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Metaphysics Beyond Maximum Symmetry

Metaphysics Beyond Maximum Symmetry

What I have styled the "quason", as it applies to atoms so in a sense why not the universe?- that question of the One and Many, in the last few years worked out the 248 dimensional snowflake of maximum entropy resembles.

What if instead of being viewed as a spherical top we imagine, as the Omnium or totality of universe, this structure can be seen as quasi-linear, quasi-compacted intelligible quasi-concavity? Vaguely nature seems to favor such helices in the structure and transmission of mass and energy, concrete and opaque.

In this metaphor and notion (to which things like Yangian topology and M-theory are but stepping stones) one might ask if and what would be an analog to its sub-dimensional backbone of shadow polytope nil dihedral continuity? What, moreover, is the grounding logic of the totality, some intelligible Dedekind like
cut vaguely made at the interface of between the false and the true?

In such a world some of our religious or metaphysical intuitions may make better sense and fit into better intelligible models. In an open universe (perhaps, rather quasi-open at some point of "creation") and if in a real sense we can control our own evolution, what is true may be independently so in a world wide enough that we establish the truth of our own heaven and hell, unique and total faith thus for all practical purposes at least- a solid grounding for that discovered faith.

Personally, I would like to think in the scheme of things that all changes can be accessed and recorded somewhere as if the great mythical libraries of old- in some place by an intelligible path in all varieties of space and time we can read our lost books of Alexandria and even make sense of vanished lives and might-have-been's. But this is just a wish, and perhaps it born from our lack of depth or ability to appreciate or understand the beauty and depth of the experience of life and truth of its movement as a victory in the main over that which vanishes.

Yet, in accepting the Liebnizean comprehensive relativism in these matters, do not think I say it is the only picture of a "phaneron" or background of being to our perceptions. As some have so made such conclusions socially and politically on the lesser level of this notion from the work of Einstein so as to deconstruct physics and metaphysics in such cultural relativism of choices. I only say it is part of the big picture to which our generation of theorists sense the need and feel driven to work out.

Basing truth as a matter of probability seems to me at this point (although such claims we leave open intellectually as a possibility) is not powerful enough to resolve the paradoxes a the deepest levels we now have obtained. For either those who profess by the improbabilities of say organic structure's forming spontaneously so infer intelligent design creationism or for those professing scientific reductionism, can we justify outside our thoughts and perceptions these as matters of fact.

So much of this is obvious and perennially said in one philosophic form or another. But by what measure as if our fate and truth can we, involved in our own developing theories and place or role in life, can we reach a higher dimension outside, yet within our self that even our doubts of inputs of enquiry are not totally blind?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Speculation on Liebnizean Stereonomic Mediation

Speculation on Liebnizean Stereonomic Mediation

Although complex numbers are the heart of modern physics (see Lubos on the reference frame blogspot), in a quasi-nonlinear system of Liebnizean universal doubt of all inputs the imaginary numbers are not powerful enough or deep enough in the sense of an intelligible amplification from the microcosms such that a small change strictly leads to a greater change (one of the so called "butterfly effects") to describe the laws of the Phaneron (in Gardner's sense as the cosmic background) which is paradoxically not necessarily independent quasi-linearly.

As far as Lubos's articles today (which I read of course after the fact of writing this manuscript last night). I would start by asking the question of the time like dimensions not limited to eight dimensions but at least 16 and beyond provided we generalize the mathematical properties. (btw these in my philosophychatforum development I called the "Farve dimensions"). That is we generalize the octonians as we are are not limited to the local topologies discussed nor complex analysis.
* * *
If anyone has followed my chain of reasoning I can show the generalization of our notions of such dimensions by Rowlands consideration of the pentagonal dipyramid applied to the DNA structure. I thus suggest as part of Conways 30 cube matrix that it is a part of the backbone or shadows drawn out linearly of my inscribing of the five pentagons (as nil digons) and the five triangles. Thus the shadows have five and one tetrahedra respectively for a total of thirty. Of course these can divide or join by the usual complex number ideas and be a neutral state for the 90 or 45 possibilities of four colors of the six in question. Certainly what Lubos asks would very clearly and beautifully apply to a model of such organic structures for the generalization of this vague idea of four space and so on. The symmetric 30 would indeed relate to Klein's 4 group and Dirac algebra of the 60 and the 32+32 of the Sixth situation (Is that F6? sorry I am not schooled in your terminology guys, but I suspect my approach is more from Klein as it emphasizes finite groups.)

As the tetrahedra in question are in a relaxation relevancy I call this an n-polis. When it involves thirty for a span of five of the pentagonal dypramids I call it a Triaconopolis but keep in mind this still is a subset of greater natural dimensions, even quadratically greater than five.

* * *
Back to transcribing from the notebook manuscript:
The whirls and spinning structures, say of the sunspots and the whirls of tendencies involving climate on the earth may have geometric (and variations of topological structures) mediators as systems as well as a description of mass-energy relationships as the system description. But this follows from the speculations on locality and scale quasi-independent models. Surely what interactions, perhaps from opaque or dark substance between particles in an atomic nucleus, have analogous effect in the electron configuration of the atom. A balance of charges of course.

These, without appeal to vague and distant statistics only, can be a matter of finer measure and predictability than that method may reach. Of course the system is generally true to the analogy for such solar systems bodies. We observe the possibility of planets created in pairs or even halved by the virial priciple. (see Rowlands) we observe in relation to Kepler's music of the spheres as the first scientific and falsifiable model system a further theory or sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Action at a distance is thus less strange and more generalized. Of course the Kelperlian model requires at least the virtual structures of four dimensional solids. In general although we may map a similar structure in real space in a complex space mirror the actual possibilities of the isomorphism of such mathematical notions and mechanisms are not that restricted to describe some totality or generalization it seems to do within some ground and definition of dimensionality unto the basis of a given dimension.

* * * Addendum somewhat later this day:

Given the triaconopolis established as a sequence with relatively more fixed connector monopolis over the chiral compacted bilateral helical backbone, other paths and sequences may vary and evolve from this implied continuity through opaque coherence's.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Decapolis (Compactified Broken 10- Symmetry)

* * *
Decapolis (Compactified Broken 10-Symmetry)

A further idea came to me casually at a moments reflection on the five-fold symmetries of the pentagonal dipyramids in relation to the 18-faced deltahedron.

A Decapolis or Pentapolis (the pentagonal dipyramid itself)is imagined to be composed diffusely of five tetrahedra but not as a strict and symmetrical polytope, nor if inside a regular polytope or polyhedron these as convex have intelligibly balanced numbers such as the number of faces or edges that intersect at a point.

The tenfold metric is everywhere in the pentagram structures which of course involve the golden ratios (said in Rowlands the reason for string like symmetry breaking). But the problem in general is the treatment of such edges coming to a point to so define classes of structures outside the generality of local points and methods of developing linear algebra from such a point over the polyhedron to evaluate vectors, or at the generality only such as the global formulas of Fullers geodesics. One answer appears to me is that in these offered notions of quasi-convex solids, and that decoherence as the vacuum may have such structure but as quasi-coherence, is that in the classical sense (and things like quantum collapsing seem to be that which somehow linearly is approached and the linearity of it considered the concrete real)we can have degrees of compactification (based on the dimensionality or compression or density - say of mass to the surface of things holographically). But which of the in-sphere ratio differences and in which dimension is the surface and mass compression in general?

We can imagine two dipyramids together such that there are only 18 faces- but there are internal and external ones with regard to the overall spherical top structure. In which case we view as if these loosely on a sphere- ten triangular faces by which we may assume on the other side of such a mirror we are observing an icosahedron of twenty faces.

