Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cultural Gravity

Cultural Gravity

It has been a few days since the ideas of metaphysics and cosmology has overtaken my output of the more poetic nature- at last the concepts can ease back into poetry and maybe music lyrics. At best in manuscript I have a few notes in between these states of mine and here I present them as both the poetry and concepts inspiring it.
But is this not a question of love, that is replication of information or species?

I initially imagined a poem about hunting coyotes in Wisconsin, or a story about the third man lighting a cigarette in the trenches at night- perhaps if we close our eyes our sense of hearing is enhanced and so the magic bullets meet as if in zen the target. In all these geometries we seem to create the vacuum to create the substance.

We gather then from some surface clue in stealth the tells, know who delivers the message if not understand the message itself or its truth. Organic information is patterned, fractally in the relative coherence of longevity and intellect, superior sperm of our DNA, not just the idea from one view between the cyclic and the inflation models that all is hologram. The quasic principles posed and found some solutions long ago to these problems- the strands and strings entwine and before the big bangs the memories are set down for the next act of time, the loops and strings of gravity of which even I am not sure its ultimate role, its mirror in the black holes of time as memory or karma like its debts, its long separation out of the chaos the natural quasic decoherence of the world and the leveling unto isometries of partial and real fields that explain in our hearts even as we time travel really that we do make some new organic knowing in the world. Artful Love!

How postmodern the once act of art and the eternal design of the world- and who is the artist if the artist like Stradivari created by God the ideal design his instrument? The immovable rock He makes that he cannot move, Creator of the nothingness and dark stars also.

At the flat bottoms Pythagoras rules, at least a surface dream on the front lines of the symmetry of two it takes to make an argument. The old triangle inequality and the 50-50 of levels and orbits of entanglement. If in the end the default of this world, an ideal point at infinity or the n-dimensional flat plane, phaneron, is the Euclidean model- the scalar and vector space an addition to a living plane and just another proof of logic, Is the Quasic model if equal to the Euclidean not also capable of than Nonquasic geometry analogous to Non-Euclidean as well vector spaces? But my notes were not all about physics, tilts beyond the casmir forces on all scales and all as we fine tune our lyres of science. It is about culture too.

* * *

We in the struggle of individuality modify or erase the theories of others but we cannot then say it is something taken away as an art form by the other- it is a pale plagiarism or maybe an improved design no long the purity of the artist that now stands awhile as the shoulders of the giants the young Newtons stand upon.

We also are not yet sure between the individual and society what it the nature of the mediator between them- it is perhaps as real and a matter of faith as money but in any case it is the arrow of time as the possibility of growth, decay, and the stable tides of memory- the free lunch of the universe begins and is sustained by the idea of the resulting creativity - in the steady state the creator ghostly far away in the depths of space a new seed arises to balance the growing whole as if once made we have the eternal proton whose bounds are the rain of shards of the mirror ball. Our life paths are only quasi stable as our states of war and peace as we in fact and faith only manage to merge life paths artfully over some breath of collapse at what are the infinity or zeros of our relentless bombardment we the experiment and experimenter of the Brownian motion.

All you moralist and bureaucratic lawyers and keepers of the principia- are we to protect by the law, protect the law, or strive to protect from the corrupted uses of the laws, its traditions and treasons, immunities? Which by fiat is the diagnosis or the economics as artful truth or babble our logic as cultural gravity?

Not what is in our lover's mind do we collect the data, aim the rifle, cull the herd, march in the snow after the wounded coyote that feeds off our range, but the interpretation alas of the surface of her mind itself- limiting her as our self the varieties of wide infinity that we infer what may be another spirit and soul.

Athletes, after all like orgasm the long preparation is climaxed fleeting and the great projects to host the Olympics are costly and generally go fallow. Regions where not only some loop intersects the zero but a greater one the ideal infinity that we try to manage by the idea of types, castes, classes, states, and the multiple ply of our fields and strings in an eight dimensional flatland of imaginary's. We break the old records, we understand what survives the big bang of our designs for new world or new lives in the vague sense we create the future.

The artificial snow, the frost and then it pounded into ice, the planes and razor wedges sliding with ease what nature has not blessed us with at the time- all the structural arts strive to an ideal of peace yet excellence in the space of empty Olympic cities before and after us.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Objections to Formalism for Particle Physics and Cosmology

The string as an ideal entity is a universe that contains strings and so on- and replication is a key, as the memory karma like of that before the big bang making the minor shifts on the flat desert or sea the dunes and waves of the W-Map where we interpret inflation energy involved before the big bang.

If in the abstract the generation problem is structurally like the DNA why not a concept of it as concrete. Sure our physical body, DNA and all, n-dimensional and all and full of black holes, wormholes and so on of our modern idea of physics is of the image of the universes design- why not the universe as our organic image? The replication of universes as such is not merely the creation of singularities and black holes.


*1 The shape of a geometrical object is not necessarily independent of the coordinate system describing it an a deeper level (circular strings as gravity or mass as the determination of the space on at least one level of observation.

*2 The general spaces possible in any natural dimension cannot simply be limited to parabolic, hyperbolic and elliptical.

*3 Formulas in simplification of a finite solution may ignore more general infinite solutions. Being the same problem Maxwell's zeros and Einsteins rest zeros do not result in the same focus or loss of structural information.

*4 Moreover, to limit periodic solutions making the formula more general by transcendental values may ignore a need for further generalizations where these have a variable resolution to unity as sign and roots in an independent (wave) manner as a space or vector basis. Wave mechanics structure can exceed uncertainty.

*5 The formalism of the reduction of n-natural dimensions via determinants can be a dynamic analogous relationship instead of independent contiguous or consecutive levels (of the zeros, or if seen as infinite in origin and rotation). Systems may indeed quasi-cohere with a quasi-continuity.

*6 It follows that some and in some sense all such formalism meaningfully goes beyond the quadratic matrices and degrees of freedom- this a sort of string basis postulate for greater if restrained dimensions.

*7 The quasi-reality of substance and vacuum is that an ongoing dynamic relationship of co-creation is between them and in a sense creation requires the creation of emptiness.

*8 In understanding the changing states of neutrinos (momenta particles) with less states than the other leptons (half the number of colors by spin relativity considerations) a fourth state is relevant and may be particle like on all scales and may be an invisible determinant or both- quasi-vacuum also as some imagined field particle or mediator.

Friday, February 26, 2010

On the Developmental Schizophrenia of Seemingly Complete Physics Theories

I think it actually matters---it is significant---that the authors framed the experiment that way. There is a major controversy about whether or not gravity is really dynamic geometry. Maybe there is really a fixed flat spacetime geometry in which gravity (mediated by gravitons) operates like any other force. Steven Weinberg toyed with that idea. Is gravity really geometrical? Could Einstein 1915 GR just be an effective theory that happens to work very well by pretending that spacetime has undulating curvature?

Or should we take GR seriously and assume that gravity = geometry? In that case quantum field theory must ultimately be based on no-fixed-background-geometry. In particular quantum gravity must be constructed without fixed background geometry. This is at the heart of the conflict between string (which typically assumes a fixed geometric framework of some number of dimensions) and non-string approaches like loop (which assume no fixed geometry).

So there is this conflict between different research communities. A deep disagreement. And these people, eg. Chu who has great prestige and respectability, are saying our experiment is aimed at helping settle this disagreement.

Privately I suspect it is another nail in the String coffin.
Quoted from Marshall

On the Developmental Schizophrenia of Seemingly Complete Physics Theories L. Otto 02-26-10

This afternoon I came across some interesting science news articles on the philosophychatforum.

Our expert Lincoln, and our moderator Marshall dedicated to discussing these issues have an interesting dialog. These issues pertain to the subjects I have brought up here with a fresh outsider's view of the issue of physics unification as quantum gravity or not. I am not sure that my insights are followed so I elect to point them out.

