Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spherevirginia Rides the Sea Unons

Spherevirginia Rides the Sea Unons

L. Edgar Otto    June, 2012

The SphereVirgin cradled the Uni-urchin in her hands for it had broken free in the freedom of the seas from the nets of the fisher-folk in far away Nippon.

She did not know if she pushed it along with her tail-fin or it pulled her through the undercurrents and whirlpools of the salty brine as if waterspout filled wind.

In her wake the shoal of fish as if lesser mare maids followed her each in line and all directions as if lesser sea-lings the scuddy sea carved in her image.

Sometimes they were aligned as if part of a net all facing the same way and sometimes they dispersed disconnected in all directions but in chance cycles formed again.

Their antics disturbed the mare maid's dreams for she fancied herself one who cares and to the care she needed she was blind, her soul still without its human dream.

Yet she was wiser than the hive and herd of fish that their dreams and code within would not unravel her sense of adventure and self, each diverse image unique in each other

Some of them stayed close to her warm blooded source of light and played the groves of her electric space the lay lines of her electric song radiating from her magnetic body.

Yet the sea although an endless shore to crawl up upon in dreams too had its sea-lings and these too would rest beyond the equator that defines the night, the lucky ones attached

Of which she could feed them light and phosphor and teach them as she had struggled to learn and yet she mourned that in the crystal snowflake memory her care vaguely recalled

The transition to the shore for to dust return to heat the yoke and germ and shell of unon eggs takes the risk to find the one among the tens of thousands that leave the nest

The palm bending hurricane winds can break and wash out the turtle eggs before they take the chance to swim out to see at one with its compass spin from its crystal core within

The great colossus of iron and bronze, of Neptune and his youthful gift, the Horse, new sea-lings and their hippodrome returns this wonder of the world to scrap forgotten, sold

Yet the statue was not the god himself, anymore than the mare-maid had but a body made of muscles and marrows
no feet for stirrups to aim and guide time's arrows

Even in the world as hypersea, blood and salt, there is no guarantee the soul is gained or caught in nets or harpoons nor one through all the phase space, or many moons.

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Quasic Interdimensional Colour Notation Review:

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Transperiodic (Xper) and Transaperiodic (Xapr) Lensing

Transperiodic  (Xper) and Transaperiodic (Xapr) Lensing 

L. Edgar Otto    29 June, 2012

As I was walking by the park, the bandshell made under works progress adimistration in the 30's and how odd that like the old ampitheater in Chapel Hill still stands and is a focus of the community as a creation of work and art, It occured to me to explore other forms of golden ratio tiling based on the ratio as used in the third Confederate flag.

I offer only an informal sketch as it proved easy to approximate and in a sense makes a fractal pattern much like the first phi ratio itself.  I suspect, along the lines of Fresnel interference lensing that as we increase the quasic dimension along these lines the differences in the axes conform intelligibly along the lines of these ratios.  It is possible too that as far as tiling, thus other forms of layering of aperiodic molecular lattices, these default to flatland that what is the period seems hidden in the lattice of squares.

Sometimes theory is fun, and sometimes it is art.

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Last Illustration called   "Imagination"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girl in the White Hat

Girl in the White Hat

L. Edgar Otto   28 June, 2012

Abstractly, and with lesser degrees of stability in familiar space possible, the nucleus itself may comtain nuclei and so on in the general context of space non necessarily and in a quasifinite manner as the actuality of models exist.

A general sphere can be thought to have an equator and poles for things in the solid, liquid, and gaseous states.  Yet, from one view one physical model has colder poles and a hotter equator while for the complimentary absract objects the equator is neutral or cold, and the pole are hot jets.

The direction of these jets can be only for one pole or predominately to some degree in the main.  This especially applies to the dialectic of similiar scaled stars and black holes.  It may also apply to the dialects of the idea of dark matter and neutral quasonic creative energy.

In the illustration we view the reflections of the earth with the antartic facing us but as with all things viewed from outside other than a toally mirrored sphere itself seen from all perpectives as if from outside (let us recall that geodesic domes and eggs are more easily broken from the inside as well as this applies to shapes of higher genus) that we only see the hemisphere in infinite reflection within the region that is finite or expanding as if the totality from the outside.

