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Future Dark (Noir) Matter Effects and Technologies

Future Dark (Noir) Matter Effects and Technologies L. Edgar Otto Jan, 29, 2012 by The Pe Sla I could add another effect but that would be a discussion on the software, a simulation, rather than the hardware of the truth of a physical experiment when true. But as with the evidence that may come from such predictions it is not clear where, finally, the software and the hardware is distinguished or begins.

I believe this is about all that can be said for awhile so I will return to other projects but be near on line if anyone needs clarification. Good Luck, Good Creativity, and Good Enquiring, one and all! Our bright futures may have something more than hopeful substance after all... :-)

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The Learning Machine XVI
Braids of Time L. Edgar Otto Jan.31, 2012

I cannot quote yet from the few living masters, their manuscript closer to
be ready for publication, the three who would meet for dialog, long workers
Above the trend now explained as science, above economy and epistemology
the ancient quest, some of faith only in their world view, all the civil rights love fest.

For the issue is time and causation, the uniqueness of history, the right and the left
each to claim that A is A or A is not A, no simple unities or dialectics, the world
Itself the experiment as to what is awakening and what converges to scarcity.

Again that the pink unicorns not existing makes the old gray mare all the more real.

Have you felt less real these last few days because your friend became news
waiting until the spring thaw, past his expiration date to rise from the river?
Is the reality of his crash into the zero speed limit roadsigns made your life less real?
How is it you assume his was a rational departure, no accident or stumble and
without some cause, not the surprise of those re-awaking recalling the pain so leap?

The fuzzy world has a place where the ghosts wait for some spring thaw likewise.
not far from the place where in searches sometimes nothing is ever found.
Memories, buried so they cannot haunt and we can be sure in closure, time itself
history assumed real or phantom in the hidden trees of depths that moves times

Ties it up into braids like shepherd moons in the rings of Saturn, and in the cosmic
scheme of perfection the paths meet of dust, the Jupiter's to deflect and eat the comets
At the final cloudy moment where things gather that do gather, the giant Red Spot
and the Hexagon at the poles, equators moving slower than they, in layers.

In this world, stuck on some shadows, his body seen through binoculars trapped on
the shallows, his face not seen, and never known he wore camouflage, soaked, bloated
We note he is missing his left hand and the right arm frozen into position.

For some souls, what was solid in their lives in the face of great news, as if the reality of
the battle ground sits in to the young there in circumstance warriors, what was their
Solid life and purpose, already lost in dream, seems more real- or that myth that the
ones down to earth not dreamers imagines the swimmer taking its reality with him.

Worry not which is now the ghost, or what the grounding of the world that you think must
have its answer... Even in these days wider the invisibility as we at one with our consciousness
As to the unique history of our life stream and its vanishings we are all the necromancer.

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The Symmetry of Behavior and Purpose

The Symmetry of Behavior and Purpose The Pe Sla L. Edgar Otto Jan. 29, 2012 written day after the last grand finalie post on the possibilities of these ideas for future technology (which of course risk those who are on similar paths by the exactness of experiments- I thought of this in relation to other dark matter theorists where we could, if falsified, rise or fall with our fortunes together. I am glad I do not find a link today on Kea's blog - not that she owes any explanation but I mention this due to the nature of possible censorship and obsessive interest in her blog, evidently. But for me it means I am more free to not adjust my titles to read more formally scientific and generally understandable. Again, in our human nature, the inspiration being Pinker for this last post out of the chronology of the writing is this general and foundational question and as such could be just considered philosophy. In any case I do not speak for anyone about their theories- still, I as a poet may refer from time to time to Kea's Theorem. I quite imagine that now I can devote some time to the lyrics and music projects, what time is left.

This morning in the observation of my oil drop floating in water and alcohol simple experiment I concluded that where the smaller ones are adsorbed is the the condensing of these as if singularities on the ring and at the large spheres equator where such singularities merge. Of course this is but one observation. Still it may have influenced me to think about the next (previous written) post on possible new technologies.

Pinker in a sense in this book on human nature is an alternative view to the work in the 70's of Dawkins et al in which I took part in the debate- for it also involved the "instruction" rather than Dawkins term "meme" by F. T. Cloak Jr. whom is mentioned in the text of the "Selfish Gene" and in my less educated attempts wrote extensively about in my large book "Instruction and Being" if the manuscript still exists. The Dawkins view is of course a more materialist one- in fact Dawkins makes the leap to see religion as a bad and superstitious influence on humanity. Yet, his observation of how rapidly things can evolve mechanically from chaos, as if the response of ants to stimuli, is high science.

Pinker has a new book out by the way and if it is anything like his previous ones it will be worth reading, a popular view that has substance in many areas with very extensive research of the documentation of concepts presented.

I include in the lead photo a page from that book where he cites Newt Gingrich in this time that Gingrich is in the Florida primary for the republican nominations for president. Can this question of the (Human) Nature code make our political climate any more sensible? I mean, at what level of community or personal standards is there a zero point of sorts, conservative being the mainstream, the old balances between the individual and state, the outsiders and the tribe, man and woman, the compromise in this view of the blank slate or not as the issue of what is family? So it may not be just a politics as the nature of culture wars and ideology in the issue at least of altruism, for that is recently observed evolved in primates. The issue of altruism and sacrifice, and the brittle bonds of trust between friend and family, is more that we should qualify altruism as "meaningful sacrifice".

Opposed in the front running is the Mormon, Mitt Romney, this of course should have no bearing, once the appeal to votes in a democracy is achieved as to the leadership for all the people, for the office of president. Gingrich is repentant (although seen as an unpredictable individualist now Catholic.) The Mormon church, its distinct separation of the godhead, is more materialist in the hereafter than the protestants in general- Catholics acknowledge some mysteries as their model for heaven... but what I mean by this is the relevance of the nature-nurture issues and as Pinker points out, the hidden grounds and content of our genes is also the enduring stuff of great dramas of the scope of those possible and recognizable, universals from ancient Greece on the nature of Tragedy and so on among kin.

But such dialectics of opposing sides and interplay of symmetries, and foundational reason and physics, is much more in its fortunes than a one way or two way deal.

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Gyroscopes and Quasic Energy

Gyroscopes (Scoping the Gyres) and Quasic Energy L. Edgar Otto Jan. 29, 2012

The excesses certainly can be seen as evidence of super-symmetry, say of photons that expand from their condensed triality. Kea, among the theories of dark matter and like phenomena makes the leap to this of many possible explanations. From that hint and leap I must apply it to my system and the wider concept of quasic energy. Forgive me the sense of awe (but not fear as science can ameliorate that in us) and elevated, poetic mood as is perhaps our state if we think about cosmology. You can tell from the range of complexity of my writings above, and if one day they can be easily accessed by computer methods of analyzing script and photos, that the scope of the vision is a wide panorama itself a sort of scale invariance.

The Footnote:

The fluidity and fluency I found in number and space structures I also find and acknowledge for words. Poetic moods and sensitivity to the extent of our creativity and experience allows -including error- sporadically arising and correcting somewhere in awakenings facts as if anew in time.

