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PAX, SAX, XAP and the Compass of Cosmic Xtal Structures

PAX, SAX, XAP and the Compass of Cosmic Xtal Structures

L. Edgar Otto   30 April, 2012

Science tends toward the physical and natural and where the unity or reach of the concepts of the cosmos are matters of careful steps of speculation they are parsimonious in the drama of the vision.  In this sense I style them auxiliary to the reality of the philosophic and physical continua and ask, as if in an artificial system of language the core relation of such visions within our psychology, the reasons behind it and the sense of crystal (Xtal) ordering of hidden visions, and reasons for the transcendent reductionism involved in emerging symmetric systems as a matter of emotional stances of synthesis and analysis that emphasizes or divided the scientific humanism on some level from that of systems of a more religious sensibility, that between the Preternatural (PAX) and the Supernatural (SAX) as a third part of this dynamics in terms of geometric and numerical intelligibility (XAP) to the extent the cosmos can be so characterized as general unified patterns of information and meaning.

These concepts of a more expanded awareness of possible have been with me for a long time and have been matters of philosophers in general and in my time have carefully evolved rapidly as concerns of speculative cosmology of which the application of the concepts are not clear or even the conceptual models are strict enough they are not always compatible within simple choices.  We reach here a point of transcendence beyond all such systems as a dynamic one but at a stage of insufficient thought or information toward the awakening of the core intuitions. Thus I style these in the stage of the Transcontinuum (Xcm) as a careful and focused application of the dynamics for in these questions the usual next stage is a generalization of these as matters of irreversible or thermodynamic phenomena, questions on the nature of entropy and ends and beginnings, a sea of transcontinua as a wider totality, the Ultranscontinuum (Ucm) by which it is not clear in matters of Quasic crystal issues of similarity there are one or many such universes or some state that can permit a unified and perhaps further dynamical mixture of the concepts or transcend them as if the models of Quasicontinua (Qcm) are not just matters of neutral structures of which we cannot state its ultimate grounding.

This conceptual patterning seems to apply also to the idea of the philosophic continua starting with the Omnium (Om), our current level of debate as of total necessity in the Plutomnium (Plom), and he same concepts that are resolved into that between freedom and determinism, with non-necessity as a principle of the universal, existential, and mixed, and of the idea of vacua as vibrational filled or empty, into the solutions of the Teleomnium (Tlom).  But here we find again the quasi-cyclic theme at hand in these processes of the imagined and the relation to the real.

Clearly, the source in terms of complex analysis as a mathematical tool and general plane applied to explicit or hidden structures in its applied principles, say in the matters of electronics or exotic analogs observed in things like unexpected phenomena on the middle nano scale such as superconductivity or codon base or graphene effects is also a matter of these issues of relaxed but focused speculation.  As difficult as this post reads one can imagine how overly simplified and lacking in the depth of philosophy some ideas put forth by some of our best theoreticians read to me although along the way I can feel their sense of the drama of awakening to wider horizons. (see Lubos yesterday on a discussion of things like the breakthrough ideas on baby universes and so on). Of course the issue of the Casmir forces locally and between particles or at a distance also apply in the context of this possibility of abstract unification.

In particular for the complex plane we should question or generalize the idea of a source for the technical functioning or observation of circuits of amplification. It is not clear that cosmic patterns need a grounding of magical amplification or needs be seen as needed for the mechanism as amplified at all beyond the smaller changes in an analogy to the wider scales of smaller currents guiding the changes of a flow of the supplied energy source, a situation as in the chaos science nor that such systems cannot both be present depending on how we see what is zero and absolute or that there are differences before some origin or end state in the negative or complex visions of the vacuum.

A usual question in relativity is what is the nature of space and time outside the light cone, for example.  I can understand why Hawking would think he solves the problem in the separation of imaginary are real time so as to unify in concept the finite and eternal aspects (Om) of the question of if the universe one or many so resolved,  And from the philosophic perspective I understand how in our human psychology given such a neutral mechanism of string or even the quantum theory, that we do or almost conclude that string theory proves there is no God.  We can almost prove there is God of some wider nature by the same reasoning.  These are matters of science and philosophical creativity that may or may not have a grounding more than nothingness. 

These issues I reserve the term Theotericontinuum (Thcm) as a vague or real physical or philosophic possibility that at least explains some of the speculation by man in the religious area of contemplations.  But in that we put patterns on the cosmos and try to relate to it as analogies to philosophies of living things an idea like the organic evolution and replication of universes, or those with open or limited life spans or hidden sources of recording of widest events, the initial solving of questions by ideas like cyclic universes or inflationary models being within us as our own pattern, is suspect if these patterns are not of the maximum possible explanation and application of life forces to those of the more reductionist natural physics so to rise beyond our parochial values to at least a sense of literary universality. Where these philosophies hold sway in their day as if a relief from earlier trends of an old generation there is the sense of the dramatic and the reality of life and death in its actualization.  But as completeness, not analyzed, these remain suspect and but a hint of preternatural science.

The state of the vision in our day seems to emphasize in our quest for wisdom and technical experiments that of the theme or total system of reasoning here discusses, the model of learing or awakening I style the Neotericontinuum (Ntcm) which seems our general experience subject to these paradoxes of the totality.  In a sense all such enquiry is a sacred act as well as a moral human act to which other continuua may be worthy of the name or have these divisions or links to other views that color our thinking positions, the nature of thought in itself, and philosophic or psychological questions of dreams as sources of amplification of artistic freedom or the extreme of determinism leading to overly closed and just as mentally unsound universes.  How else might voices in someones head or the creative sensitivity in general seem to be otherworldly and outside the self with the force of commands in the name of self healing or just a level of learning as chaotic confusion? In that psychology is about the hidden and esoteric it seems to me to become close to our ideas of a science, a physics.

Where we conclude there are twelve things in the count of solutions to equations as in  Dirac and the five fold questions the equations simplified seems to tell us or to such numerology involving finite or continuous groups where they seem to meet or seem never to do so as an established fact worthy of defending as a tool for distinguishing a scientific truth and dramatically, emotionally, I give you in the illustration the metaphor of color and music- for in the organic realm as a model on the low levels of such dimension that we do not hear the higher dissonance we only see the five or ten of the folk scales or rock scales and struggle to name our chords without the two blue notes as all this shifts in key or is tempered, halved or doubled the tones in all the divisions of numbers as density in a circle of fifths- so too we imagine a difference in handedness that supplies the organic struggle, energy, of survival and yet defines and divides the species from some path of replication as if it the nature of things to have this ratio of the real and hidden where we discuss the apparent anomality of ideas of dark matter, fluid analogies, and energy anomalies. 

Humans in their bicameral bilateral symmetry, sought or considered as beautiful in reversible or irreversible equations with higher hidden symmetrical mirrors or not between the dialectic of existence and non-existence can have more realistic visions of the world given both the creative and philosophic aspects of the meaning and information we find in the unity of the music.

That which came before and will so come does so now and never did in that  edge of the world made all of edge.  But this may not be all there is.  When will we know?

* * * * * * *

Lubos, just after my posting posted this interesting bit of the philosophy of science of which we shall let the readers judge it for itself. Let us try to seek a wide range of perspectives in the Liebnizian  background of accepting all inputs for our enquiring system, and let us realize too Mach and Newton have backgrounds to compare things- and try for reasons or not of their validity or unification.  Also, all this does seem to lead to a more general background, at least the pointing towards one as in the continued evolving of the string theories as Lubos suggests.  Let us however see science as a matter of permanent passion if not revolution. Did not Planck say new ideas only come to be accepted when the old generation dies off?  I suppose it was a good thing Stalin came along to prevent the contradictions in history of Marxist theory?  That itself is indeed logically an enquiring system that puts emphasis on the idea of materiality.