Clearly we can project between a lower and higher space these circles of a distance once given so as to duplicate totality of the surface of a sphere in binary multiplications so as to contain the totality in a centered reflection or half the totality that on the grounding sphere would appear as lunes.

These generalized reflections show that some things in models can be hidden whatever the manipulation of the mathematics of operations like rotation, phases etc.  But what is seen is the phenomena of oscillation as of the climate and possibly the initial paths or states that set objects into rotation intrinsically or externally as the logic of these models are ultimately equivalent as with the inertia that is fixed or for some energetic reason accelerates or winds down.

The girl in the hat on a hot summers day is covering her face from the sun and as she passes by me she does not acknowledge my hello and never has in person although she inspired a few poems by flirting with me from the window across way to the next building.  These poems concerned the idea of viewing in distinction to touch as a topic I also dealt with in the sounds and seasons, fireworks, snow fall, and bats and birds and rain, the angle of sunlight and the discernment or focus as a measure of our eyesight in the varying depth of field.  Also the synchronicity of it all when even avoiding her our paths crossed and her reaction to hello was cold and often mean.  That and it seems there was a connection in my dreams that awakened me and tended to synchronize our variable schedules.

I write this off as one of those usual mysteries of life, of coincidence beyond the probability (the synchronicity did not occur without the dream connection and I had no intuition about today's event).  In such matters that appear to approach the psychic I do not admit that I find the occurences strange myself when at times I took a card called from a deck or predicted the color of gumballs.  Sometimes it is the gods that guide our paths I am compelled to consider but for what purpose I know not.  But all of this is a metaphor source of poetry and new takes on the creative as science.

The spin and cycle of things has a certain rhythm and the highs and lows of our unique paths and experiences of life and it is good that one can be somewhat aware of them even when there is less than the apparent information.  Clearly we watch while walking blind, as in justice and love, and it is ancient wisdom to try to put oneself in the experience or view as if we are in their place.  We do not need to question the foundations of the world for some reason more than that we as evolving beings need to touch the experience of them as if through anothers memories and their fixed or thousand eyes.

Clearly as if a stranger glanced but once on a bus and the memory stays, even interferes with new and real paths of life and love, something of human bonds even if seen differently from one to the other (as if we are and not they or neighter are slow to their accelerating weather of heat that but appears to the other as cold as the southern poles on but a speck of dust but it as transparent as a faceted diamond.

I am sure I have not conveyed the sense of symmetry clearly that I see or proposed as a new comprehension of what is applied the physics.  I am not sure as lack of recent comments show the ideas of Rio Frio while important are foundational and not an essental part of our models to consider.  I saw early on that these abstract and airy, even ghostly concepts were related and were analogous to the idea of our centering as a creative earth.  I imagined the general structure of the solar system, planets in pair for example- but in the physics my early take was that the newly discovered Van Allen belts, while electric in its grounding, was just a higher dimensional, even toroidal extension of the physical structure of the earth and equally as real as the soil I could stand on and stub my toe running barefoot as a child under the summer stars.

I should mention that the illustration of the photo of a pyramid with the earth in the center considered with the imagined possibilites of light and dark structures even if invisible in the perpendicularity, a dihedron of sorts in the abstract or one or the other sides seen- I call what could be seen on a lower level as the abstract particle like mediator and that should make clearer the concept I have called Ullaon of which I now include among my general symbology of things as a sketch of it in context, or a small part of it in the general conception of the abstract physics model. It can be seen also as a rather special case of the many or one branes.

