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Higgy Biological Conjugation

Higgy Biological Conjugation

L. Edgar Otto     Wednesday, 31 July, 2013  03:14:32

I offered you a speculation that after awhile joins the successive list of abstract principles, hard to see, by which I show how to erect a new theory.  But if you can see the truth or beauty of this particular design then you will know it is but a beginning of which there is a lot to be done.

I apologize I have not read in detail the bulk of your posts being in the middle of technological problems of which I am not sure whose fault it is that we have to sacrifice content for a confusing evolution of models.  Certainly what confronts us is the issue that applies to the frontiers of theories of consciousness but the general question here is how life seems to arise in the universe and if all such laws are unique or in a sense arbitrary.  Consciousness in a limited sense if not a product of one of several possible and viable designs for an individual I merely hold as an overview in the expression of natural laws, a poetic condensing of meaning. 

It should become clear that the laws for particle physics and for biology which certainly seems to need the complexity of string theory at least and the stability of the standard theory of grand unification that the encoding of things, as I show, is the same
sorts of laws- as far as we now see also the same matters of logic and mathematics.

We can say the Higgs as such, even by the processes of elimination, has been discovered but it is more a dynamic description implying much more rather than merely the grail of unified theory.  By consideration of counting alone we see that the Higgs entity balances the equations such that it may act in a particular system that in probability casually or as directed causation for a given landscape, that an analog exists for such a Higgs entity wherein as in the gene code it can act both as an initiator and a terminator codon on many material levels over a given sequence of proximity or distance of events.

By the quasic brane, with its ideas of expanding or the illusion of expanding diagonal information within an indefinite boundary, with its vertical or horizontal reductions of notation  Feynman-like, we also mean as transitive over quasifinite shifting similarity and quasi-entanglement expanding identity as a more general concept than simple unity we also mean the reduced surface of a sphere as well.

For most of our mathematical physics principles these can be extended or expanded and in different forms apply parallel or identical interpretations.  In not reading part of the vixra blog and with limited access to the net and time I have to say I do not know what the G-string concept mentioned here is all about.  All string formulation seems to stand, like the Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometries to logically rise or fall together.

By conjugation I mean the mirroring and merging of some aspects of these principles as in complex numbers on one hand and paramecia on the other.

Is it unreasonable to imagine life in terms of duality or beyond in higher n-ality as an assembly code when we can ask of black holes "where does the information go?"  If you can show this wrong I welcome the addressing the issue as well promise to be grateful for my own enlightenment.  If this is closer to the truth of things then surely it would be a benefit where algorithms can arise as we tinker with the germ and stem we are in the life sciences.

I think this frontier or boundary between the physics if it applies virtually or to energy as hardware tells us we can do many more things than lesser views of the physics allow as we try to stand on a position.  Our being in the world connects or not in the real and in the virtual dream.  But I do understand and have reservations when I begin to foresee just how soon and how far our world with change with such ideas and wonder as we all do if the science is a good thing as well how can ignorance of what will somewhere be known and done will work in the main against us.  What is free or sold as a belief on either side of the forms of old physics is perhaps a political decision fit only for the rewards of the new physics world.

* * * * *   QED

posted to viXra blog:
 Having offered you a speculation as theory model building, and getting used to the sense of it… I extended the idea into what I tentatively call Higgy Biological Conjugation… if you care to refute, read, or add to the wide and dramatic new idea of such physics. The photos at my blog http// include a general statement concerning this dynamic mechanism in relation to questions here on life’s rarity and universe, the numerology of maximum symmetry groups, the idea of complex conjugation over the octonions in the photo of the spider suspended on the hidden strings of web as a physical idea at least of subconscious and perhaps some relation to “nightmare scenarios”. The duck asleep suggests to me the Klein's bottle and all that implies in code reading or intersection of the two Moebius strips, knots and so on. At last an arrangement of magenta flowers in acknowledgement of hope in the future of physics and praise for your flower words that is also a passion and joy as pure poetry.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Higgslet Complexes, Quasi-Locality, and Super-Ramsey Structural Graph Theory

Higgslet Complexes

L. Edgar Otto  July 20, 2013

I suggest Robert, that conceptually there is not only discrete numerology but continuous numerology.  What charge is or any concept of a filled thus absolute vacuum (as nature's most likely tweaking to such quasifinite values) is thus a measure of a general system of dimensionless spin.

