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Why Should Physics not Expect the Supernatural?

Why Should Physics not Expect the Supernatural?
(or the Brittany Spheres)
[the accompanying article and explanation will be posted shortly...]

A Universe of Brittany Spheres

The above staged still life photo is a collection of spheres meant to convey simple and constructable objects from concepts on our familiar scale. The questions that seem to lead to complicated and very advanced mathematics I feel may be ultimately derived from mapping things, in particular spherical surfaces onto a plane. By supernatural I mean this very issue of what is natural (near unity for physicists as the Reference Frame followed blog reports) and my next post begins with the question I ended with for this one. Elsewhere, on the philosophychatforum I speculated that some physical ideas across all dimensions, geometries, present an origin as the difference between our fractal and hologram models, of gravity, the DNA read fractally or the nerve connections as if hologram layers of connectivity that describes a model for the design of the brain.

Two basic models displayed are the solid smooth sphere where we can imagine as if some Platonic conception of the One is a place of ultimately no points of distortion
as in the K sphere group each point an identity element, and on some scale we can imagine it stretched out to a flat plane.

This as an higher analog of dimensions as the wrapping of a plane around such a sphere and twisting the ends (poles) off as if a party favor. The idea then of an "axis of evil" as if from external considerations a universe only explanation of anomalies of the WMAP COBE observations. We note also the flat and crinkled surface of the aluminum foil as if mountain ridges where it seems rolled around even multiply are independent crust modified by expansion or contraction.

By this same geometric analogy of an ocean and inversion of direction and properties the other sphere between gingham discs and cloth planes involves our attempt to cover a mirror ball with uniform squares or other polyhedra.

The celestial globe and its relative spinning equators of season in a sense represent a compromise as if some planet pocked with craters (stars) viewed vaguely- certainly such orientations recall the math of vectors (eigenfunctions)and earth the water world pictured here brings up our issues of debate on global warming and how exactly we see the natural and creative possible descriptions of evolving states for matter. Its crust crudely thought as independently movable over the surface in the shift of poles (a remark by Einstein) and its crust as a three way peeled orange in some n-pole as if a baseball curve along the "rings of fire".


Behind the water-world Earth is a football shaped object that suggests things like rapidly spinning stars in computer simulations may allow for physical (physis=natural yes?) naked singularities.

The smooth stone from the river here, concerning equators and the remapping of hemispheres has two gray layers and a central white one as if an Oreo cookie, not all irregular bodies need be described only by gravity and energy thresholds.

Which brings us to thinking about what is the inside or outside of things in matters of psychological perception, perspective, and parity, with what I presume is the final for a fence post done by injection moulding, as if it had one pole, the regions near the North Pole are larger than those diminishing to the South. Moreover, even if we inverted the inside and outside the screw to fix it on the fence keeps the same handedness. This of course is a hologram myriapolyhedral like model.

There is a black sheet in the background of empty space and a plane of gingham as if a matrix matching a jelly top disc or as a mirror ball to symbolize quasic space. The guitar nearby represents ideas on waves and music and harmonics applied.

All of this on a wicker table of hyperboloid shape as if a nuclear cooling tower - yet the shape comes from linear elements with the same distributed twist.

The Brittany Spheres Cake picture suggests the inversion of inside and outside (the cake an inverse of a chocolate covered cherry). The other drawing based on the flag of Brittany erminos for the color fur black and white inspired by the Greek or American stripes (for in that colorful sense black holes have hair) As we shall come to think about and say much of the interpretation of quantum and relativistic ideas involve the dots (spheres) on one hand as point charges or indefinite but infinite open or closed strings as stripes and other ideas of coherence and asymptotic freedom. In this drawing I suggest and application to DNA gene code of what is initiator and terminator in the 64 exceptional group matrix and that of Conway in the merchant flag.

The corpen pennant and the Edgar Casey picture with pyramids and the 4D simplex suggest more difficult ideas as entanglement and multiverse considerations of actuality and coherence.