 * * * * * *

Quasomnium (Qsom) and Atom Structure

Quasomnium (Qsom) and Atom Structure

L. Edgar Otto   27 June, 2012  11:56:57 PM

In view of these quasicity of principles involved in regard to the elements we ask if we can apply them to a new form of the periodic table.  I find this new problem difficult so as to put them in a quasic grid similar to that for the gene code.  But one key solution occurs to me beyond the haunting similarity to string or other theories such a my earlier attempt to take the Z number of the elements in a sort of quasic and natural order beginning with H.  This seems to show some properties of which the theories of Pitkanen on numbers hints at.  Also involved is all the consideration of group theory and its abstract algebra.  How do I distinguish my own take on fundamental numbers where they apply?  I almost wish I had collaboration on this problem which causes me to doubt today the value of my explorations.  But this shows a sort of progress of our intuitions facing the foundations to be known.  I, however, designate this with my -om suffix as a philosphic continuum rather than a synthesis of ideas from some other approach.  Certainly, the problem is one of expanding or generalizing the new physics.  I find it significant the alternative theoreticians are most helpful in the fresh look for a more unifying view of that level of physics.

*In the quasi-finite universe we echo on all levels the idea that the laws of physics across the span of known  and accessible space is or averages as uniform.  But keep in mind this may not be a necessary condition if or theories of everything find wider depth among the uniformity.

*It is clear that there are layers but of unclear number or alternatively a series of shells in a creative and quason like object akin to periodic table models that use the notation with the noble gasses as the kernel for successive shell filling.  The insight is that we risk the general view for the sake of discussion or clarity along some model path  choice[  as to the rigidity of a theory or object of contemplation as is the idea of natural dimensions.  I quite imagined that all the higher dimensional matter would collect into the quasar objects much like some imagine extra dimensions is a matter of compactification.  But I see this needs not be the case nor that the quasic space is in its own sense limited as rigid. 

The idea as space can be a sea of quason singularities across dimensions on any scale dimensionless or not from one theoretical view suggests a sort of hierarchy of such kernels or planes (of which we gain little toward this theory to assume things like branes or even stars can be thought to be charged.)  For to the electron configuration if we call it three space harmonics then the nucleus would be a higher dimension and its sub components higher still, and the principle is that these interact within the quason and between quasons.  Such analogies, while intelligible and even thought a super reductionism of physical principles nevertheless preserves its quasifinite aspects, a natural quantization that as groups also interact the idea of all continuous phenomena only will not necessarily lead to a unique unified view, but partial ones are also in the mix of the mathematics.

*In the general quasomnium it is crucial to ask a principle more relaxed that the hard logical choices as the axiom to one that asks can we choose elements from a quasifinite set.  At what actual place or time can we say a choice is made in a process of developing mechanism if that choice is more than the beginning of something at the foundations or the limit of something as the end in a wider span of what we say is the idea of an atom or quason.  I imagine as a sort of neutral relativity of the abstract particles and the count of them as if imaginary or even dark particles, quasi-bosons perhaps as a vague term, to be part of the count in which case in the general symmetry these rather than time like or space like can be considered particle like (of course also wave like).  The numbers come up in standard models in physical equations such as 480 and so on, and of course the idea of Euclidean ten or Einsteinian four space.  Yet the issue even here is but the next higher dimension, let us style it as the fourth, to reach deeper into the symmetries of the nucleus (greater than 248 of binary 256) is in a sense to deal beyond our long time questions of the nature of the sub-nuclear forces.

*In a sense the three forces are already unified and the place or processes of a choice, and one that progresses and endures and is unique to a general aggregate actuality of view depends on he quasic idea that what in the maximum change of binary coordinates would appear at rest in one dimension may be an abstract motion one in the dimension higher.  To add gravity or other forces seems to me a little beyond the dimensions we now investigate or that in a sense it is identical in matter-gravity equivalence on the same general dimensional span of which we should not expect vast differences of these values if viewed in the higher dimensions, this is not a necessary state of things and on a general level also may be accessed by statistical methods provided we keep the general quasifinite principles in mind.  In effect we redefine force and the underlying geometry in these quasic (alternatively TGD) models and phenomenology.