If we understand this then we may find broken duality as a broken conceptual symmetry which can be exact... for the Higgs we can say part of the neutral structure in fractional charges is a separate linearly added Higgs-like mass complex- let us call this the Higgslet after the numerology of trying to understand a proton as an ensemble of quarks, of gluons or leptons... an analogy to neutrinos (not the Higgsino concept in the terminology) to find the proton spin.

By the shear count of exact or shifting zeros that involve groups in binary we may say there are gaps in the transition between Dirac or Eddington dimensionless concepts if we merely try to fit them into wave or scalar ideas respectively.

Clearly, the 2592 zeros of the Higgs gauge background can be broken down into 2048 + 512 + 32... this is short of the 240 + 8 of the Monster group... in fact  (36 x 36)-(36)/2 may represent the alternative physics system count of which between the Higgslet and the Higgs in these somewhat higher numbers differ by but one.

Otherwise, and beyond the quantum limits of electron charge system stability...136  we would observe the Higgs as a particle as 182 rather than 125 and that leaves the all important combinatorial view of 56 or 57 or so as the not directly observable Higglet...  Kea's braids can also be an intrinsic part of physics which imagines the numerology of string theory.

Now, is there anyone who may want to post a long clever paper or statement to suggest the Higglets of themselves would explain the mass we imagine as dark matter?  We should not depend only on experiment evidently as proof nor make statements in theory without showing the steps of presumably a sufficiently general fine tuning of our reasoning.

* * * * *

L. Edgar Otto  (the PeSla)

Structurally, the count of the quasifinite echoes of quasic similarity can be seen over a range in three space effects that add intelligibly arithmetically.  In particular the three general solids in higher dimensions, the orthogon, anorthogon, and simplex add to 26 with a singularity center that can make 27 or with a half joker the triangular number 28.

From a more general view we find multiples of 27 such as the all important 108 or we may understand as the 3x3 labeled color matrix shifts the intelligible relationship to the 4D 384.

* * * *
Update Footnote:

I am off line as of July 25 or so... I imagined if I were to post on viXra I would offer this speculation as a comment rather then the usual brilliant theories the posters continue to promote from there own individual perspective.  I would also include a poem called Burma an example of how principles may a the foundations of philosophy and religion also be of a similar grounding and reasoning.

But in the end even if as far as the arguments for fine tuning for life forms that coincidentally seem relevant to the grounding of the universe in that we can understand this as a major concern or not for our daily living- that we know a coherent and intelligible explanation as a general science- the magic and mystery remains... and it seems to do so despite the models which suggest a view of consciousness as primary rather than something a little more complicated to give us a grounding for new society and physics.

Clearly, the conceptual frame here would suggest we have to deal in a more general level the ideas of singularity and the structural echoes of them in a more general space. (in poetic terms  Higglets, gluonlitters... the wall of boundaries to which we rest our ground and directions of time and processes so to define inertia as a wider interpretation of mass and gravity.) 

In the example of Buddha as a science emphasizing the middle way or compromise physics of grounding in the now and earth we may finally understand the idea toward the enlightenment of the masses for wisdom that the replicated copies of the Buddha filling the universe and leveling the intermediate steps of a caste arrangement of disciplines and duties in a civilization was not a mystical saying not understood in its centuries of sharing but a source for a sober scientific description of the world, in the world, and what little of infinite wisdom that seems left to explore, perhaps beyond the world. One thing under the Bhoda tree this ordinary soul achieved in his time was the myth of reincarnation equivalent to what we imagine as recapitulation designs or doctrines of evolution.

* * * * *

July 26/27, 2013

Lubos had an interesting post... closer perhaps to the long standing theories above (posted here earlier now for a couple of years in the colloquial alphanumeric notation and
in agreement with the spirit of Rowlands metaphysically as well the spirit but not the descriptive science of standard theory).  In particular in matters of conjugation the idea of supersymmetry in this narrow view vanishes if we allow the idea of that which is expressed in the principle of renormalization and conversely.  This is the case where the idea of infinity meets the idea of indefinite extent in a quasifinite reality depending on what entities we assign the interpretation of the algebra.

