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Super Trivial Non-extraordinary Evidence

Super Trivial Non-extraordinary Evidence
L. Edgar Otto Apr. 30,2010

L. Edgar Otto on facebook: Sometimes if we just see and not yet understand the symbols, formulas, they incubate and relate to the spirit of thinking in the world, and we understand.

If you doubt you understand the quasic theory then you understand the quasic theory. I offer this as a compliment to the quip:" if you think you understand the quantum theory then you do not understand the quantum theory. "

What sort of theory is it that every thought or thing it touches is as if a simple and exact answer falls out of hard equations?

One idea we admit as a principle of physics (in counter to Rowlands admittedly single metaphysical principle- that fermions create their own vacuum) is that light and matter in their motion leave behind a black hole, or such emits them, or there is a sort of conservation, even a motionless potential involved, a balance in a steady state. So the nothingness generates everything- or its all the same on either side of the yin-yang; to either direction of the arrow of time- Janus faced its attractions and repulsions- for it feels obvious and trivial, so extraordinary it seems to shift or stat the same as the all too familiar ordinary, that the world was here before our brief time and likely will be here after us.

We seek then our origins and life's extension, imagine the importance and need as an explanation for a Creator, story. We have wondered about this in numbers and words, before our sentient age of reasoning, before even the "new age" and perhaps before that threshold across the world at the beginning and possible end to the alpha-numeric age.

The I Ching endures, and was older than the monks who endlessly applied it to the sky and worried over its secrets in sequences with the thought that ancient souls and beings- we banished from the garden into the sunlit meadows and brooks- the big picture lost of the universe's music.

The monks arranged the hexagrams in circles and lines, ten and twelve-fold their matrices and magic squares, atonal music, so with there spirit animals made war, stances a metaphor and dance. So from the historic beginning they divined the genes and quantum formalism.

Yet, why does the I Ching move, the four fold yin and yang fixed and moving lines, collapsing to a lesser binary message the field of 64 and the 384 spin of hypercubes and six fold the days? Does it really foretell, albeit neutral toward all wishes, some unique prediction among the endlessly repeated finite 115200 or so futures?

Do we sense that if the world and Pascal's triangle extended to alternating seas of Dirac's filled negatives - that the nothingness not there as much as filled is a driving solid infinity? If this were not so banishing them without normalization would not show us our solutions were on the right path to the correct - and if these wider ghostly spaces non-existant, our answers already exact and intelligible.

Why do our cosmology dreams make any intelligible ultimate sense in the 21st century in their inflationary era and the possibility of endless worlds, fractals ( yet quasics doubts fractional dimensions and non-steady state scales so thus suggests quasi fractional dimensions of microtonal measures) that when in the growth of trees and squares (psi squared waves anyone?) the branches touch at the inverse of the divine proportion (appearing everywhere trivially or its spiral phyllotaxy as much real) leaving the holes of golden rectangles in the space until it seems too much to fuss with ultimately about the fine Cantor dust?

More so the basic and trivial properties of numbers- given empirically 632.8668 and 237.32506 discovering their quotient is exactly 8 thirds- the division by phi already vanishing by both sides of the equation of the whole numbers given already- but is the arithmetic something then in itself and dimensionless- I mean if the language of the universe or God is differentials from whence and where does the information go as it is subtracted in shifting place values so as to divide? Can the cold division geometry of space not be likewise hidden in its heart the trivial descriptions? Some might call it and many feel this akin to common sense.

The product of teh coordinates of two hypercubes each with 8 negative and 8 positive counters placed differntly, symmetric or not symmetric, in the depths of the 8th dimensional quasic grid finds somewhere compliments of binary symmetric points or pixels, moreover the holon or tetraparametric four spin like a windmill through all four quadrants at the lowest cell state dimension. We sing against the dark and the wind- and in the end down to earth Sancho has to give Don Q his dream back again.

But is this a triviality of truth, a priori or hidden assumptions that we illegitimately deduce-like God load the dice before we walk away - perhaps it is an ultimate proof but too intimately with us - Old Einstein saying we should make our theories simple but not too simple beyond some point? What after all would God hath need in his Heaven for a theoretical physicist working on creation's foundations?

* * *

* * *

Let us now take a short break in the real time and design of fishermen...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Music Parametric of the Spheres

The Music Parametric of the Spheres

The Music Parametric(Chromatic)of the Spheres

Philosopher's Walk L. Edgar Otto April 29, 2010

Sleep, my lesser soul
few have ridden the whirlwind
let alone commanded it

Encounters on the endless plane
of space and time a random walk of shame
stranger far from anywhere

Resting on the steps, night's empty cathedral
borrows and trees unseen eyes of nestlings
cats crying echoes in the distance

To risk, belong and submit, chase forever the dream
look under the bricks and hood, life in action
not enough, nor freedom, expected guarantees

You stumbled on some force of fire and the
world took note, praised your myths and mystery
now, divined the architecture of His soul

You got God's attention.

* * *

The composing of music changes or evolves in depth over the twenty first century, that clinging to the just ratios, the chiral central and personal tonal center, then the noise or the impressionism of Debussy the harps shifting gently tones- and then the 12-tone music and its parametric matrix, reverse, crabwise and that with inversion the arrangement of sounds, four from the 40 of twelve by twelve- the musician-composer doing the calculations of Dirac- space time and spinning notes.

* * *

Sometimes if we just see and not yet understand the symbols, formulas, they incubate and relate to the spirit of thinking in the world, and we understand.

Reading Leibniz and Einstein at the same impressionable age along with wonder what is the binding force takes awhile to sort out. What could old Einstein mean the ten places of rest among the sixteen? Did he mean the six were electromagnetic? Or in the holon form of four things, by arithmetic or numerology deeper than the algebra there are six and six things left- a quasic local inversion to mirror the initiators and terminators outside the diagonal in the vital quadrants.

The idea of a Creator, or of a center outside and above the endless plane infinite and infinitesimal in all directions needs not be forbidden our nesting worlds that cling to the hierarchy of the unity of aleatory nil-potent tori as parochial gods.

Near the time of the Bicentennial in the constellation Lyrae, the music danced with the nodes of the moon in notebooks of philosophers dropped out of Harvard with their Phd's, dusty dried cat droppings and an old trunk of thoughts I among the few to watch awhile for him, and to read his musings on hypernumbers and consciousness. The new age inside or outside the black hole of new music was upon us.

Now, in depth the Y-C compressed dimension topologies of a wider conception of space and the fuzzy presence of the generation of particles and physics, I must ask other than the generalization what idea is original there? Why would even in this complexity would these chiral snail shells with holes and Wedgwood porcelain bagpipes not be as unstable as Einstein's finite but boundless eratz Diety universe? Maybe these where not averaged over the span and depth of the music, as if some beginning, meet some heat death or experience some superdecoherence? What makes them stable even over that which we think Machean concrete?

Let us hide then at night like the creatures in their trees and houses around some central star safe in sleep, outside or inside or mocking bird that sings timelessly the hologram and wall against the night and the analogy of sleep to final vanishing.

What tori when we imagine the volume of the hypersphere, it too imagined as the evidence of the cosmos now, as flat in its tones and half tones- in its second and sixth dimensions of its microtones- is it but half the volume and full of states of binary structures of quasic motion as impressionism in loops and isolated points of duality?

Imagine then the lampions in motion in the quasic grid in different dimensions and the addition of them or decay of them in the change of coordinates or the passing through some orthogon, a cube, a square, a line; imagine too the nil potency of such quasic motions that stay the same or double null act as if conserved the idea of additions unto infinity. Even the motion functions eightfold to the fourfold behave as a metalanguage of the design of holons with algebraic quadrants.

Even the linear things, Fibonacci numbered prime and that a prime number save the two (and yes the six in structure) of all others- but one sided the direction that one sequence is concrete and one the metalanguage. Thus the question of if there is a largest Fibonacci prime becomes some concrete limitation and a cosmic question in the iterations, pertubations, elegant recursions of some idea of uniqueness and the ultimate.

The quasic sequence code is also quasized as an overcode and our faiths invert so is explained the core and enmity of even those learned to their fellow man. For quasics is also a dynamics of ghostly interacting particles in virtual spaces as if virtual influences on all levels organically a morphogenesis field. Within life then we expect models of sustained maximum-minimum action with minimal-maximal evolution.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toward Quasic Music Notation after All

Toward Quasic Music Notation after All

Later that day for a finer control and programming of micro tones (also macro extension as the quasic compass may shift) the simple quasic notation on even mixed states of binary powers, given a time sequence and intrinsic rhythm and the symmetries forward, backward, retrograde and reverse retrograde as in the 12 tone music we can compose explicitly or program the information on such a grid. Now we can go further and utilize the other symmetries of various dimensions when we read across the quasicity of the grids.