This quasi-density linearized compactification structure is realized in the spirals and twists of chains of organic molecules including DNA. But what sets the direction and chirality of these helices when they should be equally probable? This 20 and 18 faced difference for coherence structure suggests adaptation in freedom freedom to interpret or express these mechanisms of ambiguity. In a sense from the psychological view of such and consciousness theory we as we set the memory in the structured vacuum so set them in the decoherence or entropy structural vacuum. We establish a path of belief and enquiry and elaborate theory which has the ability to choose steps for remote improbable options yet can accrue what persists as false memories also. From what respect is the inheritance to be defined as imperfect? In this topological view of things, structures, linear and local or neither, is the truth of a model rather than the thing (like physics) the models try to describe- thus the paths and history of conscious speculation and contemplation of scientists while restrained decoheres or vaguely coheres as groups of theories (as if a n-polis)with evolving mnemonics and traditions- and yes, in less unification of what in theory constitutes intelligibility, Darwinian struggle between self-centered agents.

Now, like in the dropping of feathers and Cannon balls in a vacuum (of which the act in a sense can invoke the concept of gaining "heat") on the meso level as the organic one of body and mind we find the same description of the idea of subatomic and cosmic effects such as the Casmir as a "dark force" or some equivalent idea of particles in a sea of real or virtual mediators. (Rowlands who makes the analogy with the Vanderals Force- I suspect more than its strict explanation is involved here
as effects if dialectical charges at certain ranges.) We find therefore that the coherent topological structures that existentially allow the compaction of and wider freedom of choices in the general sea of uncertainty and possibility, between our ideas of freedom and necessity, that these general notions are matters that explain and exceed some level of attachment strictly to scales of forces. Otherwise we would not find intelligible mathematics and models of lesser general systems work so as to be part of the picture and have real physical and chemical effects analogous to biological pathways of persistent symmetries in the quasi-finite universe.

* * *

* * * NEXT DAY:

A further thought on the implications of this is that I am talking about the state of bilateral symmetry structure and breaking including the historical path from such rearranged connections as if the initial polytope was spherical symmetry- Thus as with the chirality of nature in general we have bias to one handedness and yet have a center of netruality in organic and universal development. The rearrangements of course are arithmetically intelligible. This is the grounding of the doubling and halving of things itself a foundational principle.

A metaphor would be that between the symmetry of a reed or a lilly pad where each one is a goal of some evolution we observe that while we have bilateral symmetry the heart is not exactly the center of the design. But the restraints, globally and locally, of this quasi-deterministic symmetry alow for the potential shifts and variations at those very cusps where the chirality may be neutral such that the effects of such symmetry as a sort of quasi-morphogenesis (across scales thus non-degenerately in organic systems including mental) does not necessarily change). The "leonic" field of the expression of energy say in biochemical pathways and less than default to the center expendure of energy is a rather quasication of the idea of behind the materialization morphogenic fields- as if fractal and looping effects may be observed as field subsets of quasic dimensionality.

Where the ten-fold metric applies in this loose sense of quasi-determinism of the bilateral topological symmetric potential effects (including roughly determined do-first of the so called non-linearity of say protien structure) the mistake of finding the golden section as some value divided by some value plus, so as to approach the golden number- is more a quasi-mistake to distinguish or not if the numerical coincidence acctually applies intelligible physical design effects. Then again the depth of understanding things like ball lightning or specter of the Brocken and the like- as apparently all effects not clearly science or supernatural as we do not have a strong enough foundation of our intellible math and logic, beyond being questionable by be only quasi-observable for experiment and only organically resonating as experience- and like phereomones as odorless the non-isolated effects may observe and react with the developing world behind the scenes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Minimum Decoherence & Questions of Time & Entropy

[This illustration takes a picture of the twizzle cube through a bird's feather over the lens like the "x-ray" scopes sold to us in the comics of the 50's which made errie inference effects when we viewed things like our hands...]

* * *
Ahh, an article near my position (somewhere in this blog and since 1969 with the quasic idea):
* * *
But I was looking for this article from yesterday:
http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20727753.600-infinite-doppelgangers-may-explain-quantum-probabilities.html I forgot to read. But it did seem the issue of the multiverse and so on was something related to this planned post. (well, I found little new in this particular article today.) Again, as this relates to the human psychology (what is the self and unique self and is there a sort of looping between parts of the brain in some developmental and perhaps inflation like theory of mental growth?) So the popular literature comes a little closer to my more radical positions for it occured to me that on some scale we make blunders or are occasionally brilliant in chess by winking in and out of our multiplicity of personalities :-)
* * *
Having read Lubos before posting here I made a comment which of course contained some of the things on my mind on these issues:

Another good article with history of the mathematics. Lubos, again concerned with areas currently on my mind. (perhaps you read my last posts and comments, or we are connected someway beyond the virtual space of our love for science in imaginary dialog and time).
I tend to see something like the chessboard as six dimensional, I suppose this is like the Clifford algebra but dimension is a rather loose term. In a plane one can think of those drawings of Escher of water flowing both up and down hill from a global perspective which to me is not just an illusion of perception but can be seen as two three spaces, or a six space, over each other. I am not sure this can be represented from complex numbers and while algebra and geometry are unified say by Euler's beautiful formulas I still regard the unification logically of addition and multiplication as needing a unified notation rather than the confusion of breaking them apart and declaring them one number in the background.
Perhaps it is pure speculation but this line of thinking suggests to me I need to take a serious look at tachyons and some mechanism- and the ideas of looping of which from Hofstedler I do not find credible as physics. Yet, there does seem to be such loops in the intrinsic and real curvature as the 37 degrees or so where one is on the other side of light velocity where whatever relation we have to imaginary time there is nevertheless a hint of jumps of time travel.

* * *

Minimum Decoherence & Questions of Time & Entropy

Briefly, virtually or in reality on some side of the mirror we can model certain physical sitiuations as if they really or as some sort of illusion do strange things with time in the remote extremes universal and local effects. Some object beyond the velocity of light may indeed arrive a certain place before it leaved later at another place- a sort of greater than instanaenous notion.

If we have that intrinsic curvature of space (Godel and Einstein) we could spiral and loop and jump through time (of which Es called this notion not likely true as it was too weird). But I am interested in two things here- the notion of a minimum decoherence in a world where at zero and even some dimension of a sea of such extended zeros (especially the persitence of memory in our brains and/or the linear expression of the zero backbone of say the DNA) and extending this quasic unification of the physics into notions of a fourth or Phoenix physics (Qph) we work in the consequences of things relating to the vacuum and notions of energy at that place at least existentially the notions of physics are intelligibly vanished or blurred in relation to the mathematics and the ideas of energy and so on...

Assertion 1 - at that point where some concrete object exceeds the speed of light the required energy is nearly or actually infinite and the coherence and continuity of coherence is nearly or actually an absolute flat zero.

Assertion 2 - but this process has two directions of looking at what is macro and micro of scales and it at least a four way dialect of being and nothingness-that is dark and light matter, local and non-local Machian or Einsteinian ideas of spatial background and inertial independence of such additive or multiplicative scalars and vectors and so on..

Of course in the middle level and some idea of minimum decoherence as a naked charge or singularity over some quasic pixel over some idea of scales such as minimum distance or Planck area and so on we in the virtual space (so attractive in our age of computers and even addictive like love or stange loops of the idea of near or actual sense of self) but this philosophic notion does seem to map into macro and micro and our own comprehension of scales- of which decoherence as intimate or as the property of entropy (that is as a measure of time also for information and meaning are conjugate from Shannon's view but perhaps only approximately so- I mean from the New Scientist article we do have this deep problem of what quantum probability is or what say a multiverse is) In a sense we have the idea of maximum entropy at the surface of a "black hole". But as these can be classical objects (Rowlands) perhaps the idea of infinite speed of gravity or infinite symmetry at the smallest points or furtherest evolving to become a limited loop of energy of the volume of space, the quasi-closed universe is a fine balance of intelligibility mathematically where like in the raw and absolute vacuum the phenomena of decoherence and its virtual mirrors also have structure and capacity for storage or retrivial of concrete (real or virtual as spin ahead or behind some illusive mirror) that takes a reasonable amount of high energy.

* * *

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Leonardo Wasting Time with City Hall

My preoccupation with five fold symmetry as the garden heads toward autumn this post is about a book and a blog poster who stand out briefly as a fresh and lone flower that was not there yesterday and who knows about tomorrow?

