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Teleomniverse (Generalizing Hidden Principles of My Quasic Physics)


L. Edgar Otto   Saturday, 31 August, 2013

Beyond the Omniverse (or Omnimultiverse) the quasic principle of n-entanglement and symmetry-asymmetry in a dynamic evolving nature may be a further state of generalization where the widest balance of symmetry is a viable frontier and crystal structure of abstract vacua persists as that state just as in the 1/nth mirror of Pythagorean flatland we imagine an absolute state there or approached to which today's physics is something between these states.

Yet in a sense all such possible states are present and may interconnect non-necessarily and quasifinitely across the generations or hierarchies of states.  The universe evolves but is stable in the structural evolution.  When an accelerated photon of one state (gamma ray as if in a nucleus or black hole like object) the calculations while persisting with little or no decoherence enters the adjacent states as if in the laws for a photon and its relativistic speed and separation into decay channels and missing momenta as if only involving the continuum of electromagnetic states where some constants and dimensionless constants are unity relative to the evolving states at a given generation and its natural groups and dimensions, and representational intelligible arithmetical and geometrical measures.

In my Omnium past its philosophic elaborations the term Omniomnium as the best I could conceive... or from an elaboration on the quasicontinuum as quasifinite in its corpuscular count a merger called omnicontinuum.  Just as the words escape the imagination that of our widened speculation remains vague.  Clearly Teleomniverse comes to the next possible radical universe level of which we may not say the same sort of reasoning is open or closed in the facts or terminology, outside the scope of the discussion and yet
within the regime of what we ponder as science.

* * * * *

Just after writing and while posting this great speculation I came across a posting by this blog I follow which links to Marni...  I also note Sabine is planning to propose investigation that seems to me also in this area.  In that sense I am offering you today a more general and perhaps more metaphysical than their frontier insights of which in today's theoretical climate my purpose posting here was to merely archive a new direction or speculation- however, it seems if one can follow my terminology and independent development informally also evolving in this creative science and philosophy blog this may be useful to show differences between the theories including those standard or alternative.

* * *
carlmott… I think I catch what you are saying… My terms should be qualified as making no assertions of some things (thus Higgs-like, opaque matter -rather than dark in general… We certainly seem to raise the issue of real and virtual mirrors and yes IrreducibleGhost below the vortex and tori things can reach back all to the way to Descartes’s or Poe’s general Theory of Everything. Do we have an image or not in a mirror and if real is it symmetrical energy-wise (or like in Alice in Wonderland is the fire in the fireplace different?) It certainly seem unlikely the objective world or the mind do not eventually match in the laws rather than one ultimately predominating over the other so can this philosophic debate and interpretation as physics, say quantum physics, trust an argument from a too restricted theory? Or in some ways are hypotheses of perception as well as the physicality of laws part of at least a little more unified scheme? Perhaps our mind-brains can be so stated in the terms of say particle physics…. A brain may have (in totality or parts with our without gaps or ghosts in the spectrum of light) a place for Fermi or Boson statistics with the structures that implies. Yet between them, just as Brownian motion seems a compromise between classical and quantum formulations (for the ways to describe the same phenomenon anyway by formulas) is there not Boltzmann and perhaps his image as never there ultimately? Binary wise we can imagine the top and bottom of scales as the spectrum in vague psychological terms as Autism to Schizophrenia… a centered only universe or something many-fold or even other worldly…Or some sort of cyclic mania and depression… even here more general symmetry and operations are needed than a random choice of which direction to turn and which direction in entropy or time to find surety in development.
Can it not be as simple as this while some constants as logs or as simple subtraction of inverses thought coincidence but as artifact of approximate or exact geometry be its own derivative.
Genus is a much wider thing and can be reduced to linear ideas as well as loops and curves, so which was do the higher Tori Aim us?

Irreducible… that link does fill in a lot of steps, colors in our paint by number dreams, but it is not general for comprehensive foundations… we need such details even if it may not support one side of our ideas as to what in physics is foundational. For example the dragging of the frame seems good evidence for the view such fields are physical in effect (among so many possibilities- btw in fb I left a message to Sabine asking her what the hell is gravity anyway, in all modesty… it does not seem to me as straightforward a concept as it so obviously has been, even if we take GR as a cue. But does string stuff tell it any better?

Late saturday for viXra org

* * * *  Sept. 2, 2013:

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L. Edgar Otto   Aug. 30, 2013

So many of the same ideas modeled in different terms... in retrospect my poetic coining of terms, isolated from the ideas or standard but not agreed ones, with a long sense of caution is a strength, about all we can do given our half shared experiences of thought and life.

If we do not make a distinction between matter and dark matter or their relationships as physics... we can image a state matrix of quasi-illusion. That is to say the vast structures of stars, the new explanation of a layer of counter currents which Einstein said was not covered by his musings and in general include this under rotating things, other than when and why matter is considered concrete or abstract like a black hole... an planet, star, even an atom from a quasifinite and dimensionfree view is the same creative entity. This generalizations applies also to a sea of singularities as well point continua erected at each point in an Omnimultiverse. Our minds, bodies, subject to the same model are not as complicated as this generalization.

by dark matter I mean a more general term, such as string theory covers wider theories... perhaps dark mass may be a better term if we want concrete corpuscles, but then at what new antihorizon does the transfer take place from one physics realm to another?