First of all it is indeed an epiphany to understand that there are human scale experiments that tend to support the ideas of Einstein. But it is not clear to me at all that these ideas are connected on the physics and deeper mathematical level of our methods of explanation of the realities.

In a sense the positions are "complete" or appear so. For a long time now the compatibility of the quantum and general relativistic views invoke a sort of muddled mental perception of which we may indeed find some overview from an outside objective stance that does not resolve to a sort of schizophrenia of our reasoning. The article on the spinning black hole as related to the Newtonian dynamics in the sense that two ideal points and some minimum distance between them for the macrocosm of black hole dynamics is the description. Is this not a statement of the pixel idea of holograms from the recent Fermi lab result? Is it not an advance calculus at the extreme points of vanishing infinitesimals or deeper than that the Euler constant which approached one way does not vanish for all practical purposes. Moreover, would not two points in such space idealizations in at least a finite system, rotating ones ideal as that is after all the interpretation of Lorentz shrinkage and dilation be the same description on general scales?

Yes the 40 year article on spinning black holes on the surface approaching a flat geometry shows a couple of generations before my modest speculations- but in the natural development of the cortex of the body of human knowledge the math was generations before that. I am asking why those in the field cannot make the intuitive links I have made in all this.

Marshall, which model is it of which you speak- certainly the geometric view, mass or not that changes the understanding of gravity- De Sitter or Einstein without his cosmological constant?
De Sitter's is the purely geometric view one that does not in the extreme have to assume that two spheres or points in space are only finite regions even if they expand?

As far as the genes with non-linear effects in the brain's development- do we reduce things to some sort of machine to explain them and does it explain these more general ideas of consciousness- of any theory which may evoke some principles as if an idea of consciousness?
Or is this just a dogmatic trap of completion which if not accepted gives us a sense of incoherence chaos of the miraculously intelligible- a schizoid stance to make us dizzy?

Without better underlying (quasic?) principles the research we have gained will not be likely to result in say a cure for something we regard as a disease of development no matter how materially sound.

So what is it to be? The Riemannian curvature of space as a product of matter only or matter as a result itself of such intrinsic curvature? Can a massless photon not interact as energy with the gravitational field- a problem not yet solved in theory? Again in related articles why do the neutrinos change flavor and so on...

Alas, Marshall, (btw we have the utmost respect for you and the why you treated the issues themselves and not just presumed the alternative scientists were crackpots!) What is a string really after it developed from some sort of field idea inside the nucleus to something more universal and fundamental- a resolution of this in my opinion will support the higher dimensional string theories. I have ideas here that do solve some of these major issues if one cares to dig them out. Two ends of a sting and asymptotic freedom- what could me more fundamental physics and geometry?

Of course two clocks can pinpoint the time in their shifting- as perhaps two of anything can by virtue of design be a computational interactive structure- an idea I understood working with the accurate clocks at the time in 1964 and an idea that in our thinking we do not just arbritary relate in something like a mental field by merely ad hoc asserting time as linear and space as finite that at the compromise special relativity and the quantum theory are just deterministic and classical but removed to but a higher natural dimension.

The mathematics is there and yes one can study them- but for the armchair philosophers and working stiffs among us who have to finance the enterprise if this math were expertly generally known what would be the point of a forum that has the avowed purpose of general education- perhaps it should be accessible to all and would be anyway if it were not rationed out by membership in some lobbying group.

Loxomnium Dream of Space

The Illustration above was from a doodle of yesterday as some people were talking to me in the coffee shop, in what sense is the Lox picture the vermin, wormholes nematodes that cleans the meat from the bones of the conquering worms? If one is to allow some small principle of consciousness in at all in say the quantum interpretations one will reap a whirlwind of interpretations crying out that a greater spirit or ultimate concern exists. But what is the light and the false light of the messiah and the deceptive one but a reasoning of sorts, a method of understanding say by Acts in the Bible - the needle's eye to heaven is so much easier than the reaching of the idea of God, and of our place in the scheme of things- Beware of the false prophets of science also so as not to be deceived. To the pure all things are pure.

Loxomnium Dream of Space

Pink lox rolled into a rose over cream cheese and a stem of green onions, the nucleus cafe cook had me try one the other day- for some reason I dreamed about a space principle as I gazed into the pink lox- more of a metaphysical thing, the Giant in the stories almost a God conception of things. Most likely from my realization that the loxodrome was a complete helix on a sphere, something I thought only was a sort of spiral spiraling endlessly to the pole. And the rhyme with hippodrome for the poetic sharing of images

*1 - The nematode string theory, and the Cantorian sharing of path strings

*2 - The quasic depth of field a full dimension of view past and present, arrow microcosmic or macro cosmic

*3 - The defeated logic of the pixel view, but do the string ends swing randomly and will they occasionally connect?

If ultimately the ground of reality is composed of ideal strings these are a length and can be open or closed or any measure in the cantorian sense. A finite thing really and a collection of them can be a finite number in a greater sea of created vacuum effects- thus the small maps to the greater part as much as infinity defined downward mapping. Yet in that length of string all of the continuum of n-dimensions can be encoded.

Each string then like an individual soul or life path which seems the totality. But I can imagine a greater being who sees and lives the whole- The Giant would live each individual multivariate of string lifetimes (after all is not the DNA encoded in the egg such a model of sorts?) This is a wide continuum or omnium of things (thus loxomnium rather than loxocontinuum) The consciousness of God in the almost limitless details as the circles are precipitated memory and the lines are the opening of new foundations for enduring soul. God time not just linear nor in a sense at any place to join into the islands in the stream of time nor break thru beyond Himself what begins something beyond a serial infinity some place.

But even more, one small string of a life time can join with another for twice the infinity is infinity, a family of such multi-strings, and the Unity aware of all of these greater than non-linear possibilities.

The view from outside a quasic pixel of space can see the inner depth by parallax of angles and momenta- or in the understanding of the depth of field of this flatland and not stating half the dimensions, the pixels intrinsically cannot be hologram parts and not still remain a continuum- a quasic principle indeed, quasipixels- and in a sense we experience consciousness as if the will of a God to design and live the dream of the whole.\

Nevertheless this was a rather involved and strange dream, one that inspires a sense of spiritual thinking.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quasic Metastable Organic Cosmology

Quasic Metastable Organic Cosmology

It should be clear to those with the usual development of mathematical physics where it involves things like Einstein's and DeSitter's interpretation of the geometry of higher spaces via some form of dyadic (tensor) vector (number) generalization, that these two views have a compromise view solved by this quasic conception in three space representation equivalent to say Eddington's quantum realitivity (1929) of his monomark and uranoid fundamental theory model.

For example in the diagram above I leave it to the scientists for now to deduce which of the 20 (logically 24 like from the DNA structure) we need to consider in the expanded matrix. These of course would determine the mixed or other vectors.

An idealized bit of string like a line segment contains the whole of Cantor's aleph 1 dimensions if viewed as continuity. Would a monopole have an intrinsic electric field? such questions I have been pondering lately. The light cone is metastable or quasi-finite in a literal sense of a half cone that rotates on it's side against the table.

Creationistic ideas do involve these hyperbolic invariants of rotation be it Desitter, Hoyle, or the new Brane collision physicists. But we do have a conversion of our ideas of what is empty or not when things become finite by matter or energy (light) as more generalized structures- the idea of an open or closed interval in such a loxidrome of angular momenta, even as a quantum idea and as something vaguely called non-linear, assures us that the zero state of things or the flat state of things is valid beyond ideas of conservation as well as the totally curved view.

