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Forbidden Logic and the Theotericontinuum (Thcm)

Forbidden Logic and the Theotericontinuum (Thcm)

These ideas were extensively developed and extended in my 1500 lost poems  "Pipe Songs of the Sea Horse."  Alas, the poems are needed to directly explain in metaphors some of the physics.

Lubos has an interesting post today on current exploration of the cosmic background as if a super collider from a higher salvation of the string theory view. It is one of his more mystical or subjective posts. In these matters of theology here is how it is done:

The filaments can only make knots in three space, so there can be a force difference to expanding or hidden other dimensions. Inflation or not the abstract source of such motional energy grounding inertia and symmetry breaking is more fundamental than the clever speculation the article proposes which makes the persistence of such knots possible in the first place. Otherwise these knots would become less tangled in vacuum expansion from bottom up mass considerations.
Thing is that a further step into this issue of "communities " of causal cones still allows for things like loops that preserve on a still higher level day Lorentz not broken. Thus the paradox yet no paradox in a more general view. The hint of a still deeper general theory. Certainly suggests it underscores current hot issues at the frontiers of today's physics & perhaps new physics or ways to see it as open inquirey that may come. The viewpoint of this article casually in its scope is evidence of a sorts for a new approach to speculation itself after a series of long periods of stalemate in unification hopes.
Eventually they will stumble on my quasic theory of 1964.
Forbidden Non-necessary Dark Information Logic
It only appears to suggest physics beyond the standard model or Lorentz GR as if obsolete. The LHC is evidence also of dark information.
If it helps you sleep to endure suffering that your reward will be greater in heaven (which is the same concept as God) OK, but if you make others suffer you will not survive. God is not mere physics as equifinality. Beyond that don't you think? Each of us begins and ends the whole universe - it is arrogance and blasphemy to presume to equate this creative and eternal attribute we share from said God so to limit Him. If you knew God you could ask Him anything about the Creation so know this truth. But as merciful as God is knowing your heart it is up to you to choose if you want to write yourself out of the play. Is there not a verse where hell is defined as the abscence from the Father? Such anxiety induced will only reap destruction and demean those prophets whose vision once commanded the whirlwind.
Imagine limitless resolution and a snapshot of a cell then projecting states and pathiways and possibilities before and after. This can be done. The applications would make 3D printing look like a quaint old technology- not to say we will not raise the bar on more interesting problem in both medicine and material science. Ironically the best future field turns out to be graphic design. Innovation always needs to make a better crystal ball then everyone will replicate and want one. Good career move if the powers that be can recognize the power of your vision, Joseph.
Don, but when it comes to weather prediction every day is groundhog day. Maybe that is the best model of a universe if we remember enough to learn to say, play the piano or become a doctor.
Reply to David B. : The terms are so widespread now, not very clear terms even as a metaphor, I've stopped always qualifying them as opaque or dark- like concepts. But there are more so called dark fluid metaphors. But all the equations have a core of (scientific humanist) logic in one form or other. Power in motion or implied as transfers is take something away, lose something, give something away, or find something. Four forces where some combination of them are said unphysical. This is a healthy skepticism if all things reduce to nothingness or plausibility itself decreaces along the way to a point singularity. But we can simulate two naked point singularities like the ends of a spinning USA football. I am very skeptical of the promised mechanisms from Hawking's new conference. It better be damn good, original, and floor me. I never much cared for dark matter speculations. If they come up with generalized amplituhedra generalized from its vague logical argument that includes chiral and parity effects for the ongoing or evolving dynamics I will be half convinced. Until the next level of physics if there is one. Yet it is only superficially string theory. Memory exits in the abstract., structure of the pure vacuum that stands on real matter. Hologram quasi finite could do it as a metaphor but aren't we tired of news that promises the news more than the fact of the news if we ever get to the story ...? That binds our attention but not for everyone. Have they really banished the metaphysics by these ideas of consciousness and logic? I change the channel wondering why they think they have convinced anyone by such methods. I expected more from our leaders in the town and gown than for a couple of generations to be so Merkeled (I cannot spell when the letters change and one is aware of it) You know, that QM physicist lady German leader the kids have turned into a slang verb. The terms are so widespread now, not very clear terms even as a metaphor, I've stopped always qualifying them as opaque or dark- like concepts. But there are more so called dark fluid metaphors. But all the equations have a core of (scientific humanist) logic in one form or other. Power in motion or implied as transfers is take something away, lose something, give something away, or find something. Four forces where some combination of them are said unphysical. This is a healthy skepticism if all things reduce to nothingness or plausibility itself decreaces along the way to a point singularity. But we can simulate two naked point singularities like the ends of a spinning USA football. I am very skeptical of the promised mechanisms from Hawking's new conference. It better be damn good, original, and floor me. I never much cared for dark matter speculations. If they come up with generalized amplituhedra generalized from its vague logical argument that includes chiral and parity effects for the ongoing or evolving dynamics I will be half convinced. Until the next level of physics if there is one. Yet it is only superficially string theory. Memory exits in the abstract., structure of the pure vacuum that stands on real matter. Hologram quasi finite could do it as a metaphor but aren't we tired of news that promises the news more than the fact of the news if we ever get to the story ...? That binds our attention but not for everyone. Have they really banished the metaphysics by these ideas of consciousness and logic? I change the channel wondering why they think they have convinced anyone by such methods. I expected more from our leaders in the town and gown than for a couple of generations to be so Merkeled (I cannot spell when the letters change and one is aware of it) You know, that QM physicist lady German leader the kids have turned into a slang verb.
Internal subprotonic quasentangled micro wormholes.
Adds to the Qx-bit informational count on different generational levels.
Jaya, Whitehead generalized Euclidean geometry in terms of congruence. He worked with Russel. Minimum distance into c can be a theory of types. Of logic, epistemology, and metaphysics as core philosophy do you mean pure physics is logic?
Some of us do know such foundations, but it arose in the middle 20th century. (not in the 21st or 22nd  Giotis Mth.