This was a first crude attempt sort of related to the dreams as motion and the idea perhaps that the topological shapes now used for string theory can be better contained or categorized where they apply. The gene code today is of course already in a sense a six dimensional (hidden ones) grid. The effect of the quasic idea is in such an arrangement as if discrete we find for all practical purposes a more continuous music (or whatever in the quasi continuous integration of a local field) Now, clearly my early recreations between the just and natural numbers as ratios and those of the transcendental variety and Fibonacci (and teleoscoping as a sequencing of second order methods and a hierarchy of roots and so on) number theory waiting to be made more explicit. Certainly someone like B. Franklin who in those Deist time could make great binary magic squares might have thought each system of stars had its own sort of Diety as an instinctive thing just as the Urantia as an alien story.

Just when does the ellipse become a parabola or hyperbola and where and how do we make the smooth transition? As simple as this music grid is does it not show us the need for a wider definition of mass even beyond the string topology?

In the accompanying illustration, a sketch really, the twelve of things I reversed in the first quadrant to show one of many freedoms of privileged motion variation. Is there an overall field of sorts that maps into flatness of sorts (here I consider intermediate spaces compared to my more fundamental and generals ones) What do we really mean by intrinsic curvature really even if this idea is thought to be a leap of sorts when we apply it to higher dimensional spaces? In a sense the grid between the quason cells, n-ply in density or its equivalents or not in simply connected regions is that place where flatness corresponds to some zero mass and tori with other paths or holes all quasically part of the five fold symmetry where we may indeed imagine continuity between regions- not just higher frequency strings in a more local granular space of discrete things- just where and how do we assert that the quason cell more than abstractly corresponds to say something like the planck length. We certainly do need to find more fundamental physics and when it corresponds intelligibly in theory and design it will be more a total theory but nevertheless all of these speculations are beautiful- and with a little thought they will be accessible to some form of scientific experiment and reasoning- the error of such testing or not possible is an error of our comprehension of the universes design.

Bogus Pi and Other Casual Musings

Bogus Pi and Other Casual Musings

Today there is not much formally on my mind. Well, the issues in the dream I mentioned keeps recurring in the background around the same sort of theme as if we do work out a lot of things in our subconscious as time moves on and while I do not know the importance of those thoughts in detail I know they reach deeper that what I have encountered up to now.

So messing around with the slide rule years ago I found the approximation (which for some is not too close but apparently closer than some of the ways we calculate or predict some particle masses.) The difference in using pi or e for the actual construction of a triangle by drawing was hard to see. It gave me some rather recreational and interesting thoughts and questions at the time- the actually relationship to who and the irrational numbers. Is there something there? Is there perhaps an alternative in a sense to the interpretation of non-euclidean triangles as if a force? I used pi as put into a line, a sort of inertial pi for some constructions.

Now doing things like solving the equations for 2 or 1/2 was something I was prone to do much like asked to draw vectors get the same answer using the time part of those simple equations. The teachers did not say it wrong as it gave the correct answer. I thought of this after reading Rowlands again on the role of 2 in the equations (half of which are still hieroglyphics to me but that is a great other half compared to these early puzzles) Didn't Fuller get the tetrahedral volume of a sphere wrong, that is not equal to five of them? In any case Rowlands explanation of the doubling of things where they only need classical and not relativistic formulas including the magnetic electron ideas of Dirac- is very convincing.

Now on the National Public Radio yesterday, casually turning it on, a lady had written a second book on the mind, her last was the teenage mind and this one is the middle age mind. Mainly the point was that we used to think the deterioration of say our memories and speed of reaction was more likely when people used different parts of their brain to solve things as they age- she said the surprise was that those who use say more of left and right brain functions beyond the training to try to hear the input better was that they were the ones to extend brain function to old age- Also, although slower, the brain as if the health of the heart. actually can produce the first sort of brain cells.

From my view of the differentiation of the mind along the lines of those aspects of at least quantum theory and relativity theories I might conclude that we need to learn a more unified physics of it all as we age as just one of them does not endure beyond some level of maturity.

But in my conscious mind I received a book on the theory of music composition who got it for me at a book sale. I was trying to think of some way for a better notation especially as it applies to digital recording and to the microtones. Interestingly enough they divide the octaves into 96. This old story of why not that rather than say 90 degrees of a circle. Let us also think of why we count by tens and the newscientist idea that we have ten toes due to the stability! I was trying to work out a more quasic notation is all when I get around to it- again this relates to roots of two and to those sequences supposedly artful in the Fibonacci series.

* * *

Note to Lubos of the reference frame .com blog : I especially enjoyed your article and photos relating to how the bees see things at a certain focused wavelength as a way to show how they relate to entropy in a spectrum. But I have heard from coffee shop talk that one of the things confusing the bees that they starve is perhaps a shift due to something like global warming that they cannot find their food. Now this sort of level of how we tune or instruments or play old music seems also to suggest to me something more is happening, new or cyclically or not. Not the least of it is how we relate to the irrationals as say a just or tempered scale.

Lubos sas:

To show what kind of incredible mess my dear American readers allowed to thrive in their very own formerly exceptional country, I offer you the following link:

A human health perspective on climate change (PDF)

Twenty-one authors affiliated with official U.S. government institutions argue that global warming leads to the increase of cancer, mental and neurological illnesses, asthma, allergies, foodborne diseases, nutrition disorders, human development dysfunctions, heat-related and weather-related morbidity and mortality, vectorborne, zoonotic, and waterborne diseases, as well as all other diseases.

Perhaps we need to get a better idea on what things like cancer is. Is there not some correlation to living north or south of the Mason Dixon line and our susceptibility to MS for example? How might radiation affect the genes and how might the melting of snow have some significant effect on say viruses?

* * *

Of course if we stay isolated in the Bohemian crater in the dark ages of science we will not get sick but we will not build up our immunity to the plague either.

^ ^ ^

The above illustration approximation also raises geometric and algebraic issues that involve things more fundamental than our very streamlined physics theories. The use of the square root of three in particular also would have me fundamentally ask what the nature of three space has to do with this- I mean say the diagonal of a cube for example. Anyway the nice reply from Rowlands who met a coauthor with Hoyle led me to look him up - interestingly, the article said one problem with such a system and one that used some of Weyl's ideas, what what to do with the ghost particles- in a strange way that is precisely what my dream is about in the quasi-virtual ideas where somehow the circuit or handedness off and back to space reverses but where and when? And how, where and when do these sequences arise from the forth coordiante as distinct or timelike in that somehow they do loop but in a hidden manner. Of course the dream, all of this raw and informal, somehow is telling us something more about our mind than the experiences of nature- in that sense it is vital and interesting especailly to a generation growing older together. Well, even with new doubts we can have non aggressive and intelligent fun between each other- maybe we find something fundamental and obvious we missed- that is if and when and where our dreams as well as personal light are significant.

The coauthor with Hoyle related the Machian idea (which one should read Rowlands treatment as an underlying principle or method to consider) Does this apply to the topology (as discussed by therefereceframe article previous to the one mentioned above? It has its place but the theory in my opinion is not foundational although of extreme theoretical interest and beautiful sting potentials- but as pointed out elsewhere in a sense the topology is not the most general treatment and we cannot just push things to a second order space linear or non linear.

But for more formal reading I am still working on the roots and idioms of linguistics
so this one is just for the fun of it- maybe I will write some headline or telegraphic style poems to see how that relates to the translation and how we actually use time and how we compare from a continuous place our distinct vowels between languages- surely in the Rosetta stone of the cosmic code and the prevalence of binary numbers and nimbers we need further comparison of artificial and natural languages.

* * *

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The concrete in the hidden dimensions of virtual spaces

The concrete in the hidden dimensions of virtual spaces

An interesting post on thereferenceframe.blogspot today considering the issues I have raised here and the work of Rowlands et al.

that argues that both the strange DAMA signals and the recent CoGeNT observations may be pretty nicely explained by "mirror planets" as dark matter. That's a paradigm that the dark matter sector is composed out of the isomorphic matter as the visible sector but it is decoupled. Imagine E8 x E8 heterotic string theory in which both E8 factors break in the same way and give rise to similar Standard Models etc.
Have I not said similiar things here, Lubos, and in mathematical formats? and has the blog arxiv seen the worth of such non-newage speculation in the work of Rowlands?

Of course the idea of dark matter planets filling space and not in these abstract reasoning is rather a return to the dark ages- but then is not the same true of how we emotionally relate to our core metaphysics and religions- what symmetry breaks in the organization of our minds to show the effects of charismatic preachers (see the sciencechatforum posts on this today and a new poster who brings up the question of the holographic principle and information storage.

