Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Insei (meteors) Cloudy Spirits of the Air and Dimensionless Black Hole-like Creative Objects

Insei (meteors) Cloudy Spirits of the Air and Dimensionless Black Hole-like Creative Objects

L. Edgar Otto     30 April, 2013

yaan jinn - to some creative object that is concrete there exists a supersymmetic metaphorical counter particle, but one who is friendly to everybody is not so to anybody in particular.  Mathematically its energy of being feeds on negative space.

We can imagine one unified higher creative but negative entity that focuses or rules them all.

A material object, a fireball or meteor, does not necessarily permit as science such metaphysical fields or hidden objects, nor their influence in an evolving reductionist world. which is to say that an atom imagined as a quantum cloud as if a black hole has internal structure in zero vacuum but nothing that extends less than that as some sort of reality.

A black hole like object as a general cloud can be dimensionless, that is, extend over an indefinite or infinite region even as a flat continuum...its structural properties of the vacuum to an absolute nil and no further may not be contiguous, may overlap, may be invisible, and independent save by historical accident of development of concrete objects.  We could apply algebra laws but only from a quasifinite viewpoint if we establish hierarchies of categories.

Nature herself is not necessarily categorized, but where it can be it is quasireal as a concrete evolving as time.

The distributive laws extend abstractly but independently over such creative concrete relation of such general regions and once fixed in a distinct present are transitive over all general diffuse properties of mathematics while symmetrical.

These general ideas apply to our concepts of thermodynamics... In the interface between the implied core of greater complexity (nuclei or shell kernels in atomic models) a diffuse concrete (in the quantum sense) cloud description is more an atmosphere range of actions within the ends and beginnings of the the horizons.

The dimensions as natural (if better defined in context of intelligible laws of the universe as the Omnium) explain where the rate or motion is different from viewing these atmospheres as if from outside (that in finite terms an ambiguous concept) such as our many examples on all scales- the boundary of protons, the reverse spin seen in some barred galaxies, the equator faster than the poles in the sun, or the core of the earth faster in rotation than its mantle... In this sense we may well imagine something that does not hold up in the normal descriptions of obviously true concrete physics such as the constancy of the velocity of light over time.

A creative cloud, centered and neutral, that is not positive or negative from any general reference frame, does not necessarily cohere or decohere where it is quasi-diffuse  thus after the summation of a sufficient grounding of bits and the passing of time to send signals, the pattern of complexity of diverse things in the universe is possible and the direction between the horizons, or sets of multiple horizons of such insei atmospheres is a constant difference- as well within observable bounds the creative objects and their properties tend to be conserved, dream-share space paradrone and paraclone intelligible meet between the discrete and continuous, between the Lie and the Klein group considerations that correspond globally as well as existentially.  Information and complexity also need a more general and clear definition as do dimensions and group ideas.

The center or focus of a creative universe trumps that of what of necessity seems to be the patterns and physics of its observable or reasonably extended laws just beyond the observation of its parts- but the universe is not necessarily something that meaningfully can be measured by a beginning or end as the physics of some degrees of order.  The issues of free will and determinism meet in this place of an intelligible blend of which our perceptions and interpretations may develop them as if independent axioms.

Between our sense of the unity of being, the slashing of the Gordian knots of pattern complexity, and the radical clinging in our playing with light or thoughts on it, falls a greater truth.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Symmetric Fun with Paragnomes

Symmetric Fun with Paragnomes

L. Edgar Otto   April 29, 2013

The accidental notation from a dream for the focused idea between dreamshare space and the objective natural world and some obvious words coined emphasize the greater generalization of our ideas on what in motion and rest in the dimensions of observed and calyptic dark space concepts.

The paraclone is not necessarily a paradrone and so on... the new philosophic creative object I style paragnome.

Yesterday I was honored by dialog on the vixra forum... I post this that we may try to gain insight on how we reason thru and debate certain issues... for me the string or loop theories and the nature of time from a higher view is not really unclear.  Many interesting comments can be found on those pages.

There really is not much to gain in the questions of conservation laws and the application of symmetry until there is a wider understanding of what we call dark matter- energy and so on. Until then there is only a bias of speculation which is a small step along the way to a less narrow theory. Are symmetries exact, become more so over change and time? How can we imagine such things without a deeper foundation than some cherished views let alone compare our visions? Until then the idea that the laws of nature are uniform is a simplistic idea adequate in its own century old era. Information and complexity theory is a better step toward this resolution of singularities and potential wider theories in such absolutes as emptiness. On some simple level of flatland such as string theory in a narrow or eternal sense some symmetries seem absolute and significant so they cannot be wrong as we defend them to ever more complex descent into mathematical analogies. The sad thing is that those in the denials in dispute between the relatively rational or irrational as nature decides despite what we think cannot see the instability and contradictions of their own stances…I agree with a lot said here such as the need for pragmatism and Orwin on logic. At least from a philosophic stance we can find all commentary humorous and much too cautious as well much to rash if anything in nature is intelligibly conserved. That includes our theory dreams an visions and metaphors of poetry in the world as well. Is a theory as Planck said, evolved only when the old generation dies off? or is uncertainty absolutely conserved? Even in the fractal world we do not quite match the forms with nature. One man’s Aristotle becomes and meets another’s Plato at some existential moment, surface of a mirror, in supersymmetry.
  • Robert L. Oldershaw says:
    I do not believe the situation is so opaque or ambiguous.
    In science, when you understand something then you can make multiple definitive predictions and they are subsequently verified. For example, General Relativity just passed yet another important test this week regarding the remarkable pulsar-white dwarf system.
    When you are having trouble even making truly definitive predictions (prior, feasibly tested, quantitative, non-adjustable and unique to the specific theory), let alone passing stringent predictions, then you know there is something deeply wrong with your assumptions and/or models.
    If we really want progress, we have to look more carefully at which ideas lead to successful predictions and which ideas do not.
    We have been failing at that important part of science for 30 years (seen any WIMPs lately?), and rather have relied on untested assumptions and faith in the wisdom of influential physicists.
    For example, scrap General Relativity for some “emergent” pipe dream? Sigh. Beyond words.

    • I predict we will not find any wimps or gravity waves either and that does not scrap general relativity or quantum theory… let us hope after decades of stagnation and fitful punctuated starts what emerges is a solid ability to influence and forecast our understanding of the mechanisms and notations we need. We could start by these naturally partly unconnected systems, such as the branes as part of a better intermittent (in both experiments and in thought) science that considers distinctions when these are viewed two or three dimensional in representations and that a basis for navigation that is not a vague opaque faith in quantum theory as a measure of our ignorance. Logic and history has its place, but whose history and over what hidden paths of higher integration


Prague Strong (Breaking News)

Prague Strong (Breaking News)

L. Edgar Otto   April 29, 2013

For a city  architecture largely untouched by the world war this must be quite traumatic.  I understand it was probably a natural gas explosion.  I am wondering where on the map was the damage.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paradrone Technology and the Omnium as General Dark Theory

Paradrone Technology and the Omnium as General Dark Theory

(The Universe as Iota Numerology)

L. Edgar Otto     Sunday, 28 April, 2013 18:23:59

A paradrone can be conceived as if a coordinate in some vague and general space generalized to the model of reality as the Omnium which includes all scales from the smallest particle like objects to the universe-multiverse as design entities.

