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The 4D 24 (octahedra) cell as Abstract Particle

The 4D 24 (octahedra) cell as Abstract Particle

Today there is an article on thereferenceframe, a blog I follow. I did not know the 24 cell was a representation of the F exceptional group but it does make sense from my rather finite counting of things. Here I speculate on the 24 cell being some sort of particle and breaking down into others topologically and from a three space perspective. Trying to solve these things for puzzle making mathematical recreations I had no idea it was hard because it was the frontier of our current thinking on string theory and so on. In the letter notation LHC means yellow-violet orange-blue and red-green axes. It seems to me the 24 cell is in a way a higher space analog of the rhombic cubohedron in space and that the ground plan of honeycomb cells. If we have a sort of invariant virtual dimensional continuous space why not particles that break from it in a discrete and more quantum-like manner?

The PeSla
Thanks Lubos,

This is just the sort of world view I feel comfortable with- I liked the 248 dimensional idea and the exceptional groups as part of it all long ago,

I am not sure it can be only about continuous groups alone, say the gravino making a smooth transition over a string- points are in a sense important too. I suppose that is some sort of Non-cantorian basis for a particle idea.

Here maybe the mapping of infinity into zero to one should be expanded and it certainly seems to be if we consider multiverse ideas- In a sense the idea of such branes as parallel is after all just a version of the parallel postulate on steroids!

Cheers, The PeSla

By the way this sort of thing sounds a lot like I have been saying. So you may want to see my june 30 blog. I have heard of the saying that a theory is so beautiful it must be true- for those of us who have chills run up our spine over the symmetry of it all and can see it- I think the truth of this is true because of exceptional beauty. You are on the right track!

The PeSla

* These numbers keep coming up as in 15 x 16 bicolors = 240 the eight dimensional close packing around a central 8-sphere. In the discrete sense we have to count on our fingers too and labeling can be essential not just an aid where color adds a dimension to the problem. The 24 breaks into mirrors of the 15... consider the 248 dimensional group, consider the number of soma cubes or ways to unfold a hypercube as near this number. Things look much more symmetric when we understand we can view them in a higher space when in a lower dimension they do not seem so. I suspect the privilege labeling of some axes by color has evolving uses for things like cell differentiation- and maybe in some some sense atoms themselves evolve at least to the Z= 120 element limit in four space.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Abstract Symmetry

Abstract Symmetry (Absm)

Causality is also a quasi-abstract symmetry relaxed condition of the universe as if an illusion of an abstract system or group as a grounding idea that either exists or not thus if exists is positive in the main (not something for the reason of existence that the universe is physically discernible as biased chiral differences in its particles which may or may not randomly by default on some discernible level occur.)

*0 - Absm does not require a rigid concept of distinguishable vacua and substance.

*1 - Absm suggests substantial aspects of unified effects can be discerned by shared orientation between dimensions.

*2 - Absm has several logical inner relationships which are distinguishable as symmetries combining or breaking.

*2.1 - Thus the distinguishing between products of rigid and relaxed subgroups and over-groups determine space and physicality.

*3 - Once in a certain relation as such these tend to persist unless disturbed by other such relations.

*3.1 - It may take or seem to take an infinite amount of time for two objects to touch or break apart or persist in such a state of touching.

*3.2 - Depending on the Absm particles may not touch or be distinct in space in multiple places or may persist in between.

*3.3 - A physical rigid relation in the over-symmetry or in the sub-symmetry may or may not persist as either relaxed or rigid Absm relations.

*3.4 - These abstract group products may have material effects as a relaxation matter of quasi evolving relations.

*3.5 - The matrix formalism does not describe the physicality completely without the interpretation of abstract symmetry relationships.

*3.6 - The universe cannot be characterized only in a relaxed manner of material relations without such Absm effects part of a unified but relaxed theory, completely.

*3.7 - States of the potential and occurrence of energy may change with the Absm as it may do so thus conservation by symmetry or minimum action persists positively.

*4 - A single object or between two objects the Absm of gravitation as ambiguity or of particles as uncertainty make the relation to space one of quasi-foundational as a principle of physics. Gravity and momentum are notions as artifacts of a more general theory.

*5 - An Organic system despite increasing complexity tends to balance states of creation and destruction. (or such states may be invisible even if there seems to be an imbalance such as exponential acceleration as invisible on some kinetic level)

*6 - The capacity for thought and imagination (including brain frontiers of creativity in relation to dopamine- see blog I follow recently) of intelligible relations in the universe, what is real and what is fantasy, is at least grounded to the depth of this Absm that consciousness is quasi-real yet quasi-speculative in its shifting potentials including our assertions, imagined and real revision of the idea of fixed causal-like historical time which is of course an Absm in itself.

* * *

*alpha - Time and gravity, analogous to some idea of self in a holography like sense seems an illusion.

*beta- That an over-group can completely describe some state of physicality it does not necessarily follow that the group is everything in itself nor the same description of something similarly described by that group (Lorentz in particular). Also the underlying understanding of the group from some system of physicality does not establish the validity of the geometric analogy that the new pattern applied describes the real. Such groups might be or seem real by default that all else falls out of the design from it not existing in the vacuum.

*gamma - Perhaps the next idea at some nexus of understanding physis is just beyond our grasp of physicality. That some space in itself and centered dimensionally of abstract symmetry reaches out beyond our coherent and complete self, our self-image also that which can be within, goes a long way to explain our false sense of siqe Abws well our longing for that beyond us. Thus in a sense outside us as a physicality or not.

* * *

Later that afternoon:

So what is the logic of black swans existing? In any case here is one of our local jet black squirrels. I note in newscientist com yesterday 6 intuitions which we should not trust- I suppose part of the game of "soul-washing" to take a term from my Jordanian poet professor friend on philochat, is to influence how others cause one to view their own intuitions that when correct we may still not see them. My dreams the last two nights were of this one physics thought where in the dreams we do much of our thinking and computation isolated or not in the finely structured but quasi-intuitive realm of these abstract group categories including what we are at any given time or what we where- and after all what others think and how they see the world. I quote also from my facebook status a couple of days ago:

L. Edgar Otto Lately I have been thinking about some ideas for short stories. These will come from the philosophy resulting from my thoughts on physics- like The Sea of Gravity on blogspot today. But I will write it in scenes and give it a general picture later. We are all much more different mentally than I once imagined- how can we ever stay together for long?

L. Edgar Otto Played in the Mousetrap last night, a noisy crowd having fun- but a few people made comments and my new dreamt song Under Your Spell Again got notice. Then I walked with Natalie across the bridge on the way home and recited my song Hayley. Only 1 physics thought this afternoon. And this thought was it, especially after seeing a discussion on philochat with lincoln on the matrix and space time in two space of which from my view now the formalism looked a little confident but outdated :-) was this principle of I style abstract symmetry- it is not trivial to move in such a mental space even if only in a dream that is if we still touch the earth and balance our psyches and souls- I am not sure the argument against chi in the philochat is a fair one and does not rather say that he who has the propaganda calls the physical rules- I am not sure linford and others really addressed the issue as non-science in a scientific and not blindly even autistically political manner- yet such is the role of religion to them which somehow is protected and hidden as an agenda against honesty of our souls- but it may be necessary if we are after all to stay together for long we so different.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Sea of Gravity

The Sea of Gravity
Metaphors for a short story from creative speculative physics- maybe called The Brane that Would not Die...

Physics like religion has to deal with conflicts that seem more based on the underlying philosophies...

*1 Things have a potential and freedom to evolve and mutate not because there is a fixed hierarchy of groups and subgroups but these can be multiplied intelligibility as if such relaxed covering groups and dimensional bases (much like between the vastly complex mental diversity of humans in perception and unique relationships) as if they were a part of a symmetry breaking of such non-necessary hierarchies. But in this sort of virtual world such breaking may not have material effects.

