Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Great Speculation

The Great Speculation        L. Edgar Otto  June 21, 2014

In this post I will comment on recent data and speculative models which seem to me if these are science we have gone directly to philosophic implications before even the science fiction aspects were developed as technology seems to rapidly evolve.

I usually associate quantum stuff with the metaphor of a hive and honey bee.  Relativistic stuff with hedgehogs, and quasic stuff with the many eyes of a peacock.

dS and Es universes seem to have some creative aspects which work jointly to predict what is observes or suggested recently on both sides of the profane and sacred geometry.

This has come from some recurring, yet comforting dreams.
Consider these news results:
1. the speed of light may be slower than thought as a standard of measure.
2. a model of galaxies where only so many, dark matter simulation wise, become star bearers.
3. two rings of star formation happen, one more elliptical near the vicinity of galactic black holes.
4. information wise, what is radiating if a black hole can radiate completely, and why when items fall or accelerate there is heat... how can this be if things are relative?  What of the angular momentum?
5. can a Dyson sphere literally isolate social systems or concepts like soul in reincarnation models? Is there in a sense a higher level of super-entanglement that inverts or appears isolated and internal - is this not in fact a fractal like form of inflation models.
6. in multicellular animals the source code seems intimate from the origins to life thus cancer but in the bonds of molecules while breaking they spontaneously tend to repair. Life is this focal point of living and death.
7, quantum computation does not necessarily work faster than classical computation.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beyond the Calculus of Singularity

Toward a Journal of Quasic Physics                                   L. Edgar Otto    June 2014

The level of this vision became higher due to the indulgence of Sabine on her on these foundational issues.  And to Google.  The future is Android.

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Some notes today for the missing section  A Calculus of Singularity... but it seems to be the background principles for the philosophy as a precursor to the applied physics.  I have to use every general principle I have assumed over the years.  Conceptually, can we exceed the cosmological closure of the model?  So I will offer it soon as a work of philosophy.

What we have on this level of quasical conception or speculations is that I have an abstract system that in fact may be represented by coordinates but these are each a 8 x 8 matrix notation.  I assume that the difference in the inside of an abstract lattice to the inside is at or near singularity not distinguishable .
lampion 1 - calc. of singularity (ng) . so with preferred initial conditions in an explicit order within or in the totality so determined... is there a way to modulate the space as some conceptions hint at if we try to average the ideas of expansion or density of energy.  Certainly symmetry breaking and phase shifting are not forbidden to be  distinct even with higher restrictions, as in the case of 32 clones in mammal cells possible before the totality becomes an individual.  We have the initiators within initiators and possible breaking from terminations on this higher "telescoping" level that would resolve current confusions or debates of the so called standard models of particles and cosmology.

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The tetris like shapes can be formed into polymer chains too in 2D.

The 64 four color chain code applies to genetic teleoscoping in quason 4space.

This is simply beautiful and each of the eight corners can be another such cube of six colors and so on.

The upper right is the center of 81 and the left column are the 16 hypercube points.

20 June 2014

I have the feeling that I am about as far along as physics in the 70's.  This is interesting because when I post in this century something like Rene Thom seems to still be relevant.  I did not know this but had kept the future of such intuitions in my arsenal of understanding - others evidently took the work much further.
So I was looking thru past drawings and realize I also understand better some directions or areas I did casually as in puzzle making which in retrospect I understand why I did it and how it fit into the overall scheme of things that apply to more modern issues.  My virality cubes contain a deeper general principle than I had the ability at the time to imagine. If by a calculus of philosophic singularity we can imagine two colors over 4 space pair combinations becoming grey or neutral we can also imagine them duplicating as in the coloring of the 32 hypercube edges with 6 colors.  This leads to a wide variety of eight 3d cube arrangements, but how save by usual formulas to enumerate them - hard to do solely intuitively.

So at cusp of a little wider vision I wrote a question to myself, or note to myself:

Do Singularity Optic Manifolds for Amplification (SOMA) allow for more than superfluid cosmology as defects (I need this more clearly defined) of apparent Lorentz violation efficiency in thermodynamic systems?   Or for that matter the possibility of warp or time travel and more rapid computations that is still ultimately an open question.

Perhaps I should put some of the earlier drawings in one place for recapitulation and ease of reference.  My intermittent internet access and lack of daily funds and using old once used coffee shop computers results in blocked methods of payment and password confusions so I was looking for a particular picture of which it is hard to find in my more than once copied methods of informal filing systems.

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June 21, 2014

At general singularity we can imagine the foundations of mathematics, for example issues of Godel or the Axiom of choice can develop into different realms... or any one realm describe our perspective.  Lately, some articles are appearing on this on the net.  If the 3 and 4 dimensional problems with such ideas of the infinite or infinitesimal relate to how we see Maxwell  and issues of what is physical (the scientific phenomenology as a method despite the indistinguishable distinguishable including the deep structure of our minds as this non-necessary philosophy of metaphysics, logic, and epistemology) is this not the idea of what we find and so debate about higgs mass or Biceps ways to detect "gravitational waves"? No wonder one article asks if aliens could have a whole new mathematics (like time not needed as in some self evolving microchips)... will this picture aid us to find even better unity in how we interpret the universe?  Without this survey of philosophy most modern theories are at some limited depth founded only on philosophic speculation.
What then would determine if the philosophic symmetry is broken absolutely or not in the uncharacterizable indifferent universe?

Godel-Cohen are not necessarily decidable with all the paradoxical exceptions in the widest sense.

I really have to get back to music, there is no end to this.  Yet the intuitive foundations enhance my playing only it seems to take time from the reasonable arrangement of lyrics, so many incomplete songs.  You cannot make a living with music anyway.  Today I sit over coffee with a man who played only for himself and a lot of Christians who have come to meet there of various ages and they talked about how things were in their neighborhood in the 60's in a small area in the west of eau claire.  I made them laugh and set the general conversation by simple questions like- well, were there bears there?

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