Thursday, May 31, 2012

What We can Learn from the Soul of Silicon Life Forms

What We can Learn from the Soul of 
Silicon Life Forms

L. Edgar Otto   30 May, 2012

In the integration thru time, the sense of the external to the self or soul, we can find also the integration of time.  This is our first intuition on formal and informal ideas of dimensions, of the fifth that it is vaguely thought it can resolve the fourth such that time as the fourth dimension is both a philosophic and a scientific interpretation.

Psychology, as it appears on the cave walls that are the boundary of ourselves and others can be thought to be a method of mind games of stealth into the heart and soul of others and the development or awakening of each life in its mental and such holding of diverse values as if of moral structures.  If we begin to understand this aspect of the mind then it makes more sense we can define mental illness or any biological state we regard as disease with reference to at least a social system that decorates its expansion, makes its colors and graffiti on a social wall by club or bombs or some stealth looking into the depths of silicon heaven as a society or state and its life as diseased.

Silicon, an analog to carbon and the sense of mystery as felt by our blogger Ulla.  As the depths of TGD of dark matter like aspects of our periodic atoms.  Of silicon he reports can diffract gamma rays- and what is the idea of various levels of the Planck parameter but that a photon being the same particle has some distinction leaving the electron configuration as distinct from leaving the nucleus?  On how many levels in the depth of trying to understand physics as these parameters can we extend this stance from here?  But this question too is one of the architecture of our souls and how we strive to deal with understanding it as wellness and the simple business of love and life in our getting along.

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31 May 2012

The Dialogs of Eide I find interesting for alerting me to deeper interpretations of Plato's allegory of the cave.  Here I view it as our skin and what we project or paint on it from deep down into our metal and physical core, matters of appearances.  I find it especially like a clue to those around me and whom I have encountered in life who have talked about their rituals of cutting themselves (in one case the lady replaced with with various symbols of tattoos as if her skin the celestial globe and on it variations of myth and links to the world and what she cares about painted on her constellations of stars.

This is perhaps a key to real science of understanding our thin watery skin of this world and its sciences of the weather to which our current view that it is finite but boundless is not considered in its equivalent at the beginning as infinite but bound, along the lines of Hawking, in the process theology too of Whitehead (and if Euclidean space had to be modified in his system how much more so the non Euclidean spaces seen in a slightly more general light?

I am in general not found of the first blush idea of negative or negentropy as TGD uses the word for I think it too vague to say life, as a mere observation is anti-entropy as in our first general systems theory era.  But from one stance this can be a reborn or revised idea made concrete where such new theories as Pitkanens  from that intelligible take on the physics.

I find Lubos with the statement the other day of seven loops in that methodology close in conception to Kea's work with her take on these still new to the mainstream ideas of topology and combinations and so on.  Hers too is the daring to look deep into the core for higher things in the new physics but intellectually, not that it defines us depending on the shallowness of our stances and views.

It is the core of our creativity that solves many of our current concerns of the paradoxes of physics and our own natures. How we relate to such multiple symmetries and identities of our soul, project it out or deal with the fulcrum of the mirror that so turns the shadows and the light as we negotiate from where the echos we make in the cave or too each other as we live on the tightrope of the real.  What do we expect as a society of insurance and guarantees save our Savanna dreams must now supply the co payment to remove the dead wood and repair our houses, that more than the cost of removing the whole tree when the Dutch elm hit not that long ago?  This is true to for the cost and research of medicine of which even in the physical all address is only the surface, the superficiality of symptoms.

Trees come and to and one small one I planted as a child, I see on Google earth it is wider and taller than me and stands out on the street next to a sea of concrete parking spaces- but I remember the old remnant of the forests, the ivy, the several storeys of tree houses depending on the age of those who could climb... all the wild life. One could walk on the branches.  Yet, in the end as the meaning recedes into some neutral desert no place is left save what the people did there and then- this is the more concrete of the creative soul in memories.  The world a magical place is replaced by our own magic.

Well, I am in a place now only there is really no way to hang anything on the walls, or as renting or selling a home one does not let anything appear on the refrigerator so that the prospect can put up their own symbols, express themselves. This is perhaps true also of ideas for virtual space and communication, depending on how high and what age he who comes first to the cyber tree house- and what the choices of flags- and who shares the values and symbols so as the measure is a community that comes together.

The Dialogs of Eide had a favorable review of the Don Juan series of which some regard as a travesty of new age contrived anthropology.  But in view of these ideas of mirrors we can project our creativity of what we can see from deeper within if we dare to look and survive it.  Moreover, in the symbolism it is clear to me that certain ideas were there which as a myth has a sense of explanation for some of the new physics later of which for my systems there were no real prescience for the reality of such pictures, even in the science fiction.  Of course such stories may not clearly end as we who exist progress and long for more.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

The All Disability Army

The All Disability Army

L. Edgar Otto   28 May, 2012  (one too many memorial days- a non disabled vet facing homelessness and well beyond the decade of seeing my children)

The mongrels are no longer on death row in the utopia where we volunteer to adopt all pets from the shelters. War is no longer the widow maker to control the over population save the expediency of neutering and declawing.  We give the creatures who can no longer survive in the wild cute and personal names or christen them with ones of hopes and power.  Our icons of song bring today's funeral parlour musak in the form of all who are caught up in tangled emotions where the abused pit bulls still crave a cuddle from a human.  What is this displaced nurturing in us that sets the stage for the planet of the apes?  When the viruses took the dogs the fiction mixing with the fantasy slowly becomes the reality in the free speech of lies of reality TV.

o The fawns, left on their own awhile are adopted by well meaning souls frighting away their mothers, only here can there be a farming, harvesting, not the hunt of man against the wild that the state declares in the quest for antlers, a doe season. Tomorrow's army will be that of the all autistic one trained not by the generations of alcohol then drug abuse but an addiction to the distraction of virtual space and war games at a distance.  This the illusion of identity that those who cater to those who have injury and make a living off it sell the promise that as in real life one can will a legacy and take care of their estate, pass something on more than a wall or black hole of carved names where in the collective flash the neighbors go to clean up the cemetery after the storm so there can be a sea of small flags that match the immortal flesh of those in pristine Arlington painted by the numbers and cut with jungle defoliants that it stay green, the bleeding out into the water table and into the air and food of children.