* * * * * 
fb comment reply to Kristopher

Yes, that is a valid way to see things and finding something different will not disturb that view. I lean toward the "highly compressed dimension model rather than its resulting consequence of what we call energy. Whatever it is - if it is- on the whole it is conserved. The science and mathematics fb page links to high school questions like what happens if the Higgs field vanished... is this not the same sort of question as in our discussion as to what happens if the sun, or say a black hole vanished? That expansion itself may be an artifact or illusion (can we compress things to singularity?) of our centered partial picture.

* * *

this post of Lubos showed up just after mine... but I do think our posts are independent in the blogosphere background.  There is nothing wrong with this view but I have the feeling it represents a vanishing era of physics... Lubos, as he says sometimes of others have lost it... As Reagan said about the democratic party, he did not leave the party it left him.  Lubos has not left the old physics but physics has left him and this does not mean what that black hole is between his skull is a more chaotic foam ever more so nor emptiness as one of his simplistic logical possibilities.  BTW after insults, irrelevant to the issues of physics, I am not allowed for a couple of years now for discussing this with him... you see from the recent articles on black hole mechanism his report is out of date as to how they eat everything around them based on observations.  What is he defending - the myths of Einstein written on tablets of stone?  Einstein can then be questioned as with any other sacred cows of gold... If we extend physics into these realms of which Lubos as a string and supersymmetry avocate paradoxically holds but holds back in beliefs... the eigen-stuff, Hilber stuff, all the undergraduate syllabus trying to explain some limits to Lorentz and so on as if radical quantum but not consciousness mirroring firewall or not considering possibility of obvious geometry... then goodbye Einstein as a primary background... for I think he would disagree and welcome vindication of his core ideas capable of generating Smolin style things like baby universes where his memory and ideas stand independently and objectively over the new physics.     August 30, 2013
* * *

same day next afternoon:  a comment on viXra org blog trying to make sense of the last few posters there:

If the idea of a negative sign is to simplify calculations and not an indicator of ghosts or holes in some idea of physicality… if we can sum an infinite positive series and arrive at say minus one third…how can the ghosts of 9 life quantum cats represent anything real save their endlessly falling knots of four space? In a sense is the use of complex numbers not just an elaborate extension of this idea of negativity ( I mean that there is relative negative distance only or rotations seemingly infinite yet contained by the velocity of light.) Do we only concern ourselves with the leopard’s spots or what is inside the mind of these stealthy panthers as we monkeys stand up and throw rocks at them ?

last comment to Kris on fb in reply:

 I think this makes sense... I mean if we could bottle up pure nothingness and like a bubble in water bend and focus far does the Lorentz idea go into higher but more complicated (not simpler or reduced) dimensions? then the vacuum might seem some sort of lens... this is either too basic to discuss or beyond our level of thought and imagination... but is no more weird an idea than my suggestion that humans can see in a few higher dimensions and navigate or feel the material objects around them as if something magical left if the continuum of mass with no gaps, nothing else, vanished into but a hollowness of a ghostly myth left in vanished memories. You have always been very difficult to argue with that we come to some good point and that rubs many the wrong way - I value it... the idea of time lords is after all not that far from the frontier of physics only we have explored different things (than say keep up with physics or the tardus being like any seductive mirror female if she materializes, the mother or matrix). I am amazed how some spaced out or organized minds can pick up on my thoughts, its uncanny, like I hear my echo in the hollowness of their skulls of those too sensitive (including one schizo right wing religious nut in Chippewa who thought he was under the Devil or a devil) Well, its not very scientific but I lit candles in the basement where I had the candle factory experiments and was spending the winter and banished (a lapse in reductionism may the good time lords forgive me) the demon so I could sleep at night the noise of his rants echoing in the basement. What a coincidence...from then on he sleep well at night. Last time we talked physics you explained something about light and it leaving behind a black hole... not sure it was your idea but it is as good as all the wand rattling the professional physicists are doing today in this age of new magic.

* * *
late Friday for viXra org blog :   and  the article linked there

That was a fun article even if it begins we are lucky, or that things are so finely set in balance the "God particle" suggests a perfect initial Being for the masses has something to do with the local evidence of design.  So, if as I have logically shown at least on a small level the universe is foundationally asymmetric as well as balanced on all scales as far as structure and information goes,  can I naively reason that despite the risky free will in the illusion of this nest of what appears remote and not violent stars that the creative force is actually beneficial in the main to life and thought against the deterministic nihilism of cancelled symmetries?  This quite aside from the shared question of why things exist rather than not exist.  For now at least we can have effects on our evolution to bring things into the world, perhaps worlds, that seem unnatural or artificial if we accept the responsibility of such freedom while put in simple terms for science and philosophy it seems our debates interact such that our theories reach some ever falling entropy or when all things are understood and balanced wisdom as well as creation vanish regardless of what is the mysterious source of our ultimate concerns such as the universe that persists despite us.