The description of the Casmir effect is such a conjugate system as Rowlands points out- his nilpotent idea of Dirac is after all one of more emphasis on the zero point energy over the wave formulation...those as conjugate.  Now, clearly when the vacuum is defined as space (in a principle of its infinite filling) we extend it to define the vacuum as filled space minus the fermion.  Or his view that empty space is created with the creation of a muon.  His physics does not allow the characterization of nature in principle but as a principle this need generalization and a wider scope than the idea of a quasi-causality against what is derived as absolute between the quantum or relativistic physics so as to relate to time proper and its relation to the second thermodynamic law.  In general the new physics will give us a more satisfied and thus more local or existential perspective with a wider enlightenment of what grounds the shear fact of our existing, as determined or somehow statistical in rarity of our sense of coincidence and counting- that is the answer now which we understand as perplexing as to why mathematics applies to the world and just how well it may do so as currently imagined.



is the example colored above if A is red-orange.
We can compute a vaster array of such particle algebras to which its periodic table beyond the god for sure periodic table makes our current list a mere hint or suggestion as we hope to fill it with exotic elements or new anomalous principles.

* * * *

Axiom of Quasi-choice
L. Edgar Otto  (the PeSla)

29 July, 2013

Gravity waves
Many paths the real
Collapse into one choice
Messages in Klein's bottles
Indefinite Infinity
Dimensionless constants transfinite
Sleeping ducks hide their necks inside their wings

* * * * *   
Note... Ramsey graph theory as action-reaction as well as subjective implications of spin theory perception as a poem  pending...

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Who Listens to Lubos Motl Anymore

Who Listens to Lubos Motl Anymore

L. Edgar Otto  July 19, 2013

A nice essay, Phil. A few words of mine about it:

reply to Lubos on viXra :

Lubos, of the stances of Bohr, Einstein, Bohm, and Everett, in the mutltverse of quantum interpretations by what unnaturally natural higher physics can you assert and discern whom has the crackpot stance?

* * * *

The fb discussion continues in comments to SH on free will ...

L. Edgar Otto I find it interesting that Einstein was a fan of Spinoza, and the attempt in Ethics to define things based on Euclid as a model interesting for the old lens grinder...his was a valid inquiring system. How does he define fear: fear is the lesser of two evils (do we fear incomplete but total yet contradictory theories?) Color is a very complicated idea- not merely some post modern magical word of philosophy- it is also deep science for no machine can correctly color match. it arises it is said between quantum levels of visible light and a possible higher level of psi phenomenon (Ramsberger, Encycopedia of Philosophy, Brittanica) But is it not amazing that in a different gravitational field colors may shift? Or that a change of one base in the DNA may allow the differences in how we see blue? Deep associations do exist as in mathematics... I find it interesting that birds see four primary colors while we see three and wonder if we could see them would we feel more at home in flight in three space.

Dominik, (if no one minds my cross dialog here) as philosophy it is the old Plato's cave problem or the Chinese box debate (how do we know by a mechanical procedure if a thinking entity is reading the Chinese or just reacting to the algorithm?  In a multiverse may there not  be a multiversal Turing machine as a way to debate core issues?  Connectionism of neuronets even with recent more complicated connections and the hierarchy that suggests holographic levels is not enough for it has to be intimate with the molecular DNA read fractally within a range of useful distinctions thus information. A further unified level as science we hope so to speak will prove relevant, thus science trumps philosophy here in the thought and research.  Now from lesser considerations you ask if we turned off the "machine" would we be guilty of murder?  From a quantum principle we can suggest that the computations are done more efficiently when the machine is turned off only to awaken to a solved problem- a sort of born again.  Science begins to ask such questions of identity between changes of state.  Certainly the brain is at least a quantum stance in its complexity- where is all the information stored, yes if wires it would have to be as large as the north american telephone system?

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Recent Reviewed Thoughts on the New Physics of Natural Universe Design

Recent Reviewed Thoughts on the New Physics of Natural Universe Design

L. Edgar Otto      July 18, 2013

In the social encounter in the media as well as in real life I am pretty much convinced there is no point in dialog with other theoreticians-  what do we gain by reading such a post as this by Lubos? :  What moreover do we gain by talking to anyone inside or outside of academia which as nothing there to teach.  Where are the original ideas L. M. ?  And if such ideas are a given always why can you not see them- why in fact do you try to defend such buffoonery as if in a great succession of older physicists cited to which you so claim but really have not lived up to even their half clear and half deep visions?  Some from the universities with credentials are even worse to waste the time to read or wait for a spark from them in a breakthrough.  The age of such physics is over.  The hidden physics in the world is alive and well but that is not yet understood enough to get a sense of what is truth and what is elite propaganda.

viXra has a new section to day to which I add this comment:

Such a "natural" reduction occurs in our mental organization of models of the world.  What is on the other side of the Looking Glass,  quantum mechanics, new discoveries in thermodynamics, exponentiation as hyperbolic geometry.  Perhaps, depending on what sort of bias a person has to pursue a truth or theory, there are simpler explanations that seem so close to any of the traditional paths.  Of these the comprehension of it is something that we may still be blind to see and is the source of self deceptive myths.  We in fact need more than the geometry of string theory and the paradox on which we have erected logically the calculus of variations.  More than the use of groups and exceptional groups that were supposedly unified in the brane theories.  Can our better machines prove within (the parallel description by the statistical side of things) some accuracy anything about the nonexistence of a particular theory?  For a start with new mirrors, complex models or not, it should be clear and common knowledge that in what we consider measures, constants and values, involves the subtle distinction between what is continuous and what is discrete.
This reduction in theory making, an ultimate faith in the sensibility of matching theory to the experimental facts, finely tweaking the models or not is a subjective form of higher super-symmetry breaking- for in such simplistic physics like the six colors of a tetrahedral Rubik's cube without a mirror... one can by a few moments in chance solve it even blind,

* * *

Various Recent Status posts and comments on facebook:  (more or less in reverse order of posting)

This is a good beginning and long over due... but we still need to imagine such things from a more general and unified view. the concept of expansion (inflation and so on) or some idea of reverse of this like compaction is not only a matter of perception and interpretation, this is reflected in our current mathematics that needs revision. But in the end one does not need to be an Einstein to understand the simple structures of it.
L. Edgar Otto Of course if the supernova cannot make elements say greater than gold then something else higher is needed, or lower as the model of colliding neutron stars (which by the way does not make the number of life supporting worlds more rare) for what is theory in this sense logically has a description as if a physical model... this true also of our ideas of the vacuum dynamics.

L. Edgar Otto Maybe it is Gods way of softening an empire so that it can fall like a ripe grape from an invasive species... If citizenship is of general value the citizens of whatever composition should at least work to support and sustain the ideal before a generation consumes what is left of centuries of our fore father's capital.

This idea of causation implied by relativity viewed as continuous time from one end of this conceptual spectrum or a totally discrete corpuscular view is not enough to explain our concepts of least action as physics. I can show that the parity of adjacent orthogonal cells is represented truly by the quasic binary base physics of the plane (brane) or the dimension in question and the shifting between these is transitive or conserved over n-space representations. (I post this here for the moment as some have taken up the issue of Tesla and such thoughts in new papers like arXiv that I read as if his theory or what we may think of as a bias for the reductionism of quantum bases in the Feynman tradition.)

Coast to Coast last night had a show on Tesla which was unusually clear as to the claims of his place in history and theories contrary to the usual stance toward the paranormal and conspiracy speculations. I find it remarkable that in the debate between quantum field theory and zero point energy as to how they apply the logic involving the discrete and the absolute in the calculus of variations I reached some of the same conclusions to which I find it amazing our top physicists and engineers do not know the solid history and literature. Let us not underestimate the saints of American Inventors for many of the principles of one or the other of these core views are devices you now use more than a century later. But as to why some of Tesla's inventions did not work that needs a new physics, a calculus of variegation's more than one of variation. The solution goes back to the wildcard paradoxical logic involved as to what is zero or one, one or many, and less than a wider vision the ideas of chaos can be harnessed to support contradictory views as to the universes fundamental nature, the idea of an aether or vibrating field vacuum or not... the charging docks and smartphones and way to make profit from them were imagined long ago by Tesla. But why cannot Higgs-like entities break into eight gluon-like ones of broken super-symmetry?

Meanwhile the computer part of the bundle will stay on, the unused phone and cable television will be turned off as of Friday. Wifi left on should I need the other puters on line or radio access...But I will still reorganize the space and equipment and other aspects I can plan of my projects. There may be no point in dialog with physicists who do not understand. If the universities cannot defend themselves as targets of spam and hackers then... maybe they should unplug too... Now, more time to organize my music and set up for baking. Perhaps some new inventions when between those grounded in either touch or sight alone work with half a deck and I crave that old feeling of discovery as in childhood- miss my microscopes...

I am in the process of reorganizing my work space mainly to have the option of more modern on-line Techtopia and books and ink drawing as well the digital on and off line computers and from air only TV mainly for weather.
Also to try to keep ahead of the dust in this messy transition then upgrade to systems not relatively becoming junk.