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Signals and Messages between the Preternatural and the Supernatural Aether

Signals and Messages between the Preternatural and the Supernatural Aether

L. Edgar Otto    29 April, 2012

Our concept of "hidden symmetry" and ideas developed from it, as advanced as it has seemed, is not intelligible enough and can be logically and intuitively flawed on the level of physics we strive to apply it.  Much of the debates of perception and methods of science is the struggle, within our unique psyches or soul is the working it out in systems and theories aimed at least disambiguation of the concrete or abstract, the synthetic and the analytic biases in the bringing out what is hidden that becomes since the awakening of Hellas, the motive of science.

 There is nothing hidden that is not already the effects of symmetry.  It can follow that where symmetry is understood in theory as concrete that deeper effects or regions of concern, such as myth, are reduced to vanishing at first encounter with the awakening of analysis.  In this sense something like string theory while intelligible and abstractly apparent shifts to that which is ultimately a hidden description of physical reality. Symmetry is the hidden and the hidden is symmetry.

I suggest then we assert the identity or the distinction of the preternatural and supernatural as if one continuum or concern that of course is intimately related to the state or cave of our minds and souls and what we are capable of perceiving as to what exist only within or outside of our compass of existence.  This philosophic conception seems to me especially useful in the understanding of our feelings and dreams, in the physics of systems of communications as to what is the signal and what is the message and in what distinct level of the virtual or real these apply.  In a sense the message is the issue of the symbols and meaning in the Chinese box or what is the invariant of fire on the walls of our perceived caves. 

But the asking, the literal question of what is pseudoscience or even our own sanity if we by defect or higher wisdom perhaps goaded to explore the mystical that becomes intelligible science because of some personal tragedy- as well as that to which we cannot see as if in superstition the parallel worlds that we conceive of what could have been or is potentially in us as with everyman  "there but for fortune goes I."

When we ask while in the dream about the signals and messages, or in the reality, or in a virtual analog of it, it is clear that this evokes an awakening from sleep to which we are disoriented for a while, or the escape back to oblivion.  The question then is are there mechanisms in which for other possible states of realty we can escape the cave and understand the symbols we ourselves write on walls, thus in these higher connections better relate in real ways how we live together and set earthy enduring bonds, or survive our intellectual explorations. 

We can fall asleep listening to a sermon which is too far above us to comprehend or we can fall asleep if the joy of the fellowship is so childlike and seeming an endless repetition of the obvious unto boredom- of which to be that could indeed indicate something of the state of our struggles for wholeness and self unity integrated over our life times and instars cued by the genes and chemicals. Or in the practical mind a sign of new growth and our own sources of technical innovation.

How wonderful this vector tool for drawing dreams and something that may be the gate for genius we think we see when such distant colors we respond to as fine art, with the discipline for myself to try again to find something there of which I have no premonition something new will be found as is he case usually we have some sort of sense of a possible answer at the end of a blind quest of which it is perhaps the symmetry and not that hidden that in the end joins two tunnels to proper alignment as if the construction through a mountain of train tracks or as the shadow models of polytopes the context so aligns in the end, this vector game that does so many things I did  with less to work with.  But it does not matter if such games increase our ability to understand or work well in other areas of life, or if they distract us, if we also abandon our sense of the deep programming, the logic and the reasonable results locally and globally.

I quite imagine my illustrious great grandfather of the Otto cycle gasoline engine, an invention inevitable, a dreamer that solved the knock of the smoky cloud of the fusion in its day once steel as well could contain the explosions, and once the cycle could be mapped by the engineers as a graph of useful work and entropy.  But the applications are another story by which from the first wooden motor bike past the age of iron and steam revolution, new tractors, and personal vehicles for the masses until the environment is met head on and the once test pilots, shuttle commanders, and  Phaeton becomes not the worshiped heart surgeons but the bus drivers and days off for a ride into the country in the name of forgotten Memorial days until the burden on our shared world is taxed too much.

But there are other engines, yet even in this age of oil there is the Mazda- and sooner or later, because of the depth of its circularity, the transcendental values in the numbers get out of sync- thus the usual problems with continuous ideas over the discrete.  On the other hand what is the use of this Geoalgebra program if it just plays in the plane and finds the simple finite symmetry inherent in numbers and for similar reasons tend to stay ambiguously hidden so as when some pattern or process comes up we are surprised, if in the description of the segments that form a polyhedron if these were linear it would be a simple matter of the hidden symmetries of modular arithmetic- much as in the number of teeth in the Spirograph one can find at least some of the pieces in old thrift stores after they were sold as a children's game.  What is obvious should not be so because of hidden principles such as this, so beyond what is obvious in physics or should be to young children.

I have had some reservations lately about just how well my message or signals is perceived in this internet medium- that itself an awakening and the desire to find something else from the rote training called education, the boredom of the imbalances of the overly simplistic or incomprehensible Oxford style lecturers who really have to teach some restraint as to what is hidden in themselves that it be hidden with the assurance the wisdom will come, in their students.

These are multiply hidden things of doubtful unification in the remote of ideas of symmetry and in effect border on the supernatural while still in the preternatural realm we see as some difficulty of the compass of non-linear things or if we so desire assert there is nothing to such unity in the end but some mysterious directions or balances in our environs of the state of our time.  Thus what may be truly supernatural and a way out is lost from our sight and is a false preternatural mystery of the greater physics.

All this said the source of this post was last night's dream with sufficient sleep and many surprises using the Geoalgebra program ( of which so much of the patterns of numbers are its tools already therein).  But in the natural structures of the dream, I send a Frisbee with the message to a friend far away but can only throw it so far as so it is very unlikely to reach her much as a message in a bottle tossed on an endless sea.  Yet it falls in the mudflats, makes an impression, and that becomes a fossil in a museum through many years she passes by and reads. A friend remarks that I made target after all, perhaps in faith.  Alas I say but I only threw it to her in my dream so I awaken.  Thing is, in the nature of unique memories stored in dreams in the dreams and of the chemistry of recall and awakening, I could not recall the message- just he signal.  I do not know if her reading it means I no longer can- such is the concrete meaning of our scribblings of symbols anyway that may be more than how these things are set into higher natural space.

* * * * *

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Robin Red Breasts, Scarlet Tanagers, and Other Songbirds

Robin Red Breasts, Scarlet Tanagers, and Other Songbirds

L. Edgar Otto    27 April, 2012

Colors and the logic of the vexilloids, the light of qualia
How simple to our ears their depth of sight and bird songs
High towers gossamer, guy wires halt their migrations
Their fill of the clouds of flies but not iridescent butterflies one can see from the Enterprise

or the Viceroyalty of Mexico those too migrate, skipping a generation, magnetic poles

* * *

In the Overworld colors are not simply qualia, some point of vague philosophy for the extension in the span that knots and braids are justified between bonds of creative objects. Nor are they a matter of quantity. Like abstract vectors that can draw forever in a scale of depth or turn to some vanishing of Cantor dust the dimensionless  is and is not a necessary dialectic of quantity and quality, particle and wave.  A third thing I thought of yet, quality, quantization, and quasicity in a trinity (or Triality) of sorts in zone we think between the replete spaces of three and four (thus the special mirrors of the right angled Platonic solids) and so on. 

Thus we also justify our intuitions, or perplexities of hierarchies in the physics and what may or may not collapse into some idea of entropy or ultraviolet catastrophes.  All this in the persistent sense of unification as well unique evolving diversity beyond the philosophic and preternatural vacua and continua.

* * * * *

LHC discovers new particle usb...

something about asymmetry and ordering of braids etc... see Kea's blog... here I just am thinking about this and wonder if it should have not been a surprise among such experiments as is other surprises no one is certain about.

