Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Neutronium to Phaseomnium

Neutronium to Phaseomnium (Z=0 to Z=121) L. Edgar Otto November 30, 2011

Mathematical physics when it comes to the application of complex number theory as the starting point has interpretations that are hauntingly similar to my own and others in the sciences. But while the same numbers come up they seem to have come up by radically different approaches to the same conclusion. We can find in the complex plane thus quantum based in principle, pretty much the same divisions of space as in say the quasic theory. Where Peter Rowlands et al applies this to the four codon bases as a matter of the rotocenter or periodic spiral of DNA I have to see things a little differently, rather what I fancy with a little more depth. As finite numbers, a simple count even place in a polar graphing we observe the periodicity of some patterns evidently inherent in the idea of integer and general numbers.

When I propose today the idea of a (11 x 11)st atomic element as being a sort of creative singularity I do it when Leo Vuyk is synchronously posting a similar idea as to what the Higgs-like mechanism may be, creatively. But this idea comes from the general reading of Peter Rowlands on the foundations of physics (of which I have lost track of the leaps and steep learning curve of my comprehension to drink from that wellspring again and again. This raises a whole new issue to explore as to what it is in creative people that gives them the center and forefront of theory where it is perceived within and not contaminated by descent into certain terms and concepts. Over and over again we have examples of people with significant breakthroughs but find resistance among their so called peers sometimes to the detriment of their health and livelihood.
Cantor and Fourier seem much prime examples of this.

There is the traditional role of the town to put a balance to the gown as they meet on the game field for a fete and festivities. But some dreamers if we count their profound and sound intuitions can have no peers save thru history perhaps. So the old ideas stand as much as the new in the wide world of consensus and judgment. I have thought about making comments on this peer review issue where Gibbs suggest we have an internet form of peer review. It seems rather illogical and to some how can we so judge the truly competent experts we rely on and the creative theoreticians?
Tenure in the end is a bottleneck as much as academic freedom and job security. But these are issues of politics and economics- what is subjective as overt or hidden is at issue too.

I do not for example see in Rowlands (and in this case, in matters of the application of the real roots of the zeta function of Riemann as a sort of standing wave or pilot wave for the renewed creation and complexity of the universe, ongoing and a sort of compromise in the "nature code" where Mach and Einstein meet, and where the quantum leaps one color different or left out of the looping on the plane of the four... What spins or not no more a separation of core ideas that suggest the relations to the idea or not of dark matter (and zenergy as they coined a term).
I see the 36 (and clearly the issues of what is the exact relation or not of the leptons and quarks is discerned here- where Kea for example clearly reduces things in abstract principle to what we may think of as a matrix that applies or suggests the holographic principle in form). So, for all of us accepted or rejected for the new physics and what is sound in the old- I do not see much point in isolated debate without organization for peer review or product review if in the first promise that something is making more sense lately in Rowlands- such people, including Penrose, should be read first before our hearts desire to speak forth is known independent at least if not original. Out theories should somehow speak for themselves as do the experiments (still, the complex pattern in the DNA that excludes 4 and leaves the 36 and 24 I do not buy as a diffuse dimensionless system in Rowlands.)

But part of this is the issue of fruitful or wasteful research or reaction to some theory be it subjective or concrete. Cold fusion for example as raised by the post of Pitkanen- and concerns isotopes and so on as if part of the so called dark force- is this from his deep commitment and intuitions- how can a group of even objective peers in a democratic and with open access internet measure what is originality- certainly not publishing anymore as a matter of a preferred time or not when we find things in spin (like the obvious idea of a hierarchy of galaxies and stars and atoms and so on in the various thermodynamic cycles...)

While I long again for the purity of my own unevaluated visions I know also that to be satisfied with them I would not know their reach and depth if I had not tried to debate it with others, and to find I understand my own thoughts in the mirror of their unique and precious own. But is not education always a matter of the leading out and the indoctrination- our minds much like a Carnot cycles (and maybe a smelly old dreamer idea inside me of an Otto cycle in the age of steel and gasoline) in that they seem to mirror the creative in the universe- after all, the periodic table of Crook before much about atomic structure was known, is a statement about the continuity of the process, and where we see it as finite both are the physics of the omnium.

* * * * *
Heavy Dark Matter

which I just saw and seems relevant to the general discussion here (Kea, made a link here thanks).

An article on newscientist which I cannot access that holds consciousness as much concerned with what is not there- such is the abstract spaces view when we start to measure some things as if heavy like 40 proton weight quarks...

Art Reflecting Science

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Philosophy can Learn from Physics

What Philosophy can Learn from Physics L. Edgar Otto November 29, 2011

My mind took a day off and this morning only the germ of a thought presented itself for possible development and general understanding.

What philosophy can learn from our physics as a sterile philosophy - one that takes sides for general paradigms which have conflicts where they are not conserved save in the totality, logically- the core ideas of Teleology (anathema to science in general these days) and Mechanism (a determinism) and the more or less social ideas of statistics and change in perhaps their realm as the unnameable God, all such attempts at a unification between the ideas of Charge (and chirality of its expressed existence) or parity (sign and complex mathematical analysis) and Time (of which the issue is raised generally as to what is continuous or not among these views when they are mixed or privileged as foundational to each other).

Yet nature in the totality seems to persist despite our preferences for (really partial) theories. In fact a given point or field or singularity complex or not, does not know what unification it persists in or what it excludes. We can say that causative causation can be a unity then debate the consequences and correspondences of what is the mechanism as necessity and that of interpretations of grounding chance. We can in fact strive for the unity of the raw relativistic views and the quantum views with a cost to so unify them into the dynamic changes that works with prediction for what some see or what actually is teleology.

There can be a fourth physical concept (Peter Rowlands) which may be something like mass, M or some other similar idea of substance or inertia where we distinguish what is the continuous and the discontinuous, and the non-necessary and the ultimate unknown as if perhaps there is a true empty vacuum as part of the theory of everything. This is a problem mainly of extending physics. But there are other combinations of core physics from these three (or four views) including the physics question itself of the nature of a 4th or 5th entity.

What our Lubos fails to see today is that there can be numbers as alternative and from my view more fundamental than quantum numbers. The quasic are more fundamental and they go well beyond whatever we do (and it is a worthy thing to develop and do in its last century time before quantum relativity of 1929 by Eddington by which the actual revolutionary documents reach an impasse and some are reluctant to sign their names on them). In the spirit of enquiry we may ask again, are there still further fundamental numbers as foundational, if not then show why- not avoid the issue.

How long have I been playing the guitar- is a usual question that really has no answer... when did I first pic it up? did I practice in my mind? did I get formal training and if so did I do anything more beyond that? Perhaps it is genetic to some extent and I somehow have learned from my fathers? Perhaps in two different places theologically I am created from my own direction to some future. Maybe to a great extent physics and philosophy are much older than we can claim our engagement with and that the ancients were perhaps not as stupid and different than we.

So, we do not want to stand almost naked in a swimsuit contest- that gets old- so it is all about the accessories isn't it. Oh we can have padded areas so as to perk up the jello but in the end the simple naked truth should come out once the lover is lured in- it is mostly about our own imaginations anyway. So why do we need such elaborate illustrations and formula and worship of our saints of science but to show some priestly view or political view- to defend it on principle against all comers right or wrong. The naked truth to which we were born into this world is invisible to some people whose idea of beauty is not even skin deep.

The age of Jewish physics is over, not that it did not add interest and inspired, at least for the children in the temple to be proud of themselves. But let us not make a generation of victims in their mentality (so said the rabbi on public radio who got a lot of flak for it from callers). Lubos in a reply to a comment quoted the saying over the Nazi concentration camps "Arbeit Macht Frei" ... Work makes you free? But let us understand this is as much propaganda as the so called "Protestant work ethic- which amounts to self reliance without slaves (is it really the fault of the slaves one is a slaves- Slav? no pun or slur intended here.) in the democratic states- but is this not the way, workers of the world unite, that one can redeem themselves from almost any running afoul of the communist totalitarian states? That and perhaps public confession as surely as freely given as the Inquisition exacted by torture.