I added a further picture today, an enlargement of detail with reduced color information which not only limits the range of enquiry by equations to some approximation but also suggests things analogous to expressed limit approximations or where they are only also tentatively the case.

These informal thoughts were also expressed in recent poems and ideas to be expressed now written but not posted more formally in short notes in a philosophical or metaphysical manner. Interestingly I am not clear how things may be affected if space itself somehow has an absolute logical minimum grain- I imagine this issue as the subject of forthcoming posts which indicates to me as simple as the origin of some of our advanced description of mapping may be that a further layer of abstraction as simple will require its share of advanced math to explain the concepts. For now the idea of iotas, uroids, uranoids and so on which I have called the zero x infinity = unity Omnium principle I imagine particles as if stars or even universes as "birons" from the Turkish, which can give us a simple picture to apply ideas of maths in motion. From this viewpoint we know that our description of the slit experiments viewed alternatively as quantum or relativistic and capable of questioning either view- the duality in particular of the living or dead as simultaneous somewhere or merely superimposed (issues now physically as well as metaphysically debated) may be unresolved because we insist on point or string models and nothing that already is in between in a creative cosmology.

At this point more speculation is needed. Perhaps an appeal to science fiction where we imagine the global properties of star wisps as pictured in Star Trek and just how we are to formulate the mathematics of the one and the plural in an intelligible and coherent manner. Then again in the West we do have these same Platonic and Aristotelian models of some vague religious concept of Heaven. What is mass even if viewed as primary if one might go at warp speed and the stars shrink in the distance or in doing so pass through us and we are invisible to such acceleration?

The higher dimensional toothpick and gumdrop structures in the picture is a reminder of models of cosmology buildt up from the ground of such ideas- and yet although we do no see some arrangements of atoms we on our familiar common sense and natural scale that behave as the atomic bonds seem to do in possible crystals.

A few stray ideas were in my manuscript notes I may post as they are formally rather than trying to make this accessible to the masses and some experts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Coherent Multiverse

In that the decoherence may be an effect of another parallel universe(s) or so such that the cosmological exploration may be the first evidence of the multiverse as say opposed to the muon or electron wobble, and considering the Reference Frame Post today which all along comes near my views and the paradoxes involved- a thing perhaps in relation to the map projection of the last post if we want to modify a fractal like idea with turbulence -hence the tires or tori as if falling ink in water in the background of these musical issues of what is circular or primary- issues that synchronously appear here and on the science magazines and that excellent blog I follow as if perhaps we in our special reality are aware of in advance or bring these ideas into the world- as the scientists and so on catch up with us or the society resolves its books of erudite and expert lies such as those on global warming and so on, I thought this morning of a circle of colors if folded across a diagonal that the beads of color are either self dual or opposite across the circle as off or secondary colors. This leads to the coherence ideas which I have come closest in the poems on myspace com /ottonian in matters of mind and psychology.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Myriahedral Projections

*** This remark posted 12-15-09 the next day: Of course I look forward to the variations of this projection oriented to the WMAP and COBE data of the cosmic background. In some sense one end of an axis might be in the center.

Myriahedral Projections:

Today On I found this projection (I already knew one could travel the coast line of the earth (see Smithonian some years back) but as this sort of idea is relevant to the points and posts I have been making on space etc... I post it with reference and suggest it is worthwhile to explore all the links. I hope I have not offended anyone by the use of this graphic. Of course it is not the final description of the cosmos space but it is a great intuitive step closer.

(Ari if you read this an great article on autism appears there also today: )

A Walk through Randal Park

Because it snowed it was hard to cross through Adin Randal Park with the S shaped pathways. But I did know the distance to the other side of the square was the same through it or on the snow shelved sidewalks around it. I have not had much to say or think about other than building up my callouses on the guitar for the last few days except this one small thing. So I place it here with a fancy picture and fully understand the fallacy that as we measure the distance down in scale by transfinite numbers we cannot really compare the sides to the diagonal of such figures as a proof. Or can we? I am not sure this is deep mathematics but I do feel sure there are deep consequences to question our methods if we can do them intelligibly.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Carbon Footsteps

My Carbon Footsteps L. Otto 12-09-09

We may learn that it was always about the content and not the program. That the drive and goal, the soft more than the hardware, the message that precedes the medium and merges with it.

