invent or discover religion- some speculate the lighting and the prayer to bring back the one struck that works that establishes such magic in our prayers or some such physicality and psychological reason for ritual (linear?) faith. These arguments are compelling precisely because we are a centered consciousness that connects to the other and that is a distance of sorts of which we do have a sense of measure if we think to look over time as if to understand past and future.

I can imagine a few lines drawn abstractly from the corner of my window to the corner of the building next door and make it stand out as structure- focus the general idea of a consciousness as one way to view the other- and for those less aware scientifically we naturally assume such naming and supplication to the fickle changes of the nature, its seas and skies and season, that the God or gods as such exist. The origin then of such sentiments can be seen as related to geometry and cosmology and the structures we are within - our minds a room temperature collision with intelligible if not intelligent design of restricted natural laws of power- we the room temperature far from the fractal-less continuum of everything and save within our self awareness from the principle of the manifold otherness as the nothing- we the experiment, the atoms in the atom smasher.

So, the idea of loops of strings being the gravity mediator that can skip thru branes of those strings so bound by their ends and contexts of some dimension- in a world which emphasizes quantum theory as a consciousness description is this model not a design said of the soul whose information (over some actual string of space and time) moved on to other states or realms- where or where does this information go? Certainly such will survive the last big bang and reductionism to space (an insight of galatomic on the philosophychatforum) Gravity so described with its weights indefinite and its mass undefined is not a bad model for ideas in religion of the transmigration or ultimate destination or even the recycling of the souls.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Intelligible Multiverse

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The Intelligible Multiverse In our era there are three great cosmologies of the multiverse- Eternal Inflation,the two brane Ekpyrotic model, and my Quasicontinuum space- worthy of the name Theory of EverythingTo some extent all three apply and are comprehensive enough to solve problems of creative science and philosophy on the frontier of cosmology and cosmogony as part of the evolving intelligible unified theory of reality, the Omnium. The quasicity space came before the more developed spectulations of the other two and deals with notions like strings(iotas) and regions (pixels) which cut off as frontiers or boundaries of that inflation model where time stops and is born as if this a model of an individual human lifespane, also the idea of on what scale of the hierachy problem is intelligible measure be it the effects of mini-black holes or eternal black holes, or the same said of the idea of an irreducible proton or other such minimimal or point particle.

A fourth one is conceivable, a virtual absolute nothingness... where the idea of laws of nature are dimensionfree rather that dimensionless in a way we can measure what is left of some diminishing continuity and multiplicty of intelligible systems. Quasicity, like the general idea of fractals in fractals, brings these issues of what happens in the extremes of scale also to the human scale level of our perceptions and in the biased presence of time in our universe- but it is also conceivable that in the absolute nothingness time itself has no directions and thus no causuality as the universe moves. An actual absolute ultimate universe of the nothingness, more general than the idea of tachyons and so on, is in my era still and open question. Such creative bias of structural arts and design transcends what we now can more clearly can express in words and mathematics save perhapst that the bias goes to the philosophical and metaphysical level also in any theory of behind the sceen generalization and complexity.

If in a quasic space we can imagine three three spaces intersecting at a point (or indefinitely a pixel, or a string, and so on...) and the abstract mathematics can capture this notion in an abstract space (or for that matter can capture how we and nature may see any number of dimensional systems and even transfinite ones) then simply to treat such a third dimension as a pixel part of nine space as itself a nine space shows the fractal like extension into superdupersymmetric worlds of which the theory of everything has to be partly understood in the evolving unfolding system. Thus the enfolded tangs with active initial ends (of structure and not the reading rigidly the cosmic and organic codes) have a theory of everything as a model of geometry in itself that makes real structrues that can read fractally in both the complex analysis and the concrete counting sense.

Here we reach the paradox again that arises from generalization and awareness of it beyond the anthropomorphism we cannot explain things with ultimately save as consciousness or life forms itself real or artificial over the cosmos of dust and nothingness. A DNA complex is natures way of inflating and crashing branes as if in an atom smasher but capturing the moment indefinitely that is part of a greater theory of how the twists and knots of information negotiate the states of reality. Yet that argument of the anthrocentric tells us something about quasic regions as well as what is universe of multiverse where it makes a difference in our uniqueness and era.

Part of the realization of the significance of this view I got early on in the philosophychatforum looking at the stars and thinking about "galatomic" in ways that it required an extension way beyond that model of my friend on philosophy. For inside a universe far from the conventional debates of measure are other universes, so into those and so on including ideas of consciousness and whole other univeses, and of course particles and so on... The galaxomic principle may prove to be a greater part of our philosophy and physics after all. Such superdupersymmetry should be observable and most likely it has been in the LHC but in a way a little more intelligibly consistent than I envisioned that area of physics- still the quasicity principle lately applies to human scale problems such as the entering and leaving black hole effects of a simulated black hole and refract indexing as to the idea of particle pairs... and to we as centered in the large and small of space and those still not unified principles of observation.

* * *

I add this comment today for thereferenceframe blogspot to Lubos (I wondered where in the sitcom Big Bang they came up with such a high order of string theory) If he finds it worth the posting:


You have me thinking a little deeper or even more speculatively. I sort of see a link to your one on the probability paradox in a later post and the heart of all this human centered reasoning that really does not explain anything-especially the mechanisms as you point out.

But you read the articles on this before I did... so you may want to criticize or review my pesla.blogspot The Intelligible Multiverse

Efficiency is after all a fascist word I hear but the lines in politics seems so unclear to me- it is as if we are entering a period where our era ends and the influence of the usa gets less to some vanishing point of global end of math. Perhaps it is the age of post modern philosophy of physics that we must get past as if Bastille symbol in the twenties near dadaism of a man without a head flirting with cannibalism but they seem to eat their own heads!

I guess in politics there are no necessary realities- how is it the women here have so many more degrees and still they make less pay? What does such blind correctness really tell us about our current university system?

The PeSla responding to a whole constellation of your new posts :-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tangy Symmetrical N-body Spaces

Tangy Symmetrical N-body Spaces (Threesomes)

I am not sure I agree with the physicists, such as Lincoln on the dalnet philosolphy chat forum, or for that matter Rowlands, with the sentiment that physics as such is more primary than an interesting mathematics to describe it. I suppose there is something in the beauty of the mathematics itself that would justify itself in its own right- but surely over a wide compass these must correspond or should on some level of generalization.

I ask myself then can there be a simple 3D and fractal like description for the programming of the general idea of such paths (or for that matter the classification of any Yangian like entity in any natural dimension). This seems to be the case is we hold the idea that three space is not so rigidly special as many hints indicate such as particle generations or shifting neutrinos- that maybe there are not dimensions as such to be three or even in a reality before us nine that we can see all at once (nature may see them as if hidden dimensions.) So we can describe a sequence of coordinates by some number of axes but these can shift between what we may describe as other generations at each point. I am not sure such a simple procedure is comprehensive enough to classify all such structures. Nor that these structures we imagine.

Certainly Lubos idea of a double string like object in LHC data can be seen as basic compressed or compacted topological structures which certainly makes an intelligible connection to a universal design, for me even to that of the four foldness of the teleomeres as diagrammed in Ulla's post. This can go on for any number of quasic dimensions, not just the apparent limit or restrictions to 6 or 8, nor the mirrors we imagine as complex space. The relativistic pancake can be a tube as well as a spherical top in rotation- and the ends, whichever why they logical relate at either end, certainly arise from the topology as if the fractal reading of the content of the DNA and what in the expression or delays of its information. I mean such objects are more explicitly shown to have analogs in space to the design of organic ones.

Of course we need a deeper level at the structure of the base itself and the hidden geometry we will find there.

So on sciencechatforum the article asks if string theory is dead. Lincoln suggests that while general relativity is not perfect eventually the quantum theories will develop to incorporate it for a final explanation despite the math of ideas of the string theory. Of course this idea is one from someone with the world view of what the tool of the collider capable of finding. Still, the use of M-theory to say there is not a theory of everything (Hawking)if that theory is dead, then would not the lack of God it implies in this rather quaint retro theory of spontaneous creation show that it is the theory such quantum physicists dislike that is dead and not the God is Dead (Nietzsche's idea is one of thermodynamics and how we understand it anyway) Can we have such incompatible theories in a wider mental space that can incorporate them? While we know what we need to believe, as in a religion, and know we cannot believe such and such- we cannot see the deeper reasons behind belief itself other than perhaps a sense of complacency and safety to the level of our evolved mentality we have achieved. Such questions, as for now a theory of everything, is beyond the local and limited inputs of doubt or acceptance or even good weight and balance, philosophically. But certainly emotional space can be evoked and made a point from which to counter arguments.