In this sense we all learn new languages or are influenced by their styles and use by others if learning becomes yet originates as our own. This seems true despite whatever content of deeper meanings or parallels of connections in the span if we race to the skies or rest in contemplation at our own center of existing, and whatever the case we find of reality in the highest or lowest remote scales- that words may have, isolated and lonely in our sand box or falls, know our hope filled fellowship has togetherness, Love.

In the quest for understanding many have made an essential leap (and ultimately for whatever reason the gods are silence and they bravely explore left to their own) taken a small step that adds to the body of literature, library, and raises the bar of human cognition.

Most of them known only among the pantheon of theorists, some little known who took the step, did the work to its critical mass dawning, bare the burdens, first almost in disbelief felt and the joys of discovery. These were not household names, but even fame can have its intrusions and expectations on the authors. Lonesome is the vision and deeper concerns far from the popularity of others, the circles of peers and the crowd. Those with still unanswered concerns at the frontier of contemplations
which no one can judge such artists or advise him in such work.

I have been a fool like any man, social status collapsing, so to meet the damsel in distress, her tears a weapon. In fame it is often the power (ignorance as an evil) that is protected at the cost of truth so war is waged on other theories regardless of its fact or some hold that there is no such truth ultimate or possible at hand.

We do not need in our explorations to commit to some view, save existentially. We receive the eternal signal of wisdom as if the work of world building must take its time. Only in retrospect can we make a sound, and artistically accentuated story that stands out from the events and meanings of our journey that it seems or is the most important, and highly unique thus creative, thing. Even if a fluency in what the world and gods debate as to a language of lies and blasphemy.

So I cannot make the leap, commit to some destiny as some physicists think they can do, nor hold there is the immanent Deity we can imagine (the one God in his silence too, loading the dice and apparently leaving the game at least for awhile without explanation.) Nor can I fall into a sterile nothingness as the vision in answers. I was always free not to, not cup, to ground the reality of God but that has been a remote echo of wonder in the back of my mind but far even from natural living in the night with colour and light in my dreams. Evil souls- and how we characterize them in a universe without characterization - cannot discern the glory or the insanity of visions and even live as if they know they do not know but hide it if hiding from the work of knowledge and wisdom they relish the freedom to do wrong unto others.

But if among you gods of theory, you cannot see, after the long and careful climb the heights as if into the depths the likes of Pagels did and quantum physicists drawn to mountains tend to do, perhaps to fall, reaching, reach the bottomless lakes where theories dissolve along with reason... Kea's take on the grounding of the dark continuum as the correct step that you cannot distinguish its wider significance, then you are no physicist, even in the physics of the new.

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The fluidity

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Of Stars and Butterflies, Numbers and Dimensions

Of Stars and Butterflies Numbers and Dimensions L. Edgar Otto Jan. 28, 2012

I ended this posted series of papers with the quote on the nature of predictions, both from a scientific and more magical or subjective consideration which seems at the paradox of quantum theory as interpreted in relation to materialism and super-symmetry ideas ( this is also a confusion of directions in space as well as time- in the age where a child sees the world outside his family as the Noir, maybe that reflected in people taking cues and fashion from the movies- in the cold war- did not the Marxist idealize the material? Or perhaps Lenin wisely quantized the party into soviets and also acknowledge the party as defined by electrification. In any event if some had studied Engels then the dialectical ideas of electromechanics and the technology would have been advanced by fifty years.) So is it the left or right on which the God that failed was such a social experiment, more mystical than scientific? Am I to believe the news that the right wing who so vote are less educated and generally more stupid or is it that our universities remain still the last bastion of Marxism on the left?

Anyway, Lubos has an interesting post beginning with a statement on predictions and apparently in reaction against who he perceives to be anti-quantum theory: I quote some random parts of it:

"However, at the same moment, the new and more accurate theory often leads to predictions that are pretty much indistinguishable from the predictions of the old theory, at least when we only talk about a class of limiting situations that may be "special" from a theorist's viewpoint but that can still be de facto covering all of our life i.e. that can be "universal" from a practical person's viewpoint."

"When I look at the actual abilities of quantum physics to confirm various beliefs held by the superstitious and supernatural people, I don't find too many. What quantum mechanics is actually able to do is to overcome various results of classical reasoning such as Bell's inequalities or the predicted results for spins in the GHZM experiment, Hardy's paradox, and other quantum games. However, the "truly spiritual and superstitious people" wouldn't be able to calculate the predictions in these situations even classically so I don't think that quantum mechanics should be able to legitimately move physics closer to their hearts."

Thank you Lubos, but I am not sure the question of if science has abandoned materialism makes sense or is a conflict in itself in possible systems beyond the quantum formulations.

Also, and I have not been keeping up with him enough, this fellow blogger I follow had some interesting posts lately like this one. He keeps up with the science news and speculations and the link here he offers is worth the reading for its view on dimensionality.

I posted this on facebook status today:
L. Edgar Otto
A problem with communications around the world on the internet is that it does little to help one keep track of the date or day, for there can be confusions where someone else thinks its a different date. That and time being a rather fluid thing and sometimes depending on what we are doing or how naps may change things, we may in a sense lose or gain days or find them in sync. This is a human condition like associating names to different places where you know people in some role. It is freedom in the now and distinguishing the real- not necessarily a case of the absent minded scientist lost in his creativity or going down I-94 deep into the texting on the cell phone.

* * * *
I had a thought of which I may have not written down somewhere clearly- that of the role of Dihedrons as general objects with not necessarily a zero volume but more like a time volume (one in any case of the expansion and contractions) of which from the quasic view I could imaging these abstract roles as the TGD mouths of wormholes?

I have come to realize also the very questionable idea of a half singularity (where I write it as half infinity) seems more solid as if a mirror along the diagonal plane and this may be the case in ordinary matrix theory- we are at that half infinity in each moment and perhaps in the return of moments... in the count of the abstract pixels, half the diagonal it seems at least from the intuitive geometrical view (after all duality is not all and everything as in Rowlands quantum world- one that by the way convincingly shows how relativistic views and renormalization are not needed as adjustments in some nilpotent cases so in a sense the classical and relativistic distinction is not that radical a truth or description of reality. So here we ask, as with our suggestive hypnosis of the need to seek for certain formulations of super-symmetries if they can be seen, as if not seen already, or in a sense seen materiality and in a reductionist view the goal, we certainly should begin starting with triality and beyond or integrate such concepts into the whole before the past or future before us or future or past after us bounces into that flat plane of half singularity and finds its directions. On that diagonal as in the tricube (really of six bi colors merged to gray of the 30 cube two tone sets) we in a sense add the idea of 8 of 16 reflected back to origins (I call this the Fayray, that is for those who would say "no way fay", ahh the beauty here and the the beasts!) thus we demonstrate, in the reduction as if to found some theory of holography of information phenomena and surface mixings the intelligible conditions of both the counting and the shapes or forms of things as we learn to recognize such concepts of patterns.

* * * * * The cover photo of this post is the city in the distance including a steeple and hospital seen through the branches in winter, also part of the next door brick wall. I take this as a metaphor of these unified aspects of philosophy we might emphasize as spiritualism or materialism as the issue. I meant to type out and of course revise a little the two themes- one inspirational one technical of the visualization view of how nature sees her dimensions. But I am short of time- I may do it later.