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Toward a Journal of Quasic Physics

Physics in its foundational debates will not be superfied as a generalization where the relation of stringy or loopy camps as now formulated reach a compromise. Can it be so from my Edot view verses the Gordian knot of Lumo's. (Lubos Motl's) physics is constipated view. Lubos has written a masterpiece as a work of art that demeans Sabine Hossenfelder etc al as if his model in a super Nova flux exploded out over the whole universe everywhere. What is left is a pee brain just awake enough to know where to hedge his bets. It ends with his use of 'she' pointing out he is being respectifully politically correct. But begins with a paragraph of a single sentence, a brilliant put down within a put down really of Dr. Bee dancing with Nude Scientists. But if one reads his post carefully and sorts out what concepts he connects or denies, while he cannot see the implications, we find he does not understand QM theory, string theory, the application of the hologram ideas, how laws relate explicitly on the micro scale, how he could count beyond the slicing of K-Klein incomplete manifolds, or Sabine's advanced comment on the question of at least analog duality in regard to QM doubling of information as maybe not a violation of cloning ad much as one that should be raised in the light of new evidence of Bell inequalities and limitations of what is reality in spooky action at a distance. This is why I gave Lubos the Turkey Prize (that as an abstract American mythical symbol can go either way. ) but he certainly deserves it for at least originality (finally) beyond a BS degree. But really Lubos, this BS is getting old.

* * *

Reply to Hawking and Don Lincoln: Sooner or later Hawking is going to realize this is barely a general description of the universe. To interpret it as multiverse does not solve general evolving structure of say the unified view of quasars and their era as central to it all, a ring of evil much like the so-called axis of evil. The error or dead end of speculation for higher laws of matter and spacetime was not to give equal weight to Fred Hoyle F.R.A.S. and other cyclic models. Unless of course such a description goes to somewhere else entirely such as the mechanism that would make quasars a sort of chariot to a barely imaginable Heaven.
Neil Haverstick replied:  "...the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine." Sir James Jeans

* * *
in reply to Horgan's update: The polyhedra in spacetime article is hardly new. But it is correct as far as it goes. Spin as such, locally Euclidean, can recover QM effects by a minimum quantization over a convex surface defining directions (and no magnitude vectors) real or imaginary. Moreover, on a generational level what the author suggests as time-like can be a looping within the 4th or Gravitional level of quasifinite chiral freedom effects some not distinguished in asymmetry but equivalent representations.. QM and GR needs not be generalized separately. This is also the "where does the (QM) information go problem" where neutral entities can be interpreted as either ellyptical or hyperbolic or together a spacious null singularity at each spherical rotocenter with eutactic face defined vectors.
* * *
Reply to Joy Christian & Sabine:
Very interesting and kudos to you. I can see that it can lead to more secure communications but think this is meeting fundamental than QM theory it can contain. Assuming a more general loophole and deeper definition of ratios of dimensions and distance and the background structurally at a distance, intimate to 4 & 5 space chirality as spin... how might such quasi real and quasi local phenomena apply to Hawking's loophole escape of such information from a black hole?. Three spheres (I cannot picture this from the computer code link) certainly is part of the picture - that most likely defines certain measures to clarify the generation problem. This can be seen as double information reduced again to one picture (a half). By reflection alone and two chambers the stereonometry of this picture would give us this experimental result half independent of random inputs.

* * *
On the other hand Hawking has found a way out where it takes forever to enter a black hole or hardly any time at all depending on what is seen inside or outside the view. Thus instead of dying from a disease that should have killed him in two years, like a QM cat with 8+1 lives he slowly evaporates over decades. :-)
* * *
In reply to Jaya: Jaya, interesting speculations which not need some assumptions either to explain things. All these are an art form really and should be cherished like civilization held alive in dark ages by the Viking vulnerable monks or the great literature of nuns safe in their creativity from the inevitable dark ages. Here again I need more to explain some unclear term like information. Dimensions! How can space expand faster than the speed of light? Tell Mr more. What is the difference in appealing to an idea of multiverse and that of light in a few higher dimensions? Does science need independent backgrounds or is determinism and free will an issue which may meet or not in some local reality? Or in the surface thermodynamics of a spherical region will Nepal allow a new Western Provence?
* * * *

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Metaphorce & Creativity (Cosmic Stereonometry, Cosmometry)

2D + 3D = 5D ; 3D + 5D = 8D and so on. Think of the arithmetic as 2^3D if you doubly square things as in the periodic table of elements. This is an old problem. Light and heat as originally conceived as fire rather than air (oxygen) despite the abstract asymmetry and dimensionless levels of motion can be seen as elements. Sign and chirality as absolute. Where does the twin paradox go? There is more than this concept of continuity dividing space as if quasi- finite.
We cannot make the microcosm symmetrical and continuous without destroying quantum theory as well.
Is an integer in itself a discrete or continuous concept?
Phi + 1 = Phi^2
Lubos has a blogspot on this yesterday in which he states the concept is not understood as an established fact by even some of our best theoreticians. If rigid discs are not possible in nature how can string theory describe the universe by using the concept as a part of a total theory that does not transcend Lie or continuous groups? It from bits or bits from its? Is he right or two not even rights make a trivial not even right? Could his phenomenology not be uncertain as to if such a solution is subjective or objective applied with the same paradox of reasoning, biased effectively? Does not our experimental data now give us different fundamental results? A theory that pushes the analogy of sub particles can have no reachable end. Matter had a property that goes beyond radiation and its pressure condensates that on our modern level is creativity (no good word here, perhaps "Metaphorce") Why can't supersymmetry be oscillating and periodic in Nature's fundamental expression as something from nothing cosmometry?
The gist of this is that we can say just as well of GR what we say of QM when we say it is incomplete. But one soul's reality can be argued as another soul's fantasy or delusion. What I find remarkable is that as the speculation grows more complicated - if the world makes sense - this impasse goes in cycles where we as historical know the names of scientists whose deeper assumptions perpetuate this partisan paradox. The PBS series on matter was most informative for me as an overview. But we have made fundamental progress - the SM and GR do not exclude each other. Marie Curie made her breakthroughs without a PhD but she could not have done it without her tech school husband whose study of crystals gave them a superior instrument. But the chemists of the day wanted something they could weigh, spectrum was not enough. So where are the weights in string theory today? And how much of mass is determined by friction of motion of little motes of dust as if a crude analogy to the exclusion of caloric? Humans evidently need this concept of dust very deeply to stand on. We need more than a total theory, we need something whole - perhaps sacred. (Kailo in Sanskrit) perhaps Kailo-omnium. After all Noether said light has a purpose, and that purpose was to seek the path of least action.
Thanks, you brought out thoughts and perplexity I have had lately as if hitting a brick wall. I did not mean to express them all on you as if a lecture. :-) good friend.
Paul Hr:
I started my quasic theory as a dynamic order of error correction with recursion. DNA the model. For awhile I thought the term common knowledge, a sort of mathematical induction that guarentees things like long computer simulations. It seems to me more now than my casual assumptions I used for my simple recreational games and puzzles and candle design and processes coloring in space - rediscovered how I thought it was done. This afternoon in the cool weather I fell asleep waking up at the boy yelling for his father at the old show The Rifleman. I was annoyed my dream of collecting old lenses and vacuum tubes and other interesting things I wad allowed to keep from the landfill. Then after becoming wide awake a possibility occurred to me based on my comments on the creative force to Marcus on fb. Kailomnium or Metaphorce (whole+sum total" Such intuition must be a deeper process as error correction codes. Cosmic Stereonomeyry would be the more general physical ( recursively awake case). Cosmometry to use and old word) I took a photo to illustrate those comments intending to post on my blogspot and this comment to you instead of intended post to my status just now: Holy Crapola! If this theory is not a dream in the dark, then we have become the creator and consumer of stars! Think stellar models as if chain reaction of this physics transcending mere radioactivity as a source of vaster energy in the hierarchy of this new property of matter and physics classifying black holes. Ut oh, I thought genie is out of the bottle. But maybe I should have classified myself! Guess our intuitions that raise the usual moral issues of science comes after the facts.
Jes, you had me at quantanglement. :-)