Is Pseudospherical Pseudovector of Four Colors a Pseudoscience

Is Pseudospherical Pseudovector of Four Colors a Pseudoscience

L. Edgar Otto 28 April, 2012

I wonder if we can find a more elementary proof of the four color theorem. Or for such recondite theorems in general as some have suggested this is an example of how we know pseudo scientist

One of the bloggers I follow cited this monomania with the four color theorem said as much in a post of yesterday. I found it put forth in an exchange in the comment section of Kea's blog and not knowing better I added in a post my take on the use of colors as such. In the process where they were studying certain aspects of angles they exchanged a program called geoalgebra which I took a look at and recently found it a pleasant way to enhance my digital pictures beyond the limitations of symmetry in paint.

I understand the problem cannot be solved as we do not know somewhere out in the flat plane, or prove we may not find say a fifth color. I understand the problem was solved by a computer by inelegant brute force computations of the possible cases but not beyond a certain point was needed- and there was other deep math methods involved as those who are familiar with the methods are well aware.

Once in the late 60's religiously buying copies of New Scientist in Cambs I would work out the recreational math puzzles and this problem was one. Intuitively I adequately understood the problem because from my view the answer given for the diagram was wrong- how can a great science magazine be wrong I asked myself. It was in the next issue that an apology to the readership was given. I merely saw the problem not as colored regions but those as points in a connected graph- to approach also from another method albeit a much more trivial one than the modern proofs.

Now in the Geogebra I noticed the conics through five points button and of course this intuitively relates to so many things my patterns of five in the quasic grid or say Galois and in general the vague idea of five dimensions and so on. As I said I see Pitkanen's work as related to a form of hyperbolic geometry and am not sure it is or he sees it this way. To see the pictures in some degree of motion is more instructive than still pictures in general, less working dynamics in the dark.

But what I do not know is if this program has a limitation of these five points as only a matter of programming or if it is one of the intrinsic properties of numbers, including how we see the math to program vectors and so on. Can someone with better training tell me what I am seeing here and if I should be seeing much more? I begin to wonder if there is some reason I do not get direct discussions on my work itself when I see very uncivil discourse between those who demean or defend theories. All these words and no one has bothered to challenge me in the work itself, why? when I have seen some on line I understood judged or given the appearance their idea was soundly trounced and they vanish in disgust or perhaps embarrassment.

Now it occurred to me to draw the five points on the grid (hmmm I should try this with the hex grid somehow) but to compare the quasic and the natural right to left ordering. The ordering within any five is irrelevant to the resulting quadratic, that is the natural system always results in the span of parallel horizontal lines- or in some cases we have sloping pairs of lines for the orthogonality of things is preserved as a principle even between the hyperbolic world (and its mirror) and the quasic world or plane, (brane). This of course is as if we embed an Euclidean plane in a hyperbolic space much as Rene Thom with his catastrophe universal topology embedded elliptical space in the Euclidean on in his, yes, controversial Universal Topology of say 1974 or so, meaning in someones eyes this was pseudoscience at least in its conclusions for say animal behavior.

Now I have said, for example in the gene reading theory that the 25th and 35th depending on how one counts is the initiator and terminator in the quasic grid of the codons. Interesting things happen in the drawing in the order and beyond say so many multiples of 5 not reaching the entire plane of 60 or 64, the program stops working or cannot see beyond. Nature may be quasi quantized this way. It would make sense the distinguishing of the fermions and bosons and so on to be from such principles as Pitkanen-Otto or Thom seemingly restrictions from the geometrical formalism. Certainly the genes seem to allow both the uniqueness yet continuity of an inheritance line of individuals- most likely at the fundamental level including the spherical space views- much as if the duality of particle and waves, or the triangles and squares (orthogons and simplexes in the dimensional analogs and yes the 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 arithmetical aspects of four space views in the physics as well as mirror quantization intrinsically and not just some idea that is said to be justified by a principle of handedness as chirality applied to say half or doubled particles. In fact if we understand the mechanism the string idea of spin identities this too in depth would confirm this sort of general topological and looping gravity as quantized at least to the five fold principles of a unified theory.

Now in the count the hot and cold colors that I enhanced the drawing with, there is a new color I drew brown although in principle there is the possibility or uncertainty of a fifth in one drawing but that could be because of my choices or ordering of colors or say the idea of that higher number of superimposed Euclidean dimensions such as the ten, eleven or twelve as a favored description in these times of higher spaces that involve higher spaces of compacification.

Note I tried to arrange some color pairs as if to let the hyperbolic regions stand out as if in depth and suggest there are non transparent regions thereby as a sort of hyperbolic Venn diagrams to show the points of intersection.

Now why or where are their spinnors and what in a more general theory where we have declared limitations too soon can we ground the ideas of the quantum and qlassical (GR like analyses included) of physics that as a unified theory has been asleep to foundational progress for decades now? None of this will undermine some earlier gains in views and methods so the debate on such ideas is one of a matter of just artful views and quite beside these ideas to make further progress in understanding.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Corn and the Red Winged Black Birds

The Corn and the Red Winged Black Birds
L. Edgar Otto    27 April, 2012

How close the insect and the milkweed as if one being, depending on each other, specialized and tied together, scarcities and all or nothing drought or plenty

The air force of black birds come to the harvest like locusts, know no better than to leave nothing they find save a swath where the soil as all soil tilled blows away to clay as dust

The Earth rolls over in her sleep churning up mountains living imprints on her skin, drooling on her pajama sleeves and when the sky jamed meets ice rivers volcano snores

The two party system inherently unstable, persists, takes the empire army colors and double eagles for their flags and those who pray to symbols think anthems always their own

I choke on tarballs while I dolphin play, slowly die of grass and meat my blood crystallizes into soot and diamonds implosion in its echo as I stumble as I walk, exist

The bones and ferns ooze from my skin, as light renewed molasses slow or but a twinkling although so few the freckle stars that set my path of time connected sunburned wrinkles

The tar pits hold but shadows and empty voids of marrow as if but yesterday at once they turned to stone and glowing methane, hemorrhaging, incontinent, growing breasts

As if to turn the corn to oil again in triple bypass the middle man of elephants with vestigial fingers returned to live in seas
looped tops of food chains spawn mad sacred cow disease

For ivory and the dreadlocks double horns of rhinos the poachers hack their face to sell as modern myths of snake oil the cure in some hidden plaster of shark fin, and turtle farms

I explore the mudflats by the estuary brine, tidewaters teeming wild life, brave screech and dives as I come near her nest, I make her scarlet on dark wings my totem flag

* * *

A humble bee alone less likely stings in sacrifice my bare feet stepping on, my calloused heels running over razor sharp shells of spent oyster beds cannot cut fleet feet, hot coals,

noon suns all day that cannot burn, we walk in runs awhile on water or jumping through the cane break to reach fresh and not egg rot clouds that hover near the roots and ground

where I can fly in the fellowship of dragonflies that dart around me too fast to catch by hand, or butterflies that sip the asphodels, all on the make not voracious larvae stalking

minnows, to get a good view of their iridescent wings one has to stumble on their dried hollow exoskeleton not green blood, scent tree sap of June bugs on a leashes of thread

I am but a reed to them, I stand still and hold a finger to the sky, and one alights in rest and preens its many legs as the shadows move, not as he flies with seeing compound eyes

* * *

Thursday, April 26, 2012

State of the Artisan Wells of Creative Vision

 State of the Artisan Wells of Creative Vision

L. Edgar Otto   26 April, 2012

If in the thinking some alpha state where the white noise brings the peaceful cloud as we go blind into the light for lack of challenge or as enduring states and cycles of thought the thinker in the familiar and natural world sits in contemplation, his best and lesser sides presented to the camera beyond the scene and throughout the free hour of enquiry we find him thinking about the hidden reflections of himself in the dream and observing the dream, the white or pink board and the marching in line, waiting, against the school room board where in the end when all is left but the desert of concrete and smog we dye it green and fill it with the chalk dust of others as we bedeck awhile the broken dreams on the checky shores of infinity that Newton faced- on his philosophers walks and writings in the language of Holy Euclid and Latin that the people could understand.