Yet this is politics, of which we have to think about its relation to science as raising or contaminating the spirit of humanity. (Is it science to assert there is IQ and by a Jewish man making the theory they are on top, next the Chinese, the the whites, then the black way down on the bottom?) But science is my concern- sure we promote risky enterprises like nuclear energy thinking we take our chances or that we do not know how to do it safely or to calculate to some level of cost and benefit of the unexpected- but in truth there is the evil of conspiracy to only build them half ass- who cares what the public thinks of the engineers and scientists for it is for the greater good, for national security, or some such concept. Nevertheless, after the fall of communism in the Czech republic it was a very dirty place environmentally (to which my PhD relatives spent time there to advise and help them clean up) why would someone accept the unhealthy environment others left and so continue it? Is that science? Is that caution for the general level of public awareness came too late?

But the work can make you free, as the truth can make us free, as we do not allow humans to do what lesser animals and machines can do better. In the society where evidently it is for the common welfare of all that a few have the nobility of privilege, as with the nobility of old- that class does reward merit outside its class- maybe for novelty- or maybe that if we do not have such a standard of historical review the society and states and people die. But what is a few million to the cost benefit- and in theory can we really sustain things in the quality and length of life and resources unlimited for all? Yet we can be too afraid when we buy into false scarcity or the need to prevent diseases we do not understand which in the end makes no difference anyway for we are diverted from the promise of science.

* * * * *

Another thing on my mind today is the amazement that the new multiworld ideas are of general interest like the string landscape of universes. Such models are of course inspiring or worrisome to some people (of which I just now find some people discussing, perhaps having seen Green on Nova or maybe reading the book.) All I can say about that is that such visions in my system are very much more complex so it is not overwhelming nor inspiring to see these lesser visions and generalizations of what may be the multiverse- and perhaps in the experienced totality that such applies right before our eyes- as if to hold the new multiverse in our hands like once we held the earth, or universe, or galaxy as well the poetic eternity. But I wonder if there can be an extension beyond my own visions to the powers of visions- but I do not know. Each point in an imagined multiverse is a multiverse and in each of them we erect the continua of such a span within the depths of them- and that includes our consciousness and dreams and so on...

It all comes down to the moment we look at the stars at night and feel lost and overwhelmed or very much inspired and above or at one with the complexity and beauty of it all. Some of us are born without the vertigo and shock of imagining such spans and depth so to be lost or perhaps find our way home again yet never wear out our welcome nor have our passion in love grow stale such that our revolution cannot be permanent.

Besides, a little bit of chaos and diversity is good for the immune system- I note the quality of work has gone up in the postings of the bloggers.

* * *

Monday, November 28, 2011

Quasi-Holographic Informational Triality

Quasi-Holographic Informational Triality and
Energy in an Actual Representational Lattice
L. Edgar Otto November 28, 2011

"Being smarter than others does not make me sad. But that they are not as smart as me make me sad." Sheldon character from the sit com Big Bang.

I actually had this emotion over the holidays before the show came on. In the conversation with others making a living I began to get the feeling that maybe I have that quality of intelligence for whatever reason and am not aware of it- but am aware of many of my shortcomings, especially with my grown children observing the debate say on the use of Fibonacci numbers and so on. Is this humorous a line- I understand how it can be for the stereotype of nerdy arrogance in the play. But the politics is a matter of debate too- especially if one has say an autistic child and the money involved for intervention if it will be there.

There was a diagnosed child at the gathering. It has progressed both as a state of mind and as the depth of therapy. The illustration and thoughts today suggest to me some of the structures and mechanism that may underlie this autistic universe.

Yet, as a year ago I saw little difference between the twins, this year I observed much difference. But what hit home was his brothers and sisters and what is the normal childhood behavior or off the norm (I note the father said the study said the nerdy personality tends to have a greater incidence of autistic children- and I read that article too). So I felt sad because I could see everyone with a degree of such autism and behavior of which we do not always see that in our own skin.

* * *

Well, it turns out Matti continued to think about the framework for evaluation of cold fusion technologies: So I add this to that theme I too took up from him and Lubos and other bloggers.

Good, Matti,

I was wondering if instead of taking sides on the issue, for or against it that we could bring the issue of cold fusion up to date.

I made some speculations on it in my post today to see if in the more foundational new physics there can be ways to harness energy or at least make sense of the physics involved. It, along with global warming issues, seems to border on the reliability of the paranormal as far as experiments go.

Quantum theory does not forbid cold fusion (so the magazines said at the time) and at the University of Minnesota (Ormani I think) the test of the phenomenon was confirmed.

It is but a coincidence that my informal model as representational or literal space lattices meet this issue of which I did not particularly want to explore now.

(I have to read you post today with better scrutiny, and Lubos post too of yesterday.)

I note Kea's post today seems to me highly relevant to the nature of the general debate as a cultural matter. Can we tap an energy source or not from this phenomenon?

I get the vague impression you assert a source from dark matter or energy like processes- and that is also a matter of view from a deeper perspective.

The topology of it, and who is the pseudo science is at stake- we or the establishment today- does indeed involve a certain focusing or condensing of space- as Owen mentioned the sonoluminesence for example as a model and effect.

I imagine also in these creative vacua objects we need to relate the ideas of what say Black Holes are in the sense of Rio Frio, if they power the inner symmetries and affine atomic evolution in the planets from a mini-black hole.

So I see in my chart today (of which I was not going there either but it did evoke ideas) that there is a realm between our ideas of holography in the usual sense- for these abstract lattices is what it is all about if there is as you sense, a new internal structure for nuclei.

The PeSla

* * *

A comment to Lubos today:


This paper as it stands seems to me illogical. Maybe in its day. Certainly the membranes can be more fundamental than the strings. Renormalization may work but is really just an ad hoc axiom without deep explanation. If the formulas as written here (I take your word it is a proof) it is clear to me that by such reasoning particles would vanish on some level... maybe that is where the Higgs went, and there would be no coherent higher four or more space save in abstract theory we may not be able to experimentally verify ever. The bug in the "proof" is the whole conceptual framework.

The PeSla

* * * * 48C degrees water freezes and forms a tetrahedral lattice-

* * * *

Wow a reply from Lubos: Oh and for his next post I remarked asked him if he did had not heard Feynmann changed his mind about hidden variables later- but this was posted before the following reply from him for the last article:

[This user is an administrator] Lubos Motl
Dear Pesla, I wish you to successfully return to the Middle Ages (or on the banana palms) where you will feel safer. Your comment is completely off-topic (it has nothing to do with the c-theorem) and the reason why it's off-topic is that you are apparently under the influence of a very powerful drug. Renormalization is a standard procedure that is totally self-consistent mathematically and even if someone were a complete moron (CM) who wants to deny the bulk of particle physics in the last 70 years, he should still be able to understand that it is a legitimate mathematical procedure and one may discuss its mathematical properties and properties of renormalizable field theories. However, you seem to be more than a CM in this case, sadly to say.

May I ask you to kindly avoid any comments under articles that are 20 years of physics education and 50 IQ points above your level throughout the future of this Universe? Thank you very much. I will ban you once you post one more off-topic ultraidiotic comment of this sort. Deal.

* * * *

I guess that is rather creative bit of dialog.

I am glad he is sad that I am stupider than he!

but Lubos, I still admire some of your own original insights and believe me they are a little above the norm (of course how can I see that?) damn, I have caught myself in a contradiction.

* * *

More lattice theory

So it is that we can still regard a lattice from what nature does not know (of some near ultra indeterminate path and space as if inner variables apply) as that the ground is a sort of zero place or diagonal in a matrix. If that is so then obviously a theory more along the lines of Kea is the more scientific than those which simply plays with an indeterminate landscape of which abstract things like membranes and strings are not looked at with x-ray eyes in the theoretical detail. So as science this sort of thing should be seen as progress and foundational as physics.