FOOTNOTE: I am in a coffee shop at a public computer and was interrupted with a friend who has a new guitar and wants lessons (and I can give her an overview but I have had no formal training so it surprises me when people like my music.) So I am not sure I made the point of this post clear here. For one thing it is as if with the idea of multiverse by analogy to the universe in Einstein's day being the Milky Way- our worldview expands on these fundamental ideas of physics. But the concepts at least metaphysically are similar. In terms of the raw geometry, DeSitter closer to the idea of pure geometry involved, the issue is one of the styles of view which need some sort of compromise or expansion between the mechanical and more like the consciousness interpretation varieties, that is a quantum gravity of sorts, a unified physics. But both apply, the three and one or two and two of the fourfold. Both views are complete in a sense but are needed. The above diagram is not limited to one holon entity including our ideas of mind. Certainly, Einsteins modification for a stable universe as dark energy- the cosmological constant- has become a relevant view again. The Inflation and the Ekpyrotic models of today echo that of Einstein and DeSitter as far as the math on the face value of it is concerned. But the above diagram is merely the outline of a vastly larger higher structure of such geometric spaces but we are not lost in the immensity or variety of structures. It is not wrong to question on this level say the conservation of matter but we do have to incorporate what happens when we deal with such infinities and meaningless divisions. This is also an organic model in that it directly applies to the mental and physical structures of life forms which can be put into theoretical physics terms. While the formuli are beautiful and modified by the tastes of the theoretician in terms at least of higher dimensions the background is very simple but the background is after all something we engage with our mind. Then again it is remarkable to see how we saw the world say before Gauss and Riemann's speculations were brought down to technical applications. In particular the diagram above is not limited to 256 as a group theory, but is as if endless, a super or multi-group theory where we have to interpret and deal with the geometry as some force or measure of things of wider possibilities. To think of electricity as a volume of something of explicit relative measure at some idea of focused down projection or shadow of mass strikes me as rather primitive- but it is the logical assumption and it becomes proven that time as a fourth dimension, linear or not, is not just a philosophic statement.

I (interruption) maybe the idea will come back to me- one thing I have been pondering is if this is a useful mental model what thoughts or chemicals or fields or whatever can be useful to make certain people healed mentally (last night my roommate and I had to take a guy to the hospital) it is a paradox is it not- the taking of thought not adding one cubit to our statures.

The Great Grand Speculation The state of our spiritual visions, an afterword:

Assuming some of you have reached the point where all of this seems obviously simple if not simplistic it raises metaphysical issues worth considering. For one thing these ideas especially as mathematics and information seems to give us a possible way or mechanism to feel more assured of some of our religious intuitions.

For one thing the world though simple is very wide in theory, amazing for the scale of our brains. What if for each of us what we imagine or learn and think about in the context of the world, that it comes to pass our dreams match closer what we regard as independent knowing- that in some sense relative to each other what we see is a delusion. For any one of us if there is at least the last morsel of intelligibility the physics and its laws, individually and species specific, is the truth. We do seem in the main to have this self-doubt and sense of there is something more than what is immediately possible and given.

Clearly in some sense the creative information and experience that can be in the detail stored into holon like creative entities like quasars or black holes with surface and centered structures, quasic ones, as if the historical websites are somewhere preserved including those seemingly lost to us at the time (the virtual world of multiverse a vaster place and greater data storage) that in a sense all of our experience can not only be stored but by some sort of natural laws progress to what we think of as the supernatural. Our lesser natural dimensions are x and y a rather cyclic thing and z where we have the idea of height and potential- what we regard as real or as iy perpendicular the flat heaven orthogonal to our round earth and how many more ways to arrange the waves and axes so to define and label.

This certainly can be a comfort with a little certainty of the caring for and tragedy at least in the fleeting moment of our connection to life and the bonds between us. We would be dishonest to dismiss for now those who may in fact sense the truth of our religious experiences. Science should first and foremost remain honest.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Metaphysical Implications of Atom Smashers

The Metaphysical Implications of Atom Smashers
L. Edgar Otto

Are our supercolliders at best useless and at worst dangerous?

This enterprise certainly fits the paradigm of the scientific method that the results of experiments can be falsified in the sense that a physical or theoretical entity such as a black hole created by our atom smashers, especially since at the frontier of research the point is to find out something we are not sure we know, some think could consume the Earth if somehow the right parameters are accessible or we stumble upon some trick in the universe's deeper design.

If this happened, quite besides the religious or moral questions raised in such pursuits, where is the intelligence in the design if there are none of us left to record and observe it?

If we had the correct theory, at least on some level of technology, why would we need the experiment in the first place? What is the point really of these economic and ideological struggles for the species- at least the cost benefits computed sacrificing individuals including the unique environs of Earth itself or one among many- the universe as experiment- if not for the sake of struggle itself?

Why try to find the laws of nature applying our ideas of such laws- sure we can legislate that pi equals three and have done so in the past but that does not make it so. Perhaps such things can be argued influenced by God or our beliefs at least there seems to be some sort of reason some of us are prone to interpret things this way including ideas of consciousness and quantum theory and so on. Beyond this is it really the best of our human spirit not to face the challenge of great risks and rewards?

For me the enterprise is almost a moral duty to build them- yet we should be cautious and honest in our scientific pursuits. We should not expect so many untruths and contradictory or paradoxical incoherent reasoning and arrogance from our scientists, especially in their ideological struggles as experts between each other. nor just have busy work projects justified by jobs and our priesthood superstition of faith in our doctors just because faith in them promotes self-healing as if by magical means. Surely there is some evidence of such mental influences that should also be a scientific concern. If the heart of our galaxy has black holes or a family of them in the many to one question then that could be an intuition that something there influences our minds and DNA and fiction writing say there is a Palleidian level of what seems sentient beings similar to thoughts that machines are intellects. We and they if they exists are those entities.

In the main nature seems to restrain the ill effects of our failed experiments as if nature herself were a design of a less foolhardy intentions of exploration- quite beside the finding of say a cosmic censure or closed limit to boundaries or some sort of teleological model adjusted in our concepts of time as the cause of some things and that prematurely ruled out. Even if our various theories have no good reason or an underlying theory that in the intelligible world works and averages its cosmologies (and cosmogonies) of finite and infinite history.

We can be rather sure or as doubtful ultimately of things as we are of our wonder of existence itself- we have the potential for wisdom as much as our self deceptions. But a good theory as science has sound limitations on its own level. We are not just naturally a hologram model of mind or universe nor artificially a fractal one- we have a unified resource of the difference in these models which in at least the phenomenal world can be imagined as geometry.

Some have said we can open the fabric of hidden dimensions to precipitate disastrous black hole creation that would indeed verify the super symmetry and those aspects of string theory and even the standard model of particles that some in the project regard as fanciful and unlikely to show evidence or are strongly expected in their obsolete model - yet they hold this enquiry as a possible discovery path as one of their justified research goals.

The anthropic argument for example nature makes so many black holes with power vastly stronger than our smaller machines that the world has not vanished already, must remain a physical and metaphysical argument confused in theory and practice thus a blend that is bad science and bad metaphysics. We need a deeper analysis of the design and mathematics by which our competing lesser cosmologies do not raise the specter of false fears and narcotics of false hopes. In this golden age of cosmology not all will be seen as a new scientific foundation for the subject in retrospect.

If by some questionable idea of quantum flux or even some absolute zero ground of discrete space and entanglement without an idea of dark energy effects or vacuum effects as real and not effectively so but virtual, we conclude that anything can pop out of a black hole although improbable, a locomotive, an Encyclopedia Britannica edition, could not a man briefly appear DNA and all? Awareness and all? But what if that man were the Messiah assuming He exists? Our science and religious ideas evidently need to be fine tuned so to transcend if we are to survive and evolve to higher states of human wisdom including the unnecessary hypothesis of some sciences promoted as if a faith in our own times.

