Monday, May 31, 2010

Majorana and Dirac Neutrinos

Majorana and Dirac Neutrinos

So the question is raised as to what remains a constant value in a general and non-local space that involved the transfer of information and relation to chirality as a global everlasting material Zeno like real interval- the need then is to generalized the fundamental theorem of integral calculus, at least- and to go beyond the idea of the use of wave theory zero to two pi to colorize and map the plane (the general plane including the quasic one) thus to show where indeed these spinor like ideas and dimensional representations intelligibly define space and matter.

Everlasting War- Right and Left Annihilation

Everlasting War- Right and Left Annihilation

Lubos had a promising and clear article today on the types of oscillating neutrinos but I find his political reasoning rather politically biases- the again it may be we need an answer to what happens in the world of politics if our minds are fixed in some sort of chiral prejudices.

Anyway the term evelasting and eternal comes to mind (actually in a minor dream of last night) as philosophical terms that may have physical distinction. Surely we cannot imagine history as a dynamic yet mystical thing being a foundation when causality itself may not be so as far as sources and information are concerned. Not should we view such determinism as forbidden- for there is a default of sorts to which nature herself may express her unfolding of time and history that is not a necessary reality.

Yet, just as the physicality and reality of observables is interpreted by Zeno that once an object (which thereby exists along the lines of the limit theories) that something once a certain (linear?) distance apart they remain so- we see that this is true in space in general (non-linear) also but it takes the form of chirality as a spacious chirality- once it is there along some twists and paths it persists and in a sense is everlasting if not eternal- ultimately protons are everlasting in this sense but not necessarily eternally material and immortal. But there are two and four momenta in the formalism, yet something that everlasting is that which by default can be seen as causality. The distance that is constant like, as if a general as multidimensional theory of the multifactorials it is a reality, a non-virtual but everlasting or quasi-eternal particle. We need to make the connection to these fundamental mathematics and the notions of foundational physics.

Like Einstein in his grumpy old age I am much more the pacifist myself- but why to the young among us persist in the same old errors of their fathers? Happy memorial day- I avoided all parades and such and all the political propaganda. As far as the physics is concerned we are to imagine what it was like to be so and so and know they are just as human and full of frailties- and we in a sense are only beginning. Let the young men go to war and let the old men do science.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the Topological Origin of Virtual Particles

On the Topological Origin of Virtual Particles

Quantum theory as well as holographic theory is a stepping stone to quasic theory. If some shadow polytopes in a casual chain or isolated center rotate or spin or not it is clear that variations of these things interpreted as real or virtual particles have intrinsic differences of chirality, one form being dominant (perhaps this is balanced in a higher sense by the virtual influence of so called dark matter-energy) But there is a world of math, possibly double factorial !! where the nilpotent meets the more metaphysical null-potency of absolute and flux vacua.

This general structure is also hauntingly similar to our use of multiple integration and partial integration to describe certain processes and structures of space and time.

* * *

In general I shall use Kierkegaard's term (and the title of my son's column in a student publication) Shadowgraphs, when this is about a more psychological and social interpretation of these shadow polytope paths and human consciousness and its consequences for ourselves and science.

Paul Anthony yesterday on philosophychatforum in my opinion had a very decisive and hardly refutable argument to the physicists (indeed, Marshall has the ability to look outside the box of which the physicists seem hemmed in and this is not a defect of reasoning if it is done with awareness. Given, btw, a sense of logic as it is taught Marshall will make a great case but only to the extent those who seem to have contradictions about space and so on work in the current standard logic frames- but Marshall's approach is more scientific and optimistically philosophic than closed minded scientist and is thus capable of arguing and evaluating with the information on hand and dispassionately and not blindly new alternative propositions of which in our day form the careers of many) But Paul, the situation is worse than you imagine in asking that you would have to get a PhD to understand this stuff when in fact if you did you would find the same conflicts and boxes of thinking only the mystery of their ignorance would not be covered up in some sort of protect the expertise wild faith for its healing powers for the masses (and their wallets and power). But as the newscientist article hinted to be an expert is to be autistic somewhere in the spectrum- that is if they mastered a subject such as the quantum mechanics they would be more autistic and isolated in the sense that perhaps we humans cannot tolerate nor understand arrogance and immodesty in genius. If we cannot see the shadows and master them they can master us. If we cannot visualize the possibilities of paths of turns we do not control any aspect of our destiny beyond isolated sleep of local understanding.\

* * *

*1 The human mind is capable of thinking about n-dimensional space, traditionally by algebra or by geometric visualization.

*2 Nature sees space as the human mind does in its structures and processes.

*3 The generalization of views of space evolve in steps and key principles of organization and perhaps physical encoding over time.

*4 The lazy mind overwhelmed by possibilities reduces things to vague but comprehensive probabilities which can be a bottlene3ck measure of our ignorance.

*5 Question to think about on a more foundational level: Why is there a quantum threshold of energy for some integral number of particles to duplicate or occur?

*6 The Euclidean world as virtual has quasic pertubation paths integral and intelligible thus quantized in a linear and global process like cell differentiation. Many in their paths of training confuse the higher Euclidean like spaces with that of what they imagine or have learned to understand and non-Euclidean.

*7 Just how many natural dimensions of the 384 fourspace rotations of the hypercube are needed informationally and what physical dimensions of observable matter is that? Another Question.

*8 Flangelation is my general term for the influence and focusing of higher dimensions into real and observable space- while the human mind may paint space by its own design parameters it is also possible that in the shadow possibilities (such as matters of belief and faith or even a possible higher sensory perception) structures like the microglia may be part of the overall possible physical design and the intelligibility or mathematics of awakening.

Friday, May 28, 2010

International Science Funding Future

International Science Funding Future

China, India, and the United States are the worlds superpowers of coal. The dominance in physics which will benefit the world internationally will go to those powers who in the name of peace and cooperation (unapelike) fund basic research.

Last night I saw the current episode of Flashforward that mentioned the term tachyon constant, it being a wave rather than a number. On the chance there were some physicist writers behind the script I googled the term and found a lot on this subject right away. Now the idea is not one of my favorite concepts but it keeps coming up in some speculations even if it seems for most theories an assumption that contributes little as necessary for a unified theory.

But just as there are not forbidden but mystical theories that perhaps humorously say the Higgs particle is not discovered because the universe conspires against it I encounter a young physics student this morning and we have an esoteric but intelligible conversation on almost all these fields and the implications. I wrote this about him on facebook this morning:

L. Edgar Otto
I think I met one of the world's great future physicists today- surprisingly at UWEC, a second year student who not only knew all the issues but seemed to be going in a direction with promise (I feel information wise hinted at by my thoughts) and who is trying to design an experiment for verification. The fates seem to converge at times.

In the great muddle of physics in our exciting time it is such rare encounters with students that make me optimistic about our future science and those who dedicate their life's work toward it- and for our nation states if we care for them.

Interestingly I only realized today that the bra and ket were the columns of a matrix (probability one) of which Dirac was concerned with his algebra and formalism and of which we have to expand in our ideas of what is flat (as in the Boomerang experiment the student explained) and if it is in a sense Euclidean or not from my view- if not all seemed to point to the absurd conclusions of what are something like tachyons being more a relativistic concern. His problem being the approach by information theory is the why of the change of sign in the remote conditions between particles. (but he was not yet aware of this form of Riemann space and entanglement and so on nor the wave idea as that of complex mechanics of such a plane.)