Then why is this interpretation presented as set in stone? Already the technology promised is here and ahead of that level of QM theory if we can orient entangled objects on dimensionfree scales as if only the linear bi-directionality of time.
Jes, I wrote almost the same thing as you have on the need for more general interpretation when I was closer to your age. I agree that when determinism enters in as the author suggests, some things are paradoxically set in stone. Nature is not necessarily mystical claptrap, she does the same interpretative conceptual reductions as Feynman diagrams then does a better job generalizing this.
If by transactional they mean the generational problem then as simple transactional analysis it likely involves psychology. But I have no doubts that biology and physics are to be interpreted as the same thing. But this too generalizes QM theory which only recently is taken seriously on brain scales. Now, the heart of this recent paper after all this time tells us QM theory (or GM) is in serious need of new interpretations? I may read this paper too, or maybe it was the same enduring mysticism we read long ago?
David, I suspect we agree on this level or that we are using the same assumptions to actually miss each others point. Does knowing the unknown if we knew of everything, as science, preclude the mystery? Not for me. As things stand now it is not clear at all that all things are necessarily connected to everything else. Is Einstein's first quote here a vague statement that all things are relative or that our methods remain in a sense an quantum idea of reality vaguely as well? In the second quote is he saying that we may as well forget interpretation of the logic of it all- Is the moon there when not seen, he suspects so as a personal interpretation... what gods, the God of Spinoza? Plato? One star that does not exist unless from the past a sentient being sees a single photon of it? The universe as god that guarantees the existing of everything as a sentient being? We put to much into what Einstein may be saying in his humility, yet we hold and experiments show we feel some certainty in his concepts as truth. But Satan's laughter (a technical term) is a message sent as on a phone cable into deep space and no one is there to hear it, where does the message go? Look, everyone can see color as sound or sound as color... there may be individual rights but the mechanical devices of a cyborg if rights at all are for the mechanical men.
David Barkin replied:  As we make exchanges back and forth, let me pause and mention what today has become a fetish with Physicists...

Dark Matter and Dark energy.

Their existence is accepted as if they were proven facts. What in FACT is the only evidence for their existence?

Here is our only data. There is more matter in the universe then we have been able to detect.

From that one piece of evidence, it is hypothesized that a completely unknown form of matter and energy exist. Which if true, makes a mockery of ALL existing models of Physics. What kind of foolish arrogance is this?

Could it be that our primitive tools are not capable of seeing all the existing forms of normal matter? Could this be the case? Whenever I even suggest this as a possibility, I am met with patronizing laughter. Ridicule from people who have absolutely no evidence at all.

Sorry, your remarks leave me with Einsteins quote.

"Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge in the field of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."

L. Edgar Otto From that one piece of evidence, it is hypothesized that a completely unknown form of matter and energy exist. Which if true, makes a mockery of ALL existing models of Physics. What kind of foolish arrogance is this? " Well, I have just posted that this is the case- a further property of matter. I am not sure but it is a possibility and will not make a mockery of all existing modes of physics but unify them... yet there may be a surplus of earlier narrow speculators... common sense and our brains seem to be quite a tool would you not say? Do we ridicule the thinker or the thought as if that would prove anything? Well, as Einstein said once I have read "economics is harder than physics" So let us look closer at a child's game... given three wishes what would you wish for? Perhaps a thousand more wishes? Does the debate as to the multiverse or universe make any sense at all in our future? How can we go through life and not have at least the curiosity to try to know? I do not believe that God would have given us a mind if he did not want us to use it. Would we have a god think for us? If he is a Maxwell's demon surely that the world works is evidence that such an all knowing being would immediately send it into disorder so He or the universe, if this is a true fact, seems a lot smarter than us monkeys to get around this design problem. Anyway, it is not clear at all if we can read each others mind or not. Scientific arrogance is the concepts that come up from time to time that declare since x, say string theory or dark matter, God does not exist or perhaps the conclusion a God exists. "The price the gods extract from us for making a song is that we become the song we sing" How odd of God to load the dice and then walk away." Hey, I am just deep into the fun of it playing the glass bead game.
David Barkin replied:  Thanks, no one has made my case better then you.

L. Edgar Otto Who am I to deny rights to all the hallucinating mechanical men? Whatever turns you on... whatever the interpretation of a fetish that you need to do that. But its a damn shame Paris Hilton did not run for president and win... her stimulus would have worked given everyone one Gucci bags and shoes. ;-)

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Instar (Insei) Superluminal

I guess I do claim to have the next.theory of everything. While it is easy to see or feel smarter than those with total theories beneath you, how can one presume to understand those above you? My simple experiment is within all of us monkeys already. The mind is more than intimate in scale as a quantum or relativistic mechanism. Consciousness awake is metaphysically reaching light speed of the psi plasm but it is still more than this as superluminal. It is still more than those who work with the calculus of pure singularity. While warp drive is quasifinitely likely I still cannot see if this excludes a generalization as time travel. For now we have to generalize the idea of Weyl points as a focused class concept at least. I would call this Instar Superluminal if the term available, otherwise I use Insei (Japanese for meteor). This vision is exceeding beautiful, but so are those of a slightly lesser speculation as we gaze into infinite reflections.