That which on the average, in the mainstream  appears hovering on the razor edge of  fixity and change, as irreversible time direction or chiral matter asymmetry is intimate to the foundations of all possible theories of everything and establishes relations as fixed akin to memory as fixing the idea subjectively as memory with its ongoing complexity and shadow cohering resistances, inertia's where observable  thus where concrete for all practical material effects.  This is a more general grounding for our ideas of mass and gravity and the mechanism where they may interact in the subdivisions of physics as descriptions.

At the middle scale, that under the range of laws in reality, the uroid between the omnium and iotas we suspect as in the matter of interpretation hinted at in contemplation and debate in quantum theory for reductionist material and subjective descriptions, here an entity being a self influencing observer influenced by its context in space- thus to relate the modern but lesser physical laws of quantum and relativity joint or independent, slashed operations logically, is a focusing itself as a quasi-virtual centering in multiplicity and connectivity, spacious singularities or a quasi-continuum of them.

Thus the paradrone is considered the ground for developmental technologies such that parallel monads of subjectivity also focus and establish cosmic structures in the geometric analogies or that of simple arithmetic- both in a sense a co-evolving context. The dark concept or hidden properties and their calyptic intelligibility around us suggests the paradrone singularity is also parallel in the sense of how we imagine the paranormal- yet in the physical world or memory that tentatively mimics it we find the frontier of the omnomic principle wherein rather than just a diffusion and descent into ultimate disorder thru the self recursion in a hierarchy of chaos science considerations (of which in principle the atmosphere between explicit layers condenses in zones of vagueness) we also find a theory or the universe and some effects in it such as the measure of particle parameter values, going from the vague in the experience direction of crystal clarity and better understanding as if no fixed or open end to such description.

This paranormal concept does not necessarily suggest worlds there or not beyond the tension between the idea of multiverse or one unique universe although creative tracts in this vein, in what to the world appears as fantasy, are proven either way at some foundational philosophy.  What it seem to do is suggest that this is precisely where our paradoxes slash hopeless contradictions meet as if a formal science, one beyond the usual faith in psychology and neurology across the range of sensing methods of species.  If dark or opaque forces or falls exist they most likely correspond to the force or fall, acceleration or mirror of effects of material expansion, all around us and within us that we blind to them directly should realize consciousness itself if to be seen as scientific rather than metaphysical takes on the core properties of a paradrone singularity of which our ideas in real or dream space may correspond.

Our understanding of such general foundational theories is itself in the remote ends and beginnings, at the existential instant which can be expanded as a spacious vacuum now via the ideas of more general groups and dimensions has to go beyond a narrow flatland of some theory of relations between the physical and so called neutral dark spaces that it at least explores the third (and this can be extended to a higher sort of number in the count) or quasic physics that considers the discrete as well the analog so may slash blend them in the various logical (or apparently irrational) ways.  This too a grounding for fixity and change of our fundamental theories of form and process, of nature. It extends our notations and concepts, and worldview method beyond the straitjacket of only linear levels of complexity but not necessarily as a vague non-linearity where the flow of the evolving omnium self played and self observing and embedded in several independent or merging contexts ground laws that they be rationally constrained that in such evolving thought and life as well the universe can be intelligibly modified yet constrained as quasi-universal creative laws.

* * * * *

Footnote:  I again apologize for the specialized terminology which over these post pages has evolved and even undergone certain philosophic revisions- but I address possible future generations and historians.  This language is no more obscure or difficult than some of our conventions of equations but as a habit of poetry it condenses the meanings that what was written makes sense even if in the end it true only to its creative inner law. I find it a tool in aid to the inquiring and in that we parallel the workings of the universe to explain to others we have to learn, recreate the totality, and understand what we think and say to ourselves, at least on some level of comprehension.  Any errors are not necessarily a fault as my own, but is that not how we share our dreams and work out our reality aware or not of each other, or even the shadows of the gods, together?

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The Guido Casserole
L. Edgar Otto
  28 April, 2013

The roller coaster off the Jersey shore stands mangled from hurricane Sandy at the heart of the storm of the century.  So much for the rise and fall, potential and kinetic energy in the moving ever down to where the journey set, pushed upward finds a place of stillness.  Esquisite physiques, minds asleep but muscle bound, display only the evolving culture to which even a child knows, a pin prick on the pressing dumbbells pop like balloons while they still distinguish what is real our humor of characters suspended unrealistically in the gravity before becoming aware begin to fall in the flatland of flickering cartoons.  The Beaver generation playing cowboys and indians, or imitating their daddy's in the great war have no instinct to hate their fellow man, and they know its only playing dead.

A candle flame burning in weightlessness is but an eerie blue star-like sphere...a shammy rung out there stays in place or creeps up around the astronaught's arms like lowly lichen and bacteria gaining footholds out from the sea to land. Ancient Greeks clash with the higher awakening as the arms race continues, castles and storms in the isles of Lesbos and Rhodes, Roman engineers build walls or pales to contain the uprising in the gated ghettos- disperse the same old story of one tribal myth or wisdom, an ancient thorn in their side, the ancient feud to which we may not ask when it started as it an be traced to the origins of living things itself.

Aristotle was right in his way, we have to send out rays to see, we have to add a push that still things will move- life the expendinture of effort and small gain from the work in energy.  After all, we can see all things relative a bottom, have to fight and make more elaborate the truths of Einstein who along with Freud gave us a new world view- if we can hold these complimentary or contradictory ideas in our heads at once and that a measure of higher genius, for where these things are unified and true it is as much dust and compressing time as it lives in dream space.  Or it means nothing as we are torn by the loss of our faith that holds the people together, supplies meaning albeit still a mystery.

So enter Sagan, an old biography on this popularizer among the generation of creative buffoons lesser than their fathers fame and achievements, the tribal mother constantly tells him he is a much a genius.  In this time of second generation immigrants they strive for a place, a career and in the new view rebel somewhat, embarrassed by the irrational and rational conflicting in their thoughts- perhaps go beyond the local color of a place and time, man the universal, or if some idea of a totality find again the unmentioned God, or some substitute   Lost gazing at the core of the Milky Way, Sagan sees the rise of life as uniform everywhere, imagines when lost in the sense of the apparently innumerable and dense stars, that other civilizations exists on other worlds- this the endless chain a rational and scientific idea as much the blind belief in angles, ghosts, and aliens.

Here in the heartland I buy the book for a dollar by Keay Davidson it taken out of circulation, from the book shelf.  It is in meant condition as if no one ever read it.  Then again it is like so many swansongs of ending in the technology- for it is in an ancient language, that of books or books walled away from us in the electronic readers, we saw the movie or the documentary to research for our reports.  We grow a mere two fingers to type, to navigate the cloud, as it should be in the digital and binary era.  Sagan too a prophet before and while his time, I in kinship with him knows too well that informality can breed rationality as well the priesthood of Nobel laurelettes beget new ones close to their mentoring.