I imaged last night, although there is only scraping the bottom of the well of my ideas until there is new input perhaps or something from deep down in the infinite and flux- in three flat space especially- that we can have parallel layers in a plane which essentially states as in some distinction este ese aquel in spanish for example that near, a little further, and that remote- of which as a scalar like thing it does not necessarily refer to the micro meso macro cosmic view.

The natural dimensions as parallels then do not fit very well with a pure balloon analogy, non-Euclidean or not. Imagine then the configuration of what we see of our local stars as if a celestial sphere. We would see similar centered configurations if we move from star to star as the centers. But this can be expressed as the distance between parallel spaces as if superimposed or layers of such planes and that can be linear. In fact from this view this linear limitation of quantum physics as if the bras are linear after all is a blessing of physical possibilities of degrees of freedom in dealing with the non-linear in ways the observables by such matrices go deeper a simple view of one of them in the local and possible causalities as the chief problem of information transfer and limits or invariants of so called light speed. But this does not assume a multiverse nor a totality of some idea of string organization in natural space dimensions- nor of symmetry, nor of broken symmetry as conservation laws, nor of a smooth transition between null spaces and unitary ones (that is the nilpotent and idempotent differences observable or not)- the multiverse and string theories as formalism can also be unified.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Intelligible Natural Dimensions

Intelligible Natural Dimensions

Not very productive last night due to the heat and such. That is the numbers are not clear so it is hard to pin down some ideas. But I thought about the way some see the higher dimensions and assume the visualization so clear- yet it somehow seems alien to do things that way for me. Nevertheless, I think I understand and can make some general rules or laws that have physical significance for a theory that it is at least a consistent theory. In any case I suspect there are alternative ways to see it and nature can see it alternatively also. That the numbers balance is evidence of an intelligible system but is it a unique one or one we have to apply to reality. The standard model is true on some level or perspective of viewing much as string theory- but it is the foundations that should give us pause to make breakthrough considerations.

I recall here conversations on philosophychatforum with "Eyes_Only" on what we called regulus space and what I related to his astigmatism. He had the ability to give me correct answers for certain geometrical configurations from an entirely new way of drawing. We sort of duplicated the points and did things with parallel lines as if viewing only say vertically the telephone lines against the sky.

We say for example given two cubes that fill three space do these parallel cubes with extensions from the eight points have eight line segments that thus make the hypercube- and ask if these exist. In theory we can expand or condense these lengths and the logic of it set down may seem to defeat some arguments involving the infinite at least on what is considered some scientific and intelligible level.

Anyway, considering the vertical and horizontal illusions of the after image colors in the new scientist article on optical illusions I tried, only partially successful by the way, to make it so one can shift from a dual seeing of the vertical and horizontal of that illusion to do more than just shift perpendicular and parallel for combination's of them and the after images- a higher illusion with mental shifts as if we can infer the proper perspectives from the shadows of astigmatism.

Consider a cube of three by three- certainly it can naturally be broken down into three two by two cubes and in them three centers... of this we can count the edges and consider extra edges as spacelike rather than timelike. A spatial farvre dimensions in my terms. It is a question also of given the reality of such a process and extension of natural dimensions the reality of the rest is infered. In the normal way of unduplicated or undivided regulus points and lines (composed here of not iota string particles but for now call them iotoms) The numbers trivially add up. But the key is the center there or not with its connections. Hopefully this will make a more unified formula possible for the generation of soma cube patterns from what is considered the inversions.

Without such a centering and connections the connected space can be natural or quasic in its topological variability of the idea of distance between points. These can be thought of as a finite and symmetrical system composed of what seems one global dimension rather than as we go toward the microsom its quantization and increase of complexity of jittering and flux to one of an average unity where the parts are equally part of the spherical or symmetric structure- but it will not either perpendicular or parallel be a relation necessarily to finite and infinite grids or even the n-ply locally centered isolated compactified dimensions of space.

* * *

Next Day : The point of my looking at combined optical illusions and astigmatism was more with a view for a practical application for those who need help with this condition of their eyes. Look then for applications.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love and Cosmos at a Distance

Love and Cosmos at a Distance

Our schedules do not match
like they used to
our walls and windows

Are not blessed by the sunlight
not your candle in winter
Your dining with me through falling snow

The magic of my awakening
our apartments touch in time
depends on your shift of blinds

Irregular hours growing distant
some slats out of line I see but parts of you
our fixed breadth of love does not cohere

The full moon through the trees
in the dark between our buildings
peeks at me reflected in rain water

Chicken wire, afraid and square our hearts
the grid of the screen out of focus
raindrops flicked off by my fingers

Compound my eyes not enough to drink
of your light nor see clearly the
bats like shadows that cross our paths

Remarkable, we loosing contact with ourselves
yet something remains between each other
our love out paces its growing infinity

I drank of your wave and you my water
we turned toward each other turning away
I still feel your regrets we missed good night

Even though we both know you sleep alone
your heart naked only while my viewing
in privacy I survey my decaying body

This metamorphosis of imagination
that holds us back in self images
we false sculptors of getting our lives together

We creative poets, readers number tongue tied
share only the universe of our originality
only then can we know, we cannot do it alone

* * *

I was obviously inspired by the Rio de Janero Poetess in my last post and perhaps the simplicity of our feelings, and their nearness, and of the fundamental physics of life and space and time- yes, the tragic loss of love or the cosmos as that said by Feringetti or Bly as the source and stuff of poetry. Perhaps the universe like love is a compromise.

The illustration above is more artistic today, save the Fibonacci ratios and the four color I Ching.

But I had a couple of physis thoughts too- thought I would make the presentation more entertaining than droll statements of speculation and fact.

MMXa - The idea of parallel universes at the planck level as if a path of twists and turns in a timeless over space of deeper dimensions and that they existentially focus deep into high energy and wild wavelengths and compactified contortions of holes and geometry strikes me as a model over emphasized and mostly wrong as to what is space and time and matter and so on. It amounts to but a complication of the simple metaphors we imagine at the foundations.

MMXb - But mystical aside may we not ask if there is anything physical about the idea of the bewitching higher dimensions? This is a deep question which considers what is the grid and what is that contained in the grid. The screen over the window and the light that passes through it. It is a measure of diverse freedom for the possibility of a change of such "spine" paths of possible worlds and yet we in our creativity make one path close in probability the unique one of our own thru time's paradox as solved by initial originality. The source of such freedom is not the quantum flux of chaos nor the absolute of wholes of time, but this incomplete theory quantum like reaching for the pair and greater production of a more organized and classically scientific space intelligible on some scale to the chaos and complexity.

MMXc - Thus, such things abstractly (again is the grid or terrain the physicality or that contained in it on some level of perception and logic of light? Is this not the same question of massless photons or matter and its contact with gravity or some idea of an unstable field of electricity without electrons, and so on?) is an intelligible design in the sense the structures add up- and by add up we mean also the notions of things like organizing space as if it had dimensions but some of them are timelike and natural as continuity (surely we can see that in a world of decoherence the infinite groups can find a space wherein they, not simply connected nor even multiply so, never match the assumed grounding for the finite groups- this needs a more general proof or assumption in the multipath linear degrees of freedom) So we may say as things as if a shell structure make conglomerations, four times the sixteen points of a hypercube = 64 and + sixteen "timelike" = 80. But 80 + 1 = 81
so is there a structure, a sphere of sorts of the 80 things and not a center for surely we have structures of 26 without a center in three space? Perhaps you do not understand my question, concerns or statements here- the point is that the grid that contains the quasic space is itself a higher quasic space as if viewing thru a screen the light- a generalization perhaps of any of these ideas of interference.