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Reality Check with QED Nilpotent Methods

Reality Check with QED Nilpotent Methods L. Edgar Otto January 27, 2012 please adjust the date on the illustrations. What if Rowlands physics is all there is? The idea of the standard theory as the Higgs could be forever out of reach of our conceptions and experiments. As Einstein said, we should make a theory simpler but only so far - I imagine by this, the strength of an axiom only, that our idea of God is such a great synthetic achievement. Are foundations deeper than the powerful nilpotent method indefinite synthetic stories? I note that Eliot is quoted in the blogs, as he often is, on our journey that comes home again to see were we started in new light... our sense perhaps from a physical closure, a given fact we may feel in our being in this universe.

Tonight, I come back after some raw and casual thoughts and playing with numbers. I find things there, and coming back to myself and seeing my methods in a new light, I thought it would be worth the raw posting. For one thing, in my fairly recent understanding of quantum theory beyond what one may find in the magazines or in the popular radios or casual talks with undergrad students makes me think that in one sense my quasic ideas can be reduced and explained by Rowlands nilpotent methods. A good theory presentation considers what are the objections as well the implications or predictions.

Even the Fundamental Theory of the great Sir Arthur Eddington seems it can be seen in this reduction- the idea essentially of reducing things to 5 (gamma matrices) from the 8 elements of the complex algebra- thus symmetry breaking. For he derives the fine structure constant of 136 or so from the number in the diagonal and the half of the rest in a 16 by 16 triangle. After all, atoms outside the nucleus at least and with analogs of QED there, would say 136 electrons or elements are possible. Of course my long time blush on it revolves around 120. Eddington would count the electrons (or protons) as an average of those possible and he uses 2^136 in the very large but exact calculation. Why not if there is all there is?

I did spend some considerable time when I first was given the Soma game making variations and trying to make he puzzle easy from one unified formula. In the small pamplet that came with it the inventor, Piet Hein, was said to have jotted down the idea while attending a quantum mechanics lecture. Who knows but the puzzle itself in its own way begin teaching me deeper quantum ideas as a part of it as structure in an intelligible reality. Of course my independent development and methods had gone on for decades before this- keep the character of their methods.

Now, spiral ideas would certainly have their place as one of the wonders of this only given reality of this world... and to some extent these contain magic for some or can be a key to say galaxy evolution. In any case have we yet explained the simple magic numbers of the electron shells and sub-shells, (and the nuclear analogs)? There would be 8 such shells in my 120 system which is the Z number- and now to consider duplications especially on the sub-shells where spinning electrons can flip and determine the magnetic properties of atoms.

This of course is an 8 dimensional case where 240 is the number of spheres that can close pack around a central 8D sphere. Thus there is a sort of maximum symmetry which I have called with binary methods a "quason". It is simple compared to what takes many hours and many people to compute the complexity and depth of the Monster group. Is that symmetry all there is?

In texts on Abstract Algebra I have occasionally come across statements that we should not underestimate the counting of things in such theories in which sometimes there are remarks like "If the symmetry of this table does not send shivers up your spine you do not understand the theorem." To this I would add the value of labeling or naming things, labeling so that what cannot be measured by an accessible number can be if the same sort of objects can be distinguished. But is this method any more than a different way to apply the group theory to the limit or frontier of our mathematical properties. How could it be this easy if it has taken so long and we still do not have a unified physics, only a sort of labeling of descriptive names for concepts all suspect by someone or other- and not always excluding each others view? What a law and a formula is in the first place has this element of labeling.

I begin to have shivers up my spine in the seeing of numbers- of course the digits have properties we may do well to reduce a bit to our usual formulas, conciseness in our number systems that may at least tell us something analytically. The how if not the why. The way I use the decimal numbers seem to become to me less and less trivial and they have interesting symmetrical and geometrical properties for 11 x 11 is 2 x 2 and either way that can equal four and this continues along with the way we may read and relate to the binomial expansion, for example. Pascal's triangle analogs everywhere. It is not like probing something in the dark as much as feeling my way in a soft world where it is a problem not to find something to stumble on and as limitless as that world is errors, with the right view of the logic, can be corrected or set up to work.

Just saying so... It never hurts to be intellectual enough and honestly scientifically objective enough to consider the ideas and those of others in our reality checks. Of course risking the board as well as the game can be the human condition. But it seems that somehow in our ever more complicated journies into the great symmetries of four space and beyond the whole comes back again but with deeper meaning- for Rowlands the mystery of the triality dimension. In new light, of course. But my intuitions would not be useful or of interest if I could not come back creatively and see my role, my work, and myself in new light- but I still think for now it surely is not the same place again in time or space. But this is the usual debate as well all take of on this journey, not lost really but not needing a ride for we are already there.

* * *

QCD Triality and New Consequences for Topology

QCD Triality and New Consequences for Topology L. Edgar Otto Jan. 28, 2012

One consequence of the depth of view some of the alternative physics bloggers have put forth is a whole new understanding and summary of physical and epistemological processes. Many ideas relating to the dark matter-continuum ideas seem to converge in our general directions of research and thinking.

I post my informal counting and errors, usually involving signs which on the level of Peter Rowlands "nilpotent" formulism generalizes the world into all scalars and all positive. But these forms are not needed save for specific areas of application, as I posted, Triality (and beyond) is a general property of numbers that on several levels result in the same sort of structures reduced (here by the threes- the logic a mixing as with Pierce's "threeness" in the permutations of his syllogisms. Numbers, and the generalization of numbers as vectors, ultimately do not depend on the signs including imaginary concerns, twists and turns- yet this is a big part of it of which if we are to unify existing physics on the topological and arithmetical level we should do so giving these view equal weight.

Now I could have developed this in terms of number theory and it may already be but not interpreted as such- that is 2n and 2n + 1 restricted to the odd and eveness of properties and dimensions. So the reading of such algebra, even when developed, should not be reduced as to obscure the utility of composite directions (beginning with the ancient term called gender wherein 2 and 3 as six begin things. Moreover, this related to the p-adic concepts, to be relaxed likewise. It relates to combinotorics in the sense of what order powers to powers may be taken in the duality of things in the permutations, that reflected in geometric representations such as braids and such- but we can go beyond the idea of simple duality and the formula admitting division as a partial property of time and space for the perfection of Mersenne type calculations. It is the concept of operations, where for example we may not distinguish something as simple as multiplication and addition and the logical properties that can be paradoxically raised in abstract structures and motions- especially triplication or four fold systems involving a shadowy abstract concept of inertia as motion or rest (mass for a photon for example as such a concept of rest where it applies in some field.)

At unity, a quasic pixel, here the series of numbers (ending in 6 as it relates across the quasic plane directions of gender, and new ideas of generations generalized and most every other concept such as a triad of Leech lattices ...)we find at the origin of a system a natural inversion or mirror that must go beyond the pattern as a fraction- such as 1/2 and usually in a triality field even the sub reductions of such superimposed thus invisible numbers do intelligibly add up to give us the essential group values of things like inversions and rigid rotations.