Miss Davidson in such a spiritual crisis we all share if we care to take thought and not just go on once set into to motion and the ups and downs of our living remarks that upon reading him it was a new vision and hope for her soul.  Only in our era have we come to the great speculative idea of which only as a footnote the likes of Feynman or Sagan casually makes remarks, informally, black holes evaporate in the former and in the latter that if we seen into the electron we could behold another whole new universe.

In dreamland irrationality can be sexy as much as that message like the glistening muscles of Guido of intelligence.  Such libido or drive needs not be open to our thoughts or the world or hidden when we try to make sense of symbols- for to fix a limit or a point is as much to change it or in changing it a loop again comes back to fixity. There is nothing to be seen before or after the stimulation at a wormhole mouth of a dawning or a fall into twilight only there for the sentient mind can time half claim it is but an illusion.

Not that long ago although held down by circumstance and the shouting that we are but sinners to question the myths of another culture, invasive, not holding to the ideals either in their own songs or new blending with all others- I too caught between yet inspired by my Einstein worship- found a lass attractive despite her irrationality and empty promises to escape from the myth she loves her life and was more musically creative with the aid of drugs.  For obvious reasons we never got that close physically- my fingers abhors the sharpness of flesh that feels a pin cushion and I knew she had confused her needle tips- fool I was to agree to help her in her freedom from the sandman.

One night, late and snowed in, I lay beside her we dressed and she said give her a back rub and then said tell me about the universe. As she nodded off into sleep I would would stop then she would awaken to say tell me more.  I told her that was about all I knew and asked why she wanted to know this.

"Well, I never made it to class often but I never missed a film lecture by Carl Sagan- guess I had a thing for him."

In dream space we can imagine something floating but not tethered that might shift abit in a gentle wind, or be carried off Aristotle in surveying his awakening unified world and faith, accepting experiments both from the world and dreams
before religion and science split or that broken symmetry since then in the world. In dream space his law rings true and this is what we mean trying to unify gravity as a force, one that in its motion as a fall finds again the wider scope of Newton's flatland and Kant's clear divisions of absolutes.  This side of dream land all the alien ghosts are weak if even half seen, what is still is still or moving is perpetual.

What is such a force that it only exists half touching the face of  focused centers or diffusion space faster than the light can change the landscape or be changed by it on a higher level that we call gravity that seems a force like the unification of the others so desire to include it, or show some bits of dust the mediators.  Is magnetism real if it only exist relative to a moving electron, and how do we reconcile that a falling thing gains heat or a moving thing radiates?  These are foundational and philosophic problems more than our physics.

But the world is intelligible enough to appear predictable or that someone somewhere can imagine how it turns out close to some speculation on the future.  The mechanisms proposed are more concrete despite the problems of new levels of technology.  The issue is the sharing of dreams, that which grounds the interactions between what seems to be no necessary design of the world as a distinction or not of the real and virtual worlds.  I am just beginning to see, as the number of theoreticians and creative engineers grow, their visions new for a couple of years or so beyond the couple of years from a lone mind or group to publication- sooner or later someone comes up with say a candle design and someone will make it even if I in my hobby thought it impractical to manufacture or sell.  A rainbow arch with a small wick on the top- oh I made some to see physically the design in my head.

Cohen at Google recently described a vision of what this new technology can mean for us and in that dream of a virtual world I find many ideas I foresaw with lesser resources and more limited technology not yet proven. He has not seen some things I did- namely the way to navigate such a space as we seem to touch the elements around a holograph like virtual vision of it...  The higher brilliance or genius is not in the mere connection of resources of content that it assumes something like a design with higher sentience- nor in the quality or even rationally of such resources.  It is in the frontier of resolving technologies in that they can in a wider scope share the reality and dreams between those innately part of the system.  I does no real good to limit our modeling of physics to narrow visions in the defense of which there is no end or even a necessary limit by the expenditure of effort.

The freedom to design and inquire in our creative world can be this central grounding of methods, ideas, particles, waves, and so on wherein if we must reduce things or hold them forbidden to our intellect as a matter of fact or faith, comes from the more general and foundational idea that at some place, coordinate like in the Omnium of all space we should limit our concepts and contexts without consideration so ignore what is at the grounding of it our ideas of rest and motion.  This is the complaint we should raise if we want to convince the world we were not evil or in acting as if we are being seen struggle with the idea there is no necessary wisdom in our watchers no matter how we feel beyond the fact of just being here as to if there are watchers or not.

I made a casserole, like a decade ago we called old flavorite, burger, mac an cheese  tomato sauce  a poor or prison food I hear some still carry on to this day but called it - and the term spread around town like a meme- old f*rt or just we are having F*rt tonight.  So, with my discovery of spices I tried to make it for old time's sake, but like whistling  Al Capone I saw merit in the Mediterranean diet.  So I styled it "Guido".

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Dream Share and the Hacking of Beautiful Minds

Dream Share and the Hacking of Beautiful Minds

L. Edgar Otto   26 April, 2013

What is not obvious in our impressions as to how a mind works in the context of society is that the human behavior that leaves us wondering why certain people and events happen may come from a rational system of being rather than the superficial understanding of sentient processes and the deeper nature of consciousness.  This side of our sensing of mirrors as a method of inquiry as a commitment to something in a dialog of necessities in an intelligible universe can be in deeper reflection just as perplexing.  Only occasionally have researchers and speculators in these aspiring sciences of psychology remarked on the hint of this.

Few things can override the power structures in society where in compromise to force political status transcends the circumstances and origins of social status and faith in social rewards. It is not the freedom from fear as an ideal after the great world war between civilizations and cities caught between conflicts that we in shallow hope convened for that may regulate peace in the world, but the freedom from the paralyzing effect and cloaking of wisdom such that those lied to with lies not forbidden in a chaotic universe as to what is a practical necessary reality that then cannot be aware save in a vague allegiance to a distant firewall for the recognized freedoms preserved by their faiths and ways of life and sometimes the selfish territorial defense of their external threats that seem immediate to slowly changing lifestyles.

The complexity of observing many individuals as if to categorize and pigeonhole  profile by diverse and even contradictory theories of the mind, even if the methods of solution extend beyond the scope of our linear and polynomial time discrete view algorithms- as if to deny that perhaps we in emphasis on the finite abandon the analog as this core metaphysics causes seasonal changes as the pendulum swings is also a problem way beyond the power of our deepest mathematics to handle, especially if it is of expediency the time and computation hours that would be needed for the job even as a matter of theory.  It is precisely here that mere links of interconnected parallel processors or our thoughts on the yet not applied logic of quantum theory fail us in finding answers as if a continuum of consciousness is complete.

If it were possible, and the world was intelligible, that someone could exist in a totally dark room, he could reconstruct the outside universe as a rational and unique system.  In a sense this is to be seen as a thought experiment that involves the observation laws of physics in general, relativistic and quantum in nature, and self referential at some focus in the moment or scale to which even the particles may be separate from the nonexistent background that it in a sense as concrete so creates this otherness than itself.  This the metaphysical point of Rollands in relation to physics itself as primary and without regard to ideas that may be there in tachyonics or teleology in its remote considerations, these ideas being sensibly held out of the scope of his thesis.