In such a world, the source of dreams, sometimes the prison for a child as hard as the seeming endless labor of his lifetime he will not miss until expelled from the cave and garden, all is but art after all in the pallet of this world, and what I have casually done as the sand when wet will harden proves but art after all and not just some hopscotch pattern for I know I am but a child with a color box and wide eyes that leaves some drawing, such perhaps is the God, of many things including the Lilly so arrayed beyond the wisdom, until the rain, the rain that is there because the real flowers will drink of it.

Yet I know I am not that good a sculptor for as in the Thinker and the Kiss, the Soul and Love cannot be broken.  But here in the printing made of light and dust, grass and steams, blues and greens, cold white snow and cardinal feathers out of place some season upon it, was made by hand and not of one piece that came together as love and wisdom seeks to find itself whole again by the quills and ink and quoins that start our rusting and suspended bridges of disbelief- so in our journey of bonds and secretes, that salamander between being and non being so said he who saw no windows in all he possible worlds and architectural spaceships of our ongoing modeling in real time of our cities and cathedrals or having forgotten to read after the plagues we work in the creeping lead the creeping stained glass windows.

If you have not seen and felt the day, the wind and trees and the grass and ghostly pebbles the gnomes once gods but solid stones, or the river so whispering soft its star song, or seen someone lost and hurt in dreams that must doubt yet hope that love breaks through the dance or never will by our intimacy of dreams shared with each other alone even with the soft warmth of flesh once encountered and in the memory of light's twists and turns at a distance is not forgotten, I do not know what it is that thinkers may share of words and colors when release of hopeless dreams is the death of dreams themselves, the salve and glue of love not the honey of which we hoard too much and it is sweet that all smaller things instinctively desire to eat us- how full of sweetness she was says he. If you have not felt at least this and known this and seen this My Child of Earth, then you have not understood me, nor yourselves.

* * * * *

Neotericontinuum (Learning as Creative Existence)

Neotericontinuum (Learning as Creative Existence)

L. Edgar Otto  April 26, 2012

Just when I think in some deep sense of changes in the world there is no room for the old dreams, of arts and the state of the art science I find returns again the age old debates of which as with an imagined complete science of an age or the pendulum swings or rests at some height before free fall again, we water drops in the fountain on which the curves as efficient trajectories of cannon balls are also things we recognize as patterns of great beauty.

So I notice Science Daily has two relevant articles today which inspired still another post as if it were a commentary on thoughts already on my mind. For did I not end a post with the assertion that the structures in the vacuum are innate to our minds and bodies what we at least if not the universe in general can be characterized, that ultimately there is a common truth in the math and geometry as well as the freedom to paint on the one canvass our decoration on the walls, the gaze of us unto ourselves and others that is a viable and free style of life yet sound and not here vanishing.

The first article suggest that the number line is something learned and not inborn.

The second article is that of what many think the source of some mass in the physics but here a social source of our handedness in matters of competition and cooperation as social progress (perhaps the sociobiology ten percent as if the hidden ratio that refers to things hidden or from some state of ends or origins).  As physics before I became aware of the more advanced mathematical dreams of others I too reached the stage where, foundationally like Rowlands, I thought my chiral principle the mechanism that was the engine of the evolution of galaxy's.  But such a principle while that evolution is still not explained proved but a stepping stone.

A third article and another one today suggests the relation of autism to a physical cause like PCB's that is known to affect learning in the development as it increases dendrites (now reportedly in this age were we give great weight to the fragments of Buddhas skull, did not one side of Einstein's brain have many more dendrites than the other side? It is not given that we are better so on which side to arrange the freedom of our dreams and learning or expressing freely and creatively our arts- for even the confused in distractions so gaze upon this deep thing in the unknown that others recognize even if distracted and abstract as not just evidence of levels of disorder or decay but of something looked into in its own right and language to which we can expand our own limited bounds of awakening and understanding better our own experience of being and just how safe it is in the reality of things.  The article is careful enough to suggest at least the idea that it may just enable a tendency say in the genes and not be a direct cause for lesser neural nets which monitor what is the logical necessity and design of our creation that get lost in our daydreams perhaps to the point of no return.

Let us accept then that we should be content with the sense of our existence as real as our creative sense of things aware of them or not and not be caught up so much in the tangles of life and ourselves or the lesser graffiti of others that may or may not stand higher in this world even if they may be vastly greater in wisdom than we. In a philosophical sense all such art on all levels of human progress of which we need not strive so hard to find or make and do, are morally equivalent as is the middle world of human self observation and the social as well as particle continuum.

Oh, and happy birthday sister wherever you are and whatever you are doing- time can be a strange and cruel thing once we lose contact for so long as we each have to find, generation to generation, our remarkable and unique paths.  While I am now everywhere I also am nowhere to be found but this is such a canvass that while vanished is not vanished in matters of dark and light.  Somewhere I know that you are having a great and wonderful day.

* * * * *

Conceptual Crisis of the Higgs Mechanism

Conceptual Crisis of the Higgs Mechanism 26 April, 2012
L. Edgar Otto

Next morning, Thursday: From the hint of the structure of the illustration, an intelligible hierarchy of self dual structures in natural three and four space as a sort of Majorana mass difference, we could see the idea of mass in general as a state of the vacuum structural field expressing this and other forms of polytopal duality,

Here in looping paths I excluded the centering of the 25th iota state of the particle of which a loop can in the sense vibrate in this space of the same natural dimension and in fact only in this 24 cell. The mass does not require the Higgs particle view but that seems more like a condensing idea analogous to gravity. In this general duality of structures we find that we can divide things into alternating vibrational games into some perceived or actual ordering of plus and minus zigzags or iotas of equivalent parity over minimum spinning quantization that limits the programming of vectors to these rules of operation of the eight.

So in the computation of mass like values we can distinguish over the natural inertia or the Euclidean duality the count of so many things in the generational mix along the quasized lines of the mapping of grids, especially the orthogonal ones in the 20 or 24 or 16, 32, 36 magic number mirrors of mass and momentum transfer or defect self leaking into parts of the system of self virtual numerology where the idea of mass is also to be understood as structures of time-entropy in relation to it being the special and global logic of information.

The problems, as many have suspected, of the finding of the measurement, regardless of the gains and success of the standard theory or of not finding the Higgs and the like, nor what is in reality the beginning of a supersymmetry even if the description of physics cannot just be a closed system only, is one of our conception as theory and not of the hypothesis the projects were designed to test.

Such paths as matters of sentience and thought simulation systems or experiments, where the counters or zigzags represent intuitive decisions that can hold together in this sense intelligibly but have not intrinsic order likely to be a successive gain toward the truth of a system- and consequently there is no guarantee in the publication of some theory or the reporting of some discovery that these are in fact close to the innate faculty of creative and intuitive truths that tend so be self dual and monitor our physics of consciousness as such structural processes about or analogous to the quasi-preternatural physics of vacua.

Again, at the core of this is the difference between the finite and continuous self dual and virtual curved and straight paths as imagined or actual with their mirror inversions where the processes reversible or irreversible can in a sense be decisions of intuition or physical processes as interchanged potentially where these are local or non-local actualities of dynamic or passive non-necessities. Clearly the self organization of a systems can have a hierarchy of quasi independent yet connected analogous shells hidden or influenced from what seems other total systems or parts of what is essentially the same system as in the coherence of thoughts and personalities.