MMXd - Another thought is that in a sense, in effect, there can be longitudinal polarization in physics even if indirectly observable and this be described by the Heisenberg matrices as quasic matrices. Thus beginning with two the primes will direct themselves as rungs on a ladder of physicality while being the diagonal or ladder itself as the question is indefinite as to what of the edges of the quasic field pixel (one fourth pi) form the grounding tetrahedron (abstract timelike natural group dimensions). Should we expect a last prime in some ideal of infinitely expanded quasic space along some diagonal? Is all this random or describable by randomness as a measure of our ignorance which in principle may become another step in our gain of scientific wisdom? Does the universe have a sea of fixed primes as numbers by default of all possible seas for grounding as if the intelligibility of mathematics has the feeling or suggestion or illusion of an intelligent design?

* * *

Later today: an interesting article or two on One concerns the possible non-conservation of flavor (and in general relation to virtual particles) also a book about the author of the multiverse theory. But as a metaphor for this idea of seeing the universe within the multiverse as the geometry of shadows, the shadow polytopes and twists of projections of multidimensional (usually ten or so as in the string theories) and a link with some ideas of autism: I quote:

"They found that the children with autism named objects without shadows slightly faster than neurotypical children, but were more than 10 per cent slower at naming objects with shadows. "The presence of shadows dramatically affects the ability of autistic individuals to recognise visual objects," says Castiello.

More broadly, it's been found that people with autism tend to pay more attention to the component parts of a task than its overall purpose. For example, Frith has observed that children with autism enjoy fitting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle but, unlike neurotypical children, are uninterested in the picture being built up."

Perhaps I should take some of my speculations more literally, in any case it is an open question as to how we should feel about the totality of things as we work the jigsaw puzzle of the standard model and its particles- distracted or not by shadows.

* * *

Interestingly enough (this afternoon) how do we square an international view of big science if there may be some sort of analog to the muon catalyst for fusion on a higher level of say the tau or bottom quarks? But I am not sure I read these shadows right, nor if after all we cannot tell if there is a multiverse from the more refined observation of an electron or muon wobble. Of course I argue more for a limited or a little fuzzy quasiverse where to some extent what is virtual between our parallel worlds may at some principle of distance influence each other in perhaps a concrete manner at a distance. What sort of explosive source will we find then short of the unraveling of our local fabric of space and time and for what is its purpose that weighs against the peace? It is not enough to make our architecture but the walling up of borders and the Casmir like no man's land demilitarized zone- not the flow of some mental sensitive fung-swei and yet there is more to being in space than our grid of walls and shadows. There is freedom to be felt here in the planes and spheres not lost or limited to the microcosm of the mirror ball of squares that projected on the cave walls come out perfect like the sun, its silence and song and disc and gift of photon spheres. Yet if we stumble too close to the strangers in near worlds of what almost is or might have been then clearly our probing and bursting the balloons of levels of nilpotent existence may disturb the fateful paths of our neighbor's continuum- until we can discern the weather with our atom smashers of weather balloons and choose a better future.

* * *

And a stray bit of verse perhaps that I would add to the lyrics of Conni Who Passed by...

He did not take love as serious as you, paper boy all summer every day
yours love a part of your life's script for him another Sunday supplement and trip

You did not have much to trade, your stand for selling lemonade
for him just a penny arcade you sailing as first lady his ship of twenty one gun salutes

* * *

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Climbing Out of Plato's Cave

Climbing Out of Plato's Cave

Not much on my mind today so I offer an artistic hint that there is more to viewing higher space than dreamed of in the string theories. It does not matter if time is said to be an illusion or not by chains among possible universes as potential paths of rotations in seven or so dimensions in that these are shadows into lower dimensions. Yes, these higher dimensional effects are made real in normal space and we can hardly image the holographic principle applying only on such a simple and crude level. Yet the three plus one or two plus two idea of things which is a cave of the formalism that assumes the ultimate ground of being is quantum indeterminacy amounts to but a surface of things and itself is a conceptual cave only of shadows of which we touch only the surface of higher dimensional geometries and that includes the generalization of p-branes. We are not just a rotation in say the seventh space that we experience as time among many spaces, nor are things only compactified as seven into three space. Both views are but a statement of the cave of Plato of which it is not clear higher energies result in uncertainty and time reversal or chirality reversal freely to move as we approach the Planck scale.

Yet, as we climb out of the quantum field formulations into that of the subatomic theories and particles the same methods are also the cave to what we may perceive and influence with a wider view of physis, of natural space and dimensions. But it is a steep climb, one can say in different terms the metaphysical statements I make seem to mirror just the cave of quantum theory because there is no explicit way to describe the nucleus beyond say the dimensionless constant and eight dimensional space- that is how do I know my quasics have gone in a different direction in that it describes the isotope world better than the standard theory of strong forces? Do I have anymore than a mirror duality of the polytope shadows which are apparently not enough to describe an atom even if viewed continuously as Rowlands et al suggests? But in any case the ten dimensional theories seem very crude to me. In the rotations of hypercubes for example there is no restraints of chirality where the global parity is a real barrier to an actual place things may reverse and it is not clear that we can base all on some vague compromise that no vacuum state remains the same for long in flux-nor that we can solve this without the study of such vacuum states (even beyond considerations of the infinite divergences) which seem to suggest an ultraviolet catastrophe at a distance. Knots are easier to classify compared to the almost invisible was we see fundamental space and time.
* * *

The neat thing is with another view lectures on this seem cleaver but very obsolete and even trite for the enthusiasm and the hint that theirs is a total theory. I actually thought about this sort of thing today because a young lady at the computer had tattoos of twenty hypercube rotations on her back her father suggested which was rather unique so I talked about them and why just twenty (it fit her back) and I asked her if she had other geometric tattoos and she said a triangle which I said I already knew about that hehe!

* * *

The particle and wave

Adriana Janaina Poeta

My thoughts have wings
albeit sometimes
do not use.

My heart has eyes
sharp and agile
long distance access.

My legs are human
My thought is profane,
my heart a king.

Time is an extended loop
harvesting fish,
the fabric of life.

My mind pointing spears
choose swords,
sharpen blades.

My body is the seat of the senses,
aloof warrior,
where asleep my mind.

I am a wave,
particle wandering
itinerant poet.

The world is small,
an island of dreams.
I thirst and sleep.

The universe in silence
is the herald who announced his life.

The child in me
made flower blossoms,
do not ask where it came from.

The seed in me,
just want to live,
not intend to be more.

The strange I am,
a cloud in the blue sky,
clothed with the sun kissing the moon.

The particle is profane,
the wave is sacred
and stand united at last.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Being, Non-being, and Reality

Being, Non-being, and Reality

How do we sort out the truth of physis and each the flowering of it individually and collectively?

Like the playing of tape, time erases itself in the playing until what vanishes reaches some point of creation again. (But it may never reach such a point in the future or the whole)

From long ago to the remote to come, the fulcrum of existence- the center of soul everywhere the sum total, the Omnium.

For non-existence formed is more than the Other to something as everything else less than an absolute vacuum as Anthos, flowers within flowers and a universe of much wider space and time than we have dreamed of paths and lives of worlds and dreams, more than the encompassing of stars and the lesser gods we are.

Exactly where and when even after the fact of quantum tunneling, does the photon leave the electron? Perhaps at that Zeno distance between dimensionless Casmir plates of shifting scales where existence meets not the rather exists not that it does so seems a time, a time beyond some group algebra of properties of systems, a time beyond the idea of symmetry of the spatial dimensions as zero symmetric and equipartitions the forces at some point- conserved or not in non-existent isolated systems. The multi-linear-like operators may equal zero and still not be symmetric. Nor do we need to forbid that in space the coordinates of similar things such as electrons exchanged do not matter as to the permutations.