So the most general idea of the moment is that of if we can see somehow or share something of our dreaming with others, that is to communicate either with mediators or paths of physical aids with the proof of this overt and not hidden influences on behavior. This vaguely mirrors the idea of particle mediators but for the units of subjective descriptions.
But are we not wise enough to at least consider in the case of certain individuals, the possibility there can be some sort of prediction or potential a human or animal nature is programmed fixed and no amount of intervention can repair this (but if we think about it some other things could help as the implied or illusion coloration over an empty mirror form) nor environment that it is held in check, contained?

Can we not in common sense if not morality beyond our evolved instinct for survival or its abandonment for the whole to survive, not make the mistake of considering what we imagine an unhealthy mind or state of mind to apply in all cases as if to marginalize any different but healthy individuals?

It seems evident by myth or experience that in a room of test taking our own abilities may depend on the thoughts of others and so be reflected in us- as our abilities unto them. So is there a state or place in the world where, as if into some future dream that is more than this usual question that so many raise to raise the interests or cooperation of others, a sci fi effect that like our superego teaches us to relie on predictions and heed or be vigilant of warnings?

In the future, in this exchange of symbolism and abstractions that give some substance to human purpose and some control of our evolution, when in such a box isolated I say I think first to Google my mind, it is not inconceivable that with my mind I could actually Google google.  But such a thing is quite beyond our frontier understanding of quantum mechanics in some timeless but future dreamworld of such a fog or smog of the seeders or reapers of virtual or physical googleplexes.

We build a living library much like that found in myths over the world of some such place of wisdom, a place of research where the librarians are helpful but look strange and the script on crystal cylinders is in a vaguely familiar cuneiform yet the language is translated for you, the universe that is grounded in the dark also benevolent encouraging intelligence as well fulfilling its design.  Things like the healing of each other or ourselves even at a distance and directed to no physical or mental links to someone unknown is open to present or future possibilities as science if we are honest as well as skeptical in our comfort theory zones.

Yet what will make the message as standing out, or in some sense shared beyond our unique experiences and pet theories, beyond the scope of experiments, even reasonable guesses (for appeal to the quantum theory can be raised to undermine other theories, the very drama of thought as the tool of experiment- that is if we add energy to a system that may be the stuff transferred and not some inherent idea of rest or motion nor even time, action, at a fundamental level), will be a better logic and mathematical symbolism that in the amazing unfolding of science in this world thinking to look into that still hidden- our great inheritance from Greece- and the new interpretations that do not stray far from reductionism yet does not go radically outside our mysteries and faiths.   Maybe, it will take something more novel than this obvious thing while we continue to improve, carefully, our steps in the inevitable applied technologies.

We seem to be victims of our own designs of limitations as we try to rebuild from the rubble of vanished cities what is not really the same rebirth- one day no doubt this sort of thing can be done.  In the meantime we are limited by our atmosphere and subtle differences that seems like a numerology of symbols and dreams that is shielded from their own ancient truths, so soberly thought not shared.

Who then owns or justly claims the wisdom?  Who can justly copy-write his own personal genes?  Who can monitor and overtax the once removed virtual world of economics? In the quasifinite universe, digital and analog, unique and shared, of nonnecessity our brief atmosphere for life changed and changing the world around us, even if there is not an ultimate concern to guide us- we are the authors of our reality, its good and its evil and on what seems the wide future on a lesser creative scale the makers of our own heavens and hell's to which this time around if but once, we blindly neglect the higher vision for our own repairs and redemption's   We do not help our fellows always to truly thrive.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Matter, Antimatter, Mind a Comment to Pitkanen

Matter, Antimatter, Mind   a Comment to Pitkanen

L. Edgar Otto  April 25, 2013


I did not think the ideas in the wiki link to this book were very clear at all... as if the authors method were defining his own vision of his state of mind or entropy syntropy or so on...

I still think such debate, especially on the nature of consciousness is much too limited by the physical like effects of our quantum terminology.  Maybe not the hints of profound ideas pointed to.

I presume this applies to you disquis link to dialogs of eide on the note there today on matter antimatter difference  LHC and all. But has this not been the case for particles in decay for a very long time now?

They have just made the explanation more complicated, so too how to fit it in to any alternative physics but a matter of following suit and catching up.

Consider this:  abstract idea that shows time flow or the usual basis of it as evolving complexity, time from and not part of the idea of entropy (or in systems theory the term life as anti-entropy): we can take three distinct things at a time from four things- but what would it logically imply in a reverse if we abstractly allow three things taken four distinct at a time?  In abstract thought, a ground in wormhole like connections or not, the vision or his virtual model tries to guarantee by itself its structures so as to make sense in some world or level as meaning.  Nature in fact is wiser than this and for us and her particles she is not so biased as all that- four things like say the DNA grounding taken three at a time is the abstraction that does not make sense.  But it is neither a both way or all one way vision only- I think it is more like the new conjunction slang term  "slash" where experiencing the web the kids pic up unaware the sense of the logic.

On the other hand there are some really great applications as if we actually dwell in a virtual cloud that the touch screen is three distinct things of four space.

It could be that the narrow view of dimensions even in the higher maths like p-adics corresponds to a narrow view of what I think you mean as is TGD integratable when we consider a multiverse tangle of quantum tunneling wormholes.

I will post this comment on my pesla blog now...  you never engage me in dialog there and many I talk to do not respond or freeze us out if they don't like the comments  (Lubos )  this drive to state a case persists but is it grounded like this idea of slash time?  Are we victims of physics or our own growing need for theories to persist against the entropy of our conversations as our ideas that do not adapt become obsolete and decohere?  I know you think if we have not seen or understood, don't get the idea, it is a defect that one cannot see something or has any idea as original   I mean after awhile it is the same old style and argument (Lubos perhaps)  it grows stale on its own as thought and physics runs into its brick walls of vanished equilibrium.

* * * * *

In a sound new vision the abstract symmetry of the physicality of such thought, our sense of the solidity of consciousness, the very definition we look for is this asymmetry the real illusion and not that of the universes time...a measure not of our quantum ignorance but of a lack of vision to which we are not aware- at least directly in some mirror of our consciousness, a vague dream of evidence then balanced by our narrow vision and how we desire to leap there even if a fearful dream... fall or rise into some tunnel  skip the need for a very long clock thus go directly to the end of time- all this in our vertigo with thoughts on four space.  The causal diamond is as profound an idea as the question what do the steeples point toward if in all the spheres they seem to point toward each other... just as we can imagine a fourth axes and angle to our familiar space all these diamonds have such an analogy off the brane flatland- and that more complex world beyond the quantum space, may have such an abstract geometrical analogy again.  True comprehension does not take forever to see all the cases, nor as in the primes do we jump over, make mistakes in the list, as we search and apply them.

