Friday, October 30, 2009

The Jack-o-Lantern Universe (or the Colorado Shift)

Our human state is one of adapting to the changes in our interaction with the material world more than a sort of saturation to status quo of our spiritual and chemical balance. To this end we imagine intuitively and creatively sometimes a distance from our inner mind and thoughts. The barest hint of an idea can contain whole new world for exploration and revelation of what is the potential in us of the actual. If we are not comfortable with such frontiers and sea sickness of sea changes in ourselves and the world we may not understand the frontiers of what we read and write and believe. One thing for sure, science and philosophy can seem to be just beginning as our eyes open and ending where they are closed.

*1 Where the question of regions of space as geometry can be made more rigorous by
ideas of overlapping- such dialectics (even fourfold) can be imagined neutral globally. But, as said, what seems existent (and the universe not found with origins of the expected patterns of the COBE data) can be seen not to exist as well we can imaginatively question while in the moment our own existing. Can a non-existent God make the universe- is He evolving with such a universe? Do we become God in our awakening called consciousness? Is the most general default that of such non-existences as the ultimate background substantial or actual allow the experiences of what is the quasi-real? Are we in a sense god-like in the first place? In such clouds of data of which it may be pointless to mine the data what sort of rules of the unknown can be encompassed by our algebra of the unknown? How simple and terse the completion of squares even for the idea of arithmetic fractions.

*2 Imagine then a quasic square as if a description of political regions (national jurisdictions for example) in the developing history in question. Are these not as if the confluence of dark and light matter? Are they not conceptually something like the theories of Branes or whatever model we make for the metaphor? Why in the quasic holon view do we hold indempotency as if some pole of absolutes and not something that evolves unto a limit that can be in between and thus a mindful universe in the background of neutral global unreasonable power of our mathematics?

*3 Sometimes the mathematics can get around what seems irrefutable as logical paradoxes especially when we scrutinize the frontiers and boundaries of the world and our perceptions. The epsilon-delta of limits needs to be expressed in terms of the wall of the world even if it conceived as finite but boundless. Where do we reach the fuzzy limit that exists then as absolute as if the boundary of the state of Colorado as if a quasic square or sphere? Where does the unity of aleph 1 cover and is contained in such a region as well to contain all space and its dimensions? In what sense is there a neutral background stability of such a seemingly even if it seems virtual and empty absolute alph 1 boundary? Is it stable in the usual sense as if the plane of functions is vertical and nodes of gravity as stable? In what sense of complex fractals do several regions of some number give us more certainty and predictability ? Does not such a distinction of the indefinite square region and the definite area not speak of inflation and the seeming explosion and direction of the invariant light? Is it not the case that where Wyoming and Colorado touch at such a boundary the hegemony of the other as real space cannot be shown to exist before the boundary is crossed in time save paradoxically on the razor edge as we approach its intricate and extended structure of the boundary itself? Certainly we need to develop the calculus more along these clearer seemingly metaphysical or conceptual lines and then apply it to the real world and not one of just dreaming how we design, we creators, the community of man.

Footnote: In the progression of the quasi-spheres being as the center of a given region in descending (perceived so) quadrants we regard the fourth or southeast as the zero origin in terms of what confluences will follow, say 49 of 64 - much like the yarrow stalks and so on in the tradition as the I Ching is as if a clue to ancient lessons to be applied in a future technology). I feel very keenly the advancement of technology lately mastering what it was back when that seemed to hard but seems trivial now like the power supplies in the era of am radio. The world now looks so primitive at times and the cultural regions as a global thrust of education that seems failing in our state and universities today overemphasizing the arbitrary liberal degrees or in some places mindless engineering (let us not forget how close we were globally to the disaster of world war being civilized beings that maybe if we survive the concept in wider dimensions that of our achievement of nuclear power be not the curse but a great miracle of the power of our species to evolve and think-of course the use of such power defeats the achievement while it defeats immoral war save hand to hand of that self deception as a need ultimately for us primates- we who have gone beyond the hype against cowardliness of the Firing Line against our brothers demonized. In some ways it is all a mathematical manipulation but in no case is it a conspiracy of hidden groups as metaphysically sound.