One day looking back at our computer age our machines will seem like horse and buggies against the automobile, jet planes, and global satellites where even quantum computation is a bottleneck in its day, one atom an amplifying transistor.

Even that which suggests what we already vaguely feel and half are sure we know that our organic community can directly link to the mainframe and each other, intuitions in invisibility, influence and order our widening growth and understanding of space and time will be refined and surpassed such that our haunting virtual myths some visit and heed or for to seek rest in what was once our compassionate and fickle gods and secret magic gardens we make manifest.

Sheets of graphite doped with Fullerenes the circuits and detectors of forces higher Casimir. Between us a portal divided yet the same for touch, we flanged and focused multi-dimensional animal star ships of bursting symmetry - so as our life is organized within so too that kingdom among us- beyond entanglement our active aromatic scents that draws together cells, cull and seeks and sorts them out to heal some spark fallen through the cracks of our fragile whole. Our procession that braids and winds our own and the universe's staircase ever new with less of loss our dance.

* * *

The quasic sun has mysteries to reveal still. Beware of false shoots and ladder totalities held complete. We of Earth of grains of dust in our search for wholeness and certainty of survival imagine her alive. Earth and her Wiccan sister, hot Venus, close up, contain and part the clams, drill and rake the oysters, her vanity of cultured pearls in the quasi crystal symmetry of starfish, her Spirograph quintessence full of pentagrams. Between the hottest place, our star and the coldest in the deep poles of our hollow moon the skeptics and the believers oscillate in the climate of new truths.

Our double planet and home feeling alone, abandoned by the father Sun and frigid rocky shore tide flow of the maternal moon, chaotic balance together that we recall the family tree and early water stars that light up in glow worm unison. Whiskers iron the Saturn rings as we keep anniversaries of former times together beyond the umbilical, the parasites of love and dreams awaken in their environs and are freely given milk, take on new colors of spectra beyond our time's age of astrological charts and alchemy of our soul that the sun in his carbon cycle explains the energy and lifespan. Did we not once believe it worked by hearth fire, chemistry not enough so short that lifetime?

His Ouroboros sheets lase and pinch the bells of solar wind. His dynamo and cyclone pocks in spin. His wide gaseous belt flows faster at the equator than the twists and shifts of poles. Slipping skin around his skeleton his moving crust and so called "axis of evil" - three lobes the peeling as if an orange or in his aspect to everywhere his place declared in bell and the minimum of electric quantization of base ball curves and time's direction mono polar.

His jets go through spiral shells in graded steps, some ratcheted. His heart his own reckoning with his inner child and wrestling with angels. He among the billions if failed can outshine them as all souls of celestial fires who obey , some out of sync, psychotic breakdown.

He endures longer than what we now understand of lifetimes in harmony with our wider view and world. The coral and the coal vie for the sinking seas and Earth's children is her most rarefied atmosphere as His stardust builds diamonds coming alive while rains down her cometary waters the wellspring opens out of spirit from within. In our time's closing November and its helping, healing hands of soot and balms we make and measure in this miracle of sun stored wheat and wind and water.

A Universe of Wellness (The Compassionate Universe)

A Universe of Wellness (The Compassionate Universe) L. Edgar Otto 12-07-09

Expressing a religion, psychologically, can not only vaguely supply a sense of meaning to an individual mind but also supply a sense of ontological balance as we adapt and grow, engage the multiverse of our lives where our minds seem a virtual totality.

What seems concrete may of course be a question of interaction with the material world, a question of chemical imbalances if we knew enough about the process and can in fact empirically discover this information.

Yet, fundamentally, the stuff of which sentience is made may be the analog of virtual atoms which moreover within themselves and from their inner view evolve and grow. But for physics, as our world and imaginations may expand what becomes concrete within the simplified physics of the concrete seems an hallucination.