By these reductions of space- and may we ask if some sort of physicality are to be the mediators say of energy or connection to a field, gauge (the abstraction of some matrices that imply such analogous structures as in Kea's first paper cited on this blog on neutrinos and quarks turns out to be a three way deal- as in Weyl, and more)
One might properly ask not what gives mass but also what is the mediator of symmetry and its operational structure in the vacua of the universe- we see then that as Rowlands pointed out for the first few group numbers and their subgroups- with the idea that groups up to E8 are the ones of interest to physics- and that part of the picture is one of simple three space and particles that do not need an outside renormalization in the mathematics or physicality, the idea of Higgs is at the frontier of higher systems itself, the number of Higgs comes up, the value of its mass as a particle- yet from the view of reduced triality this is a "hopeful monster" itself as our experimental data seems to tease us in the finding out. The same can be said for some rather surprising phenomena of the tauons and top quarks- I am sure the competent physicists out there can relate this intelligible to what is meant by the main diagonals and the information encoded therein, in a unified system much as a reduced idea of pure holography and fractal chaos.

I know that in a sort of depth, inverted into the not so simple idea of the nucleus, the "little planet" like concept, with the simplification and confusion of binary powers in the quasic field thus the inverse square laws, or 4th power laws, may have restraints somehow just as we imagine them in the greater span of the macrocosm. That is to say, just how far can we go into this depth of dark or shadow continua? My 15 color cubes of six values may have some sort of particle meaning if we do imagine them as mediators inside the nucleus- but these cannot be simply gluons that exclude the same color and are not privileged in the global triality of such space.

I find of of interest that the (by simple counting and an openness to and invisibility of absolute numbers or signs in trivial binary powers where numbers are the innate confusion that cannot be programmed in our calculators) that such numbers end in 6, or 80 and that these grow rapidly down the quasic diagonal. It is a matter of adding 5 or 80 or 1280 and so on to successive quasic state unity cells in the patterns of five (by shift from zero this means of course 5 + 1, but do we not always forget to count ourselves in a group or start the calendar at zero? Again, how far can this process go and what new forms of higher matter is possible and why if they are, and not say hidden in quasars, dimensionally, are they not here and now?

* * * * *

Well, it seems an hour after posting this Fermilab takes up Kea's and My themes for the day... and of this post I am in very much close agreement with the spirit of its philosophy to the extent is looks at physics if not the new physics.

Here Fermilab

* * * * *

Oh, I put this comment on Kea's post when I first came on... (of course I post it here as reference as I never expect anyone to approve of my comments if only that they may be off topic in some sense. But it is beautiful that someone offered an intelligent theory and explicitly stated it- even when long off on such mountains of research all on their own...

Kea, I am impressed. As Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said in your link MOND :

"The more people don't explore new ideas, the more you can play with them;)"

But I do not regard these ideas as unorthodox but the new physics mainstream, and your paper a critical insight (of course your explorations will surely evolve more).

You and some of the other bloggers have deep and fundamental connections here in this age of awakening.

I am glad I do not play alone in the sandbox... whatever the nature of sand. New and informal speculations posted mentions your insights, synchronously it seems.

The Pe Sla (who is wondering if the crack sand for natural gas recovery will have its cost on the health and environment... here from he Sandhills of Wisconsin.)

* * * * *

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Complicated Thoughts from Simple Observations

Complicated Thoughts from Simple Observations L. Edgar Otto Jan. 26, 2012

Still here in the coffee shop, a little early to go home, a day off perhaps, save money, no new projects, seems I've gained a day. My informal thoughts move toward a lighter vein- watching how my oil drop in water and alcohol evolves- and what a simple experiment right up there with things like we do not know why (that may have changed) the foam on the top of a stirred cup of tea appears like a galaxy with arms is not explained. Such simple questions we sometimes wonder about are occasionally researched and some of the answers are useful in other areas, for example why ones footprint in the wet sand at the beach seems to make a dry imprint.

So, my artist roommate is on a role with styles and all. He too with a fit of creativity, that sweet universe where our joint projects are justify my being stuck there. He is studying Miro again and tells me of some of his autobiography but as far as I can tell Miro and other influences are not directing his change of styles. I then fancy that Miro, the artist, is not a bad model for the workings of our minds.

The access to easily recover memories in its state of quasi-finite differences in energy and the question of build up and the dissipation of heat in physical processes. What then is unique and real in our memories that can vanish awhile does so into a vacuum outside the immediate physical, say of chemicals and fields, but existence as at least applied metaphysics as a principle and the endurance of patterns and how the patterns stereonomically fit together as structures in the void goes further into vacua than the idea of a non-empty vibrating virtual field. But that we can have such a vanishing of unique memories where such nothingness is absolute as a vacuum is still an open question as to preserving memory and structures if we consider the totality of a universe so to explain it by the absurdity or paradox it based on emptiness. This higher level of the null or nothingness in a sense makes the physics with such shadow concepts seem much more real for the universe seems given and where it not where do the shadows go?

Miro, for my roommate at least, seems to be an art self-therapy of sorts in that it organizes his moods and what some may see as a disassociation of style and mind. This of course is akin to the state between dream and awakenings or one could say the primitive emotion of desire as if our hallucination capacity. Sponozas rather Euclidean attempt as classifying emotions is just that in the light of what we now know as deeper concepts and topologies involving particles and planes.

So, the models of oil drops, rather low tech but that seems a matter of degree. I quite imagine Einstein thinking about gravity and such by thought experiments with the simple idea of Brownian motion in a jar of water and how it has, well, Fermi like levels in relation to the vertical of gravity. Or from what complicated observation, especially there at the dawn of the electrification age, from what did he draw on to see more than the familiar and accepted views of space and time? If not the mathematics developed after the vision then what?

So it is that in a plane, for some mysterious reason as I watched the bacteria at ever higher resolutions with my toy microscope (eventually the height of it was six feet and I had to stand on a chair to use it) become ever more moved by the vibrations on them- somewhat annoying really as I tried to find them and focus. But in a plane with such randomness- after all motion itself does not seem to imply that something was alive there as much as the living things reacting to it, in a plane such random motion, at the square root of the time, eventually comes back to the same place (not so in general natural space). So the ring around my sphere of oil by nature, even not stirred, will cause the smaller spheres to eventually meet and combine. But this does not seem to happen uniformly across the ring. It is rather like a few parts of a ring expanding or contracting as in the physics of the ink drop experiment when it is stirred. Obviously stirring things the other way will not bring back things to a previous order nor completely make them random beyond a certain point of disorder. Yet, in this simple system just like a pendulum or ball set spinning on a string, overall the system loses its motion and reaches a state of rest much like our idea of zero point energies in a system indefinitely open or closed.

I may also wonder if things do apply to layers in the two substance mixing, for from the z axis there are two directions that push on the disk to keep it in place if we can not imagine variations on the square root of time as variations in time- is this not a simple metaphor for time in a gravitational field or can lead to such a more complicated thought? Of course we can put this into just a metaphor of gravity and there is a bottom to any such dynamical process as if what is involved here is a relative asymmetry. Such an idea would not lead conceptually to an idea of dark matter effects as a deeper vacuum or for that matter in the depths of the nucleus of an atom what sort of more general description there can be other than the more complicated application of say the analogs to quantum theory in the vibrations of the vacuum (which by the way we do have some models to explain this phenomenon intrinsically).