So we imagine in the deeper number theory (note I agree in my informal array in the illustration with all the nines and casting out of nines and so on as per her terse chart and link to the affine ideas of teleparallels) that we imagine different applications to number (gender ones in particular) which the powers indicate are triangular numbers so applied but here in this observation or theory can be different sets of such triangles in what seems different spaces. Someone should examine these series from more than just the even and odd properties view.

So, an abstract thing- that is if we include 3 as triality and 2 as in the idea behind what Lubos says is a proof (or for that matter any such less general idea of what we mean by four space) - thus half of the explanation for generation and no taste for anything of the intuitionist integer finite in the equations as if the world must be in the final analysis a structured continuum only re-normalized such that we avoid the question and the scrutiny concerning any sort of singularities or remote breakdown of our conservation ideas of energy and so on. For example the way Pitkanen and I view the muons and resonances as a pre-string more classical view- we find the idea that the absolute ground for say a lattice of freezing water assumes the general tetrahedral shape which is the reduction to the Pascal triangles as powers at least.

Now, in my informal model- we say nature does not know if it is an inner or outer law variable grounding as if the structure of actual space were the mirror and we debate what is on either side of it. But if I assume the so called 6D field even in isolation in a rather limited range as per some theory such as Lubos posted today, I see that within it we can distinguish a slice of that space of 64 elements and the volume itself and moreover it focuses upon one of the prime numbers or my color letters, namely H or as with the other bloggers the roll of 19. Let us not forget that in the tempered scale we come close to the integral of the 12 root of 2 in whole numbers to that of the 19th root of three. That said, we have to go a little further to shake up the current models than Fourier analysis continuous and finite but the problem of thermodynamic symmetry is known still an open question anyway. So the issue is the nature of asymmetry and symmetry ultimately and if in a higher sense there are deeper laws than the zeroth law (temperature, the vertical or zed axis). Is there a negative temperature or time or space and so on or is it just filled? Is there a negative probability- these questions of logic which to my mind are only given philosophical answers to which no theory can be said scientific if we do not look a little deeper.

So, we observe, the prime symmetries focusing more or less to a corner of the 4x4x4 cube (with interchanges beyond this 6D into limited 8D spaces) as if to extend the ideas of simple and yet not complete teleparallel ideas and not the deep differences in QCD itself of which we still should take up Dirac's modesty on this instead of misapplying his concepts(observed in particles too now?) by a less general group theory- that the 2D case within the inner lattice spaces of the model, which grounds the color and temperature axes and the passing in the razzle-dazzle zig-zag of vibrations (of molecules) in the representational lattice we have some actual three dimensional structure of which we may regard the standard models of natural dimensions as the abstract. In any case these composite theories which are not yet fundamental, like the description of what exactly is the Casimir effect locally and cosmologically, has at least a new direction to so analyze the inner and outer laws of physics.

Of course from a purely geometer's stance we intuitive should have expected that if there is no clear symmetric shadow polytope of the 5th dimensional orthogon then the physics of five and ten dimensions would also share this fuzzy symmetry in the reduction- as well of course of the remarkable relation to the modulus 11 as if the 11 dimensional idea and the periodicity of the all important golden length in the four space as part of symmetry breaking in the Fibonacci numbers.

* * *

egad, well Lubos did not ban me yet: an interesting further comment here- the theoretician at his peak!

Lubos Motl
I wouldn't care but I also know it's nonsense. This video - shot "not long before" he died - makes it very clear.

Your comment is analogous to those legends that a very old Charles Darwin returned to creationism. Great. Even if that were the case, why would it matter? It would surely not influence me.

Even if one cares about other people's opinions, the most relevant opinions are exactly the opinions of a big scientist near the peak, like the 1964 Richard Feynman we meet in the Messenger Lectures. Everything else is less important.

But what is even more important than summaries of opinions by "authorities" is Feynman's argument. He actually gives you a full 1-minute proof that falsifies all hidden-variable theories, once for all. They're dead and they can't be made undead because falsification is really irreversible. Someone's inability to understand this simple proof - requiring pretty much no maths - simply means that the person's mental abilities are way too deficient for him or her to be able to learn basics of physics.

* * *

Pes Comments back here:

Well, clearly this is still quite an issue, and emotional one at that, but you see, it has occurred to me, fellow bloggers, can we face the possibility that there is some justification for us being "crackpots" after all- a proof of it - no I do not use drugs, maybe an aspirin or two in three years- still, would the proof of that, if understood, not be welcome to us if we have the spirit of science? This is a great issue where we may be able to see our own limits, autistic perhaps as long as we are lucky to stumble so to awaken on our own and not be directed to the eyes or to jump awhile in place in hopes the lagged paths of our brains learn to connect. Who is the judge and what lawyer excludes evidence and the jury for a topic theme they determine as relevant for what is the state of research and physics?

The brain cannot grow soundly if along the way some of its branches and memories are not modified and pruned. But something surely is an invariant and endures.

If God is the Creator who decided sexual selection too controversial to be made public in his lifetime behind Victorian secrets and appearances, no problem for I am sure God will not be influenced by the born again Darwin either. So, I cannot use the word intelligent design as Hoyle did at his peak- and yet was the atheist at heart?

Somewhere the mother ship of Darwin's beloved barnacles takes only the seed with her in the hems of her dress- and that is all she needs of her constellation of men. Besides, how can we have a tea party without a mad hatter, even if they think the men and dinosaurs lived at the same time- just because creationist are rather less than convincing in their science- who cares? that ultimate refutation of logic!

Science, or non-science right wing country hayseed preachers for that matter, is not a matter of popularity is it? Or we cannot see the future, not even the super-luminal.

That not sensed cannot be proven as nonsense!

* * * * *

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nilcontinuum Nlcm Foundational Physics

Nilcontinuum Nlcm Foundational Physics November 27, 2011

The illustration is from a toy turtle with holes for the moon and stars (also included is the micro-level carpet from the bowling alley) Turtles holding the universe and turtles all the way down and all that...

Foundational Principle - Whatever the nature of the vacuum it is structured. How else even from this outside virtual space would particles arise consistently from a diffuse vacuum?

This from thoughts as I gaze into the 4^3 grid of yesterday, the linear in this representation exchanged with the circular (finite process at least) and the trialities possible of the nodes of primes as if parts of particles. All this within the "inside" of a continuum of physics where what is particle differs as if part of the field is outside- and of course the actual extension of the span to an outside. But the principle (as if to gaze into and instinctively shun absolute nothingness for in my early concepts, raw and not yet mature I had no zero or nil continuum).

I had the continuum, something like Einstein's world, our little galaxy and a balance of things at worst a shifting of things symmetrical, and all the empty space surrounding it- coming back to itself finite and boundless. Yet, we could add the idea of a Meta-continuum, of things hidden from what is the physics of the real. Also I imagined the Discontinuum, chaos, confusion, uncertainty and so on. But my system of continua grew thru the continuum to the irreversible, the transcontinuum. Eventually I reached the philosophic continua and now see on the very smallest level these continua, which in some ways work together as continua concepts sometimes do to a wide range of combinations to observe physics phenomena, the Metadiscontinuum.

But this combination carries over all the issues of the structured physicality and metaphysics. We take some view of what is hidden ultimately and what is random and disordered and generally these two concepts remain a matter of debate and emphasis throughout all levels (for they are outside the teleological where probabilistic and machine views remain part of the essential philosophy and growth of science in this triad of how we organize core philosophy issues). This comes up for example when we debate if a system of particles of some generations mix in a phase space with certain ideas of transcendental probabilities- or if these are finite integer ratios which can be reasoned out in physical structure as well- our world being quasi-finite. And either view is the intelligible case and essential to the reality.