* * * * *

For one thing the 2 electron shell or a single electron to the noble gas atom of the period over the Z span accounts for 16 atoms of which we can make an analogy (that the chemistry evolves at least within the structure if not the atoms themselves) and this makes a quasic grid as if our DNA code once had a two base system and the several kernels or dimensional membranes continue to the 64 then 256 levels of inter-dimensions.  We can have sets of 64 of those between this all or nothing quasic motion filling states by electrons.  Also the 36 comes up and several considerations to make a multilevel quasic count of the real or perhaps neutral or dark complimentary atoms (and I do not mean something as simple as the essential quantum assumption that there are complex space counterparts that essentally adds a perpendicular direction as in y iy x in three space.

In Pitkanen we would expect by a simple quasic ordering code the prime or phi related number 89 as an element to have some relation to the general atomic structure, for example, as well as the exceptions to the periods that have atoms essentially radiation.  It is remotely possible that some of the 120 on deeper mirror levels are not observable, a sort of reverse island of stability akin to some quason like particles.

But from the center it seems the bonding and dark bonds are only properties to observed in the main on the surface of the period in question.  This raises interesting questions on the nature of the structures of government as decisive and evolving in a structure or not as is the case today for the USA issue on health care, at least in the short term.  The court holds that we can tax people differently while not discouraging interstate commence.  Mandates have been called a long time as efficient, mandates that solves the indecisiveness of democracy when the checks and balances exceed their own coherence and people believe some theory of doom and gloom or scarcities (false ones usually the short term case).  From the quasic view as the nodes of information each period has its value in an economic sense.  Hydrogen, and the so called Carbon tax which is apparently now constitutional.  Beyond that is the tax of the precious metals themselves... and so on.  Each element could be construed in the evolving of a social and political system as a tax node.  In the process the three way troika quark like complication suggests that without better understanding (XeF4 bonding in inter-dimensionality should not be a surprise) our medicine with rising market costs with degrees of freedom or not will not get to the medical issue at hand- what we can save and who we can save by fundamental cures and not gross level addressing the symptoms mostly in our cut, burn, and poison expediency as to the traditional way to do medicine that does not know it can break what it cannot see to be fixed to so do harm. We would do well to show more respect for fundamental science.

* * * * * * *

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cold Fission (Quasons Go Nova)

Cold Fission (Quasons Go Nova)

L. Edgar Otto    27 June, 2012

The quason as an atom that involves the ideal electron configuration shell structure varies according to the environs as to its heat.  But in general the lesser number of electrons in a shell occupy the outer most shells toward an ideal perspective center as the weight builds up to the maximum and observes on all levels a periodicity of light and shadow atoms.  Where each ideal shell or subshell is the surface of the real space and its mirror this directionality is observed and in a sense is a relation (a principle understood by Leo Vuyk on the neutrino-electron relationship on creative surfaces) that should the atom emit its contents as if a nova by neutrinos alone it analogously is like a star going nova.  This is a breaking (or building) of symmetry on the quason interval of all structural levels.

But even one electron can radiate in respect to this central perspective toward the singularity and in a sense can spin in relation to it, as these can flip, to establish the general magnetic field of an atom.  This is a mirror for a crude level theory I express here by the term cold fission in parallel to the supposed ideas of cold fusion, also a question of going beyond predictability as to the gain of energy differences in the expected as scientific replication by experiments.

The periodicity of the table of elements reflects these mirrors of shell and subshell structures in that as a finite or integral set of sets by the magic numbers so many atoms are eka-(some element of lighter weight) by the same set such that those on one side of such a mirror are radioactive- that is they tend to break down from the potential of their own symmetry.  There are apparent exceptions which can be better explained as the dark periodicity involved.  The ten elements from Actinium are radioactive as well as the six that precedes them (of which so many bear names by the Curies).  For the lanthanide series of 14 elements are radio active in this set manner and furthermore the six beyond 112 while radio active form a different set (perhaps these can be quason like atoms even to some elements unstable as they are ambiguously capable of combinations of identity within each other.  It may follow along these lines of modeling that the element 120 would be radioactive and tend to be in a state of going nova the instant it is said to be born as all such Higgs like particles that elude direct and fundamental observation so as to be clearly a particle (atom).