The logical direction and conclusion of Lincoln's notion will be that the quantum theory itself will be incorporated and rendered obsolete to something greater. But this is just one interpretation and viewpoint of many simultaneously possible and real. But such evidence of these tangy sorts of design, as say holonic or my quasic system can be right before us and not seen for what it means- after all that has been the case all along, and the case also where the vague concepts have been abused into some sort of mysticism or buried under poor practice and engineering of maths.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Discerning Autumn

Comment to Ulla before today's modest thoughts posted:


a most excellent post- and one I am so grateful for the nuts and bolts under the theory- I find myself learning something new!

I found and answered some comments on my blogspot (I did not set any spam filters on but had to undo them- one from Matti I am sorry I missed in our delayed communications that mess up the continuity of our dialog.

I see connections from what we are all saying if we can pin it down- what is this quadraplex but topology of four-ness along the lines of topological and string-like theories and yes, Dirac? And my more holonic way to see things (I have recent posts trying to describe how I see the dimensions now if we are to accept certain assumptions made by say Hawking- then other things logically follow or the theory lacks something essential.

I think you might see that Rowlands showing there can be more than Crick and Watson may have some value?

The PeSla

* * *

Discerning Autumn

Last night I stayed out late as a customer and not a musician at the Mouse Trap bar open mike and watched how the musicians have grown and the house band Evergreen Grass with their better equipment.

My last post on a different sense on how to view space occasionally on my mind when the music was side B or not as compelling as a new song of the group. So I reach for a metaphor. These five souls, the banjo player, the guitar player, the bass player, the mandolin player, the harmonica player (yes, the fiddle player has been off on another gig for awhile.) But when you consider how much music is practice and automatic, and that each of these souls is double (or in a mirror sense quadraplex in expression) brained- that is what they are and what they are in some evolving context of the audience and otherness, Ten or Twelve dimensions as we vaguely understand string dimensions, could be an apt metaphor.

For if the dimensions beyond two or so are more illusions than solidity as they vanish in the small, that microworld that can be influential as top down or bottom up but the top according to Hawking is to chaotic to be a unified theory of everything-or perhaps the freedoms vanish in the communications if some parts of the whole is delayed- as in papers lately that show there can be too much said and the social network breaks into some place of zero communications despite the ever more rapid speed of communication - here at last the value of statistical methods and computer modeling limited to some reductionist idea and consequence is a useful picture and part of a still bigger picture, if then an illusion of dimensions in this sense- clearly (and old Eddington was right by the way to show at the base of the dimensionless constant we have to add more even it this is unexplained outside of our rigid models that allow for physical measurements), Then why not a description of say the 9 stringlike dimensions as a topology here and now in our three space that shifts between three would be solid space dimensions and the consequent topology?

For weaving between the five players as to which side they present of their participation with the music, music that crosses and reverberates across both sides of the brain, music that grows blurry or automatic under the influence of various internal and external substances- booze and groupies and so on. We have quite a topology to enhance the basic chord structures that set up the holes and membranes of twos and three of those whose music is together and not delayed, who adjusts the not perceivable errors to the audience that the band reaches a professional unity of theory and mastery of timing that is received by the audience as a song. Thus at the plateau beyond eight dimensions not an emptiness of topology but a vast new terrain to understands of the presence of all possible universes without unintelligible restrictions save our own imaginations to accept the jazz beyond the diatonic loops and permutations.

Of the other world of the failed state beyond the failed states- the great empires of the Americas, Quebec and the united states, the confederate states and the greater central American and Caribbean confederation- who is to say we are not part of that artificial world and alternate history?
* * *

Discerning Autumn- the cycles we find ourselves within and the slow dawning that we change, perhaps to reach some peak of experience and understanding- and the idea of autumn where one can withdraw and shed leaves to protect the core within us with the last hope that maybe we survive the winter for some new birth.

So what is our life then when for whatever reason, by wounds of loss or by the shear joy of living in a world where we are fortunate enough to know caring and care for people, that we get the idea there is some moral duty to extend life- that the game is not to be accepted that it is over? Even when I do not understand those who would not want life to last forever and that the reality is the sanity of its fleeting moment and the trade of our need for space more than time- is science not in the end the reach for this better quality of life and its endurance, survival, sense of achievement stored up as the sunlight and treasure not to vanish in a wasteful meaningless lifelong effort in the moment?

Was the child amazed at the sprouting hair on the knuckle of his big toes unaware that his being changes, rests awhile in some sense of immortality that he is not aware that the unity of his purpose and body goes rapidly down hill- and once he achieved a good sense of such changes of time- How can he not see that in the era and reality he is in- that it is too late to achieve the dream- to know enough to assure and consolidate against the betrayal of his own body and make the not forbidden by nature repairs? Yes, for the mainstream it is clear we are curious, as much as our own picture if we can bear to see it, as if it applied to others only, as to what is the ravages of cancer or old age that commands our interest and bids us seek deeper into the clockwork and music of nature for what is otherwise a lazy basking in the sun of our dreams? No great work is achieved as high as what we with open eyes may desire or hope to bring into this world as that which goads us by fear of the known and unknown- that which puts us to sleep again into false idols and gods.

It may not be that in the end, in the great plateau of the unknown that begins after the unimaginable drive and complexity of even a single leaf- that what is left is our sense of the nothingness- but the clear blue and untainted sky, stainless of our blood lusts or where blood has redeemed our artificial theories- that as death itself becomes meaningless and long forgotten and what we know of the greater beyond and deeps of the invisible and small, can be only unified by our in the world and throughout all worlds consciousness of our being. If we see a little more clearly than the saints of science who have gone before us- we cannot feel sadness that in our time we worked as best we could, in blindness and faith perhaps, in experiment, to add to it what small gain of unity we could- and that I praise you who have found and worked in such a noble purpose!

* * *

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fatal Errors of M-theory Assumptions

Fatal Errors of M-theory Assumptions

I hold a small cardboard cube made rigid by its design elements then covered with silver gray duct tape. As in the accompanying photo I label the faces of this with the letters O | p q b d , my first thought to do this as a first guess of how to orient the letters. After all, the various ways to rotate F is used in books on the discussion of crystal symmetry for two space. This idea took a few seconds really but symmetry and such was on my mind earlier.

You also see a book by Ken Wilbur, his ideas on holons I am familiar with and understand the right wing Christians cut this idea down along with other philosophers, most of them- my roommate knows more of his more Buddhist tenets. It is thought an error in his philosophy is the never ending spiral toward a better state of the human heart and soul and condition described by color frequencies as in the Ouspensky tradition. But Wilbur has already pointed out the kinship between the sociologists with the scientists who make war over their own interpretation of historical reductionism. The scientist call him New Age, and the religious call him heretic. I call him part of the new alternative view of the nature of theories of everything which goes back to earlier reasoning about space and mind and time.

But I only mention him here today because after reading others on the blogs I see that early kinship to some ideas of the unified field theory involving inverse square laws for gravity, electrostatics, magnetism (with adjustment of the measures and certain constants can be seen as the four fold pattern that the general formula covers.)

Now, I hold this cube in my hand and day dream while also doing other things. Resting my eyes reading Zane Gray glued to the ending of the book or eye averted a moment while my neighbor makes kitchen sounds and shouts to the air jumping up- I assume she got something important in the mail she was opening. Then back to ignoring each other. She must be the one who thinks I am out of my mind spending hours playing tiddly winks with geometric shapes. I understand how I can still see that cube of three dimensions as solid, and how others still do- and yet I can see it as if it were not a cube at all but some deeper abstract structure more a symmetric thing of sorts than something dimensional.

OK, as a play on the symmetry of words- what about a parallel electrostatics that would behave as if the "flexom" or "perpendicular magnetism" of Ulla? Not that either of us nor anyone else really understands the heart of magnetism.

This may be true even if we think some idea of relativity explains it (of course what after all is going on with monopoles in otherwise symmetrical equations?) I am sure out in the cybersphere some scientists or cracks in the pot of string theories which will not bend to a more general view and which are invisible to the older view can imagine a reduction to points that are all independent and made of monopoles.

But this sort of thing brings up the "Fatal Error of M-theory Assumptions" - that is the role of gravity, in particular the idea that gravity is described as a closed string not bound to a brane so can escape our own brane universe. It is a powerful idea but I have already shown what may be (finitely) closed as a circle in one quasic dimension may be open in another quasic dimension. In fact a better generalization would be that strings can open and close- a sort of gravity into electric-charge or energy-matter sort of foundational thing (see Rowlands on this too). It is not clear to me that such "gravitons or gravinos" or for that matter neutrinos in a star going nova, or a gluon in a quark-gluon plasma, can escape a certain region of physically real structures. Perhaps their is a different super-symmetry involved here, a superdupersymmetry.