The structured vacuum first occurred to me on the Dalnet philosophy chat in relation to what is ultimately the deep memory and its nature. (dreaming in particular is not on as deep a level but has other functions to discover- see today for this consideration of what is perhaps deeper than the neurobiology or other memory mechanisms). One could say, to be metaphysical or magical here, the soul exists in the deep vacuum as as a virtual process for physicalities once they are grounded so as to view the duality of metacontinua or meta-particles. In this sense we innately reason or reduce things to ideas such as dark fluid (matter- energy analogs) and the idea that there is a relation between them as to the creative or counting in nature.

This is a post on the leap as well the state of our vision. Asymmetrical models even as one sided are useless to ground our ideas on if not raised to some higher symmetrical context in a quasi-symmetrical universe.

In the diagram 4^3 of yesterday, in the play of our quasi-internal dialog, we can imagine trialities and mirrors set on nodes of primes of groups of two or three or it is about the other part, the field like empty spaces to make things like the three coordinates that are the quarks, thus contained within the 64 (actually 256) base space system. In the application to such space akin to the genetics we may hold initiator and terminator coordinate locations as expressions of paths and coding for the processes of leaping from the quasi-isolated space as well as the sustaining of its range of vision and being. Particles are, particles can interact.

For what it is worth I had some stray thoughts on feminist philosophy as well - to which all such philosophy or psychology is held suspect to science. But I feel this lack of balance of human gender detrimental to further progress of obtaining a general picture. The sense of innate threat to those who dismiss the gender issues (and I looked into this for I did decide there were links after all with my idea of the gender of numbers and our experience of gender- to better define such ambiguity.) is that feminism which seems not to endure as a philosophy may endure on a much more equality of humans level as a science. It cannot advance much as a matter of linguistics or just psychology or some social placebo or pablum depending just on stressed emotionality. For the sake of science at least let us look at this objectively, guys.
The feminility in us is sensitive to our hidden psychology of dark forces and development so should connect with science.

Now I regard this as a rather strange idea and make to claims for it other than it is there for consideration, dispassionately. The disambiguation of numerical (but not alpa-) gender (including the nature of mirror particles and sexes of our models of numbers getting lucky so to speak)- for example (and the author of this maxim as an old French saying may have made it as humoruos as much as axiom of collective behaviour) A man without a woman is half a man- but a woman without a man is nothing at all. Now it is a little more intelligent to realize that this can be reversed- but is this not a simple statement of absolute number signs? In any case the asymmetric difference does not mean that there is innate dominance and inequality as the virial (binary and inverse) real relations. It has to be enhanced as much as our ideas of complex roots and so on.
And secondary sexual characteristics needs not have physical counterparts to establish the general principles anymore than our mental models once established. If this is about children then we are very far away from deep treatment and finding out the causes or classifications as disease or not of our human mental experience.

But I do not know explicitly how others live or how they should - despite this is a movement toward isolation yet a reaching out at least in personal encounters into the wide span of structured virtual space of our social vacuum.

* * *

Comment to Matti:


As I understand the issue looked at by chemists in Minnesota at the time, cold fusion is a real phenomenon which can be justified by quantum theory.

The problem has always been in such claims for energy breakthroughs is that so far we get less out than we put in. The argument usually goes that we take it from parallel universes for example. But this for now is outside of the general idea of physics- as well the evidence Orwin of what can happen in the sonoluminesence.

Knots of space as with real knots reach a point where they burst. As a general principle for me to post today- whatever the nature of the vacuum it is structured and we use the primes to show it in arbitrary models. So we have deep laws of particle decay and interaction- How else even from this outside virtual space would particles arise consistently from a diffuse vacuum?

Also, Orwin, In a sense the quadrants of Wilbur are a contained space which all such spaces appear scientific despite the coloration and analysis of how they apply to limit and integrate the totality.

The PeSla

* * * *

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mirror Modular Topology Shadow Mirror and Tempered Primes 3D Arrays

Mirror Modular Topology Shadow Mirror and
Tempered Primes 3D Arrays
L. Edgar Otto November 25/26, 2011

Just two principles today- one if my interpretations are sound is very profound and the other, the 3D array just a further mapping into space of the quasic plane tempered scale. Also, practicing my guitar I found these thoughts for a song, the first notes for them with a certain chord pattern presented as a poem- it contains both ideas from these thoughts on number division and gender and relationships.

I find it interesting, in the posts of Pitkanen and Lubos and all such debate in general that uses the rhetorical notions that essentially depends on the x or alpha direction of the quasic plane as the property of even and oddness- that when these are used in the continuous or finite group physics that I assert that the great Gauss whom I briefly read as if I were writing it as a humble human experimenter with error and wonder, amazement perhaps that the influence is justified or not, that he just another bloke with an early obsession or hobby of his child trick of mirroring to rapidly add his fathers accounting numbers by mirroring- Not to say he did not learn and lead mathematics in all directions and surveying the cubits of these diamonds and pearls at the gates of heaven- That his assertion on what is fundamental in the theory of Modular numbers and quadratic reciprocity- (which is really the issues with much of the physics theorists when you do find something that truly can be said original in there work- so beware of those who shun the fundamental for the more intuitive use of the content of physics for "he who knows how will get a job, and he who knows why will be his boss."-Gauss aware of the limits of his fundamental modular theory but not the why of it when it goes beyond certain dimensions as if non-linear and at least indeterminate as a method of examining prime numbers.

But from these ideas seen with my quasic perspective (and yes Ulla just an illustration or diagram that I know will mean little for you as a means to communicate or show what I do- how do you know it is not just another rayed star I put there for the art's sake only?) has suggested to me in the apparently totally random patterns some wild ideas for a deeper ground of our notions of symmetry and for what is the generations in quasics itself. We can say at bottom there is an ultimate unpredictable chaos or just as well extend and generalize things way beyond our lower dimensional and low numbers in to the intelligible infinity of the primes.

* In the Tempered 4^3 3D prime array (which as I have insisted relates even without mirrors to an actual 8 space more than 6 space) where we do not see some symmetric pattern even among three partitions or directions of the 30 cubes in the 36 array (which is to say that these trialities, even quark like objects, can have a pattern of privilege even if shifting, and form one of the 15 deep combinations of a gender number like projection 3:5 analogous to duality 1:2 and gender 2:3 and so on...

*Given this in mind it is clear to me that global gender issues are there as well as in the particular existential cases. So we say that, in concert with duality for example, that we have a fundamental theorem of space as resonating or quadratic like and more reciprocity - a Modular Topology of these Rhetorical Shadow Dimensions.

I suspect also that the n!! and other !'s are intimately involved in this topological reciprocity. To this end we find that the idea of fractional charges or the unity of of three separate ones (quabics) especially the observed 1/3 and 2/3's result in the significant half dimensions more, 4.5 and mirror inverse, 13.5 mirror inverse (binary compliments prime fixed and non-Cantorian in enumeration) of which the doubling or halving by duality as solid yet creative empty groups have a whole new process of defining mass, energy, and dark symmetry breaking. Not just say the complex number concept nor even the p-adics as fundamental (but this might be if we adjust the formulas to the notions of the quasics.)

So when we imagine dimensions as say fundamentally the 10 or 5 as the duality case may be, and the congruence to mod 11 and all that in the basic theory- we have to arrange the mirror reciprocity and interchange the 5th and 10th dimensional powers of two. The use of these models of dimensional powers as in the string and group theory without this deeper quasic symmetry consideration remains limited and indeterminate and thus requires a vague level of axioms to ground symmetry breaking usually along such properties of numbers (and the sort of numerology of spatial models in the landscape that asserts itself as physics but it magic as well those who assert rhetorical pictures as magic may not be aware where these are solid physics.) Part of these ideas arise from the literal count of the integral values of the first 15 or so primes in the various sequences relative to the 2^n continua and the + or - ones in absolute and mirrored or parallel relationships. In a sense it as an abstract mass count but such a count, as in the general quantum idea, my have a directional toward more mass- such a directionality corresponds to the idea of what mass is in the quasic generation hierarchy sense. For example in the 3D grid which of course trivially could partition the count of some number like 15 falling anywhere in the 64 cells- we note that only 3/4ths of the planes are used. We note also that the linear count is intelligible and more or less matches the intelligibility of the point count (I have not considered the other real and abstract subcells like faces as to what patterns arise in what dimensional representation. Nor have I imagined the global splitting, here in two generations, which could organize sequences if we chose certain fractal paths in a dual partition.)