* * *
Another Leonardo Wasting Time with City Hall

I am not doing much today but I did post the following to New Scientist asking for what are important and influential science books:

I came across Peter Rowlands book Zero to Infinity and the clarity of his presentation advanced my understanding of the foundations and frontier of science immensely this year. He also made so many connections I agree with in my decades long hobby of the physics I find it startling and see directions from points I started thinking about years ago. His book is on the scientific american book club- but because of him I have the highest respect for the wisdom of our British scientists and of course I am a lifetime reader of New Scientist. I feel that some of the established and young theoretical physicists on line would clear their heads reading him and see through their own concerns and contriversies as I can now see through them clearly- so we can come closer, and I in my time, to seeing the beauty and reasonings of what this life and universe is.

L. Edgar Otto Eau Claire WI

* * *

I also submitted this comment to Lubos of the Reference Frame blogspot I follow:

Most interesting post (I respect but do not emphazize probability in science), but along the way of reading this I realized it was not just to be about a puzzle. Does this have to do with the 26 and 13 dimensions (say on a cosmic string) in earlier ideas of string theory?
I have been thinking lately of that link of notions of entropy and decoherence but have nothing to post on it yet. In any case the world certainly seems somewhere between the deterministic and uncertainty as grounding.
So this question of thermodynamics (and indeed from your post on the questioning of quantum theory in the newscientist.com) certainly is a great issue of what is approached to some classical observation which would be half. Maybe there is no ideal quantum isolated state ever reached, a sort of minimum entropy. That is is the universe itself an isolated system so to speak? Maybe there is only vague quasi-isolated systems.
Thus in all these coincidences of nature we certainly have to look deeply at the issues of global warming- for if the earth is more integrated would it not become less coherent or more so if we treat it as an isolated system? But when does Monday become Tuesday on the dateline and how many hours is a given holiday on the earth? We probably need a little more logic than we do inadequate and pseudo science on these issues than many seem to have as you point out from the other side.


* * *

Of Natural and Supernatural Mirrors:

As I look at two contigous pentagonal dipyramid deltahedra I am struck by the sense of a neuter and right and left mirror image as if it were such a regular solid that has these properties. It has the eleven points of the 18 faced missing deltahedron. But there are endless varities of concave ones to the few convex ones- so I suspect just as six equilateral triangles become flatland on the higher dimensionalities the 18 faced one becomes somehow curved or circular. I think then that we should acknowledge a class of them roughly to be called quasi-convex.

Coincidence- and maybe the hidden ground and continuity of dark matters that may or may not appear other worldly. For example: In real life we can have real connections with others or fanciful ones- the the same is true on the other side of a mirror. When my well "supernatural" space is close to my friend and not just a false dreaming our schedules as random as they are seem to match and for some reason I run into her in the most unlikey places many times- so there seems a connection in the real world too of these recurring periods of coincidence. But this does not happen unless we are in a sense of some sort of super topology over time connected in a way that our feelings are not just wishes and fantasy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coincidence as Conservation of Intelligibility

* * *
Coincidence as Conservation of Intelligibility

A good theoretician, grounded in a sense of science, should be brave in her speculations and interpretations of the foundations proposed to explain reality.

A poor one, grounded in the fundamentals as if in the certainty of a blind faith, lacks that sense of embarrassment of the failures, irrelevance, or lack of depth, over complication of first thoughts for a simple theory which the assertions not going far enough ahead are made trivial but dogmatically made as objects of set and fossilized faith at that borderline of what is science, a vague worship of saints and heroes and their ideas they in their modesty and honesty never meant as tuition.

I might add that a measure of a good one is his given of equal weight to ideas, intellectually and initially that in the flow of time one may change his opinions.

For those on the fringes of theory no amount of rational demonstration of the error of coincidence concluding effects of the supernatural, going beyond general ideas of chance and thermodynamic laws, can stand in a world where there is cosmic intelligibility as coincidence in our evaluation of the fine structure constants.

I try to understand the brave assertion in string theory and in Rowland's book, of symmetry breaking as what seems New Age, at least as such souls have claimed the ideas and tradition of vague numerology involving the golden section. How simple and brave the idea that the "pentatope" or 5-cell can be arranged as almost to fill the 10 faced deltahedron or pentagonal dipyramid.

This is in the spirit of Fuller and his synergy (including his errors on spherical volume as integral). Fuller the guru to a generation of back to the Earther's, dedicating his book to Coxeter - also for me a guru's guru.

On my old copy of Regular Polytopes I drew a pentatope in yellow grease pencil. Further publications of his book had such a pentatope (only in the two dimensional representation) on the hard cover.

Much of the explanation in Rowlands involves the application of the doubling of things as justified by complex number algebra. I reconsider this and quite imagine its application to the observation of duplication (see recent astronomy picture of the day articles) and separation of matter and dark matter in galaxy evolution.

Rowlands mentions the universal importance beyond the model of cosmology of the Hubble constant and coincidental values. I remind (if there is still a record left and as Eyes_Only confirmed and understood in my philosophychatforum posts where the HST of Hubble and the mainstream stars were offered as a property of my "quasic" space physics.

If course there is coincidence that material things intelligibly correspond to these values - for example, the so called explanation in New Scientist recently for higher energy cosmic rays accelerated by the galactic magnetic field.

In the illustration above I show stacked pentagonal dipyramids as 2-space pentagons and triangles. But such a "golden" symmetry exists also in the stack of them in three space, as if two Moebius strips (and the accompanying algebra) made a Klein's bottle (regardless of the state of dimensions and intersections). Both backbones of something like DNA or protien helix stacking fold into circles that overlap themselves- I am sure such a thing exists in this lesser topology of symmetries or if not an angular treatment should be explored, especially in relation to the golden and other quadratic numbers.

I feel my faith justified that there was something unique and intelligible in the faith of good theoreticians for to follow like Coxeter and Rowlands and I fully expect they are to be in the mainstream of our era.

* * *

A Speculation inspired from the hand made models as a notion above:

Given the fern like frond unfolding from the circular to a more spiral yet linear extention of rthe 4 or double 2space algebra- the two space backbone of the 3D helix (of 5 pentagonal dipyramids) composed of pentagons and triangles (icosahedral like unfolded net with circuits of direction)locally. These may be viewed as Dihedrons of zero volume, contiguous and flat in the sense also of zero probability as in the case of some aromatic molecules, Thus the dark or opaque matter-energy notions apply
and yes as incommensurate transcendental differences that do indeed allow for freedoms of motion (such as Rowlands alternative to Fullers DNA unzipping speed) and the conserved intelligibility in concrete material and dimensional structures. In this sense such vague and fundamental non-local conservation of perhaps potentially infinite "speed of gravity" we understand the restriction on string theory as "infinite symmetry" in a deeper sense than if the honeycomb is analogous to a polytope of finite boundlessness.

* * *

L. Edgar Otto on facebook got this humorous reply to yesterdays thought:

L. Edgar Otto If there is talk of relativity sound but not deep enough to explain the world- and that quantum theory is also sound but on a shaky foundation- then what can be said of quantum gravity? Eddington had in right in 1929 with his quantum relativity.

Michael James More important, what do you put quantum gravy on?!

Ed O'Brien Quantum Texas Toast w/Pota'toes' OBrien???

L. Edgar Otto We are in the age of high estrogen soy based physics. Where to put the gravy is a great question considering we can now ask "Where is the Beef?" Just as there are five string theories make into one big one, under the constitution Texas could break into five states.

* * *

Monday, August 23, 2010

On the Intelligible Unintelligible as Physics

On the Intelligible Unintelligible as Physics

Again Lubos of the reference frame has a relevant article to my thoughts today (He must forgive me for being a lifelong fan of New Scientist magazine). But I see no fault in either his or the position of the article in the magazine. The same may be said about the theories of Einstein (indeed, from a religious viewpoint and from the right of fundamentalist Christian creationism his theories are attacked or denied or at least their emphasized position in physics as physics- the term "Jew Science" perhaps in an age where the philosophy of science is culturally based or racially based. In any case the arguments are not deep nor up to date. Yet the universal truth of Einstein's ideas standing the test of time and depth of technology does not claim it has the total picture any more than the universal truth of quantum laws. The philosophy to be analyzed here is deeper than judgments, beyond the a priori or our experimental compass.