Let us not forget silver is the center of that curve wherein the power of fission seesaws against the power of fusion.  In the process real and virtual, or concrete and shadow, particles organize around the concept of a central abstract shell as if in the ideal case was a strict division as halving the periodic table.  But of course the issues of modern interest is the nature of isotopes and what the structures are as we explore that in the nucleus of atoms to which even the quasic theory and string theory are overly simple in the geometrical analogy.

* * * * *

Let us recall also that muons can be a catalyst for hot fusion but the chiral idea even metaphysically is not the most foundational model even when in light and dark matter this Weyl like affects the intermittent evolution of galaxies.  It is not just a matter of simple counting or noting some gross variation on structure as in the early crude concepts of string theory and quarks for science should not be a matter of racial or cultural worship and self delusion as to the worth of such groups.  Thus it is more than just shooting a neutron as a solid sphere into a group of them although the mechanism of this higher idea of symmetry is carried by the quason like nucleons themselves with their slight sub variations quite hidden as the standard idea of generations of say some number of quarks.  A nucleon can pass through but the spherical rim of the potential well of a nucleus unless the velocity is adjusted and not touch or interact with others.   In a sense then it is a catalyst itself as well the muon and it as if in a mirror of structure may be said to be an anti-catalyst.

* * * * * 

Quasonium (Qn)

Quasonium (Qn)

L. Edgar Otto    26 June, 2012  (11:53:49 PM)

We can imagine with a variety of justifications that the overall symmetry of electron configuration of an atom is symmetrical in numbers in the shells in normal matter (that is matter that is considered complete up to three or four natural space dimensions).  There are periodic table models that reflect this idea of mirrors or shadow atoms, Pitkanen sees them as the term dark atoms or dark photons.  This is as a model of a quason a scaleless and dimensionless abstract explanation for the idea of a state and differences of higher mass and energy, being of course a limit of electrons we have 136 elements as a possibility.  But we only have 120 by reflections as if the halving of maximum symmetry so what could the 16 beyond it mean (or the 8 if we imagine these can be so combined but that is a moot point in the general theory) for these 16 are analogs to neutral particles and can be considered one new element, quasonium that as a mechanism is transitive over all the periodic structure of possible four space atoms.  If of course on this level of hyper-symmetry we desire at least a theoretical model that better fits our theories and philosophy of reasoning.

Nothing forbids that such an atom can act as if itself is a mass or energetic influence as concrete as any atom.  It is the departed ghosts of quantum cats so to speak that still connects in shadows to what amounts to matter as subshadows.  Thus it is here that we find the abstract quasic structure (the matrix or grid) important in the extension beyond the quason that other aspects of the model can apply which is obvious and carries over to the simple fact of the electric body analog that it contains a shelled nucleus that is composes of higher symmetries real and virtual- that is we establish a general space where the reasoning closely fits what we have imagined of the standard theory mechanisms or what the Higgs may be but on a higher and a more creative level and from one view a sort of absolute or positive grounding or direction with just one shift of a coordinate and a totality of abstract motion in any natural dimension or its inverse as a linear change of all binary coordinates that are full and not empty.  What is not the grounding of this theory is the idea the difference in matter and antimatter is grounded on parity and chirality alone as the most foundational case of physicality.

Over the small difference at unity where the perpetual flow seems the natural inertial state in the micro-world we have the 120 ratio of that said dark and distinguish that which would be cold matter in the mix of general matter.  For on the same level with this ghostly mass defect in structure as if an analog to that in high energy physics (yet it is not clear this can be an analog to the difference in energy accessible as if that of what happens when matter meets antimatter) the idea of viriality or what is kinetic or potential in the decision as to which is the halving or doubling at least of a coherent principle of the inverse squared thus three natural dimensions (as Rowlands points out) over the span of the quasonium structure has a certain symmetry as to what is potential or kinetic interchanged via the abstract quasic motion.

Atoms may evolve as so the small difference of the evolving diversity of the Omnium over time, but in general it does so slowly.  It seems like a question too obvious to ask but clearly the same sort of generalized quason structure applies to the history of the shells of stars as the elements react and quite possibly matter as well as momenta are exchanged in some binary star cases that may appear as if at a distance or with a hidden mechanism, in general the state one of conservation of processes without the idea of what leaves or enters as balanced the surface of some quason.  It is simply not enough to stand on the idea that the usual electric forces balance against those of gravity to explain what is happening.