Pitkanen seems to have some interesting ideas on the cosmic rays of which I considered way back in high school 63 along with the idea of his particles as partons so described and sent to him as the substructures of the Muon as alternative to the Higgs idea perhaps and so on in my on-line book of poems- the SphereDream. But there is in this blog some references to such cosmic ray sources which are certainly not magnetic only any more than that is the last and default mechanism for the transfer of momentum in the black hole like objects. It is an odd thing when the creative theory growing can also become obsolete in our hands.

The poetic mood, shifted to song, started for me from this note and notion: "Time can only move when it has no past and future weight." As if to move an object in the debate of what Aristotle or Newton said about it is still much a debate. Thing is, the present then has a certain absolute slice or picture at some instance which in memory at least the "weight" of time is just as strong there as in the day I sat under the fig tree in the heat of summer watching the june bugs sucking stinky sap while grandma was frying mullet fish and acorns, making tea. If such weight of time is not real then what makes the snapshots different?

* * * *

Where Do We Go After the Great Divide L. Edgar Otto 11-25-11

I guess if we live long enough we try everything
but slowly grown on us, save new unrequited love

Until we find home again, Love fore-granted and expected
new and undefeated promises in the distance not grown stale

Nor tangled terror again deep into our trade, what in you orbits
falls or shies away, compliments balanced in our mirror

No dark-side to undermine us with some minor shallow
anger sign rip tide undertow, deeps and tragic end

In young lover's stupor the pulse so fact day and night
the holding back and forth our baby even forget to fight

Alone I keep mountain spring beer in the fridge
but take it or leave it, glancing a the foggy greener Blue-ridge

Razor blades left out and not forbidden as before and after our
empty nest and cave, my sharp kitten claws with out nicks as I shave

Your cloudy phone craves life;s nightlight beyond the
phases of the moon, as old love songs bore and keep you poor

As your pennies fall to heaven in the cream of your
churned butter but one countless ring-tone dream in the data stream.

* * *

I made what I hope is a helpful comment to Kea's blog (not sure of the last one also which may have been off topic or in the way.) Oddly, the password for this post was manstob man stop? hehe this systems of such passwords does come up often with some interesting coincidental anagram like near suggestions. I mentioned this could be done better in the acceptance and rejection by email so as not to interfer with her effecient ergonomic blog and perhaps I should set up the side bar list of things since apparently I have a large web presence. Also the technical points that the generational influences may exceed the dimensions of the matrix she listed and that the ten fold triangle for Plato represented music and the number 192 which is of course and analog to the rigid rotations of orthogons- here the hypercube. Oh, and that this sort of trans-generational thing is hard to see especially if the physicists do not understand what Kea posted here about the mirror cubes in the first place for that is a conceptual stepping stone. Note also that in my post today the three low sequences of primes do add up to multiples of 9 and 18 and 36 and so on in arrays. Things balance out a little better if we realize some of the count primes are off the main diagonals and quadrants- but if this reason for division into two limits further numbers of primes or of topological dimensional spaces so as to more or less divide and quantize things- I do not know what principle other than the physical mass would apply.

It is not obvious to the old physicists that one can say there are no such things as say gravinos etc- but from my side of such conceptual mirrors Kea's assertions read solid and sound- not without justification or relevance.

* * * *

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tempered (Scale) Space and Primes

Tempered (Scale) Space and Primes L. Edgar Otto November 24, 2011

I have the feeling that we do not really know how to reckon, to count when we try to do deep calculation (no matter how intricate the equations and symbols.) It is of interest that coming here after the holiday break which seems a long time in my posting I find Lubos with such a quality posting which seems to touch on my and other bloggers in this issue of how we use and perceive numbers.
This post addresses some of the issues of a more general Triality and in particular the third axes in relation to prime numbers and Kea's and Pitkanen's take on them also.

I offer a almost numerical model of the 15 or 30 cubes of these primes discussed on Kea's link to wiki, the three sets of primes make an interesting factored pattern in quasic space- but I not know why or if such primes listed are limited or an accident but I know that their quasic arrangements apply. In this model at first try is the z axis as oriented among each other in a variation of distinct ways of which I vaguely see them as particles in relevance but not sure on what level of reality these particles exist in what higher symmetries and so on. One thing for sure this way of looking at the z or temperature direction is a distinct if informal recreational view of the triality beyond Lubos posting as a presentation which does discuss among us the issue of CMX mixing such values and if they directly connect. One might call this genderfication of the underlying concepts geometrically.

But all this goes back to what would have been a fourth page or new post from a more philosophic perspective- that is Syncopated Rhetorical Style (A Unified Alphanumeric Age)

Such ideas have their price in relation to others (whom appear much more stupid to me as if I had the stereotypical arrogance of Sheldon on the sit com Big Bang of which some people making a middle class living with degrees at least to second year calculus discuss ways to evaluate how long a project of encoding may take via the Fibonacci numbers (of days) which is of course not he case in the quasics as a more accurate picure and the log, as I have said, does not really address the issues of the infinite beyond e to so many decimals or phi for that matter in the syncopated or calculation mode- the number crunching view verses the linguistic and geometrical visual modeling. We seem to have degrees of this mental development literally that reaches some threshold of understanding say beyond whatever autism may be.

Twice I was asked if the technical information in the sit come Big Bang was accurate and related the story of Lubos as a consultant- of which I said the information is accurate as their better trained friends said- but the theories can be quite different in their approaches to their truths.

I also checked links here that for some reason put me above the worlds average of presence on the internet in the top 96% or two million (for what that is worth) as these links were the traffic sources for this blog. Anyway, this is what the fourth page says (not a photo this time).

Syncopated Rhetorical Style (SRS)

*Noether - Non-commutative algebraic systems (do not necessarily resolve transitively over a holographic shell) prime polynomial numerical analysis... in relation to surds, like pi and e as syncopated or number crunching (SRS).

*Thus a middle ground for the concept of commutativity and non-commutativity.

*Ordered distributivity as a general prime like uniqueness (also do-first issues).

*The abstract value sign contained, zero or greater than, or if positive less than 0.

*If (Noether) light has a purpose (least action and a relation to the spherical shell K-group) then >c would have a greater purpose in potential infinity.

*Understanding is not guaranteed by containing concepts exclusively within a range of syncopated number crunch styles.

*Although in a wider concept of number the issues of logic are freed.

*Some people and there perceptive endowments cannot see the visual or geometrical (Greek Rhetorical) view hidden in the symbnolic syncopated algebra easily.

*Expanding generalities of unified alphanumeric spaces decohere yet focus unique states, place and paths among singularities.

* * *

And on Kea's blog this comment as it directed me to such prime numbers:


I took from your links the discussion on super-singular and other low prime numbers put them into my grid and got some rather interesting patterns.

The adding of one as in the 56 or 57 dimensions does refer to more than even and odd and how we see as did the Greeks of zero or one as the first dimension. (without zero they developed a more geometric style- more rhetorical than syncopated view). We may add a dimension or see some negative absolute value as less than zero- but more can be observed here than something presumed non-linear. (I use Pythagorean concept of gender as an old view of number-not to be mystical in the sense such ideas are now viewed.)

I also presented a rather recreational model of the 15 supersingularity primes in the colour cubes- for now of interest for its own sake and to show perhaps that things may be a little wider in view than absolutely symmetrical.

What these things would be if they are particles I am not sure- but I do agree with you things like mentioned in your next post may be a little vague and fanciful- mirror neutrinos in and hard to see- but no gravitons, gravitinos or fairies. (of which we may also have a historical disconnect as well that between physics and mathematics.

The Pe Sla

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Replication and Reproduction in Gender Reciprocity

Replication and Reproduction in Gender Reciprocity
Quasic (Number) Gender Continued...