*2 Individual entanglement by the relationship(s) above is not necessarily determined nor permanent- including if developed by random evolution and encountering everywhere over time and space.

*3 Gravity over general possible evolving can seem an absolute and God-like sense of Laws fundamental in any particular universe or not regardless of infinity or dimension.

*4 Gravity may grow stronger as if our space and time narrows in a dream and we lay horizontal to it so as not to move it it seems to become the growing lesser range and limits of our personal space as if it is more materiality. It can be like a focusing Markov chain averaging to a universal force as well as seen as such deterministic force.

*5 The subspace of "sub-creation"(fiction writing), has hypersea connections that is
there are pathogens such as viruses that can be passed in the blood, eg tattoos.

*6 The creative artist's work on a sub-creative level (considering the lack of defining a purely mechanical self even by computer simulation what is it of our ideas of self and culture that is so in the spirit of gravity that it can debate the higher creation of the world?) That an individual (and his reputation) lives conveys certain rights in being and yet they vanish totally at death- but in a sense the work becomes real where it was not while the artist lives, in this higher sense we have the drive of identity socially of the species and such struggle and the possibility of the measured lifespan of our species- measured or not for a short breadth.

*7 We can have a hierarchy of p-brane distinct shells of probability resolving and indefinitely asymptotically free possibility of shells of gravity.

*8 Understanding a theory to some level of abstraction (indeed, I am fascinated lately but some of our standard and simple ideas of things like energy and how they may be seen in the usual way.) to some level abstractly deeper makes the first theory seem all the more speculatively simple in retrospect and mysterious before hand as if to command interest of something we suspect profound.

*9 We cling to the artistic memory or portrait of lost loved ones as if some vanished nova or ghost even while alive and in our later days hold more to the mirror of their memory back when- such a mirror more like the gravity felt over time.

From yesterday on the Natural 6 Colour Matrix : Note that if we interchange the colors (in the illustration HEJ and JAO in my bicolor notation) we can have an abstract distinction (differentiation of a genome for example as a sort of neutral group symmetry breaking) of 15 or 30 such matrices. Does it follow that in the fourdimensional case that the significant number of a four codon is 21 or 42? or is there other things and more complicated things to consider like perhaps some intrinsic imbalance in four space of what even in abstract symmetry breaking is a sort of hidden spontaneous breaking of balanced laws (as if they have to break somewhwere?)

* * *

The Sea of Gravity by L. Edgar Otto

"Life is not always beautiful" read the tattoo on her foot in Italian. I spoke it out loud standing by her waiting for the barista to finish making her latte so I could order my morning mocha."

"Yes, you speak Italian. No one has every understood it before without asking me."

"No, I just thought it was Latin and the words looked familiar from seeing them other places yet they fit together. But isn't it a rather dark thought on this bright summer day for a permanent tattoo?"

"Well, there is another part, a more hopeful line where life has its moments of beauty, but that on my childhood friend's foot."

* * *

The ongoing addition of thoughts or scenes for this story will be posted on my other blog after this passage:

* * *

Sometimes we are caught between the fight and the fight. Some of us fear to step foot out the front door and some cannot stand to be inside for long. Others rearrange their rooms moving meaningless objects from one place to another as if to give their placement of thoughts a new deal but nothing is ever really cleaned up by it- just things sink to the floor from our cluttered table like water seeking its own level until it in turn is buried and if we take the effort to dig up such old memories we find them fossilized and far to much a part of the past earth to compare the DNA.

Rita could not stay for long in one town and with one lover, even with her medications. She had to go to warmer climes, leave everything behind. Yet her desire for flight was not a crisis flight- she got nothing from the just being on a bus forever from place to place, getting vouchers from Traveler's Aid to the next town and voucher. She just needed different lights, and ways to sustain a life from the hotel room as if that was permanent enough not to allow into her visions in the distant that troubled her and gave her mild but disturbing voices while her bouts of depression and mania.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Natural Six Colour Matrix

Natural Six Colour Matrix

Today I sent this comment to the reference frame blogspot that relates to some of this on my mind.


Great article and in general I agree with your approach and evaluation of the role of theories of vacua, what is beautiful or saved or jettisoned or not.

I begin to easily recognize the technical language of the field and find some ideas very similar to my outsider notions. I am not that sure how this may realte to gravity but to say the brane has supersymmetry seems to me a fundamental pattern in nature. I am not that clear on how you get the "weights" in the patterns.

I keep thinking that a lot of this appears from the mathematical formalism- that is perhaps what I am doing is some sort of transpose of determinants in the algebra- something real but not necessarily the only matrices that are important for observation. One could even hold the position that strings and such algebra are everything and the physics would be less important when eventually reduced to it.

That the Higgs may not default to the Planck scale and thus spontaneous symmetry breaking I feel rather based on a deeper principle than supersymmetry (but your presentation is very cleaver and I must say among all these theory's even some are not real are very beautiful and thrilling to contemplate.) I post something today that haunts me that in the normal physics these algebras already in clear patterns predict some of the mediator particles and so on (and certainly I agree with you on the 4 space formulism also needed over 3+1) The particle style may also be somewhere between the various natures of the neutrinos. But in any case this is a problem I see as first grounded in a sort of mirror symmetry for whatever explains the generational problem.

The PeSla

* * *

This six colour matrix I include to balance the last two graphs of my last blogpost. The side or margin notes contain some interesting ideas on the pattern of how things may shift say in a genetic sense of things. Certainly I agree with Lubos on the underlying patterns that such abstract physics seem to describe as nature and that in genetics for example things are not as chaotic as suggested in a recent new scientist article where there are "junk genes" with the 23000 there after all. I have been showing the relation to such models (apparently on hierarchical scales as on the cell level proteins seem to communicate but more importantly there is the microRNA and an influential thought junk corresponding pseudoRNA that Science News yesterday said had a role after all.) So, just as we may say there are two "Brains" (glia) there may be two observation systems of the physical body- or say two genomes and their functions (ie energy) in a body cell.

Still, in the way the body heals or goes awry the quasic idea as a generational idea actually sets the possibility of what can follow what preceded by what (teleoscoping and Markov chain views even). This is true on the informational level and the string theory level. We have more like an interplay of three or four three dimensional spaces that are present in the shadows and sometimes upset the current state of the interconnection and function of body cells.

* * *

Later today:

Lubos again honors me with a reply- I am beginning to really like this guy:

Dear The PeSla, thanks for your inspiring feedback from a different but comprehensible initial angle.

By the way, it's true that the branes that are relevant for phenomenology also preserve SUSY. After all, all non-SUSY branes in realistic vacua are very unstable and quickly decaying. So it's typically true that locally, a brane preserves 1/2 of the supersymmetry generators and breaks the other half. Various more general collections of branes only preserve a smaller percentage of SUSY. But even in a general case, they should better preserve some to avoid instabilities. The SUSY breaking should be left to some "low-energy" phenomena if it is a low-energy SUSY breaking, so the most robust, geometric parts of the background are typically SUSY branes etc.

If you had some "deeper" explanation of the hierarchy than SUSY, it could be immensely interesting if it were really "deeper" Smile which is a different way for me to say that I find it somewhat unlikely.

* * *

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Passport to Platon (Kocham Subsymmetries)

Passport to Platon (Kocham Subsymmetries)

I took photos of the last two pages on this strange idea of symmetry in Kocham space as quasi-objective entities. Sorry for the curved or missing notes in the margin. Using the quasic grid ordering and the dimension of color one can represent the variations on things in a cube by the color- and here I envision three or four generations of kocham particle systems (these structures are orthogonal linkoms and binary regulus points and natti points for the idea of scale and dimensionless scale and real or rational numbers. (certainly Whitehead's alternative to relativity did work initially on such a foundational level with ideas of congruence and stretches and implied complex numbers.)