In the offense taken by the new constitutencey that feeds on the emotions of lost ones rashing seeking revenge or conquest at the start of wars, those who cannot do teach and those who raise our children to the party line then complain when the cannot teach, the infertile who lost thier tails and want you to shout to the world theirs the truth and the wheel that in passive agression sucks the oil.  They go through the motion of of love immortal and love fleeting such that we do not ask nor tell their right to join and die. Preaching, proselytizing their equality of what should be considered a disease as would be the parasites to groom that afflict us with motherhood the right to die so take the chance in war for rituals of glory, theirs to say the family and marriage is slavery where equal pay becomes half pay and the cost of doing business is fixed for more than that.

Was it not a prophesy that the once allied and underground warriors would drag us in so as to kill more of us from our homeland, that prophesy fulfilled far more than the towers? What nonsense to make of one soul a symbolic cult that for the policeman of the world one long elusive target pays for and solves it all.  The cure was worse than the disease where we know no better than to cut or burn or poison, we sword swallower's, fire eaters,  real and false snake oil and firewater that we justify as mouthwash- we all having to live in the fun house of distorted mirrors of self and others in the traveling show, even those who turn the sacred upside down as if that matters more than the desire to have a child for the false hope of magic in the sacrifice.  Let us not forget the bearded ladies who ask for insurance and raise the cost of medicine and intrusive surgery or chemotherapy or radiation for those who abuse the emergency room.

But Christians make good soldiers as we focus the searing heat of the unsettled and indifferent sun on the family and Rome falls with her sayings of Trust in god, but let he who reads the signs read into them their god and probe no further while crusade as they walk craving brains in a society that works because all are zombies. Oh, it looks good to seem to raise them from the dead awhile, otherwise their would be no one to chain, no slaves for the mainstream for a part of wealth and wisdom or what passes for life and work far from the equilibrium of merit as we grow blind in another twilight, we tragic gods.

* * * * *

Next morning: Memorial Day going to the coffee shop leaving the winos turning in and the one of two back from lock up for something-

Let us not confuse superposition with overlapping in the count and dynamics of the count as if there is a  space in a congruent quasic boundary that is or is not a foundational principle.

Of course this unfolding, note the stars can be vertical or horizontal to make a ring of ten, the sequences as if musical notes themselves can be an aid to understand permutations and complex structures that may apply in some cases as if a discrete perturbation or default pattern.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

West Window  (Generalizing the Majorana Idea)

L. Edgar Otto   26 May, 2012

I find the statement "there are no Majorana particles" in Pitkanen's TGD system and idea worthy of foundational and intellectual consideration.

If there are such particles, and as I understand it none have been shown to exist so far, would we be able to distinguish them from non Majorana ones?  I mean experimentally and directly- if indirect then their existence may be fundamentally inconclusive.  But an inconclusive particle, say the idea of a Higgs, may itself  be that and not be Majorana.  Such a particle (in theory) could be more general thus in some sense both.

This is not just a debate on logic or a stance toward general philosophy, it is also built in to how we develop and apply mathematics including geometry. It seems to me particularly important in the local or non local dynamics of conveying information and thus, as in the thoughts of Penrose on the matter of quantanglement, this exceeds all such restrictive concepts of space of numbers that can be described on the surface of the topologies of spherical harmonics.

What are the minimum bits to convey such discrete information about the total realm of all numbers on such a boundless but finite space.  Is this, while intelligible, a question of bit wise symmetry especially in a strict interpretative environs?

If, as some recently suggested, a particle can be matter and antimatter at the same time, then what does this suggest for the idea that the original state of things contained both that annihilated with a small positive value left over?  Can such a particle be broken into its parts as if to divide something that is already a neutral combination if it is irreducible as dual but in a physical (not metaphysical) way?  If in fact these are then most general types of particles in nature does that not make a stance that they started out as balanced and evolved to states from some origin not really a good model or to ask why there is one and not the other types of matter not a good question when looked at from a better generalization of cosmology?

Nevertheless, in the struggle with the logic of it, this certainly is where I fundamentally disagree on many points with both the physics and alternative physics community.  Can we take a stance on such a foundational question in the first place?  Could the question itself not obey this logic, stranger than simple quantum logic, itself.  Apparently human thought seems to obey such paradoxical methods.

We cannot see really into the deeper nature of a particle that is pure neutrality to smash it physically or perhaps even by thought experiments and theory.  For Pitkanen, this neutral result is on the other side of a mirror where they seem to be constructable as a physical, matter or field, system.  That is not to take a stance is to deny the absoluteness or the general reality of irreducible, even if zero based (nilpotent) of real particles.  It is the steady state idea (as in the stability of a proton by the usual negative contributions) as if a hyperbolic geometry.  It is not the steady state universe idea that at its remote limits as some sparse or empty space we find the balance in the expansion by proton creation de novo.

For the alternative theory, the standard one, this idea of a certain concrete matter at singularity in a structural complex forbids some concepts of a field, a Majorana like logical structural field rather than accept these particles which seems grounded in prime numbers so that reduces the field to some idea of physical effects and not something as fundamental.

Still, the truth of things as better generalized may give equal weight to both ideas and their intrinsic objections as if a false synthesis of which the theory cannot stand totally predictable or even probable in the physical effects all the time let alone be complimentary in the quantum or GR sense.  Yet there is a certain reality that seems conserved here as existence and that is a higher foundational question than say what is the analog or the digital, what and which are the discrete and continuous descriptions at the mirrors of the geometries.

The argument can be proven or not proven and yet we have a realty that says it is a phenomenon as foundational either way, that it will be eventually solved after limited bits of expansion over many levels to achieve the first rung of what on this steep ladder and learning curve toys with ideas of the absolute.  The logic of the physics has to exceed quantanglement.  For that matter it exceeds the metalanguage and the continuum hypothesis.  If we do manage to separate the tremendous and impossible energy contained in an irreducible matter-antimatter Majorana particle we will think that in our creative endeavors we will have rediscovered actual magic.