L. Edgar Otto November 23, 2011

In this informal manuscript of yesterday I use my coined term trinx from long ago and the IPA ng symbol- here I show Dolan and Kea right on in the Triality of the projective planes (akin to quasic planes)- note, that the 54 x 4 is 2x3 cubed and sometimes such simple counting shows us deeper things as well say a cube is not the most reduced model to define it but something more complicated in it- also there is indeed an analogy of quarks and of what they may be composed when singularities are involved, a sort of further sub space closer to them as not points only. And if Godel is right we can indeed go back to the past where in a spinning universe there is no preferred general absolute direction of time (a too weird idea said Einstein to be true) but perhaps not weird enough in the new superduper symmetries that after all p-adically makes a hierarchy of trialities and is the furnace of momentum ghost particles in indeterminate ghost velocities and spin phases. Ulla. And in the cauldron of ongoing creation, Owen, by number theory and 4 space the golden section is involved and stands out- at least in the real down to earth lower dimensions.

What I find most amazing is that such high quality foundational physics ideas can pale against the sea frontier of new physics as if things like twistors, holography applied to information theory, compactification, and many others like the now accepted renormalization and Pauli exclusion as asserted axiomatically. Yet not all is lost in much of the clever cognition and designing of things in these significant ideas. What is this sea especially in the quantum world some of us sink or swim in? Why are we afraid by the checky shores of Newton not to let our feet not touch the bottom and only be coyote paranoid of the vague dreams of white sharks and rip tides that we paint upon the cave of this world to define the sky and limit our dreams when we need to face the real dangers in the world?

Of course Kea understand I am in still a different symmetry space of higher dimensions and at best departed ghost particle ideas, beyond perhaps our ideas of dark matter at the foundations- For we still have to work out the lower dimensions so to be more down to earth and scientific first. My Dad once scolded me for looking at the wing of a fly in my microscope and asking about artificial blood- "We should learn about real blood first..." said he.

* * *
Again a reply to the TGD Diary blog comments:

Thank you Owen,

I think it has to do with "psyche" more than logos or nous in that traditional triality of which Russel once saw things.

That time in Tuscany and the great and declared traditions of NeoPlatonism (as Kea pointed out before her short not on philosophic precedence to the diagrams- and have we determined if modern physics is Platonic now, I want a third way.

In the intuitions of that time, a reflection of our human psychology and perhaps our ability to count the Tarot was found with art used for the core of book covers- and yet these ways of seeing things not only fulfill our need for archetypes but have solid number relationships to higher space geometry (of which I doubt those then understood even without the projective era and the golden ratio, at least consciously.)

Yet one can go beyond the standard Tarot deck (regardless if some are scammers selling faulty divination or entertainment for the leaders and masses) This level of symmetry is simply still far from our common grasp beyond the standard although we can reduce the deck to the 4 x 13 of the suits of the seasons (it is not accident the gene code is sometimes represented by the suits of cards and we can add two more by the way.)

We kept the Joker and the four horsemen knight went to the four winds of space and time.

Is this hype and drama or trivialities wasting our light?

Or you can believe we got our wisdom from ancient aliens or something who put symbols into the heads of our engineers who had a rather advanced pigment and symbol system for thousands of years even as cave men.

Anyway, I posted today very much some answers Ulla may just about knows she wants to understand.

I am sorry if the duality of things (the Boolean logic of which Matti admires) can be seen as He and Kea opposites when I asserted a common new ground.

I am really neutral on gender issues as a principle of objectivity and axiology in science. (Ironically I have put the old idea of gender back in our numbers). See Lubos post today that starts with matters of science then rants against the women- I wonder what Conway made of him- Conway who sees 24 dimensions.

Ulla, in that we do try dialog and scold the two geniuses who some see as "crackpots" as Matti said is a common ground- we both have wanted to jump start them to share better their visions or words and shake up the physics community too to comprehend the implications of what they are doing and do it better.

Sorry, I forget the language barrier or cultural one, Ulla, the expression "you come a long way baby" is in the culture here that praises the new hopes or achievements of women. I did not call you "baby" as I have been told I am overly careful in my writing by logic professors.

You are doing fine Ulla, and are capable of great things if you want. After all, we were the generation forever young and the promises for the next generation was perhaps over estimated. And, as Kea said : It is a great time to be a young physicists.

I just find it a little annoying that more than the hysteria on the internet where 30% of people lie more- that our expensive good books grow obsolete in our hands if we have time to read them.

Matti and Kea, their best work is yet to come- if we are lucky.


* * * * *

Today's two facebook statuses:

L. Edgar Otto

Happy Harvest All! Life can be a chore in the living and maybe such a gathering is busy and much more a chore... so much travel, so much memories as the cycle of seasons change and on Black Friday a woman and her three brats run me down in the toy store with their shopping cart. May our winter dreading homeless souls give thanks the well meaning feed us twice a year when love is bigger than our bellies. Even at a distance we excite each other thru the narrow windows of our eyes- I do not see some of you now, but I have not forgotten. My ghost grows a little lazy still a little lost hanging around, I but a pardoned turkey.

What a great time to follow a football team (guess if you live long enough you try most everything to like) Go Pack! But really I do not mean to rub it in again this year so I will not wear my Donald Driver to Thanksgiving for my Bears and Viking fan relatives... Undefeated! I mean, what an embarrassing amount of hexes and intuitions and solid predictions. See, I told you skeptical physicists in this universe this would happen... :-P~ How can you really reply to that?

* * *

Short comment to

Oh, and as I recall there is evidence that long into blindness we may have visual dreams but lose the ability to recall color...

Pinker shows that we can orient things in three space in our minds (a product of our evolving seeing) as we do in two space. I think we see like nature is made so that we imagine things in 4 and more space.

I found it a lot harder to imagine a three by three by three lattice in my mind but it was worth the effort, than it was a smashed down shadow of a 4D cube into three space. I mention also the studies of synaethesia in regards to color as philosophy or science- can we imagine higher color which to color would be as color is to black and white?


* * *

think of this metaphorically for that passing vertical to branes etc...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zed Point Intuitions and Number Line Heirarchies

Zed Point Intuitions and Number Line Heirarchies L. Edgar Otto November 22, 2011

* * *

On Matti's blog again:

Ulla, Ulla,

I do not understand what you have against Pythagoras (and for that matter Kea's take on things).

She mentions him today as well points out the prime 19, of which you can find that in my postings and of which Matti finds useful.

p-adics does seem, if we limit things to membranes of 2D, to utilize e^x values as a negative (therefore reduced attractive force).

Matrices tell us of physical stability and concrete matter. You can find Lubos post today on the quantum view but it reads a little dated to me.

We all can play God for we have the attribute of creativity- if God creates is that not the final conservation law, the last such one in question not broken and patched up ad hoc like the idea of mass?

Monopoles are obvious and ground the idea of a point electron.

If you want a very good picture and honest comments on the standard picture and its problems and first relations to genetics I refer again to you Peter Rowlands and his book Zero to Infinity.

Consider the configuration space idea for these 1D (usually continuous values are such).

Does p-adics not exclude a certain ideal point from the plane?

Pythagoras is a sort of ground or zero point flat space (but curvature is relative in such natural motions we imagine) and as Riemann said it approaches Euclidean there (not as Lubos says for a deeper probability system is a step or two beyond the quantum world- or the p-adic world where we do discuss absolute values and these points that are singularities that can jump between them. What is relativity but a millennium of a little further modification of Pythagoras- and mystical or not it does seem to relate to current ideas on symmetry breaking?

Some meaningless questions like the division of zero cautions and dynamics are really rather meaning-free.

A string has no dimension or is a very thing 1D yes? Is zero positive or negative on the line that divides a plane by the y axis.

128 or 2^7 is everywhere and Kea refers to an old paper by Professor Dolan that treats a triality of these.

Does the strange distances in p-adic space result in the same proximity as in utterly complex space?