In the sense physics strives to describe forces going toward a unique center of a sphere or global object as a reductionism, in the higher Triality of such cube structures that duality to the breakdown of the 24 cell into two 4D analogs to the octahedron (this an error even those who understand three space structures are likely not to see as the higher space analog to an octahedron), we can say the Higgs is such a center as what there is and we do not know what where all there is if not the premature question of the existence of supersymmetry and operations beyond the usual enumeration of those in arithmetic and geometry. Has anyone suggested this entity as a candidate for the grounding of dark matter itself with all the intuitive paradoxes or errors of intuition that at first glance suggests? Yet nevertheless even as invisible in our local system as a central but spacious perspective such a particle is a phenomenon as a place which has a quasi existence and possibly a higher order and this self dual analogy to the tetrahedron and 24 cell as unified abstract vacua structures.

It is interesting for example in the evolution of galaxies once the chiral effects are understood that the rare ring galaxy can be seen as both elliptical and a disc, as with the hints of the dark and natural matter relation. But we should not think but can imagine it as a possibility that one type of galaxy eats the other anymore than Higgs like things have this appetite. It seems clear to me that such particles reflect in themselves in spacious vacuum potentiality the maximum symmetries we imagine possible as an alternative fractal invariance to this idea of a quasi-closed expanding or in decreasing cohering closed universe systems. The issue here of similarity is that between the convex to the convex in matters of density and so on.

Perhaps this answers Lubos insightful question today. As perhaps our theoreticians with their white boards should have asked all along while we wait for them to comprehend and catch up to the wide possibilities of new physics directions and answers. Of course I just saw this while the posting of these pages.  Evedently, as with Pikanen's look at the new contemplations- the physics community and speculations have new things to consider, perhaps as a matter ultimately of our philosophy.

* * * * *

Superquasic Abstract Motion Lattice Pictorial Notation

Superquasic Abstract Motion Lattice Pictorial Notation

L. Edgar Otto 25 April, 2012

This I offer as in the stage of a mathematical recreational game level for the sake of pictorial hints only of what is evidently in isolation from some more general theories a viable source of intelligible formulas and intuitions somewhere in the literature or theoretical focus of someone in the world.

Yesterday I started a long post but my living circumstances were in the cycle of stress again due to the emotional state of others around me. Other than the first two paragraphs that added a footnote to the general theme of theory the rest of it seemed too negative to post.

Out of boredom or exhaustion for want of anything to do I tried to take a more formal approach realizing this is a problem and not sure it is my own, but I need to work things out anyway. Consequently I merely added to my output of graphics off line and of them certain programs that underlie the logic of things, paint and vector graphics, I found many things and shortcuts of methods in the drawing of which this simple grid came out of the very relaxed and informal enquiry.

As with those who develop lattices of quasi independent geometric structures like the tetrahedron, for example Leo Vuyk's recent post this week, this close to the logic of four way things that the April 23, 2012 pdf treats in what seems these questions of counting numerology for particle physics, of which we can build from these parts cosmic structures this grid considers the 24 cell patterns as itself self dual and unique in Euclidean four space and now in arithmetic, and in the quasic formulations and the complimentary inverses which directly apply to the structures of the gene code. This also explains in parts the very nature of generation mixing which globally was always a quasic view of contiguous meso motion abstract or physical structures.

The information by which we can encode things that adds a dimension by color that increases the paths and permutation possibilities and on them assume an order or accentuate and artistic unique fact as a picture is a way to say at the foundations that the abstract structure of space considerations itself adds dimensions to the reality of the physical processes expressed that persist in their own right despite the characterization by the concepts of the mathematics and possibly even is paradoxes from the design or properties of logic systems.

I do not expect everyone will see the same thing or be able to decode some reason I chose this or that color or pattern or line, or that in the pattern recognition they can develop ways to see the intelligible purposes of these creative choices. We are all in a sense double blind for the effort and deep into the desire for seeing the seriousness of perceptions. This explains much as to what can be a delay of discovery or limit to a given and untrained mind in the sound mechanisms of thinking and the doubt of its soundness that such lack of creative imagination itself becomes a conceptual limit where there are patters of intuitive recognition. But once someone sees the pattern they cannot help but see it as someone who already has taken the leap and strives to draw such a picture for the general rise of wisdom.

In a deeply connected sense of the dynamics we are trying to discover and invent by way of physics as for all practical purposes the most fundamental of the sciences, should we accept or understand these new physics innovations, it will be clear that the same problems native to our organic species are expressed in the special structure

There are no givens, but it seems to me that the breakdown between communication formally and informally between the supposed power as the backbone of an institution of learning- the professors and wise administrators who respect the freedom of enquiry of that faculty, even between departments and especially between the university as an economic presence in the town is now the beginning or a reflection of the loss of arts that can be done individually and in engaged dialog. Ideas are not just another commodity to which we reestablish an indentured servitude to the general faith by law in the economic system that aims intrinsically for no restraints to take over their perceived hegemony of the world or what it thinks he world is as it consolidates its limits.

Those who would forgive my lapses in reductionism I ask that they also forgive my lapses in the faith in liberty and the method of democracy. Information and science is also that paradox that sometimes the reactionary is the more learned response and the liberal is for those who have not learned to think for themselves let alone their capacity to advise others.

It is perhaps a bad sign of our times or of the society when we have to censor our own work as poets for that can be seen as a breakdown in the sanity, sovereignty, and privacy we can still imagine as an inalienable right of our souls. What is the news that by law the city must clean up the graffiti for that in a sense is a message and an art and the expression of something to which so is the news as a form of appearances as advertising. Now there may not be a message there worth the analyzing or of some intelligible pattern other than some social condition in the prison of society where even in the actual prisons the inmates crave art. But for the police to causally suggest they fight the problem by more and more cameras that spy on the people who is worthy to watch those painting the pictures?

What is it that behind stealth as on the Internet we find so many bullies, as if they have a mask, as if the trolls can reach in the real world those who distracted take such virtual words as serious weapons and arrangers of their actions? Maybe there is something to the pen mightier than the sword or in the end the reality of a fallen brick that matter exists as the old cliche goes, more than the sticks and stones. But what sort of world is it when there are those who monitor the flow of words and pass laws that charge as if real crimes in a community against the ever more presence of graffiti we call to ferret out criminals on the Internet? The news that is not also balanced as neutral is no longer news, nor some awakenings in the expediency of science any longer science.

I add that there are always people giving lip service at least that we should come together and those who would have us grow apart. It is refined lately in local politics as to whom it is responsible for doing of one or the other of those stances. In my naivety I ask for creative dialog of which the love of wisdom is nothing a thief may profit by against his fellows whom he takes as a model and so the worst of examples of his faith. Those who draw pictures and raise the failed corporations in the clouds and bubbles to patterns for their faith in the real world are in the main crazed dreamers who draw really abstract pictures of which the art as such is long dead to what is a greater art to come. Yet in this sea of dreaming the source of things is found if we so survive the questing. But where I have found such wisdom as rare as true mystic vision some claim as routine, I know the truth of my dreams as if that between me and the Creator. Let no artist or theoretician not cradle with care nor lose his ability to judge his own work as his intuitions awaken.

Still, I am not sure how useful this particular diagram is in itself- yet that is often the hint of a better generalization if we choose to try to see.



* * * * *

Principia Unum et Omnica

Principia Unum et Omnica

L. Edgar Otto 25 April, 2012

As the branches of a hyperbolic model reduce to a line it can cross over to expand again- but is it the same lobes that bounce back or are exchanged across the ambiguous sides of the line in this expression of general planes as quadratic? Or can it be conceptually absolutely and positive as both? What would this mean for the TGD take on more general structures of wormholes and the mouths of wormholes?