But the limits that are there by nature suggests that these models in the dynamics of a general theory of everything both apply for effects that will not seem magic.  It is not a question of slight of hand or legerdemain by one side or the other- facing the still vague imaginative state of things in figuring out the trick, or rationalizing away what is pure magic before us- the stuff and origin of myths, myths that have lost their luster over time and have turned to lead.  This can only flow like a liquid, a glass mirror over the cathedral of our universe.  Some of us can still see the chain of reality in the fun house mirrors, some of us are not color blind to our paint by number dreams.  Like children do from time to time we see how far we can count with our small steps of rolling bones and cylinders until we face the problems of apples and oranges that merge with powers of the place holder- our zeros and our faith there  facing it is something as big as our imagination that meets the infinite.

But who am I to disturb those of you who sleep, who are no wider than your dreams, if you so dream?  My West Window has gone thru many cycles of the season and it was so different than the last time I took such thought on the cosmos at my more poetic North Window seeing the storms, the snow, the songbirds, the bare branches or plush green, my prison and cave wider also, but I must go to somewhere else now that I can see thru dreams and walls.

* * * * * * *

Next Morning: The Physical Implications of Creative Philosophy in Quasic Theory

Insofar as organic systems go how we regard the dynamics of information systems seems critical to understanding how we as humans are and develop.  The role of viruses on whatever level of influence certainly seems more complicated than our present reductionist theories can address on several levels, degenerate or non-degenerate.

The idea of the incidence of autism (or whatever vague state where the diagnosis escapes the doctors and theorists if not the logic grounding, rigorously, that it is proved vague or without answer) related to the mother at some time in her pregnancy to have a high fever (as reported in the science magazines along with many theories offered in the realm of mystery to ponder) shows the need to relate general systems in new physics and new ways.

That it is the virus that bites and not the dog, or that addicts lie and addicts die, are sayings that also raise the issues of creative philosophy as well as the sciences.  Humans so chemically dependent, that view of the world of the small in its essence as quantum theory today should not ignore the hierarchy of even the virus-bacteria and prion relations in adapted system environs.  People crave challenge and drama even where the issues are false- consider the nature of the varieties of gender as inversions of neutral states that seem universal in their affectations- what if from some view there are other or confused gender states that are neutral.  If in the sciences, albeit biological and not reductionist physics, how much more so than the dynamics and design of our economic and state systems so organized?

From the creative philosophic view we can question these systems too as facts or myths.  There is depth and yet there is superficiality and this can be a matter of intellect or emotional degree- a distance from challenges or in effect a reaction to our sensory deprivations or the look for false unities on any level to make sense of the cycles of hallucination.  It is not clear, although a novel idea and a bit of information, that as in Sartre no one has truly lived unless they have faced suicide- it is a profound idea as much as the survival kicks in at the rock bottom of alcholics that stay this or that the so called mental pain once recalled impedes the recovery as far as the world suspects in the improved state of mind.  Of such profound thoughts it is not clear that someone, perhaps not defined as more than shallow, learns anything that advanced from their chance slipping down the cliffs of experience.

Philosophy too has its depths of these issues that require a maturity in shifting foundational views and it too awaits a more intelligible era if we want this and are at least true to ourselves as to what we want and how we define ourselves without the fear to explore, without the impediment of losses or wounds in out conflicts with each other, the epic that remains in a distance, the comedy and tragedy of love and the cosmos we strive on the average to hold as positive and worth doing, we as worthy in our existing, drama as full and more than its petty purposes only in the quest of itself.  We have to get past this plateau of theory where our ideas of psychology is now the merger of drugs and behaviorism as the new state of addressing and defining our minds.

While inside a world of fear we cannot see there is fear as if viewing things from the outside.  Will we crawl out of the chaotic shores and walk upright?  Will we admit there are times when our choices mean things and that fear is no excuse for our behavior- we responsible as sentient beings?  Or if in your closed contemplation of your image in a mirror that life is meaningless and not meaningfree in your divisions by mythical absolutes you act to save some part or toss it all in fear that this is all there is of a universe that deep in our cores we imagine, but speak not of it aloud, an ancient spectre that haunts us, entrapped and fed on our fears.

But you have to learn yourself there are no such ghosts for my raising such phenomenology, you who relish in the myths of depression and demand all the world in love and war you centers as real for attention, demand the others behave and see the world as you do on the pain of exclusions or anger so then thought justified or if we are fair only in the expediency addressing a threat that given a chance the world will one day be a better and more permanent, safe place (have others not thought of this dream and made the promises of hope that vanishes as surely as the certainty of despair one can do nothing but worry about after the fact?) then you pass the stories on?  What sort of comfort is it for our children when we as children give such comfort that makes no difference to their mood at the time.  You can cover your heads and crave the night lights- but I will not speak to you as children nor feed off your hopes and fears, and dreams.

* * * * *

Anyway, in my dispute with the county I have alerted them (as they came to me) of changes so they are responsible for any sad events of drama from my roommate and I am not responsible for such baby sitting of those now a danger to me, themselves and others.  I tried not to get in anyone's personal business.  I am amazed I could write this much and this well with the lack of sleep and the bloody nose violence around me.  I am tired of looking out the West window for I have seen it all in my study of the geometry of light and focus and shadows of the moon... it has increased my vision if one compensates for the snowflakes or the bats at night or the grating of the screen or the double panes in the reflection.  It is a predictable story now so in some sense that is boring. I doubt it is as much to what to do in retirement years for us as it is how can the people not try to live life in  more depth than what some scurrying cockroaches do content dumpster diving or assuming that it costs nothing to budget for the hot sauce at the officers mess as that is public property and their right to us even if you are not part of their shared system.  They are sorrowful victims but this will change soon if we understand what life really can be all about- and by the way, no amount of meditation will give us these answers or my roommate long ago would have found enlightenment and not curse the gods.  I feel guilty having read his physics books (I mean the university here is not about learning nor work, even his art degree goes hungry,) when he does not know what he read - I understand he dropped out with a bout of mononucleosis virus.  Now while I believe an artist can do no wrong- it has been a long time now since he had done art or kept faith in it.

* * * * *

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Extended Quasic Lattices

Extended Quasic Lattices

L. Edgar Otto   26 May, 2012

The symmetry across the span of a quasic plane  (or brane) has a certain repetition of patterns of similarity between the elements or cells.

I used the arbitrary signal flags (for ease of reading and for the complimentary colors for shadow sets) for this conceptual counting notation.  The all black pennant or all white one represent B and A in the Otto-Conway code of an extension of ordering in the span by various patterns of abstract or material objects, here ALM AOJ ANK... but this designation does not imply a strict reduction to the 30 cubes nor the totality of 24 or 48 four object permutations.