Again, we still have to ask that if the universe is a quason, a quasifinite entity, is it in a sense open or closed or is this idea too in need of philosophic generalization.  Where does this higher quasic information go and to what extent is part of the universe doomed to be finite or can it spontaneously rise again? On this level there is still mystery for what we know there is but not what it is, knowing what it is will bring us up to a higher idea of asking if we know it is all there is.

* * * * * 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Body Electric and the Magnetic Body

The Body Electric and the Magnetic Body

L. Edgar Otto   26 June, 2012

An organism is a quason body and by an analogy to basic electrodynamics as in antennae it can be more a stringy higher general space concept or a loopy one in the symmetry.  A body itself as a central space of nonnecessity between the two possibilities being organic concerns the paradox akin to the questions on the quantum cat that it can be interpreted in various ways as the relation to it being dead or alive.

The usual questions also arise concerning he idea of monopoles of which one might consider them, they being at some node of the abstract unified topological geometric dynamic space (UTGD) as a neutral and directly not observable, forceless, one and many-fold iota complex or potential quason.  It in relation to the electric body at rest or in abstract motion this is like our description of Majorana information particles beyond the idea of information and this of course applies to neutrino objects too. At each node, a sort of coordinate or frame between such super-electrodynamic space intervals we can impose usual philosophic issues of the nature of causation and in matters of sentience issues and disorder place there a Maxwellian demon where the issue may be nonneccesarily present or in the quasized logic return from the chaos intermittently.

This logic can be intelligibly expressed along the lines of treating black holes (also as if the mouths of Pitkanen wormholes) as particles to break or form into the usual real and virtual particles of which we are now familiar with.

A quason, as if the only structure intelligible real or imagined in reflections to perceived but receding infinty of a totality of space or an expansion or deflation (not the concrete condensing and not compactification ideas) as a worm hole or (let us call them) nematodes, can have sub systems of an intelligible count not all present any more than the successive totality of the number of electrons possible in an atom of three space matter is but potentially actually present in any one atom. In the electric body these nematodes are like the number of monomarks of Eddington being 120 elements in a 256 vector coordinate space, his Uranoid as a fundamental theory of quantum relativity unification of 1929.

In the magnetic body (as I think I understad Pitkanen's contemplations on the matter and answers to the structural questions that seems to apply and ground some issues of organic life as a higher science) this same number is realized in the potential paths at certain nodes or collections of nodes which is the basis for connections between cells and other forms of relatively isolated objects that seem to be at a distance in some respect for the hidden symmetires.

But just as for Eddington we can insert these figures into the general power symmetry of two in the computation we expect at each node rather fractally we can do the same and perhaps continue this.  The question of the technical addition of one to his 136 or some fraction thereoff is answered by the quasic matrix on one hand and the Mersene aspects of p-adics discerned by Pitkanen on the other.  There are of course multiple levels but how many, if important as it can pin down certain values similar to what others have tried to do with string theory for example, or with the simple formulism of counting as in computation in binary by addition, or even the formalism of complex vectors as so applied to things like octonions and so on as if beyond them where possible or even where of a higher open generality.

In the general and omnic space of bodies it is obvious and reasonably intelligible in the descriptions that TGD wormholes on the level that the apply and with adjacent levels if we so restrict the model for purposes of clarity in model building, introduce the necessary negative moments of rigidity both conceptually and literally to abstract objects that the wormholes may connect with the creative Leo Vyuk like creative quason like bodies and these decay topologically.  Such connections exist as body force between the general idea of nuclei (organic and atomic) and the clouds of real and virtual shells that surround them.