We find degrees of uniform reports and behaviors by which we can compare the evidence of the mind so as to encompass the phenomena into a term where the diagnosis escapes us at that point of ignorance or vague generality - terms physically like fibro-mialgia or psychologically like schizophrenia and perhaps what cancer can ultimately be described.

Clearly, as the concrete world seems to be able to be interpreted as state changes - the steps and theories of stellar evolution for example - the occurrence of Lithium after an age of Hydrogen stars: should one be surprised of the effects, not understood, of this fundamental element on the mental states like schizophrenia?

This view asserts and more clearly defines the schizoid state yet suggests a universal analog or degree of it in the normal population where it adapts (domesticates culturally?) to rational intelligibility (consistency of mathematics and logic on some level of more deeply defining operations between conceptual variables.

Assuming we can diagnose schizophrenia as the progressively misaligned chromosomes in brain tissue the fundamental question is still what relation of cause and effect is clear between the mental and physical elements involved. The nature nurture debate and ultimately the goals of the design of a general system such as our organ ones suggest we should keep underlying philosophic views in mind in our scientific enquiries.

As our mind grows physically and mentally, as we expand into some aspect of possible geometries (and all such geometries stand or fall together logically) we observe a natural longing for other realms of magical and possibly real worlds and alternative identities. This escape is also a destination of human freedom and imagination, of evolution and freedom as possible itself. This other worldlyness or standing out of our culture and time is a common symptom.

Another common one is the hearing of voices, ones moreover that are heeded and compel from some other, higher or lower seeming place, the effects of psychotic behavior. Yet the heeding of this, of diffuse "will" or "life force" may be something of which initially the mind is at least aware and can ignore or influence with some degree of self control. It seems constrained or balanced in its own intelligibility of inner law in the innate desire for survival, explanations, and identity.

This then is a question of free will on some level and of determinism - an acid test of philosophy in a replete world of physics not necessarily over simplified.

What is clear and common is that the wellness and balance of such commanding voices as can influence, real or imagined, that these must be treated for wellness also. Yet, just as if we are created by "aliens" how far can we push the question as to what created "them"?

Again, we come to models and questions of infinite regress and fractal like mechanisms of self-reference and self-creation and all the logical paradoxes involved.

In virtual spheres that we can divide one (as in Tarski's paradox) and reassemble it presents no concrete physical problem, indeed, such logical impasses are a key to the wider application of a wider world view of what the universe is to be understood (surely beyond the natural dimensions in finite analogs at least to the exhausted limits of mathematical properties of groups that we can extend the groups to at least the interaction of what seems exhausted by separate entities or systems. Such string theories of exotic design may well apply to the brain over body only processes.) Do we not imagine such a creative relevancy in the fragmented wills, desires and identities of our experience of mind?

From the physical view considering the state of the universe this is presently or is perceived at hand, if we imagine the universe as mind, should we not clearly establish that the metaphysics is or not a universe of actual mind? The possibility is that different ground may in a sense coexist virtually or for awhile as the ultimate reality to date. What is the wellness of our wilderness, especially as math and physics?

One of the deepest pf philosophic questions in our day is that if we modify or treat a patient for some mental condition that the behavior and physical health seems to solve the chemical and ontological instabilities- do we in fact have the same identity as real after treatment? From what perspective if any can a further revolution in psychiatry connect to a universe of natural wellness?
It would seem we are on the verge of one that is not just tied to questions of balances of nature and nurture or genes and chemicals from just a non-design probability view alone.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In Praise of Our Teachers Then Easy and Tough

In Praise of Our Teachers Then Easy and Tough

Back when the waters of Chesapeake Bay were far more pure than they are today and the Tidewaters teemed with a couple of thousand species, I discovered science. The transition between the usual fears of childhood and the awakening drives of adolescence found such a favorable time for any young Aristotle or sea daring Darwin to explore the world's near and distant shores. Yes, to revel in the dream of life, make sense of it, find more than a solid ground for dreaming but new prospects and promise as well. Somewhere between the atomic age beginning and the space age awakening the old house on Derby Road- not a speck in time and spacious skies, was my whole universe in which to play and that world was growing.