The A however we can regard as a neutral pennant yet the pattern of four of them can be imagined in the lattice structure.  So how many groups of 16 are delineated by any four of the similar pennants.  I assert that the plane as extended by stereonomic patterns has a certain coherence across the span which some may interpret as a physicality or potential one (such as an analogy to the idea of ubiquitous gravity).

This of course can accommodate a further generalization where the pattern cells can be independently determined for whatever rule or law of a sub region or symmetry, or hidden symmetry as if by chance and chaos strictly determines them.  (Actually this generalization is not higher but part of the philosophic possibilities on one level of theory view.)

The haunting patterns of similarity between successful theories where distinctions are made can of course be described as if a deep connection in our usual method of applying group theory in the resulting count of nx16 unit cell indefinite quasic overboundary as if we apply the idea of the 10, 11, and 12 (Euclidean) dimensions to the brane space.  By that count with distinct real or shadow pennants (A's) we find on the lower and primitive dimensional level the usual numerology that hauntingly pops up in more formal equations that seem mysteries as finite group space analysis that is considered merely and observation of what is the discrete.  For example:  10x16 = 160, or 12x16 = 192 (the rigid rotation of a hypercube as half and Plato's sacred number).

Or some powers of the quasic grid pattern 256 into higher symmetries or dimensions, and so on... across the quasic plane.  The original unit pixel or pennant can transcend the totality in its patterning at this place of ambiguous vacuum, structured potentially or not, counted or not in the mix of the idea of extending dimension by color (including the term applied to gluons as well as natural color notation) but this is another potential of diversity of patterns over some span or structure physically in the universe and can be interpreted as having non necessary physical effects (such as dark matter ideas or gravity, mass, inertia, time and entropy and so on...)

The coherence of organic systems is like a virtual analog of non necessary ubiquitously gravity at some centering implied. By that we understand space and time as reducible so as to give intelligible answers that ground some things on spherical harmonics which to some extent can apply to several layers of organized material systems.

It is clear that the binary encoding at the axes of the quasic plane (here as square) so to rigidly describe the holographic principle if it does not decode exactly is not powerful enough as a method to describe a total theory, nor but it can make a partial contribution leaving a question (possibly false) of some physical properties ad uncertain or as illusions)  By itself it is not fundamental or foundational.  In effect as with physical theories in general as theories of everything we assert this is so because we restrict the patterns of similarity of such decoding- to find a total holographic theory of everything one has to work from the hidden assumption that it is a rigid theory of everything in the decoding- no deep definitions that is not circular or looping on some level that in effect has not told us anything new in the physics as if it is but a method of self fulfilling prophesy the moreover does not limit the quantum theory to focused issues that describes the real as in matrices rather than the rigid uncertainty of size as waves.  The shadows do seem to suggest ghosts, of ideas at least.

* * * * * * *

Tetrasome Snowplex of Hail Stone Runes and Hole Shift Position Bounds

Tetrasome Snowplex of Hail Stone Runes
and Hole Shift Position Bounds 

L. Edgar Otto    26 May, 2012

A snowplex is like a field or board of structure as if a space or skeleton on which the pieces or stones are contained within cells designated by intelligible colors and sub connections.

A tetrasome consists of four cubes and a center one we can regard as a hole in its internal orthogonal shape that mimics the boundary of the whole as such an indefinite shape.  It is realized as if a tetracube to which we analyze of all possibilities of structure to exhaust the intelligibility of the space.

In the 32 cells all solutions between tetracubes are known and are possible.  We can generalize the tetracubes in the space as if they need not be connected contiguously by each cube face to face- nor that the resulting structure of the entropy needs not to be considered as an isolated or extended system (ie snowplex of indefinite boundary in a quasifinite and bi fractal shadow system.)

The general divisions of the mirror or hole parts may be organized into orthogons of the various dimensions as if to subdivide where these may influence the snowplex system or have an influence (antiflangelation) on another system. This is part of the structural count of these quasifinite objects that corresponds to the arithmetical count.

These same principles apply in the realization of group theory considerations (and number of solutions to an algebra equation including complex parts) in that the abstract colors of a tetrasome may be extended as multiplicity or substituted in permutations and combinations provided the snowplex is treated at least locally as a stone or rune system itself that may make concrete or several layers of such an abstract hierarchy.  We can extend the field by its possibilities of color as if to make creative material or flange-antiflange objects of the holes themselves.  These describe intelligible higher symmetries as possible in a relaxed structural mixing.

But in manners of the change of handedness of such tetracubes the abstract color may be invariant.

The material, bare material, part of a snowplex is symmetrical of substance and holes foundational in that the real part is half of the binary systems.

Between these halves we can describe symmetrical fractal paths that connect with the quasic coordinates of cells in the abstract of motion that is random or uncertain in its change by default of inertia (quasifinite inertia) and these can connect between the indefinite snowplex (gauge) boundaries.

There are analogs to the plus or minus, or the power as if dimensions, of adjacent ones where tetrasomes are the structural coherence of tetacubes and beyond in a more general conception of the relation between groups and dimensions.  It follows also that these are intimate to theories of information in an intelligible manner.

A general particle can be considered a snowplex in matters as to its description or reality as as substance or virtual vacuum in the widest relationship of dynamics and dialectics if it in fact on some level exists (all can reduce at some absolute level to pure nothingness, otherwise there are connections residual not broken within some physical state.)  In that we can interpret the universe as existing and as to the foundational principles with variations of the strict laws of physics the universe itself as particle is at least a snowplex.

*  *  *  *

The Officer's Mess

The Officer's Mess  (A Survey of Hidden Assumptions Underlying or Undermining Physics Theory Systems)

L. Edgar Otto   24 May, 2012

1. That we rigidly distinguish reversible and irreversible processes.

2. That we bundle all outside what we imagine as a positive or zero physics into realms we assume definite but vague.

3. That meaning and information cannot be viewed as a non necessary relation including that in physics some things are in the realm of certainty.

4. That nature rigidly distinguishes rest and motion.

5. That in the description of space in terms of geometric structures the connectivity depends on even or oddness of numbers.