The question of what the universe is and how it works, and why it is not nothing as it seems rather something, should be the main concern of those of us caught up in the pursuit of theory. I cannot imagine going through life not concerned with this but I can imagine some of faith totally concerned with their vague issues of their souls. Darwin does not forgive our stupidity of love but his ground is neutral. Science can show that Intelligence is sexy. (I am not sure I speak for woman here as they are very often the unintelligible intelligible. As is said in the prisons where people form schools or groups "God forgives, brothers don't"

In the quasi-paradox (or perhaps vaguely resolved quasi-contradiction)like many others of that discernible in the indiscernible, indistinguishable distinguishable, the NP hard or not problems, Not to say some vague dialectical reasoning here beyond where it applies to charge and spin of particles and motion,
The Prime Motion to be analyzed (in a sense Zeno proved more than he thought when he showed the arrow in flight did not move)is the intelligibility of prime numbers in mathematical and meta-mathematical systems, that is of the quasi-intelligibility of mathematics mirroring the physical world.

If we think we understand the quantum world we do not- but if we do it certainly makes sense to feel a vague higher theory that seems intelligible at a distance. One should sort out these prime notions and be aware of them philosophically so that one can take a more intelligent decision as to the intelligible design of the cosmos.
In the meantime we have a century of wasted careers as once the great religious wars wasted time and lives.

* * *

Actually, I found the newscientist.com article and its links rather interesting just now... The two ways they presented the three principles so as to possibly ground quantum theory on some first principles. But a lot is to be desired in the use of qubits for example- it is not clear to me at all that there is a minimum bit of information that is the reduction of physics- that such a reduction is more intelligible than say no information at all or even some infinity of information. While the spirit of this effort of notions is worthy the depth of grounding of such notions while acknowledging the philosophy of it all does not seem to get to the depth and span of the physics of it all. In matters of information the source or the message itself is such an ultimate question as to what can be known and authenticated in a world of quasi-uncertainty. Non-locality of course can have a classical origin and reason to be. Let us not forget that quasicity is a theory of information and it too is as intelligible everywhere. But I do applaud the desire to find the foundations of the foundations.

* * *

Next day on facebook:

L. Edgar Otto I haven't decided why these shapes are so special other than it takes 5 instead of the tetrahedral 10 to come back to the same direction, that and if we stretch things loosely two of them make the 11 point 18 faced missing deltahedron.

L. Edgar Otto
If there is talk of relativity sound but not deep enough to explain the world- and that quantum theory is also sound but on a shaky foundation- then what can be said of quantum gravity? Eddington had in right in 1929 with his quantum relativity.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twizzolee: (This Side of the Mirror)

Twizzolee: (This Side of the Mirror)

Just as atoms on the molecular scale may arrange themselves into symmetrical structures (even if we cannot so see), we can show two ways to interlace six rigid rods(for the 12 or 18 directions from a center -here by toothpicks on the human scale). In the illustration above we can see the diamond crystal lattice at such a point center.

When we distinguish the axes (vectors) by color labels in either of these arrangements in space, we find the computation of permutations and orientations of these axes remarkably(?) intelligible. The senses of rotation may or may not correspond in the axes to that of the sense of rotation of the colors if we are to make discernment of the indiscernible. Clearly the observer and the accentuation of the thing observed is a deep issue here- perhaps deeper than the toss of a coin in what on the average above a fun house mirror of so called abstract spin and probability is a 50-50 case or not most days of the year as what on the average is positive or anti-matter coming into existence or blinking out.

Of three pairs on a single axis each can be the center or on one side or the other for two possibilities times the six colors times positive or negative reading (rotations, directions) times the 30 color cubes = 720, in the the more flattened hexagonal circuit of the colors shown above.

Head on the sense of color or physical rotation is one directional and this cannot be determined if the spinning object is the only thing in some space, clearly, save within the system itself one might show a more or less linear preference for a direction. But clearly space itself, a vacuum, in a sense is another observer for at least to compare motions and the question of what influence or not matter has on other matter, or for that matter our sense of consciousness in this foundational situation. We are talking about abstract reflections or mirrors of which we can orient them on this side of that abstraction and make models of the reflection in concrete objects. But is the difference in physical properties of right and left handed molecules, energy wise, a fundamental principle of physics or a deeper one of the symmetry and geometry? Such motion is in a sense concrete despite the information transfer evidence of something like established quantum non-locality.

In the extreme we may desire to apply the relativistic and macro aspects of physics to the quantum micro-level. As such what we observe depends a lot on where and when we are in the spacetime of observing. On the micro-level then we ask on which side of the reflection of spin we are on (even though in principle for this more general idea of spin if we know one side we may infer the spin of the other side of a spinning object- and concretely, and collapsed seemingly in time, as well as the abstract quantum idea to infer something in the virtual world as neutrinos and what side ultimately, even across cosmic time and levels, we are on the spin and signals of things. To make this distinguishing of the indistinguishable (which logically seems to me an existential point beyond post-modern relativism as an ultimate paradox) we may also imagine we physically change the objects by observing them on the quantum levels and this is thus the question of such interpretations. Never the less applying this quantum principle to the universe globally, at least in the perception if not the influencing of things including what in handedness would be changed if we traversed a circuit of a finite but bounded universe, we could infer that we have some choice possibly concrete of what reality we may make or choose from within our present intelligibility and awareness. On the human level if our perception and reality correspond closely a general maxim might be that one cannot choose or influence a meso-level world that is unintelligible with reference to somewhere- yet it can be less comprehensive to such a self-observer system itself.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twizzleors (Distinguishing the Indistinguishable)

Twizzleors (Distinguishing the Indistinguishable)

Between the circumscribed spheres and the inscribed spheres are the n-spheres in n-dimensions beyond the distinct shells of some projection centered on sub-cells of geometric structures, the permutation is equivalent to the perspective.

In the illustration is the standard six colored faced cube (made of toothpicks and twizzlers as this is a twistor like theory), clearly of the six factorial, 720, we can have groups of four colors or groups of three colors. Note our decision to so label them and view them appears different in the mirrors depending on if they are below or above the standard cube. In such concrete space this abstract principle is not as fundamental as reducing all rigid motions to an identity element even if as a zero vector it is so designated and labeled.

Here we can see the standard coloring I call CHL and as in natural perspective we have the red,yellow, blue triplet above the green,violet,orange we have the BDK over the GIN of the same notation. Now, consider the matrix multiplication of all these sets of cubes and on what level it may show some interesting properties.

* * * By the PeSla at the moment without many new ideas and reading Zane Grey's Riders of the Purple Sage and violet in the illustration here is a little darker than desired but such is the case with pigments in a spectrum of hues not moderated to the same tone values.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Walking Through Time (Part 2)

Walking Through Time (Part 2)

Now, in the 32 pentagonal dipyramids each would have 32 more for the 32 to the nth powers, just as for a cube the surface number is 26 and so on. This perhaps justifies a partial symmetrical figure in five space.