A link to Matti's site.
* * * * *

Also later I posted this comment on the dialogs of eide  as issues have come up linking these two bloggers I follow who I had not seen communicated before---of course in the synchronicity of this and my new understanding of what can be done in the new technology, the cloud, smartphones, things that would have improved communications in the old pc days can still apply in the new forms with astounding results that make all these slow dawning of the inadequacy of quantum based discussions a little obsolete and a little beyond the proof save in the actual practice.  I may set up a domain for this new technology- who wants to hear about new physics anyway as theory?

To Plato:

The ideas linked to from this page are essentially correct but contain caveats about how much may have to be known first- and it will not be  just a matter of simple magnetism, we can go beyond that.  We can even imagine such structures  like dark connections along Pitkanen's other bloggers lines as well what might make them physically impossible technically (namely photon multiplication collapse of the shells of a wormhole where tachyon theory applies.)  Of course there can be a virtual level beneath what nature allows as real that is logically there (no matter how long some future technology develops along these suggested lines)- so the issues are still more matters of a higher level philosophy to solve even more than some supposed unification needed first.     The Cern link also contained another discovery by a cited flock of researchers that showed star to polyhedral surface vibrations (now as a pot lid banging child I noticed this with some water and some rather loud sounds striking it- that is not all science has to be big to put into a breakthru learned paper- this works too with smoke rings in terms of more foundational geometry related to gamma bursts and so on.  But what of antimatter of which current research is still 
baffled including directions or illusions of time?  How long have they but dreamed of harnessing the energy of the charged atmosphere over the sky of the earth?  I begin to understand these some visions or mechanisms is how our more than quantum affected minds makes it difficult or impossible for us all to communicate to each other what should be possible if there is 
anything real in these rumors of theory at all- but they will not believe it even given all the relevant logic an facts.  In some systems of physical law the resolution was there all along so it is actually a period of theory that will let us advance further.

* * * * * 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Borg Sea Project

The Borg Sea Project

L. Edgar Otto  24 April, 2013

Concepts of energy by virtue of structure or by our foamy measure of change we ask if it is intelligible that the universe may contain mechanisms for its observation and gathering from hidden or alternative physics.

But where we can understand a global or more general context should we not speculate on the consequences, some but rumors, some to be withheld for their value or our fear to face that unknown?

The frontiers of theory and research may be as rich as it reduces to lukewarm trivialities.  The great enterprise as some form of power or wisdom covers the earth has us all a constant thing as well as shape changers.  We, as in the speculative fiction are Odo's up from some shared sea of our home planet or we cannot resist against the laws of the universe as we are incorporated into the cube or pyramid of some material heaven, a linked mind where all eyes see what one nameless soul can, half man and half machine.  Even the machines it seems have to sleep, rejuvenate, recharge.

The simple act of existing senses the up and down, its strangeness and its charm, its cold truth or seething beauty, like the poet I follow in my blog at the change of spring the heat kills off the daffydown lilies- or as poetry can be a self centered or incestuous thing I always thought of them as spring and tho my heart if it does awaken sleeps in a deeper ground, its bulb, that as in rescue and emergency the saying goes that "Nothing cold can be declared dead."  Let us recall that energy was at first a poetic word.

That said, I can imagine the possibility in detail that such a thing may be there before us as I review and learn what for me should send shivers up all our spines, the structure of the atom itself, and how all this fits the pattern and relationships of complexity in our genomes.

Not that we may fall of the end of the world into some catastrophe so to use the phrase of a young man excited to discover things in science secrets there we do not want to know, rather that it makes little sense when we are capable of clear objectivity that in this world so many in complacency despite the assertions of environmental change, for that and for science in the service of man- they do not want to know.

In a richer world it is not necessarily gospel that our frustrations lead to aggression, nor that given the opportunity to inquire those outside the mythical bell curve can find guarantees the world a consummate frivalry, or set in certainties.  But this is as much a reevaluation and interpretation as philosophy as much as that claimed as science.  Can we even know, given our powerful wisdom or knowledge not quiet powerful enough to explain some ordinary things not to mention extraordinary claims for what is possible in theory, say cold fusion, but not practical nor predictable if anything can be shown to be so yet not forbidden- such claims like raising the dead with a following in Europe that flourished but not in England where they permitted a public demonstration.

Can we really say we know how things work, say how they are amplified in imaginary loops, zoomed from the inherent vibration energy of some sea of differences in space? Or as the quantum physicists like Pagels seem drawn to mountaintops (and yes only to prophesy in dreams that they fall down) as if to flee inland from a Borg like determinism of waves over the earth, we to echo eka-system parallels of our crawling out from the shores?  The finite and the endless continuum where they meet and we like Newton skip stones into the checked sea- some of our equations vanish at the next wave or in a hundred years with the ever present mystery of the tides.

Is it not clear by now things are not quite that simple at the very core of theory?  Vuyk in a parallel but more up to date system relates what can be a relation, that of as Penrose said stars the makers of entropy and black holes the eaters.  But now we reached the final frontier for now at least, that of the great map of the cosmic background, and of the lowly field mote of dust that gives its weight to all.  The truth of these things not only can be lost in our passionate sense of beauty but new mysteries are lost in a sea of overwhelming so buried anomalies.

Why do we debate the idea of some form of a four way deal of higher dimensions at least?  Is the question of environment or inheritance now a moot question, is the man or machine a resolved problem only good for mass entertainment in our media?  Why can we not go beyond these old country ways as we break like a mirror into a zillion photographs of a digital world... the shattered pieces fading in descent or somehow given back to the glory of the whole like the Day-star of Ba-hai, his sayings not that far from some theory of holographic images- after all in connectivism our brain nerve trees seem to suggest this organization as well...

Seaborg, where in the universe short of say in a structured quasar may we find the elements of a higher periodic table- that is were even if we imagine one that is described as well unfolded and divided into shadows?  But the surface of such things we try to walk on, gauge our spins and centers, vallies and mountains, find conservation's balances zero or some whole- is it not possible we only understand in this rather thin atmosphere only a few miles high but tens of thousands in its span?

That sometimes the spacious skin can hold our self inflicted contradictions including the prime one: that we say things are intelligible and have a common grounding, that is we persist against it but claim some unity in the whole.  I say this, what is the boundary is not different in illusion than what it may in the emptiness of wider dimensions contain.  As I said, and why look down upon the disabled in the public bus- that can only raise in you the question that wisdom could be relative depending on the reference frame and so on... But this is no good reason to abandon our projects or sell them out for pointless gain... it is the atmosphere we breathe. It is the costly waste like war of self deception and the struggle to work lies for others- we both a private and public species.

* * * * *

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fifth and Future Fractal Panels

Fifth and Future Fractal Panels

L. Edgar Otto    23 April 2013

Panel V should make clear the intricacies of fractal path in some dimension and the combinations involved.  This the beginning as the "gray code" an error correction code... in general we should go on to understand a wider set of codes that in some context may focus or find wider corrections.

Panel iv is still in progress and involves a better application for the 24 four color faces on a cube and in 4 space.  Although I have chosen arbitrary orientations for a notation in the quasifinite sense these do not matter globally as they all fit in the design of such groups, as do things in continuous vector geometry- yet it does make a difference, nominally and functionally to have a sense of a more unified topology and a more intelligible count of what may be contained in a model.  In these intermediate pages before V  I also explore more the binary divisions between folded and unfolded nil dihedrons. We should also designate in the shape of the quasic field what happens upon reversals in the flat brane as we compare the representations between reachable adjacent dimensions.