Anyway I had a profound dream this morning and I think it reached or is headed to a breakthru in understanding things better. In our space (if you want not a monotheistic space where the world reaches some maximum and shrinks again to the Kantian three space plus some other direction we can intermittently access. But as with dreams recalled along with there significance it is hard to state as my following facebook thought tried to do casually:

L. Edgar Otto We can fill the hidden place of dreams- not already filled with the infinity of night- and at times fall or reach into that place- underneath this world our dancing feet know not the need to stand somewhere nor whose face reflects the river nor how many are our touching the same river once, a thousand times, or we who cannot walk on water twice.

Our reach into the virtual where the space and universe in the small or long view seems describable as crystalline results in the possibility of concrete or quasi concrete particles in the dimensions of virtual particles and space. In that sense what is seemingly concrete stereonomically may indeed be somewhat without substance. Consciousness for the sane is the ability to enter and return from this space of dreams and that as we watch the same structures in others- a fifth if you will parameter CPT and so on... that is something a little different beyond the complex absurdity of faith only in experiments that abandons say Okhams razor. Something more flangulated rather than compactified (and yet we can imagine such a space where such dimensions do this- but we need a wider context to see it all.

Then again the exceptional groups E8 and so on were my first choice of unified theories as of 1969 when I discovered these alternative views on space structure.

* * *

I thought about posting a clean textbook sort of thing to the quasic conversation but as with all popular and changing books they to some extent become dated and obsolete while the writing. For the few of you who followed my theses in this informal blog and perhaps in one to one conversations I want to point out here a further principle, long realized on the view of a more finite group approach to space on the micro level- that in terms of orthogonal parity and inside-outside views of such hypersystems of complexity that the inner face of say a volume centered polytope is not only as if spun in right angles in all directions but is reversed in its last face chiral inversion to the whole- we take this into account for a total integrated but indefinite system and concrete constructable system and what we can imagine as human consciousness in learning (mathematic, neoterics) and what is a grounding of the reality, ontology. This along with all the problems our minds seem to be struggling with in say four space where we try to connect in a single line all the points as if they do not require in four space twice visited. Such thoughts are not some mirror space, concrete or as a virtual vortex influence of the matter and its self creation as vacuum and so on- this step will be the next one to perhaps if we can have a great symmetry, bridge, whereby in this world but as if beyond this world we establish a new and perhaps seemingly limitless new space and intelligible design of our reality. A principle of possible oversupersymmetry of such imagined multi-dualities. As far as such questions as the memory or cause or recording of any particular unique identity or path we clearly can see the evolution of it is the recording of it even in such creation and anhilliation of things and design systems- let us be consistent at least in the idea of renormalization as steps against that of the message is no definite answer so the concept is wrong- let us in other words not bury our enquiry into either the finite nor hopeless infinite view of Zeno and his paradoxes.

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God and Intelligible Design

God and Intelligible Design

FORTHCOMING: A new look at the logic of the traditional proofs in light of the new physics. Note- this is not necessarily the same as asking Does God exist? Would any theist presume he is that Godlike to know what most philosophers and honest scientists believe cannot be known? Would the non-believer fare any better as to what of his own sense of substance and dealing with the infinite as perhaps distant to this question? Or perhaps on all levels where there is emotional and practical wholeness, the cosmology, the teleology, ontology on all levels at any point or points in points of identity being or vanishing in the universe deeper than the hexadecimal steps of the finite thus beyond the improbability of say DNA arising in the sea or as Hoyle in a measure of perfection from the stars? I miss some of the very good students on the philosophychatforum who could map this out formally and give the issue as well as myself a great debate.

The strength of a nation is measured by its Phd's (which nation?) but the scientist in me at least would rather talk about the thesis beyond some title and the pursuit should look a little outside ourselves as much as perhaps these issues as if a legitimacy of prayer as Gardner believes is fundamental, after all.

Gardner looks a lot at the questions of identity in the sci fi literature and in philosophy. The old idea of the pattern of the music and not the lyre and so on.
In the Riverworld the point there was that it was sentient beings that kept the cycle of souls supported and returning to the river. Of course the issue of waves and particles and what after all is that individual consciousness or self - would the pattern of Martin Gardner if reaching a greater stage of awareness of what we are and comfortable with it be He who would want to preserve it as such? Are not all electrons thought possibly one? On any side of a one sided philosophy, chirally speaking and with parity, is it not the same argument as it appears right under the filled negative vacuum on the other side of the hologram? How can we know or assume a deconstruction by a mere change of say gender sign and zero that the philosophy changes absolutely for some social belief? Is it always irrational to work equality and compromise- is it rational to limit our wide enquiries to some one sided assertion of the cheif concern of philosophy as axiology, values where ultimately there may be no such distinction in an intelligible world of people that if we as things stand try to figure society out and how it may change must remain incomplete and thus irrational where we ask at least of identity what is altruism at the initial creation of the self- where a single photon interferes with itself and the design, intellegent, intelligible, or meaningless in some wholeness or perfection our great institutions as long lived as they are compared to other things are intrinsically unstable- the endless copies of faces not seen twice but a thousand times in the mirror at all the universe in sight in our local bend of the endless river?

Interestingly, such a reference to quantum mysticism and Penrose's model of wider universes of entropy and maybe a new direction in this sort of thing as a new foundation for a religious movement- in Gardner's long era he was cautious not to say he was speaking against or for the anthropic principle.

^ ^ ^

L. Edgar Otto I return again to the ongoing burning question- What happens when the music stops? On facebook today- thought and comments

Kristoffer Martin
A new song begins to play

Jennie Klotz-Cauwels
Everybody needs to find a chair, and the one left standing is out of the game.

Arian Otto
Predators lurk near, storms are on the way, and there is not a bird in the sky.

L. Edgar Otto
Maybe, pop goes the weasels, we surprised when we waken from our sleep like Jack in the Box...

Ann Sundblad
Perhaps a plague or two for the heck of it.

Kristoffer Martin
its probably like a jukebox, you need more quarters once the last song ends

When the Music Stops (Round Rivers and Riverworlds)

When the Music Stops (Round Rivers and Riverworlds)
Staring out of a window from a coffee shop, Wheaton, Grand Rapids, on the desk a book of religion or philosophy (thank you New Ways Forward blogspot

Today, when I think about these new ways to see physics and the underlying philosophy of it I enter the philosophic part of creative speculation again. That is I had no new math or particle ideas but the old ones came up again from philosophy.

So the question, the burning one is for many of us, what happens when the music stops? I went back to reading the skeptic Martin Gardner again to compare his views of these issues- specifically about things like immortality, chronons, and Tarski's metalanguage over pragmatism. I got more out of the reading because I had learned a little more since last years casual reading, perhaps an emergent property that cannot reduce things to molecules.

But here I am also talking about the ideas of souls and identity- from Heisenberg's lattice of points in a quantum discrete space to all the underlying philosophy and science fiction of what happens when the music stops and is the pattern immortal.

If there is a universal grammar then clearly we assume a correspondence theory of the objective world relating to what our consciousness is and in that case can we really understand things by the appeal to metalanguage or to mathematics for that matter?

But to bring this home, my statements lately on the galaxy models and other sorts of physics related to holography and the reading of Rowlands book, actually have an almost religious underlay which quite clearly was used in the entertaining stories from science fiction. Science fiction is about the future possible but the metalanguage involved has to be one of mathematics and philosophy- I disagree then that pragmatism and its utility cannot be a metalanguage of itself in the learning by doing- nor that our soul as an essence or higher thing is not a possibility- so against Gardner's honest work I cannot agree that saying the issues are just a matter of verbal, of linguistic confusion, really makes a clear logical case?

Still, Gardner collects in his theism at a distance, a great deal of ideas about if and what is immortal. One of them was a science fiction where there is a world called Riverworld where all the souls come back to be twentyfive to that river where they might die by accident but in some mind of or memory of God just show up somewhere along the river again. But is this not the Loxidrome of Riemann's sphere and if the space itself can contain in a few bits the memory of all the infinity of numbers- and ultimately after the living or the effort this an instantaneous and non-local thing the messages and the messengers in a sense by nature preserved is the unclear definition of what is unique about us or the clone or duplication of the innumerable us not a clear issues of the underlying model of physics and philosophy? In my almost religious mythology My Spheredream hero walks down an endless beach for his journeys from zero to infinity and back again- but the story came after the model and the model came from events and places and people of my living.

Now the round river is in Aldo Leopold's book- yes, almost like the lumberjack put on to the newbie stories here in the north woods. But the disc can spin and the water if not in some Escher sense of flowing up and down by some trick of space coincident and cross eyed, it does flow around. Again, both models seem intimately related to the math and the chiral things and the absolute value only of things in this world like the atoms and galaxies. God the Creator then could make Riemann's geometry without Riemann.