In general, the idea of time focused at some zero vector point but can go in both directions- time like space has its Ramsey number which makes for the intelligibility of our ideas of any variation from some zero point. Yet time, as we experience it, also seems like a directed descent- but on what scale as if a fractal sequence. We go through stages as if the next one separates us from the higher one much like wall paper of say Chinese fishermen on piers of which one can imagine jumping or falling down not against the gravity. But at each level there can be closed places where one is trapped in those places as well the level (but travel between levels is possible via such places and sometimes it takes forever to which our larger scale makes us not crushed as such but immovable- thus we accept our local environs computing the extent or region of the reality and time at hand. It is a question also then of fate, and of how in time something persists even dimensionless. We can have a diffuse continuum (which as a principle of modern physics strikes me as metaphysical especially as an appeal to distant structures or levels via probability) yet we note the blurred boundaries of existence (a kinetic idea or perception of such possible) for such chaotic diffusion hovering around an idea of total vacuum or absolute nothingness, as the metaphor of time or some other physical dimension, has structure even if we cannot radically and with total relativism (Leibnizean, not the whisy washy relativistic interpretation by the sociologists and culturally relative behind a hidden sense of certainty) even if one does not comprehend the notion the vacuum and other vague continua ideas such as memory has structure in this abstract topological sense. If the experts say that spin is such an idea it takes mathematics and is not some sort of way to view the actual idea of rotation of objects, of some assertion unexplained but after the fact of the general need for some positive values such as mass in the models, then what else can it be when we found our physical reality on notions of motion? Yes, it is subtle but to see it as too simple save for the experts is a mediocre grasp of space and shames us in the mediocrity of having to endlessly point that out to uncomprehending ears.

* * *

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Walking Through Time

Walking Through Time

The last few days there has really been nothing deep on my mind in physics. It is as if reaching a certain level of understanding the physics as well as the philosophy comes to a halt. But this can be rather like the calm before a storm or being in the eye of a moving hurricane. I finished the book The Drift Fence by Zane Gray and begin even more of this exercise in reading for writing from books checked out of the library. It is too bad I have long ago grown out of that library in relation to the books available there. I find it interesting also that to the extent I have thought deeply as much as I have done the last few years as when I was a longtime member of the philosophy dalnet channel and SOP (now those channels around the sciencechatforum have me banned for over a year without explanation nor appeal) that this does change my understanding and relationship to my fellow man and certainly the social needs such as where we all fit in together growing or finding our pair bonding.

So in the back of my mind, perhaps the frontier of my abilities, I think I might take on the general idea of time as to how it applies to the greater schemes of things. By this I do not mean our trivial ideas of the calculus of motion and change. But after the few articles that have come out recently, including one today cited by Lubos on the reference frame blog and his last one commenting on the super ordinals from an article on new scientist- that and the generalization of my last post, indeed, what sort of idea would a particle been that has the view of inflation theory in the extreme? What is the infinite symmetry to perhaps appropriate a phrase and misuse it for something that restrains the excesses of string theory even if it is less general than those theories and ideas of space unified at 32, be it high or low energy physics in relation to those theories?

Yet on the higher level of grasping some issue I find myself seeing others more clearly and indeed almost intuitively their own lives- that is I am not afraid of some people I once was who were designated mentally ill or convicts- for I have seen where these are sometimes political things. Yes the world is a scary place sometimes and often times and it does not make sense even in some bonds of love over a certain interval and so on... But if I do not match some lover any more because they feel more shut in or socially feel unequal or defective it is not my fault that they are single for they have not learned their worth and the precious bettering of their bodies and soul. One does not have to give up love - although that can be a distraction- to breakthrough and find something new in the experience and structure of this world. Nor does one have to vote for people and laws which from the eyes of understanding the issues it is no longer confusing but a bottleneck of stupidity for both. If we surpass the present state of things it does not mean we shall find emptiness, nor some vague idea of self that submits to the power of will- nor of the self that finds itself in sacrifice to others. This sort of religious idea goes way beyond the quaint religions of our day. And if we enlighten the believers we do so at the peril of those who bend us to the general will and not the depth and beauty and goodness of our God given souls.

The state of the world cannot long endure as it is- socially or technically- yet it is doubtful we can meaningfully shore up our evolution and be aware of it to make much of a difference for the future. To deny our children the widest climate of enquiry is to undermine what we are and what prospects and achievements we have inherited.

Let you who want to bring up the past or keep the present model imposed or balanced with others in the state of the world to become the new order, know the futility of it, that is if you awaken long enough to know it. Fear not to surpass what you know for that is the beginning of a concrete awakening, not the sacrifice of your life and soul. In all the complexity of our paths in time, where time matters here in the mundane and simple dust, we are jugglers who can be adroit in the motions, in time, and yet we need not stumble or miss a heartbeat of what endures as well as changes- of what is driven with passion as much as our doldrums of boredom and saturation. Let us not discover x-rays of our souls when standing up and assume there is an error if we do not understand the gravity of the situation.

* * *

Later this day:

An interesting article on sciencechatforum suggests the handedness of organic molecules on earth were caused by the effects on nitrogen in supernovas. It seems then that we come closer to the intelligent design creation field concept of Fred Hoyle that the origin of life is extra-terrestrial, (see his Andromeda strain fiction). I wonder since Nitrogen 14 is also a fusion-able element...? I suppose it is OK in the short range at least, far from the initial conditions and so called centers of time in the big bang and inflation theories, that we strive to build such an elaborate explanation for things by the detailed work of the dust and that reductionist view. Lincoln has a post cautious as ever questioning the idea of multidimensions and explicitly stating the micro leads to the micro. I myself agree with Witten (through Lubos of the reference frame blogspot) that ideas like gravity in relation to "twistor" theory of Penrose are important and very useful although I do not find the bottom up structure of things very useful or the full picture even if some on sciencechatforum hold Penrose in low regard as theoretician. Then again what were we looking for if upon a deeper understanding of the philosophy of science the work we have done seems to vanish in its galaxy exploding brief nova light? I mean here just beyond the checky shores what more can we say about the ocean unless deep down the illusion or dream of that first explosion set our chiral properties?

* * *

Oh, there are still so many places to learn things, find new things, and even with a bird's-eye view become alert and aware to their significance. Ramsey theory... and that restraint in the topology of nature upon which into infinity we may still touch the bottom before we learn to swim- or before the rip tides take us in panic out further to the sea.

* * *

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prionic Preons

Prionic Preons

Earlier today I saw this article on New Scientist which seems another in the breakthrough ideas for the new physics.


Only Rowlands seems to try to bring the foundations of physics down to the intelligibility of number theory in ways I see it. The depth of a shadow figure of many dimensions is not what it seems on the surface of things in our span of space. I saw it as if linear structures as polytopes and the curves of space within them that correspond to the aleph numbers of Cantor. In this article there is a more general depth called the super-cardinal numbers and in many respects the next intelligible breakthrough in debates on line with very good young logicians is the notion that some ideas may exceed cardinality. Of course the central question of where is the continuum seems in the realm of the questionable to some and in this article part of a choice- yet are not there finite things in this world? Certainly the fundamental laws of arithmetic need modification at the foundations and should not be abandoned as the world for what certainty we judge is there is intelligible in the correspondences of the finite and infinite. One does not have to choose between notions that are both part of this world- save for steppingstone theories.

Of course this question of why mathematics matches the world so well, why it is intelligible and as a quasi-principle 1+1=2 has a feeling of certainty at least on the human scales is one we know how to ask when we add something to the equations such as the cosmological constant in the calculus by Einstein or for that matter the way we define a complex number. Certainly there was something wrong with the disconnect between addition and multiplication, logically- and Boolean wise the difference in idempotent and nil potency, to me a rather quasi-potent thing. That particular notion of arithmetic is one I questioned here and gave an alternate view, more more of a scalar world where those operations are the same. The axioms of these operations and the suspension of blind faith in our logic can find deeper intelligibility and certainties that are based on reason more than faith and can prove it as well as reason.

In the illustration above there are five pentagonal dipyramids joined by triangular prisms (a more stable way to do it with the materials I used). Being that the spheres are alike in color and the sticks are the same I found hard to see as to their stacking. If I cannot do so as an intelligible creature then the universe should also have a real effect materially with its own natural blind-sight. Thus as we stack such geometric entities as if the lesser symmetries of DNA like objects we find a flexibility (would we have the geometry of DNA so crystalline rigid?) yet it is not some extreme idea of intrinsic randomness. Stacking the pentagonal prisms or even pentagons is a reduction and a trivial statement of angles easy to see but not in the true depths and grasp of what space is and its potentials.