Jaya Ram Bisto It is indeed superb !
Jaya Ram Bisto In Consciousness when one gets the speed higher than that of light ,Is our consciousness a Weyl points of Divergence or Convergence ? Maxwell in his work told us that Light is Divergence attaining highest speed .Singularity is Convergence, Does Singularity have highest speed than that of light ?
Neil Haverstick We can also transcend thinking after a certain point...
L. Edgar Otto I will need time to transcend in my thinking to have more than an opinion on that very deep question Jaya. The best of our loop and string theories- do they converge or diverge together? I cannot claim to know everything. I noticed that when I post something as a small idea I sense right you and a few others do see it as standing out- it is a great gift and for now the frontier is condensed something.

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Quasi-Inertia and the Vanishing of Contiguous Vectors

There is interesting counting where we extend this concept to abstract higher space representations. The page is short because most ideas were posted first in comments on facebook, some of which I re-post here for reference.

* * *

Thing is someone who makes such a big step in probing the shadows - even as a first daring step of approximation will always be with us as he leaves such a long shadow.  Jacob Bekenstein (1947-2015)
Have not seen very many mail trucks lately. So would a zip code flock of drones be delivered by a self driving truck or just send the code to our advanced 3D printers to make and duplicate most anything for free (well, raw materials). Would updates be hackable as now is the case? It perhaps is a good time to fulfill a human need like daily delivery by a small nano drone projector that would greet us as a holographic postman.
A lot can be said for this American like learning by immersion hands on but out of favor for awhile 'pragmatism". Yes it goes in cycles and can be taken too far. We should not underestimate some formal training where it too after hard exercise can awaken in kids as also science as useful and fun. This is important for certain ages where girls especially are vulnerable to pressures of social discouragement.
* * *
Careful analysis of this theory emphasizes orbitals are not fundamental as as the role of an incomplete quantum theory. The oscillation as super-symmetry is not as simple as pair relations and as that emphasized can lead to new tech. But such a condensed matter concept is still essentially a transistor where effective shell and lattice structure for truly new physics game changing tech inherent in the complexity to find and thus avoid the frontiers by design of experiments so assumed in long search as the case cannot ignore hidden mirrors of triality vanishing in effects to infinity nor such n-ality thus thermodynamic analogs at points of singularity of discrete dimensionless phenomena we call gravity where forces being equal it takes a minimum of four to have local chiral effects emerge excluding a general field singularly as well. Warp ten, fusion containment, and nuclear decay of more general physics of super conductivity as metal - an induced lattice of Lord Kelvin's almost convex solid as a space filler could be a game changer but QM solutions are not as difficult to find or calculate in atoms of as many mirrored sub parts as say mercury. Nor can we eliminate higher forms of uncertainty by depending on Lie group descriptions trivially, only.
Is someone suggesting out little planet can colonize the universe. Reach the other end of it? That would take quite a bit more. But we could hop from quasar to quasar. I do not mean black or worm holes. Otherwise there would be no exotic matter to mine. We can be in a 2^n finite places symmetrically at once.
Only QM may not necessarily connect and information theory as such is more fundamental than QM where they do connect.
The idea of microwave motion demonstrated by NASA when understood then shown amplified (warp drive discrete recursive in multiple orders, if we show further possibilities (not infinite warp) I strongly suspect sooner than not accessible by a simple thought experiment absurdly easy to make. Quasi-inertial theory.
This is nothing more than an axiom that supports its own conclusion. Silence in a vacuum can have independent structure too. The universe like our concepts of God evidently is not as narrow as our imagination.
We only see a fourth of the picture. We have to give equal weight to the silence also. Music if anything is a state of motion while it moves.
This is a question where our laws have not caught up with theory and technology. A "pre- embryo" as such exists for human tissue only after 32 cells. At which time we can debate legal rights of the embryo as an individual. Contraception not necessarily the same moral class as abortion. So where do we draw the line after that? Why is self repliication so important to even so called liberal people? A politician canvassing a rural district asks the farmer if he lived there all his life. The farmer replied "Not yet." This is not a good question asked as evidence for a political agenda to have someone believe the conclusion. Nor did any of our politicians answer it well so betraying their grasp of objective science. It is not a good question but one of the most profound ones of our day.
The greatest good as sacrifice of the few covers a lost of sins, but so does the promotion or forgiveness (as in rape or incest exceptions) which takes away the individual rights some claim to protect.
Heisenberg wept. Good point but then does string theory apply to the physical - even branes? Chairman Mao out voted by the party wanted a red flag with one star ... not the 5 fold tradition as nonphysical as the concrete playing of Magic the Gathering. And he added a yellow stripe at the bottom for the Yellow River. Perhaps two simple but so are geometric issues of duality between a point and a line.
Jes, every child has to memorize 15 sum combinations before they can do arithmetic at all. This method may as linear be good for the digital age letting the 2D matrix in the cloud give us but one of many answers we cannot see let alone discuss curvature as analog theory.
These authors should go outside and break slabs of wood for firewood with the help of gravity over a single sheet of newspaper. I did my share faster than the karate boys.
Yanik, based on this fundamental reasoning. I imagine a very simple experiment that may not give us the result we may expect. What might you make of this sort of synthetic generalization as a general inertial lens?
Both matter and iife forces so to speak self organize in a triplet of states provided these are simply connected as self dual. Consider why our world is 3D or 3 quarks (or nD or 5 quarks... ) How many pentagonal shapes tile a plane? Sexual selection in this respect is as important as natural selection. If time (philosophically) is the 4th dimension, then 5D can be regarded as Fate yet with recursion to the same final outcome through all arbitrary historical paths.
In surreal calculus the square root of 2 can be regarded as a rational number. But that has been under development fir some time. (See Conway) Other controversial maths have been under development too like p-adic models. The arithmetic I posted left out a step and concept I felt it easy to correct and find. - namely not 144 but doubling the field group numbers 2048 - 1152. But these do seem approximations in that it is closer to 137 as Eddington was criticized for in his finite universe. As far as the linguistics go there are deeper models that conflict between Roman and Phonecian structures. - Egyptian and Chinese picture languages are as important in analogies to physics concepts. But as often said the only valid analogies are those of geometry. But not everything is ancient or discovered anew from the ashes. Who remembers the names of the Arab chess masters at the hight of their civilization?
If this can be measured at some point of creation. The abstract quasar era as the center of physical reality could be a portal to things quite beyond or outside even the philosophy. Fall into one is a religious question if an ultimate one. As if a chariot beyond time and stars to some yet imagined Heaven. That Alpha = Omega is an assertion and insertion by Greek philosophy into say the New Testament. 1296 the number of time and times, that minus 1024 is twice 136... that is the 24-cell polytope in 4D relates to the fine structure or cosmological constant. The Greeks knew their intuitionist arithmetic and geometry.
Mark, ask me more. I do not understand the scope of your question. Before the world was we shall be. Is the fleeting spark of existence an evergreen tree or a weeping willow? A dark raven or a Phoenix?
Jaya, at the moment it seems to me much a language problem in the way words are formed. Triliteralism vs the richness of Sanskrit. Among alphabet systems that is. Like cvcvc of Phoenician. If v = 5 there are 25 possibilities. So we have 10 and anti-10 plus 5 neutral . In this respect it is arithmetic that can be extended geometrical. Is this a formal mathematics? Vowels as the soul of a word in script can be hidden. Does this resemble string theory? Euclidean 10D anyway? Part of TOE links goes beyond comparetive linguistics. vv x ccc = 6 but between c and v we only resolve curvature 4D and chirality with flat 5n as a double universal process. We process v on one hemisphere of our brain and c on the other. I suspect Sanskrit involves the next level of such hyperparallel layers of 49 in 3D which we now conceive as dark fluid or matter as the metaphor.
So, where these points of view do agree on principles can we map them where they represent they same or similar things? Each link with a context or modification? So far I see nothing in the daily explosion of speculations published not predicted or can be interpreted in retrospect from "quasic" fundamental theory. What then is "normal" physics if our imagination is limited but seemingly intuitively complete if in the depth of that unknown there can be still imagined places in the Big Dynamic Show no links at all? Your experience and opinions are intrinsically valuable in the Big Ask and the sharing of hints on the way to a bigger or the Big Picture. This makes the laws of life universal and part of the Natural normal ... interestingly my whole evolving blog to debate took the hint of what is called dark fluid. But philosophically there can be superdupper symmetry and such a fluid view too. We all face uncertainties on realizations seeking, taking the questions of self doubt in stride if possible.