My father was a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy who would spend months at a time at sea, a radioman who encouraged my interests in science. He suggested projects and gave me one of the first kits with a transistor. He bought the usual chemistry sets but was reluctant to do so as he had more interest and faith in physics- more of an engineer really who was skeptical of the theoretical. Yet when it came to eventual access and shared interest in his telescopes and microscope and arranging lens, eventually giving me my first microscope, we shared a passion. For physics itself I did excel in my exploring electrostatic and magnetic forces and building crystal radios and antennas.

I had read in one of the old books scattered around the house that one could see the stars from a deep well during the day and in the closet of my room, once filled with angel wings, I set up my lab in the dark. Neptune was the last planet mentioned in them and the flag of Russia was the same as it is now after the Soviets.

He did not think it a good idea I did work in the closet so checking on me said he was amazed that I had taken my toy microscope and extended it with a cardboard tube taller than myself. I was able to focus it with a series of bent coat hangers. He asked me who told me to make the inside of the tube black with crepe paper.

I also had a sense of the need for secrecy and beginning with Morse Code and Naval signal flags studied ciphers and alphabets- some things back then seemed wise to by stealth in closets. That careful sense of caution stayed with me a very long time. After all we were awakened int he middle of the night when the television transmitted programming of the first hydrogen bomb explosion. I remarked it was a lot of bomb for a few ships and my dad looked sad and stern and said to me that it was for cities.

As I was interested in geography and one day at his office while stationed at the naval base, I drew a pretty good map of the world which impressed his fellow sailors. So one Christmas I found a glow that glowed from inside with a light bulb. As I had traced things like photos of my brother with the window pain and light behind it from the outside- the tracings at first were praised as an artistic ability to draw faces until I disappointing them showing the process- you can imagine my surprise when I took paper to my globe and tried to trace the outline of the forty-eight states. No matter how carefully I tried the border would not close up. This small experience, having missed the critical time it is said children can learn to copy faces free hand without great difficulty, is perhaps the origin of my simple speculations related to mapping and physics for my recent posts here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oversimplified Physics

Oversimplified and Obscurely Complicated Physics

I am not sure the last post readily conveys the worldview offered, especially with all the non-standard terminology about what is already a difficult subject with a steep learning curve. I am not even sure what I am about to write here is relevant yet I think it has some advantage for seeing the universe in an overview for the very fact that my self-education and explorations did not benefit from early on training. While I do not play the piano for even a single song I understand the music and have found it simple after all, discovered new things which are known and some which are not generally known. I sense the intelligible where it is in our shared reality.

I will supply a picture to head this post when I can download it from the camera.

What we can construct, say with ball and stick models, can extend into the microworld-for example how crystals are arranged even if we have not seen them. But even the last picture of the universe in my last post may not convey the replete richness of the ideas and concept to which our symbols and mathematics tries to explain. What can be said of the structure and method at any point as if a sea of singularities is but a pale echo of the totalities reflected at each point.

But in a familiar world of three space our intricate mathematics, say of vectors and a unified view conceptually where we can see it in matters like continuity to me amounts to an oversimplification of what we know of the world as geometry, that defined by what we can construct- that is see and touch.

What if something like the Higgs is virtual in the sense that as some have said that it is a time traveler of sorts that would in principle make a barrier to its discovery in the LHC? continued...

* * *

Back - and I guess it was getting technical there. So check back here for the main as yet unwritten post which essentially tries to describe some of these grand universal concepts as analogs to thing like flat crumpled surfaces on balls with the two poles or something like a mirror ball as an alternative geometry and a one pole compromise so as to simply reflect the universe and all found from ideas of mapping the globe and its math.

Also I did write another post called the Universe of Wellness (with a picture of the Buddha of compassion. It applies some general ideas (also a picture of what I call my Brittney cake experiment I baked yesterday). The application is to what we mean scientifically and philosophically by the diagnosis of schizophrenia- inspired by people I know and the little girl on Oprah I happen to see this afternoon.