Well, the billions of times the quantum flux creates and annihilates the universe unto the chronons of the Buddhist world- if in a higher sense the necessity of vanishing is the key to new birth- is not in a sense our new birth a vanishing?- but this sort of thing was thought about and talked about centuries ago- or was it but yesterday my friend when on some walk of contemplation you saw such thoughts pass by you like the geese flying above to the north or south poles of higher hells and heavens and perhaps startled or amazed or afraid let the thoughts pass while you enjoy what seems unique but not alone your path and walk through life.

* * *

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Viswanath's Constant and Creative Thermodynamics

Viswanath's Constant and Creative Thermodynamics

I visited Astronomy Picture of the Day today and recalled the point I had forgotten in my last post due to an interruption of my compose in real time train of thought.

As today's article explains there are some unusual halos around some galaxies recently observed. Apparently just as our search for origins was said to be the sweet fruit juice of our explorations- we interested in what seems a beginning as if viewing further we arrive at some big bang- that ten billion years or so ago there was a significant time or phase change of the overall universe. Note this concerns things like quasars. I show in the illustration in simplified color the extent of such a "box". Of course the explanation offered is the material mixing and influence of other galaxies presumably from smaller ones given time to evolve into the current shapes.

Now the thing I forgot- in that I did mention the representations of a mirror surface as embedding a multiplicity of mirror symmetries in one surface, let us say calyptic symmetries, was the old Buddhist question of the divisibility of space that argued two spheres could not be broken down because as a unity the parts would have influence on each other- thus no further reduction of said spheres. To this I add Rowlands quote from Newton on similar reasoning from a solid space of at most one mirror, that is as if the filled but thin negative vacuum would be say the monopoles from one "external" view. Certainly an atom is a chiral dynamic thing like this as are the shells of things like stars- why not then the dark or opaque matter like things to some constant point as the disc or box as a creative thermodynamic limit analogous in the momentum eating and distribution to the energy that comes from the stars over the long time frame in its apparently random walk of a photon constantly exchanged. Hoyle said (I think it was he) that the time from such a photon from the center of a star was comparable to big bang time past.

The point of such a constant (not so of the neutrinos postulated to spawn a nova but which if they change generations may that way delay or stop such a possibility) is that the random things do reach a pattern of determinism to some level of accuracy but only to the 100th power of a Fibonacci generated series by a coin toss of negative and positive numbers (the neutral information of the same toss would at least contain the golden ratio as a convergence). The point is that the discoverer using fractals presumably complex analysis (I should google this rather than just use the Phi book data or my head) ignored the sign of the numbers generated which for me is one way to see some spaces as Cartesian. Again, there is a lot of rounding off and use of the five fold roots and so forth. In quasic creative space we need a modified view of thermodynamics but the limits as the Quantum Carnot Engine is a boundary that should be there because of such dynamically expressed constants in nature, at least to some states of the global macro evolution involved in greater degrees of freedom with the properties lost but not of the algebraic space itself. Where is the need and the measure of ignorance inductively for a world of a pure random thermodynamic or statistics? How does this relate to the Bell Inequality tests? If such a boundary as with any contour boundary becomes expressed as a physical and literal representation what might we do deal with potentials and energy questions of this sort of state of creative and quasic quantized space? Perhaps it contrains the projective generations beyond the charting of chiral paths such that of so many spatial dimensions seen of those possible we all share the same restrictions in our immediate shared spaces with of course the mixed generational information where one simple result is in vibrating things circular determined by linkage of doubly linear things we find the result or even illusion of ellipses beyond and overlapping the circles especially in flat hexagonal (complex) space.

Intuitively the dimensionless constants like F89 or 136+ are part of such a dynamic evolving thermodynamic and thus here holographic principled boundary.

Interestingly thereferenceframe.blogspot discusses the ten fold focus of the LHC and I remind readers there is the illusion of passing distance in a quasar that the light might appear to be tenfold faster (wonder if this is where star trek gets warp ten?)

* * *

Later that afternoon- I have not raised the issues as creative philosophy as in the remaking of the self and world or if we have an essence or not- or as an artificial or natural language we do or do not all arrive at commensurate knowledge? Does philosophy exist? Are things relative or absolute or under some agenda in this polemic age do we find the opposite? Is determinism really the objective agenda under relativity and quantum flux? I will let the philosophers also deal with my terminology- more as a poet that license and the usual third way to deal with both sides of modernism who see the other as irrational or who will or will not accept the relative inputs of many views. In that sense my apparently scinetific approach banned from the science forum and my philosophic approach even banded from that forum into poetic blog heaven and odds and ends along with the sort of logic discussed- the marriage of science and philosophy chat is a strange animal and one that on philosophy early one merged epistemology and metaphysics.
By this standard, if the LHC discovers nothing objective or remotely so as a matter of reasoning and experiment perhaps they will prove after all the basis of reasoning and philosophy is the relativist post-modernism and existentialist views and even failed embedding in the cultural era and division of those immigrants from the future engaged in learning as a grounding of living as the point of Marx to change the world not comprehend it. But then again the lack of an aether did not shift all the world into a foundation of decisive cultural relativism and it too undermined positivist or at least scientific humanism in that hopeful era of an agenda of at least a common language of peace. But again, the terms in their cautious profusion are my own and my explorations also intuitive and independent if one tries to sort it out from some philosophic view. For those on one side of the duality in our development and learning they can miss the tradition of things and also from objective utility with perhaps a desire for completeness as a sort of self deception of the useful and truly new on the frontiers or fringe of science. Certainly what is science and philosophy coexist as if to merge at some level of the foundations and in principle there can be more than we understand of our minds. Or maybe not in some post alphanumeric age and post economic age for I find myself outside of both areas in the debate- and as we know Plato did not like the poets- I mean they are a threat to both the church and the state, so are the radicals and the dabblers in sorcery. Philosophy as real living is much like Whitman or Thoreau perhaps Darwin away from women his boyish adventure and deep innuendo dreams reduced perhaps to the skirt of his beloved she barnacles. Thoreau as getting his education from his Harvard and Yale- the right and the other whale on his ship risking the hardships before the mast.

Quasiholon Quasivirtual Distances

Quasiholon Quasivirtual Distances

There was not much on my mind last night save a couple of ideas with an other look at the quasic grid and numbers. I chose the 11th Fibonacci number and related inverses, 11 in a sense a conceptual limit and the digits sum to the number two- a number as the sum of F numbers, 89 much like the analogous perhaps significance of 136. But these so called filled negative vacuum limits depend on the initial place of counting generation as to if they are 10, 11, or 12 dimensional (that is 12+4 = 16 see Rowlands and Dirac).

I also had a passing thought or feeling that pull or push we in the space age ride the light or fire of rocket ships- or perhaps the space behind them in free fall...Two types of scientists.

I left for the coffee shop in the gentle rain forgetting it was open and hour later and took a walk- to use the computer one needs to buy something and I did want a cigarette. I saw a seagull in the grass in the distance eating something and I was curious to get a closer look at what he was eating and at him he seemingly larger than usual. By his bag of fast food I found a crumpled up ten dollar bill. Oddly if any of this blog evokes general interest it was all pasted here from the Racy Delene coffee shop and breakfast place ironically called the Nucleus.

I shared a cigarette with a lady once a weatherman in the air force abandoned with two children and looking for cigarettes on the street and having a vertebrae problem and I talked about homeless veterans and mothers at that and this state.

There was another small idea I forgot but it may come back and I will post it here.

* * *

Later in the coffee shop and nucleus cafe as it is raining I thought I might post this response to a kind communication from Peter Rowlands here:


Thank you for the reply. I have things on the blog which assume a familiarity with long beginning and I just wanted to get it down and really only address a few friends with which i had some earlier dialog. Sorry I put it all in my own terms and so informally. I think that is what you meant by coming into a middle of a conversation. On the other hand in reading your book sharing with me so many of the same foundational concerns it feels like talking to an old friend I had not seen for years and holding a conversation as if no time had passed at all.

Where you say some of you and your colleagues ideas are radical so take awhile to consider or accept mine must really appear much further out there. Whatever else your views I think the clarity of thinking you give in these abstract matters is a great value for our experimental and theoretical scientists. Forgive my enthusiasm when in a further level of complexity of learning I am moved by the great beauty humanity has achieved in such thinking. I did not notice at first your working with people in the particle physics field and I do hope we find something interesting. Yours was a small voice the reaffirmed my own doubts as to how far off and comprehensive some of our enquires can go if we do not ask the why of it beyond the computation.

I have not felt i achieved anything save perhaps some negative results as science but your book lets me think that maybe my explorations were as sound as we can reach after all, that our paths in life were not a waste- as Milton said how he has used his light.