6. That the idea of unity in its multiplicity is not a prime number that, like 2, can be distinguished from other prime like numbers.

7. That ultimately we can make a distinction so to distinguish on a foundational level what is multiverse or universe, one unique path or many worlds, globally and locally.

8. That in the exclusion of the middle we conclude that a particle is neutral, that there is no way antimatter and matter can be the same yet neutral particles at the same time.

* * * * * *
 There are so many, this was first blush and not a formal or exhaustive list.  Nor as simply worded did I regard it as worthy of post but I have changed my mind for in depth the ideas do seem to be a starting point for some of the assertions in my previous post that made these read clearer. Perhaps I should continue this habit of gathering things into lampions or little lights for consideration, yet from this way to organize and develop thoughts I am at a point where it could be considered a work of philosophy of science more than science that could in theory go either way by thought or by experiment.  Still, with such a view and grounding we enlarge the possibilities of new effects which are not apparent in our methods or visualization otherwise save by this golden age of working on the nano level, that is experiment.

Our surprises are of this nature usually and lately, however I lean toward the idea that we know enough about what we can do that no radical surprises await us in the near future.  One could of course, especially in the idea of the maths of compound interest, (self-derivatives as in brane description for example to some level of scale values) begin to apply these ideas to a more realistic management of economics or should some power for some higher reason seek to impose a system it could be done realistically and intelligibly with less risk of our tinkering at the foundations.

* * * * * * *

Friday, May 25, 2012

Foundational Assumptions in the Bottleneck of Quantum Logic

Foundational Assumptions in the Bottleneck of Quantum Logic

L. Edgar Otto
    25 May, 2012

{Posting projects halted for awhile due to the drama of roommates...}

This is directed to Pitkanen as a link in the comments but is directed in general to the physics community that begins to concern itself with foundations.

I tried to make an informal and not exhaustive list of the positions I feel fundamental and inadequately  addressed by the existing physics and philosophy community but these are still too vague in the expressing and there are so many of which these have come up in my postings if one understand them.

We have another interesting metaphor in the relation of physics as part of life systems theory... in the analogs at the nano level we see articles that mimic the behavior of molecules.  That life sciences and physics are more intimately related in abstract structures than so far expected.

So I use this Science Daily article today for a background of the theme of this post. 

In the quantum phenomenology a photon can cover a wide span of atoms of which it is not clear or certain as to which one adsorbs the photon.  This as with general reasoning along these lines is forced into too strick a reductionism in the quasifinite non necessary world of higher abstract generalizations of space- that the first working principle that asks what ones are too limiting for a wider physics.

In this article we see that a single photon can initiate several places (we already know that there are connections between molecules with some proximity to each other including the conformal  shape as in proteins and the new nano forms and apparently in the  so called "water memory" idea of hydrogen bonding.  As far as I can tell by needle in Pitkanens description of "acupuncture" think more like photon as the minimum idea of our appeal to something physical.

We have here the first hierarchy problem of the confusion of the many and the one thing- the degrees of freedom if you will not so limited to a rigid time line and one function history.  The many-worlds or the multiverse are the same problem on scales including what may or may not be the nature of amplification, or arising at an initial source this from the ideas of complex space or some sort of idea of rigid stances toward rest or motion in a system with separate emphasis that in effect bifurcates the foundations of the first physics.

The counting of things, including the number of photons and there directions, the branching if not the possible branching, does seem intelligible.  It is now a matter of interpretation then as to in what theoretical system we restrict the count and on what assumption of principle, working ones at least.  Science seems to deny where some things in it is certain and treat some things that are applied more generally as if their restrictions are the limit of knowing and are certain. In this respect the falsification method is an affront to both free will and reason of which nature herself does not so self restriction or claim to "know" even as a matter of probabilities.

I ask then of Pitkanen, could his system have foreseen this effect in the article on photosynthesis?  Does this not imply abstractly, and yes toward a lower scale, some idea of many sheets, even real but not asserted negative influences or shadow ones on a system deeper than the quantum logic?  How would the TGD phenomenology explain this let alone the string theories- as both aim for the idea of a more rigid mechanism of physicality thus to claim it as science?   Can it be done without the undermining of the quantum view itself or a least a modification- certainly not just an intuitive sense of modifying it- that goes for the relativistic concepts also?

I could simply ask is this a surprise to Pitkanen.  From my last comment on his page and in indirect addressing to hammed, my worldview in these matters have not been a surprise for quiet a long time. There is no stream of consciousness where even in a continuous system as so grounded we have the facticity of one trace of history that we say alas, there is the nature of what is sentient or for that matter what is history or a timeline as an actual fact.  We cannot go even to the origins assuming that there is a rigid distinction between the symmetric or the irreversible, always, even if on some level of generalization this intelligibly applies.  That conscious is after all more like a delta than a stream is a more organic possibility within familiar equations that do not blow up upon some limit or vanish into some reduction.  Consciousness is a singularity in as much as space and time itself is such a singularity complex of which there are many forms we relate to as particles or principles- even perhaps the substance in a system of thought itself.

By these considerations even the TGD idea is a thinly disguised tendency toward understand what it seems the brane theories try to understand- and regard to some degree as a level of reality that ends in absolutes or nothingness in a rigid way, braiding, knotting and the like are to be regarded as diversions from the actuality of space and material structures- as perhaps only the imagination to some point of analysis of such neutral or irrelevant effects at least in the eye of a higher generalization even if it one of relative views.  The brane ideas are not as fundamental as they could be even if we adjust the principles of the underlying assumptions. 

One does not need an organic model to observe analogous effects, these exist abstractly even with the dimensions or the idea of shadows or supersymmetry in say one molecule of so many atoms- not surprisingly does the ATP questions of energy come up again here as if there is a shadow atom in some natural and regularly symmetric structure which in the scheme of things that have actual physical mirror or effects in space are truly independent vacua that can so be filled to the highest structure of states of symmetry or beyond.  Brane theory and other fine points of combinotorics converge in this sense to the TGD phenomenology.

* * * * *

Pitkanen's Post :  my last comment


I find it interesting that a platinum needle can induce an egg to begin development, parthenogenesis, as of fertilized.

Also interesting is of the 256 chiral forms of the carbons in cholesterol on one of them is recognized by the body. How is that for a binary reduction?