By logic such as the braid work of Shephard these abstract structures are of intelligible extensions of matrices and of discrete count for such singularity complexes as if filling higher space voids or nodes provided the body numbers are meaningfully adjusted to find out what the range or exact formula of the quasi decimal or quasi intergers result from extended contributions on all derrivative levels as well these averaged.  In this sense both the pertubations and the combinations with all possiblities considered connect to the abstract dimensions involved intelligibly in the body space.

Thus we apply to the foundations the motivation and the intelligible reading of cosmic and gene codes with of course the modifications I mention elsewhere as principles in order that these models can be viewed as well grounded foundationally.  For example how does the directionality of the reading and the chirality of it is determined or determines the state of things that are contained, error codes on many joint dimensional levels or the sub symmetry breakings contained from the abstractly rigid sense of natural dimensions.

I offer you in the illustration the usual paradox of this chirality as it applies to the human face in the echange of right and left-  I do not especially like what I see now as I have a clear memory of wavy hair and smooth skin as a child that seems all the more present-  getting older seems to simply "suck" as this new generation says it.  Yet clearly if there is the equivalent of a black hole that surrounds that of my mind it is loosing more and more hair, so to speak.  Still, I am amazed it is a surprise to the medical and biological community that hair growth or the scaring thought by cholesterol (we recognize but one of its 256 carbon chiral forms) turns out to be a matter of the remote conditions, as with actual initial ones of these islands in the stream of time- that is germ cells.  The greatest surprises seem to be that challenged that seemed to us so long the standard and the obvious.

I add, in the general idea of Perpendicularity, that which is beyond any given model, some transcendent sense of dimension, that if we need between the electric and magnetic body some analog to mediators, especially if this involves matters of faith in the healing thru spirit an we can direct these as if intensions, we call these  Ullaons for these could ground our great struggle of which we all share in one degree or another of the body of our minds as the connections and desire for hard work of learning, of thinking, and when it is safe for us, dreaming. But these are not to be considered wormholes or nematodes nor even quasons as we still attach to the roots way before the budding flowers of the tree of mathematics have bloomed.

* * * * *

Evaporation and the Void

Evaporation and the Void

L. Edgar Otto    26 June, 2012

Of course we do not mean that some idea of something is made from the nothingness, rather it is made from the wild card of the totality and in between.  This is the non-necessity as vaguely a more general analog for what we imagine the idea of uncertainty at the quantum level may add to that simpler (less philosophic in its implications) mechanism of creation and annihilation of particles.

We can vaguely think of systems between the uncertainty and nonnecessity, models such as vacuum pressure and points in certain (usually in complex space) positions of stability associated with things like the hats as relative or even false potential grounding on some space level.  In this sense, we can make analogy to the electronic force applied to lower structures such as strings an analogy to relative charges defined by abstract motion and (directions, vectors) to the more general idea of absolute, unified, or many-fold branes.

We then distinguish, on the philosophic level, what we may mean by solid objects and the space between them.  At what level does the discrete overcome the continuous span of an ideal incompressible fluid model.  There is no good reason to see such substance and the vacuum between them as not the same equivalent and indistinguishable our of the physical context of existence.  Nor when so distinguished it is a clear match or function and not somewhat a non necessary relation.

Incomplete models would suggest, as in the standard idea, that an atom or other measures of energy is in the motion of the particles more than the mass of the particles themselves as surely as it seems the density, or proximity between particles taken as a totality is mostly empty space.  It is the virtual particles at remote limits of the idea of quasic generations of structures that in principle contribute to this general but incomplete idea.  That is, the levels of the actuality of particles present in normal space and normal dimensions seems a hierarchy of levels of our sense of the reality of their existence as quasi visible or perceptible. This very sense of proximity of such objects is also a definition for the energy as well as of the relativistic and Planck varieties as formuli for measurement.

As the water metaphor and the information idea at the surface of black hole like objects the standard theory and strings do not explain the mechanism of evaporation in a unified detail, just the vague possibility by unexplained effects observed from particle physics not as foundation as it can be.  Entropy, informationally, is intimately related to our ideas of such evaporation as well as mechanisms of decoherence and these can be made clearer by the analysis of stereonometry, of the raw state and structure of things, and of the general flow as well as chaos that exist under the ideas of quantum uncertainty and its seething vacuum only nature.