Imagine then the rotations, as if these are after all double factorials thus the groups of rotation and inversion of the orthogons of a given dimension, can be represented as a coloring of the quasic grid elements.

The Kocham particle is composed as a cube of some dimension and as part of a wider cube of which the remainder of cells is a difference of cubes. In a sense this is a combination of holographic models. Thus we see 8 for a single cube, and 24 for a 3x3 cube and 192 for a four dimensional cube and 1920 for the fifth degree case.

In a sense we have lain the foundation for the reason of being of the Pythagorean Theorem and it follows the cube relations as subvalues limit the range of the structures to a given dimension- that is in this limited infinite descent we understand the use of the term cube by Fermat better as he saw space or algebra so that in a sense where things are foundational they are also elementary proofs of Fermat's last theorem. Certainly 3 cubed plus 4 cubed plus 5 cubed equals 6 cubed is an intelligibly arithmetical quasi-objective thus quasi-physical equation.

What this implies in the case of five dimensions is the validity of the logic of the relationship of systems (now thought to be non-linear only) such that for the five dimensions we can envision factors of ten as in DNA stacking and the 120 cell as if 5D matter. Here we rotate things in higher kocham systems of orthogonal space. But in a real sense the translation and rotation meet in these structures and are intelligible between the counting of the dimensions.

Kocham!! (double factorial) systems

* An intelligible design system may appear as if its (subkochamic) parts inter-communicate (as if on various generational levels such as organic cell proteins or codons or chromosomes and so on). Thus the ambiguity between structure and messages(messagers) is a coherent (gauge?) changing yet unified intelligibility. There is therefore intrinsic symmetry breaking (and intrinsic asymmetry)and intrinsic unification for a system.

Somewhere between a linear and circular, volume or surface effect is this indefinite signal system.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Philosophical Physics

Composed on the Solstice June 21, 2010

Here I continue to post informally to get it down (yet it does not seem as urgent to do so lately) and I must admit the encounters with the state have taken somewhat of a toll in general physical strength, yet the situation seems vastly improved today and I am ready to make future plans now that I have some measure of financial stability.

Philosophical Physics

*0 Qnil Physis is a notion of that which can be described completely as scientifically independent of the abstract notions of nothingness(vacua)as random or determined intelligible design subsumed into intelligible causality of dimensioned everlasting being.

*1 Ql Physis is described completely by the assumption the constant "c" is maximum velocity.

*2 Qm Physis is described completely by the assumption (& observation) that the constant "h" is minimum action.

*3 Qs Physis is described completely by the assumption a dimensionless and apparently irreducible constant topology of a dimensioned region is quasi-finite.

*4 Qph Physis is the directed existing comprehensive dynamics of all possible notions as non-necessarily open or closed evolving teleology.

*n Qmega That which is not physis may become so completely evolving beyond physis becoming a nothingness as quasi-directed and positive in the balance unto quasi-intelligible and globally unique multiplicity of states of being. (There can be foundational degrees of nothingness and being.)

All these physis models together begin to define the substance or essence of consciousness as self-reflecting and outwardly projected quasi-intelligible general design states- but not completely.

An irreducible particle N+ may disintegrate but as complete does not necessarily do so over infinite time, space, or gravity.

Any material system in mathematical relation to itself is partly a duplication of + & - potentiality structuring non-existence.

* * *

Thoughts on the State and the Philosophy of Physis

Science not only goes through periods of needed emphasis on theory or applications, but in a higher sense at some frontier struggles to emphasize what is concrete and what is philosophical. In this respect philosophy proper is most likely ever present as a tool for scientific evaluation and enquiry.

Jealous of the power of a state or political system where on this level the more powerful a state the more it has to defend itself from its people -regardless in the moment if the style of the times asserts efficiency of the essential so to define at least in the present the life style of an individual or organized group, that of politically asserted and defended human rights, that democratically in theory, the stronger the people the less they need to defend themselves against maladaptive agendas yet being adaptable against a reasonable state.

The reality of the state of states should never assume existing laws, nor arbitrary laws are everlasting (as there are always surprises possible in the unknown not anticipated) and yet in the unified intelligibility of realities over time with sufficient longevity and power of a person if the sensibility of our minds and moods survive it and are stimulated by it, the truth of this dialectic of science and philosophy becomes clearer to an individual and expands, perhaps indefinitely, our enlightenment. Power that negates existentially (either overtly or of hidden influences) negates itself unto a boring neutral yet hopeful or deluded joke.

* * *

The contract and obligations exist if exercised by government and the widest of creative possibilities of nature, albeit they imperfect and often but a matter of trust and faith in ourselves, live and think organically as if a Lockean enquiring system. The world that does not fund such hopeful enquiry will see both the state and its people perish. While there are no fundamental guarantees, between the state and the individual we should expect at least public apologies and reasonable formal dialog without presuming the quality of our life projects unworthy beforehand- especially where individuals dedicate the pursuit of science as their happiness for the good of the whole and the risk of dead end answers. Again, we as if new born immigrants to the world from time to time should reconsider things fundamentally at the foundations and our drawing boards- may my informal thoughts as Celestia said have some jewels in the informal mix that do not waste our light of our lifetime and love. Forgive then the simplicity of some of these in real time posts for there perhaps we socially if not collectively have a newly dealt chance to have more abundant life.

* * *

I forgot to mention that some of these seemingly non-linear models come close to understanding the workings of the genome (new scientist had an article that said it was a myth there were no junk genes). From a wider mathematics the hard to see duplications and distinguishing of species and mutations- really as simple as arranging cards in a deck of four suits is close to a more unified and biologically modeled physics. Thus linguistically it can be confusing to by analogy alone to use terms in computing like genetic algorithm without it being something that describes the actual programs of genes and their relations- in the article they treated part of the genome and how it relates to the mind (ie epigenes) as "dark matter" here again is a confusing metaphor that may detract from the higher level and literal use of the term as applied math and physics to our human genome- as I so used the term but not intended as a vague metaphor using our hyper languages.

* * *

Kochamic Symmetries and I-Thou Numbers

Kochamic Symmetries and I-Thou Numbers

Over the solstice I looked into this idea and wrote a page called Physis or Philosophical Physics and a page called ja> and ty> for these abstract quasipoints. I will post this later today if possible here or maybe just the photo of those pages.

* * * < ja | and | ty >

There exists a product of two real numbers the general informational holographic
interpretation of which can seem a topological distinction (discernible indiscernible's ) thus non-communitive from less generalized notions of numbers - numbers as such are thus quasi-communitive. It follows by the way that there is not a clearly defined line between say a muon that exists and all else in the universe that is not muon, but there can be an evolving change of materialization in the higher physis.

A kocham is an abstract indefinite, integral and yet a multiplicity, finite yet infinite in relavance that as holographical is | ja > as "alpha" and | ty > as "beta" as either priviledged in "alpha x beta" space is a quasic analog to bra and ket of the quantum formulism.

A squared plus B squared is true of irrational as well as rational numbers #'s. I(#) times R(#) or R(#) x I(#) are ambiguously privileged in design.

3 x 3 x (phi x phi) may be structurally imagined as 9 phi-square "regions" or as approximately 25 one-squared regions, which globally do not detour from the Pythagorean theorem necessarily n a given less general interpretation.

Notions more general beyond and independent of scientific physis are vague speculations that the quasi-certainty of physics is tempted to subsume into itself.
Clearly our thought processes to be said to be scientific is ultimately the ability to enter these fantasy worlds and eventually determine what and how something becomes real and concrete among our artificial dreams and material endowments including information.