The >c neutrino results will be verified but not so much and anomaly in some hierarchy when they realize they have indeed found a form of super symmetry and new physics and that the exciting achievement over the last century.

The limits of physics conspires to adjust our vision and experiments but science should be the bringing out of knowledge not the detailed attempt to reduce it to uselessness or pseudo-science and pseudo-philosophy.

No one uses Kea's advancing work because they simply do not get it.

I post today zed point rather than zero point ideas but it is very hard to read or see even. But I assure you it is on the sea frontier of all real and deep waters.

The knitted cosy keeps the heat in a bit both for the tea and the real emperor(ess) of the day the Emperor Penguins down under and caught up in this spill of lust for oil and other wasteful energy sources.

Since I have been blogging I must say - you and I - "We have come a long way, baby."

The PeSla

Monday, November 21, 2011

And Then There were Stars

And Then There were Stars L. Edgar Otto November 20, 2011

Suggested by the pair production of particles, in an algebra where several possibilities meet at some point event of the nature of leptons; the exponentiation of p-adics and that applied to the forces between brane and black hole contrasts for a given force type; the breaking of symmetry in general better explained; our insistence on not as to the nature of the infinitesimal in relation to inversion compliments, groups, and the whole idea of continuity; across the Omnium, The Friomnium if we imagine light slowing down over time and thus the rates of star formation or for that matter the one equivalent event of matter formation to external objects for the iridium discontinuity- this is the discovery of the supersymmetry by which we have understood it is the new physics in our way. Once we have conjured light from the dark, explaining it as if a seething foam near discontinuity or as some hidden symmetries or fields, faeries? right under our noses
can we not see to do so in the laboratory by the pulsing of light equivalent to its speeding up or slowing down as nature herself does in her variations on action, so too the boost to make the metals of the stars and the evidence of their size and rates of birth. "And the stars also..." in our day is a much wider comment on the nature of creation.

I dreamed a little last night, talking with some of you, nothing deep I thought, but then the line between wish and facts can be confused each way- no one wants to communicate but be coy lovers unless they want or need something and the message is hard to see when things are still and the light is dim. So some exaggerate when all along they think you have seen what they are showing you. In it I asked Pitkanen what if in these rather inverted (micro) membranes and wormholes that they came back upon themselves- would they make a link, a sting close to their mouth holes, a spiral shell inside the spiral shells to which time can be defeated in the matter of photons not overly produced that it collapses in duplications, some form of partially opened or contained knots, - what then is this thin wall of continuity we intuitively imagine as if the stretched rubber continuous balloon? In such space we find time as well in p-adic proximity we have not reckoned on in the chaos of complex number space or surreal s. So in the awakened world what does he think happens when two wormhole mouths share the same location- are they lost to a new place much like for matter a black hole? Or do they never quite close up? If we cut a string two ends remain, but how do we tie it back together securely with knots?

In the illustration, lights at night on the city streets for Thanksgiving, I see this as the unfolding at pair production of the hyper-tori, akin to those around the ring of carbon and where to find some idea just out of sight the jump of electrons that just escape their measure like a humble bee hovering in flight moving slightly as the pellet whizzes by- so fast that when I crash through a nucleus I can go thru it as if it were not a brick wall. But what wall holds this finite universe?

Happy Harvest World!

* * *

It is not that I mind people wasting my time, just when they waste their own time.

* * *

Post in reply to Pitkanen's kind reply. And note to Ulla in general:


Thank you for the information and reply. It does seem to make for a dynamic meaning to the membranes as hyperbolic even if the numbers do not quite find them yet. I still need more to think about and learn on this.

Now, these "wormholes" can the mouths close so that these make a loop or a link, or maybe a knot? What happens to space and time and say photons in such a continuous space?

Do they almost intersect and make a sort of spiral inside itself? I asked this today on And there were Stars. I imagined we had this discussion in a dreams and knots and all that (now you see them as part of the picture?)

Still, Ulla, I had to make the challenges to the ideas of both Kea and Matti for I see them to have the same general concepts as we all should in a unified theory- but this means they have inherited the same weaknesses from existing mathematical concepts even if it is all we now have.

Kea's matrices suggest such transformations, Ulla, but is cautious as to if we can pin down this as a dogma for new physics. The leptons are fundamental. But if we use the quantum theory we also invite the finite- of which I think Matti could be original in this. Lubos seems confused and not quite there yet.

Of course if either Kea or Matti are wrong my model would take a very large hit of which the fall of the standard model makes no difference.

So Matti, I merely have suggested we extend that evolution of numbers a little further- and maybe ground what is really on the frontier of the new physics as that species not here before.

Ulla, today's post also gives me a sense of why the light from the vacuum thing is there creatively. to put it into coarse popular terms. But we should know that in quantum theory there can be an absolute annihilation to nothingness- but is this not an assertion of p-adic ways to see an alternate way to deal with absolute numbers and singularities?

The PeSla, Happy Harvest!

* * * * *

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Resolving Physics and Mathematical Disconnects

A great part of our interest and need for art is the debate and story of its interpretation including biography for how we may see from an artist's unique view.

Resolving Physics and Mathematical Disconnects L. Edgar Otto

This includes three pages, also the first to post Shifting Variations Twisting in the Lower Dimensions and Metaphysics of Solid Geometry and the Psi-Plasm.

I start by thoughts on my mind to Pitkanen:


I have not posted for awhile but beyond the philosophic issues and with still a little better understanding of braid and p-adic theory I have to disagree or accept alternative axioms at the heart of things. The disconnect between the physics and the mathematics.

But most of the ideas are sound. I do not see how things can be explicitly hyperbolic with the use of e^x which is not a p-adic number nor that in such systems we cannot have an order as they say.

The connection to braids or any generalized model of Feymann diagrams uses the same ideas that exceeds standard physics although both are breakthroughs that try to get around these formula limitations.

I may just have time post the photos of the pages but the main article is Quasics Resolve the Physics and Mathematical Disconnect.

It is clear to me also that p-adics is not as complete as the complex numbers- we need a higher level of numbers still.

Everything I see seems to point into the direction of a quasic space of which we have to show not just assert braids in braids and so on. Also to a great degree all is linear to wide areas- what is not is the very stuff that may pull light from the vacuum in pairs at c of which we imagine the differences in forces as a sort of exponentiation- say between branes and black holes.

The algebra of the sub-manifolds is in the cracks of the limits of our total standard theories and in the low dimensions, as Kea points also also, there is a Pythagorean relation- for me the 6 inside that triality triangle thus 24 is the hidden subspaces tangled or not.

2-braids? your term? original idea? Only in planes we have of course enumeration in quadratic time so to speak. These of course are in the cracks also as such early simple ideas as 24 dimensional lattices. But the reverse compliments and need for so many zeros in the assumed one dimensionality of a p-adic number as if the decimal reversed (and for some reason the composites dismissed as if primes can casually be taken or added to or subtracted from some power of 2 the even one) is an essential idea that tends to shift the ground, that is becomes a wider universe and its forces.

As for the philosophy part maybe you can tell me if I had a relapse in reductionism.

The PeSla

* * *

I note Kea's most excellent work progresses so I have made only this comment: I think some things I can rapidly adsorb now if it were just presented to me- and I understand it is injustice to us all to put aside our theoreticians and engineers when they are at the exquisite height of their abilities. All we can do is to put our lost languages into song that some in the next generation sings of them.


Chapel Hill seemed very much a magical place where we spent a long time in the quad talking to students. I was not easy to try to classify melody with twelve dimensions. String theory began to arise then. I assume Ms. Dolan does use the term "affine" in the sense I understand it from contexts.

This paper is right on and ahead of its time. But there is more to it than the superstructures. 24 , 48 could be- Conway? well, there is more to number than the surreal. Even and odd groups? That is a start. Guess it all comes back in the lower space of 4D with 384 hypercube rotations. 8n involved here as I too see.