So sure, check back from time to time and good luck on your efforts. i do recall in my luncheon on Clarkson Close with Hoyle him feeling stressed that students were all the time coming to him with this or that idea- part of the burden of teaching and research I imagine. His lectures on the BBC seemed he was so distant and hard to follow but in person there was cheese and bread and a big shaggy white dog and he was so human and personal. I sometimes imagine in his sci fi October 1st is Too Late that the USA airman he mentioned solving some of these things was me for his idea.

Significantly I had him sign his book on quasars as perhaps there is not just one big bang but a lot of little bangs- obviously he had a great influence on the fundamentals.

With great sincerity, The PeSla- the badlands map of a vanished nova, old baldy in the landscape, and the ghost of departed quantities. Now interested in your path as a person which maybe is as important as the science.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cosmic Limits of Human Computation

The Cosmic Limits of Human Computation

The old synchronicity again finding an article on New Scientist about the disc in Andromeda after posting the article as lite speculation of the literal or physical possibility of such discs (of course I did not assert it contained hyperbolic geometry per se) But in the multiverse of thought the paradox is said to be resolved if there is somewhere an original idea in one of them. I get that old occasional feeling again that if I imagine something it comes into existence- be it quarks or quasars. Sometimes we should just observe things rather than imposing a theory and we conclude things. Rowlands foundations of physics idea is rather appealing as to why we do not see as much antimatter as matter- his exclusing of time factors aside as tachyons (I mean obviously the exploration and results of this double center disc idea has been in the minds of someone for some time- or has it? It would seem we are within the matter part much in the same way as we only see say half the universe and not the part beyond our light horizon. Does this mean that if we were on that side of things matter would still appear positive? In any case let us not underestimate the popularization of physics as helpful to the enterprise of science as tonight I had a conversation on the way here with someone who was into Green and others and knew terms like Higgs, and strings, and ten dimensions. If enough find such a shared threshold of ideas then science will benefit.

I notice also a lone voice in a blog I follow distressed with his model along these lines of spheres and light- he would benefit from Rowlands book in terms of the square of light computations for his system. Was he distressed yesterday? Are we perhaps in some sort of tachyonic precognition or is there a deeper idea of a well poetic energy in the universe whatever it is?

I am not sure why the professor says in communicating with me (he emailed that he did want to continue the dialog but could not answer in depth as he was rather busy and said again it is as if he is in the middle of a conversation- for me it is as if I have spoken long to him as if an old friend one resumes the talk after a long time as if no time passed much at all.

In any case after years of reading Astronomy Site of the Day I have had two views of what is happening in the cosmos- and I do not prefer the explanations that more or less a cloud of gas like the one in the newscientist article feeding the Andromedean murder of black holes is the only of many dynamic explanations.

Clearly the idea of our quasi nonlocality as chiral center of things from galaxies to atoms, and the direction it goes macro or micro or human meso, and the idea of consciousness as a relation to or form of oomputation is part of the issue at hand. My first guess is that we will not find the answer to why the universe beginning with declassified Lawrence atom smashing data on Kaons and now the beauty quark at the LHC if the experimental evidence even to a great degree of power and accuracy can be reached in our machines. The evidence in a sense is there concerning the momentum of particles and stars and such in a way not necessarily there for super symmetry or even the Higgs mechanism- On the other hand the one sidedness of the weak or fermionic aspects do show we may do things with those neutrinos that perhaps we cannot do with the present but virtual others.

Moreover, if we allow directions macro and micro where the time signature does not matter or can matter by assertion or the charge is arbitrarily assigned then it is clear that some ideas of strings and the standard theory are too inadequate to be near the final word and in present formulation is a dead end. In a sense the LHC stands to the standard theory as the aether wind stood to the velocity of light.

Psychologically, well I will address that shortly- but from my quasic view and considering the integration with the physical, metaphysical, and solid or steronometric view of the cosmos, the euglossa beyond the metalanguage of logic then the intelligibility of the mathematics applies beyond the linguistic analysis of the scholars of the cosmic code as the beginning Sanskrit a key or arrangement for a more complicated era of understanding our consciousness and physicality of the world.

The issue is why are there particle generations in the first place as if God or nature was not a scientist making things simple rather than unnecessarily complicated- no Ockham razor a guiding light there. From the quasic view there are three or four generations in the algebra only some higher generations are rare because they are on a different level of the algebraic approach to space and in such space they progressively lose algebraic laws, in binary dimensions unto and just beyond the octonians. Thus we might expect pair production at the simplest level of the theory and it not on a higher quasic level- and yet we can also expect such higher languages of theory to have such biased chiral distinction and forces as an emergent property not observed on the lesser levels. Nature is parsimonious after all with some degree of the mixing of the generations with different effects. Beyond the octonions is the clear independence or space possible for more or less isolated experiments or even the scandal of existential separate consciousnesses.

Of course it may be that the generational idea is vastly more structured in the quasars of what I imagine is a natural and greatly extended five and greater dimensional matter. If not what restricts this naturally and logically in the universe? Let us not forget we are on the outside of atoms!

My flagelation (rather than compatification) by binary quasic notation explains the scale and shift of properties and he quasi-nonlocality as materiality or at least a background for physicality. It also puts differentiation and integration of organic systems into better and wider perspective.

The idea of a Cartesian simple neutral *like positivity from this view of the dualism as only virtual in expanding and evolving chiral space does indeed on several quasic and generational levels appear as if a filled negative state of things needing neither the idea of sign nor imaginary numbers fundamentally but the emerging idea of the weak fermion and thus exclusion principle duality as a drive is also a part or related to that picture. In organic things physically these ideas may coincide in dynamic principle but they can be independent in evolving systems of life and mind. We also consider again the nature of thermodynamics a disc system that seems to create or move to states of stars as energy sources and black hole like things as eaters of entropy- but do we say stars are white holes and if so connected to where or do we hold there is a little bit higher science to explore?

Now, for the psychological, for me regardless if we paste on the world the experience of our minds or the world determines the structures and metastructures imposed on ourselves- that is, does the quantum physicist see the world in terms of quantum theory and its limitations? We do have a bichameral brain and bilateral body by which in general one differentiates and dominates in a causal and casual manner. We may in fact suggest in general the mind is also divided into ideas of the quantum theory and the general relativistic theory either abstractly or upon some physical structure. For me this is how we can store measures of things into types of dimensional space.

The mind can be the author of mathematical experiments including a higher one of the unification of these physics that is a unification of these complementary aspects of our minds. On one hand we can compute vast arrays of numbers in tree like structures at an ever increasing speed until it seems to take all of our mental capacity and what is left of our consciousness falls out at a distance to observe the process independently. There are other psychological effects from such processes to explore. We sort of reach the chiral remote edge or the so called idea of an other or outside universe computationally and conceptually. But along the way we may find that like a precipitation some of the trees and branches form rings and the rings rain down and contract to our minds eye no longer caught in the falling.

On the other hand we may do the exercise of silencing the voice as in some meditations but then find another smaller voice to silence and so on until we meet as the micro extreme that is not final silence (though that exists instantly) and we have to ask- as if chasing the proverbial tortoise discretely in finite steps- at what place and time does a photon leave the electron? Is there more smaller than this? Is it just a matter of cloudy uncertainty and greater fuzzy logic space?

Quasicity explains a lot to tame the excesses of the quantum and qlassical worlds and perhaps to have us better understand the human sentient mind which in end may exceed such limitations and mathematics as I here have reached to describe.

Distaration, Macro Meso Micro and Nullpotency

Distaration, Macro Meso Micro and Nullpotency
(and the role of the irrational ration phi)

I recall reading a chapter as a child in middle school from one of the books lying around my father picked up- he a field engineer for RCA and a twenty year Navy Radioman who as a child worked on the model-T's and built some of the first radios. It concerned the similarity of the inverse square laws of gravity, electricity, and magnetism. I spent the afternoon trying to understand what I was reading and I did long before more modern books noted this similarity as a clue to a unified field theory. I recalled this again after reading Rowland and his relation to the number two and duality. At this stage of my blogging, as I remarked, the early ideas that come casually I do not claim as more than speculation as the area seems a little new to me at least in the application and thus may be rather raw and simpler than the final conclusions after mature contemplation. So let us look at some rather primitive analogies from last night- in particular the role of thermodynamics and entropy in particular in relation to the structures of black holes and so on (in fact the recent reference frame blogs on this is most interesting in how a commentary on a "creationist" (in the biblical sense) views life and entropy. Also in relation to the number Phi or the divine proportion as for example mentioned in Rowlands and as recently as 1990 in other places- that which I had long felt- some reason beyond the mathematics this number is so intimate to life. Now what we have in this ratio is a sort of casual causality- a sort of quasi non-necessity as an organizing principle for the phyllotaxis. But is this not the acid test of philosophy, when we debate the free will and determinism of things?