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Quasic (Tauonic) Multi-TOE Color Extension toward the Sukodu Game in the Standard Model

David Horgan remarked:  Always good to see teams trying to figure out how to challenge quantum gravity with observations.

Scalar and tensor perturbations in loop quantum cosmology: High-order corrections
Giotis Mth posted:

I was browsing the infamous by now (so called) map of "Theories of Everything" of Quanta Magazine:

and I noticed a general misconception regarding quantum foam. For reasons I don't understand the quantum foam model is connected to LQG and causal dynamical triangulations but not to String theory. The truth is that the notion of quantum foam is generic and is expected to be a feature of a candidate QG theory which should be able to incorporate and reveal the quantum foam picture of space time at a certain limit. For String theory in particular there are already preliminary results indicating that indeed the theory is capable of doing exactly that.

The relevant paper that I'm aware of for example is the classic paper by Vafa et al linked below where topological probe branes reveal that the quantum foam picture dominates at short enough distant scales for certain spaces.

Of course my main objection with the Quanta magazine map is the misleading title (in fact the only Theory of Everything is String theory since the other presented theories are just miserable attempts to quantized gravity which is not the same thing) and the ridiculous public voting initiative.

I replied:   So, are you suggesting this was an oversight or a conceptual error? Will all of physics one day just be material science reduction? Does a TOE exist as a foam if there are no scud on a surface to perceive it? I think this map embodies a higher principle we scud intuitively try to solve if a universe planned or by accident makes sense. Short of that or some not multi-TOE creative process or Ultimate Design - the same principle really, the links between these approximate regions are from this QM mysticism are not necessarily independent as well a matter of degree. If there is a sentient God could He be a scud while not a foam?


The Game Board in Planning Stages for Manufacture....   L. Edgar Otto (the PeSla)

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Dark Fluid Tech Prediction in 2 years and a Nod to Matti Pitkanen

I don't know. Matti. It is an impressive and far reaching speculation. Very specialized. No one I knew got brown gas to work for example. Yes clay dimers can replicate but it is hard to see it would lead to a chain reaction or lead to a significant energy source from the quantum reality of cold fusion.on the highest level a universe that is stable and makes sense has a sort of higher conservation law. You are missing the symmetry from the other end of the periodic table by these same mechinisms. It shows that for 4D matter outside of quasars there is a limit to superluminal flight. You have come so far. Your intuition on primes related to fundamental particles is original and right on - but I think for an encore you should explore at least the arithmetic to pin it down. I imagine something like my quasic matrices for such numbers negative or anti-entropy are old general system theory terms before our time. Like our dark metaphors in this day. It is the neutral states most important. Citing others in speculative documenting who cannot be taken seriously will not help other concepts you intuit as significant be viewed so. You do not need them. Make some predictions more concrete. If Finland conquers the world in a dark photon AI war - you could make money as a sci fi movie. If that prediction came true, I really wouldn't mind that knowing such people like you (and Ulla) who are on fire with ciriousity and creative imagination. Short of heaven we still could make synthetic elements from the vacuum..


The best answer has always been minimum quantization of certain types of discrete points in quasi loopy strings... to imagine these interchanged between particles or in a hierarchy of partitioning is a more powerful view of generalization. If this generalization and intuition not yours Jaya, do you have a specific link for documentation? If there is not that would explain why there are so many second rate speculative papers published, i suspect.