If such a metaphysical entity as a man from a black hole came up with a life support space ship- would he be the same person or perhaps have say a failing liver. This would be a lesson that the totality can be defeated by a failing organ in its design as much as say a systemic cancer. This shows the paradoxes involved in unified theories- after all the debate today as a social one seems somewhere caught between the series Flashforward and Lost in matters of free will and determinism as a theme- so too the steady state and big bang cosmologies and the new inflation and cyclic universe modern analog models. At what point in the discrete bottom of the hologram do we say for sure that we can eliminate the wild fluctuations which I understand to be the extension of Pascal's triangle into series with negative values and positive values. My best guess is that the quasic model answers some of the fundamental questions that these competing theories have tried to explain away one way or the other- that from my view and we cannot take thermodynamic arguments totally out of the context of black holes either nor argue from no clear theory of the symmetries involved- that our atom smasher will lead to disaster. If we could make some sort of inflationary black hole it would be very useful and of vast unforeseen applications- shown it would be the result of such experiments -and really we should not use the cosmic rays as arguments for the safety of such black holes for they, just as the assumption of quasars, hence my term quasic since 63, as a creative and Hoyle like force is thought to emit them. We could build it as a sufficient distance in space to test things.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

State Of the Vision MMX

There are a lot of "Beautiful Minds" out there in the form of young aspiring scientists. For me I tend to be only impressed at the moment with Ramanijan - that quality I cannot quiet grasp of his genius- of course moderated by Hardy and his proofs- together a more viable approach to science than what we now think we have in the competition of theoretical speculations, especially in cosmology.

The reference frame has a recent article lambasting the ID'ers in terms of the information paradox of black holes. This is of course the subject of my speculation lately. I am a little tired to post my recent notes to myself on it and it would be in a strange form of shorthand. Let me just say that I have gone beyond that current solution to the paradox (that is the one this week in a report from fermi lab as to the holographic nature of the utmost pixels in the internal structure of a black hole where as I have said many times the content of these dimensions two and three quasically correspond. Yet if we think about it from the number theoretic point of view there is a clear mechanism for the black hole like objects, being negative curvature in concept creative, that we can actually store more into such a multiplicity as holon of information- at least in the short run. I will post more on this, for now think of the question where is the soul and what would make it unique- that or stop laying all this metaphysics disguised as science on us laymen.) The newscientist article btw reduces the small end of space to a sort of hologram pixels. Surely this is not the whole picture for we have the fractal ideas too. (the difference really between the two concepts).

The state of the vision (as the next level of science of which I see the development of others asserting questions and problems the quasic view solved for me long ago) is rather sound as surprising as it is. I wish I could convey this too you all but assure you if you search my longtime thoughts it will be worthwhile.

Newscientist has another intriguing article on the doodles cave men did in a pre-alphanumeric age. Clearly as language develops (the speech and the script in a sort of membrane connection like the cyclic model) it is inevitable as is mind an life in a sense and in a certain way that is black hole like creative and a holon, but not a fragmented situation of holograms rather like the Bahai idea of spirit. Words and numbers then store information and memory by these quasic mechanisms.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Quasic Space Notation


Some Other Images from the Philosophychatforum:

a sampling of spcf diagrams and some forum avatars.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ekpyrosis and Prime Number Logic

Ekpyrosis and Prime Number Logic

I have had some thoughts lately concerning the nature of numbers and cosmology. I will get around to posting the ideas here soon- some of which developed through the poems which are up to 30 or so. I notice on the reference frame blog a reference to a religious site and the relation to string theory etc. When we get to the nature of the reality of space and numbers as a Platonic or evolving dynamic concept we do reach the paradoxes- but is the world Godel like? Does the metaphysics of it all not relate to our ideas of a Messiah or if the scriptures closed a More fundamental idea of a man and God? Is this growing form of modern cosmology just the scientific reaction to the multiplicity of say Hindu gods, Ganish in particular as the patron of art and science. If in particular Buddha has multiple lives why must he evolve through one each new incarnation.

But I am a little tired today and have no time to draw this out. Ekpyrosis is a word from the cyclic universe speculators which seems to compete with the inflation idea - the transcontinuum and the ultranscontinum models in my early speculations. (in my system long ago I called trinx two flat spaces intersecting in a point with three players in a game) So I will say the essential idea:

There is mathematical induction which can see into a sort of proof unto totality. And at aleph zero we can have what I have called the yod transfinite less than that, specifically the prime numbers. We can show the number of primes as infinite but can we show the pairs of primes or if the Fibonacci numbers as primes continue? We can image in some idea of a multiverse a place where the laws of reality are so different that the prime set may be different. We can assume that these laws of arithmetic would apply universally to all the multiverse.

But what if as the shell of the ekpyrotic conception of the universe grows we have in some unprovable front beyond that a world similiar to the "illogical one" In which case we can say 89 is prime but say a hundred trillion and 89 part of a real uncertainty until it is invented or tested and so discovered to be part of the general system of primes as we know it. Math is not simply Platonic in its philosophy nor is it constructed or conjured. We may prove the logic or apparatus as a mental thing is undecidable by the principles of arithmetic but within the frontier of the conception (for example this brane world collision) no such prime numbers exist as determined to allow a ground for the logical apparatus, yet.

Similarly the DNA we encounter, as Hoyle observed, may be incomplete from what is available in our region of space. Nevertheless, as posted long ago in diagrams and discussions on philosophychatforum we can by first principles such as mathematical construction and induction read the dna with four bases in quasic space theory(used for the subject of some of the poems as an article appeared on this last week on But this has to do with the evolving sequences and accessibility of what we mean by irrational numbers (and as I said the axiom of choice in particular).

This also apples to our personal evolution over time as to how much and what we can learn and what we can bring into our present existence of so many given theories.

The theme for all this is of course a way to have an alternative answer to why mathematics applies to reality as a matter of a human construct or a given or not.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PeSla of Stars and Butterflies (Infinitea Party continued)

PeSla of Stars and Butterflies (Infinitea Party continued)

I continue to be inspired by the further study of physics and mathematics so the confluence of the themes and metaphors of the series Infinitea Party continue here which I will eventually get around to posting. I am not sure how good these poems are but I usually write a series or steam of them, the Hoarfrost and Rime series shows up here also. I should make explicit as math some new concepts encountered involving the nature of numbers that one can find in some of the poems.

IX Wheels in Wheels, Strings and Membranes, Psyche's in Analyses
X Orenda Took Me Shopping
XI We Visit Uncle Jules in Prison
XII Habeous Corpus After the Death of the Mad Hatter
XIII Of Stars and Butterflies
XIV We Were no Fallen Angels
XV Thoughts of Her Come Less Frequently
XVI Can He Fall Through the Ice, Alternative His Ending
XVII He Acts on Dream History Early Taught the Sacred Books
XVIII Beyond Irrational People, Imaginary Gods
XIX Admission and Program for the Dumpster's Play
XX Love's Microscope and Time Machine
XXI In Her Baggage My Unborn Puppies in the River
XXII When it is Unnatural to Forget Discrete Dimensions

XXIII The Dark Suns also Can Paint a Happy Face
XXIV Love's Echoes and Dualities
XXV Are the Beads of Mardi Gras Lost 02-17-10

* * *

I find it most interesting the unfolding of ideas from the past since Newton and how they are seen and applied by today's young physicists. I can clearly read between the lines now as to why some of them are skeptical in so many areas- but why should I change those who cannot see in themselves what they observe as faults in others? After all, they will not get very far in any new breakthroughs or threatening surprises for the security of today's status quo of power.

If I have represented the University in the poems as a dumpster- I hope no one misses that point and see how justified it is. If they desired the truth they would have spoken with me long ago- they not I are irrelevant and do not want to risk being proven wrong. This is a great disservice to our generation of young scientists.