I should really extend this into the adjacent 2D and 4D iterations as we keep in mind the wider richness of simple symmetries involved.

* * * * *

In the beginning the god particle expanded until their was light...and at the eight day dimension of creation Atom being somewhat of a creator in hi image spoke:  "Lord of the fractal trees and holodeck of paradise, who evolved the low dimensions behold my work, mentor me. How can you stand to be so lonely, if there be light what is there to see?"

Then the god particle thought on this and said, "You can continue until the last digits of pi to discern the sky, but eat not of the hyper apple for it is twice as full thus you feel but half a worm and crave your anti soul to find all whole again."

So, since the atom was free to spin his yarns and weaves the god particle gave him one more gift, amused, and wanting something new beyond himself to see what would happen.

Atom looked up at him holding his inky quill with eyes that beamed,  "Thank you Lord it helps my work, for your gift, the white board of my dreams..."

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Eyes of Time

The Eyes of Time

L.Edgar Otto 22 April, 2013

*The measure of time is how long over which one lives that
he can compare to the brief life, long past of another he has known.

*We do not forget the intimacy of sensitivity for the flesh that is saturated within us more to vanishing. But it is difficult to recall it outside ourselves, to communicate it to that outside, to another heart or mind.

*Yet, it is possible to find the way. Thus we build deep bonds in time, and expand the props of the stage as we fill our universe, hear far from the mask and voice of resolving gods in the machine, echos high in the isles and pews as if one with them while to touch them.

*The measure of space is how unimportant some who have passed on before you, frees you from their ghostly power of earthly evil and buries their lies

*A half lonely soul can be his own space and time.

*I was but the shadows and the phosphene light on which you gazed, safe a distant dance surrounding you, not sure who was half naked yet saw was real, opened or closed to your curtains as your whims blew in the wind, yet you never knew me.

*Hours then the years before your mirror and your oils, paints and dyes, funny hats, rolls of towels of paper. The shower curtains accidental a crack, the angle and the minute hand waiting for my return, clock face stopped but right.

*But if in the maze we come face to face random errands in the street too close your wrinkles, age, a centaur's rump, your hawks head on a classical body, in fantasy to worship, send sacrifices, so like mine,that other nakedness that abhors the light so suffers in perdition along with the forests and pock-holes of microscopic mites in high definition. So we draw our blinds down to hide within the iron bars of our hearts, excused by news all unknowns may show the unlocked heart finds evil.

*Like an old song that sounds good again the light shines out from all directions as we pretend things not changed in the unrequited prologue that we give or are primed to give only in time's presence born again as if there were no rejections.

* * *

Earth Day 1970:
* * * * *

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fearing Idols of the Marketplace

Fearing Idols of the Marketplace

(Our Drive toward Virtual Taverns to Share Saloons)

L. Edgar Otto Sunday, 21 April, 2013

Toxic rivers flow inland in the watershed of our
horizons in fear or fear not felt, illusions held distant
Between the crisis flight suspending time into itself
we like flying squires could never touch the ground,
Perpetual In motion yet to over plant the acorns, old growth seed, forgotten at the planting, leaving caves,
Empty hearts forever not disturbed in nesting rest, hibernation, awakened sleep by season's incubation, Our stale fluids flowing out to pristine boundless seas

Stuttering and tongue tied what you call your poetic slogans, a drunkard's tune your belonging an anthem
Until strapped to your vest your loneliness goes nova
taking indifferent crowds, rewards returned with you
As if the shock waves in the cloudy emptiness can curl up storms of dust, terror terraform the same stars
What is this doppelganger in our privacy to abort the promise for expectations standing on mountains past, shadow worlds
Umbilical the old coat hanger tourniquets in anger

Loners following their boners in search of plenty fish
shot in a barrels contained virtual fantasy, higher seas
Asking in their hearts for so little yet everything, the access thru swinging doors or revolving doors hiding Under clothes play hide and seek department stores presenting colors true and false to the perfumed wind
Turnkeys and doormen take their cut and they adored
for their sacrifice and protection, forgiven their neglect
Of vigilance standing into danger shared in innocence

Come with me until the bar close that after bar we can gaze at each others curly twinkle toes share the cave With togetherness in Paradise to know and knows that inside or outside our hearts no difference or if an end
Some vague dream where we begin, find the haven
your lighthouse and discerned skies away from storms
Star-crossed, surprised but some wink ship in the night
echoes, empty shells, hints terra firma walks of shame
Try to care for the land crawling out an endless game.

The Great Bear once had a tail that points thru the hunter to the Virgin, ice clad glacial thick its armor
Skin to bear awakening too soon in winter and hungry
the mesmerizing wound of lunatics meet the braided
Rings of Father Time, illusion vanished as godhead
dethroned by indifferent beak the swan, the tastes and
Glory of young men, Ganymede, as pure as they're angry, conniving wives alarmists lies or abusive bolts of lightning, Entering the tunnel of Love more frightening

But that Bear watering his mouth seeks a North Star
Now thru an hourglass in spin finds all targets moving.

* * * * *

Natural Fractals for 3 and 4 Dimensional Pathways

Natural Fractals for 3 and 4 Dimensional Pathways

L. Edgar Otto 21 April, 2013

By "natural fractal" I mean a pathway described by a simple right angle 24 combinatorial elements describing the rigid rotation of a cube. The lattice contains 24 elements of 6 directions depending on the orientation of the identity and there is assumed 5 of six directions for motion from an initial location. In four dimensions an analogy exists of the 120 elements of the dodecahedron for a higher lattice as such.

The choices of orientation and direction may not correspond in free descriptions, locally, to that of the factoring of natural dimensions where they are prime number entities.

The looping ensemble at points in a graph is in a sense the question of a free extension over n translation same direction steps presumably limited by general ideas as to the intelligible relations between such abstract geometric entities.
Note any future panels will be posted in a new post.

I am not sure if this is the standard way among choices such fractals are done or programmed. For a standard among choices I set the last arrangement of the symmetry notations by the last model I assembled regardless of spin directions and overall chirality and mirrors in the now explored case of three space. The sixth face or last face of a cube assumes but five colors as if it empty or difficult to assemble as if negative if we designate an unique frame of an implied adjacent dimensional point in its interior quasifinite variations for multiplicity and connectivity.

* * *

Inversions are all important where at each node or rest point one of the six colors itself contains sub fractal abstract motions otherwise we simply designate the color out from thru the three natural axes. But as if this ground a mirroring it also can ground the idea of vibrations in inversion duality but with respect only as one side of higher abstract mirrors. In effect we describe motions as some combination of identity, reflections, rotations over an orthogonal or simplex group where the idea of rigidity can have wider variations.

By such a method we can make more intelligible in a positive direction within a natural four base the chromatic or twelve base information entities.