We cannot say in the next level of conceptual hierarchy of plane or brane structure that the division of the rotocenters can be integral beyond any number of slices- while these are nodes in algebraic space they are the beginning of chaos at 8 dimensions and as a hyperbolic dialectic we should raise questions of remote changes and scale to which the preternatural laws of conservation and symmetry show that this stands as a postulate as did the parallel one of Euclid for our ideas of generalization of dimensions and information and the like.

Having some evidence conceptually of the division of an electron (or quark) as halved in the viriality and in Leo Vyuk's recent post can we so subdivide such point like objects? Does this not speak for the square and square roots of the quasic boundary perhaps multiply with limits? Are such stereonomic limits if existing the origin of a quasifinite hierarchy of scales, masses, reduced inverse square laws as with gravity and its strength by proximity and the relation generally between them such as with color and frequencies.

The acceptance or the fact in retrospect of the inevitability of theoretical and technical progress shows the scope of the non-necessity of principles such as in sociobiology particularly of social altruism as the driving force in evolution (here considered the only dynamic progressive force) But where there are connections it is clear that the lifespan under stress of organic systems including thought changes in the general context as a self reflecting global system- the search and destroy the stance of keeping the peace as if complex space at right angles.

Society then goes through awakens wherein the core faith or ideas of physical reality vanish all at once in the general society if this connection becomes a necessary state and those left after such a rapture are lost again for awhile on such a highway to general wisdom. But in matters of truth and not some delusion of self or rights at the core of things we imagine this is how it is or it should be. Social problems can be solved as social problems and not by the actions of individual to individual to deny the problems of society or individuals for such interaction over stresses the adaptability of general disease and what axioms we regard as reality.

The price of such awakening in an individual is that those around them in need or in anger have not changed in their silliness of their stance. Society has become the undesirable in the campus or cave asylums of ghettos of a few generations of individuals who do not know what they do to what to them is a smug and stable world of which they have the right to profile outsiders with their paranoid fears and grandiose ideals the average soul knows but the myths of dying ideologies. The people as individuals are a danger to themselves as well as to others and not necessarily the ideas or people they profile.

Three generations of imbeciles is enough for sooner or later in the balance of nature and the neutrality of beauty of so called equal weight and symmetry for all vanishes in the natural beauty as well the whitewash of their words far from their actions, and the reaction no longer sees them as human to correct in their politics or medicine and thus in the judging of others they have set the stage to be in social principle less worthy of altruism and mercy. In a unified conception which should have been found in the source of academia we find the disruptive chaos that from a distance shows no mercy to the continuity and concerns of families and individuals. As far as truth goes the system of enquiry has become meaningless in its application of laws thus the laws are rendered so, and the system is suicidal like the confusing messages of cells that self destruct.

Only the unstable minds are influenced with care and altruism for the memory of such people and in that they take on themselves the drama of these others they so are led down the same path when there was no real deep care of he departed in the first place- nature abhors compassion when it is blind to its own moral ground.

Think not that we become ruthless and thus too hardened if we reply with fire such fire or that all is hopeless for those who are still human enough to try to care- for those may yet inherit the world and peace. That we become thereby the kinds of people we react against.

Would you change the world then? There are two ways, one is the intimacy of higher magic from the general but earthbound view of that personal that touches all worlds. The other is the finding of more fundamental truths in the depths that are hidden and bring to the world finer details that let us in the distance to see the false vacua as simplicity.

But to think one can do it politically only, or by force, or by some denial of what is individually or generally a right, is not to be in a state of authenticity of self, and social shared delusions- for the community of man in spirit can be disembodied as supernatural questions in a cloud and that is only the virtual measure and value beyond even an empty world. We should neither demonize or forbid the general faith in our physicians but solve our problems in the neutral but not always destructive awakening by science.

Yet despite all these words in profusion and even what you think is confusion where your arrogance of discovery to the perceived and socially acceptable myths of the day of which some expect acceptance or reward from the momentum of a movement safe in the herd or the lip service to an ideal but a mirror of the same thing on the other side of some evil balanced if there in another age, I still have a great deal of things I have not written in the higher theories and wisdom and careful not to do more than mark the breadcrumbs along the way as hits and hopes- so take not but in your blind hearts in private thought or public view what we each contribute individually and independently to the unity of the whole of theory. What matters if of a billion pictures you are mortal enough that in and beyond a thousand lifetimes all of these cannot be seen?

* * * * *

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Echoes Coming Back from Burned Violets Sent to Her

Echoes Coming Back from Burned Violets Sent to Her

L. Edgar Otto 24 April, 2012

Hero came to the grave where he had prepared her for the journey beyond her lifetime. One spring ago since the toll on those who took shelter in the caves against a long and cold winter. Now, like the sunflower that faces the burning star he wanted to send her flowers to cheer her on, and to find surcease from the mocking awakening of prairie blooms.

He prepared some violets and burned them that their spirits would follow her, point the way as he had done laying her out to the four directions of the spinning sky that this stars not seen so far from the fountain of auroras would follow her as she faced the greater light of darkness that cannot burn and heals against all wilting.

She was not much more than dreams and his love for her stood to his mind as deep as the mysteries she did not care to think about or explore. She thought his game of counting stones of many colors and casting bones or arranging the nest with patterns of painted sticks, knotted leather strings she said was cute. She bore his sons. Her promise missed.

He collected the eighteen colors he used as runes to paint on the cave walls in the dark to record the dream time and praise the fallen beasts given in the hunt or the passing of the chief, or the victory of the wars. Men in time alone who seek to decorate the subterranean but he did not know why he craved the pigments more than food, or often love.

The little one was with him. Young enough to think of him a king or god, someone to fear who could see everything in this world, to fear him that he saw beyond the stars that nothing could be hidden. Just the average shaman in the end with his tricks and lights and slight of hand he put his cell phone to the bar code on her tombstone.

They watched her sing as she prepared the meal and plant the seeds for corn, hang chimes made of shells above his crib, scoot away the hound dot from his sleep and growing dreams of the wild birds that ate from her hand. But somehow in this world more filled with light, cycles of the moon, there was no more room for ashes even in the caves.

* * * * *

Footnote: I know there will be more to explore it is so hard or perhaps meaningless to wonder where a work or journey begins or ends- and my drive to do this has doubled and would be quadruples if I did not have external problems, that and what still must learn about this virtual medium, its changing tools. But things in the theme of this blog, in the direction of the course of creative philosophy and science, seem to be going well and close to a better path of enquiry after all as if I have said enough for now- so perhaps I can return awhile to the poems and music.

* * * * *

Postulates on Preternatural Principles

Postulates on Preternatural Principles of Symmetry L. Edgar Otto 24 April, 2012

  • That divided by commensurate integral angles of a radial symmetry may appear a continuous region contiguous to the quasic boundary of its region of scale change possibilities but really can be an aggregate of independent slices of the circumference of that boundary in a lattice span.

  • Such a centered entity may be extended radially into multiples of the integer numbers or fractions of such divisions.

  • The overall symmetry operations may thus apply rules of arbitrary merging of the parts as a group theory by a dynamic determination or by invisible but not hidden chance alignment of the parts as if the rotocenter of no span is so subdivided or just a matter of chance alignment by general default.

  • A system of symmetry to which conservation laws are thus ambiguously derived in the preternatural span also have depth of which the vectors kaleidoscopic in generalized directions said to be parallel as a linear loxidrome that approaches a rotocenter can meet at a point of intersection in the ideal as the depth is zoomed out to higher scales.