Consider in flag logic (vexillogic) those few flags with a different obverse and reverse. Moldavia or the former USSR with no symbols on the reverse. A something and an nothingness symbolically. Paraguay as two distinct but similar symbols. Now in the currrent Saudi flag we maintain the religious saying (left to right) on both side but on the reverse the point of the sword below it is aimed toward the hoist.
As far as the saying itself in some translations it asserts God and his "messenger" which in information theory we can know the message or the messenger as authentic but not both at the same time.

The contiguous connectivity of finite orthogonal kochams are intelligible arithmetically. Consider two duplo lego blocks 2 by two and 2 by four counting the case where they are not connected there are 16 ways to do so or 31 top heavy (thus reducing the not connected value by a half.

The established positive Pythagorean theorem by such arithmetic of difference has a sort of cyclic closure for a given hierarchy of dimensions (that is subtraction over the rearrangement of equations.)

At infinte descent in an infinite matter (not finite) can the Pythagorean theorem be said to but only philosophically exist (see Kant on shortest distance between two points philosophic position)?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kochams (Thoughts in My Moments of Inertia)

Kochams (Thoughts in My Moments of Inertia)

The Reference Frame blogspot of Lubos has an interesting mathematical article on Decartes Kissing circles. Not much on my mind but thinking about these, as they are new to me, I was able to frame some questions and glimpse some possible answers that continues the triviality of the foundations that gives me pause for a deeper look. I thank Lubos for the inspiration here as I was thinking along the lines of some reason that momentum (in the case of neutrinos especially) seems to be discrete. Indeed some suggest and intrinsic positive chirality of them as a possible new extension of the current physics.

Now, did Lubos post this article in answer to my concerns or was it a coincidence? Or perhaps like that MENSA lady said that we can always find a mathematics for anything, so this is just another creative way of arranging notions that are if we have the sensibility to ask about a deeper look?

In any case this all seems part of linear algebra converted in to discrete circular algebra of a sorts. I wonder if it is extended into more spheres in three space and if not why? The quasic ideas do seems to explain to some degree the idea of such touching things as those limits to equations by matrices greater than the fifth degree- Icosahedra and such Equations anyone? Klein seems more relevant to me lately. But in the formalism in describing these "kissing" circles does not some of the formula signs look remarkably like some of the relativistic notations? But we are not far from the Pythagorean theorem in the small to such modifications are we? (Alas, the same cannot be said for integral division of squares in two space for that of three space?) In a sense the fourth dimension can have a negative value such that the distance can be measured as if a distance between such motions.

Generally, the idea of separation and symmetry breaking by complex numbers is a good idea but does this description of the flow of heat really apply as heat to subatomic particles- that is heat and temperature so to define them?

Nevertheless, as a little more than a trivial mathematical recreation I find it quite remarkable (as Lubos suggests non-trivial) of such integer values, and I have this sense of a more grounded and unique idea of space and numbers of which from some frame of reference in thought I can ask way and can find some answer.

* * *

Next day on blog post following mine:
this sort of thing seems most relevant to the coming resolution of these physics.

We in effect have to generalize the generalized concept of topology in ways there are not so obvious. For example the differences of monopole and dipoles in relation to even larger mirror symmetries possible in a fourfold and five fold space- that is essentially what fundamentally are the design and structural differences in the bosons and fermions as things that follow the topology of the design.

In a sense such ideas will not only state the Pythagorean theorem on the microscale but show the reason for it- after all a Bucky ball is really still a relation that is not technically like the geodesics as the microscale is approached. The again these path differences between the square root of two and phi tend to show up where such mirrors (not necessarily supersymmetry as such) as fine variation in the computation of the field strength or matter. This difference too being the aromatic or vanderalls like forces (ie dark energy etc).

It occurs to me also in my musings of last night (not so much into the physics but I did dream new lyrics to my song as if on the spot to make up new lyrics) that there are structures like in Rowlands of the double DNA pentagon stacked. I mean if there is a coherent three axis phi power strut structure it can be so and not be composed of five tetrahedra. On the other hand a tetrahedron analog in four space is composed of five such tetrahedra (the five kissing spheres) so the description of Fuller to the tetrahelix and the unzipping angles by either theory or even by some physical catalyst is the same description. Namely the differences relating to volume of the three space square of two things and the four space golden irrational.

Interestingly, if we restrict structures constructable in three space that involve the phi ratios x y z we get a smashed version of the stella octanga as if the symmetries involve the tree space square root of two. Also the height of such volumes are close shadows if the square root of two and the volume is close to the powers of phi, that is if we are to build solid models of these abstract topologies.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Primitive Stereonometry

Primitive Stereonometry

Again, under the weather, there is not much on my mind save perhaps taking a look at the deep foundations of the notion of simple relative motions and a positive space of solid object in it. Much of physics seems to me to begin in the idea of map projections. I have a page of June 16th with some suggestions of formulas but it is mostly in my shorthand notes to myself so would be hard to read if posted.

I began a poem in answer to Paul Anthony's comment on my myspace blog but did not have the energy to finish it either. I am wondering if his comment was just that or an objection to the notions in the poem. If objections then the basis of the poem as being optimistic was not made clear and understood.

Kingdom Come

We, conceived in a test tube
unify through mirrors of crystal glass
feats of calculation, no shadows to
escape and rest within blinding prismatic light...

I did not mean it to read that in that we may be precise images of God then He as we would be necessarily finite. I mean that in a wider view of things, either way the same description of space and time toward a fourth or Phoenix physics (wherein the creation is balanced but made permanent from the annihilation on the deepest of vacua levels filled or not) in such simple ideas as the equivalence of motion or even acceleration between solid positive objects we may find the gauge or string idea equivalents to ideas like the double rotation for quaterionic identity symmetry of electrons and so on... Some things can be greater than c but are not necessarily tachyons and not necessarily Euclidean nor limiting of neutrino shifting chirality and mass.

The boson and fermion ideas with the subspaces or iotas generalized and made more concrete but in a hidden way the evolving nature of our mind, universe and self is made clearer where teleology is part of the thermodynamic picture. The loxidrome moreover and its dialectics in the multidimensional disc (as in the sphere around it and cycles of the sun symmetries, or of galaxies and dark matter spheres, sets the unique number points such as phi and the square root of two to be less multiversal. Of course in this generalization we are and are not each other, that is our notions can be shared bosonically or fermionically and in the unity of that yet this does not merely set forth a laboratory idea of sterile creation alone as science.

I guess the translation of that page of notes was not that hard to read nor to state and are or seem rather simple and primitive as the dreams of such things lately are peaceful and balanced - a few ideas and not many and yet profound if we see them that way. Unfortunately circumstances keep me up too much, roommate and teeth problems, and so on, and thoughts or angers that do break through from my own situation with the veterans administration for example (the heat too at night) that seems exacerbated by similar complaints of many friends lately- hard to keep a positive attitude when those who cause this for others especially the young do not seem to be thoughtful humans but some sort of machines, efficient but not very good planners of a better society.

Along these lines I posted two comments on facebook today:

L. Edgar Otto The secret to understanding ourselves and the universe is that we are only a fleeting guest in the scheme of things yet love is eternal - its loss is not a new open door to somewhere else we are that door and mirror that doubles our embrace as we meet there for all time and share the latch keys while the gods are off doing other things.

L. Edgar Otto One secret I think of yet: we expect at any still or moving moment that things and we remain the same, look the same in the slow creeping glass of life's mirror. Have you not heard at the oasis in the desert of your spirit, mirage for drinking deeply - that there is no universe!