Clearly such quasi-gravitons may not only escape but vanish- for after all as Hawking says in the newly featured book in the Scientific American book club- that the universe can arise spontaneously from the nothingness therefore God is superfluous. It is the same fundamental question of where the information comes and goes into creative black holes and other ones. Even on this level we can quite imagine the philosophy here working just as well to support something more than the natural as possible- and something more than what is saved beyond the nothing flatland and we individual singularities and iota strings of unique learning. The second error of M-theory is one of physicists in general- despite the beautiful and complex and intricate formulas their pictures are mundane and simple and misleading even as to prove what is a simply connected region or not in the greater scheme of things. It is pointless to declare at every point in four space is compacted six dimensions who retain some of the continuity to an asymptotic micro infinity then assume these can stay together beyond an aleph 1 infinity of degrees of freedom and not lose the very idea of such continuity- especially if we involve symmetries of thermodynamics and of time. (and maybe tachyons where string theory may appeal to them). The second error then is the prison we have made from our own imagining.

A third and fundamental fatal error beyond our cautious ignorance as scientists, is this idea of (and one I in clear pictures came up independently recently- let those who studied this or those who want to wiki it search the terms for these primitive ideas so stated they will find there)is the idea of chirality, in particular bilateral symmetry rather than the reduction into a point (lilly pad) or line (snake) direction of evolutionary symmetry. While the snub cube is a good example to explain such ideas of handedness and symmetry it is not clear that we can say such ideas are ideal only on the smallest scales- If we have a complex molecule which has right and left hand mirror sides as if two mirror molecules joined would we still not find on all scales more energy on one side or the other of otherwise identical molecules? The reason more than some metaphysical declaration that there is nothing (not something) and only positive mass (being) is the fundamental answer and not the context of the question as to why nature is biased in its handedness- if it were not so then it would not be biased in the unfolding of energy into the unfolding of our consciousness.

I turn the cube around in with my hands- ahh, let us say there are simplexes of point, edge, triangles, tetrahedrons and so on: Clearly one point is opposite another, and one edge is opposite another, and two triangles (inside the cube with two points outside them) are oriented opposite and parallel (and the four space case perhaps no so opposite orientated and so on in n-dimensional flat euclidean square things or orthogons. The question then is about the spin of these cubes and the well, electrostatic parallels within them.

OK, we imagine two protons colliding in a relativistic way and they flatten like pancakes (which is also they are rotating), Now if I fly at the speed of light in an absolute not curved way past an absolute sphere- at the closest approach we will see briefly the opposite pole of the side. I am perpendicular to that sphere but if we from some some view are literally pancakes then where do we rotate or describe information of points on or within that pancake. Is it not clear that these vague ideas of opposition quite besides ideas of dimension an string theory rotations involve some (well, forever to reach approach) idea of corresponding senses of what one particle will be to another one beyond say the ability of light to communicate that information between them - and worse at "infinite velocity" or as the instantaneous once established, these may not be reached and understood on any level short of the initial creation- that is there is no time to outrun the physical laws where in theory they can be shown it possibly to do so.

* * *

An interesting article today on science daily:

Such magnetic fields before the stars!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perpendicular Magnetism (Ulla's metaphor in my dreams)

Perpendicular Magnetism (Ulla's metaphor in my dreams)

I really do not have much to say today- but I did have an idea upon awakening from an ordinary but very colorful and intense dream. I had gone out under the awning in the rain and smoked an American Spirit cigarette and thought about what ever Ulla could mean by Perpendicular Magnetism. Perhaps it is a metaphor for what this find constellation of theoreticians on the blogspots all seem to be saying and apparently some new sort of physics may be coming from the LHC. Whatever it is it seems to ring a bell with us here or touch some nerve which may be the establishment more receptive to our views. This is my facebook status today:

L. Edgar Otto ‎"The cool air, fragrant with pine and spruce and some subtle tang, sweet and tonic, made Madeline stand erect and breathe slowly and deeply. It was like drinking of a magic draught. She felt it in her blood, that it quickened its flow." The Light of Western Stars by Zane Gray pg. 240 Origin of my string-like physic...s term en-TANG-lement. The LHC has apparently found new physics even they did not expect.

I just got a reply on this:

Ron Kollman So.............What's your point Leonard...............??
28 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

L. Edgar Otto
This refers to my physics blog and the lack of terms for new ideas so I chose tang as quark was cottage cheese- obviously this is not just seen as orange juice- but some ideas are so clear if we put them in terms deep in our minds we are all familiar with. Zane Gray is about the landscape and romance and he is American for a source of terms. If black holes can have hair is a good physics term for "evaporation" then a clear picture of more than expected connected particles at the so called beginning of the universe- well tangs can show multiple.

Ulla, if you read this I am a fan of Jung and synchronicity. The only problem I see is that his model of the mind was a thermodynamic one- and such dreaming into the near future is after all natural physics. But the symmetry or concepts of thermodynamics are not yet worked out enough to pin it down as physics rather than psychology.

On the other hand Jung did analyze the dreams of a quantum physicist who imagined some sort of clock work with three instances of the number 32. (those in the know will see the importance of this number as in unification of electricity and magnetism.

Of course the problem is that (actually new scientist yesterday had an interesting article on the vanishing of higher dimensions in the small such that things are linear- certainly and idea that relates to the new LHC findings- but there is more as if some other perpendicularity of what dissipates or congregates of independent geometrical forces- this level of math I suspect is more about transfinite numbers than dimensions per se. I think what you are referring to is the mystery of the flipped electrons in a shell spinning for overall magnetism. But what do we do with the problem of monopoles? I too have this "parton" or shell view of things as still valuable. Regardless of complex space- and even if in the abstract the axiom of such positive spaces (as Lubos said of even antimatter) that two 3D spaces can intersect in a point (something I called trinx long ago but it can involve three players).

Anyway, the dream:

I went into an old dusty book store and an old former friend was running it whom I have avoided for a long time because of disputes over who owned wax for the candles we made some of which he sold in his store.

We did not about that directly but he made sure I could see his back kitchen candle factory and instead of the usual dull earth colors he had the most intricate designs in miniatures many of which were derived from my designs and some that even evolved way beyond my concepts of geometry and candle shapes.

"Well, you can look at the books but I guess you are not going to by anything are you?" "On the contrary" I replied thinking he always wants 90% of everything and I a glad the time I could offer 50% did not work out, "I was looking for some old books by Zane Gray- one in particular that someone had removed some of the illustrations."

But he pointed a few isles over- but I came across two old 1918 engineering books, the first was an earlier edition that was falling apart but I found a most interesting section and description of things as physics was seen before the war. I put it back and he said- be careful with the binding, set it back level. But I knew I could afford both books to compare them later at my ease as the broken one was much cheaper.

In the dream I bagged them, paid for them, and walked out down the street. I was thinking about the description of magnetism in the book with inverse square laws and vertexes and how in a way there is something perpendicular to things that is not so in the sense that say a forth dimension is perpendicular to all three perpendiculars of the other three dimensions. I thought to myself I dreamed this last night and I should go post it and tell the bloggers for in that dream I told the book store owner that I had dreamed last night what I would read in that book so I had to check it out. Only when I woke up did I realize I was in a dream. The first thought that occurred to me when the fog lifted was :That if our dreams in a sense on some level are as simple as magnetic fields (induction and so on of which I do not see it that simple) then to be in a dream talking about a deeper dream is not a bad description for the term "Perpendicular Magnetism".

* * *

After reading Lubos post today I had to make another comment on the previous post on the LHC data:


There are many of us like the learned young Lubos and an old lifelong amateur like me who certainly expect some things or Nearly a Theory of some things and are not that surprised.

The transition metals recently are suggested to be the catalyst for initial life on this planet and beyond certain elements, in recent articles, even supernovas cannot be the reason we observe some higher elements.

For those who understand say the representation of 57 dimensions, would we not exceed that in the collision of two copper atoms counting the nucleons? What happened to the speculation on preons for example in such a plasma at the so called beginning of the universe?

Maybe we overshot the idea of the standard model and some sort of relativity in arranging our expensive expert experiments toward such extremes when nature will eventually tell us otherwise. (this is not to say Lubos you shouldn't take to task those who have some sort of confusion as to what science is with their biases and claims of global warming- as in your post after this one)

Perhaps I should give my intuitions a rest and apply a healthy skepticism as Lubos has done on the fundamental mathematical traps and data for global warming to this LHC data. After all this whole question of vanishing dimensions in an article yesterday suggests things may not even be two dimensional for example in terms of loop quantum gravity.