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Physical Memory and the Brain as a Quasic Computer

Physical Memory and the Brain as a Quasic

L. Edgar Otto   August 28, 2013 4:30 am CST

Many question or the idea of what our researches and speculations point to can be readily seen in a simplified model of the quasic grid or brane... in the counting, and in personal introspection of what our consciousness and brains may be if such self duality is possible or healthy to do. Recall a much earlier post on Athenation of which we have a certain top down bottom up binary flow rather than the more immediate right and left issues that seem to focus esp type effects from the subjective structure as well as we now see in relation to memory   seeking what the slightly higher complexity as the brains physical structure can tell us in simple integer counting of the supergenerational strings and singularity Landau super-poles as the apparent structure of the vacuum can be adaptable as singularity complexes and neoteric stable physical continua.

But I am not proposing here an in depth understanding of consciousness, or for that matter the forces of nature save they it seems they can evolve to a higher level.  A life script is composed of unique events or experiences more or less stable and accessible as if some wider general coordinate system- but again, does this mean our consciousness or sense and depth of self awareness is composed of this uniqueness that certainly can color our perceptions?  I is suggested that the general reality of the universe cold be a quantum or Boltzmann brain but that just pushes the foundations further back or beyond... to such models given the super-generational quasic strings in a quasifinite reality I offer the possibility of the universe as a brain where it is a quasic computer.  This perhaps suggests not so much the universe as conscious itself when we consider the structural spectrum and its thermodynamic symmetries of forces reunified in super Lorentz boosts that the possibility we do in fact have a way for the history free over time to be naturally recorded somewhere for each individual person or sequence path as the learn and live... these issues to be considered as something to investigate as science first where we try to explore intelligible complexity of physical principles and perhaps get a better idea of what mass and gravity really amount to beyond or program of methods and theories.
* * *

Wednesday night:
Doesn't  pain help direct the development of things as in the teeth and bones?  Perhaps what not seen here is the location of some principle like consciousness or the soul. Not merely a physical reason like lack of blood flow or connectivity of neurons that generate the hidden geometry of tunnels entering the light.  What is to be interpreted here is that the brain system is much more complicated that the physical system and that more than simple physics with its DNA and virus encoding of clay.  Could such a blob be used to make an organic memory processor or is the idea of memory itself somehow part of this code to which the emotions of laughter for example is not just the brain of a Sheldon on the Big Bang but a wider gift of a God or universe given science... for if He did not want us to use our brains why would He have created them?  This experiment is too important for the usual mediocre cues of canned laughter that we as the audience are induced to clap.
Futher fb comments by me: L. Edgar Otto The usual remarks in the article about the frontiers not of the mystery of the unknowns of our miracle of being, of consciousness, of a nano project that can deliver by science a well a bullet for cancer cells only, but insight on just what is autism or schizophrenia and so on... our future will be much more complex and much more risky if we give up the idea of spirit to a constitutional dictatorship and merely maintain a class of citizens not modified so much as left in the dark.
L. Edgar Otto Let us add to this the new evidence that viruses are now thought to be a fourth type of live and not just random chemicals or something between life or inert in confusion like a sort of quantum cat, natural and man made.

 L. Edgar Otto What is not forbidden is that in a sense if we find certainty in all the complexity of reality there remains a generality where the uncertainty principle can be seen as absolute.

This was quite a sensible article. While thermodynamics is of course a frontier for research the asymmetry of time may indeed need a deeper basis. The holographic principle is important but needs fractal like considerations with it- if we think some effects are "illusions" our theories are not concrete or general enough. And I only speak as a lay person that expected more from our exulted theoreticians - things feel right but if I am wrong then such wisdom can only be understood by the very few - I do not think so. I do have to enlarge that map and think about it. The 4D pentatope idea is but a beginning of that math and is not enough- but supersymmetry ideas can be there in a different way than thought say in string theory.   fb thursday see sabines posts for links

earlier comments and dialog:
L. Edgar Otto Forest Dump in this forum has always been level headed and moderate in his comments and evaluations... that is we intellectually evolve as we evolve, some of us, even with the uncertainties of the complications of uniqueness and consciousness as physics of force and memory has this element of adaptation and selection of a brain or body with general cosmic unities in thoughtful explorations and experiments. Still, shades of Sheldon on the popular sitcom called "The Big Bang" with his Baptist roots in Texas. Yes, most likely the willful forceful proof as evidence should be suspect as with all potential narrow minded propaganda intended or with the unseen consequence of indoctrination... science grows as we try to understand physical and social gravity.