* * *

I will finish the poem and get around to a formal presentation of all this one day.
The application of such geometry to models of the mind I find rather interesting beginning with the two ways we can view hyperspace in the folding and unfolding or the storage over some region GR like or QM like- or the cells themselves that do what even the bacteria can evolve to do in their spiraling chirality.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Refering to my post of March 31, 2010

Go Astronomy Picture of the Day!

* * *

This illustration from my post of march 31, 2010 relates to an article in newscientist today:

* * *

Not any new ideas today, a rather lucid dream of two ways to see certain things in space but not a new idea just a feeling yet the ways seemed so distinct, one more rounded and one more snowflake symmetric. Anyway, newscientist had an interesting article on this sort of dreaming yesterday. Not one to lead to writing although I did have some fundamental and simple ideas earlier like two golf balls falling one at a later time that remain the same distance- that is things that come together or go apart relative to each other- and the question then of one such object so as to determine the idea of which one is spinning- that had something to do with the dream. I am just under the weather lately with a tooth and shoulder and heel problem of which I found some tennis shoes that help the latter but these rare and minor pains are passing as usual. Good and peaceful sleep helped. Anyway welcome to twenty first century physics.

* * *

In my early poem from the Spherebook I related the neutrinos to earthquakes in a fanciful way and yet? How do they interact with the earth (especially 600 km down?) On the back of my mind where newscientist asks what is wrong with the sun I have a vision of the disc (see the last posted poem) as a literal spiral on Riemanns sphere into the plane (the finite dimensions of which seemingly explain something of density and decoherence, but they at least four way seem rather like the effects unseen, thus neutrino like, as if the sunflower shapes in phase delays. Yet we do not understand this neutrion shape shifting can we really say for now the sun will not explode or partially so because of such shape shifting? Especially in that the beta particles are in a sense tetrahedral harmonic oscillations? That was the sun refernce in the last posted poem. And thank you for the comment on it on myspace Paul Anthony, I am glad some of you are following these issues. That universe you describe as between your ears you the god of it- well, my thoughts lately are about what happens between such universes and gods...

* * *

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Astronomy Picture of the Day 15th Anniversary

Astronomy Picture of the Day 15th Anniversary

I have followed this site from the third year it began and have been inspired to a great deal of poetry and contemplations sometimes in disagreement of what it says I see. The art and links are wonderful and I have rarely missed a day learning a lot also from following its links. I too have long said in agreement with one of the comments on today's photo feel that Van Gogh drew stars as what he saw- that is, dark matter halos.

* * *

Posted on Facebook and continuing the last blog post on fourth physics:
L. Edgar Otto
Words are still stronger than math when after their logical coinage is replete we do not clearly coin and define even newer words, algebra once done with words now word problems difficult - we not burdened with shillings and pence, diagramming sentences, doing square roots by hand...

Last night I had some interesting ideas which I felt the need to write down when I considered a deep principle, at first a fanciful exploration, namely that what we consider from some general viewpoint a point particle (point string like actually or my iota particle) as a point particle may have further structure as an assumption
about abstract grids and points in real and virtual space. I find some rather interesting consequences of this philosophy of physicality especially as it relates to thermodynamic like views, sub-space signals, and memory (mnomics) as coherence and decoherence at the guage where our abstract grids have a sort of phenergy, that is Phoenix Continuum (PhCm) one of 3+1 physics. (alternatively Qp or Q4 in a more holoistic view of the model as a system.) This perhaps is a way to measure or predict the masses of things through the real subsets that adjust the core values of the gross grid and gauges that predict the particle natures.

A drawing too simple to express clearly the information- drawn for the fun of it.

But I posted the raw manuscripts with the struggle for new wording and this morning by the river said some of it in a poem.

Toward a Fourth Physics (PhCm) Phoenix

Toward a Fourth Physics (PhCm) Phoenix

* * *

My Godhood for a Little While
L. Edgar Otto 06-15-10

We are victims of the weather more than
we are victims of each other in the long run
We herdsmen of flirtations to other species toward
the unity of life, share food with the wild young

The disc, equatorial clock of the sun in cycles churn the
ball of flame and frame within its snakeskin self and
Our stay here in the miracle as fleeting as new lovers
but just as precious in its reign and days

Is there time enough to reach for the stars that our
ashes contain our memory not just meaningless fires?
Or will we dwell in the mystery resolved to them,
false prophets and prophesy's and planets war?

Your granite marker, Mom and Dad, falling, sinking, fading to deeper sea
Only I, no god but from the fisher folk arise, recall

* * *

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Comment for Lubos on thereferenceframe blogspot

A Comment for Lubos on thereferenceframe blogspot

June 14, 2010 There is not much to say today for me and if one is observant with the pictures from the last post (of which you can see my vague reflection in a silver button near the Beetles badge) I have somehow gained a day as if I slept a few times. In any case my feelings after sufficient sleep and the dreams were more to do with just what it means for us to be a part of society. I find it amazing in taking advice that a few times I was not allowed to go to UWEC because they said I needed a certified birth certificate after all- ironically without one I cannot cash any government checks reaching the age where perhaps school does not matter and from my view the adverts on the tele are pointless and just who do they address. I mean the whole system seems broken which in a way gives me the freedom to continue my work regardless of any survival benefits and rewards. I am at the point where I think I can deeply see into some others so as to try to imagine what it would take to make our lives better- perhaps an new political party, a New Constellation, but then it may just turn out like all the parties, compromised and self-centered. In any case it should not be that we are all allowed to defraud each other if it is done formally.

In the above illustration is the peacock by my son Justin and a kitten by a friend. It seems that a lot of people have taken up the brush lately and I am not sure why maybe a form of self therapy, maybe an appeal to hands on and authentic art. In any case the peacock with its thousand eyes (universes?) has been for me the fundamental symbol of the quasic physics. and in this case the cat is of course the quantum cat with all its newfangled symmetries of its grins. This is on my mind in my comment to Lubos of which I am not sure he will make sense of what I have written.


Very interesting post, and a name like goldstini sounds a vast improvement in naming such things as gluons and so on.

Still, other than the possible fact of many dimenisons, observable or not, what this may prove may not be these ideas of supersymmetry in the way we expect time. It may mean simply that there are factors of two in the algebraic description which is really about the way dimensions influence things. As Peter Rowlands points out the values, things adjusted to unity of measure, that the muon is twice that of the electron, and the tauon twice that of the muon. In a sense what is not seen or felt by muons is not something we can say is not there or how many are not there. How many Higgs particles are there?

These measures prove something but I am not sure it only proves supersymmetry as such. It is not clear that such math that descrives the observavble can describe that which is for now beyond theory or experiment other than our self centered view of what is real being what we observe from our own universe and centered reference frame. Philosophically this is the question of if there is a meaningful choice between the string and multiverse models when clearly all such models seem to apply in some ways. Can the information at the surface of things describing the inside of things of all possible points of interaction be shown independent of other such surfaces and insides?

But what do I really know since it is hard not to just say there is simply a vacuum of nothingness somehow and a few positive bits of solid matter that corresponds to our physical sense of things- even now the invisible electric and magnetic fields being a different substance bring out the childhood amazement in me.

The PeSla

^ ^ ^

Status comment on facebook this afternoon:

L. Edgar Otto
Sooner or later the new ideas become the old, and the fantasies become the reality. Best we can do is to try to see how existence is like for the other guy that we make good sense of our dream of being and can aid others in their worthy desires, at least where we are real together. We need a new party, the New Constellation, or a least have a good party.

* * *

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quasized Viriality

Quasized Viriality

Inspired in this photo over the celestial sphere I say GO BRASIL! in the football, and I hope they kick but again this year too!