* * *

Equivalently we can regard such a fractal path thru three space as a combination of emphasized or privileged complex systems in tandem with a duplication of the system as well as only taking half values of the real parts. But the idea of extension into binary and bilateral n-dimensional symmetry as virality admits half values of the totality of systems as if a reflection or image not necessarily real. Can we extend this paradox to finer detail and richer systems of space or symmetry operations beyond mere duplication or halving of these null or dimensionless contexts of abstract motions that fundamentally describes and makes unique in choice the span of quasic generations or the particle generations including regions or holes, vacua left as if in the landscape broken from a period of glaciation part of the buried ice melts to leave a kettle lack as the world warms?

* * *

More detailed explorations will appear here with more formal illustrations. This would be a good programming project in which we may enumerate possible paths as information theory. This could include probability methods for those so inclined.

Can we by methods close to or beyond absolute zero achieve what we want to find by greater ideas of heat where they apply to quasinfinite flat or round surfaces such as that thought for the physics of black holes- and would this not take a new vision from a deeper concept than mere extension of our ideas of new symmetry operations?

* * * * *
I got up early and watched a general statistics course on PBS from Stout University. I was general but an area I may have thought about but not in those terms other than say the general bell curve. This evidently is the main method for sociological data analysis and some ideas were said relatively new, since the 80's. I found many things wrong with the general ideas that could easily be resolved if we resolve the questions of the infinite and finite, in particular the idea of unity and a deeper role for counting as a principle that is not only easy to understand but in context is certainly more foundational.

Specifically, although I see some researchers pushing the envelop in statistical methods and analysis, that the idea of Bayesian statistics in that it is a continuous development is weak on that very point. What I observed or found perhaps by talking with others, with students, is that their expectations were colored by this general method that certainly should not be one that uses count in a non-mathematical way to promote aspects of teaching. A true inquirer should not just appeal to one side of ideas to which he sees as the grounding with some degree of certainty so parrots his larning. This appeal to nominal-ism is quite an antithesis to radical empiricism. Indeed, how far are we certain in our Bayesian measure before even the physicists lose interest and the subject vanishes beyond expectations and observation, or the question in retrospect no longer applies once we have reached a higher level of intimate and non-local connections transferring information if not signals. But I did see hints of directions in deeper areas in which I think we all seem to be heading.

Pardon me if anything I write has come from such secondhand rumors, damn rumors, and statistics. Time has not moved on so much as piled higher and deeper.

Is it not very basic in four space a worm, or a hole it makes, eats the volume comes to the surface and eats as much again? This the beginning? In any case variance (which Bayes was wise to publish after his death but the lecturer did not seem to know why, after all could God make Bayes irrelevant like some physics without Bayes?) So if I have used that vocabulary (not terms, teaching not usually as high a pursuit in today's universities) variation in the statistical sense then I caution it may have other legitimate fields senses, such as the temporary general structure of co-variance... In any case in multivariate could we not have a fractal like situation where it makes sense with care to widen the conditions and parameters as well the correlations?

I will explore and post later on the fractal path ideas but I will post some casual drawings that seem to relate to the themes at hand.

In an abductive world, and a quasifinite one with a more general idea of holographic boundaries, clearly we may consider half a four dimensional apple as well as half a worm... in the ranking methods of statistics there is a caution to put the unity or one at the top rather than multiplicity of values at the bottom- abstactly, this is the grounding of total or totally divergent theories, of everything.

* * * * *

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mirror Edges Through Horizons

Descent to Razor Edge Zero Division Spaces
 Mirror Edges Through Horizons  

L. Edgar Otto   20 April, 2013

*the dimensional volume of zero can be divided by a number (other than zero but in division which side is nature on of a mirror- or is this zero by zero division an absolute grounding of dynamic descent or fixed laws of nature as uncertainty?)

*the general concept with descent is that a creative or casual entity may have different values on the other side, the dark side, of such mirrors. This the issue of multiplicity as indeterminate or many valued when compared to a focused center of connectivity in a region of space or at such a contained singularity the entering again compressed by vectors describing the symmetry of a system.

*The horizon, or surface of a box metaphor, of creative objects is not necessarily a flat horizon as if a mirror surface nor in a quasifinite universe we necessarily define that difference of the inside or outside.

*We in the abstract can slice so as to divide a zero volume as if to duplicate that volume or remove half of it which does not technically exist locally in the first place.

*But what of the quasi-infinite?   That descent into curvature when compared to the ideal as if an absolute space of certainty?  This I hinted at yesterday in the commentary on Leo Vuyk and Matti Pitkanen's vision.  While my system borders on the metaphysical principle with its ideal absolutes, Vuykian and Pitkanen systems do describe certain more standard phenomena as described as physics, question of which there is no other answer or any considered as a need for explanation beyond some noted half mystery.

*Standard physics shuns any idea that may exceed the standard reduction beyond a grounding at zero.  Pitkanen tries to show abstract linear elements with width of emptiness or the wormholes as does compactafication ideas or extensions of string theory that in effect makes action a minimum zero.  Vuyk says the same general thing but applies to his raspberry universe on these looping wormholes the general real multiplicity of a wider continuum of universe ( a sort of localized ultranscontinuum in my terms) in particular the monopoles extend very far outward much like the effects of a boundless but finite continuum where only in the remote action and symmetry do these have significant local effects.

*Why do we imagine that two poles, say of a magnet, are equal... in the first place one or the other of electric or magnetic fields as multiplicity, with a centering, may not exist in the first place relative to some system of rest and motion as well the grounding plane on in a grounding brane as a mirror of interpretative volume or abstract dimensions.  The neutral but one signed monopole to its mirror image may lead us to question if its anti or super particle is multiple- so in this we may imagine some difference that a well as defining mass may be a new source of energy as if in a wider quantum zero point space.  Can the Higgs then be multiple or if we actually transited between mirrors would that image be singular and what we see of concrete particles here as multiple as the general physics may be interchanged?  How else is it that, at least on the organic molecular level, the mirror images have different strengths?

*One problem we attempt to ask if not solved is readily seen by the descent into a more classical model, like the Bohr like atom (where it may make some sense that an electron is but the illusion we imagine from outside as if an epicycle and the singularity or complex of singularity more fundamental so to define it in its dimensional aspect of rest and motion, a sort of iota string or ray or particle in my system.  In this case, in the charge range of intelligible and relevant dimensions, the span and depth of the count of its sub-parts is at once multiple or singular as the same description.

*What explains magnetism but the shells of electrons and the count of their direction of spin, if one flips it may emit a photon or change its relation of distance to the nucleus?  In my symmetric atom where the number theory grounding is a mater of shadows, mirrors and symmetry- the Z=120 elements some shells shielding others... the principles such as Vuyk's and Pitkanen's in the background, the caution to frame physics in these terms of power series of descent and potentials forces, centrifugal or centripetal if we can make the distinction as to which is certain as concrete, we find and explain in a standard way what is observed :  that the heat changes the electron configuration, that it can align magnetic properties of atoms to a hierarchy of descent (or ascending) systems of quasinfinite loops of quasifinite magnetic lines... we can in fact take an iron bar and by adding to it the shock of a hammer align them over the chaos toward the earth's magnetic poles. But electric force energy as well as random chaos will organize them equally unto the measure and sensing of the space abstract just as some creatures like the turtles use for navigation yet are not aware of a change of temperature when caught in ocean currents.