I cannot say I grasp how the monster group arises (the math) but I know 240 is the 8 natural hypersphere close packing- and that number 24 is unique in the sums and recently in fractal patterns. Triality is not only generic in particle terms it is generational.

The PeSla

Oh, thanks for the inspiration to have me look a little at the physics and math disconnect.

* * *

I see Lubos is still deep into a political view of things (seems to me the politics of two parties would be stable when they work but these are balanced by the populist movements or shadow parties- in the USA the Tea and Occupy parties. But from my analysis a fifth way certainly seems a new economics for the new physics. It is not about propaganda and anti-quantum this or in the takes one to know one defense of what is to be considered a sound or unsound model declare rather in mediocrity as that left over from a propaganda (recall the more a lie is shouted to the masses the more likely it is to be believed.) Lubos is still fighting the cold war if not it as an extension from the world wars. This is not to say that his or the old guard he cites as foundational do not have some rather advanced insights. We just need a stronger foundation of evidence for that which will affect all the world globally and politically if it can be done, as Marx thought, from a scientific position.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Creative Path-Singularities, Health, and Anti-QM

Creative Path-Singularities, Health, and Anti-QM L. Edgar Otto November 18, 2011

Lubos has a fine critique on this paper today. Well, Lubos, it is clear that some of the maths in this paper and the concepts of numbers are very much like those used by some of our theoretician bloggers at the frontier of the new physics.

Forever Tycho Brae - by the way Astronomy Picture of the Day has a very nice photo of the topology of the far side of the moon (Was it there when Einstein was not looking?)

Now, I have not abandoned the quantum mechanics by any of the interpretations- after all it has been a long time since new physics and it was that (however some say the next thing to come up was string theory- and yes, I have not quite abandoned that either as a steppingstone.) Why would Lubos not support something that strengthens quantum and string methods?

OK, so we have someone with a feminine sounding name but you say it is a he- did you mean Pusey? Look, I know on a higher level you understand a deeper statistics (I call OM) and have an eye out for interesting new discoveries. So I see your qualms and confusion here without our experiments accessible in practice and here suggested in physical principle (hey we could try it).

It is propaganda and bad logic to win and argument by belittling ones opponent and not about the issue at all, is it not? In any case if this theory is a "crackpot" theory as you suggest then the joke is on the authors because as you can read on this blog the story is here long ago and not limited to the quantum bra ket formalism. Evidently these established geniuses have stolen my crackpot theory :-)

To that end I was posting today a more creative philosophic post on miracles inspired by those who try to define it by analogy to science, and the scientists who try to reinforce their positions by implied mystical models of which all of this may be in the minds of the rabble. On one side I give the wellness issue and such dynamic source functions (bra kets?) and on the other side I present a rather quantum like idea of Creative Path-Singularities in a center of the four forces quasic field.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transfinite Singularities

Transfinite Singularities
L. Edgar Otto November 17, 2011

The concept of zero division and the exclusion proviso of it in the useful information from equations may not apply at both the simplest and the most general description of numbers.

A general plane is a shadow (as higher spaces can be condensed and superimposed projected onto it) and a complete field for the complex numbers, and it reflects at least n-transfinite set spaces include higher curve enumerations

In relation to the ordering and location on the real x axis, (Riemann and zeta and so on...) and De Moivre's theorem so to recursively operate on real and complex virial spaces of infinite span potentials in all complex directions or contained real ones, we have numbers involving here the binary power (p-adic and quasic) continua. In particular - 1/2 mirrored vertical to the real x axis. This pint can act as a direction and attractor so be a Complex Singularity to the rest of spaces.

But in the process of deriving this we have to apply throughout the self recursive and referential identities the proviso excluding zero across the useful information or field. As such, at complex singularities we establish the depth (as well distinguish the span and its indefinite range of degrees of freedom) so to establish it for a plane more general than complex numbers, that is we ground the quasic plane (or q-branes and spaces) as a physical theory.

Information and Colour L. Edgar Otto November 16, 2011

In consideration of why we dream in color or black and white, as in the contemplations of this blogger: ,depending on how we view continuous or discrete inward or outward space structure systems, I find hints on how to relate a less ambiguous definition of information in a model that relates to the physical spectrality issues of color. (to solve this question psychologically is a model to solve the question of color as physics).

Within an electromagnetic field or observing it from a distance our interpretations (and developmental cognition processing) may have dynamic relations or neutral ones regarding information and color. In this sense color is quasi-independent as to be defined as quantitative or qualitative where our traditions are attracted to more of a scientific or philosophic view of this.

I have wondered if watching color television does indeed store more information and so leads to color dreaming as in the bloggers idea that watching black and white TV might give us a generation of black and white dreamers. Do I use vastly more memory, say to recall a Tele show if it is in color than in black and white? Is not the world full of color? Now watching black and white TV with color information transmitted from the source one could decode (say by inference patterned discs or pulses) - so is this the same amount of information to be stored and retrieved or more? Otherwise it may be information variegated yet random and neutral this not useful as such and not distinguishable from neutral color information. So a sort of
quasi-noise, perhaps the grey noise for a name, either significant or neutral.

Evidently the electromagnetic field pulses (as lately and historically stimulating the tissues, bones and nerves, to heal by active electromagnetism) is as a raw wave of radiation or as a digital recording- does affect physical systems and puts decoded observation on a firmer physical basis.

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Comments on the Blogs:

Variance, especially involving ideas like isospin and 1/2 spin and so on, are casually and causally parallel and orbital in the higher quasic space to which complex number space is complete and limited to the scope of applying physical interpretations such as rest, force, particles to a closed system as four dimensions. In the 4x4 matrix, from which we have ten values Einstein considered at "rest" or the 6 in some sense electromagnetic- these too should can be considered at rest from the quantum view. Clearly maintaining vibrational quantum like spaces reaching this fundamental level vanish at quasicity to something deeper- it is no surprise it is hard to find a Higgs particle outside anything more than the complex number formalism if that field almost eludes us. It is a hopeful shot in the dark to expect by some accident some particle shows up at this narrow closed state of things that coincidentally or probably so confirms a theory from within its assumptions.

This thought on my mind walking to the coffee shop then finding things that evoked comments on line:

Dilaton, and Gene,

Keep your eyes open. There is a lot more to physics than our narrow vision of quantum theory. And a lot more to mathematics than Branes and the Complex number systems.

These theories are a little more than incomplete, Gene, as Planck said to accept a new theory we must wait for the old generation to die off.

Particle, anti-particle, sign, reverse sign... all are conventions we cling to and interpret within some almost closed and focusing or decoherent view.

Not that I support this author critiqued brilliantly by our Lubos ( there are also higher statistics possible that those merely attributed to quantum theory if there is wider unifed physics) but I see where some of his directions come from, and he gives them a more formal treatment.

The issue as well the appeals to illusion is more than questions of what exist or not independent of some form of observer- if we want more formal scientific focus.

The PeSla



I encountered and answered an email from Yuri last year. This idea is another example of the universal patterns of the new physics and the numbers come up such as the 128 in Kea's comment above.


Might the idea of 14 "qubit" space be a good view here?

Yuri when I saw his later stuff on line had much to say about tetrahedrons. But I was seeing it as a simple one but something more fundamental so I did not look that deeply into his ideas. How wise to consider the imaginary mass.

BTW if my comment is true then we could expect more like 48 protons in mass- yes?




I wrote something inspired by your contemplations and in relation to what is light and color in general- and what is such information. It will be posted shortly on my blog:

I think there may be a way to set up an experiment or survey for the data, by such considerations.


* * *


That's me in 78.

I also have one of me in 68 with my hair all mussed up like Einstein (a joke for my friend) but on a blackboard I am illustrating my 4 dimensional chess game. Oddly, none of my teacher understood. If I can find it.

Yes, we have to begin somewhere and existentially commit awhile- but would I know what I know (valuable or not) if I had the training of the day. I have known physicists who had to change careers when a general theory failed.

How can we go through life and not wonder about these things?

:-) The PeSla

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