An increase of non-being is a decrease of Being and thus a decrease of non-being is and increase of Being yet we can imagine from the nothingness or unity of minus infinity to infinity or potential infinity to minus infinity some dialectical direction of the sense of reality of time's flow. Nothing begets nothing as well then unity begets unity. Not all that twists to the space and time and gravity is that salamander of Leibniz between being and non-being for Recapitulated Transfiguration is also Transfigured Recapitulation.

In any given state such deeper than energy thresholds exist multivalued and beyond the quantum algebraic and string properties and geometries that describe things. Our foundational language is a shift of dials of a mix of syllables to find some intelligible being and non-being but not forbidden the unbeing.

It is not clear that from infinitesimal flowers into the finite branching of trees of realities- what of its own assertion of truths and rights we each a focus of the universe and it subject to our revisions and projections toward the future as well as we subject to what is and was as solid and real, constant in appearance beyond coherence and heat.

Maybe together as if a meadow of flowers we universes parallel and in the moment that we come together so as not to fear the few who may defeat the whole nor that the individual subject in blindness to slavery of the tyranny of collectives forever.
Maybe there is a meaningful social transfiguration after all of such a better humanity and intelligible awakening of mankind to such a higher state of evolution after all.

* * *

Yesterday's facebook thought:

L. Edgar Otto
amazing thing about the latest physics of everything is how it relates
to living things including our minds- to describe things between lovers is like time
travel and exploring a parallel universe. We awaken through time and time's mirror, to find the multiverse of love is like breaking out from our earlier selves and becoming social beings with empathy for each other.

I know these posts are difficult to read, especially with the notions lately- then again some of the quantum stuff I try to review seems rather simple when we get down to the reasons behind the interpretations. Yet I am not sure that it takes such a division of the disciplines in order to be proficient and fluent in any one of them. The Omnium was one of my first interpretations of the universe- the simple idea that one is equal to zero times infinity- yet from a more generalized view and beyond that metaphysics let alone physics seems to have little to say save things exist or they conceivably do not. But the omnium itself became other things including perhaps a return to such philosophic continua- plutomnium as a sort of expanded determined generalization uniformly and then Teleomnium which made such a fatalistic conception a little more free. To the side the quasicontinuum which took a long time to resolve its notions and reason for being with these omnium or omnia, that is sum total or miscellaneous collections. I did not know the world would turn out so complicated that such variations on continua became relevant to mainstream science and not say some form of Hinduism etc...

But to make the general background of mentioning this old universal concept again as it is warm and other things are happening like conflict with the state and so on, and I being a little casual and lazy trying to resolve some ideas such as what was behind a dream of the other night- something just writing it down and although symbolic as to what we see joining two textures as they exist or not it seemed to be solid enough to express informally the ideas of which already I have a hard time reading it myself and no doubt some of the meaning would be lost after all if I made it simple- although this is the problem in distinguishing science and pseudoscience.

Sometimes, one can be over creative as well as less than up to the enquiry and it has a similar effect. On top of this what and who we are and what society is and making sense of our world and times and history, and my age and personal time itself and so on... The key point I feel I may not have expressed here explicitly is that of memory that vanishes to be stored in relation to time- that a rather static universe changes from absolute emptiness to some form of absolute perfection but we prefer as scientists to note the progress as an emergence of materiality which is considered something that does not change but is arranged- that is I do not think it enough to create protons in a rather expanding Hoyle like universe- and yet there can be such a mechanism conceivable. In fact beyond perfection and yet here and now one may find new ways of dealing with the reality of mass and space and time such that a whole new physics of matter is possible- but it would indeed have more general time concepts and those resolved as well as the idea that there are replete multiuniverses which to not always fold up into a return again to some level and we then interpret it as gravity or whatever. At any point at the fulcrum of the zero year or time, where the photon leaves the electron so deeper than quanta but not outside of a consistent totality, we can erect a whole and parallel universe again which means it is about events or occasions of the real, the material universe seeming to become and evolve more real from this side of the changes under heaven so to speak... most of these metaphysical ideas can resolve some of the foundations we desire to explain by materialist reductionism alone which is of course part of it. But I am not suggesting here this is the sum total of all physics theories as it does have mostly metaphysical basis- the physics part is a better understanding of the groups and space and so on than we now seem to have, and what is the depths of notions of logic. It is not enough to resolve physics to numbers without a better understanding of what number is itself. But due to the complexity and creativity of my recent ideas they may appear a miscellaneous collection put there for the sake of breavity of effort of the physical act of writing (after all it takes more energy to recall an idea, and more heat, than to lay one down say with computers) Nevertheless there are differences here that can be formalized or measured if we dare to accept and go beyond the idea of nilpotency. It is my hope that we find a better way to teach these things- something maybe can be done by our community of scientists and in such a way it does not conflict with other areas of society and that we do not have to ask of that society as space and material design masters that it blindly accepts the need for such a noble action of man- it surely is more noble than the fulcrum and general inevitability of blind conflict and vanishing species in war.
* * *

I find it interesting that in publishing original and fundamental knowledge or thesis it is standard that one makes the case from some position- even if that has to be a controversial presentation. Blogging in a sense may be more encompassing in its informal presentation.

Interesting article from new scientist:

I do not agree with this totally, clearly we have to make a leap once we have accepted the metaphysical principle of nilpotency. In a world of our specific and unique path over time among the universe of so many paths, each a fulcrum and each a beginning of which no physical systems either in a hypothesis exists in isolation as the article said of hypotheses in general- a non question really from a higher view, for how and where do such systems exist or seem to- yes to assert a thesis is to make such an assertion and the case from a position- but does it not follow on at least our own personal scale that some things are more scientific because they emphasize the observable and material as the social goal and goal of science- But can we take the dust with us without our creative engagement and soul of the universe- of course it is in the interest of those who debate wholes and parts such as the right UN to nationality of an international organization -such lip service contradictions from a bygone age- who said we have the right to unemployment insurance as a basic human right? That a myth anyway... Perhaps what rights are must be seen from a much higher ethic than the weak and empty assertions of the last few generations. Society does not exist in isolation from science either.

Bad philosophy begets bad science- something like astrology may ring true by accident even if the underlying metaphysics of being is jettisoned to the bare naked facts of fields and particles. We need more original and creative thinkers and less superstition who in the end do not represent the true depths of Intelligent Design Creationism any more than fake boundaries between what one considers in the growth of its reality what is science and what is pseudoscience. In a sense falsified things no matter when is the general idea that what is solid and physical may one day become but an airy wish, and what was seemingly solid in its day like astrology, a casual fantasy of isolated coincidences of trivial design. Yes, by consistency and beauty perhaps the logic of it all is about as good as a definition of science as we may reach in our early flowering of wisdom down a very long road of becoming real over the memory and truth of physical design.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Recapitulation and Transfiguration

Recapitulation and Transfiguration

Last night seems rather productive. Yet in a sense it is on the frontier of my thinking covering many aspects of the applications of the concept of quasicity. So it seems to me, as needs be, on the frontier of new science and supernatural physics with some intermediate general ideas of the sociology of such evolving systems. In that respect these ideas are more complex than I have posted here before. Part of it would be an introduction of a vast array of new terminology of which the model, as these are linguistic concerns also, are Further East in the general development of language as to how it is colored or projects a world view.

Perhaps the best thing is to go slow and list as general principles. The first of which is the last on the way here which in a sense came up because but seems to me independent from the list of principles.