* * *

Ulla, I added a picture or logo to the perpendicular magnetism idea because along with you and our Finnish Geometer friend I rather see some connection between this sort of data- but I find it perhaps a logical space rather than the usual applications of geometry and such. In my more radical view and I do feel strong about the validity of string theory, the standard theory, and even the big bang, from some viewpoint can be seen as central to physics. We need a wider perspective.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Brief Return Reflexion to Ulla:

A Brief Return Reflexion to Ulla:


Of course the hexagons are part of the diamond lattice- unless they are flat thus zero probability and organic aromatic principles (also found on buckyball surfaces)

For my connection with Fermi surfaces I offer you only the photo of my blog on to show the geometry- but the depth of my understanding then is a little obsolete.

Rowlands points out in DNA there can be alternative ways to stack it with four ways to understand where the sugar goes

Nitrogen and in NH3 could certainly be a source of quantum flux in a mental or organic system or between synapses according to Wolfe.

The vibration state if a carbon atom (methane and so on) has 15 possible ones observed. Where is the 16th (presumed superimposed)? But I see this as a matter of geometry and Venn logic.

On should really see a carbon like structures as the five points of a four dimensional simplex (made of triangles).

Such ideas may be had to see but easy to intuit so pardon if we are not on the same particle length :-) your interest in all this impresses me very much.

This link may be of general interest to you too.

I guess I should index stuff here as it was so much to try to find, but pictures help.


* * * in answer to Ulla's recent comment:

Due to the length if posting a reply to Ulla's comment on a recent post I elect to post the answer here as the comments accept less than 4096 characters.


I am quite honored by your dialog and interest but I do not claim any credentials on this. The term quantum mysticism is from the language from reading and I do not mean to use it in a negative way.

Here was a recent link on prozac and miRNA

it lead to a speculation that on this level of the chemistry one in theory could make genetic algorithms to explain on a deeper level such balances- yet I do not buy the superficial idea of chemical imbalances in general. But part of the picture certainly relates to our genetic endowment and aging difference from our initial stem cells- for example less limb regeneration.

There was a recent article saying that if we accept the idea of a completely empty vacuum it solves the dark matter concepts- then again so can other things like a spinning universe.

I was a little tired to post the links in this informal blog and cannot find the recent references at the moment. I assume these ideas are accessible somewhere- but it was the first that someone else said against thousands of years of tradition that maybe beneath a quantum flux idea is an absolute nothingness.

Lubos has a post today discussing anti-matter and anti-gravity which does assert we do not understand basic algebra of minus signs and complex numbers so fail to see the restrictions on the ideas (what he calls consistency akin to my intelligibility of how math fits the universe). While he states the problems clearly I think there are deeper answers for this matter- a point where we still need philosophy. That is the "why" as you say.

I imagine we can levitate in a sense- only and half jokingly one has to keep the object still and move the rest of the universe:-)

I am looking at things in terms of 1's and 0's the assembly code under the DNA where we can debate if there is negative time matter or space or try to sort out these contradictions. If a is a and we believe it then we may lean more to the right of things instead of Hegel that a is not a. Of course, there are electrons and positrons. I myself am not comfortable with the idea of Dirac's filled vacuum explanation for things.

From the religious view on the level we now can imagine it I think it is possible that we can describe what happens when we die in terms of higher states (as in the science fiction Stargate Universe for example when species reach some idea of ascension.)such that it may be easier to show some state toward some idea of heaven concretely rather than what we cannot show about the existence of some form of God. "Why" do we imagine such things? But the Trinity idea certainly seems to apply to such ideas and geometry of space and quarks and such, that is the overall form is compelling.

Yes, you enquiry as to matter to shore up quantum theories seems a reasonable method- Penrose showed how quantum physics may be equally described in terms of consciousness or material elements and balances these views elegantly.

I am not insisting miRNA or any other form is the central answer to biology but it seems to me likely a part of the picture. All I did was suggest a chain code of four bases for the 64 codons that we make the stuff but come to realize nature already did this experiment aeons ago. But in the four base system GUAT one has to read every other color.

I have not looked into the parts of your article that describe micro structures like for example the microtubiles? theories but these should be intelligible too.

I suggest also in the abstract that given say six things in any form of relationship and at a profoundly fundamental level (what is going on inside the space of zero probability) that some of the ideas of group theory apply and we can enumerate them. These are a little difficult to understand even as Euclidean n-dimensional geometry (of Coxeter) let alone apply to the heart of DNA chemistry.

I will try to find clearer references. I am not sure what drives you to this fine effort but I think you are doing a very good job.


and I will add this- I am not clear what your term perpendicular magnetism but I find it interesting and may somewhat discrete in concept like lines from the sun and I agree there must be more forms if it- that is I think I have a sneak peek at your intuitions here :-)

* * *

I wonder if our work is ever to be finished and do we really want that- I find Lubos shining as I leave the public computer today:

I left him this comment:


I read some on this earlier today- but your post here makes it much more exciting and significant. It could be something rather geometric is happening here - it reminds me of the analogy of a rubber band and DNA where the state of things in one case or the other snaps back when stretched or back to being stretched- where is that transition point? Your presentation is in careful speech- but who is to say that there is not some analogy to a deeper uncertainty principle here- the unity of strings that just as well could be interpreted as particles?

The PeSla

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Synthetic Engine

The Synthetic Engine

I came back this afternoon to post finally a new idea- otherwise the day was rather boring, that feeling of a blank page or no new directions worth posting. I supose in the back of my mind so to speak a couple of ideas clicked when I was doing artistic dooles and cutting paper objects and taking pictures of their shadows as in the accompaning illustration of the Otto Symbol.

I am sure the references are out there recently on the popular science sites. One involves the link to miRNA and the control of the expression of dopamine in the brain and that unbalanced by over production in the autistic mind. Another related one concerns the innate tendency to post partum depression, or the degree of self awareness of ones state of mind for lit up areas of the prefrontal lobe as to if a person was likely to take their medications. But the other significant one is the transfer of information between parent and offspring. These anayltic things if seen more from an informational viewpoint can be seen from a synthetic viewpoint as if the idea of consciousness were at least understood as an explicit totality on that level. The analytic in a sense is the realm of direct experimental evidence.

But I have speculated that the quadrapole like chain code of 64 codons, a model from first principles, was indeed an experiment already done by nature herself- in fact on this level of the myth or truth of speculation, the miRNA is a that chain encoding I styled the compass. This suggests to me a global picture which in theory may be programmed to undertake the biochemical machinery and pathways which obviously has some effect as if a subconscious machine on our mental experience.

Analog and digital, continuous and finite, seem to blend. I understand we can see the body systems as one system but we can also study them separately and sometimes the effects of systems are indeed separate. I would urge those interested in string theory and the like to apply it to biochemistry- there is more than quantum theory involved. As Ulla posted on her blog of the walking molecules in life yesterday we say the combination of such chemicals is a matter of chance and what is available. But clearly in the total body system some molecules "know" or from a hidden place can find or sense some other place very far from a distant place in the body. Or there can be distant effects if we say place engineered or cross species DNA in one part of the body without any apparent material link.

I do not accept on this level of mythical story telling that the physiology is the psychology without there being a unified theory of physical laws. I cannot accept the application of ideas like Hawking applying them to the idea of God without a more general level beyond crude distinction of what is mind or what is matter. Indeed if his final idea is that he has asked the what of the world and not the philosophic why it is here rather than not, he has come as a scientist to a place where we who still see the value of philosophy asking those questions all along from perhaps a higher comprehension with clear scientific outlines. Even for stories that try to match science and religion were that may be possible we can suggest from neurological evidence that some idea of God as the universe at least and similiar if not the same laws of our thoughts and anatomy- is such a God in a universe of diffuse shadows mixed with lensing of a so called origin or big bang (that is from the level of those seemingly global theories of their day) is such a God always aware of His state of introspection? Science suggests many diverse and complex models to explain as well as dismiss a God in a much more complex way than our evolved thinking has thus far imagined- all in principle perhaps less than the treatment of such a Deity as a static place, goal and end as a theory of everything.

I am not sure I have communicated the beauty of this picture or that it can be received. But as Hoyle said of the Big Bang- why would God make a universe based on a model less beautiful than his Steady State one? But with such an idea of God and of ourselves in the mechanism of consciousness as the ultimate of things- and that this is the end that we see and Hawkings once said was the end of things in the universe and learning- and these abstract algebraic and geometric mechanisms do apply to all obtainable levels- is it wrong to think that just perhaps we have described the synthetic consciousness of at least the universe itself in that we can understand what that is in ourselves?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Purge of Citizen Soldiers

Purge of Citizen Soldiers

I was going to make this a long and detailed essay about my ongoing treatment as a veteran, not disabled and honorably served. I may add more when I see the (non-)reaction of my statesmen and bureaucracy. More than the military itself the Veteran's Administration tears apart families and even mindf**ks our best and brightest. How many recruiters do you know like the one who called up my son's mom saying if they could not talk to him she was not a patriot? How many hid the fact of extensive prescription drug use and filled their quotas (no wonder so many come back with mental confusion leading to their opting out of the gene pool.