In particular, beyond the contemplations of the Plato of the East, Narajala, two solid objects continuous and indistinguishable that touch implies to locate or recognize the touch, to in effect be able to orient things in general space, that it must be composed of sub parts.  But in the more modern view and here we see there are degrees of what can be considered in this paradox of any level of sub objects touching.  Such is the obvious first consideration of the idea of evaporation and the question of where objects and information go, that is literally evaporate into or even vanish.

The reduction of disorder, in its most general description, does not necessarily mean there is a negative entropy or one seeming so as relative, nor that the idea is forbidden as an active force despite ideas of negative probability likewise or the presumed grounding level of the lack of reality of negative distance.  Light and its multiplicity as if in the linear directions (with no ad hoc distinguishing time direction or imaginary directions assumes at any number of dimensions) is visible only by reflection to show in the flow as the idea of things seems the loops and swirls as if foam floating on a river that the evaporation is excluded as perpendicularity and if there is but illusion of repeated or cyclic reflections that too is invisible to an outside viewer as well the literal actual flow in time and over time of such states of turbulent oscillation.

In organic abstract systems, wherein we explain differences in the direction of view as in the measure of force differences of configuration analogies to electric fields and the idea of dark matter, the obvious view of Eddington as to the role of dimensionless constants that compliments those similar concerns of Dirac- the presumption of a finite yet variable average count of the numbers of protons (electrons) in the universe and the all important 120 and 136 mass ratios of the difference in forces- the atomic quason of maximum local singularity symmetry by those first attempts as quasic matrix arithmetical ideas this too applies to the unity of an organic system as a quason.  This too with the possibility of higher extensions in physics beyond this internal view state as the completeness of the totality of things- that we find that organic systems, physically if not as a realm of sentience, may in a sense communicate the aspects and processes of some theory of everything virtually or actually between each other.  Instincts of lesser animals have foundations therein.

* * * * * * * 

Robin's Egg Blues

L. Edgar Otto  26 June, 2012

Late into spring I removed the cobwebs and opened the front door to the porch where I startled the robin's nest at eye high view in the small tree

I saw the daddy fly down before me with a broken wing I the intruder in his greater realm safe an in it the nest built if only temporary and in that four eggs

Shutting the door I peeked through the window careful to make noise to get them used to me, to let them return to the business of life mine too the ancient instincts

Featherless the squabs hatched, the swallowed fireflies made a beacon in their bellies and one day I see two of them fall out and two left behind cold and still

I put them back but the mother bird would push them out and preened the sleeping ones, stay near.  Eventually I removed them and put those alive back she cared for again

These three chambered hearts are more ancient than we, who knows what they sense in life's rhythm that they can so see the colors to revive to create them again

What sort a God am I to test them, make for them a trail that in the end if they learn obedience bring a family back from the poverty of ole Job's turkey winter hollow eyed?

I have endured broken wings, not the sense that the last born commands the heart of woman even if without the stolen child she holds long the broken dolls

Last into the world first out is not natural to unthinking man inside the woman closer to creative God she keeps her eye on the deeper reflections, stalking eyes

The moon suspends the embryo or the body alone struggles to heal or abort what the universe has given it indifferent but not the rainbow God

My soul so suspended and in triage with the holding on to the past, the helpless birds to which I like the prophet puts beak to leak my blood to feed them

Time does not heal the loss nor the roles of our endless courtship summers and meaningless switching partners my heart too cooled to know joyfully their own nestlings

I behold the firstborn of my firstborn and my heart is breaking but is it just the moment, an old lover says I'm looking good but we know no old fires rekindled

She, as I was thinking the same thing, where did I know him?  Perhaps some better path, some stronger unfilled bond beyond our warm four chamber forgotten hearts

The depth of love and its dangers in the moment and the overwhelming vastness of space forgiven and unforgiven
that the germ takes and is fulfilled

I find the shells of the robin's egg and can hardly call them blue as well their breasts are more orange than red we who see and sing less than the thrushes truer colors

* * * * * * * * *