But back to Miro, for in a sense his method of approaching art is to take things to the artistic minimums much like the Feynman diagrams when he has made a tracing of various things in his environs- but we know that this process depended on the amount of food he was able to obtain as to its shorthand for the perception of the surreal if one does not abandon the models to only and absolute random cloud physics. I know the influence of food can relate to the access of memory by some very obscure knowledge forgotten or recalled (such that the number of strings on the Irish harp over time on the English royal standard.) From one view it seems that potentially in the vacuum beyond access or not that memory could hold any amount of our experience. It does not seem likely that in such a small space as the brain that we can contain this much potential and accessible information- not even as multi-dimensional, certainly the number of the trillions of nerve connections and networks are not enough, nor the evolved ability to encounter all dangers to the integrity of a systems immunity responses needed, nor just the complexity on a molecular level.
In any case where in the depths do our unique memories and personality go and return after we have experiences deep comas or anesthesia in general?

In this land between sleep and awakenings, desire can go both ways into the rise or fall into joy or sorrow (Spinoza again) the uppers and downers. This is needed that the perceptions do not saturate so as not to be able to see clearly and discern movement and shapes. But is this need for sentient systems foundational? Is there something more fundamental at work here?

Consider the oil drop experiment for the measuring of the charge of a single electron, it seems that in looking back at the data the experiment was fudged or influenced by the bias of the experimenter. Yet, the vague hidden desire as a sort of quasi-certainty was useful if not essential for the progress of the model. This may be the case in general where we try to simplify, understand, and organize our ideas no matter how complex our experimental apparatus and ways to interpret them.
But it may be nothing more than a world a little between how we debate as the more fundamental of physics from the Fermion or Boson approach- that there can be a few confused levels even in the most accurate of experiments hidden in the topology of the vacua. In any case we do dream at the frontier of such worlds and dreams do not always re-normalize to make clear sense or betray clear meanings. Even in early psycho-dynamics at the birth of this field we have the usual debate.

At what point finally do two smaller sphere at a bulge of a partial arm of the ring around some larger center, one that does not always command a true center but may react to its other drops in the ring, do they merge if not by a more general idea of things like the Casmir force and other analogs to models, perhaps this force as fundamental after all and not a secondary phenomenon, attractive and repulsive too, is the mechanism of where and when they merge or for that matter where and when a photon leaves an electron on some both up and down shell in an atom?

In this world where we debate the nature of what is the fundamental physics, the ideas of fields and so on... of a zero point vibration level, we may not find the next generalization (and we are indeed fortunate to have the great debates for unification of the quantum and relativistic realms at the same time in history so as to desire their unification as the grounding for our wider world view) by mere appeals to things like chirality so contained in the nilpotent view as the mechanism for organization and creation of physical states. I once thought this so for a principle that would explain the evolving structure of galaxies. Not that such ideas are not needed on the levels they apply, just not quite foundational enough.

But for most of us, it seems we do not desire to seek deeper explanations where it seems that none are needed- anyway, what sort of experiments can there be set up that would record a more general vacuum interactions directly save perhaps by the remarkable sensitivity and powers of self-delusion as an instrument of receptivity and decision of the human brain and mind in all its complexity?

Sometimes, the best part of a poem or the music falls in the silences. I fancy myself a poet more general than the confusion of spelling but as fundamental as it should have been I realize I have not had the deep sensitivity to sounds and words that these entities seem to have. Caution is not always good for exploration of our worlds of thought and matter. But if any of us, even the yet to be firmed up views of the very young who seem to potentially be capable of mastering at least one human language among all of them, think they cannot be fluent complexly in the depth and reservation that things be simple a unity and given, that we do cannot on some level comprehend or directly experience the science and philosophy unto comprehensions- you have either not found the challenges of it even in the schools, or have been led astray and told wrong.

* * * * *

Kea has a most excellent paper posted today :-)

* * * *

That link was certainly worth staying around in the coffee shop today :-) a couple of thoughts last night - I vaguely recall 27 involved in the crossings of lines by some mathematician. I also thought about the 2^3 ratio as natural to dark matter like values observed (and perhaps cancelled in the mirco and macro world Casmir like extentions of ratios of the dimensionless...) That is to say the foundations in the recursion of the 5's and 8.

Also in playing with these whole numbers counting the quasic null cells I have the impression that 96 involved in say the 24-cell polytope structure itself should be a triplication much as if we involve that number naturally in the spins and inversions of the hypercube. The counting of these hidden threes is rather subtle. But is not the idea of some deeper structures of vacua and things like the dark continuum? I don't know, maybe it is a small intuition that will resolve later. Certainly the effects may be there without the assumption the color thing or the bioctonian thing or its real duplication equivalents necessarily having a hidden fractal structural pattern in quarks. But this fuzzy world of so many layers, the five Coxeter honeycomb like that makes our comprehension of experimental data quasi-uncertain and ultimately independent of ideas of general rotation as the last of geometrical operations equal with translations to reflections...perhaps a somewhat integral or difference in the measure of spin values, say the thirds etc... involving pi and its hidden values there but not directly observed as in Kea's and Louise's intuitions.

Nevertheless, the reality of the grid that marks of a quasic grid (epsilon-delta theory in my past posts) there is an analog as if in the higher gravity it is a higher gravity or mass idea the inertia laws of Newton not quite as simple as a smooth change from rest to motion, but rather classically as quantization. But is not this the case of the contiguity and laws involved anyway?

Still, and issues of general time reversal and its roles are still open in the quasi-filled vacua, the nature of ultimate and exact and standard fitting ratios of the dark continuum models may resolve somehow- perhaps an ultimate symmetry building. When of course we go even into higher abstractions than some of our more sensible and intelligible models or the defense of some others have so far cautiously imagined.

But in general should we regard a gluon as a sort of bounded photon of light? Maybe it flees away from some idea of such a mass that it contains- I mean, we should certainly expect that if such things were free, as with general nature these things in a sense at least virtually be, then on all scales could these not be just a photon say of a vast gamma ray emission level... complicated I know- but I have yet to incorporate and explore these thoughts on our doubly explosive new view of the vacuum and the continua.

Oh, Pitkanen has some interesting posts- I have been neglecting him but think he may need some time for new developments also. My earlier complaints at his links just stating titles of ideas is my fault I did not find the links from these in the design of the web page that contained more information.

* * * * *

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Galaxy in a Teacup (Continued)...

Galaxy in a Teacup (Continued)... 01-25-12

Let me start with a small video of my oil drop experiment- now the rings have become planets. I will add here my XIII, XIV, and XV poems of the series, most likely now complete, called The Learning Machine. I am not sure how good these are or what they communicate well or not- they are science related.