Forgive my rant, but it is hard to believe any of the lies by any party and these things do detract despite my 99% curse of emotional stability from my studies.

* * *

Ulla made a great reply to my comment on the brain sides, look for that dialog on zone-reflex blogspot. I would post it here but I did not post the first comment. I note also that I talked with the poet Sultan on this left and right brain difference but will not post that long item- in terms of Whorf hypothesis being more emphasized on one side. Also a recent article I saw today of a region in the pre-frontal lobe that shows those who are more aware or monitor their own mental states and thus more likely to take a certain drug.

And the miRNA link there to explain the deeper mechanism of Prozac.

One more I saw today, the idea of the shadows expected from the Big Bang not seen everywhere so to question that theory- and yet from one perspective of many would it not be the case that a more Tang like treatment of such abstract objects is what is to be expected in that universe (ultranscontinuum) where not all part of the brain sleeps at the same time nor the laws appear the same?

I note that one side hearing an old scary radio talk show can evoke fear and the other not (through a mono ear phone)- perhaps words or lies do effect us on one side or the other like this in politics.

Ulla, I understand you saying there is no difference in psychology and physiology and I think I see how you mean it- not overly reductionist I suspect. But again, the shadows as well the mental energy are not necessarily unified and total awake or asleep, conscious or subconscious- and quantum theory while it is a breakthrough it can be shown to apply, is not enough to explain the deeper theory of everything of our minds.

Note the article on a spider that makes a model of itself to fool the predators. I wrote on facebook to this: Is that not what we mean by representative government?

* * *

Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is the correct title for the current Zane Gray novel I am writing- about on page 192 of 384 or so after the chapter Cowboy Golf. I guess the = sign threw me off. Most interesting the Phaeton effect on the drivers who could move so much faster than the horses.

* * *

Later that day after a clearer dream in a rare afternoon nap I came back to post a rather strange physics metaphor and on the way saw this post to comment upon first:

Hi, Miss Pixie,

I am not fond of a lot of his ideas myself so take them with a grain of salt. Some may have value but there are many more and up to date books along those lines. Glad you found this interest. He was not as friendly for an interview in 95 like say Rudy Rucker or Heinz Pagels who go out of their way to talk with non-students and students. Hofstadter fiction I found too distracting when I was trying to find the meat of the physics. Anyway, thanks long time blog friend.

The PeSla

* * *


Tang - a string like object but it may or may not have ends attached or attached all the time to some concept of a brane like object. In the general space what is a definite opening to some geometric structure, or for that matter an indefinite extent is a rather relaxed condition even of clear entanglement- indeed, we cannot distinguish closed strings with open or half open ones but so far into the reflections on some surfaces and angles in time.

A tang is and has hair in matters of surface ideas of black hole like evaporation. (I hope my reading of Assimov's bawdy limericks lately has not influenced my choice of term here :-) But such a metaphorical space seems to me rather like our ideas of a subconscious- the awake world may seem rational while what is rational in the hidden world may be as if a dream that is not so or so part of the time unseen as if the mass of an atom may change or even evolve and we see it not- unless perhaps this tang complex pops new systems of atoms or particles into real existence.

For three days the very vague and hard to interpret dream- a form today simply said that (as if three types of people in earlier dreams) there is energy, and something else I vaguely see as I think "non-existent energy" and a third which is the topology of systems and spaces itself- which all are intelligible and in the end may be a different description but we cannot determine this from the intelligibility on the surface of things- for now anyway. Along these lines consider my post of earlier today as a comment to Lubos- algebra, geometry and what sort of indefinite space not to rigid for the ultranscontinuum of foundational laws of dimension free dimensionless global and a wide entangled neighborhood of dimensions.

But, as always on a frontier of speculation, I do not yet feel this decisively physics but certainly worthy of posting as what is a given or persistent existing of our own philosophy of science and mind and perhaps the mechanism where such objects as strings, branes, tangs, and dimensions "perceive" the laws of reality.

Locality (non-locality) of Algebraic and Topological Objects

Locality (non-locality) of Algebraic and Topological Objects

Lubos, a very good presentation perhaps leading up to these issues of geometry and algebra being the same thing (as you say coming closer). Yes, and trying to convey learning to all aspiring levels of people.

I give you the TGD site because it strikes me as emphasizing the geometry where your string approach emphasized the algebra of it all. I mean this in the sense of imaginary numbers, e i pi and all as the unification but the question of other numbers applying- and maybe twistor ideas rather than say Gaussian.

It seems to me that one essential question to answer is for example if these "extra dimensions" are at some point in general space why should they be necessarily discontinuous- and if part of a general and overlapping entangled continuity what is the mathematical generalization behind that. Perhaps we need this answer before we can say M theory for example does or does not lead to a theory of everything, or even the philosopher's God or not because this question of unification may be more fundamental than the topology or twists and knots of string theory. I find the opening as if a ladder or chain of our sense of numbers or worm hole like openings rather vague if we do not have a clear picture or formula with which to treat them.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shadows of the Flags After Fall Colors

L. Edgar Otto on facebook today:
One of those rare days lately not much worth posting on my mind. Like the flowers in the pics in the garden on the way to the coffee shop, the rain and chlly night has them drooping peacefully but thinking shed the leaves and dig in for the snows. But the design of living things (past the school boring way to explain it) at this late date is even more amazing than my larval selves had dreamed.

L. Edgar Otto This came as a link from sciencechatforum . I know we could have forseen this from first principles but sometimes the number of steps even with the bigger picture makes it difficult so it takes a long time. But is this not doubling and halving?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gold, Silver, Copper (AuAgCu)

Gold, Silver, Copper (AuAgCu)

There was a lot of conversation with friends yesterday including their special health problems or their work in the early days of computers before those problems. So I did not write much, but some of the ideas clicked on this concept of a transition or other metal being the catalyst for the first life on earth. These thoughts are a little less than the intricate genetics of things- but why not a simple answer. Also I voted, and shopped, did a little photography, had some rather interesting dreams- one of which was vague and scientific but for the life of me even trying I could not recall the three words used to describe the ideas nor what the g k k = g g k was about on that deep level which also had to do with the personality of people (I mention it because it may come to me, or may have relevance to the things I write in the background like reading this post may be as frustrating ad trying to recall such a dream beyond say any lucid method of doing so. I do not think off hand it has anything to do with say quarks- yet they can be seen as point-like or even string-like without divisibility or very divisible as a "quasic" pixel.

The issue is auto-immune diseases which like embryonic development forms the layers of bone and muscle and skin and so on. Lupus or Rheumatoid arthritis for example. It has to do with the article on stem cells early on read differently perhaps by a virus (newscientist yesterday I think). In any case many metals on that shell of the periodic table (recall I do not permit its extension beyond 120 in this incarnation of the universe anyway)... certainly there are iron and copper based bloods- and some metals, even arsenic, are essential to life- but in the proper and individuals specific and age specific amounts. I assumed zinc was important and googled it to find out how it was but too much can deplete copper. Of course a little lower down on the table we find a dimension of toxicity, Mercury, or depletion of Iodine. In any case Manganese seems out of everyone's diet now in sufficient quantities.

I will think more on this systemic with the emphasis on stem as a developmental geometry over the lifespan of an individual organism. Life is short enough as it is as to deal with such global and painful problems and meds there waiting for them of vague side effects as I saw yesterday my friends bright then growing fatigued or with the sensitivity like the leaves of fall to the length of day- migraine free but ready for their long winter's hibernation inside. Here also I find it absurd that one cannot see that string theory ideas apply as well.

In a way let us not forget brain growth and development and the ideas so developed for it seems a similar pattern.

* * *

I found a good table of isotopes listed- something I want to get a count of and see similar but deeper patterns akin to the 120 cell electric atom pattern variation of the configuration usually by differences in temperature.

Let us also recall that these particular elements may not after all beyond a certain point have a mechanism to come into existence known- even in the supernovas.

I also am thinking more about the illusions of spin from a linear path motion- and how the knight moves in higher chess reflect this- and after all how perhaps our mathematics has not sufficiently understood those points between dimensions where at least in a finite based system what is circular motion and what is linear motion may truly be interchanged.

* * *

The weather is nice- and I noticed I ate some red meat with a craving and it was good but I cannot say I miss steak for example. So I am in a pleasant philosophical mood. I was planning to post an idea or experience related to the non-relationship relationship with my neighbor who stares up at me from a distance and all week we have tried to ignore each other. It is a question of studying light really, I mean this time of year the sun bounces off my window and for about ten minutes it lights up her kitchen where in her gown, reading, she got up and went into the other room- you see, when I close the blinds she opens all of them. OK, just read and ignore and not try to be involved or mean. BTW my Zane Gray book for now is not called under the light of western stars but The Light of Western Stars.