MMX-1 The quasic grid as an ennumerable nature code generates its own ennumerable "holes" emerging and fixed or dynamic where the grid is evolving. These are not as many from the overview of the quasic plane. (Is there a ratio of them phi like?)

MMX-2 Cenocontinuum Ccm
Antherocontinuum Acm
Cheloneum Chm
Taxitoxy, taxitoxic, taxistoxeuom Ttom
Material depth
Existential Eschatology
Antheric metalanguage
Virtual absolutes
Real and Illusive thermo-symmetric metaphysics llamarium
Toric half-pi membrane edges (the sides of the Qs plane) Hymenios 'ai
Cenopixel (ennumberable or not)
Spatial Depth (eigenvector like) or simultaneous span

Some of this is the search for useful words among candidates and for he simplifying of the notions behind them. Clearly, in such a cluster flowering of them there seems to be some significance in the threshold of comprehension and the expertise of prolixy to be made more accessible as such foundations of language grow, evolve.

MMX-3 As things move, what is material that it is on the whole more why it is there rather than not exists becomes progressively less real while some of the why it is not there rather than it exists becomes progressively more real.
This thermodynamic symmetry holistically and spiritually asserted and imposed as a quasic physical but super physis dialectical process states the creative poetry of being as relevant to our search for meaning and reasons for the world. In a sense it has the questions of tachyonic models. For as in some science fiction drama we can imagine a time similar to this one where we only have hints of a global failed technological accident- or one that was not but from here we impose the history of our thinking to the past.

MMX- 4 Love, higher love, between two people that encounter and touch is like the encounter of two parallel or multiverses where like particles the lovers seek the meaning if possible of the depths and whole as this tachyonic evolves over an interval of such time. (to this end I wrote a poem called Conni Who Passed Through but not a more formal poem not lyrical which was to state some of these concepts of symmetric over something why or not exists as a sort of time travel. Sociology then is equal to if not physics a branch of that discipline.

MMX-5 In the sense of the illusion as a mental effect so seeing ball lightning, the projected image of the human form reflects the past quantum like change of history where species adsorb some of what they encounter of near species in the gene code- this going to such light is that which some project as not just say other primates but visions of the possibilities of structures of differentiated alien life forms.
* * *

Conni Who Passed Through L. Edgar Otto

Still they disagree what set you off
on your journey in innocence and frail mortality

You were old enough to make a choice but
young enough to have no voice

When you freaked out upon the morning light

Their twenty-one shot salute and your fake ID
seemed so sweet until he left you at my feet and

You cried on my shoulder, wondered why I did not drink of you
asked why I was not like the other guy's

When you gave it up to dreaming without a fight

Not that your lips weren't sweet and mine burned
But I called your daddy, you said not to but kissed my cheek

Later thanking me miss pass through my life, street actress
hippie, said keep my pet let won't let me have it

So I carried it to your daddy's car said
understand as he shook my hand, things will
go easier for you both if you let her take the puppy

When you woke up and found my morning's light
cried on my shoulder, forgot the myth of him and all your night

If we get lucky long enough and hurting learn not to hurt
yet all said and done it does not have to be that way

We each others cradle song made it through whistles in the dark to flirt
I hope it was enough one passed by your way awhile who loved you.

* * *

Friday, May 21, 2010

Graceo and Judaeo-Christian Paradigms

There is an interesting article on New Scientist suggesting Einstein was wrong! But this concerns the Brownian motion.

To me it is a linguistic question and the cultural nature of some human minds- in particular the Western science (West wind) meeting the East of the time. I mean as far as language is concerned the Greeks due to their language structure like clusters of consonants had to invent vowels- perhaps due to their brain structure in which case it reflects the differentiation or access to it or even the cause of it as a perception and pursuit of a world view. In any case the current interest is in where symmetry is broken or its conservation laws appear or are violated- rather like the symmetry of the Judaeo-Christian right = left view rather than conceptually at least of say right and non-right brains or asymmetry of the Semitic trinity of consonants and thus that centered world view of which only the explanation of things like consonant shifts suggest a more fundamental level than say the quark like phonemes and phonomes. The point here is that the paradigms which have the fact of certainty or feeling of it in a given mind or culture have worked as does a differentiated mind to influence a powerful science in the world.

I did not make clear the chiral issues, but speculative and scientific, in the last post with what I was suggesting in the crude raw formalism. Namely that we find in quasic structures with a moving ordering or labeling of its entities we find not only the emergence of a directed decoherence deep in the quantum level but also the new rather holistic sense of what is known of our ideas of what matter is such that coherence is explained and possibly no deeper so. I suggest that against the fixity of certain values, indeed against the statistics and uncertainty interwoven with such an assertion, that the dimensionless constants are at least conceptually what things push against in the holographic and fractal differences of space structure to explain dynamic space expansion if not the idea of mass (inertia?) itself. Which brings us to Brownian motion.

In a sense, considering the square root of the proper time, there are subelements of the symmetry in this sort of contiguous dynamics somewhere between the consecutive and continuous to define continuity as Newton did. What the article amounts to is to say there is a certain level that makes some things including analogs to thermodynamics on all scales of particles intelligibly coherent in part and such looping is across all scales and levels and generations of particles.

The Semitic mind may perceive that at this quantum level any such holistic coherence is a matter of statistics when it is legitimately a matter of space structures where traditionally the Christian trinity originates from the idea of three spatial dimensions. It ironically will also develop quark theory that changes with the falsification to shore up such theories decidedly trinitarian or the equivalent the ten dimensions or so of the Cabalistic tree of life of what can be seen as the emanations from the one God.

Specifically, I would expect someone in the Semitic paradigm to emphasize that a chain of molecules and what it encodes is a matter of statistics and not a matter of the pronounceable name of an intelligible coherent idea of God. Of course all three Western faiths go thru the same human paradigms and shifts of core philosophies- We may have to include the Islamic encounter with the Greek science especially as they deal with tessellations and planes and generally not bells or images in the art. Beyond that I have not but touched on influences further East.

The Brownian force is on that flat mirror between the generally deterministic and the classical world and the generally indeterminacy of the quantum one. But is that not a suggestion of unification to be understood perhaps from one or the other fact of a positive dominance of the brain side- or of the top to bottom results of the organization of self and soul and body as mental images?

Another article talks about magnetic fields near lightning induced in a brain such that some if not all of the ball lightning is a mental illusion. Interestingly there are reports of human forms seen by some in such ball lightning. Lightning for me is the meat of the beginning of the strobe like effects of quasic ideas- and in a deep sense as if a projected flash in and of our own minds the n-dimensional projected bilateral symmetry between the reed and the Lilly pad of our smashed down cell integration structure is in a more unified physics a more universal form.

* * *

Quasicity and Primes

Quasicity and Primes
A search for certainty of topological position along the diagonal vector (also the higher space symmetries of maximum quasication) that at certain layers between the statistical and semi-certain distribution (quite aside from issues of complex ideas of primes and perhaps ideas of a more fixed view of modular numbers for say atomic structure)

Sometimes, in this rather simple first guess as a quasically ordered and computable structure the working with some problem especially with an unclear hope of results as the problem is easy to imagine but exceedingly hard we can find satisfaction in the frustration of the mechanical exploration of listed labeled possibilities- in any case it suggests two things- one my lack of learning having not been told earlier of key concepts needed to make progress as in number theory or the methods and reason for the being of systems of proof- there there may be something to find even in my own areas of exploration, and that further hypotheses on the hinted possibilities more of a philosophic nature may be within empirical reach.