I may go off-line awhile. (perhaps a few public posts from the library or coffee shops). I have enjoyed seeing what everyone is doing and how their lives are going... but access at this speed is not what it is cracked up to be especially in trying to balance economics with on line products if things are not in sync and there is so many changes as the seasons change and we like more rapid seasons are leaves blown by the technology wind- not to mention how we can be healed or divided by so many polarized viewpoints- even what we eat may be good or bad for us as a byproduct of our beliefs only (for example). True science is not that hard but research should address the problem not the crumbs of work or desire to contribute to the community. I am going back to cash and pen and paper at a desk - it has been awhile. Back to the whiteboard or blackboard. Just maybe I can one day keep ahead of the changes and dreams of doing things now that I can achieve them are no longer there even in our consumer landfill to repair. It was much better when I could just quietly do my work and not have to deal with others with ambitions and pretensions and foul medieval language. True the more you do the more you can do, the more you remember the more you can remember... sometimes it helps to find a place of quiet so as to leave the asylum that tries to keep you bound in their vertigo of noise that once was the refugee of monks and nuns and the metaphysically inclined. But you already know all this. Off the grid to pull the tangled plug such light cannot follow nor undermine your beautiful dreams of light.

I did not mention this idea of a generalization dimensionally of my Calyptic cube puzzle where we use color coding to show the design structure of the 36 face 6 cubes 4 at a time color matching externally or internally in opposition on the half shell mirrors... these Calyptons if we have to give them a physical name like a particle do make a fractal like open quasic hierarchy and may be extended to even higher sets of super symmetry.

This set of artificial objects (much like Higgs as particles if we must have a sense of the tangible) in color combinatioric interlacing algebras describe physics as sub-matrices from a quasic quasifinite view of a hierarchy of Hessian polytope n-dimensional symmetry. The simplest of them perhaps. These algebras can generalize to multiple embedding depending on what we desire to describe and in what direction of a linear but more general law of matter-gravity quasi-condensation.

L. Edgar Otto What about the concept regardless of where or whom it came from? I have thought similar and even more radical things (what if the universe was uniformly expanding or contracting everything at the same rate- how would we know this? Is it enough to put in physics theory into exponential forms or is that sort of math not on a good logical foundation? If mass is a scalar regardless if it is treated toward the quantum view or the zero point view, as discrete or continuous or some variation of contiguity in between can we not imagine such questions? Ideas that are sensational in appeal to the masses usually offer a sample that one subscribes... the more technical ones sometimes are readily available.

* * * * *
L. Edgar Otto So why is anyone surprised... it follows from the binary nature of mathematical and physic encoding... multidimensional and super symmetry as well just like particles and black holes, gravity and string theory... moreover in information the code can be read in groups of 4 rather than 3... 12 strands the article asks? It should have asked about 16 in new physics unified theories... not all us primates know so little about ourselves especially if we are outside what cannot seem to be found in the universities. At this stage modifying things when it happens is actually a new finding and idea.
* * * *

L. Edgar Otto Let us imagine a proton as if such a black hole. Some idea of measure, perhaps tied to fixed or change in Higgs mass value that accounts for the missing proton spin, would this not be the same question? Would it be an "event horizon" if it did not contain in unity or uncertainty a black hole?

Free will and determinism is the acid test of philosophy, and perhaps for science too either in the epistemology or ontology approaches to qm theory.  My experience is that first there is just the universe we find ourselves in and react or wonder about.  Second, all the loops of everything absolutely determined which for me was a little oppressive and too strict.  Third a place to hide free will into teleology, beyond fate or election as if by a higher sentient being or wider physics of the world.  Then we come to a stable model of a unified reality.
comments to SH on facebook  July 19th

and to the viXra on Phil's discussion on naturalness:
The logic of a universe that in a sense changes and fine tunes itself, its constants on the whole remaining the same as in the  quantum world in the main existing more than not existing, is the same as that of the logic of DNA in its general range of forms and expression.  A cosmic code or natural code analog to DNA, RNA, proteins and so on somewhere between our ideas of universe or multiverse - or a multiverse of string landscapes as one landscape in totality statistical or absolute or not.
Perhaps we should consider all as speculation until we put thermodynamics and its symmetry on firm ground beyond its first two laws (and the zeroth law if you want to include it) so even to understand any such laws beyond the third and how far this may be extended.
Fine tuning, that is if we accept the more mass the more compact the object, would be observable in the case where such ideas may show the expansion of space is not the explanation as recently proposed but a focusing of more massive atoms.  Did not Weyl consider this (an idea Einstein doubted as unlikely)?  Are we to fine tune our theories or does our vision of them become more dense - that is more spaced out?

* * * *