Looking back at the unfolding of my ideas, especially as they did so since the last soccer games based on earlier contemplations, on the rather dry life consuming pursuit of theoretical physics, finding principles that tend to confirm rather than support lesser principles; I find the intuitive hits remarkable in a sea of notions where their development seems unlikely to be right - thus for those who would search my writings in depth there are rewards to be found as I so creatively have found them beyond our difficulties of translations and efforts of stumbling enquiry.

*The assumption that physical systems where the formalism of the mathematics asserts a finite and scale independent mass in dualistic (virial) hierachies as a grounding structure is foundational as quasi-finite n-dimensionality.

*The simple idea of mass or matter independent of space and time against an indefinite extent of vacuum (the relation to gravity pressures and our observation on the familiar scale of electromagnetic fields as another substance aside) is that when all is resolved to simplicity as this we hold the experience and notion as fundamentally concrete.

*Other than relative duplication of quasics as generational and a principle equivalent or as powerful as 2 virialty we can ask if one quarter or one half generational (thus holographic) information describes the missing parts informational by quasic structure entirely. Is there positional encoding and is that implying local holon causality necessarily or loosely? In a sense that a system is considered relativistic in pair relations and chirality is a relaxed notion.

*To work out the singular preon idea one must first work out the fermion-boson relation principles as the above items for that abstract and remote possibility if not the total theory of models (eg big bang or inflation ideas as primary).

*The ratio of generational values as a need for some observational reality of a measure of mass, that they be a finite value, is a result of the relative quasication of the indefinite grounding thus relative initial unit cell and place of sequential ordering or the view of such ordering as a space of relations and connectivity that equals one globally and existentially.

*Exponential notation and complexification of the equations are lesser ideas than the natural and quasic dimensional notation mathematics.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Virial Consciousness (Standard Model Psi Plasm Metaphysics)

Virial Consciousness (Standard Model Psi Plasm Metaphysics)

In trying to follow Rowlands more on the particle physics I found I could understand it better if I relate it to recent ideas on the nature of our brain-mind structure. In this sense the foundations I take as epistemological and metaphysical. I find parallels but do not see the standard model as comprehensive enough and as I commented to Lubos on thereferenceframe blogspot- I myself have reservations about the Higgs mechanism. We need a more general idea where the string theory and multiverse theories are both part of a larger picture.

If physics is primary and the algebra and geometry just a way to arrive at it then it seems to me far to much depends for description and interpretation on the algebra. Certainly then the mathematics has a place in its own right as that which generates physical phenomena.

*VCSM 0- If autism and schizophrenia are on opposite ends of the same spectrum (see earlier post for reference) and the role of muons and their vacuum is central to the parity and chiral schemes of particle interaction such that the muon field does not feel the electric or the strong force, abstractly these are the remote limits of our minds where in particular the duplication of sequences in genes, some of which are reversed, correspond to a collection of particle states (in particular this is realized by the geometry of the five fold space polytopes on the chromosome level).

*VCSM 1 - "Filimbration" that between what is muon and the rest of the universe in the sense that the vacua are quasi-filled over tacyhyteleological spacetime here and now and there and them unto some remote places of designated vacua.

*VCSM 2 - Holographic reduction of space (such that it is second order in Dirac's system -see Rowlands- and time as first order so to put a bottleneck on quantum theory) in my quasic sense of informational states across generations shows this not a problem in theory and measurement.

*VCSM 3 - The literal disc of Riemann's sphere projected on a complex plane exceeds the duality and half duality where it is literally a spiral and seemingly anti-spiral (as in galaxies with such opaque matter) where r is cubed or greater.

*VCSM 4 - The quasic grid in the flat plane of n dimensions also is a Higgs like description of mass but more with hypersphereical harmonics instead of simple space.

*VCSM 5 - Submass in space involves the square root of two, but in quasic distance and natural distance in four space involves influences of the golden ratio also and so on thru the quadradic multihedral angles over the angular momentum.

* * *
Fine structure of the fermion:

Comment just now to Lubos as this sort of thing to post today was on my mind:

I hope you some great vacation there too. It is good to talk things over with others.

The evolution debate is a very big subject to take on. I do not see the particle physics as that different than the models of biology, especially for our minds with a gene basis. I am skeptical of the Higgs mechanism myself although I abstractly now understand how it works but disagree more is not needed to show origins of mass. I do not think a vacuum can be just the minimum but can be also an absolute. The ideas of chirality and parity in the standard model can directly describe our states of mind and its mechanisms. BTW I do not see the incompatibility of string theory and ideas of multiverse.

Time as continuous or discrete, the nature of origins and causation, our physics still a little dreamlike, but it is a golden time to be in the field.

The PeSla

Friday, June 11, 2010

Omnomical Realities

Omnomical Realities

The blog I follow IntangibleMateriality at blogspot seems to have a sense of the remote realm of omnometry as expressed in ideas on entropy at such a teleological region of organizing reality. The new ideas can become the old ideas again as they become part of the fabric of the one and unique omnium in evolution over all the universes and aspects of souls and time.

This is to say that it is not enough to show the possibility of such command over our mental and physical existence- but that the physical evolution of this world over time is a reality in the dynamics of such remote space and time that makes the intangible material and that we imagine in our lesser and overly and falsely unique states of consciousness and being in that world we adjust and expect reacts to us directly or by will and wishes at a distance of virtual dreams vanished to gain the concrete vastly more potential than our still but changing dreams- dreams themselves the stuff of that made real here and now and unto time and times beyond our now.

OMN5 - The speculation on the reality of the world as remote intelligibility of its math and physics becomes a concrete composition of things we can touch and see and more deeply sense of the past and things to come--- our minds can do this also even in past times where our relation to new but present states of the world was a relation to such a remote space which seems only a hint of some reason and purpose for what the evidence say we did in archeology and anthropology as that species that build pyramids of such a scale beyond the search for sustenance on the Savannahs. Most of our vague shadow sensing and speculations are secondary to such a place before the reality of the concrete here and now and on now hidden scales of broken paranormal symmetries have effects we engage with our own futures.

What a vague dream of the 384 simplication of our futures minus the 24 and adding to that the 6 for the lines of the I Ching as the days of a solar year- a lucky number perhaps for speculation- and yet it seems that each of these days is composed of days which is the minimum to which we may divine from a mere cast of pointless dice in a limited sea of possibilities that which is concrete in coincidence which upon consulting measures more deeply what we are and are to be in this world. For this our ancient pyramids were sensed by the apeman and now are left as if lead depleted of its higher radiations into some mystery of edifices of stone. In the ideas of multiverse and the holographic principle, that is not enough in itself to explain the real omnium evolution of the world nor explain how we may access and become the everlasting if in the war of our own destiny and free will we have the strength and have progressed high enough and know whom we, as a new era of civilized beings together, shall return to the God game.

* * *

I am considering a quasi-empirical experiment in omnometry as the spedulative ideas seem to coalesce into the quasi-concrete. What sort of changes and how far do they project in consequences at such remote computations of real and virtual changes to our familiar and ordinary continuum we desire to engage? What rare times of fundamental changes I have encountered looking back into the past when my intuition was more on the forefront over a choice to experience a so called more rational world seem such a process but in a vague way and one beyond he normal synchronicity or thermodynamical laws of reality. Yet anyone can do such experiments. If such results are interesting (and anyone can do the quasi-experiments themselves for the sake of verification) I will announce it here. Yet it really no point in doing so before hand as a matter of proof (indeed, speculative ideas such as the measure of things relating to cosmology are a vague sort of scientific falsification and peer review is only as good as the cabal of observers biased or not.) I will refer then to the sting of Scorpio to point to and document this experiment or perhaps for now call it PeSla's Fog-spot. I am not sure it will involve other individuals directly but any who want to may participate in the experiment if indeed we can show that our contributions are indeed independent of each other in some shared remote space.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Omnomical Metaphysics

Omnomical Metaphysics

Has the free market failed, my jeoz, and replaced by state capitalism? Where does free will vs the totalitarian true believers in religious and state institutions? If we treat economics as if it were consciousness and not just by some abstract mechanical random or deterministic formula would economics make more sense?