  • At which point the overall group symmetry obeys a neutral chirality in a neutral spin direction and this might be a fulcrum of reversal of the handedness at such a rotocenter.

  • From the zoom in at the beginning of dynamic direction toward a rotocenter the vectors become tangent to the circumference as if a boundary seen as divided or continuous as if a reduction in generalization to a polygon.

  • Between these two dynamic permanent motions of default relative environs of some point of rest the zooming may be seen as an invariant relative interval as if all reality in totality

  • In the completion of rotation across the division of the boundary or beyond with regard to the span or to other systems in an abstract lattice or in random chaotic positions we can derived the abstract principle of uncertainty by vacuum structure in that this applies to intelligible physical realities and the general foundational laws of depth and span considerations of observations directly or indirectly present.

  • These principles of spin depth and zooming also apply to what may be considered rectilinear postulates of the Euclidean principle of parallels reduced as a spacious kaleidoscope of the vanishing unity or zero connections as one reduced totality in a sea of rotocenter singularities as if group lattices or scaled fractal like unit crystal cells in a non necessary aggregate of an axiom of no intrinsic vector directions that upon observation attempts betray vacuum structural uncertainty described above.

  • An interval of information, looped or without bounds over a dynamic encompassing at the convex flat boundaries may itself be quantized as bits of analogous material systems. Thus in the abstract and with intelligible laws of count such an interval, quasi fractal or quasi holographic on some insightful level of inter-dimensional relations that implies a unique individual abstract center of the identity element as if a total organic individual in systems in systems context or if not part of a system potentially so, contains in its interval of bits of information an evolutionary directionality of these principles of more general but non necessarily super symmetry.

  • When two symmetrical systems are superimposed in a pattern on the same rotocenter the integral count of the items as if unit points or cells in a lattice these generate differences that show the intrinsic patterns within numbers as if the super-positioning not transparent.

  • The potential for the resolution of subsystems of these lines of codes or circles of symmetry is that a general system of such may show a directionality that self combines or compares the coherent intelligibility as a machine of self repair for the resolution of its general modeling or functioning around a real or abstract idea of the rotocenter that defines it.

  • The bits of code on such boundaries and the meaning with regard to a unique general system in the widest generalization does create what extension of symmetry operations apply as if in a wider span of dimensions, areas and volumes and so on, holographically, and in effect the condensing or compression of this information by the preternatural environs of generalized definitions of symmetry may have intelligible expression tractable back through what may seem arising from a chaotic environs in the resulting decompression of the information the systems of information as thus conserved under all boundaries.

  • At remote conditions of space and time, matter and vacuum, at some creative or entropy eating vacuum entity in its volume or at its surface, that is a black hole like object, such symmetry information and the physical objects related to it in a vacuum can be converted into subsystems that remain from some view independent of the question of where the now general isolated subsystem goes to or returns from. Yet at this level no such objects necessarily are conserved as unique identities for here existence and nothingness are conjugate.

  • It is possible to read and understand, even beyond my special terminology and special use of phrases the information or meaning contained in this post of parallel connections of Eide physics concepts yet still not comprehend the significance or consequences of such extended theories save perhaps at a quasi axiomatic awareness of the ambiguity of what is seen or not seen as intelligible as a principle thus of comprehension and communication that is analogous to the above preternatural generalization of the core concept of symmetry operations.

I would like to add this sentiment: Of what use could such a foundational approach as the above post be? Perhaps, when things seem to connect in the shared epiphanies and awakenings of new science, to the point perhaps it seems we discover what is awakening in the world or being centered and in some sense close to the original ideas one might feel that the world is created or changed according to his unique experience of consciousness, being. In any case this may be a measure of the worth of our projects of intuition. We have come so far and I will put a quote from the Science Daily link to new thoughts on Fusion. It seems that there are some vast areas of theory of which we slowly find a way while costly diversions in the search of which without a more fundamental theory as above we are surprised that no one, usually opened up by an individual really, had see such before- here it amounted to the use of simpler formulas after all. Of course I feel there are other paths to such hot fusion and many things I quite image are advanced in the hidden researches of world governments- from Yahoo news there is the report of a craft that goes 20 times the speed of sound to which this lost of its skin caused it to crash, they think. Now this is speculative for me but I ask in these general principles, we recognizing something now that we begin to understand so notices it, focus on it, find more instances of it. Is there some sort of limit which may be one of the integral symmetries involved here- if not in the music of the atmosphere then in the music of the vacuum? I imagine also that these are abstractions of our concepts of things like physical or geometrical ideas of density and so on as the article suggests. Another interesting observation is where the theories are lacking and speculations are put forth as probes and tests and repeated results affirmed- from another view such as this some of the speculations while intelligible seem to me rather silly- but it is not my place to point this out to the thinker nor to discourage such creative enquiry. The university, especially there for its own persistence and reach as an organization rather than a source of wisdom for all of us can be the source of chaos and breakdown in the culture. Where there has been secondhand debate of students so trained in the commons or the quads I can usually trace this source from the university of which it too seems so silly to me that they think the people cannot see past their propaganda ultimately- the old fool all of the people all of the time. Nevertheless, in the interplay of the town and gown I do hope we can fulfill better the promises of education. I did not post the link of yesterday concerning to the back to the drawing board on the evolution role of the viruses- of course such cycles of information in the quasic grid I have posted long ago where these can be loops and so on... Nor of what is going on in the different strengths of magnetic pole reversals in the sun in an article recently although the sun is after all subject to eide views of quasic symmetry principles as science and not just the unknown or mystery as if supernatural as applied to such hot fusion entities with a difference in temperature as information cycles, reduces and plasma pinches.
When it rains it pours I guess: from a fellow blogger I see this PDF thru a fellow blogger (actually to me an analog to the deeper structures at the virial foundations as if the proteins to the codons as an analogy...) which is pretty much this sort of preternatural quasic and Eide system thinking which does seem to charge nature with some real numerology. Note the blogger begins to ask questions on the zero state of it all... Oh, of course if there is anything to Zero point theory of course we can have Nil and even Nullhedral point theory by the same sort of geometrical analogies.
* * * * * I like today's dated paper in the pdf link and the idea of the order of the s b c quarks (as if some point of combination theory, see Kea) now to post a similar theory before I see the link the very same day is quite synchronous- well, much of theories were developed long ago or so many years before publication and so on... I like the analogy of the muon to the neutrons and the count of particles, it is both Conway matrix like and the other views of things in many directions. I posted this to Jester: all the soul searching and the thought of who comes out standing as silly in retrospect. For those of us close to the wisdom this is the career creating or killing thing that progress sometimes does.
Again I am surprised about the sidebars, if I added one would it loose things? But when people add or take my blog off them it makes me wonder if they are not mad at me or for some other reason- when I am on one I feel I have to be more formal and more careful of what I say in the dialog. I bare no ill thoughts against anyone who dares think or reflect on our higher wisdom. Welcome to a better range of the new physics- I was wrong, those who have some form of a theory of everything turn out to think so because they are a little closer to the truth of things.
* * * * * Jester,
A most interesting post but I have to disagree. These abandoned theories as if theories of everything needs a clearer idea of natural and never was supernatural in the first place as science.
If we solve the system the standard theory does not need LHC chemotherapy to delay the inevitable.
If you read carefully some of the bloggers and links of this date you will recognize principles some of them printed on line before in the formal press or rumors of news of new discoveries. Is the muon close to the Neutron in structure?
We shall see but if theories are to vanish or be invisible it is theory and not just experiment that kills the upstarts.


Monday, April 23, 2012

General Majorana Particles and the Filled Vacuum of the Dihedron (Eide Physics Continued...)

General Majorana Particles and the Filled Vacuum of the Dihedron (Eide Physics Continued...)