But the critical question, if we can predict the weather at all, is how can we truly find some certainty in a world of dogma and ideology in science for something as critical one way or the other as Global warming- how effective do we rationally handle the healthy self and soul searching skepticism of our fellow scientists?

* * *

The Sphere Farm Explained and the Brittany Spheres: (hopefully posted tomorrow)
* * *

December 8, 2009 Due to impending Blizzard the posting on this theme and the photos will be delayed. Also to be posted is the following poem:
My Roommate's Virtual Inner Idol Cries Out in the Dead of Night and a relevant lite story relating to the origin of ideas for these recent posts traced to my late childhood interest in science:
In Praise of Our Teachers Easy and Tough

The posted picture that heads this post is of the Buddha whose head exploded and was put back together with ten other heads and given a thousand arms- rather like a primitive intuitive string theory. He is the Buddha of Compassion and My Wellness essay will be included in the Compassionate Universe series.

As time has moved so far past the continuity of the presentation I may just have to post the body of the projected ideas (those not incorporated in other writings around this time) in its self notation of points and language still hard to read and this I will call Footnotes and Carbon Footsteps

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Self Referential Creative Universe

"The hermit crab depends on its shell to survive and cling to the world as do we for growth and understanding. But in growth and transition to new homes the hermit crab is the most vulnerable. Still, we should not let our imaginations confine thus entrap us." L. Edgar Otto on facebook today, note the symbol for crab as 69 and the frames in the artwork above are courtesy of

The Self Referential Complete and Redundant Universe

Leonard Edgar Otto

Yet the focused geometry between regions of multiverse can appear a complete totality wherein the apparent vacuum of the "creation field" is dynamic to the phenomenal totality.

The mechanism where it is entangled with such totality can be interpreted as self-creation of evolving spaces and elements. the gross metaphors of axes, the varieties of motion, momentum and spin on any relevant and relative scale becomes classically concrete.

The symmetrical processes, equations that weave and contribute to the observed general unity of space has thus and intrinsic irreversibility and asymmetry which guarantees in eternally everlasting states of totality that within it a system that can be said to progress and evolve.

Moreover, we can imagine an analog to time, entropy, energy as ersatz concretely evolving focus, an eka-entropy or irreversible result of motion as the particle of these crude general definitions for the design and discipline of a physics.

This can philosophically be interpreted as "will" or "force" and in any such system complex enough and with dimension enough a game will play itself through unifying wide local concrete decisions with variations.

The mechanism is this universe of "creative physics" and over some apparently bounded interval of ambiguously equivalent transfinite dimension we have the intelligible expressed (as if expanding unto the transfinite dimensions)design of the "improvised infinite" of choices self-defined.

On the psychological level, of consciousness and sentient experience where it survives whilst the music, a level that may be or appear a lesser or greater disembodied spirit or spirits- as individually organized or not in a chaotic sea of chance, or that such things exist as real or as interpretations only- or that these may in a sense be a different or higher self-referential self-creation of some enduring quasi-finite span, the self-reference frame:

The metaphor of spirits, ghosts, angels, aliens- the otherworldly and supernatural which guarantees the perception of the concrete without an ultimate completion of the day as method allowing adaptability - that which does not address teleology even as implied in anti- or a- teleology, a frontier of imagination of sorts, will tend to set the mental mode (perhaps unnaturally where philosophies meet)into polarized and by default complementary extremes glorifying some system as mechanistic metaphysical dogma or scientific chaos as the state and explanation of things observed and uncreated.

Still, these perhaps lesser, psychological (intellectual and emotional)evolving systems as if quasi-symmetric mirrored systems suggest not just some degree of awareness of that external or internal to general systems. For example, to write here in metaphor of this already difficult posting, if in the chaos of learning, exploration. wishes and story telling, ignorance, such spirits or aliens exist, in the eschatology and gesalt of our songs we accept as rational- where these are projections of our natural and human attributes, we may find in our mechanistic power of science that we have evolved to become and are the robots and they existing or not are the pointless powerful yet virtual phantoms.