* * * * 

Debate as to the Relativity of Virtual Centripetal Forces

As I have posted earlier, as to what holds up the world that famous reply to Russel by an older lady - "cleaver young man, it is turtles all the way up and all the way down..."  But this is too narrow a case itself... for it is also turtles all the way left and right, forward and back, future and past and so on...  But we all have our strengths and sensibilities of perception (not all of us can have the advantage of an invasive species that like bad apples spoil the rest and seem anti-social in their brainwashed violence the business of the  leveling in name only of overly generous abilities as a doctrine of diversity (the universities in their holding up the society as if on the slippery planes of crystalline plastron shells against the ignorance indulges and is the source of much violence in the shared society so author ignorance itself) 

From their mirror universe some group which for most of us we imagine worthwhile believes as in a nation regardless of issues like race- that the philosophy to level the world gains certain groups have to lose- but as to the concept of mirrors their choices of sides to apply is not the unfolding of general opportunity and evolution but narrow reaction to which to their very wisdom they remain blind and to which when the climate changes as in the economy their liberal stance goes out the window and for those who are the mentally ill or brainwashed children of violence they become a target themselves and as well as the townsfolk do not really give nor know explanations for some such action.

In their schizophrenic universe it is crackpots all the way up and down, forward and backward, loners and helpers of fellow men, left and right.

As long as this is the case a nation will not in its achievements in science can but repeat the mistakes of past explorations and keeps up with what is behind as not even original.  If we imagine in the false scarcity and rule of arbitrary law where in the end conquest is the fact of a state or empires expansion and persistence the pendulum has to swing back to where individuals for the good make a difference- science is not ever big enough not to fail if it descends into the multiplicity of the collective slope that is grounded on narrow vision, narrow investment in tools and the people... such big science we could consider the true small pond of crack-pottery in descent to which we all should learn to grow limbs and crawl out of a drying pond, fly, reach for the stars... figure out why some of us is a little lacking in what is the obvious in common sense.

Life has only the purpose we half choose to give and make or do it in these matters.  After incubation we should put away the myths of our children's stories and face the situations without fear so not paralyzed to explore and in the multiplicity of paradox when so many of us, know the truth and the sensible stance in comforting joy- that there are no guarantees, no necessary realities.  In the idea past the weapons of mass destruction that takes food out of the mouths of a state's people of the balance of power, we now find cracks in the vanished stalemate that this generation is tarnished by a more subtle bravado against diffuse and multiple terror.  It can only get worse when in our technology one lone soul can bring the multitudes near extinction.

But where in the general rights and scheme of things can we ever find how to trust ourselves and each other, find what we as a wider civilization vaguely imagines sane all the way up and all the way down?

* * * * *

On the Multiplicity of Complimentary Unipolar Entities

I am amazed certain principles on all or both sides of an issue are taken as gospel and it could be that there is a powerful natural principle I am not yet capable of understanding  (indeed, I would welcome enlightenment on these issues if it can be shown to me on a deeper foundational and intuitive level as a unique case that could resolve the unity or reason for facts of our existence, for science itself).  But in principle just as with our stances and models of space or metaphors of our subjective, quasi-moral and quasi-religious feelings as reality, we may not be able to distinguish the source of ultimate error as to if fault is within or without we as sinners, assumptions that there is a strict wrong on either side of a region full or empty that is a quasifinite mirror. 

Wisdom in our exploration of the universe and its mysteries, secrets if obtainable as science so in the main useful although invisible to proof save the proof of its core given being to which we may legitimately offer statements of patterns and design as evidence, for its ultimate interpretations or relations to external or internal knowing, meaningful or meaningfree, of and in itself but an image we see and not necessarily the object of our imagination- as with mathematics a method of blind faith.  The abstract relations we imagine of the vacuum or of our imagining the emptiness surprises and call up in us ideas of reasoning beyond ourselves and world, hints to so desperately seek or forecast explanations and reasons we internally as coherently sound and grounded as the theory of everything we so stand with.

But the world is far richer, even at the state is may be in its development, evidently toward new things and a higher theory, and if of higher beings a touching to them in their reality, but if we pay attention so will to or direct our intentions so accept the variety in depth the stability of the familiar and our dreams in fancy have grounded in awareness of what is real so a tangible creative play to which we view and enter the cave or box, repeat the actions or once and only falls the curtain or new plays beyond encores.  For in the fleeting game and acts all outside it seems as immortal as it as remote and unreal as death.

There is much to be said for living in the depth of the mundane, perhaps in the luxury of time to grown if not lied  to then allowed our freedom grounding desires beyond the flatland sterile neutrality of our childlike but not childish ignorance.  But I do not demand of my fellow man that they even acknowledge my message for it is long known their nature is that we hold against those who enlighten us with some bit of wisdom their intrusions disturbing our own peaceful or isolated continuum.

When this happens collectively and we are brainwashed as to how to live and the world is it is even more difficult to experience and relate to the depth of reality of other souls, of our dramatic relationships in particular that they stand each moment over the abyss, the paradise disturbed, the devil cheating us by our own frailty or vanity then getting away. We will even if it takes the last of our strength move heaven and earth to bind and bury him.  Yet we are not vengeful welders of swords without mercy, in that we are as godlike in creativity as perhaps the Good some not foolishly imagine as life and its ideals.

You who crash into walls, who did not fall into them, may not find comfort there in myths of martyrdom for the walls are thin and one may pass thru them to face at least a higher realm of creative philosophy and science secrets by which it is hoped our understanding of our world does not remain unresolved and far from its portion of unities in our very personal paradoxes and contradictions of thought in which we half away find the state of minds sometimes of ourselves.

What we imagine in the natural ratios as if matter and energy in the dark, the unexplained persistent percent of what is right or left handed, or non-right as one sided, in our bilateral symmetry of spacious evolving stands on its own as evidence for a wider vision or theory as to what is the case as we find paradoxes of necessity in a nonnecessary reality.

We are complicate creatures on this side of consciousness and awareness with relatively coherent and intelligible models and minds much like the ionized and electromagnetic properties of an atom at home on its grounding of a unified view in its singularity.  But in a general unified theory we, as if in a more classical and first blush view of objectivity in experiment and science we find on the other side of its totality as if an image mirrored the nucleus of many flavors and color symmetry, so in the abstract yet accessible tangibly our minds have at least such a core of multiplicity true to its own reflections and inner laws, and what may yet extend or exist beyond it.

After the breakdown of family, of the nuclear family in our time, with the promises of even a wider concept of how we define the bonds between us, the next generation that fancies itself free and revolutionary against that obsolete seems to be in hopefully a transition period in which the next dissolution will be the inner bonds of what individual minds were once clearly something in and of itself that our pretensions of creativity and wisdom, or the worth of love as a higher value is a pointless model of living by which we may say from a philosophic stance such life is even less in the living than if it were but machines as the world abandons without reflection the substance of its future and the drive to explore, inquire, and invest in ourselves and our civilization.

* * * * *
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