Leo Vuyk Nice picture Edgar, However in my view the vuykian raspberry is not dimensionless, see:

L. Edgar Otto Very important point of which I am now thinking about and about to post on which essentially relates drawings here to issues of a more general relation of mass and consciousness. Form is more important than current physics gives it credit for and reaches far into the foundations. In this sense as in the simple extensions of the tic tac toe game questions we see many more possibilities on the mental aspects of our brain than the physical chemistry. I should have said Dimensionfree where such questions are open and debate structures extended now called scalar fields interacting. My Ultranscontinuum more vague than your Raspberry concept but now in its function I explore the vague continuum of learning my Neotericontinuum, to which your deliberations are more advanced while some as I predicted would do so begin to relate this to dark matter... When we do find experimental evidence of a biological nature such as memory stored in the cortext not the hippocampus (long term) it is rare it applies so accurately and deeply- thinks I have tried to see by introspection assuming no nonnecessary truths including those necessary ones not forbidden. The connection of which comes first the mind or cosmic structure- well that is still for me generally not measurable and dimensionless.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Singularity Landau Super-poles, Quasifinite Supergenerational Strings in Generalized Quasic Brane Flat Spacetime Orthogonal Representations

Singularity  Landau Super-poles, Quasifinite Supergenerational Strings in
Generalized Quasic Brane Flat Spacetime Orthogonal Representations

L. Edgar Otto   August 26, 2013

* * *

Sabine on fb reports a variation on the tic tac toe game.  Conway's great books on game theory come to mind as hardly boring or trivial even when the mechanics of outcomes is known.  To me this is but a part of something like a Sudoku game with all of its vague subtle complexity.  Nature also counts trivially on her fingers.  With wisdom a normal tic tac TOE game will be a draw and cannot be won save by accident or ignorance of the rules given choices in this two player game (player and other player as universe).  We know in R^3 or familiar 3D of 27 cells to win the game one tries not to find a row alike.  Random walks do not necessarily or rarely come back to the same coordinate. Linearly at least only in the third dimension can we make knots in the usual sense.  For every horizontal tic toc toe game we can see vertical or horizontal counterparts of brane group symmetry... the quasic plane makes it easy to see such abstract geometry and the abililty to imagine wider applications of special cases of unique cause and history of paths where the groups and dimensions interrelate.  Hardly boring but difficult and tedious requiring faith the totality matches from diverse directions in the end.  How else would we imagine subparticles in their kinematics to add to the concept of inertias such as hidden shifting mass or variations in gravity beyond twistor or scalar considerations and so on...  Still, a convincing stance can cause one to question the very insights and soundness of a theory within his own head.  In this sense I agree with Sabine gravity itself is quantized (rather on these principles between GR and QM the third way or quasication which does give some grounding for our ideas of strings.  Can we show that within this model a unified theory of it cannot be solved?

* * * *

Friday, August 23, 2013

Existential Prediction and Higgs Tilting

Existential Prediction and Higgs Tilting in the Doubled Pinball
Raspberry Universe

L. Edgar Otto   Aug. 23, 2013

Lubos has an interesting article today the idea put into metaphors of a Boltzman brain  and makes some statements about number theory and empty DeSitter universes and so on.  This dialog out there is new to me in the terminology but not the concerns.  I view it as creative rank metaphysics or religious concepts more than the clear science... Lubos comments on the situation appears to be a countering in the learned arguments which seems to me on the same level of assumptions or missing assumptions in this where it applies to science or how we reason, individually or collective ideologically or not.

Otherwise we may already assume super-string theories and higher super-symmetry as empty.  The laws of he universe as useful information and methods are only quasi-uniform locally.

Can we not predict 9 digits anywhere along the random looking digits of pi from the last 9 in base ten?

I also like the comments on the viXra blog lately between Orwin, Stephen, and me.  In the case of orienting axes in three space where something follows or is contiguous to what can be considered the information we may store in a shorthand of six colors we cannot but assert that the universe is so random that we cannot learn something logical and intelligible from considerations of a wider whole.  This of course involves our concepts of Triality such as of particle flavors, and sensible patterns of Higgs-like objects which are close to the counting logic of number theory- especially the recurring patters of 24.

Big data may in fact supply us with some useful information, Stephen, if we have a slightly better grasp of these combinotoric structures underlying the physics of this world.

And Orwin, the references to the Greeks are still  worth learning from as well the triality you mention for Van der Waals -  interestingly you suggest it relates to gravity.  But in my charts where things are distinctly vertical or horizontal in two dimensions we do not half the plane into even and odd values as both axes, rather I imagine something like gender applied to the unique numbers rows that suggests a deeper asymmetry in the universe that comes before the physics of ratios of matter and antimatter.

* * * *
Notes on the Illustrations:

Looking for a large triple graph to map all the 720 permutations of three bi-color axes oriented in three space that structure makes the calculations... this obvious idea occurred to me after recent viXra comments on particle flavor and when I was trying permutations of notes on my guitar.

* * * *

Lately I am turn my thoughts to protocells and other nano related issues... not the least of it is the question of toxicity in our inadequate theory of the artificial vs relation to organisms...