This zero point of confluence as if a movable clef on the exponential scale can be readily seen to adjust with further complexity the outliers of stars from the mainstream. Between two galaxies or other material things the virtual photocytes create places of structure- as if the geometric creation of craters from some external space is the same description as the crashing into the moon or mars physically of some meteor. Is gravity but the echo of this structural complexity?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Progressions of the Quasi-spheres

In this model, really of cyberspace organization (after all the net evolves as much as it is a dump for information and neutral access for bandwidth) each established region can become a portal which can expand the quasic coordinate to the entire background space. Here we keep the seas the same as if all such genesis of a new nous or universe is similar as a holon more general than the whole reflected in its parts, at least these appear similar in a sort of proximity of vast multiworlds. Even then each nous has its own time and space and subjective history and evolution and we presume to initiate from zero as nous qs-1 but there could be say rs,ss,ts and so on. Do the rules allow feedback looping? Or is it in general harder to do so in the organization and generation of worlds? Does this model not reflect also the complexity and growth of a unique mind and its perspective including the vanishings and the internal changes and the begetting of similar forms and perhaps the radical changes of the actual among the locally logically quasi-unique and possible?

The inverse of color, as of the oceans and land area, represents the more refined "scientific" channels or worlds in some relation (can there be in one world multiple identities as if twins in the organic analog model?" In any case in the forthcoming LoversOfWisdom entity there is room for emphasis on the confluence of philosophy and science as if a vital creative enterprise.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Quasic Sphere and Confluence

There is a state, a general one, where the question of some configuration being mangled or unique is philosophically a meaningless or pointless question for these interpretations of state can be absolutely the same - a solid ball or an electron cloud the same description. The quasic fuzzy boundary and fractal like sphere allows as much as it forbids as a cascade of echoes (perhaps the discovery of a self-referential hierarchy of particles in almost organic parallels as instrumentally physical and real in concept at least as what is of our mathematics.

That said, we can loosely establish a general structural shadow form of compressed finite (n-dimensional) description of such physical or mathematical possibilities. In a sense it is the fulcrum of freedom yet a persistence of reality as principle.

It is not a clear thing to imagine such parallel particles as pre-ons nor that they bootstrap save by default, nor that the embedded dimensions of such unique but varying independent and irrelevant background differences can have unity of continuity (where after all we can declare that c = c, as if the source of dark force or frozen vacuum may change yet is isotropic continuous and the same)- a generalization of the idea of "constant". What matters then if at variable and dimensionless speed, infinite as Aristotle thought could be or not, if we on much larger scales out of sync into the past and future general relativity seems awry?

Where then is the zero point of these open-closed systems which may indeed imagine ultimate unities or micro particles (moreover parallel systems of them as if composed of organic photocysts and photoblasts the world a shadow of bilateral symmetries? What are the geometrical properties of the qsphere at singularity?

What then of a more general concept of entropy whose maximum near the influence of vanishing light we can pass through the inner structures of parallel maximum entropy as if physical particles?

* * *

The LHC and the Algebra of the Unknown

L. Edgar Otto

In the persistent existential moment
only the appearance that we change the past
On the steps that bind us in early judgment
to the future, both myths made real as history

In that nitrogen to helium frozen supercooled
collisions contained so world configurations begin
We smash and explode time's head on locomotives
close to the destination, perhaps beyond, absolute zero

Our lives and project then as much about
free will and determinism as stored grain and wasted energy
The path of light walks a tightrope, its value variable
yet does not change as if the steeple points somewhere

While we walk around the cross atop it in our circle
A play of time's angles and parallels, linear collapse, real and imaginary

* * *

Footnote: The Confluence will be our new cultural and science creative group to promote the creative arts and yes to hope to sustain them. We will begin with music.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Facebook Dialog with Ari

In reverse order more or less:

Facebook Dialog with Ari

L. Edgar Otto
The Western music notation turns out to be not so medieval after all- but it is far from perfect. Why does a chord tend to resolve into melodic directions? Shades of the 60 and 4 of the I Ching! Tonality of the Will and those 4 bluish notes of the ...seasons. As a lady caller said yesterday on PBS- "between the wick and the candle flame falls the silence." Not only atonal but 24 base music is important.

L. Edgar Otto
Damn, trying to write a Christmass song is so overdone. It came out Gothmass maybe cathartic for the dark side of the holiday. From Thanksgiving to Christmas day having to listen to the musak at work of the Little Drummer Boy a thousand times- maybe one begins to hope the Little Match Girl should freeze anyway. :-)

L. Edgar Otto
I am sure listening to Aaron Copeland on PBS had something to do with it. These chelons are the turtles in turtles that hold up the world, music of the internal spheres. But it does not resolve the mystery of consciousness nor with such limitations ...understood how far the analogy can go into the various higher dimensions.