What then is the end of a series of poems speculating on seeing and being seen but not for whatever reason no meeting in the flesh? What is this realm where our irregular schedules coincide? Well, our eyes met and I did not turn away- it was as if we are friends but at an impossible distance or barrier yet we know that self imposed or also by fate a resolution to what one may desire but cannot be. But the point I want to express is that such understanding clearly was communicated and that there was no conflict in the unspoken words but understanding and more importantly that each of our souls in privacy and depth acknowledge our caring but independence.

I am not that happy with learning about certain people in the local government who being in a battered relationship gave me advice only from their viewpoint and their hobby of working to set up such a climate as if in principle but not in all cases they bully and batter others, and support Lies even for their agenda. This is as bad as those who dominated and controlled by the willful they convert to belief in their captors- sort of the Swedish syndrome. Where are the healthy people in the changes of governing?

Such were my thoughts when I posted first on facebook some of these comments:

Elizabeth Hoffmann But even though you are still (if not more) broke, you get the satisfaction of having your bills paid (most of them at least) :-D
about an hour ago ·

L. Edgar Otto Or if you go grocery shopping and not have to worry about adding it up or putting things back and it still comes out surprisingly cheaper- forget the law of nature that everything costs a little more than what you can did up of change in the couch and now you do not stoop to pick up a shiny nickel on the sidewalk even if you drop it.
about an hour ago ·

* * *

Jamie Gifford It would have been my fathers 51st birthday today... I miss you daddy!! R.I.P

Mallory Nickol my moms bday is next week and she would have been 50 :( im sure they are celebrating together :)

L. Edgar Otto At a distance, between eyes that see and care convey bittersweet sorrow, love our private words between each their independent and private paths unspoken...After all, it is so easy to see you, Angel :-)

* * *

Jamie UtphallTacey Hadley: My student is reading this book and highly recommends it as a crash course in philosophy. Are you interested? House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) (9780470316603): Henry Jacoby, William Irwin: Books

Tacey Hadley yes!

L. Edgar Otto I saw the movie- and it has romance and rather accurate science as we apply logic to the unknown in the diagnosis of our imperfections, if that is the cure is not worse than the illness.

* * *

Carrie Thomas I hope it's ok Leonard, if I use this lovely photo for my profile pic :)

L. Edgar Otto Of course, I make no claims of ownership of these photos- the original is you and yours...For me, God cannot make a Straoavarious without Stratovari...I was glad to be a part of capturing smiles and something of everlasting beauty in the razor edge of the present moment to the depth where all such moments if we deeply feel them are alive.

* * *

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eddington was not Wrong nor Lucky he was Established

Eddington was not Wrong nor Lucky he was Established

This is from the reference frame today- and I take issue with Lubos on Eddington here.
New Scientist today also points out the danger of relying on a scientific theory (that is M-theory and Hawking's conclusion on spiritual matters we usually feel outside of current science if not always so)

BTW Ulla, sometimes answers can be found that are simple- thus a simple cure as in the cause of ulcers by bacteria (as in bad breath) thus antibiotic treatment- not some vague higher order idea of stress and that assumed wrong.

Eddington was right and as he said his ideas were no more bizzare than Diracs. His quantum relativity of 1929 settled the case on the level of the importance of that theory. We need no so much crackpot indexes as their own anti-particles but a deep understanding of "fundamental theory" where there are those in the know and those hidden in dimensions for who is crackpot and who is not. But for those who claim outlandish things as if science can make judgement on God or the supernatural or dismiss the science if say Eddington dabbled in some spiritual pursuits- well, His theory was one of the first string theories as a theory of everything and his issues relavant to this day. How many on the sciencechatblogs dismissed me for even mentioning the I Ching when since the 1600's Liebnitz pointed out its binary utility which of course was the beginning of information theory as you are now observing and using it for computers?

Of course Eddington was from a simpler era and he helped with the ideas of Einstein (who in my opinnion if we called someone a crackpot doing research and living on his first reputation it would be Hawking and not Einstein on this idea of Unified theory.) Deconstructing words and markers as this cited article does may be reductionist but it is not science. But Einstein is from a bygone era too and his "ignoble prize" after all gave status to the prize did it not? Have any of you Einstein's seen the last equations on his death bed? Let us get beyond the social propaganda of over-influence of Jewish ways of seeing physics in some sort of Napoleon effect- save that to inspire youth at temple but not to do physics without objective depth accross all cultures.

btw Lubos, Rush Limbaugh would not make a pimple on the butt of some of the more influential conservatives in the popular media and on the short-waves. He is a low level joke on the substance and importance of such politics. That the crackpottery of the climate issue is so confused by what is true is demeaning to the very idea of an objective science and its utility. Politics is not as deep as philosophy, nor is someones extreme view, left or right, of a philosophy of science.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Voodoo Physics (Notions of the Walking Dead)

The illustration is the veranda and not the garden in the yard on a foggy morning where the metaphor mentioned elsewhere in the poems and posts is the place where the flowers like stars and souls blink in and out of existence, and God enjoys as we do some fleeting moment of beauty as the perfect garden as a theory of everything is unobtainable- at least to the extent He limited to quasi-personal human images.

Voodoo Physics (Notions of the Walking Dead)

I realized yesterday discussing Poetry and rhyme with the Sultan that there may be a solution to my latest bottleneck of some of the more romantic notions as metaphysics of these ideas of physics. I will post more later here but keep in mind that perhaps the discussion here is such a romantic notion and a explanation at least for why we make up ideas- especially in speculative fiction- of disembodied brains and the walking dead of zombies. This of course goes back to the quantum like ambiguity of describing the world as material (energy) or consciousness as in that physics the same description; the same questions by St. Aquinas on the cannibal eating another as if his body is the same one to be resurrected at the end-time.

Perhaps there is some deep principle here that may tell us something of physics, new physics, or why we get unclear but romantic ideas as if a needed mirror of some vacuum of which such physics can move within as motion is possible. But motion is not the only evidence needed for a living thing in any object walking dead or alive or that resolved somehow in quantum collapsing unto the classical motions.

What of relativity itself as that which is a reduction wherein energy as motion relative or not is the notion of God- an idea that ultimately asserts the electron moves to make magnetism in the deepest ideas of the symmetry (monopoles and all of Maxwell)? Or perhaps some intuitive idea of motion as a Will opposed to the more feminine aspects of gravity as a falling rather than a thrusting Nordic and macho.

So, maybe from a more primitive view (after all if some ideas may be stored in the nothingness of the vacuum in the DNA or if you will the cosmic or holy memories of a Deity- then why not a material freshly dead body possessed by itself? An eerie uncanny motion possible in search of a brain for enlightenment?

For there is the old debate, among physicists apparently an emotional one and with it the total warfare of demonized one side as crackpots or the other as robots. Are all motions circular as old Aristotle maintained, or are all motions Linear. If motions are totally relative can we really solve this problem of things wound up and winding down energetically yet a little bugger subatomic particle seems all we can do to stop its perpetual motion?

I begin to doubt really that if all the molecules in my coffee cup started moving the same way the coffee would jump out of the cup. I mean a pile of stars or cluster more or less may only seem to spin as I race by them in a straight line from my changing linear view. I mean when you think about it what started the motion of the earth or keeps it going if not this illusion of spin and motion relative to something else deeper than the idea of electricity as vector sphere in all direction or magnetism as some rotating disc?

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Looking forward to my Son, Sebastian's Chicago blog Reflections on the Bean
* * *

Saturday, September 11, 2010 Animal Train
other video experiments at: search ledgarotto on YouTube.

* * *

Category: News and Politics
Round Up (Inspired by Zane Gray's Under the Stars of the Western Sky and some serious thinking on the current issues of 911)

by L. Edgar Otto (Comments on yahoo.mail are all over the spectrum of angers and superstition, a day like today might be better left for time outs and burying our heads in the sand- that or try to do something of civilized if not meaningful ceremony for our human condition.)

God, if we choose to see, has never left me

not at my dancing core and two-faced spin

Nor I Him, ultimately, two-faced time, births and deaths

I've never left Him, followed the fallen others.

They who do not know what they believe save theirs

forgiven guilt, by blood appease Adam's half face sacrifice

I, creature of the Savannah, prairie - not some garden

unobtainable but fleeting joys between storms and round ups

For though the prophesy is sealed and no new prophets yet arisen

among the children of the Christ, the gates of Hell

Open and close like clockwork wound, unwound, and broken

No Promised Land, no bloody spurs and studs ran to the ground

Nature abhors mavericks and messiahs, praises horns of indifferent bulls

protecting mothers - the bawling and bleating come with brands, wild the frontiers

* * *

The battle lost, more causalities from the rout, demoralized the stragglers

Calves lassoed with broken legs left forgotten for the wolves and vultures

* * *

So tall the towering horns, bravado, propaganda, burning double first crosses

but what profit her charging nursing virgin mother's horns to build

Near another meaningless ground zero, new lands and people shout chosen

if vanished into perpetual mourn the fruits of her child bearing?