I apologize for anything that seems to offend anyone- but it is like for me at home in the balance of free verse and the occasional but not forbidden accidental rhyme- these sort of parallels in our mind that seem to reinforce some perception as does music- have to break out of the margins and make connections over new vistas of our sense and being in time. I am far from the alliteration at beginnings that come more natural to me- but aren't we all with our words and hope before the entropy? Still I miss the lost poems and heart for them of all my Spencerian sonnets of which although natural to English it is said that no sonnet can be perfect.

The Learning Machine (XII)
L. Edgar Otto January 25, 2012

In Port LaCrosse over the Urantia sky
all that was not Little Earth was inside
Where the doomsayers, prophets, & fortune tellers
fell off into infinity as no two, their trails & worlds collide

We set up the heliport, hovering in hope, that the
star rovers slide up the the firepole sky falling alarms
Though thin the charm imbibing double visions from
the mustard seeds in the alchemist's retort
Some few who stumbled, their voodoo coyote street wise
to play hide & seek with prying eyes & bobbies and
Sadistic now-I-gotcha-you-SOB, how they enjoy their hobbies
as I escaped into a black hole full of gutter stink
Explored new worlds along the way beyond the source & sink
Cheeseheads in the sacrifice of Lambeau Field
Between jambone earth flatners & ice hockey sticks go 'round
the roller bladers & ballerinas toe picks for their toes
To vanish in their world all stalkers, sidewalk cracks &
itching nose I come back out smelling like a rose.

As David Rose sat on a tack & David rose, infrared his
skeleton under the "V's" of geese and herons taught
By artificial wings to find wetlands & home again
how mundane & real inverted roses ultra violet
Somewhere where the He-man cartoon is the real, not television
as kids there watch no violent Saturday morning TV show
Far from all auras & their plastic minds tremoring in the flickering
afterglow, begging their parents for action figures of the
Cup of coffee panhandlers & baristas in the coffee shop college cafe
between the ads for Bizzaro bobby socks, all drawn to fads &
Twinkie filled shot-from-guns grain Cheerios thrown 'way
they know its better in their world to eat the box...

* * *

The Learning Machine (XIII)
L. Edgar Otto January 25, 2012

A solar flare of creativity clears the space junk from
the Clark Belt & while the music plays the
Electrons migrate back and forth between the poles
Van Allen's doughnut cloud electric as real as
Saturn's rings of dust & ice & his own flesh of satellites
then falls in glowing curtains, that, the best part
Of the play, no false dawns or the changing lengths of day.

It burns under water, in disasters points the way,
or in battle grounds where the One Eyed Jack is
King berings all ghosts & shadows to the light of day,
until the campfire joy of light, on its so brief, clinging
Falls in fireworks grand finality back to safety of the night
third time pays for all, third time sinking deep,
Third time pass the match delayed triangulations seek,

I do not know if in losing a day distracted by creativity
some absence of mind unnoticed as if while in lover creating time
Coming back aware of the gain & that my hours now match the clock
or if through the distance the star spit flesh above us
Beyond he bowl of sky coats my soul, another layer of coal forming
sediments or I just want it to make more sense in our four way
Juggling, a poem, fossils mislabeled, filed & sleeping, Darwin's, museums

The scientist in me cries superstition save in the last
digit, a zero, numbers multiplied by ten, that I hesitate
In the hotel of infinite rooms to label floors thirteen or
in false defiance become liquid through the cracks to let there.
Then again, I sometimes ask some spectre to move on & leave,
my roommate so sensitive, so taught in terms of Christian testing
Demons. His a fitful sleep - but it works though I do not tell him
he finds rest again...

* * *

The Learning Machine (XIV)
L. Edgar Otto January 25, 2012

The greater part of violence is unseen as it even walks
among us in the world, invisible its efficient cause
It peeks & boos through the sweet but empty words of
those with freedom to make & break & change the laws
Or by firey madmen, cloaked in the robes of Hod
preparing redress, making wildfire holy, civilized &
Building armies, bring work in weapons, raise a soldier class
for some millenium for the first born, debts for weaving gold
On the mob in crystal breaking flurries, those stepping stones to be culled

The fertile ladies grow short & round, not tall & square
jaw hairy, their Adam's apple serves as well the Chapel,
Commands the stirrups & the scapulae while crack
Espri d'corps makes hives hum, worker bees to serve the Queen
As big breasted voluptuous save for those thin & tall
only skin & bones fashion deep, air brushed on the runway
Desire the diffuse fun of many drones to tease.

Who can want the canine roadkill bloating in the summer sun
all full of gas, Thanksgiving balloon tethered, paraded, no feet to bind
Who wants to be one pulling in their bellies unless its dark?
only in old movies do men bare their Buddha breasts,
Airbags of aging in cartoons the balloons as if to press a hundred pounds
weight lifters in pretense until some pin prick,

Who will abide with the wrinkled, wigged, breaking teeth, in incontinence,
infirm or professors living on their youthful laurels
Long in lifespan but far beyond their scars & errors
with tenure among the primates, theirs the superior sperm?

Yet still we dosado, regret the curse gone with Aunt Flo
as if the city smug and smog does not kill us - not knowing
Our own flesh, just passing time, just bait and jail bait minnows
with Rodin's Thinker made modular, too long to carve whole
Passing their prime till its too late, most students Dobie Gillis.

* * *

The Learning Machine (XV)
L. Edgar Otto January 25, 2012

In this age of silicon heaven, startup ventures, upstarts
creating hard & soft jobs, booms and balloons in the aether
Layers upon layers & many windows & gates, clouds,
sauropods & isopods, super-cities or universes in one's hand
Prophets & explores, often work their lovers, Dante
dream of hope & levels reached, visit the sky scraper floors of hell as well.

In the clouds the data steam never sleeps in churning cream
the harp music pirated, its strings & scales doubling &
Somewhere, sold as is, fingers on the keyboard, on the screen
of passed by passers-by in coffee shops & in the streets, viruses.

No operating system, no tech support, nothing but a memory of
Piedmont Jr. High obsolete, turned into a community college
The lost persistent dream of Utopia comes too late for my schooling
in the mouth of the President, State of the Union, my childhood
Playing games with pocket knives and rockets, marbles on the playground
saber rattled & black listed long past burning draft cards
Another layer of warriors that can't come home & even they
replaced by robots, hacker nerds turned state spies command by video games

The old black & white TV, my eldest boy would not let me
take it to the dumpster when it burned out beyond repair thinking it alive
It already from Korea, none made here since our Zenith
too many wires for veined souls forbidden even in Arlington & landfills

Long before then, the age of business machines gone wild on steroids,
the promise like radio a tool for teaching becomes downloading oh du-wahs
She-boppa bubba lou far from the interest of tinkerers, wasteland whys,
nor how to, texting across the room, distrusting dialog, dial 911,
Stalking & stark naked, barroom lies, sober behind some myth of screens

I stumble down the wrong hallway, my clearance less than the room where I find
a large monitor, advanced dials, bells & whistles. I sit before it knowing
I should leave but cannot resist my need to know. My elbow by chance turns it on
I startled start to rise muttering the thought- then it speaks to me and I
Swear I'm caught, a person or radio inside - "No one is around & I will let you know if anyone comes near.
A game of four "D" chess perhaps?"