L. Edgar Otto
Good thoughts, and what I thought made Animal Train a breakthrough and interesting song, written in a whisper. At singularity we cannot distinguish the ultimate from our own source of will and wisdom. Where so words and music come from creatively that we all drink of them? From each of us as well copied by some first awakening. But I have come again in theory to the mechanical isolation and the peaceful solitude. I know there is more beyond the science and the psychology.

Arian Otto
The most important component to music is silence. The breaths between words, break between songs. Most ignored aspect of music. Maybe the sister of dark matter (which is the most exciting potential for CERN I think)
Simon and Garfunkel got it right "hello darkness my old friend..."

L. Edgar Otto
I was thinking along these lines- when does new music become more than a mechanical exercise of composition. But we do not have to generate it all by math if we know how, we can intuitively improvise. Math is music, and again do we make the music or the music make us? Good comments my man- some spiritual things remarkably and magically are ... Read More reached by the rational and faith of mathematics and is only as trivial as we imagine we can make and apply it, But we are not sure of this deep question are we?

Arian Otto
the jump from organizational geometry to the mystery of how it works is usually expressed as the difference between the "flower of life" and the "merkaba"
the shapes building the flower are only combined in consciousness. otherwise it is a just a pile of circles.
I expect there are limits to mathematics potential compared to spirituality. The... Read More sum of all mathematics is trivial and simplistic compared to spiritual knowledge. Math is the Janitor of universe, it can clean up the mess of human knowledge but it is not responsible for the building itself, let alone the use of that building- say the universe is a university. Math is only the custodian.

L. Edgar Otto
For what its worth I found a new class of particles last night- I will style them CERNons or chillons or maybe Clingons. Based on my and Conway's matrix I would have been embarrassed having the separate concepts and notation if I had to explain... them after their discovery. 15 or so and not string theory and promising uses and new measures and concepts of decay in sub-symmetry spaces. I may discuss this on blogspot

L. Edgar Otto Let look head on at the secret symbols of conspiracy. Not that our souls are fragmented but how we deal with it. Jung and Casey saw the future past, but in matters of the mind we have to go beyond those concepts skipping a generation of sorrows. Better days, surely they shall come.

L. Edgar Otto
Hmmmm...hard to measure our two bit souls when gold is now over a thousand dollars an once.

Arian Otto
The obvious symbols are ignored more than the secret ones. Like "$"
our souls weigh 21.3 grams, about the same as 5 nickels.

L. Edgar Otto
Saw Jeoz in the coffee shop who sent me a pdf on consciousness and Nietzsche. Did not post on my blog short concept of Implied Spacious Dimensions. Heard some of Peter's music who loaned me a text, he will become a composer. Chords unique to Western music. Tomorrow is homecoming and I will avoid the mayhem on Water Street, coffee shop closed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CERNONS, New Class of Particles (in Brown Code)

Listening to Aaron Copeland on Public Radio last night this concept occurred to me based on my own notation and that of the "Conway Matrix". I would be quite embarrassed if having all these ingredients I had to apply it after the fact of such particle decay and interaction discovery. Other thoughts formed also which with some of the existing recent phenomena (tree ring growth, greater ring around Saturn, the ongoing evolution of disease and immunity, the epi-genome, the simulated artificial black hole to store some photons that cannot escape- all of this suggests to me that a certain clarity in positive technology is possible and moreover will lead to new fields that solve a lot of our problems we fear now will limit our lives as we have known it. I am not clear, beyond these sixteen dimensions, if such theories although more restricted than the possibilities of string theory, have higher analogs which have real effects.

Leonard Edgar Otto AF14871466 October 21, 2009 Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Friday, October 16, 2009

Four Space Chess and other Topics:

King Rook, Queen Knight, Magi, Bishops,
All the Happy Family
Oct. 14

I have come to think that anyone in pride, arrogance and
expertise who cannot play four dimensional chess
Cannot in our time be considered a theoretical physicist

Nor, as the evidence is in from New Scientist of how
important learning to juggle is - a thing I tried and
Wrote about before hand last month for the
integration of the parts and general design of our minds

The stream of consciousness is much more complicated
than that we imagine of its oxbows and deltas

Two score years I sat on, played the game alone
lived the bigger picture in my core, productive years
Nursery rhymes and bringing children into the world
played God's game while time sacrifices both dreams
As if a mortal Viking on knees in the privacy of prayer.