* * * 

next day a thought comment for viXra org on the natural and unnatural...
BTW….this post was lost in trying to post it when net service was interrupted and to back up copies did not save… I am not sure I can write it as good again… essentially it is about applying some of these ideas to make sense of all the information and perhaps judge its worth… some points I recall as each of us are at some stage of awareness, local or distant of imagined influences, just as with that possibility in numbers and metalanguage and how far the universe can be as quasifinite
Big Bang the first miracle and all left as science? Math unlike other faiths that can prove it is based on faith? One big miracle of the prophets then the practical world left we can explain? Are we distracted to keep into a certain cultural or scientific paradigm by hidden or accidental dark matter influences? Was in the miracle at Jerusalem not the Dante experience of exploring the cosmos in that older cyclic formulation…that then said a closure of such prophesy or in an individual an awakening to higher civilization and understanding that must have seemed divine.
We each as valuable as a universe, that or just s speck of dust not that unique or worth much at all…worrying about today’s miracle of our being in the world or that somewhere it may forever end…
Our parallel thoughts that seem real each to his own as his own or his faith in the collective vague totality of a miracle. So many metalanguages vertical and horizontal in integration.
We do not need some sense of conspiracy to see what may be coming as we work half blind hoping it is good in equifinality. This exposure to information, the more we experience the more we can hold… but how do we know simple things like what is safe to eat, the artificial man-made or that from nature- protocells with their need for vast energy compared to us humans…sometimes the unnatural can out do or enhance what we consider natural where the geometry of dimers and clay jump start universal life. Are such nano particles already in our food like gene modification toxic for any say individual genome? Does any theory tell us about this? The claims would cure many thing but when? just promises of hope?
Certainly today we can only watch with sorrow how cultures caught in a loop as if some certainty of religion or science continues the tribal wars and the lust for place and obtainment. Our spiritual manuals say otherwise as with all disinformation and lies I suppose.

and I forgot:  in the quasifinite world the landscape is wide to much to assume all things are connected thus mostly external or that as worth little all systems are isolated, perhaps not connected at all...

I might add that the idea drugs first awaken humanity to visions of a deeper reality and consciousness, those of lesser strength of mind or of more civilized in their mysticism,  I find suspect when we consider the genome as a ground of measure with a multiplicity of uniqueness in its expressed and potential parts... we can only sell a false story if we have the monopoly on the message or the power... such a creativity craved when it is all there is speaks for the drive of living itself  otherwise we have a prison that dont make sense if we care to think about it....  we have to let science grow but there is no reason we cannot let with care and intelligence.

There are a few things about this Stereotope of which I am exploring intuitively over the terrain of a very abstract landscape which I feel rewarding in the sense of understanding and comprehension rather than just some mechanical approach... these maps continue in binary multiples for the n! which btw Lubos is not just a numerology but a hidden depth in numbers just as in the mechanistic view (not the spirit of seeing things in systems of higher space) hidden depth there is even a more vague sense of mysticism.  While there is nothing mystical about the fourth dimension as Coxeter said... there is nothing so reductionist either that the vision  of such space or higher dimensions and knot analogs or breaking symmetries we cannot explain things like gravity and matter as particles.  Now if we count the partitions say by the p(1) functions as explained in the most visited viXra blogs does this not relate to the idea of 3 charges as 1/3 charges, or 3 unit charges, or some unity of such a trinity?  Is such mathematics more fundamental than physics? Or just a different way of rising to the comprehension that such things are not trivial a the foundations to which we need not imagine exotic curves or functions just as approximations of "rounding up or truncating".  Intuition does more than let us recognize a puzzle to solve or see some lack in the data that is trying to tell us something.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Arithmetic of Virial Singularity

The Arithmetic of Virial Singularity

L. Edgar Otto    21 August, 2013

* A prime number at singularity has both an absolute unique relation to the set of all numbers chosen linearly from a sequence of indefinite potential infinity and is a general binary class of things when reduced to arithmetical properties.

* At an initial singularity in the span of an intelligible context as a physical unity of a universe absolute in an arithmetic the prime singularity 2 as duality and a notation for our ideas of virality, especially where it is expressed by the inverse square law applying to various fields stands uniquely as one number that factors all other composite even numbers dynamically.  It as all classes in the absolute may be considered as if a shadow or null in a give arithmetical or topological system.

* Into higher space representations the power applied to this number as a continuum of substructures or hidden symmetries may depend on the natural power of the dimension of representation.

* The question of total unique spaces complete in a given arithmetic or that such universes of counting and discourse exceeds these properties as a possibility and perhaps on many supersymmetric levels.  But where there is a reduction up to what seems intelligible and complete on a given level the dynamics of mirroring states, real or virtual, will show in the assumed balanced measure as chirality in tandem while both states exist over entanglement, an intrinsic asymmetry.

* While random and black box influences, or causation directions may fit the general picture such as the reversal of Markov chains and the resulting nonlinear possibilities of delayed paths, increasing complexity, mass or gravity to be resolved at reversal as probable measure... the arithmetic and topological structure of quasifinite objects logically grounds things to imagine or do experiments at the foundations.