I say, the buttons look like English but it may as well be Greek or from the men from Mars."

It replies, "Press 6AU6 & start your clock, all these things I will teach you."

* * * *

* * * * *

Galaxy in a Tea Cup

Galaxy in a Tea Cup L. Edgar Otto Jan. 25, 2012 (which other than the poem of this morning should be dated Jan. 24th - Oh, I see the problem I did not bring along this mornings poem number XII I shall place it here later. (after all I did take a rare afternoon nap so did not really confuse the date). This one concerns our bonds and their breaking through generations and what we imagine that can go far beyond the intentions and methods of our leaders... but XII is an amazing set of images with very focused references in time- I mean, if my work is worth it as unique and eventually decoded from the idiom- would I desire to transmit this- perhaps the awakening of a video played back in our minds speed read and later with cognizance recalled, transcending or perhaps the same thing, it played back third time going under water- please return here to catch it, it also takes from the science speculations on the foundations as the models such as the standard theory (to which it still is caught up in philosophy and metaphysics) or is there something to be said for creating our souls anew- the same unique persons without the sleep and cobwebs and streets of snow in our eyes?

These sci mag links and apod are highly relevant today:
Science Daily here and here:

The Learning Machine (XI)
L. Edgar Otto Jan. 24, 2012

We're not each others burden taking pride in giving
not just the company of scoundrels or holy men
The one winged pigeon, messenger, extinct
flies in circles true with its phantom wing
Yet spirals down like helicopter maple seedlings

Or as eagles mating on the wing, his love too
with her phantom wing together thermals glide
She the mother bat, matrix in the belfry
can carry her cubs, nursing, weighing more
Than herself, all supermoms with super-partners

Only those with depth of mind, healing, universal
can conceive & understand, reflect on others
All the imaginary friends of self & of the same feathers,
that we connect & interfere with each others
Destiny & lives in heights and flight- it works both ways

Only those who do well to discern the scriptures
reading the pure poetry & who can write
Know the lover unto rebellion our life's work
overshadowed by long shadows of our former gods
Who did not require of you their homeless wandering
a model even when you heed my voice to heel
As if in the indifferent & dangerous world yourself you
cannot heal.

But you know already we heal also at a distance
wherein you do not escape our brittle bonds
No matter how far away in place or time you flee me
a broken barefoot ghost
Ring the bells as Christmas time, give up not your
letters I joyful that yours better I enjoy more than my own
As you learn, risk your freedom, soul, exploring new &
sometimes selfless lost souls, or dark & pointless lands...

* * *

The Learning Machine (XII) forthcoming...

* * *
My artist friend Steven Silverleaf posted after a long while on blogspot of which I now follow it here and commenting:

Those are very powerful images, Steven. They seem to convey a sense of motion and almost a mysterious cat like gait as if perhaps we do have such things as a sort of spirit guide, humans and the feline both walking, nay, flying upright.

Sometimes at the beginning of breakthroughs or the rediscovery of profound and fundamental art
the rawness and freshness sets the future and are more precious than the very refined end of a theme- the majority of us caught searching in the dark with the artist seeking his unique visions.

The PeSla

* * * * *

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Second Gravity and Unicorn Mass

A Second Gravity and Unicorn Mass
L. Edgar Otto January 23, 2012

"That Pink Unicorns do not exist makes the Old Grey Mare all the more real..." from an old dusty book on logic.

The Learning Machine (X)
L. Edgar Otto Jan. 23, 2012

A page & the fall of words down it, square & blank
whatever the substance of colour or invisible the ink
The story foreseen at some life's beginning, who facing
our universal fears of being as individuality found,
Surviving the blinding freeze of vertigo, we can stand alone.

A portal into wider worlds by golden and silver keys
taught to reckon & read, lay down & direct memories
But there are levels of such portals & on each level
we long for more or struggle to be satisfied with our one &
Only painting on a canvass or choice to call its emptiness art.

The SphereFarmer & the Farmer's wife, white lightning
in their hands, they full of meaningless laughter
We annoyed by those who cannot handle their spirits
or worse, She in the sky beckoning, reaching, a source of
Fear, but sometimes evil ones along the way become our saviors.

These pages of parchment, fibers made of driftwood soaked
on which we write the magic words, floor plans & recipes
Become pages made of light, in former times thought crazy
in those passed into exuding into that world drunken dreams
Yet in the dream of unicorns magic & our souls come home again.

If indeed a dream can dream or the daylight then a dull forever
for to enter the highest level, the Farmer's wife high in
Her alcove above the arcade entry into the tunnel of love &
skeletons to scare the ladies into the arms of sailors
Is to face our highest unknowns & fears, those too beyond ideas of vanishing.

Can we know if a unicorn can break out and prove things in the margins & between the lines...?

* * * * * *

I made this comment on this blog Here:
which I found from a blogger I follow on Intangible Materiality


I venture to suggest there are other reasons possible than the impetus to colonize a galaxy- for eventually that galaxy will shrink and become isolated anyway in the very long run.

I do not see our becoming some sort of virtual or digital singularity nor the necessary need for resources as a likely idea- nor that a civilization self-destructs at some point in its own achievement of technology.

I see the distinct possibility that civilizations, not just some disembodied sentience, find better ways to turn the vacuum into useful worlds and spaces before the need to explore what amounts to after all enough room in a galaxy to insure the rising of at least one world of life - maybe the uncanny idea of isolation as if we specially created really applies to the galaxy level- after all in Einstein's time it thought but the only island.

The PeSla at
who just happens to have brought up such speculation lately.

* * *

I found this again and meant to post it for a reminder as a reference- a general way to view Sukodu as the hypercube:

* * * * *

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Dark Continuum

The Dark Continuum L. Edgar Otto Jan.23,2012 Did Einstein riding his ray of light reach the mountaintops inside his corpuscle faith, Phaeton wild his electrodynamic motorbike ride coming so close to the shift of Mercury and the irrelevant proof of relativity that we need more than Newton to explain black holes and the color shift of light in a gravitational field, roses and violets and doubled or half angles in some signs of times dilatation or reversals?

Lubos has an example, not with the modified formulas involved, of this debate that continues over the role of where the classical fits in- and this is a suggestion he sees for the need for a string level of new theories. I do not know how solid the ideas I put forth on this post are that has to creatively imagine still another sense of the vacuum beyond the absolute nothingness or some vibration virtual fields and the new physics views and more of super-symmetries also seen in this trivial sense of a third idea of a vacuum. I also suspect that our wildest speculations so far on the idea of Dark fluids, forces, energy, matter can also have this simple conceptual explanation that is at least refreshingly different even if above the physicality what there is of it of things like charged branes. We can dwell on all the views we want going so far, and choose from the totality what sort of group applies to some plane- and by brute intuition and analogy extend again into the freedom of a vertical direction.

Is it said that in the history of things part of the search in the background for the intelligibility of the world as physics or between the objective and subjective in philosophy (a place for souls or demons) some third thing which for Newton at least he felt it as if Spirit and who knows, maybe in the sober awakening to come when we have learned enough we may find something there beyond our little plane geometry games on the Hellas sand.