* * *

The vague concept of two particles exchanging smaller ones as if two people throwing a ball back and forth causes them to be connected as if by a force can be extended into the idea of juggling in quasic space of certain invariant distances which in one realm of space can result into two distinct invariant paths as if there are two forms of one substance. I style this concept ISD Implied Spacious Dimensions. And where the distinct forces juggle quasic and natural distances we have IPF or Implied Platonic Force as he more general space, I style this dark foam, for quasicity will guarentee both forms of a continuous Plaonic substance and a foamy quantum like view.

From this we can find neutral spaces or zero derivatives interacting from both implied forces. Quasi-foamlike and quasi-aetherlike phenomena of two or more forms of one substance in relation and in parallel show that the concept of intergal cube packing does not have to be from some view limited to two dimensions (squares) such that it proves there are no physical analogies in higher space. After we accept certain conjectures of these subspaces, even unto the octonian, these sort of fundamental concepts will open up new ways to explore physics and mathematics.

I will try to make a diagram like I did in 95 that explains the game better. There is also Odo 256 which is the logical analog to normal three space chess and there is Odo 64 a game harder than four D to play which is 2D chess played in three dimensions.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Life Map

Clearly, the emotional music of the inner view as a quasic abstract center and the unwinding or unpacking of that stream of information is another concept of what TIME is, perceived objectively and subjectively. I made a quasic chart of my life, a lifemap of 64 squares to get a better handle on the idea of personal (and a way to compare the time of others) time. Each square could contain the 365 I ching like division of days. This chart makes a good explanation for the view of the quasic model of the genome in a way I feel people can relate to easily. I will post one shortly- it is important to have a good sense of all these forms of time limited or extended or not. These metaphysics of it corresponds to these principles whether we take them as physical or subjective or not. (galatomic, if you have read this I ask what is underneath the principle that the fractal quality of consciousness must take a micro form? Clearly there may be a macro form as well if things are strictly fractal- yet I do understand the underlying physics of the reasons you assert such principles as well the bias some have for the local small Euclidean foundation.)

The blog I follow called the Reference Frame yesterday with an article that GR was proven 98% wrong concerning the cosmic background and so on via statistical methods. This sort of philosophy of science here goes far in evaluating and understanding the importance of such claims. It does show to me a fundamental problem with reductionist only physics as purely or modified GR or QM alone or together. But could not the world be otherwise as we can have different individuals bicameral and at different times as the music within us unwinds stores or presents our emotions of the moving music? Does the endless rope hold up the moon, or the moon such an endless rope? Surely psychology and sociology can benefit from these concepts even if they prove just metaphors, but then again what else is there after the tonal and modal aspects of abstract space are known and seen as concrete in the overt and the hidden of spatial energies?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Evidence of the Quasic Genome Model and another article which shows the more active genes near the surface and quiet ones more into the density (if I can find the article again I will post it here) clearly is empirical evidence for the models of things as I have discussed on the philosophy chat forum and of a view others have added to it- for example how this relates to the idea of consciousness in scale (microscale for example) of galatomic theory.) All this is rather holonic in nature as to the theory and definitely is a post modern philosophy of science as ForestDump pointed out of our paradigm, in the sense it is the same sort of higher dimensional quasic structure that describes dreams and their interpretation. Now Biowiz, do you not see why I could not accept your idea that the evolution of the genes was just a matter of probability of the amino acids and what after all did you find? Of course the link to science daily above is a mere two dimension fractal (quasics are more general than fractals btw)

From my more Platonic view (pseudo-platonic really as mine is the scientific) and from galatomics more nominalist view (pseudo-nominalist really as his is a deep analysis as philosophy in interpretation) we imagine the core, a cube in a cube for example of the math is such that the surface has the max entropy like a black hole and yet the inside has deep structure.

This is the very sort of thing I mentioned the need to understand the nature of identity and uniqueness- after all the COBE background is just one holon like possibility of the surface of something as the great string unravels from a historical bling string ball space.

Of course in the illustration from this article we note the gray code ideas which is useful in four dimensions also- and which is a good part or alternative for the truth of the standard theory vs the quasic one of the forces and gravity itself.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

galatomic gender exposed, banned from

Just as Lincoln posed as surfer girl to argue with galatomic (the exposure of this if mentioned on the forum would result in his banning he could not come back)the moderators of sciencechatforum and the chat rooms on dalnet finally realized sharondippity was galatomic! what took these engineers so long? I suppose rumors of the glass ceiling are worth more than the glass ceiling itself.