* * *

As the poems came up against current models of issues in cosmology I did have a less poetic and more physics idea in the process of writing. The idea of aughts (from the IPA reversed c symbol for the vowel) and jots (from the letter j without dot as iota without a dot, jota). But the idea is essential the adding a quasic dimension and ordering of sorts of a series by a different color of numbers binary on the number line- not quite the same as that negation of sorts of ordinals into cardinals.
Really, these number theory concerns underlie and undermine the utility of calculus also. But in a sense aught and jots are the beginning. The old debates are here and some new ones (that is if the last idea to confirm say inflation or brane creation cycles can be so verified by observation- after all in a sense the graviton itself my not be directly viewable even in measure thru ordinary space thus no sort of vertical red shift in the wmap data) Certainly the idea of disembodied branes from strings is an old idea of almost metaphysical issues- what then are we looking for with the idea of supersymmetry especially if the idea of hidden compactified dimensions is but a point of view as is the firely center of a Poe like universe?

Beware of debating those who are really in a fundamentalsist religious war of their ideas or style of physics that has little on the face of it to do really with such a narrow and simple view of creativity and perhaps the God. But for most of us this great apocalyspe is way beyond our view and understanding though so universally fundamental as we so breath it even beyond the mystery of what the world is, how long it endures or begins or ends and so on- thus the attempt to take a snapshot of it in our time, a generation who believes heaven and miracles before in God and perhaps a generation that reflects this distant war of cosmology- as perhaps ordinary poetry in the literature of undergrads to come.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Infinitea Party

The Infinitea Party L. Edgar Otto 02-11-10

I. The Giant

The giant shook off his thick fur cloak
He imagined himself a perfect sphere
Standing on one of perfect discs, sand dollars
each in a perfect box in a honeycomb of mirrors

From the central point of his solid soul all the
other discs were tilted, solid and ellipses
Yet, looking out at that checky shore they vibrated
so did he an oval upon his heart inverse square

"What of my pure dream," he asked himself thus shook
"holds me up though I ever fall down to nowhere?"
When did I begin to dream, my soul premature must grow again in the forlorn of uncertainty, the world that died in my childbirth?"

He longed for another to see the beauty of his alchemy
Even the lesser sealings good company, they sharing with him the same law of gravity.

* * *

II. Wheel-O'dollar

Wheel-O'dollar grew bored reading in the coffee shop
so spiraled down to the river following the meandering
Stream of the melting ice dam from its roof, "Her spirit
since she left, a falling apple, must seek its own level."

So he stretched out on the bank reaching out to taste her
touching the still flowing tannin droplets on his fingers
He said a prayer goodbye as much a question as to why
shooed away from his tearing eye an annoying fruit fly

Across, on the bluff and falls he barely noticed the smokestacks and
buildings through the budding stunted trees of the university
The greening students coming down the trail, a third of them from some foreign land to study, have tea, find diversity

He went back to ask how the classes and labs turned out
Some wore bright colors, thought outside their homeobox, some wore arms and mouths on their tails and foreheads.

* * *

III. The Fruit Flies

The large green dumpster was overflowing with beer bottles
the yellow jackets drowning or licking the last sticky drops
The crows were busy fighting over bits of pizza crust
they tore our of crumpled bags of brightly lettered paper

A banana peel on the ground by it had its own cloud of flying gnats
from used coffee grounds in the stained filter thrown, missed and left
A stream found its own level in confluence, colors Guinness and floes of ice
There the time it took the giant to pass by the fruit flies had short lives

The Giant stepped on Wheel-O'dollar who did not notice him
anymore than a brief passing cloud obscuring the sun
But he, still feeling alone looked on him to see if crushed his dollop of spectrum light
The Wheel so much its own design worked well, not mangled his chimera

"What are you doing little one licking your claws over thinking them fingers?"
"One short life," Wheel to himself,"Yet it does not matter I've lost my eggmate."

* * *

IV. the Budding Logician
Contemplates the Universe

As much a truth as fallacy
the sparks and force or fall of denizens
Are counted chasing their own tails
absolute somewhere in the continuum the
Sampi suspended patterns of flickering starlight and
moons sliced pizza pie jumping discontinuities
The greater unbirthdays or one unique tea party
at rest between ghosts and departed quantities
Ad infinitum turtles on turtles biting their own tails
coherently computing them through hailstone rings of elegance

The gathering of sums then the sum of gatherings
Who then the mad hatter at the tea party?
Whom the would be gods destroy first they declare mad?
Universes of Love know no better in freedom and dishonesty.

* * *

Colloidal man, his modal brown dwarf motion, his trickling liquid soul
encounters Reynold's flow and waves to sense the ocean
Addictions of clinging to the fire and friction and foam of lotion
he cannot see the surface ripples in them at the front of floods
Nor help but drown in rising tide his sensuous feet in quicksand mud and
those who would scry his dreams in scud can't see them either.

The vector switchblade jackknife average curves and rates on roads
sliced off the wings of Pythagoras between the trapazoid and
Triangle the co-ordinates of zero points comprehend this instar of the whole
the shadows followed inspire him to fight, time and space to fold

There, in the lonely square circle the Philosopher must walk
Holy Newton's notebooks speak in Euclid and in Latin, delayed the
Publishing, priority to rant and stalk the implications of Kepler, stand on the shoulder of giants
Redeemed the fallen Leibniz, there at the creation they knew no better either.

* * *
Between their snowpocalyspe and snowmagedon, rime frost and soft ice
They each a vital coherent whole, as above or below them within banishing life's chaos of mutations.

* * *

Infinitea Party V. His Prayer to Her by the River


What comes back or goes out of boundaries, conserved
Love's concentric rings, my shells that orbit you

Your sun a deeper lens, rim of a volcano, my racing heart
slows down to fission break, fall for you our fusion trigger as
Mercuric warps stay in the groove and never varies

Our expectation, we one center of mass, each other
the variance of our dance eternal moments of inertia
Yet our colors blend but never touch, galaxies passing
through each other, become pinwheel spirals, culture dishes for life

Our points of light tangles knotted to each other I
sample more of the snapshots of our soul contained
In our nest of nothing our double center half real

But only so far can I point beneath your seas, reach molten cores and
Hollow earth, your crust and mantle pull me, stir me up from your depths harder
to explore that space itself.

* * *

Our unity of dimensions electric and magnetic, we divided by the light
Needs more to know each other than our infinity gone nova and all
The story's on either mirror side of heaven, your love realer than the Giant

* * *

Our single path through life and wider freedom one bright wondering star
Of action shared

* * *

VI. She Returns His Prayer

"My Wheel-O, so few return to the layered ground
the oak its acorns, the branches willow

We were the eye of each others storm, precarious
peace and calm, perfect trust when all was eye

But then you would not spin, we each alone, the
wall one sided mirror, myriad vortices in mesh

You fundamental and I your color space pulled with your wake
as now you gaze swirling fog as if it but reflection, real inside the river

Life slips, love catches itself on the sheet of ice
as if I held your arm, now ghost, our once coupled spin

Beyond dimensionless and dimensions the distant peace
of naught, replete with love our memory of thought yet

As you reverse the fog devil's with your will, this prayer
I so return to you, hole in heart to heal, and real my last farewell."