Let us also review the recent reference frame article on antimatter and the LHC and keep in mind the relevance to chirality and the filled vacuum states by Dirac.

Imagine if you will then (as this idea of space expansion and within or without of some such creative chiral structure in space embedded or not- my last post where we try to see such models and say apply them to things like entropy, black holes and stars, when we can make the analogy of heat to a single particle or only en masse. As in my lack of dialog and silencing by the young linford86 directly on yesterdays post- many have pondered these analog models long before our inspired zit faced youth- I in particular in my zit face-ness thought to take some of them literally in my questions of what-if) You know if we are not all alpha males it does pay in some pursuit like business, science, or woman for a little mutual cooperation- then again let the survivalist of the fittest live and die by the survival of the fittest.) that we have just a disc floating or not in space- a sort of indeterminate size or in a context of some scale pixel of all space, better yet a hyperbolic space within Riemann's projection on the complex plane of the equator of his sphere. What comes in or out of it would be roughly uniform- that is we imagine the heat involved and its transfer rather uniform throughout the disc.

We note that there can be analogous spheres around this disc- as if there are some sort of holes after all (or as Rowlands suggests the intersection of Klein's group bottles- or maybe not as Feymann suggests in the reference frame article). Already we see some sort of pattern, a disc or sphere of matter or dark matter ideas that may describe the dynamics and evolution of galaxies- certainly time arrows and entropy which where the miraculous spiral occurs is an amorphous casual causality in actually both directions of the spirals on Riemann's plane- and moreover the question of the golden irrational number here and reverse spirals, jets bars and cores and so on.) How then are these chiral in reference to * or a primitive proto-potential of symmetry. As the bare beauty Emily Dickens said seen by Euclid alone do we not have in a sense a poem waiting for the bare charge or that distance in all spaces from a naked singularity? But the golden number macro and micro has its unreachable ideal limits of quasic pixel distarality and dimensionality. Thus we imagine the finitely bound Fibonacci numbers.

These numbers in a sense of square ratios or Pythagorean triples of the usual algebra (it would be interesting to see how this relates to the Babylonian theorem)as a linear flow of punch and slice jets and chirality, parity but a different view where one can actually measure with signs say two meteres of time, are all equivalent only they appear not to be in a sunflower like grid of just two of the F numbers. After all the smashed loxodrome infinity is not dampered from the view of somewhere.

So, the sum of squares of any two successive Fibonacci numbers is a Fibonacci number as is known. Thus in a sense the duality as powers or the second power inverse as the number two, the dimensionality of three-ness seen somewhere holographically an illusion as well seen as the reason for physics to decide the math of it all as Rowlands might suggest) The question of matter or antimatter and so on in both the inverse x and the masses or charges attracting or repelling involve such numbers as some distance from the null space, quasically and complexly.

We could say that it is not the inverse square law as such but a blended series of such inverse square sums or roots of the Fibonacci numbers. The same description for the relation between charges and masses. The 2 to the * or that to the two until the properties run out to some sort of vacuum filled idea- maybe by the principle not totally filled but certainly closely so in matters of equilibrium, We imagine then a multidimensional spiral grid within the spheres and discs of evolving galaxies or any other thing of this general quasic background of space. There can be two parallel objects spinning together at a distance continuously, or we can decide one is in the opposite direction in which case they meet twice in a cycle in a more or less not quite discontinuous manner- such are particles.

I was going to call this lite speculation Amorphous Symmetry Breaking For one thing can we imagine or should we if we have the analogy of what we deduce as not embedded in time or space or casuality stars on a ball, would they be such flat objects- ones in particular that behave differently as do the black holes and stars?

We note also the 137.5 phi angles also involve the reading of phi applied to growth and life and well even information storage efficiency in computers or the branching energy of some trees for efficient distribution. But we should keep clear how we define or not round and linear things and what spins or does not as concrete.

But the mirror to all this is the within-withness (esoendoreal) for the moment to the extent we may conceive or the analogies and representation models apply. We note again the Fibinocci relation as the structural and dimensional cause of spontaneous symmetry breaking (but here as a discrete model with Pythagorean locality) In general between models more or less outlined in this article we can define in normal and in quasic space and between or within any such mapping of the dimensional representations at least two distinct types of distance or of time.

To what extent then does such amorphous symmetry breaking relate to ideas of what actually the thermodynamics is and how it flows more complexly in such spaces?

* * *

As to the title of this post- in a sense the Fibonacci spiral remains at a distance from the golden rectangles it is embedded in- distaration at the limits of what we imagine abstractly as the macro as well as the pixelation of the micro, that is beyond n for the counting from null (in a sense more fundamental than zero as if we imagine there is no year zero in the Euclidean plane that develops into a wider view of mathematics and geometry than just the deductive proofs of time. If there is no within or without absolutely or generally it is hard to incorporate our usual understanding of boundaries as if singularity and one system only and the remote laws of say conservation of energy- even if in the famililar or meso world where we can make inferences, abductively at least, of what happens with the intelligible balance for these issues of entropy, quantum carnot engines QCE etc and again the more fundamental theory idea of "life" or even thought as acausual or casual causality- that is if somehow nature is suggesting in the evolving and fixed scheme of things the phyllotaxis of design is a dynamic and intelligible system.

Now,as we imagine things beyond the phenomenal (that seen) mystifying or not, we can go further in our intuitive imagining once we have mastered certain levels of the complicated physics of the world. One thing seems for sure for me is that, as in the poems, Calculus is not the complete description of the laws of the universe and in that sense what Feynman said is a little dated that it is the language of God as mathematician. Physics in its stuttering creativity should seek restrictions in the unification- but abstract or theoretical or not these should be questioned and justified as much as any new speculation, scientifically.

I keep wanting to get around to better mapping of quasic things and perhaps the pictures would be trivial- then again as different and beautiful as the fractals. How do we really know, especially the billion years or so left earthbound, if we really have covered all the possibilities of nature, of a physics, and know what there is as all there is even if we do not understand what it is to some level? I can understand the excitement of the first mapping of curves and its symbolic simplicity in pictures and notation- but all the results of those curves should have counterparts in my way of seeing the plane or phaneron, and in the idea of membranes. That is once I accept my vision there is hard work and review of past achievements by our mathematicians - if any of us had the time and were free to explore hopefully for the benefit of us all.

In one night the stars were poetic beings on one hand, and their shadows as if only to van gogh starry night eyes as he creative objects of the emptiness, then again in our quasi flights of imagination they also looked like stray bits of hot dust. Perhpa one thing we are not that clear of fundamentally is this idea of white and black holes- something a little more is needed to understand thermodynamic symmetry- and yet almost any model may have a physical reality somewhere as well some vague idea of psychology fit some minds- from the distant heights of a totality, omnium as if the surface only idea of a face of God- or that in our permutations of casual causal inheritance we are individually and species specific encountering say but a single base in a codon that determines how we see the colors of this world.

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Deo Vindice

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Re: what shape is the universe?

Postby linford86 on April 22nd, 2010, 10:14 am
Non-embedded manifolds, like the picture I was advocating, are surfaces which do not have exteriors or "interior volumes". They only have surface. That is to say, think of the surface of the balloon and now imagine that there is no outside of the surface. So no inside of the balloon and no outside either, just the surface. It's hard to picture, which is why the balloon analogy is misleading. But it's the picture that has been found to be most useful in describing space-time and it's the picture used in our current formulation of General Relativity (i.e. the theory that lies behind modern cosmology.) We do not, and possibly cannot, know if there is something outside of this universe. But the point that I am making is that there doesn't have to be an outside. Just as the surface of the balloon has no edge on the surface, the space-time we inhabit does not need an outside either. Of course, the universe would be the only shape lacking an outside that we experience. Therefore, we cannot have intuition from dealing with everyday objects.

* * *
I post this as it is to show the state of reasoning by one of the moderators and experts of the Deo Vindice, let us compare my fundamental ideas with the rumor of his and the depth of understanding of space for one who judges others work as not even metaphysics.

Interestingly enough the slinky is a screw that always finds its own level. May he find the light of creative and useful science one day- but I don't blame him perhaps we should blame the state of education or the lack of it in today's world. There are more things dreamed of in the orthodox physics than you can yet imagine friend as "outside your universe".


And days later this interesting post by Lincoln:

Re: what shape is the universe?

Postby Lincoln on April 26th, 2010, 7:02 am
While I agree with Linford, one must caution that this is a theoretical concept.