Well, who is left on that thread now but moderators? Anyway the Favre dimensions is a concept that might be best described as Farve himself caught between the cheese head green and gold and the viking purple and white (and number 4 for awhile to the Jets and so on) Hey, public radio reports adolescent elephants goring the rhinos because of territory and lack of family community. It said humans are a lot like them in such thinking. Hey, I knew that one day the sesame street public media crowd would grow up to establish an adult version of the myth of Babar.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

False Prophets and Taliban of Global Scientists

I am considering going back to Madison for awhile so I can connect with the university there again and the state government. There are new programs regarding veterans (despite the corruption in that office of the state which have always stopped any credentials of which I understood as AF14871466 I am locked into special privilege which impairs my equal treatment as if any other citizen of our republic. I have not written the last few days as my encounters with the government discourage my creativity and has done so in a struggle for years.

To this end I checked again with the Dean of Students (actually the number I called in the alumni magazine in regards to a new veterans program turned out to be there. I explained as best I could my need for credentials to deal with the likes of the students and there cultural perspective toward science as posted below quoting the time I spent on the and other situations.

I also am connected here or follow the science blog from the Czech republic by which they had an article criticizing Penrose as a physicist (as Lincoln on the forum also did even raising later ideas Penrose discussed.) Now for those in the know and who understand truly the frontiers of physics it is these very issues Penrose raised that despite even protected free speech as negative opinion that those jealous and protective of their so called philosophy of science are not expert in understanding the advanced views of Penrose especially to the issues of the role of determinism. Science is dead and the forum has killed it- and the useful diversity had turned into a gray goo of those who held the social positions. In a hundred years or sooner from now the 666 of their lies will be exposed by the 777 of not false science as the truth of things.

"But even the laws of physics, as they are expressed in our mathematical conventions, are not universal in so far as the form of their expression in the language of mathematics. Things like notational convention and so forth are culturally based. And, as I have just stated, the statement of Maxwell's equations is unit dependent. What is universal is the underlying idea expressed by the mathematics. We say that Maxwell's equations in cgs are isomorphic to Maxwell's equations in mks. In other words, there is an exact correspondence between the two systems so that there is a sense of universal translateability. And, of course, Maxwell's equations would be expressed in a different notation on an alien planet. All of the laws of physics are of this character; we might be able to express them differently in different mathematical systems, but there is something which underlies the notation which is invariant. This invariant thing is the true thing, though its often hard to be able to point to exactly what that thing is since any reference that you will make is done using some language." linford86 quote from

Does anyone else see this as a confused and blatant contradiction in need of a little general philosophy to find a truth or at least frame the discussion as intelligible? Can we expect any great achievement from such a philosophy of science apparently as this is taught in our universities as this student is an example of?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Particle Generations and the Dorian Mode

* * *
I found the statements most interesting today on the science chat forum as they reflect a mirror viewpoint hard to see from a mirror view. What horse hockey which considering the topic. the role of education and does it need changes- especially when in this economy the universities themselves are reconsidering their roles- well, this is just another case of the weapon of the established that give advice and evolutionary reductionist criticism just to defend their turf of expertise. It is the magician's choice between Wittgenstein and Popper in relation to our Jungian aspect of dreams that become conscious as our reason evolves in our fore brains. We can easily generalize and grow if we have good hearts and thoughtful reasoning despite our age. Why indeed, rrushman does such professionals hang around what is really a confused and limited medium of opinion as debating the truth of it?

Let us not buy into the intellectual weapon that science is experiment

Even if we can trust experiment (as the explanation of the generational problem for example and the group logic of waves as music in many dimensions- and old guy generalizing naturally here btw) for what reality there is in scientific truth or facts we still have to deal with the reality of content basis and that as a matter of our models or interpretations.)

Arrogance is a disease experienced by many, but more often the young. It comes from having not enough years to experience broad horizons. I have found that as my horizons have broadened, my confidence in my ability to generalize has greatly diminished.

Given your age, it is improbable that you have more than at most 5 years of awareness on the topic.


The most glaring problem with this argument is that premises (1) and (2) no where mentioned education. You cannot introduce a new variable in your conclusion; perhaps you need to include a premise which states that current education is bad and that continuing to learn for ourselves would involve a certain kind of education is not presently occuring.

At any rate, I think that if you go back and re-examine your argument and formulate in a valid way then you'll find that it's much more impressive. There is a reason that many lawyers study logic and philosophy at their undergraduate institutions; this kind of reasoning is extremely powerful.

Additionally, since this is a science forum, I encourage you to think about what kinds of scientific evidence might be used to support your claims and how one might go about gathering such evidence.

(btw- the quote's spelling errors are not corrected here if that matters)