So, such new connections in high level and unlabeled general particles permit new permutation parameters for the shifting of the senses of circles and helices. The external conditions or chemical groups do have the ability to label things, turn them on or off, shift them back to the overall developmental design.

* * * Next day:

This concept raises the question of what we mean by scale such as what to expect from persistent finite entities in the color complexity of labels that keep the ground to higher dimensional structures. Is it meaningful really to insist at what scale, be it Planck or otherwise, some string or particle phenomena exists? Is it meaningful moreover to say some lesser numbers are improbable to the point of non existent compared with sampling the number line for transcendentals? In a sense from this relaxed by restrained view and hidden generalization of numbers like the partition numbers and colors and flavor environs and structure of some particles we find at a certain threshold of being unities on all scales on how physics works and in a sense is the quasi-proofs in a quasi-world.

I find it interesting in mammal cells those beyond the first 32 cannot be cloned into more than one individual- that is the fifth dimension of representation. Also at that threshold the vague inter-structure on all levels of the non-degenerate encoding's make it possible that the mammal cell can also make the RNA (new scientist article) much like the general living idea that proteins can influence the development of other proteins in a sort of prion way where the reduction to preons as an idea in the nucleus really breaks down as a simple idea on some continuous energy or entropy universal scale.

* * * Later Next day:

I was to begin this post with an idea- that we age and grow past our toys- I mean it is not our technological toys that for some make them feel alien to the world they knew at the time- such toys really are gateways to costly programs, games, and some fleeting memories like nostalgic family photos meaning very little to others.

In physics, although I could find some old technology in rummage meets even if there is little left there of the old radio days to see or hear or those to speak with, it is rather late to finally have the fulfillment of such wishes now just the memory of a wish for its own sake. I do not see some of the new toys as more than the popular consensus of the way things are and are to be desired- not strategically critical as if more refined sugars or drugs far from the subtle differences of the rituals of the times- indeed, old war movies and how dependent we were on oily propeller planes and state of the art now junk design cars.

In this explorations of physics I feel so much ahead of any toys or ideas that may be part of the times I could have been born in- and today I think perhaps, just perhaps, there are some toys we can take with us.

* * *

Qm Gravity and Hidden Political Dimensions

Qm Gravity

In the early days of space exploration we required mult-stage and multi-dimensional rockets to reach escape velocity. But we only had to restrain the falling back to earth. Think about this you engineers and scientists who live in grids and boxes or in the cloudy Zen of quantum physics dreaming of climbing, and yes, falling from mountains.

* * *

Hidden Political Dimensions

There is no constitutional guarantee for freedom of covert operations. They may as well have built their Mosque on the fallen tower site itself as to have memorials at pentagon ground zero paid for by these states that sponsored terrorism, whose soldiers traded uniforms for student visas we trained to fly. Eye for eye what faith would we implant at the Emirate's Babble towers confounding words now standing highest in the world?

Our president wears no uniform as head of armed forces and the people. Should such a man of peace be tried in this era of sensitivity in the media still far from the front and full of issues of frivolity? In principle by our law his reaching out in dialog could be declared he gives aid and moral support to the enemy.

* * *

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elements: Pnenomnium 119, Terranium 120, Z=Omnium 121

Elements: Pnenomnium 119, Terranium 120, Z=Omnium 121
[Pn Tn Oz]

I feel sure the details and general picture of the next physics, the one I style Phoenix after the questions at the extreme of fire and ashes, are rather more intricate than we now fancy we know or have dared to imagine.

But this has been the trend in the sciences although this lesson escapes us in the mainstream close to cautious speculation. To the extent we creatively dream we should expect competence and expertise in the enterprise. So a mechanical enquirer is a measure of a dull mind if they have faith and aspire to useful theory.

One thing for sure is that in comprehending the significance of the notions of the next level of new physics - we as real and humble aware organisms, proud justly in what achievements we have made and that even here close to the world and from within it - the universe has become for me a surprisingly more interesting place.

* * *

Up to eleven dimensions the Z or atomic number of the atomic electron configuration, that is in four or five natural dimensions (and of course the derived nucleus structures)as they appear in three space, has a limit of 120 quantum positions. So the center of possible atoms is the number 121, 60 + 61, or 11 squared.

Other quasic states could be possible beginning at 16 dimensions. So we can imagine a 121st atomic design as if an abstract atom central to the possible masses. This I call Z=omnium (Oz) or simply the universal inductive law as an element, atom, Omnium.
We can say a "fifth element" or element like entity.

This notion is Dante or Aristotelian in design conception and ties into the first idea of elements to more modern notions of them. For it is like the last two natural elements as analogy to the first two, Hydrogen and Helium (the sun) for water and fire. So the earth itself is Terranium, Earth and that leaves aer or air (to which I was tempted to name the coopeted moon sphere)but as breath Pnenomnium 119.
We note these four primal elementary notions as those which over quasic systems form the 4 or 3+1 tetrahedral elements over say the 64 of DNA. Xeromnium or dry is evoked as well for 119 but the metaphor isnt to be taken as exact anymore than Xena or Eris. Indeed, naming the transuranium elements after planets seems as much a vague science and mythology of definitions as all the types and sizes of planetoids in the Oort belt.

New Scientist had an article suggesting something I have believed- that some stresses in the developing child may have an affect on their immune system and mental stability or coherence in their old age. This is a rather Geshalt psychological idea always debated as false or contraversial when I suggest it- for in Geshalt we see the unity of a melody after the fact of its playing. Anyway I have strived with my own children and with no good books of wisdom to take care of their fragile development. Such general relavances of development is still a vast and wild frontier for exploration. But the truth is more likely that some things fold end and beginning and some do not- like the exact analogy of the 120 atomic structure in beginnings and endings- and the birth and death of stars and the vacuum that inwardly houses the soul of the cycle of the burning bird reborn from the ashes.

* * *

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meta-Enigma (Hierarchical Space Nil-Duality)

Meta-Enigma (Hierarchical Space Nil-Duality) Aug.14, 2010 L. Edgar Otto

Sometimes the ideas flow almost as an afterthought and eventually I write them down as best I can. Lately, some ideas like this one today seems highly speculative to me but if the past is any guide the intuitions usually turn out useful.

The reason I wrote these notes- and notes in picture form they will remain, was a new look at the viral compass of the DNA chain code as to where exactly the unique 24 rigid rotations were on the code. I am attending a wedding today for my friends Bill and Brook so do not have a lot of time. This may be my first amateur wedding photo idea and I also brought my guitar in case. It will be an informal wedding by the river. (I may post the two previous pages of notes as I forgot to take a photo of them this morning):

The picture is not perfect and the step into such speculation to find what exquisite beauty there is in the models, ones that correspond so well to current experimental evidence, is rewarding especially when the results of theoretical exploration was dared but not expected. I do not see how anyone in our century can understand the new physics until they have cautiously stretched their understanding of the foundations as Rowlands et al did. But there is so much to be done. Note also the retraction on the NP hard not= P thing and my commentary on this difficult to grasp idea of quasi equality of the issue. Yet we are after all discussing intelligible foundations for a universal cosmology as if the long awaited omnium or theory of everything- no wonder the problem of NP if solved would reach to all such problems as a universal cosmology of its similar application in deep and many areas- in the quasi-verse.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Calypses: Opaque Matter-Energy 21st Century Key

Calypses: Opaque Matter-Energy 21st Century Key

L. Edgar Otto (on facebook today): The key to everything and even desire is the dark matter-energy for it defines the sky the dust and our bodies and minds. These calyspes are great sources of power for the physics of the 21 century.

Here are some further notes (I many not be around with computer access as much until I can get my own and not public computers) Posted in manuscript image form. I find that articles lately support much of my views- the Rubik's cube article on new scientist and the one that describes an increase by fractals of superconductivity in concert with the idea of graphene when cooled as a model of gravity and so on.