And, no, this isn't just my theory/experiment thing. We dont' >>KNOW<< that the universe isn't sufficiently large that the differential expansion across our little visible bubble of 28 billion light years across isn't just too small for current instruments. One could imagine some kind of Big Bang that experienced a kind of hyper-inflation to a size that is trillions or quintillions of lightyear across. The uniformity of expansion we observe could be just because we have insufficient precision to measure the gradient across the tiny visible bubble. In this scenario, space is fixed and the material is expanding into space, rather than with space.

I say this not because I believe it to be true. I don't. But if such a measurement was performed tomorrow and a gradient observed, the theory would likely be thrown out and started over. This is the reason that I insist on the cautions and the caveats.

However, caveat aside, Linford is doing a good job of describing how the balloon analogy is often misunderstood.

Is there not some empirical evidence embedded or not of center 65 million years away from us? That is a center on the "baloon"? or for that matter an axis?

Well, let us not blaspheme the scientific faith- just different terms I suppose that God is that whose circumference is nowhere and center is everywhere. And if we imagine one day all we may see is the milkyway as something seems to be shrinking and something else expanding, maybe things seen smaller than an atom and what then so goes the speculation. Is the Spinozean god of Einstein in a sense such a finite god and all that entails?

Analogy, is it true or not exact only in geometry? But such models are really just an other form of our disparate attempt to keep the universe in a descending energetic materialism including the excluding of mental and other interpretations. Maybe Hawkings has caught on to the new religions of quantum mystical esp aliens and all that. Not that such a fuzzy linear view as the party line does help us as hands on engineers make reliable automobiles and economics in the main.

The distinction between how to apply mass and the constant of light to energy is of course a crude approximation with no admission of where the Einstein picture is declared without error when many expert physicists in the mainstream can show this with a little better orthodox methods. Maybe empiricism trumps rationalism but it does not take a logician to see that these crude interpretations of analogies are matters of self fulfilling faith and not fact. The number of god, in his emotional image as lonliness is one or none or many who vanish so all are dead and the science based on this will also vanish along with utility and creativity of our work. But is this not philosophy 101- the creative truth of poetry as is the better science theory is not aesthetically relative to some essential absolute and subject to fads and narrow minded peers in agreement- if the world is intelligible.

Poetic Nature, Quasicity more Foundational than Chirality

Just Logging on I found a relevant quote in the blog I follow:

dark current

Price-Whelan made a remarkable discovery today—which may be false or an error of some kind, so don't quote me—that commercial digital cameras do not always subtract the dark frame, and the dark currents of the pixels are significant and vary from pixel to pixel. If this is right, we are going to be able to vastly improve the sensitivity of the cameras we have. Time to start writing the paper

Last night I took a look again at my informational notation of the "quasic plane" and intellectually considered as I am not comfortable with the idea, of a certain minimum or maximum of a quasic region of space structure I called- a "Pixel"

* * *

Crapola My Old Man Says April 22, 2010

The clockwork universe comforts
those abandoned by their gods
Dreaming of them, yet to keep them distant

Others demand of the Old Geometer
He has a heart, only is stuttering ancient tongue
Speaks and counts, imperfect impotent calculus of indifferent stars

Some demand as well a living life force,
heartbeats, a universe of compassion
Creative in its composition, rimes with passion

The heretic with rhetoric no hypocrite and
yet an actor begging alms in the street theater
With false tears the gnosis and audience in hypnosis

He rants and curses remote his sensing wisdom, you so long
My dream lover, his daughter, your skipping empty time made flesh again.

* * *

Dark anima, your seal over time awake
an amazon that subdues a tyrant king
Became your trinity of nurturing virtues

Why did they awaken you in your sleep walking
to intervene, self-styled stewards of your troubled dreams
Your pulse quickening with romantic imagination, teeth, neck and blood?

Last time, midway where our lives clashed and crossed, light's diamonds
I your vague brief stranger half recalled, you my constant starlight
I with daughter issues waiting for you to grow up

Do I dare, foliage and snow cover gone, the way clear in spring
to tunnel thru the plasma void, our now lesser touch to drink of you?
You forgave my shadowing by itself your innocence

I must admit vicariously I craved you too, through his thin foxgloves
When all along you betrothed in ghostly dance, he lived his first love.

* * *

Old Einstein, ironic anti-hero once legend, genius, cursed a rare curse on his
Deathbed while scribbling unto the last of blogs his time-in-shells formulas

* * *

A quasic pixel or cell can be thought of as a minimum or maximum region (symbol=*)including some variations of h, 1, minimum distance, duration and so on.
Here the generator of numbers is not 1 or 0 or even i. It is *. Only in the second level can we distinguish two forms of chirality left and right, I call the for all practical purposes a positive element grid, punch and slice- that is circle and line of the fundamental quasic motions. These four hands can of course make a holon gird of potentialities in space and its representations themselves. Clearly the parity and chirality is not distinguished on the * level. And the abstract program of Conway as well the fermion-vacuum distinction is not there yet. Now, in the representation of tracing the handedness of motion in a quasic space in three dimensions we have extended the cells to at least four but the quasic grid supplies the information beyond four. In fact, the quantum like discreteness is intrinsic here where the fourth or t direction may imply a jump over the hidden continuity. Moreover, the chiral or treating the time as if a fourth space coordinate is also valid and on the * level indistinguishable.

I imagine in the flat representation unto four generations of formalism to encode a certain distance like dimensionality relevant to our measure of mass or force in physics and this to be adjusted by the location in the depth of the grid or at different depths between coordinate points including the pervasive idea of * gravity- perhaps a rather brane like conception without the absurd idea of leakage. This then a possible reckoning of "distarality".

A quasonic pixel then may contain more than n, that is an infinity or an infidecimal quasonic grid. While potential infinity plus potential infinity is equal to potential infinity and zero plus zero is zero- in a sense of measure and shift of frames this is not exactly the case among the quasi transcendental cases. We note also that pi and its inverse as a sort of inertial pi in one dimension can in a sense of a limited (therefore friction idea) conjugate sum to the nilpotent null when we consider summation over a limited but unbounded probability curve if we consider it as if a higher space rotation, chiral or parity wise. 0 x infinity x * then related to the life of a particle or system thermodynamically, and a certainty of sorts as an actuary table innately quantized to the quasic normalization where the world in its possible varieties overall seems positive and stable in its intelligibility. We also note in conservation ideas the quantization seemingly trivial of certain angles.

The sum over chirality implies that at the surface of a black hole creative object we can have a coincident shell structure of the quantized collective of the quantized pixel units which can join effects to others by opaque symmetry considerations. Certainly in overt light structures realize such shell structure.

Ceneon or Cainom - Neocene or new-new space of * to the * or 2 to the 2 to the * and so on may ask of minimum quantization if it can be extended into higher spaces of sphere systems as if a general Kugel group of quantized meridians of a grid composed of more than one natural dimension.

The "distarence" dst can be such a measure (symbol in Cherokee three loops in an ^).

These were the thoughts on my mind last night- and the noting to remember in my last posts the idea of entropy as also the contiguity of things like geometric objects where significantly the grid itself is a duality between the quasic pixels.

* * *

Do prime numbers relate somehow to these flanged or coinciding shells? Reality is everywhere nonlinearlly potentially local uniform and centered chirally that in a sense makes it at least unified and stable and at least evolving mathematically (that is the primitive idea of neoteric - now ceneoteric, learning as intelligibility).

Western science and society although multidimensional in its orthogonality- the streets built into an idealized Cartesian grid, is nevertheless a poetic metaphor where we build things in three space as if a hidden orthogonal grid and do not have to consider the parts adjusted to the theory since there are standardized ones to some degree of approximation for things like housing and automobiles. Engineers need not in the workaday world be so theoretical save to keep in mind industrial error.

I had a passing thought too that quasics was the reason I understood pointloops ideas on the sciencechatforum when others did not- but now I understand the need for such a chiral and local form of looping although simple alternative assertions did the job and the chirality and parity differences analyzable ad hoc added.

See previous illustration for the 256 quasic grid of two particle generations in this blog and the philosophychatforum .

One small other thought- in the soma puzzle the T tetracube is a surface one 3+1 and the corner one is a volume one (consider the holographic idea here) 2+2 and in this sense one is parity friendly and the other chirally friendly in the viewing.