* * *

VII Infinitea Roses Waltzing at the Blue Ball 02-13-10

You impaired of hearing fade into the din of drums

The accordion reeds broken teeth make tinny hums

From one end through infinity and beyond your lives

A packet full of salts, snowflakes and branches , trees to hoarfrost spawn

But that I do not hear you, Love's end time and where

Our love began unknown no long seeds of dawn our song so sweetly
graced with overtones

I taste the themes and tickle strings, drink your tears digital or

Circular my guitar, your snares on my stretched skin

The brain stem hears again your voice and touch your face, recall or song
God's bass

So we are the whole band, cockcrows and tambourines

Alone this page of stave's, no conductors marking time

A young lass does a jig, her feet in sync this gig on the stage with ours

Only so many can fill the ballroom changing partners there

Marching with the phalanx or mornings after lighter aires

* * *

VIII Infinitea Party Their Indian Grandmothers Watching Over Them 02-13-10

There is no memorial that lasts for Asphodel
save what in spring burst forth, bulbs from the ground

Nor can we know if the woodland sunflowers will
grow profusely again drinking snow by the river

So varied and wild their number of petals, she loves me -
loves me not, our breaths entwined with clouds of dandelions

Somewhere, between the yellowing pages, an old book..
our summer lives though dry its fragrances potpourri

But our children stories rarely last, new books and baby names
fill depositories, stars like flowers their own flames for libraries

Love like a child that died before us lives in the
Seven Sisters Paleidian, paladin hearts deep into Sagittarius

Your thin curtains full of art with no window lie that Love and we must die
no twilight of the Giant contains your stained glass eyes and windows

* * *

My sweetness do you not feel your winter coat its goodness
my Orenda by the river hunting blue berries with her dog stars?

Surely she speaks to you, who is the ancestral love we seek
we once playing in the sea oat dunes my sister swimming in the sounds

We children gathering gifts for the village up rive sand shell pennies
from heaven delayed awhile our trip to see

The shawled Lady, bring her fish eyes and claws from blue crabbing
Find Love's pre-dawn wisdom visiting her unafraid the old gypsy in her cabin

* * *

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Observation by Nietzsche

Observation by Nietzsche

How much of the creativity is of deep philosophic value if we try to acknowledge it and get through that marginalized at outliers or there by choice, intellectuals and armchair philosophers in the coffee shops?

I was thinking about possible worlds and it occurred to me that one might be able to construct an interesting paradox. One might think that one could construct a set of all possible worlds. Suppose that at this world, I wrote down a set that did not contain itself. Now at nearby possible worlds, I also write down a set that doesn't contain itself, but I write down a different set. Now I ask is there any possible world at which I write down the set of sets written at all of these different worlds? If I do write down such a set, then it must contain itself -- thereby resulting in a contradiction. If I do not write down the set, then there is at least one set that does not contain itself which is logically possible but is not written down at any possible world. Again, contradiction. I was wondering how might one resolve this.
Forum Moderator

Posts: 999
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Blog: View Blog (0) Here I thought that perhaps the author of this thread was really trying to raise and interesting question of metaphysics (after all he moved my take on metaphysics to the realm of odds and ends) but I come away from the idea as at best a lack of deep understanding of the very thread of all the issues of debates of logic of which a young man should have some overview and not assume they have the unique answer and are in fact experts and do stand on solid scientific grounds.

Nietzsche observed defining history as a way to arrive at a few great men and added yes, to get around them. Nobel Laurettes seem to beget nobel Laurettes- in a sense we learn from our mentors much in the one to one Eastern tradition.

I do not mind, say in the minor publication Volume One not to have poems published that I would lose to those better or potentially better than I. But surely of the two hundred entries the university educated dominate in style and I have seen some very good poets that just are not part of the gown scene so in effect do not exist. Surely science as a social thing is about who controls the evolutionary agenda. I do mentor some of the local town poets and we for whatever reason are drawn to the work in itself which first and foremost should not dismiss our human and creative potential.

The great me of mathematics seem to follow a stream of simple idea that reach to the heart of the highest wisdom. Gauss, Cauchy, Weierstrass, Riemann there are always chess players in the coffee shop and losing to some of them over again puts us on a higher level- an almost mystical breakthrough in comprehension and expertise. A website that is for the common and universal good assumed of science and teaching should teach the links and history of the ideas and people- not jumble what truth there is in what they justify as contradictions and statistical grounded realities.

The modular numbers beget the epsilon methods beget Fourier and the angular complex number ideas begets the observations of what is prime where sums and products meet in the fundamental theory of analysis, differentiation an inverse of integration, Euler and all the Frenchmen. Our golden ages do not for mere political reason try to assassinate Heisenberg or Quantum physicists in Iran- what is our common science then a form of stealth terrorism and a fear of new as well as personally chosen ideas beyond the issue of the sacred and modernity.

Dear Lincoln,

Let me try to introduce another paradox from which and faint answer to your question may appear; let's call it the paradox of Wittgenstein. The philosopher argues that the problems arising through a misinterpretation of our forms of language have the character of depth, and, latter in the same text he asks "why do we feel grammatical joke to be deep?", with known conclusions.
Paradoxes may indeed result from the inavoidable nature of the langage and of the logical reasoning of the questionner, but neverless they also trigger the questionner itself, being thus both the son and the father of the questionner; wouldn't that be a paradox too?

I have found no other way to escape from the infinite regression, (but no disquietude here (?)), brang by the paradox but that of considering that infinite is just a local unavoidable pattern in the world, as well as the set of the sets, time and space and numbers : all are just local characters. Logical reasoning in this perspective yields an anthropomorphic vision of a world that goes beyond.

By the way, being in Caltech for a short two months period, it would be a honnor to offer a cafe to a moderator of this forum if there are some around, all of them deserving respect for their anonymous task here.

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First of all, Lincoln hasn't posted in this thread. Second, your post is off topic (and, as far as I am concerned, incoherent.)
Forum Moderator

So, it is her ideas that Henriette that disturbs the logic and the now I got you you sob natural mistake perhaps some subconscious association with the voice of arrogance. But really how is it there is no respect for young thinker even when they are climbing up the ladder of academia? Is that struggle a survival of the fittest that reduces others to babble and incoherence by assertions alone? I expect the lady will not hang around the forum much longer after such treatment and from an existential view she the enemy she will forever not be converted to the forum faith.

If the young linford would understand the chain of the mathematicians listed (after all I go back to review them for not only things I missed in my less matured brain but the whole context of their many worlds as if greater chessgames to learn from despite feeling, knowing the old ignorance that the next level of awakening makes up for it some) He would see the simplistic nature of his question, quite metaphysical in the superstitious sense- and just maybe be embarrassed by his recorded contributions. I suspect there will be little significant beyond that unlike the adaptable and human wisdom perhaps inherited of such conceptions of the universe of other mathematicians and logicians young and old on that forum. There are in fact several such paradoxes to put your name on way beyond this trivial one- and yes a sort of unity to it all- the very heart of getting beyond Godel et al, and the way we are free in the logic to see that port of the world, quasi quasic in number theory and the application of physics both engineering and theoretical that perhaps in the idea of the continua and of the levels of differentiation and so on that there is a certain mystical view of Cantor of what is unity of the transfinite and the equinumerous nature of lesser numbers- and a new way to apply the idea of axioms of choice intrinsic to the issues of axiomation of the hypothesis.

But I am on a new level- nevertheless I feel for the way some were treated on this minor forum. Then again it did not take formal education to reach linfords level at his age- what a generation of dull poets, what a generation of interesting chessgames between equals on lesser levels because they still have the freedom and do not have the suggested guidance to make a wider range of mistaken moves.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Number Theory

Vintage Number Theory

Developed further insights in the student's steep learning curve about sequences and series. Told it to sleepy eyed Eric then wrote a poem called Whats Your Number.

rrushius thanks for following me- those blogs you follow are most mysterious and interesting to me (mine are really accidents mostly of first encounters and some samples of foreign languages- I will be in Chicago a week or so in March so we can have the coffee and talk philosophy like we planned some time ago. Will email you.