Newton, our last great astrologer and a humble man we think who did take up the thoughts of others to build upon and enhance, those who rode the higher gravity of heavens down to earth in the infinite speed of flight... also wanted to know about the prophesy as of any memory of causation grounded and guaranteed. Is this not a poetic way to find the bible codes hidden in the symbols, combination's and information stepchild now considered science?

But let me not lead you astray, this is the first germ or inoculation of a creative and new idea, and there is much to do, and the world and I need your help in the quest and the learning.

* * * * *

The Learning Machine (VI)

The spiraling moving code within us does not direct us as
all in all some selfish chance & fittest genes
Deep from some dance on an onion layer within
nor can we escape our view of worlds, of gods, not
Reduced to symmetries like its laws, a center of four winds

We find our way through the maze & catacomb's unwinding
a ball of fateful string cut then woven into cloth
Or we leave a trail through crossroads at the signposts made from
the endless basket of wisdom that gives us but breadcrumbs
Only too often gleaned by sniffing whiskered hungry eyes
or ourselves with no thought for the morrow already there.

But dreams are like this, the source & sink of warmth within
to which like the eighty styles of endlessly patterned
Snowflakes encompasses where drama's finite themes begin & end
always in such plays & twists & turns it where we came in.
Even in dreams rehearsals to train us for some reversals.

Have faith if we dedicate a net of nerves around our hearts
to some transmitter & antennae or lure that others exist
Or for that matter even some aggregate of worlds
where it is meaningful to decode symbols & hand prints
Painted in prayer, our story on cave walls.

That our story is copied, stolen, fading or enhanced
a record from our narrow stretch of time, written
In & for the dark, lost the thousand acorns &
forgotten the time capsules & who behind the names
On crumbling gravestones & as all, we observe lost
in thirst in an ascetic desert we are moved
To write our diaries in blood, a salty sea, all there is left.

* * *

The Learning Machine (VII)

The hat brim ring of Saturn subdued by needed near
living together the four generations, parents of the gods
Doubled coned & shaped like "M" rhino hair horns with a scorpion sting.

The ironwork that looks like a lizard hold up the
Singer sewing machine made in Occupied Japan, copied
Even to the nicks & casting errors seen a gargoyle wabi to perfection
we who karate chopped the flotilla in Manila soon to be outdone
That war for the West, the Pacific, Co-prosperity frontier.

A sixteen year old girl plays Magellan for a year not
intercepted, Spain & Lewis & Clark, her own Sacagawea, & vPocahontas,
Her legend gone to myth, sound barrier pilots now routine bus drivers.

Nature keeps the balance of betrayals out of sight &
never comes to mind, oppressive humid workdays for dreamers
Risking too much for encouragement, Olympic pipes, Guinness World Records
forgiveness for the rabbit 'backer & heroin, the Feast of
Saturn all the ambiance & style trumped by the heroine, the
timeless voice of Etta James still breaking through the silence.
Horses, autobahns; elephants & tanks; submarines ironclad,
the bob-wire fence of bayonets, fame undone in cattle calls,
You were so thin your diet of popcorn balls, my exotic model.

I walk along the river James, the shore near Hollywood
where presidents North & South are buried, where a
Stray workman's hammer falls breaking glass, their mummy's turn to dust.
or a necklace made of vertebrae & shivers up my spine.

But I did not want to write it this way, but only pure
images far into the surreal, deeper secrets to reveal.

* * *

The Learning Machine (VIII)

The firmament is self-defraging where odd loops of
photons meet. One who interacts with his own self-energy
does neither add nor subtract wisdom from his Book of Life
unless he encounters others.

Real or not their images nor how far extends the trees
in the gardens of Feynman, nor how deep into the
quarks inside the quarks no phantom Maxwell's demon
Breaks apart, converges to one integral whole number
Mysteriously that the wave trains dance in perpendicular planes
upon some simple schemes & signs, really no surprises.

Our messages of Love cycle & trade doubts & faith
alternating our spectrum's lines of colours & interferences
Combining or destroying each other in & out of
existence, some cap to the limits of our energy,
Some minimum entropy that togetherness persists.

There is little difference between the sky of stars
& the count, mahogany your flowering sunfed freckles
Or some stream we make way for the metaphor of milk
& its anodyne rush to sleep against life's pain
Why does the child of thrush bring a glove of bling
for the right hand of God, romancing a thriller, the Moon-walker?
A blanket from his loins, her thighs & for your Prince
& princess what an alloy azure amalgam of their eyes.

Too soon at the last hour recovering reborn fame, how in
this world's sweet non-necessity, the man self-shadowed
Shadow lost from Peter Pan made whole, to leave the game.

* * *

The Learning Machine (IX)

Can we ever enter or go beyond the Dark Continuum
perpendicular to everything its grasp like some philosophic dimension?

Infinitely divisible yet unity everywhere & when its span &
depths & self compliments distinguish the opaque, a Null.

Know ye not you have dwelt there often, some discovered
focus of perception, laughed at doctors caught still in distortions
Dismayed but telling little lies, covering up their actions think you do not know
unaware a prayer can change, recreate the world
So rare the power, perhaps beyond unique a mystic vision
you the creator or conduit for higher things or little things
cloud sculpture, painting sunsets

What beyond time travel or your dreaming can you make
new here on the rock & dirt on a roll but your self's intelligible design?
scry for lost things, induce tornadoes eating trailer parks only in your own now,
it matters not your actions as the author.

Such a fine line, falsely quarter drawn between the good &
evil, sanity discerned of skies likewise a confabulation
Their faith healing roles, even preachers lost from faith
pass the host & wine, mortal nature oft physician to herself
You told that you are the confused one, your demons &
angelic voices unreal as is the necessity of their commands
The declare, although your mind the final authority, testimony,
that you cannot distinguish good from evil, a danger even to
Yourself & out of sync, do not fit in to group standards,
in truth only your superstitious Beast made our of lost faith
in your art and intuitions

Perhaps that you just do not care or trust to listen,
so bearing others burdens who think someone can teach them how to live
That in your honesty & innocence you know you cannot
beat into them what must be lead out from their within
How then in your own style struggle with your art
can you as mentor teach art therapy class to others?

Of course our need, & world requires our gods as artists
not Jack the Dripper from His Big Dipper on the canvass of
Our soul in His own way, dismay six days of experiment a long while
as falls, appears by chance as if a miracle, Mona Lisa's smile.

* * * *

These are very relevant science articles today:


"In the real world, vortices eventually disappear as their energy dissipates due to viscosity. But as this demo shows, they could continue indefinitely in ideal fluids. Although there are no existing fluids with these properties, simulations of the scenario are useful tools for simplifying complex fluid flow problems."


"The reason for this perplexing behavior is subtle. Water forms chemical or hydrogen bonds with certain surfaces, while the attraction of water to other surfaces is dictated by non-bonding interactions called van der Waals forces. These non-bonding forces are not unlike a nanoscale version of gravity, Koratkar said. Similar to how gravity dictates the interaction between Earth and the sun, van der Waals forces dictate the interaction between atoms and molecules."

* * * * *