In any case the explorations can at times lead to solid results for other directions in mathematics and are a mental exercise of endurance (although any brute work in number theory in general without results puts me in a restraining and ill mood.) Nevertheless, there is some satisfaction especially for those whose preference for solving puzzles is the act of doing it in itself (not me as I am aware how much such pursuits may cost bound to projects that waste our life.) The negative in science is perhaps not as sweet as positive results.

Interestingly, with the sense of higher symmetry breaking, the physicists are scrambling to explain, by some existing theories like zero point or Feynman diagrams how such evidence lends support to be speculated upon and interpreted and explained. In a sense for a picture quasics simplifies things and gives us a more compact language to see how the algebra and geometry interact in complicated spaces but my casual and overly simple work of last night of which only this morning did it lead to some general speculation on local influences of prime numbers (that is we imagine a formula that may generate them decisively, or at least some of them without a decoherence of some formula or theory- thus my search for the quasic field as calculator.) So, philosophically at least and pointing way beyond this simple choice of labeling certain primes I thought something worthy to post today even if simple and philosophical. There are seemingly limitless things to explore for those who want to dabble with the ideas here- especially if shifts are programmed. Who knows if in the possible universes the primes are fixed values after all? Is there a fundamental theorem of quasic arithmetic and can it be proved with a sense of intelligible certainty? In any case I too feel strongly that in the raw fact of primes existentially we find a powerful idea which many think is important, more so than I feel we may imagine and from both an abstract analogical reductionism and empiricism. Given the clarity of space in the quasic plane and other planes that hint as some prime patterns can any of you dear readers find such a pattern many feel is there deep in the narrow and linear emergence of contained spontaneous irreducibility close to the foundations of physics?

Clearly, the diagonals of this empirical holon division as if tetrahedra (and of course those mirrored of tets embedded in tets whose deeper information and symmetry are more complex than this holonic labeling- in short the cube is not fundamental as a harmonic system but neither is the harmonic system the foundational level either in the formalism we now imagine it. There is even more to chiral symmetry breaking than this first hint of things beyond the standard theory and the emergence and asymmetry of life of which clearly it is not enough to be excited beyond our age that we have found the final theory of reality.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hortons and the Standard Theory

Hortons and the Standard Theory

I have a few thoughts this morning, difficult ones of which I can only give a suggestion for now for its uses and purposes- now that I have stopped running into a brick wall of government- I breath again but feel the purpose of government is to control behavior or rumors of behavior by chaos and violence such that government can have a monopoly on Fraud. Why be content to control a disease and not try to cure it?

Anyway, as an example of analogy either as reductionism or empiricism I offer a peek into the world of more generalized lincoms if such exist- after all the prediction of the positron can be seen as a tentative myth of a level of language of which the particles are not the real ones that we experiment on and deal with but are illusions to the underlying science of the abstract yet fundamental mathematics.

If I stumble upon a pattern of division of three things taken at a time- I am prone to consider it in other natural dimensions. Thus can Conway's (John Horton) matrix be conceived by such methods (of which as a system I cannot now say what higher system or series of dimensions it is the core of and embedded in in a sort of lesser dimensionality) exist in a higher (yet abstractly three space)?

I imagine then that the unique "colors" or algebra of a 6 x 6 x 6 cube which = by the way 27 x 8 which are cubes describes lincoms of three color labels at a pixel. ...and so on to higher natural but abstract spaces.

In an odd sort of independent way we rise up from the chirality as principles of fundamental particle physics and begin to erect what seems remarkably like aspects of the standard theory considered fundamental- that is the same abstract reasoning and reality may have uses here by geometric or algebraic intelligibility or not as a description of at least the common sense of our reality as a state of being if not its great extent and ultimate. It seems now a question of scales of energy which becomes a poetic word again and if the neutrinos are one hand clapping after all?

* * *

It also occurs to me in this view of what space can be thought of as things happening in it- surely it is not ultimately satisfying to understand we are here because of the chirality on the level of b quarks and so on as we need a more fundamental theory- and well, the excess of positrons in the new class of novas merely suggest the dark matter origin is in a more general geometry- nor do the ideas of second inflation and so on of a boiling inflation era dismiss the need for this vague generalized idea of applied abstract quasics. Nor should we hold the intersection of branes in a cyclic universe on any level of energy key to dismiss some areas of enquiry and facts of levels of reductionism, empirical or otherwise.
And yes the ability to construct things such as the announced artifical bacterium and the need for an emergent and holistic theory to understand and engineer what one may consider things artificial or not a useful for life and disease- after all it is clear that the immediate age is the age of biology and use of the theorys and from my view as I have long maintained in a sense physics is a branch of biology- certainly the graphs above do apply to it as a central concern whatever and whenever the origin of life and chirality- as with Rowlands biology and physics at least meet and logically and intelligibly so in a unified theory. But these explorations into what amounts to an analog to a quasic space extension to logical natural dimensions for the gene or cosmic codes, of particles and so on, may be of vaster more dimensions and logical spaces than my first blush offerings here indicate.

I wonder if somehow this super class of the new particles are observable? After all we find replete the positrons- apparently predicted by first principles of at least the quantum world.

I should have made it clearer here that 36 codons in the conway matrix 6 x 6 are to be regarded in a sense as three dimensional and the rest of the 8 x 8 as extending into the neighboring realm of four space. I may continue this line of reasoning or I may move on the other branches of my contemplations. Still, I am optimistic about what we are and can do, and do safely, in our scientific enquiries.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Memorial Day Rant

A few days before Memorial Day-

Analogies have been said to be only as good as the underlying truth of a theory- thus geometry is said to be the only true and certain among analogies. I may question this or at least how we are doing cosmology in theory and practice in my era.

But I have to stop this blog awhile for the simple fact that my encounters with the government, especially as a veteran, interfere with my ability to think and do such work and give me unproductive and bad dreams I have to fend off. This has been true since the first few times I tried to go to school under the Vietnam era GI bill and the state and federal agencies over and over again mess things up.

What is the point now? After trying to cash my first meager SS check- hey let the nation be inherited by the retards and malingerers I just cannot compete any more- and let them take away our good friends and deport them while some of the native born are the enemy of our people. Hey, there goes what small job I could get lately. Is this the way to treat the authentically tolerant and religious? Sure I was told more than once there is no space while the universities let Columbian drug dealers, and Iraqis and Persians (a few my welcome friends) but what of our own citizens? What of the black man? What about those in the military from the UAE and other states sponsoring terrorism taking pilot training here in UWEC- no room? Guess its OK now after all the UAE gave to the pentagon memorial.

The service officer said last time I saw him another lie- that I refused to tell them my finances. Well, last Memorial day I marched before the parade with a sign and hundreds of people saw it, some took pictures. Then, by accident I confronted Ron Kind whose office actually called the police to search me- when he said there was a new program for homeless veterans. Sure.

Well, neither here no in the next county yesterday were the officers in and the secretaries there were a impolite and dismissive and knew little. After all this week and dealing with banks and rules that changed since 911 I simply cannot cash the govt check (I have four broken teeth and my shoes fell apart yesterday). So, rather than being at the parade again- what is the point? And what is the point of school now save maybe for the next generation of veterans?

Here is my finances! I said as I tore the $300 ss check up and threw it at the counter...even the sex offenders can have an ID. Why not a citizen? Since when does a govt check not carry weight with banks? I will not trade with any bank whose bankers do not know what the discharge paper is.

I am giving up and going back into the get by third world economy. I do not want any more government checks- they can find me to take my property but the cannot find me when that is in danger of being lost (as was my primary papers and when I was defrauded by Ralph Madden from my storage (and bulk of my business that the va would not help with when I was hiring veterans.)