There is too much emphasis on the idea that we need to reduce things to some sort of material process alone- this is a mistake of fundamental principles as in that Scientific American theme this year (Ulla posted in a comment). Apparently, although we have talked in such areas a long time, they are reading our blogs :-)

Superposition, especially where it evokes ideas of dark or mirror matter is a non necessary, not rigid phenomenon in a higher physics- so is the use of group theory and dimensions- thus symmetry.

What of 5 coordinate changes so many state they are not clear about? Are the many sheets not possibly limited to say 5 Euclidean? How is it in mammal eggs when we reach the number 32 cells they are individuals and not 32 clones possible beyond that?

There is greater beauty out there still, and better reasons... not all that seems some zero place is rigid in its scales or energy nor is simply a point. Your idea of particles should deal with these new forms of say not that some are neutral but are intrinsically matter and antimatter. As I said it is a case of logic beyond the ideas or limits of quantum theory. Your title suggests that in such deeper than zero point space negative values can accelerate the bundled otherness of a vacuum... let us not just call these mathematical artifacts where we can simply defeat a theory by some arbitrary interpretation of a sign. (or we are too rigid and limit the math as did our humble correspondent the other day.)

The PeSla

* * * * *

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beyond the Postmodern Art of Dream Reading as Metaphors for Theoretical Physics

Beyond the Postmodern Art of Dream Reading
as Metaphors for Theoretical Physics

L. Edgar Otto   23 May, 2012

There is a suggestion, one of many new concepts that are bound to unfold as we reach a more demanding and sophisticated scope of cosmology, that in the expansion of the universe the optimum time to view information from the origins of the universe is the big bang plus 500 million years.

I myself have suggested an other or higher center in space or time than this model that assumes the big bang and any idea of inflation, cycles or expansion- those are the hidden assumptions accepted as fact of the development of universe.

Yes, there are critical changes of state such as the lighting up of the first stars or the idea that matter, that we see, is a small part of matter and antimatter annihilation in that still unexplained theory as the consensus of the science community sees it.  We know for example that within the range of a single galaxy there is enough entropy for life to arise.  My critical center where things appear to light up simultaneously in the non-simultaneous universe models was closer to the quasar era which can imply a creative hierarchy of such entities to arrange in some intelligible view.  But in general stereonometry there really is no privileged general theory for such quasifinite laws can be those of non necessity.

Similar to this is the idea of little dark matter in our local galaxy announced last week but now corrected where it may be more abundant then we imagined- so why do we not see the wimps?  Even if this is a form of matter it is not clear these can be seen and are not rather an artifact of vacua principles.  The alternatives are alive and well and are matters of both religious like wars on the nature of the core of cosmogony- these are also a paradox of the prisoners dilemma where when things repeat cooperation may not be the best bet.  Justice is not served as just a deal or gamble, we could say "thy shall not plea bargain with the Lord thy God."  But the trolls want their power and bigger things and offer knots and riddles on the toll bridges of freedom and wisdom.

Some imagine the interpretation of dreams like all our awaken see of words and symbols are crumpled and reduced to a ball like a sheet of newspaper- can we not see that in looking back at some optimum state of expansion of the universe the very process changes or loses the information?  What do we get (from the postmodern art view) but a collage of words of which strung together have a logic of their own, combinations that can make sense, be but confabulations, contain hidden meaning perhaps or is a disintegration of sensible ideas to a mangled surface?

To such a view, deconstruction of all words maybe, we arrive at a once only work of art such as the cutting of strips of metal as a mobius strip.  All falls into the gravity down to be but waste on the ground, so it is with the general assumption of turning reason on its head then undermining reason itself as if to explain things by such entropy even if we have to unravel the core of atoms or the context of dreaming itself.

I see a better model of our dream and mental state in this metaphor by a young lady in the coffee shop with a contribution to the university creative writing and art publication.  It consists of a book where all the words but each one is cut from a page but in sequence you can read the entire poem.  She, by the way and the reasons are not known if any, is a cutter with many superficial scars on her arm and leg.  She says she has been "good" for awhile now, meaning I imagine what she sees as bad behavior rather than say as in others I have known, a deep sense of shame.

Her artistic contribution is the drawing of such a book with a big hole in the center of it from which flows out parts of whole sentences.  She does not realize the number of times the word cut appears.  She does not realize that she has said other places she wishes she could just jump into the great hole that is within her, her dream I imagine.

But is that not the nature of a dream, perhaps empty, perhaps a structured vacuum...? There is a sculpture this year for display and tours in the city stress of a lady half way diving into water with splashing bronze droplets- is she going deep below to something on the other side of a mirror surface or is she vanishing?  There is a stray droplet that comes up in reaction, should we speed up the picture or drop it on a steeply inclined plane- we do not always vanish over night but have parts awhile that survive such vanishing that for all the forces in the world in all directions equal at some surface the full or empty place beyond the mirror we can only imagine the measure so reduced to what we can feel and see.

I know that our surfaces can touch at a distance so as to feel the depth of the cut or what another feels (including the what they feel of the rush in their minds if you do not come too close as to be sucked up in it) otherwise no one would need the better bonding with another when so caught up in the private dream of all there is of one self.  Even near another in the same town, in the same sea of promiscuous paths of star encounters of a galaxy, they may as well be a million miles away. Yes, we can define orgasm as mechanism, or most anything materially this way, short range FM frequency but this can be amplified between people, this can be enhanced also by the expanding addictions in the race of hidden forces negative.

As I said a few posts back, we are in each others skin and yet we are not.  As a metaphor at least it is clear that our skin cells can be set to renew and regenerate our heats.

* * * * *

Generalizing the Concept of Boundary

Generalizing the Concept of Boundary

L. Edgar Otto  23 May, 2012

In the abstract combining of cube representations as if their surface elements formed torus structures and vector cancellations we should not imagine four (tetracubes) as the general structure but at least these are five (pentacubes).

In the count of cubes in a stereonomic structure we have abstract centers which add or subtract, that is be a symmetry centered around hollow spaces of which we also may count intelligibly.

In this respect we have dualistic or dialectical dynamic structure systems as in quantum theory as the essence of chemistry carbon or NH3 molecules have shadow count that we can interpret as shadow geometric and Euclidean duality.