* * *

And a comment for Ulla's post today on blogspot:


An interesting post that makes me a little curious about who and what your are personally and in a sense then what we all are- your seeking rings a bell.

Nietzsche said "Love is the danger to the lonesomeness one. Love if it only lives."

Certainly, the one and only Creator could have been very Lonesome...

So too the authors of physics like Pittikin who while a part of our shared thinking cannot really be alone.

I question the new research on if there are ways to make true random numbers- perhaps it is somewhere in between ultimately... our experience of a lifetime makes for deeper awareness and memories- whole brained I share your feelings that there is more to our destiny than meets the eyes of those who can see.

The PeSla

to that I might add this insight in response to her post and I posted it on my thought status on facebook:

In our human world of the unknowable and still unknown, if we appeal only to superposition of classical and white noises changing and enhancing our faith, we should be aware of the dream within us where awareness of each other is the paradox of things that can be alive and dead at the same time.

* * *
Along the same theme I posted this comment on :

ThePeSla said...


I am reading Zane Gray old cowboy romance novels. How vivid does he makes landscape of the Purple Sage and how many pages are about two lovers, rawhide and tender foot, another Romeo and Juliette in the range wars - or her suitors looking for someone among the rare ranchers daughters in the lonely rustler's plains.

"Goodnight, my moonlight ladies- rock'a'bye sweet baby James. Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose- wont you let me go down in my dreams... and rock'a'by..."

May you have such beautiful and intense dreams and there is no fault in them- rather the fault is that we cease to dream...

The PeSla

* * *

Extraordinary evidence of my Ordinary Interpretation of the Creative Vacuum

First Stars In The Universe
Astronomers Reveal First Objects In Our Universe

"Based on the strength of the infrared light signal, they concluded that the total amount of energy produced by the objects was so large, only very large stars or black holes consuming a lot of matter would be capable of emitting it. "

Evidence Perhaps of eh first objects ( Creative Objects like the quasar era or black holes- ie the very first star like things that made the galaxies- as I have suggested all along.

Only it seems that things are continuum, transcontinuum, and now ultranscontimuum to use my early terms this is a matter of viewpoint at some beginning which technically would be a quasic pixel (not exactly a point)- that is inflation applies as well a univese(s) of variable laws. But more importantly is the idea of the abstract topology which is more perfect and crystalline at the apparent center or beginning of a spacetime line- and in fact this is where in the abstraction of the structured vacuum that sting theory and particle theory could shine- for these dark matter related objects just like the change of general state to hydrogen-helium stars and then our metals and so on--- the quasons or creative objects can be seen to pass into higher or later states.

In general the universe can be represented as a large matrix, with the quasic grid also a literal matrix unto so many dimension. Its abstract thus material structure also...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ultra Violet Catastrophes and Awakenings

What was on my mind posted on facebook today:

L. Edgar Otto L. Edgar Otto I had not much to say today- I mean I thought about staying away from the news in these tense holidays and anniversaries for some- take a day off or so- evacuate the shore in case of too strong a storm. But instead I waxed inspirational and poetic in thoughts mostly gentle. Enjoy!

Ultra Violet Catastrophes and Awakenings

I walk by the flower garden of my neighbor and each day something new awakens in dazzling fans and double explosions and drooping colors. Yesterdays browning leaves fall off into the entropy or fade away.

I have talked and waved briefly with my neighbor, complimenting him on his garden. I wonder why he works so hard at it, such expert effort, wisdom and design, behind the scenes as if the Creator perhaps like we mortals just to find a space to sit in peace in the veranda and enjoy his work of tendrils on the trellis. A safe place far from the chaos and the shifting of the fabric and constants of nature's laws. A place where instead of pain localized in the body there is rest where pleasure is at the distance and safe, far from the infinite void, where life is possible and there is the luxury of enquiry as well without the urgency of tides and time to find and make of what beauty is in the world one's own, leavings one's artistic mark for others in the promised lands to find the focused immortal joy of the moment and plant their own gardens.

We need not look too deeply at the replete awakening and space of nature- for the romance of things is the wide frontier and landscape as much as our vague or life or death decisions as to whom we bond with in romance and find in the fragile wrists and dampened eyes a brightness and bitter sweetness of another soul. Or if we welcome into the world our child, distressed in his crying at child birth and he recognizes our voice, grows calm, until he finds a new way to be with that most profound definition of God, eyes to open soon, at the breast of his mother. But sometimes, although love is worth the risk of loss, I wonder what I have done to bring one into the world, such as the dangers of the world still is.

So we mortals are like unto the honeybees, full of busywork and stings, and bound to the machine clockwork of the sun and moon and struggle for the nectar, and the angles and dance to the starlight and the sun.

But as the terrain changes we may not see, what to my eyes are dull flowers of white the humblebee sees in his vast compound eyes the varieties of bee violets. He does not know, as with me limited in the bandwidth he can see of the spectrum, if the laws of nature, the turning in his bed of the sun, shift and the colors change and after such an intimate bond between an insect and flower he cannot find the pollen, and the flowers themselves decrease in number and may vanish before they can adapt.

Yet, perhaps from the Creator's view, or partial view if intimate with us on this earth, He no more than we -at least as far as the image goes to infinity above and below us- cannot see nor be concerned the details from great distance that there is a theory of everything and all perceptions of His mind connect, not differentiated so once out of the garden and torn from the breast this thought more rational and sane than the merging compass of crossed wires of migraine colored numbers, and the cacophony of voices made of light in a din of sheet lighting made from unknown cloud to cloud or to the ground gamma burst strokes.

So too the metaphor of a goddess, Earth- that as with our minds what is divided in thoughts labors our sphere of human conflicts and compassion seeks the unity of oneness, a focus of meaning, an measure of shared time tables, calendars and clocks -an attempt to bring the mysterious behind the scenes majesty into actualized solidarity. So with the little book the common prayers may follow them, find belonging in a global unity, to diverse parts of the world- or as if a guiding star of some greater heaven and the source of heaven as much as hell for the unity of one God the faith- we kneel toward Mecca.

One lens or those compound is the same description. One God or many in which to trust but not described unto one tribe of saints or heathen, it is the same description- we mortals lived and worshiped the pantheon of the adults we knew until we've broken away our small star spinning or flung from the Milky Way. Now they are ghosts and I half think they are still around in a world where the pendulum swings for these things and one generation rebels against the preference of the other that their's is the fresh discovery or is the true historical lineage from the Truth. In the end I too astronomically likely will become such a ghost and heeded in the stray memories or interpretations of deep but forgotten words, advice, mistakes, that my children have to learn to weigh keeping what is good in the main, what to throw away-and I am the ghost in some greater unity of self and higher place of prayer which seems so unnecessary a vanishing. But there, and in the descending years, closer we come so less the burden it is to mourn and miss the once gods now dust journeying before us- for our legs are full and replete with gold and sugar, and there is enough for wax and propolis to erect our kingdom that can survive the winter, one organism that stands as brothers and sisters until perhaps the dethronement and rebirth of the Queen.

I walked like Newton of old, his philosopher's walk- thinking of the cute young girls from Iowa up here for a week of astrophysics and going soon to my beloved Cambridgeshire for studies- my telling them of my days there of of the former gods of cosmology who punted along the backs already and echo of the Granta, ancient Aegypt. I come to the virtual and social network with nothing to say- read of the vague posts of speculative physics and wonder what is new they said- guess, someone has to do the nuts and bolts, steps in the ladder of design- what can I do more than leave a record and show the relevance of other aspects of art and life- as with my children who in turn can carry on our dream of this world- wait for them to learn and catch up to the greater beauty and more intense view of nature, God, and the physics.

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from facebook later a comment on a current event post:

Brad A Snyder You have the right to say and think and believe and choose what you want, you do not have the right to be heard, however.
Yesterday at 10:54am · LikeUnlike · L. Edgar Otto Nor, in this country at least are we to be forced to confess, especially under torture. We have the right not to give lip service to the dream of some state as the sacrifice of our individual souls. A good reply Brad, but we are not so isolated we do not hear each others dreams if we want to.
Yesterday at 11:11am · · Steven Silverleaf I don't have a god in this fight
21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · L. Edgar Otto Steve, thanks for the comment. You are an artist and I deeply feel that artists can do no wrong. I also feel that it is a crime to destroy art against everyone- save maybe at the moments of creation near the chaos when the creator of art has the power and responsibility to judge his own work. BTW, seeing your work decades ago and seeing it now I am quite impressed with its evolution. I'm sorry, I always meant to be in a position to buy one of those early works for its unique style and inspiration- one days soon I hope.
5 hours ago ·· Steven Silverleaf Leonard
You once asked me if "I was a guard or a prisoner" Do you remember what my answer was? It is good to hear from you. I hope you are laughing as much as we use to. Using Language as a vehicle for the creation of laughter is an art all ...unto itself, hence my expression "I don't have dog in this fight" I have no idea what one should or shouldn't yell in a crouded theatre but if it is not about laughing, I'm gone.See More
5 hours ago ·· L. Edgar Otto ‎:-) Brilliant explanation!