* We can imagine a sequence of primes subject as universal to quasi-unique squaring for a field of compliments that may start in the square root of things as vertical or horizontal products that may loop independently as well as quasi-isolated contiguously focused product systems bias the direction of teleological dynamic directions at least existentially.

* From the view of non-necessity the proofs of theorems like Fermat's Last Theorem or n-body and N-color theorems, and the special role regarding angles in complex  representation regarding the Riemann hypothesis or the musings of Ponclaire in topology can be reconsidered at such arithmetical foundations.

* * * * * * *

Thoughts made clearer inspired by dialog with Leo Vuyk and other comments our theoreticians mentioned as issues on the viXra. org  blog.   Beyond this we need to explore things like what we mean by transcendental numbers - yet it seems new research and developments as experiments have been appearing lately in the nature of what things are such as electrons as well the social or speculative ideas as to how they stand in our superstitions or mythology that we feel still deeper secrets of this world.

* * * *
Next Day: well, reminds me of Marni's researches a couple of years ago... but the illustration above goes deeper than my comment on the nature of such angles...that is more foundational for the matter anti matter energy or mass differences as if from some unified initial condition as also a such virial system decohere by the inverse square law or some extenion forever should we not limit our perceptions or imagination to say 4 generations?  I am reminded when as a child I discovered trying to extend the resolution of my microscope that a second image was made on the floor from the light fixture on the ceiling but larger and further out...

I note on Orwin's links tonight in a comment on the viXra blog the mathematics in vague terms of general principles seems to make conclusions in the same spirit of my nuts and bolts approach... If such spirits can be accepted as proofs.  I add that  Pitkanen's use of 127 in p-adics and primes also relates to a deeper representation than an even dimension (4 fold not 8fold) calculation.
* * *

A symbolic flag for Leo Vuyk's raspberry universe concept with quasic counting considerations.

* * *

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quasi-Unique Prime Sequences

Quasi-Unique Prime Sequences

L. Edgar Otto    Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

Prime numbers mapped on the quasic brane can be divided into horizontal and vertical sequences.  While quasicity is but another attempt at grasping the independent and uniqueness of prime patterns even when taken to vast dimensions this speculation may tell us something about intelligible arithmetic or general space principles.  At this state it is an exercise in mathematical recreations.

1.  The zeroth vertical column contains one prime number 2 as well all even columns beyond this contains no primes.

2.  The zeroth horizontal row contains 5 as the smallest prime.

3.  The first horizontal row contains 2 as the smallest prime.

4.  The first two sequential integers, horizontally, are 0 and 1 which are prefixes to intelligible coding patterns of higher binary dimensional arrays as 4 or 8 fold region subdivisions over the natural dimensions... 16 cells is 4D, 32 is 5D, 64 is 6D... 256 is 8D and so on... and thus are suffixes of higher pattern groups left out of the binary count structurally.

5.  Across the main diagonal with this quaternion-octonion analogy we can have asymmetric initiator-terminator weight structures where quasi-unique properties are quasi-symmetric.  These can be pairs of primes as well as isolated and single or patterns of superimposed symmetry breaking values somewhere between what we imagine as real or as illusion... or between them other properties such as powers where these are not necessarily both prime.

6.  Some row or column of unique primes relative to the span of the dimensions in the counting of binary arrays may have unique distinguishing encoding features for physical interpretations.

7.  The analyses invovled need not be random nor non-linear in the application or expression of such features.  Indeed, these can be a reference sequence fixed or relative to some initial count or shifting range of no or more additions for quasi-unique patterns which seems part of materiality.

8.  A topological approach of adjacent regions of logic so simplified can be intelligibly and quasically ordered in the 2D arbritary plane or in higher spaces.

9.  Distinct material entities and shadows or half shadows, one actual or virtual mirror, or empty shadows in the background contain pure logic deeper than how we may assign such information values that mimics the logic patterns.

The illustration of the 8K cells   64 x 128 with primes in upper left corner I post as a sort of minimal graph paper for printing....

* * *

Monday, August 19, 2013

Physical and Thought Experiments Proposed, Pesla Coils

Physical and Thought Experiments Proposed,  Pesla Coils

L. Edgar Otto   posted August 19, 2013

Consider this article from MIT I saw today... (Hey at one time the service said I could go to Yale or Purdue rather than study something I thought I would work in like RADAR, something useful.

Life is short and this technology exploration was what I said too new to post about.  So maybe it will help things along... for the theory anyway.

These parts may also be formed into modular arrays... makes good receiving antennas too for various superfluid supersymmetry bands of physicality...  Keep in  mind a better of definition of dimensions and a wider idea of group theory, that and an intelligible decoding model of related ideas of information.

* * * *  may be relavant but there are very many models one could try this method on.

Aug.20  comments from Hans inspired these questions and artwork on fb

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Intelligible Physics Models

Intelligible Physics Models

L. Edgar Otto      August 18, 2013

Here I summarize the state of our visions on foundational physics principles.