This general concept of symmetry breaking and building- as if in the metaphor of "water memory space" is really fluid space of boundaries (at least) in a quasifinite manner of which like the mix of alcohol and water we have the appearance of condensed volumes (mass defect idea also) if we regard the nucleus as simply a water drop.

So in the shadow views we have the continuous in relation to the golden ratio space, or discrete in relation to Fibonacci space, but these roles of course may be interchanged.

The total count of such things is intelligible depending on the dimension or the centering (as compactification or condensing) in which case the volume and the inherently change of elements of a matrix, diffusely in a bounded system of the abstractly changing of all coordinates or of the inertia of motion without local rest, sum to say, powers.  At this place of intelligible count the laws are quasifinite so as to complete the cube in the Phi or Fibonacci information.  PeSla's cube applies in the extension to n- natural dimensions and symmetries but the difference in duality and the difference in the measure of mass by the contribution of the rest shadows or general motion may set origins Initiators and Terminator ends of the connections of sequences or structures at an indefinite distance establish grounding for the substance and dynamical variation of intelligible count and memory in various states of the vacuum as if states of matter.

Superpositions may be suppressed by the order of physical or real implication by juxtaposition but not always that it changes the number of the dominating colors of the count.

In a quasifinite way the general stereonometry seems to be a conservation law that perhaps is part of a greater law that is an alternative to how we understand conservation laws in the methods we treat as boundaries.  To combine gauge ideas with those of a more abstract and discrete nature (Weyl) is not as rigid or straightforward as we imagine- then again it is not a matter of anarchy and randomness either.

The possibility of self dual structures that can be so interpreted as particles, shadow particles, or systems of particles depends on quasicity as much as what is within or not of such natural intelligible structures as the first and simple count of the even or oddness of dimensions.  On this difference we can erect various topologies as total theories but if the world is making sense it makes sense- or it does not- what is wrong with a very simple but bigger picture?

* * * * *
 Ahh, I see Lubos is not confused today- he is simply wrong.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quasic Stereonometry

Quasic Stereonometry

L. Edgar Otto   22 May, 2012

There are many intelligible systems we can imagine along the way to a generalization of physics which are difficult conceptual leaps and as principles evoke in their discoverers feelings like they have found some earth shaking breakthrough.  These are just skipping stones on the great sea of singularity where they think the force of imagination must move the theory while giving lip service to Newton's idea of inertia.  Yes, there are intelligible descriptions of the mathematics, involving shape and spin, for skipping stones, that among the smaller mysteries clear once looked at.

This idea of the influences of negative cosmological constants is such an idea (among many others) of which if we look at it from the new generalization we find the quasic view to which we tend toward as if an end, yet this very idea is that there is a quasic given from which all such general theories follow.  It is leap into a faith going somewhere and from there we can build the next level of new physics and base it on better foundations and new principles which may lead to things beyond the expected of the compass of creative wisdom even then.

To insist on one sided asymmetry in dynamic processes is to in effect have a mirror view which requires force to be so sustained to achieve motion anyway.  Or that rays go out to see things.  Both part of a picture which implies its own truth in logic that the ground only absurdly exists without this absurd proposition, that is symmetry is the assertion of structure in the absurd.  Still, the leap should be made not that some vague sea of singularities- and these quite beside the applied wisdom of what is continuous or not- is that either way we see inertia as moving or rest we have to concluded in the widest generalization that the said influences of vacua, of negative vacua in particular is replete with structure. Less than this we find whole and extended systems of which the cannot stand on creative philosophic let alone what we today regard as creatively and scientifically sound.

But even in the description of these things, provided we try to interpret our symbols and equations and principles as physical (or even subjective as layers of illusions and reality seem to connect or not necessarily so on many levels) we have to resort to the old languages of descriptions, of logic, of processes, of physical terms ultimately to change in the meaning but in a way that leads to a real shift in the new meaning.

Sometimes we can retro engineer truly earlier states of things not totally forgotten, what some may have pondered long ago in history or may do so again, or yet to come or prove after all we only come so close to some higher goal of wisdom. This is successful only if in a sort of reverse intuition we can navigate through the natural steps- or it is the case indeed as in quantum theory that we can see into the future only to the extent we can see into the past.  The universe, even if uncreated is its own observer, but only by higher principles of observation its its physicality unique (the omnium as the most general or a higher generalization of quasics and thus brane theories that aim for a system of independent grounding for the physical mechanism.)

Still, in matters of learning, in the ability to connect to the reality with a theory, we can only retro dict the past to the extent we can imagine real things into the future or at least know what is wrong with the picture given infinite choices. Nothing seems violated here save the idea that if time travel is possible we can only go back to the first time machine or its equivalent- that itself an example of a partial theory seemingly a profound and not just useful breakthrough.

I note that I can do many wonderful things with graphics calculators but some things these cannot do within the scope of the quasic vision anymore than the  arithmetic or general design of virtual spaces- it is only as good as the programming and the world view to which it may ask too much of our existing mathematics to be a direct steppingstone to investigate real but higher and more elusive design.

There can be no principle of real structure without the structure of the nothingness as vacuum.  But this does not base the substance or essence of the world on the nothingness, nor some vague field of vibrations, nor on some alien influence of ultimate concerns, yet we can frame the views that way partially and intelligibly.  We can emphasize if things are connected or not, locally our universally, and we can use a principle such as those of symmetry, conservation laws, the holographic principle as a dynamics- but such connections are non-necessary in the wider scope of freedom and fortune, of destiny where it seems a certainty.

We are and are not connected between our holographic boundaries on some level or superposition of branes for example, all such surfaces may more or less act as if they are connected or can touch, can overcome or drift into each other, can for all it matters be separate, similar if not identical, yet we should know there is more to dimension than any such relative surface, the vacuum has volume structure as much as anything else in its generalization of which our choices need not be so limited as say how we apply group theory as an intelligible linear reduction- not that it cannot be cleverly so designed as a theory and a very complex one, and one that moreover focuses to a more realistic crystallization of our possible dreams of design.

But it is not a principle, save perhaps in its time, a simpler time, on which to base the next level of our new physics.  For example.  What can any theory of spin and phase or spinors by themselves show us but no matter which way we turn we will not find a way short of travel thru time or a vacuum to go from one surface to another- yet, we can do this intuitively when we sense or block the virtual observation of each other.