We should also consider the issue of book burning as if an affront to art.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Neoteric Cognitive Linguistics

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Another comment inspired by the reference frame blogspot today:

there is great appeal to a unified world where the laws of physics are immutible and matter is immortal. In some ways what the authors say may be true or part of the picture and in other ways the deeper laws of physics as sometimes you suggest- may not be general enough and even exceed the sensibility of string theories. After all Einstein rejected Weyls idea that even in an atom things change over time, the mass depending on the history- but in some super space certainly that could happen and yet seem constant here.
The PeSla
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And a comment to:

This is a clear and most excellent post and viewpoint. Thank you.

Of course for me the evidence is all around us as if the air we breathe and do not notice. All in a way is a miracle compared with nothingness. The string theories and topology as well as our notions of energy for me is the same description of at least our local reality.


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Thoughts on facebook after being drawn into the current events and perhaps emotional arguments with the poet Sultan Ratrout:

L. Edgar Otto I admit that since Katrinia and the loss of thousands of poems and hundreds of songs and sentimental photos and items saved for my children I fight the wish to see him dead- he who also sent my book of Mormon and annotated Quorans from my Pakistani friend on Philosophy chat in 95 to the landfill.

L. Edgar Otto I wonder if it is better as in the West to celebrate Mardi Gras before our discipline and pentatence and not after as in Islam whom after growing struggle and depression dance in the streets in joy escaping back from the sins deep down Burbon street- unfortunately so near the anniversary of the bondfires of the towers resting on the soon broken leveys thought to control the natural flow of truth and blind desire?

L. Edgar Otto One cannot burn the Quoran anymore than one can waste time... one just wastes their lives. The higher conflict between Christianity and Islam could result in the vanishing of religion as we know it and the whole edifice set on so small and ancient Jewish tribal laws- Free speech is also the right not to hear. Nor is there an obligation to withold the truth.

But really, what is a disaster to one who has already lost everything? Certainly not one who may care to obey any superficial rule of law. Even the legitimate leaders can be far from the people and the masses suffer for their silent compromises as the state seeks to limit, tax and fine, their assembly seen as upsurping by the mob its power. The honest soul aware of its suffering will bare the cross of change and war and suffer most of all.

So I suppose our emotions go deep in these matters of which it is not easy nor advisable to discuss even from an intellectual viewpoint... There are more important things we have to do in life than waste it in these subtle and futile debates of blindly prostelizing as if commanded to do so by brute force of will or chains. While it may be true in a sense like there is no hell that means more than the death by separation from the Father, we can imagine in this wide and growing world under the nothingness is a flow we may obey of voices as Evil and eternal fire of irreversible punishment, yet what is rational and human in us knows better than to head the lies of false voices. Surely the gods do not expect us to defend the faiths with equality for evil.

I know that there are those who do not want to, need to, nor can stand the truth- as always even with the Prophets that know in his admitedly doubtful election and heart what seems reasonable only known by the ancients or of the God. Be warned then dear reader before you begin this journey where the sciences may surprisingly catch up to the wisdom and errors of our hearts.

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Neoteric Cognitive Linguistics

*1 The hidden structures in the design of a language is more important for cognition and behavior than the words themselves.

*2 The question of fate, election, and a personal God, can be felt or influenced by historically inhereited cognitive language states (most likely tied to genome storage mechanisms primarily).

*3 The depth of such wisdom is only as good as the genetic endowment of the perceiver/messenger and may transcend as ultimate concern save for special people in cultures and contexts of events, the languages.

*4 Despite the core forms of language, spoken and written, the diverse designs have intelligible meaning such that they diverge and interact in a logical manner.

*5 A religion helps delineate a culture and people such that it aids their survival, if it adapts and explains questions for a generation so persists and the culture and people self-sustaining.

*6 The cultural coloring by language, ther permits distinguishing that indistinguishable and is so discerned to some extent may override the first of one's language and inheretence.

*7 In the sea of humanity cognitive notions between them may operate behind or beneath awareness to the extent the existence of one soul in isolation or removed from the context of humanity and existence will deteract from the intelligibility of the whole. Individuals matter.

*8 To the limits of mechanisms of faith and language a unique and intelligible design persists beyond what is of it in an individual or species so vanished may thus independently recurr.

*9 The truth of the prophetsd extends well beyond this small sphere, universally, and this is not clearly defiend that there are multiple and varied copies of the prophets or all are one individual.

*10 Nor is it clear the separate styles of prophets are the same or different individually although in a universe of places outside of time, these enlightened individuals may communicate to each other across time, but to say states are higher or lower, before or after in time is not clear save in the design of history view from and determined by the present moment.

*11 A loss of earlier states of faith where between worlds and freely so, may close scriptures or the cosmic encoding of the era only locally and in a world of actions and responsibility for them remains open unto the realization of God, a God who grows in scope and meaning as if that philosopher's god as His image comes closer to approaching the nothingness.

*12 Efforts of the domestication and husbandry of faith and the faithful may remain assertions by empty words. Only to which the fulfillment of spirit cannot be destroyed- nor in the end the Truth empty even unto the deaf.

*13 A linguistic war is as much a racial as cultural war and when paths and styles are eliminated, bias and opression is there to rise up again among those whom are left.

*14 The next level of spiritual warfare will not be to change or silence hearts, but will be waged on a higher level as if magic or the supernatural between hearts where in the end the strong and compassionate in wisdom are the victory of the Good and this the only style and fact of war that matters in unspoken conflict.

*15 The resolution of such war. beyond and before and what might have been as history is in the hereafter of all history where religion like a language has absolute and diverse forms which leads to a God (and at least to be shown, Heaven) access to symbolic universal truths far greater than our first clear religious understandings and ideas of but a physical/material limited cosmos.

*16 Just as memory is set in the nothingness so too this God saves the infinite variations of all things and all potentials of each soul as where we discern the hidden scriptures resloved uniquely beyond any imposed pattern of interpretation there is meaning more than the language of the best within us approaching Hod and even as babes we evolve and work no lies to toss into ourselves a bottomless pit of dying fires.

*17 The Trinitarian view, space of three dimensions, the three quarks of a nucleon, as a progressive objective particle generational analog of the evolution of the Godhead and the individual realization of these onion shell layers of His persons, is neither monotheistic nor polytheistic but a unity unto the ground of being that is mirrored by the levels and stages of the core religions of the People of the Book...This trinity is reflected in semantic word structure of consants trippled as the Greek philosophy element is the differentiation and introduction of words as interactive labels also of vowels.

*18 These essential triune and creative design ideas were first given me in questions posed to the Creator of physics on physics and slowly understood such that science and religion may be said to catch up to what the other lacks, and asked in a state of Prayer.

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Thoughts later today:

I might add that my experience of the ability say to recognize a foreign alphabet seems somehow to be ingrained according to my recent ancestors. After all a natural language like Hungarian is easier to learn than say even the best artificial languages.

This hardly compares with the totally different first baby language of Lithuanian to the grown up tongue.

So here is Obamba's take on the matter...

Here is the article on newscientist I just read (Lubos must have heard about it) But from my view the laws were not uniform across the universe because they are quasi-uniform for the states of matter and laws of physics vary (uniformly) across the cosmos for "quasar" like creative objects.
Nor for that matter with the creative principles of chirality am I surprised about the direction and axis- the laws and constants may change intelligibly and sometimes to higher states radically if we say for example the first stars were hydrogen. But as to the saying we have a special place int he cosmos where laws are favorable to us- that is just a watered down anthropocentric argument wherein as said by Hoyle- perhaps there was not one big bang but many little bangs in his book electrons, nuclei, and quasars....

Let us see this idea in light of such universal constants and physical laws and also apply it to the idea of the laws of language and its structure in specific thoughts and general mechanisms of cognition in our heads.

Does half an apple (4D) give us half a worm? I am still trying to find the article that suggests that a universal grammar is not all the picture but old cognitive language coloring perception has some effects as that pendulum of debate swings- on the way I found this interesting and cosmically relevant article:

well, there is so much in the Chomsky and sapir whorf debate but the article I saw suggested experimental hints of evidence that both ideas apply to human language.

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