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 Density? Obstructions on the same scale? Inertia approaching linearity in perturbation ( force and time differential stuff... if mother nature is not Taylor Swift at 22 writing on the decoherence of relationships and her simple music if we could hear pulses in the ultraviolet shift as if a beacon made of her purple lipstick. I bought food for a month in San hour today and she told the cashier the number to look up prices from memory for every obscure item I had in my shopping cart. If I bought A then I intuitively needed BCandD ... got coffee I only went for but only forgot green peppers. (The cashier distracted me talking about the water and wildfires on his agriculture trip up and down California. 2D has its music of the spheres too I guess...

(she says she will revisit this idea in 18 months... well, it is hard to predict new technology past two years.  Sooner or later in two years someone else invariably came up with one of my experimental candle designs.  Even the most absurd and impractical ones as far as a working candle goes.)

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L. Edgar Otto This ancient theory is radical? Even then it is but an abstract step to a Quasic physics. Then I have been such a radical since the early 60's . Why does it take so many physicists so long to suggest such logical breakthroughs? My Dad was so right " if the knowledge is not there you will not find it by going to school. " Guess some people, other than Higgs et al, need school - but they would have done better taking deep courses in theology first. Just maybe a few rise up within the priesthood if they survive the narrow dogma and are not labeled crackpots. It is the same multiverse issue, really.

So, as if the deepest only game in town, magnetism is not the most fundamenta grounding of momentum effects. Perhaps we shall find it is not light either.

My blogspot (Sustainable Physics & the Neutral Tauon) August 8, discusses such neutrinos that Higgs-like in decay can result in 4 and 5D matter-antimatter unitary or null neutral neutino singularities. 5n hierarchy for Higgs mass for those directly observable from a linear direction in 3D. 125 this side of deeper cosmic dualities.

I read this 4 days after my blog posting...

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I mainly agree. An absolute default state of the most general design of a physical universe could be a place where with all things possible I is at once fixed while intrinsically in a state of motion. We argue over the math and physics details both for what we cannot see in the known world as well what biases we imagine in the unknown world. How can we say a universe is dying if not in a QM cat like concept we entertain it is alive?

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sustainable Physics and the Neutral Tauon

The title on this page I wrote down after a nap watching television early in the morning... the rest as questions twelve hours later.    Some earlier notes on facebook:

Time is such a strange thing to me... I think the energy was the same as now for me, a sort of creative energy, Giotis.  But 1995 was quite an interesting time for physics in general, so many computer years ago.  So, Sabine... what was the topic back then of your PhD thesis?  Sometimes we reach golden ages, not sure it is like riding a roller coaster... but other times it feels like I am a Merlin and time goes backward.  The bigger the fish bowl the bigger the fish and how much it can see and understand. But there is something appealing about our personal expanding universe and what comes back in memory from deep into a wider vacuum.  That sort of elemental thought is why I also think your peacock photo is beautiful and unique. So I put up a cover photo of a quantum catfish as fluids may still have a deeper place whether we are outside or top or bottom feeders of the cosmos.

 Great picture of unique perspective. Peacocks have many different interpretations in many cultures. I took old symbols as used by German Christians without being able to read the text for meanings and applied them to my take on physics. Relativity was the hedgehog rolled up in a ball spike vectors and some fallen apples on them. Quantum stuff was the hive and all the busy honey bees. But the peacock with its feathers with a thousand eyes Quasic hierarchy. So three primary physics and secondary colors between them. Darwin was all the rabbits, the garden snail chirality, then chaos-science and catastrophe flips. In the center the Phoenix-evergreen tree- pelican and her squabs feeding in combinations hinting at a fourth or more primary way.

sabine august 4

A comment on Sabine's blogspot post early her morning:

Wow, talk about metaphors of creative physics this can be read on so many different levels. Acoustic energy, twin paradoxes, isolated thermo and vibrating systems with asymptotic freedom and firewalls, whether photons in exponential replication will in looping time collapse a fire wall, do we really need smooth or hairy information shaved or lost of scars or no at the mouth of worm holes no clones in the many-worlds. Looping that sets off baby universes that starts their own inflation's. And gamma bursts from far away in the sky or from deep within a planet's mantle. The next level to innovative new physics in that still hidden with its useful technology will be something like a neutral tauon (tauonino?) combo for a unified and sustainable society and physics. It may seem the aliens hack our virtual ghostly images but can they ever grasp the wonder so many feel around childbirth even lifelong doctors each time report they feel and the hard work, pain and nature's equifinality your clear personal and universal perspective you have shared with us so well.

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Quantum Catfish - Getting Close but Are You Getting Hotter

So if we entangle a group of quantum computing researchers and neglect the fluidity of the environs and the noise in real or artificial mirrored spaces, can an ensemble of bottom feeders really work together?

 Peacocks have many different interpretations in many cultures. I took old symbols as used by German Christians without being able to read the text for meanings and applied them to my take on physics. Relativity was the hedgehog rolled up in a ball spike vectors and some fallen apples on them. Quantum stuff was the hive and all the busy honey bees. But the peacock with its feathers with a thousand eyes Quasic hierarchy. So three primary physics and secondary colors between them. Darwin was all the rabbits, the garden snail chiraliy, then chaos-science and catastrophe flips. In the center the Phoenix-evergreen tree- pelican and her squabs feeding in combinations hinting at a fourth or more primary way.

Great perspective photo by Sabine Hossenfelder

In the quasifinite range of our perceptible universe would a thousand eyes of observation loop as if the Phoenix to rise again and again from the ashes of our theories of everything?  Or can any theory we can so iterate or shift in hierarchies become the center of perspectives of speculation?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Time, Society, and Bridges over Confluences or Gray Goo

The word grue (green blue) is a philosophic term and 'grue' is French for crane.  While I see some of the philosophy and math of the issue I think we need a new form to program it in which needs principles beyond our ideas of what it takes as quantum or relativistic physics to carry messages not simply analog or digital in the programming .