Let us imagine, more for now of a metaphysical concern, that he ambiguity or even the uncertainty at the end of an omnomic consideration is not to be views too relaxed or too dogmatically. The same is true of the foundations of physics as far as we can now see and experience it in relation to the notions of our existing.

We cannot say decisively that the origin or ultimate eternal states of things is based on some sort of determined consciousness nor upon some random flux of nothingness. These notions are less than a slightly higher one of omnium as a totality yet miscellenous collection of what physically is and its logical laws. As this is the ultimate quicksand of logical notions this explains why undefended some notion of newspeak works- the same old speak really- evolution by power of the fittest and by deception. In the end the question of uniqueness and originality does not solve the time paradoxes in a multiverse, not does denial, nor given potentially infinite cycles or time any one fact of concrete raw and temporal existing. The fact of universe does not ultimately prove what its foundations are.

Imagine then the remote and omnomic place where say a photon is in flight unhampered and where time vanishes as that limit is approached. In quantum and special relativity we cannot say that some eternal place is reached where time is frozen or does not exist or is an illusion by some trick of the algebra and mass. We respond to the evolving uniqueness of our own minds and world and we appeal to what we perceive as higher forces there and personal ones by magic and prayer. Yet it may be that no such totality is there on the outside of our current incarnation that is we cannot say as we imagine of the universe that God is one or many or any such number or notion scientifically as say for example infinity or none.

In space we "have noting to push against" as Rowlands says of the zero point energy and the action-reaction principle. Yet, at remote omnomic regions of engaged thought or physics we may not find light with a purpose of minimum action and the conservation of matter and uniqueness of symmetries and number- We say that at that space it is not enough to reduce the wind before as it blows from behind so sadder but wiser we move thru time. At the remote omnometry of it all with unique quasi-paths of so many indefinitely original, we have more than one manipulation of time possible. Space must be quasically folded too and parameters of natural dimensions understood if anything is to remain stable for long in a quasi-determinism. We in this place here and now not just play the simple game of time directed and time travel and parallel but one of our ability to go beyond our present range of touch and visions and experience wide engagement with changes in all aspects of time and our lives if we can know how so to change things in this world and can survive it as our unique selves in the process. All of this goes a little beyond our experience with magic so far- but not that far beyond these artificial constructs in the world we call nation states- and what is universal and underlies our metaphors and languages artificial or not beyond our ideas of universe in our time. Our minds can adjust reality in more powerful ways than we now even alarmingly whisper in our invitation to imagine.

* * *

OMN-4 At the remote view of the universe and notions of it there is more than the illusions and paradoxes and logic involving time and time travel. Anything can be changed past or future and done so in present beyond the originality of particular realities (if we only know what to change by technique and faith by our evolving our design and our balanced immersion into the creative and creation. We in effect can travel existentially, infinitesimally, and as if a micro-time travel on a much wider scale than we now imagine- and this structure is intelligible and coextensive with those involving the endowment of our genome. What is and what is not is still restrained and subject to our spiritual ideas like karma and a multiplicity of lives and realities and individuals- but the lesson goes beyond this in that at some remote point even all the history of the past lives and possible lives can be rewritten in a sense or changed. Even our spirituality here and now is no longer earthbound. But as this can ground our earthly reality we have a new point of departure to take off into new realms of a better quality of life and worlds of enquiry. Let us not remain in blissiful stagnation but reach for our stars.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Perhaps to look back at omnomic states of of mind that leads to some theories, to the still not crystallized ideas unexamined in depth that formed the personal foundations of my own views of physis:

OMN-1 Upon the discovery of a rational and playable four dimensional chess and the extension to five dimensions the omnomic thought occurred to me and unquestioned at the time that such a chess game would play itself- what did I mean by that?

OMN-2 In a conversation with Scott yesterday, who is a very good chess player, on the theory of the game I had another realization that in the bare branches and shadows of our contemplations there was more than meets the eye on such a fundamental level. All ideas of dimensionality in the game aside, and of the parity of things, of the discrete or continuous idea of time and determinism and so on, the game theory question is: given a perfect and unique game where white would have an edge is there a win or a breaking even? Even if the game were totally deterministic and all possibilities allowed somewhere to occur, we cannot say if such a game (unlike checkers where one wins or breaks even by the first openings) that we can predict or describe if the chess game is a win or a break even.

In a sense this is about ideas of action and reaction and also about the nature or negative numbers as representations or some compromise metaphysical principle of opposites and yet no opposites for a directionality of parity or time, that on this higher level of foundational metaphysics one cannot determine the outcome in such an omnomical space in nature. This has consequences for our physics and worldviews in every philosophical area and for mathematics as well.

Yet, let us say I find before anyone else the groups involved in the eight queen problem such that one queen is in the corner square. I may maintain, in the sense of the collapsing into materiality, the actualization, or as Rowlands says this is actually the "measurement"- that such mathematical solutions did not exist until I conjured or discovered them- they were discovered then years later in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics with the remark one wonders why such groups were overlooked before. Yet, by this thought I do not suggest here that it is reduced to a lower metaphysics where I state it is a matter of consciousness.

Still there is something to understand as we assert in a higher dimensional game the space so organizes as to play itself, that is need no intelligent design dimensions to play the game as with the lower dimensions, the question of will and determinism and so on a certain freedom of choice of structure. What limits the higher dimensions to transcendental space and is it an iron rule that so organizes things into structures and material? Or is this too omnomically to remain a vague question?

OMN-3 - If in a sense the universe of discourse is round, then a message in a bottle as a loose float for nets made of Japanese glass so travels all the sea can come back again. But in an infinite flat sea the bead may never return to its origins- still, omnomically, if the information in some for is holographically in the round and the flatness and beyond it then what does this mean to the transmission of messages either by mediator particles or light velocities and non-linearlity in general. In what sense, as if a multiverse but not simply that, is any path beyond the twists and turns of higher dimensionality and transcendentality, unique?

* * *

I found this article interesting in that it feels close to some of the general views in quasifinite spaces of turbulence involving sphere, tori, and flat surfaces as I mentioned here before regarding the mystery of toroidal ink drops in water involving turbulence (and later theories of the chaos science). The omnomic indefinite view of some spaces just beyond our seeing or ability to see may involve the idea of quasic space itself as a foundation.

Last night I tried to follow Rowlands on how this relates to the particles by the standard theory and so on- but I am not sure I am following it correctly or if the ideas are really that sounds when interpreted and applied. It is either the deepest or the most far fetched contemplations of his book. But the trouble may be with some view of what I do not know that for me does not decisively explain the technical reasons for example of how among say three colors we narrow the field down to but two of the same color quarks- thus eight gluons and so on. I am not saying the theory is wrong despite its dynamic ongoing revision and falsification, but it needs something more general than what is given as a background or that of the Heisenberg or other wave mechanical approaches. Still, Rowlands does a good thing in trying to assert connections then comparing charts of consequential properties. I do not think his approach although now widely read is obsolete in the falsification sense, rather the foundations and algebras he describes looks to me as outdated as usually the case as one learns in an atmosphere of growing knowledge which can see to have exponential subsets of publications- rather like those tori and bubbles. In some ways my detailed and overt consciousness of his book, as with other books that have surprises in later readings, that which is outdated is my abilities to expand into the omnomic realms of what takes effort in learning and the needed to feel the need to learn- hopefully from the hands of wiser ones than we.