What's Your Number L. Edgar Otto 02-10-10

Our music together is not perfect
yet it is sweet, as long as our lyrics
Are taken lightly, the tones not too high or deep
words their own haunting mirror ghosts

This seems how it must be as we damper
pluck each others strings at places dissonant
So hard to learn to play the rhythm chords
between the bass and shrill, Love's middle way

Love is as much a cast of dice and divining cards
as focused measure made more real by what we ignore
Somewhere between the workhorse and the unicorns
we live the mystery that Love's numbers match the world

The jukebox in the clubs and honky tonk's move our feet
I miss her like a crackling song, AM radio, highway in the wind

* * *

* * *

Real People, Real God and Irrational People, Imaginary God

So, in this thing called number as an abstract mental construct yet somehow a thing of physicality in the universe we can almost feel them as if hear music- oh it has been known a long time we can hear microwaves in our head and reading them there or putting them there does not prove our inmost thoughts can be ultimately and unwillingly accessed. Yet all this is a matter of how far logic and its proofs are to be related to the mathematics, interpreted at least- finally.

So, I can almost taste the flow of numbers like the perfume on the lady walking by that lingers on my tongue- distracting but then logic is distracting. It also takes a creative mind to understand mathematics as well as a keen and focused one.

I just went through the motions after figuring out how to work the old calculator without an instruction booklet. I was surprised all the sweat and eye strain resulted in some new insights and things to consider in that world still of vague speculations. So I state the following as hints of a new realm of my thinking without proof or clarity as to what would be at the end of a project of thinking about them.

Clearly we can find relations between some numbers which are not necessarily in nearby ordering but behave as these close first position chords.

It is not clear to me at all that the diagonal proof (other than by a vague general principle of logic that they can be Godel and Cohen like decidable) that we can generate more actual numbers than those listed in a sense of a concrete notation of numbers. There is the possibility quasic ideas can prove the continuum hypothesis where it is interpreted to apply. But this is at the heart of the other independent axiom of choice in matters of collections of infinite sets and so on.

What does it matter to an infinite universe is the clean idea of prime generation by factorials is rather beyond our computation?

So somewhere on a number line, logs or not, we see the approximation dances of phi and pi and the golden section. Although these can be relative and even dimensionless transcendentally - they do have a sense of fixed place which we need not say is some coincidence of the design of creation. But let me not forget the square root of two in matters of our finite bandwidth extending to many octaves.

If some of this proves out then we do have an explanation for why numbers and even supernatural senses of numbers apply to our reality, universe- which of course is the underlying theme of the above poem.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lincoln Logs of Galaxies and Atoms

Well, who decides who is crackpot or not in the gated community of science? What we really have to debate as scientist is what is crackpot and not of the science at hand and not the emotional debate of arrogance or whining overestimated enthusiasm. Anyway, I had some thoughts yesterday 02-08-10 and thought a little more about perspective after a discussion for his new study on blueprint reading with my son Ari on facebook. I wish I could convey to him the beauty I see especially intense lately and that it is worthwhile to learn- or to my other sons for I have wanted to have at least one scientist in the family.

The Lincoln Logs of Galaxies and Atoms

What holds things together (ie matter) is the fact that raw space is a slippery slope (ie Casimir action-reaction issue)

What does it mean if in a more modern analysis of limit, that the singularity can be a ring but that it a sort of quasi-string of some extended distance? Thus we can fold space on itself and center it over some connected region? We perhaps see here4 more evidence or reason that the concept exists of the "galatoms" and "ecotoms" we discussed so long in the philosophychatforum.

Yes, string theory is metaphysical, philosophy as to if we insist on empirical evidence directly. The colliders needed are well beyond our reach and although they can be reasoned not to start a descent into a false vacuum situation so to destroy some region or universe can can accidentally encounter such artificially I imagine in other experiments if we do not understand and command at least the quasic ideas.

The debate with Lincoln on the sciencechatforum was decisively won or at least drawn philosophically as regards to the utility of philosophy at the first challenging him with the Casmir force as related to the dark energy- but we were not educated enough not to belabor the point and the doctor admits it a frontier in need of urgent study.
Of course the machine we did make is exceptionally beautiful in itself though so far from the flux of zero point- in that sense it inspires the human spirit somewhere between the anguish of our nothingness free and in our infinite cost.

But each new small step forward seems to require greater epiphanies. Can the creative universe have no restraints?

* * *

* * *

We Must Learn the Joy of Learning as if Unfolding Slippery Space with Directions that seem Ultimately of our own Bootstrap of Concrete Dreams

Although we in learning recapitulate the world's wisdom in our understanding of things. to do it de novo on our own, the recreation in part of the wheel, we can make the same conclusions and possible mistakes made by the speculations rejecting or affirming an idea- justified or not- as have many innovators in the traditions and obvious trends and steps in discovery have done.

I have, at different times in my life, had more vague but creative juices flowing. I have had periods of clarity of the significance and limitation of mathematical ideas as if coming up each time again head under the water of ignorance. But never as high than now after a very long struggle has my grasp of the beauty of the workings of the cosmos and mathematics - the lack of confidence notwithstanding- than I do today. The ideas have a certain confidence and relevance and I begin to ask new questions, pose my own dilemmas.

Not that long ago pieces of the puzzle were missing in my mind's eye of what I read say in analysis. I do feel much the expert in my own domain and satisfied in its development of its truth and openness to solid intuitions being more aware of them. (Hey slackers, I was there first and independently, not that you matter to me or the world anymore- so put that in your elite hats that from my view limits our research and development of ideas in a free and democratic and sacred world)

Some first guesses. objections of the needed praise for the saints of the sciences as inspiration should be looked at again in view of our new understanding and experiences. at the foundation the first doubts and distrust of complex numbers as angles as a case in point or the distrust of geometric methods over the algebraic where there is logically no real variation of them. The continua involving transcendental, irrational numbers- indeed, the truth of the transfinite itself can make further progress. Time after all can be the meaning of the imaginary and the subjective lateral to the real yet consistently describle quaternions as spin- and Kepler is not totally falsified in his first mysterious cosmological model.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Golden Section Puzzle Design

Golden Section Puzzle Design

Among other things like several poems not posted around the 6th I looked further into the irrational ratios. For example the old puzzle I made called butter much along the lines of a series of Fibonaccis of stacked golden rectangles only in three space. In the 64 to 65 puzzle the missing square is a rather thin diamond so one of the squares does not vanish- yet what is concrete in this abstraction called number and with such conceptual cracks in the grid what is underneath it all as a continuum anyway unless it a transcendental possibility or freedom in design?

* * *

In the blog The Reference Frame an article called New particle masses in heterotic orbifolds I hope this sort of thing can be seen related to my posts here and on the philosophychatforum (I think it is rather much a blog itself and not what some of our efforts are here as an exploration of science in itself) but so many of my diagrams are not accessible on that forum now. In particular my quasic explanation of the particle generations which I suspect goes a little deeper than this article of guage and string theory, recall I adopted the E8 view early on as exotic groups when reviewing the partition methods of Dr. Seal's phd project on string theory.

* * *

For those few that come here who want to do certain projects with me- note that I am also trying to relate this to certain notations and ways to utilize the pixels for things like click maps in the better balance of finite and wider design. In particular for the A360 model camera I want to find the resolution (I think that of 2448 x 3264 will be best for that its highest resolution. On first blush I want to use the ration 289 and 434 Fibonacci numbers each adding one to it and multiplying by 6 for the 1 to 1.5 ratio or 1740 to 2610 which allows factors each squared of 2, 3, 5, and 29. Of course the choice of 5 is for a quasic grid to make the location of the pixels easier to find. But I have a lot to do yet with this sort of discrete pixel concerns- here where 6vartheta squared plus seven vartheta plus two where vartheta can have a Fibonacci value approaches the traditional 2 to 3 ratio of the third confederate (and other flags where there is a struggle with proportions) flag for example 5167/7754 of the 18 Fibonacci number. Vartheta is my symbol for phi or tau where we may insert discrete numbers from some series.