 A total or more general system itself can be defeated regardless of the stability of its substructures including time. The act of what message is received or what messages were not viewed can itself find the authentic transformation changed. So if purely quantum methods work they do so all at once when the machine is in the state of being off... So such qm methods are in principle secure already. But to use light this way merely extends the information encryption race to higher levels in a world where nothing in principle is ever secure save what the power of the time will deny access of methods of information in effect to control those who cannot use the data or even know individually, that is to accept that rights like free speech the world is not ready for people in the world for a long, long time. It is said the further from the people the less the leaders can view their arbitrary wobbles that fade with distance into general statistics. An individual may conclude society makes no sense in how say benefits or wealth is determined by its distribution. But to actually send a message, to authenticate both the message and the messenger is not a quantum problem - nor is it one of simply organizing the aether background in terms of time.
But the article does say they will have to figure out QM first...  well, that is a start.  What is hack-able or not can be something in between neither linear in time nor the vague idea that it takes more time as complexity for the content as non-linear.   Joesph Kover discussed this link:

In the sense a group of people say from a particular nationality or racial mix or adaption to an environs...  society as far as physics uses stealth as the need to know to maintain some distance that they keep their particular pattern as power.  But they are deluded to think any such government or society is so permanent that it can always stand based on existing principles.  They cannot fool all the people all of the time you see.

Quasic Capacity as Fundamental Physics

Quasic Capacity seems to me to be that which underlies our conceptions of theories of everything as fundamental physics including applications of the foundations of say what is quantum theory or the relativity. As I see it dynamically in my head it gives me a high sense of beauty as if I watch the intricate mechanism of a fine watch of many parts all working together.  The last time there was a sense of beauty to this extent was the vision and application of early quasicity to the workings of DNA yet in a sense this is a greater vision than that... it can tell us much about that complexity.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Conceptual TOE-burst Organizing the Structured Vacuum

I think the discussion of physics in the unlikely place of the social media has been of a very high order lately.  Here are some very raw and inspired notes.  The photo of the various existing models as Theories of Everything presented as a picture (a sort of click map in 2D with hyperlinks in links) organizing our conceptions visually, for me is more instructive than the alternative of lists which sometimes blacks out half of our smart phone screens.  This, in the context of my quasic theory or where other models come close to this direction is an influential part of the sequence of our thinking.  From this higher view we can go deep into the detail of a particular lesser world view to which it is not clear in this short burst of creativity that even the term Thermodynamic just as Quantum is a good covering term.  The second photo here is my trying to understand the depth of field both digitally and by analog lensing, the list of linguistic shorthand symbols quite chosen at a random page.  I may add more text here relating to some of the conversations-  Sabine's recent thoughts also informative as is say the ease at which Leo Vuyk moves so well in the ideas of the view of things as singularities. Now it would be helpful as a tool of education and training to link to the vast number of historical and current theorist's names.  I see that I may have been too limited to dismiss the ideas of some neutral models that try to see things as holograms or say dark matter.  Kudos all around for the next step of our higher awakening vision.

From a linguistic view simple questions of our double vision has been on my mind.

Thanks for the heads up David Horgan...  I was hoping Sabine would continue exploring along these lines.  Read the pdf and it contains beautiful equations and sober assessment of its implications.  To me, geometrically and in terms of information this is what I call the last face problem... that is given 8 cubes in a hypercube one of the faces have an opposite sign to the other.  And there is a sort of perpendicularity to the total surface.  Now putting two such hypercubes together (5D) is another problem but fluid ideas and alternative dualities is something I hope I have not just assumed is very real.  I just posted such a generalization on my blogspot which goes well with your groups ideas on other effects and Cooper pair multi fermion ideas on physics. If we can imagine this as a six dimensional landscape of compactification as if the tauon is special... that is where, short of a unified theory, we observe at least in an abstract slice of such space such fluid an acoustic phenomena.   I still say her approach to condensed matter physics, such as the analog duality, is absolutely right on.   sabines aug4 arXiv paper to Horgan.

in a reply on facebook reading her article I waxed poetic...   a special thanks to all the Pluto Huggers and those with a sensible vision to pursue space for its own sake...

What is that rope and where is it tied that holds up the moon? What constrains our creativity that we can observe the sirens tied to the mast of our firm yet rocking ship and quests into the unknown? The end of fiber bundles charged like Tesla's or Einstein's tangled dreads in the state of dynamic ongoing Love as Creativity and everlasting passion, Wisdom's inflation. Love the iconic heart in resonance and recognition with another face and self superimposed eyebrow ridges over wide eyes - Love as much a destructive hell as replete riches where we celebrate its wake of mystery mourning those in free fall crossing time's rivers on the ship between awake and dreams, of Charon. as best we can in spooky silence where the distance between us is near and far away, and can be understood but not as we imagine it is measurable.

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Minimum Lepton Quantization and Filimbration Metaphysics of Clay

When the binary information chain codes are expressed as lepton particles meets the idea of fibrations (atmospheres, nD filimbrations) over a hierarchy of 3D effects of surfaces and shells of atoms in relation to surface chromatics as parity sign and shell kernal structures, ie Magnetism etc...and this generalized in the quasic idea of  n-polar lattices.  Behold the Iota Complex.

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Danilo Zammattio,  fractal hunter sent me this photo on fb.  It describes or links to the idea of complimentary colors as a surface phenomenon.  It also says things about stacked 2D fractals and colors of the background in terms of symmetry. I do not always follow his artistic and scientfic musings but I do understand the surprising depth and growth over the last year of his leaps of understanding as drawings.  This is a favorite but there is hardly anything I do not like and then I feel neutral about it.  I know that other thinkers giving us 3D fractals seem rather less than beautiful so something more is needed to describe them
L. Edgar Otto This one of a way to view things and is part of the Big Picture. But there is other ways to interpret the higher or hidden symmetry in the data. It is as much art as its is science as observation.  danilio posted on evidence of multiverse in the WMAP data.