Again, it seems to me this chess analogy which Scott said chess is always a great analogy to life and many other things and I trying to explain to him how the two space board can be seen many dimensional- that the problem, regardless of what may be actual or just convenient ideas of negative parity, distance, so on. The problem is how we can see behind but not ahead in the same sense of some deeper idea of the arrow of time. If between two players we can say there are 64 possibilities responded by 64, in a general sense. Of course he would not atempt the queen problem in the corner as it seems less likely to find a solution but could not say if a solution existed or not- now, there are 20 moves possible but if the pieces can be anywhere there are 64. But if at random two or more can share the same space, if two then we start with a flat generalization of 4096 responded by that 64 squared number. This question is even deeper than say if we could also include in some n-dimensional game the possibility of cured paths, aleph-2. Yet in any case, if there are unique perfect solutions, the parities of the cells in any dimension and their color do have consideration for higher dimensional effects including the focusing of the breaking of symmetries on the same level in relationships between material items in four or more dimensions orthogonally. It is this perhaps, the arrow of time continuous or not, that brings to mind an omnomic feeling or need to resolve things again to how we imagine directed time even if this result is somehow ambiguous and not certain- that relates to the computation of mass ultimately which may after all not just be a matter of charge on the most fundamental levels which at the present evoke more of a metaphysics.

* * *

On facebook today: L. Edgar Otto Finally entering a new area of fresh and fundamental ideas.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



OMNOMIC - a word that I coined or occurred to me long ago where there is a vague idea that crystallizes. Sometimes we go into the unity or isolation of such vagueness in order to find the solution to general or local problems. Hypotheses and gut feelings. Yet at and on the frontier of enquiry the question of how we do science creatively may seem magical yet that magical may seem concrete- at the frontier of our current understanding of the universe the boundaries are less clear in theories of physics, especially cosmology as if it formed an uncharactilizable continuum or unity of sorts as a theory of all things (omnium).

The illustration is from Virgina Beach from my son Sebastian. (modified for my mood and message) but it captures the last few days of consciousness but no deep thoughts or a few stray thoughts I may have not noticed to write down- yet these come back. I am in the vacation mode and it is ok that the blogspot was down yesterday as I had not much to say- nor most anyone really who all seemed to be away from the social networks and on a beach somewhere. School's out and summer is more like a ghost town around here.

Last night I looked at some of the things again in Peter Roland s book concerning the shapes of five fold things as I was using the shapes for a project of architecture commercially with my son Ari. From my stance, familiar with my own worldview, some of what is in his book reads relatively to me as magical or new age which of course if mine can be understood must seem less scientific. Yet, other than the details in some thing original it is a scientific work compared to the airy new age ideas. What part of sacred geometry was not claimed by the mystics and could I have found some things if I did not have a mystical feeling of sorts about them? Could Kelper have made first falsifiable science without a mystical view- or is it his ideas in a modern crystallization not so mystical after all- especially if one thinks in the higher dimensional spaces? Indeed, could Newton have done his work dispassionately without a feeling for the spiritual as a purpose?

So, I had a few stray notes of which one should consider them in the omnomic phase- on the other hand in 67 or 68 after reading Klein I imagined the role of the icosahedral symmetry in the DNA of which some new agers and Rowlands hint at today- and yet it is the details that show if it is science or wishing. I come from the question from an opposite direction and meet Rowlands somewhere in shared space. I do not find it hard to see the fivefold symmetry in the cube because I already realize the phi symmetries reduce in structure to smashed square root of two symmetries. The philosophic question is why someone has these feelings toward some abstract structure of space- In the holographic like ideas it is clear to me that a line can be a spacious round thing so why not a round thing (120-cell)be a spacious line? This makes a genosome so to speak, a linear unfolding of rather finite or quasi-finite breath like a chromosome. But it is the finite constructable view. That is one cannot make a variable pentagram candle mode and the same is true of granny knots nor interlace them folding triangles to describe such a star. Some of Rolands principles correspond with my own but with a seemingly different sort of reasoning- and one that does not consider it as a purely mental or conscious phenomenon in that that is scientific. But compared to Rowland what we have today in the careful if microscopically earth centered and earthbound physics reads to me as the sheerest fantasy and unlikely theory of everything where its scope applies.

I will add here soon the few stray topological ideas from my notes and reading of last night:

Astroplex- like a shadow or eutactic star of polytopes but there is no guarentee the surface from such a center is a "regular" solid in the symmetries. In fact there is quasic "shunting" as between the twelve points of the icosahedron and cubic octahedron which in a sense is a "quasic" ordering including the duality of vertical and normal polyhedra.

In a sense this applies to ideas of "charge" as fundamental.

The removal of a point and its edges from some flat lattices does not result in a centered star that describes a spherical space, rather just a hole in that space that can remain flat, this difference may seem energetic too.

If in a sense in surreal numbers the square root of two can be viewed as a rational number then so can phi (tau, golden section) as the most irrational number that becomes rational so in terms of energy structures has a grounding structural harmonic.

The "illusion" of directed time or of a spin of two distinct objects in the same dimension can be a consequence of the difference in quasic ordering or natural dimensional ordering. In a sense the "nature code" as computation of five things two may be adjacent and one isolated or three (as in Rolands codons) together and two nilpotent, structurally, and this as a quasic shunting.

jeos dropped by the coffee shop and I read his paper of seventeen tenets on sociology (as physics to him is a branch of it) and found the ideas evolving well and also reaching a place of rest and frontier as does our economy- there are more than one "socialism" and I imagine more than one "sociology" But in general I found much if not all of his underlying metaphysics sound from my view of physics - nevertheless his ideas (presumably directed as ideas of the application of theories of consciousness) were intuitive assertions with the barest of physics and biochemical ideas of which some since I have talked to him last year have been experimentally verified, for instance the dampering and depression by drugs of the brain and the general sense of collapse in the west and east of this form of capitalism. In some ways dialectical ideas relate well to materiality and the conjugate charge grounding of matter mathematically.

Is there a conjugate on some level of the astroplex necessarily?

One can better envision the pentagon in the cube if we treat it as a hyperoctahedron or beta4 in Coxeter's notation, or the eight cell.

When there is a local collapse of twists and turns as if complex space were the key to a more general integral connected space reflections as part of pi even without a change of energy between the zweiterbugging structures, this could be such a difference in the quasic order and natural ordering that is responsible for a center of omnomiplex or locality vs astroplex to limit the expression of dimensions as a matter of topology and not just he algebra. 240 248 256 time like dimensions and so on as a part of the natural integral counting of such abstract objects.

One can image the strings (for all the polytopes and varieties of stellated of the icosahedron) as if like glue on the ends of toothpicks that collectively or locally describe an astroplex star quasiregular with a center or not. These should be viewed at least in four space and can go beyond the limits of five dimensions.

Let us consider then the role of the telomeres as what is happening at the end of chromosomes as such a winding of the deeper potential structures of 120 cells or other five fold structures- also the top of an icosahedron as a general space akin to that of the idea of intersecting pentagons. But the extra angle of the five tets in a seven point deltahedron as a description of some of the unsolved problems like DNA unzipping is also a product of this dialectical four fold quasi-shunting with the three and two or two and one and two ordering shunting. But the space as a dynamical one is part of both things present and dynamically dialectically coexclused when needed in a global organic process.

Clearly the flat discrete molecules or the spherical Fuller like have these properties of aromatics because of such quasifinite material and spacious holography.

While such ideas are suggested to many people as some of the things in Rowlands on DNA one has to show the mathematical process- and then perhaps enjoy a certain level of proof especially beyond what is the empirical or theoretical frontiers.