In a sense the same problem of Pythagoras in analyzing music is there- the coincidence of the 12th and 19th roots close in any extended music scales wherein maybe the third flag would be left because of this tradition of our Western music limited to all but flirting with the sevenths.

* * *

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Idea of Equations between the Infinite and Discrete

The Idea of Equations between the Infinite and Discrete

Sometimes a picture is enough in our insight into geometry. But equations work well also, our shifting across a mirror or mirrors can have their own perspectives of how we relate to design and measurement. Where I have toyed with the trivial problems of proportions involving the golden section and the third CSA flag I could have just as well wrote the series of powers of phi to see that in one dimension of the flag we have some multiple of phi with the Fibonacci numbers and a value added to it as an excess of similar and recursive numbers. But as with all such mathematics it is a relaxing recreation although some of our saints in the field like Lucas were essentially hobbyists. I use the variant of little theta to represent phi which can be replaced by a Fibonacci number (hence digamma) for a more general continuum.

I have always been bothered by the need for a quasized continuum as sort of a parallel offshoot of what seemed a reasonably complete series of continua. Now these seem to have a relationship more concretely in my mind.

We should have expanded some of our notations long ago. What is the negative root of a positive number? To ask this is a question of linguistic ambiguity as much as one of our idea of limits and numbers. Surely in general space there exists a point between zero and one which uniquely describes the irrational number yet it in reality is a number or limit that in some sense is never reached. But it can be described in the greater concept of dimension and space and spaces as a dynamic relationship between what is continuous and discrete in the virtual structures of the worlds design and its vigorous lifelike evolving.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Developmental Spectra

Here is a comment I posted (subject to moderation) on the blog I follow The Reference Frame which I hold in high regard and seems to relate to the subject I was thinking about today. I would urge any would be scientists to read this article carefully. It is odd to me that in my manuscript this morning I found stating the obvious excruciating to present even as a clear publication (if we can call a blog that) but clearly as with this article it is equally frustrating that some obvious things fade and are not understood perhaps in a poetic sense. It remains to be seen if this is a good development.

Nice clear article (I wish I could be as clear).

I am not sure I agree with the conclusion because I feel things have to be a little deeper than the current paradigm of irreversibility in some sense the entropy as time or any other disordering.

But I certainly understand your frustrations with those who with some position do not really understand the significance of the principles they are expert in using. Perhaps the decoherence on some deep level of consciousness does border on incoherence in some sort of flux.

I think the next thing to fall in your sense and maybe for the better is the idea of space as a form of dimensional measure. Of course it is still much a question of our unifying what is finite or not in both directions of groups and their reducibility. In short physics, including string theory, has not caught up to the underlying mathematics.

* * *

The Developmental Spectrum and the Implications for Science and Philosophy of Quasic Theory L. Otto 02-04-10

On some level, reasonably and logically, it seems uncertain if a design context drives implications or these drive the design. What then may we say for explanations and causation in physical or mental states of relaxed intelligibility?

Certainly, our diagnostic tool, numbers and language, are close to the foundation of symbol systems and physicality. This we intuitively sense, evaluate, debate and apply. Science then among its methods and politics can default to its role in general as developmental learning and other problems of communication.

The last posted article on the quasic notation, the structural information it may suggest in a way of null space or less in design development, if something is gained concretely from apparent randomness or flux, certainly seems an explanation for mental and embryo development.

One case in point which I heard discussed this morning on Public radio concerned the retraction of a paper that linked autism to children's shots (and speculated on other possible causes such as arsenic or insecticide- or the same old nature or nurture issues as to environment or heredity) The paper apparently did not have a wide sample nor a control for some statistical population research so after the storm of controversy it was declared bad science. Yet, we still do not know the causation or design context of this disease or diseases. It is hard to prove a negative- was stated as the usual dogma of the current logical and scientific paradigm. But for such things as perhaps existing, metaphysical at least, do we not clearly see that it is logically hard to disprove a negative also (Godel?)?

While guesses and measure as such is a powerful tool it can be a bottleneck for deeper research. As the child may be too sensitive in the spectrum of autism in some relation to immune disorder or expression- and usually more creative so withdrawn some suggest if not stimulated to develop- what drives the differentiation which can be described beyond the linear matrices as the geometrical models of change of space? Can the purely scientific method of chance and sampling- an appeal to what sort of work can be gained in some context of entropy or developing order for that matter- is inadequate to make the diagnosis and its cause, even inadequate to logically show there is no diagnosis to be had.

Is it that we are too clean, one caller suggests? Paul gives us a lesson where apparently God had supplied unclean meat- in the new testament then some look for justification for eating pork. But the message is that we are not to treat the gentile as being unclean. Diversity in sharing scientific knowledge is good but tolerance of each other as if the overall design is we are worthy as God's children or perhaps equally so-so a more intelligible model of the laws of nature and mind.

The idea in the accompanying drawing above - the rigid cuboctahedron as if the wall of a plant cell- and the micro degrees of freedom of a mammal cell at that point where if divided into thirty two there can be that many and not one (dying)individual (and I do not exactly mean see the 5 power here as a fate dimension) that the quasic model at least shows the immediate renewed path of possible embryo development- so too the notation for styles of mind. In that picture I include the glia and other nerve cell models as one brain group of them seems to monitor the other as if the baleen to polarize light quantumly or the classical field idea of forces whose dimensions are a mass defect in whole numbers of various groups I use the metaphor of the two types of whales. Indeed, we know their relation to us has changed and that dolphins for example seem to have positive effects on autistic kids swimming with them. But can I poetically suggest that they are our glia and we the busy physical nervous activity of the concrete world? What does this say for our vague coherence of mind and belief in otherworldly entities?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quasic Coordinates as Alternative Definition of Forces

Quasic Coordinates as Alternative Definition of Forces

L. Edgar Otto Words and numbers are living things their subtle breath in cycles the decimal floats and shifts, Mayan zero great arcana or origin for ice sickles... I guess I am done with the hoarfrost and rime ice in the poems, need new theme...
At the creative frontier where we touch the depths of the universe we sometimes find what seems concrete one day shifts and does not make sense the next. Words and numbers have these sorts of coordinates if we are aware of a greater continuum and its reality.

There is an alternative explanation for what we abstractly in physics regard as forces. Not only can be interpret the intrinsic curvature of space as a view that explains acceleration equivalence to gravity in a non-Euclidean manner, as far as the deeper ground of the subconscious in analog as logical we have the structures that flange or project down to some physical space and have dimensional mass defects as so relativistically above so quantumly below our awareness.

Language at the frontier of such creative depth in this sense is the same as what happens to numbers and how we view them or assign them to certain pictures or models.

The coordinates of say a 5-cell simplex (four space analog to the three space tetrahedron) are 0001 0010 0100 1000 and phi phi phi phy (tau or golden ratio). But it is not clear for these xyzw axes which one is the center so we can think of any one of them as the center. 256/81 in a sense some think of in the earlier days of mathematics as the value of pi. This sort of manipulation of the coordinates can be seen as a wider space of possibilities and the focusing down as a source of force with some of the dimensions of a different nature expressed outward. This is in effect an Euclidean space as if we can form the density of things in the normal way of momentum, moments of inertia and so on of normal space.

If phi or tau or some power of it is involved in the ratios- or for that matter the Lucas numbers and the like applied to a graphic design, we seem to be dealing with say triangles with no area, perhaps vectors as only a zero vector- but how many if we can convert them to some other triangle with zero area so to compare them?

My roommate is flirting with sacred geometry- in the traditional sense of the subject checking it on line I find it not a very scientific discussion if we want to get down to the nuts and bolts of these alternative geometries and its suggested existence via intuition or logic. Why do we deceive ourselves and others?