I notice Rowlands book was on the Scientific American book club list and it must have been where my friend got the book- this is a very good sign for the state of science and research.

Hey, I could have stayed in- and maybe took the rank- go to Vietnam of which I did volunteer for but something about my experience in intelligence seemed to preclude the combat zone, at first anyway. Oh, did I want an Airman's metal for say being the forward air controller and shooting everyone in sight, men women and children in the village- no way I thought, for what? I thought I would do better if I went to school for the physics. It is a little late to go to Yale or Purdue for Russian like where Oswald went- hey they said I did not need the schooling.

* * *

I hope the congressmen and senators I have spoken with over the decades enjoy their retirement.

Pro Republica\

* * *

Quote the next day on facebook, a conclusion: L. Edgar Otto The business of government is the division by inducing chaos and violence to control behavior in the larger picture, and its monopoly of the process of fraud.

I really agree with the blog I follow about the Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs that such jobs should belong to those who served and not those who are there for political or religious beliefs. Certainly, a clone of such helpers to our service officers in three counties and who are rude and lie did not help my mood of yesterday and others have said they had similar experience. Despite my disagreements with the service officers of the years I still hold them in the highest respect because they served, or in one case a lady who had sons die in the war. But we should really take a look at how veterans are helped in our state and not just an attempt to treat them as drug or mental cases and then control their drugs and so on... Some who need help medically do not get it although promised. It also should not be about the distinction of being drafted or one is a volunteer- it is not about money or citizen soldiers for hire.

While I did get a pragmatic apology from the federal VA (sorry for any inconvenience they may have caused, etc) I am still waiting for one from the state although for a matter of principle for I do not see how it would help me say go to school even though I was enrolled before the deadline- to show even a second time around it was not my fault. We really should understand the constitution we swore to protect.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Analogical Reductionism and Empirical Holism

Analogical Reductionism and Empirical Holism

Here we will look at the differences in the geometrical and algebraic reading of the gene code and other concepts of linkotron (cernon) particles and their dualities. Clearly 1 + 3 + 6 + 10 = 20 which is to say as a combinatorial analog to
Pascal's triangle (1 + 1 + 1 + 1) are four elements, GUAT for example on a general tetrahedron GGG UUU AAA TTT of twenty points. This follows Gammow's algebraic system proposed to read the gene code. But his viewpoint is a conjugate mirror of the natural code reading (or my quasic code reading). In particular the mirror image of a Rubiks cube is not just as if we made the inversion of face colors and this applies when we take seriously the corners of a cube as quark like as Rowlands et al feels comfortable to assert in what was considered speculation heretofore.

In general the new scientific paradigm simply states analogical reductionism and empirical holism are new science, but analogical holism and empirical reductionism may border or be more of a new age science.

There are many things to explore in terms of the number line in quasic space. I came across the ideas in this post last night thinking it could be used in general as a computational graph but it led to a generalization of twists and polarization and the chirality of the abstract particles as if a quasic string theory I call linkotrons or cernons, of which there are 15. It is interesting to see how they relate in three space representations.

I find also that though rare there are theories as in new scientist yesterday that state the quantum world can defeat gravity in what I find the general realm of creativity of space in say the collapse of neutron stars (more empirical reductionism here born out by empirical holism perhaps). The quasic world is also one of the creative mechanism by which we derive the patterns or geometry of the univese by analogical reductionism- including theories of past history of evolving or simultaneous events (much like Rowlands and the initial DNA, the valences some of which were in a gaseous environment, and forms of tRNA more complex than DNA and the alternative stacking structure of three stranded DNA and so on which are not clearly decisively new science or new age science- yet his x-ray mind understands the frontier of possibilities that answers some of today's questions.)

Perhaps my biggest disagreement is why the limitations to three and four dimensions when there is a wider and important theory, but as this post develops I will show why we can have a sense of this grounding as the more real in three space alone.

I also think given the neutron collaspe theory the question of why we do not create some sort of runaway space in the colliders needs a clearer answer including a quasic one rather like the scale and limitation by the division by three space. I do not agree with Rowlands either that given a structure of 20 we simply can multiply holistically by j throughout in the algebra but must see it in detail.

When I post the cernons I will do so abstractly in labeling to break them into 9 and 6 of the 15 but these can be labeled in a mirror image of 6 and 9. Now of the 36 I designate by six colors we see them as being in three space whereas the 64 has to use the black and white of the remaining cells (which Rowlands considers) but does not see on this abstract level it involves Conway's matrix (of which I worked on it independently) NOTE: Rowlands and I are not in an ongoing deep correspondence which is to say I hope I do not misrepresent any of his theories but I have to go beyond Zero and Infinity, literally.

I will post the patterns in three space, and the 15 cernon labels and their chiral forms on a cube, and the original lead illustration for this post of Gnesh and the square QRST and Z which as general quasic ordering can take on the GUAT labels or in general KLMN meaning the information 00 01 10 11.

(More Forthcoming after a day of nothing to post or think about)

* * *

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Topology and the Nature Code

Topology and the Nature Code

Today is an exceptional day in Wisconsin between the seasons of snow shoveling and lawn mowing. It is about as close we come to the joys we can feel of learning and contemplation when it works out and we are one with our understanding. Physis encoding and we one with the code but only if we choose or chance on it, take thought on it in our freedom of will.

We science minded generation are full of Greek roots to which we make our abstractions into our childhood's familiar languages. I do not know if I would have chosen Greek if it were not so familiar already as a source of terminology in which to express the inexpressible mood of such a spring day and beautiful day dream. Mathematics means learning, and contemplation originally meant Theory. So that is what beyond the obvious Einstein meant by walking in many fine hours of contemplation.

So I looked at Venessa Hill's and Rowlands model to understand it better, a collection in space of tetrahedra labeled with the gene code in a still harmonics of counting structure applying the ideas and algebra of Dirac- and yes at the frontier of such foundations it may seem a sort of new age sacred geometry for these issues have always inspired esoteric concerns and the reaching out to find the goal of life as magic and even at times but a partial truth in the fiction in all its elaboration to induce the metaphor, bring it out in others, bask in the faith. So, the mastering of the idea as far as it goes when it makes intelligible sense is a joy like a spring day- the same for contemplation reaching its own rewards.

From the philosophychatforum somewhere I introduced a term Lincom for a hypothetical particle that would connect parallel universes. It was in honor of Lincoln in his debates with galtomic and his ectoc-om (-om a term I used not quite on as in particles but more of a philosophic nature for a continuum, from omnium)
Why not continue the tradition of trite and first language terms like glue-ons and so on, Link + omnium = linkoms. But it is the nature of these "particles" and not that they are in a sense a universe or particle itself that is significant, these are a link between the geometric view and the algebrac view of the theory in question. In a sense quasics is a deeper subject and level of reality than the quantum theory which in itself deals with a multiverse of matrices with an infinty of entries whatever in nature determines the quantization and the fixity of mass or the fundamental harmonics. In a sense those who thought quantum mechanics could be shored up by the introduction of a minimum distance and duration were right but only if we accept these as quasi-finite or quasi-continuous concepts.