And the one on the NP hard problem- this is where I tend to disagree with Hofstadter on his strange loop idea and consciousness- I mean the music of the six notes is a good idea but not deep enough- and it is said in the NS article bad news for computation (did Hofstadter not also include Godel in the title?)- but this is not the case in my system as there was obviously and is the vague possibility of philosophy as transcendence and the myth would be we are trapped into nerdy levels of computation (not to say there cannot be levels with smudged information in recursive hierachies for that is the case quasically (even if current science has gone around rather than go direct to the concept) If there is any such trap and limit to our human creativity it is a loop of our own making and the basie of our character in relation to the world- the myth of reductionist science and nerdism as so felt by those who see the human mind as only as if robotic and mechanistic. That said there are reasonable structural restraints for intelligible counting. Loop quantum gravity is also not foundational as a secret for the universe.

I border here on speculation at least to the mechanism of the calyspes (think of them as small partial planes equal to Riemann sphere in multidimensional and directional quasic space and conceive of levels where these apply to organisms.) For in the twenty-first century our last age of electricity may look to it as that era thought of steam. There is danger and great promise in these nanotech ideas and a lot of guided explanations in simplicity of models. Much is open to physical experiment and some imagined int he sci fi or fantasy realm of which the genre itself will seem rather backward than a future thing to come or for us to desire.
I am not saying here that there are unlimited sources of energy say in the idea of zero point spaces- but the effect as one view and substance via the vacua does have to account for such so called dark (opaque) and hidden symmetries... So many of the theoretical physicists I read lately are so close together on these ideas of which the creative philosophic among us and even the myth makers can find useful notions.

These contemplations lately are very rewarding to me to understand things equal and a little beyond my age in my lifetime. These notes are of course a suggestion for some further exploration and enumeration of such structures and groups that they may apply to physics somewhere. Let us look then for new ways to feel and see these higher spaces and hidden symmetries and scope of intelligibility beyond our genetic and cultural endowments. Of course this out of the way there are more important things for me to do- as is the case with Love every when and where.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Music of the Hyperspheres

Music of the Hyperspheres

Nothing much to add today but in the heat and humidity I took an afternoon nap yesterday and woke up wondering what the day and date was sort of half thinking about how we set up the calendar. Well, none of the ways to do it seems perfect to me, but then again humanity has made some attempts at various calendars. I would imagine these roughly correspond to the days or some unit as on the small scale and over time these are but approximations. Each month may begin on one of the seven days and thus there are 14 variations from the 1st of some month being Sunday- and there is Leap Year which has some shifting rules and so on.

Now physicists and those in love do not always know what day it is- they can gain or lose a day sometimes and what is time of clock measure anyway? We have no real algorithm for the greater concept of time. (Lubos today has an article on NP not = P of which I would concur from the articles of the last three posts on the five dimensional polydihedra maths- but rather I would suggest in a wider generalization that any such proof must come up to the conclusion in our more finite oriented evolving universe that NP quasi= P if we can be simple enough in our symbols system and notions to see it).

On the other hand, since our minds are computers as a possibility- that it we can do intelligible calculations and so on- How is it that the Idiot Savant can so easily tell the day for any date in any year? Some have suggested it is a more powerful base they calculate within like base 60. Well, that says a lot, among other things that the quasic field organization or the dimensional levels of our centered and coherent thought may have certain structural environments that are intelligible mathematically- even if we are not consciously aware of this level of computation it works because the mathematics works itself in application to the world of our experience and experiment.

Thus the number seven is important in the sense it enumerates the possible changes from one orthogonal state to another (hey I doubt all proofs based on either statistics or Gibbs space or both, or any such scheme of undo savant complexity and page length) in three dimensions... not this is within the context of the way Dirac and Rowlands sees the five fold algebra with its twelve and five (two space) operators. Because the mind can be organized according to multidimensional space structures the computation is rapid and easy for such problems when the mod values deal with these algebras of seven and five. For the more down to earth viewer the knowing of such algebraic methods, essential for programming by too many unnecessary steps or not even if out of the reach of brute force random calculations, could make it easy to do the trick the idiot savants seem to do. As we are not independent from the immediate harmonics of higher space and internal space structures any of us that relate to 12 7 and 5 tone music has he ability to feel and easily calculate such 32 operator systems- we feel the music or play it in an intelligible manner.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Penta Poly Dihedra (Part 3)

Penta Poly Dihedra (Part 3) and On Theoretical Notions

I continue to have ideas occur to me based on these very simple notions and yet they seem at the foundations no more strange and simple than some of the space notions that seem to ground our current ideas of physics. The old saying on the back of National Radio Institute courses from the 50's stands out to me: "The man who knows how will get a job, but the man who knows why will be his boss." I hope my asking why is not looking at things too deeply.

I have decided to make some gumdrop and toothpick models for all of this and one day will post a photo. I had done some on the tetrahelix for the DNA and posted them on philosophychat com forum but it seems the concepts were not grasped and they were moved from science to philosophy and then to "Odds and Ends" Of course here I do not have to worry about that. In any case the two proposed structures to DNA have the same mathematical intelligibility but it would have not occurred to me before reading Rowlands to pursue such polyhedra which are not regular symmetry structures mainly because I took the powerful ideas of such bonding structures as the how instead of the new possibilities of the why of it. Surely, historically, there is a lot of credit to be given for those who were not mentioned in the nobel prizes- Rosland and Pauling stand out, and yes the guy that made the stamp. And the father of Penrose before his time and even Gammow's notions had applicability and in retrospect are now justified.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Penta Poly Dihedral Principles

More Penta Poly Dihedral Principles

Lubos today in the reference frame blogspot seems to be talking about the foundations in terms of symmetry and energy. If one cares to look deeply into my accompanying illustration posted as a reference- he surely must see the context of the same topic but of a more general nature than our models of space heretofore and as a more philosophic perspective.

I would add one further thought I did not include on the page of this idea of quasi-inertia systems to be indistinguishably generalized much as some quantum theoreticians apply the uncertainty principle. In a sense even at a zero sum of energy our experience of the one and finite universe multiply rejecting all others is as if we are in a particle. Some formulations as the matrices of Heisenberg do seem to address this aspect of the real but ultimately we cannot distinguish the idea of finite and continuous in the context of the cosmos.

*n+1 A spinning 10faced-deltahedron may express its equator in a linear (note translational conservation) manner over six as well as five discrete jump units. Recall that the rotations and the linear transformations between natural dimensions and quasicity are the same description- but existentially these are expressed as either in a quasi-freedom of actual motion. It follows that the group multiplication of the colors and the places to put them in under rotation is the same intelligible result of numbers (say 6 x 5 = 30) in spherical or linear systems.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Principles of the Penta Poly Dihedron

Principles of the Penta Poly Dihedron

The more I think about this sort of abstract space the more it feels right- even though if we understand it we question the very ideas of what the foundation of physics is looking a little deeper into those notions now considered either useful or metaphysical. Even if in a real sense of those who stick close to the facts or risk consequences of experiments without enough basis to find things save by accident (this includes some mathematical pursuits apparently not useful that leads to other things along the way) may be surpassed as to what is the concrete nature of physics to which abstract models as in the standard theory, the further reaches of restrained string theories, and debates on opaque or dark matter-energy as a face saving idea for older theories like the big bang- may become less relevant and even obsolete. But the process of such enquiry does not mean while in the flesh of the experience of this quasi-ideal realm that our laws of physics is unintelligible.

I post these as a afterthought and raw in the special use of mine and the general language so I would not stress my eyes typing to day in a dark hallway in the coffee shop - as a photograph. Notice the actual making of cardboard models was useful to more easier grasp these principles (and even beyond the five fold symmetries of which so much in Rowlands I seem to have anticipated provided we have a sort of more general idea of quasics and the dimensionality of space. Very little of my general view needed modification. It is a measure of the adaptability of our minds that physicists- such as Feynman on internal symmetries or the author cited in the reference frame blog of Lubos around today.

Perhaps this makes clearer my earlier distinction and acceptance of the physical possibility of compactification and what I call flangelation to relate with it for the universe in general.