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From this science project on facebook  I made the following comments:

when asked for comments from the readers on this paper:

1998, amazingly seems a little dated... Kip Ward and time travel past black holes once established, repeating photon replication to collapse a wormhole- but how thin is the wall of that or a black hole- a stint to keep it open some suggest.  Hard not to see it as sci-fi at this level but is worth thinking about- what is decoherence ultimately, some form of information self-explained as such?  The assumption, despite the complicated topology is that there is a classical state of flatland we can descend to yet never go beyond but the situation is a little fuzzy... in fact the surface of such objects or their black hole mouths is rather like an atmosphere even when they branch, causation and what it means the essential question... it's arbitrary to distinguish the inside and outside (or say no inside) of such objects in a quasifinite universe-  Tubewormholes would be a better description...  So much from a unity or dimensionless constant value single or multiple is determined as if in the now a minimum distance or duration (the old idea still with value) for c itself, let us subscript or superscript the symbol with h, is in a sense quantized in such an atmosphere, or h and c subscript continuous in fractal paths as if somewhat of a totality...all this determined by small lamda that takes time c divided as duration...that is the energy of pure structure and counting...  I am reminded of the sci-fi Old Man's War series by John Scalzi which looks into the future speculation on our species and information technology as far as it would logically seem to evolve - a sense really of virtual plus biological immortality as long as nothing tilts the great pinball machines of our skies.  But you ask for Phd's and I claim no credentials FYI... besides, other than possible tacking against the flow or folding space some ways all this may be set into a fundamental rest and motion inertia unity concept that from this view is balanced by a source and idea of micro-timetravel and such looping in it.

As a fractal and holographic general idea it may have everything to do with the concerns of the paper... not the least of it is what we mean in entanglement... I might conclude from what I commented on above even then we may not see such gravity waves save possibly as indirect evidence for in a sense there is no distance between distinct objects or essential surfaces are all connected at a distance- for that h barrier or that before say the Big Bang idea may be just as thin so keep a bay the ability for some theories like strings to more than assert the Planck scale only to explain more than the scope of its system.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Indefinite Quasi-periodicity

This illustration seems so trivial a just a result of the counting so as not to tell us that much- yet we can compare this to the general ideas at the foundations of physics such as quantum theory.  To the poetic or intuitive eye the pattern suggest a scalar particle form as if a matrix QM lattice or in the shifting sequential reading the wave (or double node wave of base 8) forms.  As with Sabines insights in Scientific American the loop idea suggests a quantization of gravity (that is quasication as part of a unified theory)  My posting error as times 17  (consider all X18) is a typo considering the neutral nodes of patterns within patterns and so on.  Such things are like Leo Vuyk's idea of what is the form and dynamics of black holes, their hierarchy and handedness for a (if we view it as a totality) the raspberry universe. Or if we imagine in such a grid as I have above the quasication of the eigenvalues (see the viXra comment blog for ideas from the contributors).  This is perhaps a more foundational idea of what the flavors are and the suggestion by Rowlands the four factor (Fermat's saying among the most recondite properties of number) as the dimensionless difference values of such particles.  Early on in trying to make sense of the primes I had a fleeting vision of the answers involved some relationship of squares but did not know enough to pin it down and part of it still eludes me. I add that this intuitive sense of what is happening in such wild ends of group space and dimension surely is understood by Marni, and the landscape by Pitkanen as to its complexity beyond what we have now.  As simple as this model I present is it suggests much more complexity yet that is not out of our reach.  The applications I suggested earlier were too new to post really involve technical aspects of say the circuits.  As far as three dimensional printing or greater is involved the recent suggestion of making not one massive printing but it done modular in some xtral lattice fabrication seems to fit the general idea of our quasifinite reality as quasics and should in its intelligible logic be applied to the transmission at a distance of quantum information  as quasication as well as quantization.  In any case we have to consider the view of the digital as well the general properties we imagine for our idea of infinite space or that of nothingness analog or reduced to singularities as we insist on avoiding or renormalizing our models as the universe as far as we can now grasp it already does.

Indefinite Quasi-periodicity

L. Edgar Otto   13 August, 2013

In the quasic brane similarity as multiple tiling is subsumed into fractal hierarchy patterns of 5n which suggests the 4n symmetry colors follow suit expressed as linear or polar as the brane group symmetry operations apply.

The initial count thru 5 patterns is transitive over the plane or over the crystal lattice tiling to define the 3D brane extensions and so on thru natural linear dimensions.

As far as the unit cell count appropriate to the symmetries and dimensions so interpreted as physicality a general initial or final singularity cell as an integer sum can measure the concept of inertia as reference rest mass or gravity of which these may only quasifinitely be intimated linked periodically.

The arithmetical information can be considered as certain in coordinate positions, momentum, energy, motion and so on if the quasic brane is interpreted as a general quasi-fixed Aether.