The quasic plane is quasi-infinite. It is quasi-finite in that we can assume a certain ground state of the given pixels or unit quasi-minimum or -maxium distance.
As such it seems to me there is more to the idea of group theory and dimension that limited to our idea of why the space is three dimensional- let us not abandon the pursuit of understanding space as multidimensional - for wider structures are possible in theory between any local region of the universe or between universes in the sense that only the dimensionless counting may as scaleless be philosophically constant. This is not to day that the magic of Plato's dice, especially in motion does not give us insights into a wider view of space and time- nor that we are forbidden from casting theories in such grounding viewpoints. If the theory is developed and not coming to an impasse as the quantum one then these initial and simple almost trivial visions will not seem so close to mere new age speculations. If I say the theory is too trivial and simple it is because once such structures did seem at first more in the world of magic to me. Kepler as the first of scientists for a theory and the last of mystical traditions that science moves on.

Now, in a two space square I imagine the nature code as a square which in some sense has a measure despite it the same cardinality of the whole plane (or if you will the Riemann sphere and so on) a measure of at least the idea of dimension of which Cantor was trying to better define. We can draw such a square to any degree of detail but as a maximum we start with the square of the highest resolution to so number it in a sea of four fold squares. That is if we have square Q that is the universe we can imagine squares R S T on a four fold expanding relation to it.

Thus the lincoms QRST in a sense at one quasic state level connect the tetrahedral (word not exactly right) Q universe to a greater sea of others. A lincom them can have at its extremities more than one label, it can be say GGG AAA UUU CCC in an abstract algebraic and more common sense of scale idea of raw geometric constructions which may or may not be other than logically part of the actual or its evolving. These notational dimensions are similar to the idea of time-like dimensions but they introduce a different concept of the same formulism and they can of course describe our fixed or still harmonic space.

In particular if we fold up such a square it becomes a tetrahedron such that the quasic model is the same thing as the harmonics of Venessa's model of stacked tetrahedra. The initiators and terminators, depending on the initial counting, are in the center of maximum permutation as if these were lincoms far from the edges informationally. The process of comparison then is one of folding quasic planes or unfolding them into space structures.

We should keep in mind the squares so folded represent any dimension, not just the tetrahedra simplexes. We can say then that center to the QRST an ideal fifth lincom exists Z which in this case forms the four space (alpha 5, 5-cell simplex) thus we have intelligible relationships between things in four space that are shadows of things in three space and so on.

Given the quasicity as more fundamental than quantum theory in its subspaces we can imagine in some nature code the storage of memory or history or process an so on such that even in a sting of carbons more history or information is stored- say in the genes, on a lower subatomic level, than we do more now than just imagine as physics.

If we think of the quasic plane as a brane, in the sense of a cyclic universe, it makes sense to say two such or one and its mirror intersect at some (lincom, pixel) point. But in the three space case the abstract logical tetrahedra show that at infinite continuous resolution if unfolded we can expect (and not to exceed the cube of the golden ratio if we maintain the natural dimensions and connectivity) despite the simple balloon analogy of the expanding universe without a center into three space- the the universe has such an abstract center at the Z lincom. Moreover, it represents should it be unfolded into space an abstract axis in the universe. The COBE and WMAP data can be seen in all such dimensions of the quasic plane. But is significant that the chirality of the four corners as long as it is considered fixed and not vibrating in the quasic plane is not explicitly clear and may be said not to exist at all in that flatness state. But due to the positivity as a result of everything, zero, or such quasic dihedra and their groups may in a creative sense show physic phenomena as a point source and one preferred ray. It follows also that in that a quasar is creative it can show a direction or an emission of such a ray from a point source (as recently observed, or the ejection of black holes from the so called collision of galaxies from a line like source. In this sense we also expect some sort of measure of mass in relation to the quasi-infinite structural differences of the totality or locality- one moreover that suggests a constant measure of some things in reference to the dimensionless values.

Some further feelings or speculations last night involved ideas on all this in the form of probability theory. Interestingly the concept of odd and evenness of the sum of digits of prime numbers recently and trivially proven about even in distribution as of course is the case with all integer numbers suggest we can extend this concept to at least a four fold idea of oddness and evenness. In a sense we can imagine abstractly less than these nilpotent and idempotent, 0 and 1 ideas- there can be a description we call negative probability (but these ideas are only hinted at at the borders of my speculation) that is less than zero impossibility thus less entropy topologically and information-ally.

I remark that for the nature code the permutation of lincom labels may be significant as also the idea of two thirty-two structures assumed somehow mapped to the double helix of DNA at 64. More speculation is needed here also.

Not only is the subatomic structure and groups of the codon bases important, including the lincom labeling in an order of reading the code as Rowlands points out relates to the mirrors of the codes nature uses for starts and stops, but the very idea of what we mean by aromatic (in buckyballs and some flat molecules) is that beneath the concept of zero probability of say finding an electron in a region.

One rare and old principle of Metaphysics from the beginning of the last century also seems to have a better scientific basis and relavance- that we reach consciousness in a sense when the "psi plasm" reaches and exceeds the speed of light. Self and external awareness then seems to have this aspect of greater than light effects- in no way must we abandon the relativistic ideas either, nor should we not investigate these ideas of duality of the 2 to the n continuum in what we may explain on that lower level than what perhaps the world and we are as we inevitibally learn and contemplate the nature of the nature code in the cosmic world and in the world that seems a part of it as consciousness.

Later that afternoon- Perhaps to cross into these thoughts goes out of the bounds of science, or perhaps science has a needed generalization. Certainly Dirac points out translation (states) are generalized for photons whereas the polarized states do not need such a generalization. However, in a sense, a higher sense that quantum theory, we may need such generalization. Things move with the Western Wind of Science.

I also have been thinking about programming this sort of space to compare languages and make translations and surveys with such numbers on a more diffuse level in the quasic grid, perhaps of the conventional symbols codes, say 256. Maybe in the form of music notation at least- but how to set or discover the ordering and reading of these relaxed notions and the limitations of words of which none of us may yet realize as a limitation of our native tongues or philosophy's of language structure and its mechanisms universal or not. Even the universal organic chemical notation may be as fossilized as any level achieved in a formal language- especially if there are things as suggested in this post on a more sub-atomic informational level.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Light and Life : The Quasiverse as a Mental Model

Light and Life : The Quasiverse as a Mental Model

This morning I had a very deep dream of which I recalled the themes and content of it. (later post more here)

The dream involves the point or pixels in a quasic space and how we try to access them that the become the ground of our consciousness. Such a struggle to reach a higher integration and sentience seems from one view what God Himself in that we can understand the concept may have to do. But the good news is that purely psychodynamic intervention should help educate and open up minds caught on some level of the autistic spectrum. In a sense the mirror cells are not a primary cause of the autism as observed in newscientist in a recent article- and yet it is not a purely physical or subconscious phenomena either- more is going on here on a higher level than the models we have so far- then again life does struggle to secure and move toward and design its own mental models and levels of intelligibility given the genes and environments at hand. We teach people to reach for a model, organize and monitor that model, then perhaps reach new designs of it hands on. In a sense there is a quasi multiplicity of conscious and sub conscious influences involved in what level of awareness in the world an organism achieves- and at the surface of things we cannot say if a person is full or empty of some sense of self or if this self or selves are deeply hidden in the brain or body of the organism- or perhaps the history, but a history that quasizes a dynamic moving time.

Stella Octanga and The Initiator-Terminator Codons

Stella Octanga and The Initiator-Terminator Codons

More speculation is needed to pin down some unique geometry from the diagonal across the quasic grid such that in some structure such as Rowlands octahedron-tetrahedron semi regular space filling structures counted in powers of two leading ultimately to 64 things interpreted as a double helix of DNA. Is the algebra and geometry just an artifact or accident of counting, a triviality in design? Of course just as with any nucleus we are dealing with spaces of more than three dimensions here if we want to see more clearly some interrelated connections.