L. Edgar Otto Danilo... the photo you sent on my timeline I used on my blogspot to illustrate a physics idea... I will remove it if you mind. it is among my favorites but I like most everything you do. see pesla. blogspot .com

L. Edgar Otto As in your cover photo "black holes have hair" Life could have been seeded from the far outer planets. But if we stare directly into the eyes as in the ancient myth we should be careful we do not turn into stone,.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Omnium as Polytopal Nonnecessary Qx (tetra) Metacubes

L. Edgar Otto No Problem... I recall the chemistry teacher emphasizing no one had ever really seen an atom,back then. Einstein was a master at puns. Let us hope the gods and universe have a sense of humor. Humor is still hard to explain by the philosophers when they think they have a handle on most everything else. I have recognized and enjoyed some of your jokes for awhile now. I could be wrong to interpret things deeper in any statement so hope it did not offend you (I have been distracted by access to the internet lately and my income base changes so make some buying mistakes and two sons visiting having far worse school and money problems of which I can be limited help. I am also wondering what you do in the world- I am just more of a poet without training. OK it is not my own but I like this joke. A new prisoner is at the mess hall and every once in awhile some inmate shouts out a number. So to fit in he one day shouts out number 9. No one laughs so he asks the guy next to him why not. "Well, we have been here so long with the same old jokes it is easier to just shout out a number." - " But I said nine and no one laughed." - "Look Buddy, some people can tell a joke and some just cannot." smile emoticon

L. Edgar Otto Charlie Currie iota is my general term for particle which on that scale applies the general term Omnium in the sense or law zero x infinity = unity. These sum totals or miscellaneous collections part of 'philosophic continua' Induction not technically disproved. You have caused me to rethink on a very early theory of mine I called Displacitivity as a compliment to understanding. (which came at the end and not beginning of high school) relativity. It seems physics is stuck still in this stage. It was rash of me to dismiss it as so much if today's speculation is focused on this primitive issue. This conflict as if a necessary negative existential moment had to be experienced for me to make the quasic grid then taking long to develop. This sort of recursive fractal like model done independently is very ancient in human thought. Others are constantly rediscovering it. You and I only disagree on the upper reaches if how we or nature express quasic distance.

Beyond Our Present Theories of Everything

Joseph Kover I like the term fibration (I use filimbration or atmosphere in such a context) . It seems to be that some ideas expressed here are really about physics on a deeper level beyond what we now vaguely see as a near unified theory.  So would the chart of existing theories of everything miss this or that new alternative model or will our hard discussions and speculations go beyond the range of the chart itself?  Take the amplituhedron model for example, where is the center of simple geometric structure here that it describes integration as Area and volumes to calculate particle mass-energy states but then only vaguely?  Clearly in the expression of say organic chirality (DNA and its extra genome filibrations)  begins at four and not just three tetrahedra to make the tenfold tetrahelix reading each as if a string pentaquark complex tetrahelix.  Given three quarks as a string which one when compressed edge on of a loop is the center and which is the one thought relativistic?  But if the loop is a loop folded flatter that it leaves a gap there is more to the question than where is the center.

jaya    You grasp the wider context of the problem.  Taking a string like object we see in DNA for example that it can surround a string of codons as if a moving catalyst of information gathering or reading as if outside the totality of a unified theory of such processes.  The Weyl and Majorana environs both apply on the horizon of this higher level of speculations.  Two things relatively new in consideration of existing physics.  As we approach a Weyl point we can see principles of uncertainty may apply for some combined measures or we can see that in the approach entropy is physically reduced that we find the counter view of physical facts of certainty.  That is that as we stack cubes in arrays the degrees of freedom are more limiting so as to define a reduction of entropy in a material fact.  So the unification of physics may not be resolved by a lesser combining of quantum or relativistic effects on a lesser level.

This goes beyond our existing theories of everything (although as an effect not stated as fundamental theory it still is unclear if the applications for medical purposes as side effects are understood in the relevance of still more general theories.).  Certainly an application to ion drives to improve times of travel could be an application for extended ranges of space flight.  It seems to me the pure numbers used in the results, understood or not in the context guarantee the experimental results are real.  Some say the folding of space itself may allow what is or appears physically some superluminal hints as possibility although restrained in light as a resource of constructional devices in condensation of degrees of available freedom - thus a way to fold space by manipulation of particles where entropy reduces in an actual building of objects, abstractly in such issues of uncertainty in the general structure of what is possible in the vacuum.  I am simply saying that from a higher overview of everything that this small experiment may prove highly significant to future physics - but to say it is Nobel Prize worthy would be an underestimation.

The I Ching yarrow casts have a limited number of outcomes, say almost 200K or simplified by color dice 4096.  In terms of finite possibilities a deep and philosophic question on the most primitive level regardless of predictions would be  What makes the lines of the I Ching move (or fixed) short of the physical casting?  I mean this of course as information theory.  Jaya.

In a deep sense we do have a center and vast structure of our brain-minds of which it may be part of the big picture and big show of physical models over a range of we as a center of vacuum structures as if a body... but it is not clear we can measure just where the mind ends say from the structure of the skull or if the projection of this fades with the distance to something like energy limits or condensed dark matter metaphors centered or not.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Is the job of physics to make quantum functions speculation machines of our data?

Caption: the universe starts anew, but it seems to start more restrained than watching it grow through several beginnings over the colder Wisconsin winter (the ferns with their wide and diverse coal bearing DNA seem much more hardy) is the soil depleted or only something, a spark left from its heart that began at least three incarnations from its center?  The price perhaps of specialization and less diversity somewhere up on something like the idea of an inflation ladder from some beginning.

Let us imagine this as a model of the electromagnetic potentials of a human nerve.  From the anthropocentric  view we can project on the universe the idea that it could ultimately be a great brain.  If we say in our model building (trying to make sense of things by thinking) it does take some energy, say spots that are either cold or hot or neutral. It is not just the neurologists who do not keep strict steps of reasoning. here is a remarkable paper  that suggests to me any idea of dark matter as one of the stances on a theory of everything should be eliminate from the discussion as physics in controlled steps.  So while it is clever the idea of a simple reversal of sign where such matter freezes out of inflation where the equations merely contain inverted pure numbers serves only to allow for wider speculation for model building that does not address the deeper duality in hidden nature with constrained speculation but a double explosion of only inflation centered models. It tells us how as theoreticians to create many more such theories rather than solve a particular concrete case as does this experiment. So physics becomes runaway speculation worse than our theories we say of neurologists are too vague to compare to the sensible idea of physics as the more accurate and superior science.  But this will leave such theoreticians cold or out in the cold.  Worse as this experiment shows in its simplicity of useful dialectical elements it shows us something deeper of the actual function and structure of a nerve itself so in that sense neurology can be seen as the superior science.  Sabine has an interesting comment on her blogspot from a neurologist. on this very issue.  Charlie Currie says "we cannot go chasing everything that is shiny" which is the higher debate of what in such science speculations as this may not be the case.  thanks to post through Natalie Chan.

L. Edgar Otto Charlie Currie I put it right up there with gravity. You can't go chasing every shiny object of effect. There is a single impetus.
L. Edgar Otto Tell me more about such a single impetus.