L. Edgar Otto
23 April, 2012

The quasic physics of abstract rest and motion in its algebraic like notation already contains the insights of alternative views of dimensions and symmetry. Of course there are variations on but one view in different formulations,

By 'insight' I mean what was said the key insight of Riemann which concerned a relation between adjacent dimensions and that taken a little further than the conventional Euclidean treatment of abstract concepts like a plane. It discusses a middle ground between the view of groups as continuous or discrete. The filled aether as a vacuum is such a middle ground wherein one can develop things like string and brane theory, with cues taken from experimental observation or theoretical conclusions that assumes some vague and general principle like the Pauli exclusion or Filled vacuum, also the assumption that Majorana particles are to be taken as neutral with respect to charge,

Some of these principles beginning with the quasic and a more unified view by geometry can be put on firmer ground.

A dihedron, a point on the graph of the dualism and restraints of convex polyhedra as to the count of faces to a point or the total number of points and faces is a flat object that has two sides but contains no volume. It has a point, rather like a fixed point in that it is movable as in the crinkling of an array of numbers that the balled up mass tossed on the array will find at least one point corresponds cell to cell. Today's theme will distinguish such points as geometric objects and in a sense extends in to the depths what we see as relatively negative and apparently alternating if an extension of Pascal's triangle, that is minus one to the nth in succession, as first considered by Newton- which can lead to fundamental variations on the calculus in style including the middle ground of motions and rest of an algebraic grounding of numbers. We extend the concept into the vacuum.

By such nilpotency of dimensional insights we can quite imagine new principles, for example in the Riemann insight we establish by such a point vertically in a plane of which its circumference being composed of infinite polygons as a group, this can lead to discs in particular, or square or round things in the abstract or any vague shape in between. A principle then could be stated like this: if the disc containing a point vertically from one side of the dihedron to the other (regardless of the need for one higher dimension should we choose to flip it or to do so if that would distinguish the parity, we observed and instantaneous jump quantum like from area to area of the double surface. Again the count of such points as to what dimension they are end should be generalized in the inter dimensional relationships as well the ideas of groups and symmetry and their interrelations not necessarily to be generalized beyond our compass of lower dimensions, the concrete ones.

Another principle is that the jump by Riemann at the completion of a cycle of complex space, like slices of bread over time or the possible concept of a series of branes that have connections of changing distance between them including certain angles askew of such slices, that from the filled vacuum view (and not the resultant manifold of gauges of which by compactification they are in a sense places in coordinates as distinguished hidden dimensions as discrete) this a ground for the oscillating Ekpyrotic universe model as wells as the then equivalent ideas of Inflation cosmology in this question of the continuous and discrete, that such jumps over he interval of a cycle as in string theory these can be multiple as well in the complex number analysis, that in the ...


Aether upon such multi discs rotations we can see the multi density as a linear reentry of such factors in a polyhedron and the polytopes albeit unclear in the higher dimensions beginning at four, that Riemann's insightful jumps and leaps of wisdom and reduction to zero and eventually a Cartesian one quadrant of his grid the three ignored as not relevant to the theory of his plane, a positive space only (the diagram of such a path to exclude the zero and negative axis and this method in its present metaphor can be questioned as it too need a grounding in the foundations) that between such abstract jumps such Riemann density, as to it also taking observable time can be seen at least as continuous.

On which side of the Lie and Klein views does such a point decide what in dimensions or the inversions or the continuity of powers ultimately of duality as defining a given continuum where as if there is a choice in the Majorana the choices as in the origin of chirality of matter and antimatter are equal at the neutral vacuum level? We can regard the ideas of Clifford where the power is the dimension integer as part of the Lie considerations wherein there is a sense of discreteness in the gauge realized as some sort of quantization question of objects or entities of hidden continuity.

We can insist that no matter how thin or far we go into this path as if divergent there is always some small bit of continuity that does not vanish even in a world emptied of its light and matter and the last mini black hole will vanish. For an empty space, without even the quantum vibrations so as to fill it crudely or in the gross observations above the aether vacuum empty level is replete with abstract structure. Perhaps this will vanish but it is a question of what goes beyond this analogy to reduction from the next super space of symmetries into a quantum form and form and from that back down to the classical form of our ideas of ergonomic potentials and kinetics of differentiation as the key expression of physical laws.

Of what sort of geometric objects would a null polytope of which the subscript by convention is minus one, less than the zero of a point, composed? And if we go further it is clear that (as I suggest tentatively in the illustration) that we can distinguish say the nil point and the null point as if double nullification. This also grounds the idea of different geometrical objects, say a point and face, or a point and a ten dimensional volume as a complex of higher singularities of which it remains responsive to the context and flow of the universe in the observable structures and information of how we view singularities as if the null point or a complex of them most likely Euclidean in the simplicity of connected convex surface or volume, fractal or holographic truths and illusions of force and information.

This is too simple to see even right before our eyes as it cannot be hidden in plane sight, nor under the rug of the Aether. We generalize the enquiry of knowing things by the awakening of science as an extension of this philosophy that began in Ernest with the Greeks.

* * * * * *

Idea left out to point out something:   In the nilhedron in the illustration we have a fundamental definition of the concept of a string both in the latter and former idea of them- in a sense they are certainly not  strings with no area or volume a the ground of being, nor in the consideration of other dihedron like structures must we postulate ad hoc some natural added dimension for them to vibrate within.  From my geometric view, these point like vacua objects as symmetrical and Platonic like have hidden depth and span after all and from it we can see of three objects which one of them is in the center of a flat string?  Which of three quarks for example is to be considered relativistic?  And ultimately in some formulation is it not clear there are five quarks the sixth, presumably the top, being slightly different on a reduced level.  Of course if all this is true and was the picture of handed things I was trying to understand and express then the table of fundamental particles has to be widened but not in the sense of super-symmetric partners as a general addition of things but things more interrelated and fundamental, perhaps more things than we now imagine even in Rowlands formulation over the Dirac nilpotency and exceptional groups of which I understand the royal road to unified string theory.  It may be we can regard such things as Majorana neutrinos as somewhere an addition to a table of such particles in their own right in addition to those which are not of that form of n-bit iota information contexts and expression.  It is perhaps unfair of me to not know that I can make my arguments and pages easier to read in the internet posting- I did not know- such alternate views do cloud the usual order of marching to the theories of the time- and there is no way to see right away that this beat is the better and sounder one.  Yet I have striven in the metaphors as a poet for clear meaning no matter what is required of language to invent to convey in a concise form some symbol- one of which in this rather geometric way of interpreting structures such as the soma the general analogy to the nilhedral string idea is the jokers and the grand joker of all such things centered, that is that do have a definite center among the triality of quarks or any lepton that has such an intricate way to oscillate between flavors or some that do not, and so on.

The technicality of a missing piece of such a collection of regions or pixels in a quasic plane- as I said is the answer to say Pitkanen on the nature of the Riemann hypothesis as a half value that acts like a grounding or limit of some unit measure of one- but this speaks of higher things- but the thing is, I welcome these confluences of views as a simpler and more beautiful theory to which we must also feel sorrow for the loss of our familiar systems we work so hard to find.  Not that things are not beautiful unto the evolution of the day but that they are so much the more so now that those who enter a new territory even humbled on the checky shores are more expert than those still crawling up from the sea.  I may laugh to myself when I see some point of overestimation or stance that thinks it is not one of ignorance- but I laugh with joy as to what we do and can do, surprised as a species- even the cleaver scorpions and insects that come first to tame the land and who inherit the earth because they endure.  I should formally develop this as it is not evident even with the pictures (wow, I can draw with vectors that was designed for a math program it seems, another leap close to the logic, another night of sore fingers and blurry eyes when I was used to it.) - I leave this long footnote as it is.