One consequence of this view is that the cliche marvels of science fiction beyond the space opera of eternal love and war holds less fascination and perhaps for a generation less of a positive drive to explore the toys of technology.

"Heah, boss, rustle up a quirt to train them young mustangs..."

* * *

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Race for the Nobel Prize for the God Particle?

Theoretical Footnote: I forgot to make clear in this new understanding of the power of rest motions with respect to some (quasic) dimensions that in a sense, even with the current ideas of supersymmetry's existence a fact or at least a very high standard for a physical model, that we may dispute the idea of two substances in balance- namely the electromagnetic like forces that operate dialectically with the gravity as in the pressures leading to the explosion of stars.

From one view the power of gravity as at least an inertial force, one that can be seen as part of one substance (mass and gravity) as if we are to unify these forces is ubiquitous on all dimensional levels even beyond the string like theories. Certainly the suggested anomaly of the ideas of dark matter and energy show possibilities beyond this equisitely intricate dialectical model of unification.

So, given the wider compass and context of the quasic understanding of dimensionality which here I have presented as creative philosophy, on what grounding do we stand, not simply some massive planet or particle earthbound but all around in many directions. One might even suggest there is but one force, gravity and its varieties, to which something like the materialization of the Higgs mechanism or even the observation of the graviton like particles are merely an artifact of approximations at the bottom of measures- a sort of quantum or Higgs field flux indeed. These ideas like the idea of the infinite improbability of finding a rational point over a length considering the vaster infinity of transcendental numbers, that such particles postulated are merely artifacts of our having an intelligible but incomplete theory in a universe where it endures as if some theories at least as they evolve are complete. This includes the mechanism of imparting this mysteriously defined mass as an artifact.

The idea that on the global scale the handedness or chirality of some virtual particles as a difference in matter and antimater that rarer forms of handedness is the origin of mass, seems to me much like life stuggling to rise from the ashes of spent life as if ultimately and miraculously violate the idea of an energy source (not to imply the reverse of this may be an ultimate source of energy say beyond zero point ideas) even as a principle that suggests the balance is made up between multiverses in the exchanges. In the organic example concerning DNA as the model heart of it all, the molds have a mixed handedness over the plant and animal kingdoms. In the metaphor we may say that the universe we observe moves with expanding space like a fairy ring of mushrooms eating what was the decay of things in entropy until the resources are exhausted or are reached in a dead end of possibilities even without some concept of the second law of thermodynamics. Life of all things seems a new level that is a force that seems to arise despite hardships and apparently even in artificial life taking the newscientist article today for implications that intelligience may have the drive and potential to so evolve. But this idea too can be a vague principle that is an artifact and is much the heart of many a philosophy.

I somewhat agree that, in view of the history and spirit of research and how these undergo revisions much like the meaning of philosophic words do, that it makes little sense to give Nobel prizes for some minor artifact of experimental evidence of a minor particle. This is the same issue in our time, a political one as Lubos of the reference frame blog points out in his analysis of the Higgs and the anticipated awarding of the prize, that the idea much like the invention of the television is not the brain child of just one person but a collective with disciplined history and a little luck. On the other hand there are many breakthroughs that suggest science is made not only by the masses but from the brain of a single person, even those in a specialized priesthood and their declared saints. Some of the saints go unnoticed for years or even forever. Since when has it been the prize is an award for theory and not some experimental fact? I remind those enamored of the string theory and standard theory that Einstein did not get his prize for general relativity rather for his quantum insights- and the mass popularity of Einstein actually gave prestige to the prize in the giving it to him.

Contour Calculus of Barbed Wire

Contour Calculus of Barbed Wire

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She did not talk about much save something from the movies for a half hour as if she could not see me following her moves aimed toward me... Some things are too bright to see clearly such as the full moon. But if the slow were not good lovers, wiser than their script of lives in the art of it, would the species still be here if our IQ's could not fall fifty points beneath the sheets? Hey, you who long for the meat market and forget its frustrations and wounds and false promises, and you who dwell in the ant farm and seek fish plenty in the sea follow the water like sheep and cattle and you horse thieves of our Cadillac Escalades it is only metal gleaned by this era of organized bacteria for mineral rights for those to come in veins of iron and rusty auto part yards.

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Of course there are no fences really yet there are locations, places- and if we can only see two sides and a half by our eyes and brains bilateral and symmetric- or can see but one of the multiplicity of three dimensions at a time- then the next step is to see dimensions eleven and beyond, aware of them, moving freely through them at least in our mind's eye.

Yet, something there somewhere at its maximum motion so it seems still, is still a motion. I see space between these places and levels of dimension, these bar triangles over the free range of the light cone of peak dots. I can touch her at a distance. I can feel the almost metallic shape of my bones as if the whole world of tangible things is felt as if an x-ray eyes- a solid world hidden somewhere between the hot dust and stones and cacti and the ghosts and memories in the granite mountains and on the call we echo to the free wolves and coyotes that we were once free and then they branded us as if they the Gods and gravity itself rather than those who build the toll bridges of gravity, who charge what the market can bare until those who cannot bare the market fall on harder times.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Couple of Stray Foundational Thoughts

A Couple of Stray Foundational Thoughts

It seems to me given honeycombs as infinite analogs to a polyhedron that as it is said by Coxeter the removal of a node and the adjacent edges results in a spherical polytope- and in view of my take on the queen's problem and the permutations of knight moves- that not all of the infinite space becomes finite like that. We could have say 5 of the dual honeycombs some of which are finite and some not for some sort of averaging if applied in a quantum physics way to the mass of particles? These sort of quasi-densities suggest to me a more general theory of what say a brane is and makes me wonder if Lubos in his loop gravity computations of Higgs and such involves such topology. Obviously I am talking about a further generalization of such permutations and "holes" in space.

Lubos in his commentary on those who suggest there are white holes makes me think of the arrangement of the logic of things- I mean since a clone is female and in a sense an organic form is a space of n-dimensional dark existence- then would not a white hole be an existence? Would it not follow that a male would be the chirality cloned in virgin conception? Clearly the logic is strange here much along the lines of those who say we are doing a sort of Trinitarian physics anyway! But is this a matter of junk philosophy and junk science? Which one is true to our parities of conception? But I may as well incorporate this word for some aspects of creative quasars and such or even from raw space itself. Does the universe begin at conception or the individual a few tissue and cell layers later? After all, what is this concept we have of materialization if not something that bids us consider the other worldly or at least the face of nothingness?

I begin to see why 96 degrees would be a useful measure of a right triangle. (if we keep the structures and dimensions straight.)

Basically, with this idea of the honeycombs and the possibilities between any of them the adjacency matrices of the sub-cells are much larger than we have enumerated even if this is the limit to what can be tangible in physical space.

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I finished Raiders of Spanish Peaks last night and now begin The Drift Fence by Zane Grey which means bobwire fences along the range.

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I am not Colorblind to Your Layers of True Colors L. Edgar Otto


Your introverted soul completes its cycles and
my empty space spins towards your letting light

Your cave and sanctuary may be full of shadows
but your shadows are full of colors wanting to be seen

Only I in your aether wind can see the erupting
sunspot and parting curtains of your braids of plasma

The Belt of Venus peeks through your shear blue gown
mountains tied to earth's times of twilight, of sunrise

Not the Winnie-the-Pooh sweat shirt and baggy pants
in innocence so still your half-heart exercise to the screen

You linger longer than usual reaching high to make your morning
coffee, bend down for milk, perfect triangulations...

* * *

Cosmic Latte L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 3, 2010

I'm sitting by the river on a muggy day
where I wrote so many of my lost poems
My second time fallen through the snakes
Phoenix again to climb the ladders
in the street, the morning dew heavy for my eyes
Inky running water colors

I am like the young playwright, Shakespeare
in a parallel universe living off the original poet
To solve a glitch in a paradox of traveling time
I would feel but a shadow of those poems
Plagiarizing myself if I could recall them
but even then the manuscript is lost to the cosmic latte

I recall reading them out loud to the morning's wildlife
Drops of tears on paper, gentle rain under the cottonwood

* * *