The stacking of such brane regions may occur without a change in the periodicity in the depth but at this condition descending into the depth the span may contain periodic regions where span and depth are a unified concept that acts in the available amount of mass (and inversion of span expansion) as holographic linearily or polarly. (the sub particles of Higgsino like objects may indeed reflect the symmetries of Platonic polytopes (as say of 20 as mentioned by Lubos with his descriptive names of this subtle difference) wherein a point like an integer is a class concept where it is distinguished from singularity.

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I found thru Sabine a discussion of facebook on how to catch the flies in her office which lead to the humor of the "collapse of the fly function".  Goole had a quantum cat in its logo today also.  This lead to the New Scientist article point out as serious that flies can detect by quantum effects various forms of molecules as if seeing deeper into their structure.  Note the rare earths and the shark sensitivity. Not the vipers that can detect a prey's heat to a thousandth of a degree.  This sort of effect shows the influences of deeper symmetries below the surface configuration of a molecule.

As this exists by such quasifinte fields in the body another article given better depth of vision by our technology suggests  "Translocation" as a leading condition of cancer of the rare mismatching of parts of genes between different chromosomes  (as suggested in the general reasoning in my recent post on the call for speculation as to the nature of Cancer, as these inductive effects seem to me quasi-locality where the hidden physics may conceivably apply to analogs in the complexity of mental systems.  Between these morphogenic like fields in a mind or body we can have partial development where the distinctions have several broken quasic dimensional divisions that opperate against diverse distinct viable equivalent wholes.

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Sunday Footnote: In my second illustration from the top the lower part of the grid suggests to me a more fundamental structure than this experimental analysis of heat, time and electrons. It also speaks of something more fundamental than the quaternion or octonion differences or as to how the reversal of spinning things as central to many qm and GR processes is not the deepest of foundations.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Fellows,   (for blog post):     L. Edgar Otto   Aug. 10, 2013

Finding the right place in the technology, that and independent development has shown me where my education is lacking, the steps I assumed close to the foundations and elaborated on, and that the way science is taught can be an arbitrary bias if not outright wrong for some projects. I have had to go back to the books to catch up and understand our basic electronics projects where so much of our era of science began (think of Einstein in the early days of he patent office around new inventions) although my Dad was a great engineer he felt hampered by the higher math so in that sense his best teaching was having me take apart various electronic components- or building antennas,  I wish I had more time and yes budget but with greater theory things go rapidly.

Two things have come up synchronously in my current concerns of which I regard them as hints of what could develop and are very much understated.  These are connected in the brain and natural blog threads.  Some are concerned with the observation effect be it a matter of quantum stuff or some form of consciousness - for that some have suggested the solution is make your own internet.

The first is that form of particles that looks like my last musings and of which Lubos has a post also (of which he tries to cite people who in the past were the origins of the idea now that it is published and became fashionable (this precedence for special purposes cited other than it gives us a common name for effects I do not think is historical or viable outside the brackets of our current spacious now in principle)  Let us blame Harvard perhaps and science as political or social, or economic, collective or private.

The other aspect to be considered concerning the brain as computation,  parallel ideas from nature.  Is a bold attempt from IBM for a new programming language.

In these things at the frontier we surely can go deeper where they are intimately related - the question of what is needed to manufacture or program the hard and soft ware as well a better understanding of what the mind is (perhaps more than a quantum induction system- given this we can go further than the dramatic statement of a ten fold miniaturization and so on to higher spaces.  If we know, and can discern where the natural or artificial differences show up there will be ways to compensate this great ambiguity of material or mental dualism- autistic cures for example in the intelligent tinkering with say what is lacking in particular genes.

But I do not mean to add to the abstracts of abstracts of news nor be a node in how the knowledge is presented or used passed as news from my time place and circumstance.  One of the mysteries of QM is the sense that we all share something of science and wisdom.  As was said and I forget who... the Neanderthal gazing at the beauty of a sunset is in some ways the same person we are - at least for now, and we can be so much more than that.

Thank you all for focusing my thoughts and for your inspiration.

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Next Day - I find it amazing how electronic theory developed despite the lack of understanding of fundamental things such as Maxwell's  aether displacement currents and what a ground actually is.  Was Franklin wrong as to the flow of charges or is that somehow relative while we use, and fudge the seam formulas as best we can in an abstract two space?  In any case in reading the new text I plotted the five colors of the quasic plane for those needed to navigate in two space abstractly. I find it so obvious as to how we better map tables of binary conversion and the sense of spin or the asymmetry of the resulting image I notices before in this 7 or 8 bit 4 space generation pattern as if the turbines of the water flow analogy used to describe the simpler things in the theory.

Of course there are four more patterns 2 thru 5 in a fractal cyclic hierarchy  of which we may find interesting things and counts linear or  in spin or parallel/

as in my personal OTTO symbol ten fold of crescents much as the above pattern generalization or that of electron flow if free whatever the view as to what is magnetism displacement without light velocity as acceleration and so on thus virtual infinity, what perhaps is dark and what is our immediate measure and limits of thermodynamic and energy models in the deep symmetries and asymmetries of the concept of quasifinite inertia at the foundations.

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