* * *

Today around 5pm : In sense there can be a meso or central level of some quasic grid pixel in a universe of discourse. Such a space can be dynamic and expand or assumed to be expanded or contract and so on- for the sequence can go into the micro depths or the spans- thus the chirality as a principle can reach directly to the macro and microcosm as a principle and not just a casual state of things and not just a causal state of things either in the * potentiality. If as some speculate with an incomplete understanding of filled vacuums as only a metaphor to quasicity and as such a sound interpretation, about the opaque or dark matter-energy ideas of such symmetry and its breaking- that some sort of zero point energy could take something from another level or parallel universe- if there is such a source of energy and entropy it is more diffuse and not so restricted to the unity and intelligibility of universe nee multiverse as a primitive null potent idea. We sometimes crate in a descent our own paradoxes and problems of physics and philosophy. While the mathematics (learning) is wide there are more focused systems of intelligible design than we imagine now possible- likewise new cenocene possibilities beyond our present state of achievement. After all the growth of mathematics was a social thing of commerce in the alphanumeric age and the calculus we depend so heavily upon arose and sustained itself by utility of answers to resolve a few questions of its day. Not the least of which was incidence and directionality of what is seen by the underlying metaphysics and stereonometry.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Chiral Theorem

Wed. April 21, 2010

The Chiral Theorem

Not much on my mind today save a vague plan to map some chiral coordinates and wondering about the Conway idea of abstraction R and L and 0 and 1 as a sort of surreal calculus (where the square root of two is a rational number?) I guess I only had a vague idea of what such calculus was but it is sort of a philosophy. But in those terms and reading last night on this in Rowlands it is clear to me that my quasic system meets all the demands of nilpotent system ideas intuitively assumed and developed, and even further developed than the nil, or double naught counting. I am amazed the weak force ideas would be taken at the state they are in now and directly applied to gene chemistry by some authors. I still am thinking a out the circle and line thing in all aspects- including the deeper sense I feel I have for chiral ideas than what I see said about them.
* * *

Later today: It turns out I do have an original thought today about aspects of what I called a decade ago The Chiral Theorem. I had not thought about it since then but sometimes, as my work is decidedly finite compared with the standard terminology of Lie groups (and the usual terms of quantum mechanics and so on). As such one does not always see what is so intimate that underlies a concept so familiar to ones own system. I imagined the chiral theorem as really that aspect of math or physics intuitively that was there as a fundamental principle which would better explain the evolution of galaxies.

What I have called inversion say through the center of a solid cube in effect can be seen more simply than I imagined of the more general case. Given t xyz the xy and z are all made negative, if only the x is that is the simple geometric idea of parity. If we apply this then clearly it relates to the foundational ideas applied other places like the vectors out of a sphere in all directions where some of the modern authors use this to derive holographic and conservation interpretations of the underlying space. In a sense then the chiral question seems a deeper foundation than where it is applied and extended especially as a measure of mass and so on. Is it after all a driving force in life- and can we say clearly just how similiar or identical the Casmir force is to the Vanderalls force and yes the idea of some sort of mirror supersymmetry and dark matter concepts and so on.

In a way, as strange and beautiful as the bra ket quantum formalism is it reads to me as a mere descriptive symbology rather than say something to compute within itself. So I can imagine that inside the bra and ket being the input and output of things where again this idea of a biased weak force violation of C P is thought a dynamic thing for life force rather than a casual result of the models of math and the consequent spaces. Quantum is not enough, between the bra ket we may find other input and outputs as a description, as linear as this seems and as collapsed in relation to some space it certainly would expand our description of what are the levels of processes in an organic system. The chiral theorem asserts then that it is a primary principle and physical principle that organizes the geometry and physics and will intimately correspond to the math, algebras involved. Things like the string theories are also a product of this, the math and physics a product of the more fundamental reality. It also has the ability to limit and extend things beyond the raw information contained in handedness and the binary symbols in not just a casual sequencing without an organizing purpose and principle. But I should map some of the examples, perhaps using the results of genetics (for example in newscientist today the relation of the sense of smell (aromatics) and lifespan in some animals may be more significant than what I got out of the article.

In the accompanying illustration I have the six dimensional structure and the 32 tetracubes- we desire to double them in some mirror situations but we can oversimplify the idea of chirality by regarding two of them as the same where we may not distinguish the handedness- not to mention the relation of chirality to the various ways of seeing the dimensionality.

In my old manuscript I used the old pi symbol for chirality- which is interesting in Rowlands treatment of the e and pi which once used the mirrors of those symbols.
* * *
Still a little later today while waiting for a ride to the grocery store: I begin to think about what I had in mind in mapping some extended chiral strucures as having to work within my own quasic system awhile, and looking as some rather basic and possibly trivial principles.

Developed further in my philosophychatforum days was the principle I called the Fundamental Theorem, which states that things change and things do not on the most basic level. It is as if to say, seemingly illogically, one of the most early of my enigmatic musings that all things have an opposite and all things do not. 1960.

But our modern forms are really an elaboration on such abstract principles and we should keep that in mind on the back burner of concrete seeking speculations.

The fundamental theorems in math are appealed to and most certainly at some point should be questioned and reconsidered. For one thing what goes through or into a boundary may not necessarily be what comes out- no zero sum. To say chirality is balanced with anti particles or extending the scope of symmetry may tell us little decisively concrete about the physics of it all. Mathematics and its analogies are of the nature that small errors may be guaranteed to affect the whole edifice of the complexity. In fact consider amplification from small regions based on the imaginary numbers or of small chaoscience (for chaos as kaos I will distinguish the ideas in spelling, not the assumed more modern meaning)changes leading to great ones and maybe at a distance and maybe what is not there influence thru no distance our eventual result of choices.

So as overly simple as this may be let us consider this- the handedness may be at a higher level of the discernibly of that indiscernible. I can image being in a higher space of some sorts where I have to distinguish six hands of distinct and equivalent symmetry. Now there is nothing wrong with the idea of what comes in or goes out being a zero sum but this idea of a boundary could be everywhere throughout the continuous space and it may be wrong to only see it as a localized phenomenon or one that by this principle extends it to the bounds of the entirety of the universe. It is equivalent to the idea that we can imagine a space where every point in it is everywhere a singularity.

So, let us make a positive finite quasic distinction that may apply to those motion functions described from a cell in that space in all directions of a square or from say the bounded corner of a square. We could say there are the motions of a queen and a knight that either way make the difference of particles- we can even say that without a true zero or axis as if zero that what intuitively seems the case in more than just an Euclidean space the zero is not in that space but at distance from it and thus we have the irregularity of placement of points in the complex plane. We do indeed have to return to consolidate the wisdom of earilier geometries and not be so bewitched by the new and more complicated ones and the philosophy of science and arrogance of the "obsolete" the new ideas or change of ideas fundamentally inspires. We can imagine the unity of the knight moves as designated imaginary. In no case do we overwork the distinction of the use of e translated into trigonometry.

Our most general spaces, Hilbert, Phase, Configuration, Fourier Analysis, Lorentz, quaternions and so on are not comprehensive enough for intelligible unification of physics.

We can imagine the space of a quasic grid ascending or descending on any level to some order of dimensionality and we can follow the sequence thru a cell at a point or between cells in the quasic ordering. (we might also have intuitions that we can shift between such spaces or even between systems of such spaces or even entire systems in systems as some near or singular point of such spaces an so on into them. So the quasic space of some level grid as Q nay in a distant null point meet say R S T or four equivalent or different ones in a greater plane and we may also if we want make complex space mirrors of these.

But the null distant points can be thought of as everywhere, and a quasic cell needs not be seen as a point but as a possible minimum or maximum of a grid state and may actually be so perhaps or some quasi-continuous place in between.

But I have to get back to the hand computations again, that hard work which only the reward is that in the end numbers fit together- but there is no guarantee that the use of the time and effort results immediately or ever, especially if we are starting from such trivial points of departure.

While many suggest the observed non-conservation of fermions in the weak force is the drive of say organic things with the creation of its own gaps of vacuum and how the basic numbers also partake of the fundamental paradoxical theorem, we have to have a wider overview which may have clear micro steps of computation beyond just casual principles that work. The observed exceptions are really the rule and not just a casual statement of the rule based thus on very rare evidence.

* * *
And about 8:30 pm - from the corner thing as partial radial symmetry of a quasic motion we can do a sort of differentiation by subtraction which results in the difference of say 1 + 1 to the nth and the orthogonal 1 + 2 to the nth. In a metaphorical sense a "field theory" is the difference of local and nonlocal quasic motions. A cubic structure for example breaks down into 8 1+1 functions and 5 1+2 functions which also makes from a flat space a spherical space- in a sense then at the very heart of enumerable finite structures we have the first idea of symmetry breaking as a general and not just cosmic dimensionality phenomenon which does indeed relate to decoherence quasinonlocally and treats the realizable energy in terms of information and fundamental zero sum boundaries as if the realization of the limits in the universe of discourse in question of the Carnot engine, quantum or otherwise. Next we think about this as the magnetic and electric differences in the interpretation of the usual Maxwell like formulas and that of the relative or absolute nature of mass and space. Now to actually map the various natural dimensional (time like) distinguished senses of chiral jumps information notated. In a higher level sense most students have to understand things like heat and energy on its first conception as a poetic (hmmmm what is the origin of that word?) metaphor.

* * *