* * *

Friday, December 4, 2009

Maxims, Thoughts, Quotations

Those who strive for immortality (even of the virtual fame sorts) are also expressing it.

The mediator is the mass- virtual neutrinos on the frontier of entangled universes need no clear dimensions or identities.

Search Octupoles WMAP I found today with corresponds all along to my posts and blogs of music of the spheres.

Lincoln, the string approach and bets on the Higgs and all, what sort of harm to empiricism do you give the anthropologists as to the certainty not found in science if in the end there is no local rigidity nor appeal to anthropocentric explanations needed in the multivers? Perhaps it is harm to what is rationalism. In the ten to the 500 string universes is that such a large number compared with as Penrose says the needle in the haystack of entropy the conditions found with us here by say a Creator?

Are we really debating God Particles (the Higgs) and the Axis of Evil (that effect in the cosmic background) and its musical harmony we need to interpret beyond the data before it overwhelms us into some closing of imagination's doors where we fix the context of what we regard as certainty as science.

Where is it so certain and rigid that in pair production there has to be a definite model of a global warming such that energy as your god and his tablet of the relativity that the virtual neutrinos are not a wider and freer albeit invisible scale of mass and spin- and yes symmetrical laws we put into neat categories in the uncertainty?

The sciencechatforum has become an encyclopedia of experts in their small region of creative influence and fame. As such it is merely a bureaucracy of those who veto the imagination in its needed depths as if graduate students on Wiki and other pointless pee contests apparently for its own sake and not the subject in itself. Of course you could say a lot of us older wise ones can be seen as you said of some as 23, zit faces without the gauntlet of grad school and your mysterious symbols and language. Majorama you understand and say you are no Einstein but you are not him either. Again we need more bits of information than four for entanglement- even with octupoles- and this immortal knowing will not be hidden from the masses.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Superfluous Space

Superfluous Space

What a monomark is in the design and ambiguity of a cosmic code may exist as a polymark as well all general systems in consideration, in actuality, expression and imagination.

This model may apply to the gene and epigene code where we deal logically and algorithmically with apparently hidden and imminent but not visible (virtual and even conscious-like as interpretation)space.

By superfluous I mean the quasic effects of regions of space - a superentropy of sorts - wherein what may not be perceived directly as properties expressed and experienced can act concretely in the ambiguity as if a thermodynamic totality that restrains (and possibly censors grounded in the old physics the new physics on some level- is the Higgs knowable on any level of differentiation, or the graviton?) in these regions of expanding decoherence is the uncertainty of what may be by default entanglement with regions of what may be independent as multiverse in a relaxed variably dimensionless unified and fragmented or quasi-infinite system with state change adaptability.

The end state of such conceptual teleology (and the lack of expertise for scientists to distinguish what is physics and metaphysics as if we can string erudite but meaningless words and symbols not clearly a reduction to their own comprehension, that all such code is inadequate to explain the world thus trumped and not explored in their healthy skepticism where that feared or suppressed is method which may become a disparate pursuit of missed higher knowing) becomes and is becoming a beginning of higher enlightenment and evolution.

Emotion is the motion. The one glow is a myriad of sparks of light. In superfluous space the axiom of choice quasi-independently (although the creative, in Hoyle's and Eddington's sense of intelligent combined with design artificially expressed, fields can correspond in regions of relaxed actuality) dances and organizes the design of the selective quasi-finite.

This brings us back to the question of maximum entropy in black holes and the structure or nature of dark fluid matter on what regional level if any. In terms of ideas of struggle it fundamentally goes back to the art of war where we put what is seen or not, a question of spies in uniform or turned as double agents as to what of our choice of belief and observation on the conscious level negotiates the possible encounters that impose necessity or chance, mechanism or vague disorder, or a third possibility where such questions at the heart of what we are save the best of what we are fatally and freely to at least have some healing effect for our frailties of mind and body in the war for our hearts by force or disinformation- and yes to explore carefully new frontiers of an ever less opaque world.