* * * * * * *

The Informational Landscape of the Gene Code as Alternative Technology for Computation

The Informational Landscape of the Gene Code as Alternative Technology for Computation

L. Edgar Otto   22 May, 2012

I would be remiss if I did not point out the potential of two articles in science daily on which I have hinted at the overview of consequences of our tinkering with partial wisdom.  Evidently even at this level of complexity nature has a way to compensate for our errors- but it is not my intention to raise caution to what is an inevitable development anyway, only that we should consider some possibilities.  In principle tinkering with the germ cells was quite a risk, now to tinker with the code itself, internally, shows perhaps that on that level of its complexity, the simple biasing in the direction of zero or one in the signal detection, that on levels of the complexity it merely shows that the code is not everything that determines space or individuals.

Now if we can encode in a meaningful and cleaver way some amount of this independent information does it follow that some how we can access it- directly say to the mind's environment?  I ask this as a general question of physics interpretation.

Clearly, for the other article and in a physical sense between generations the epi genome level is in fashion now for its consequences as in the case of fungicides.  But as the environmental part of this picture we should still note that there are further levels and surprises in the gene and cosmic codes.  Perhaps we will eventually need some of the more obscure parts of our philosophical and creative science grounding to realize the future possibilities once we are familiar and perhaps survive this ability to influence, disrupt, or transcend our physical mechanisms of inheritance.  Some of this I have tried to discuss on the blog, objectively.

* * * * * *

The Golden Ratio and Natural Dimensions

The Golden Ratio and Natural Dimensions

L. Edgar Otto   22 May, 2012

In the vexillogic (the arrangement of structure and area as in the minimal art of flags and banners as symbols, of colors) we observe this (British tradition) sub-regions that contain separate senses of information as to the effects of proportions.

This is basic to the visualization of higher dimensional space where in the combinations or algebra or distinct views as to what is grounded or centered or not easily seen in the algebra as reduced structures from the greater complexity and possibilities of design in higher dimensional spaces to which we should not say such spaces are simpler than three space.

Psychologically, our development as to core logical views also has this structure of what is the union and what the fly as well the integration of the elements of products or additions to changes and dynamics of space.  I suggest it is more likely that as we learn and our thinking mechanisms develop as if this unfolding and enfold of abstract dimensions it is more likely that for a given theory from first or initial impressions the result is changed in directions that fix on that core stand established.  To begin with ideology a a stance for theory as only union or only fly is to limit the chance for a change in core view or unification of generalized mathematics of space beyond their asserted description.  Thus we encounter such stances with the null.

The flags of the confederacy above tend to keep the union as a square when issues of proportions of the symbols as to what they may mean (ie the stainless banner) or were used (in effect the 2 to 3 ratio a national flag due to the 1 to 2 length tangling on ropes and such on ships).  But we find also, and in the proportions intuited in the USA flag the overall lattice of the Fibonacci numbers.  That is 13 states. In the union of the adopted (3rd CSA) the law determined the rectangle from the successive design ratios from before and from the overall proportions.

The people and the flag manufacturers made banners that tended to keep the union square and not divide the horizontal and vertical white portions as equal and thus equal to the added red stripe width for a lack of confusion with the token of surrender on the battle field.  Part of this is the insistence or tendency to choose alternative designs for changing the vertical or horizontal count to so obey such rules and it can be done if we understand (in brane area at least) that we are dealing with the properties of Golden ratios for such choices in relation to limits.

* * * * *

I was a little droggy this morning and wonder if the difficulty in understanding my above post is as difficult as it was to write it.

I notice this morning some activity on the blogs I have not seen for some time...  Lubos seems confused over a Hawking paper (but this is nothing new to my methods nor how I see the grounding for such a negative expansion as in Pitkanen  or in this better unification of the algebra and topology philosophic concepts I have long discussed here.)  I notice U-duality has news (oh that is keenmo...)  Dark matter in or out of the roller coaster?  In these matters I feel a lot less droggy than what the state of theoreticians seems all about.  Anyway, how we interpret the union or fly can be a question of political sides, right or left and so on.  But let the reader in the archaeology should it occur of these data blogs see from the careful digs how this all connects as the streams and lava seems to have flowed underground.  If you sense the connections but are not sure of what you are connecting then is what you see a living theory or some fossil of the empty unknown- it is not an easy thought to keep in mind we can be so learned and not be aware that our views and understanding may be in total error compared to more complex or simpler theory.  After all Lubos, is not the spirit of the way to explore things by the Englishmen not the similar intuition- they cannot use the holographic principle and stand on it on their own or - in the union- generally an introverted right wing conception of righteousness we cannot imagine boundaries that from your point should not be negative (De Sitter?) anyway.  And by what continuity can you state in string theory the number of electrons and protons-  that was done differently and better before you were a twinkle in your parents eyes by Eddington- your really should learn to count better.

* * * * *
 * * *

Monday, May 21, 2012

Quasifinite Simulations in Absurd Stringy Theories

Quasifinite Simulations in Absurd Stringy Theories

L. Edgar Otto    21 May, 2012

One way to tell if a theory is honest and objective in motives or solid ground of completeness is if a person or group who works in the relevant field claims the work of others as their own or as a precedent to bolster the claims of their own.

In this respect they strive to bring a trend in the development of theories as introductions of a lesser realized significance and in fact, as overestimating their interpretations and conclusions of which their only contribution is to claim as art a colleague of the insightful and original ideas of others if not ethat outright plagiarism that would usually be a lesser presentation than the original.

Nations, especially in the independence of their cultural and linguistic development, are prone to this sort of claims as a from of general publication of propaganda which usually indicates some gap, some cover up of embarrassments, some lack in equal or mature wisdom.

In the between theories which on the face of human reason is a fact as a relative and tenable truth of possibilities, in effect the very claim for some determinism in history as well the more intricate extensions of freewill tries to impose all things under the hegemony of its inadequate theory.

These theories have their place and points of view might lead to new points of departure, those who live such fiction may eventually arrive as competence not as mere assertion.  It is the contributions of the day to which we are prone to overestimate the claimed achievements of those people with the most influence in science in time to come.

As with the principles (and after all with such in between theories that are there to point toward deeper or more complete ones and to justify the general methodology and mechanism as if itself is the complete theory these are only to be thought of as interesting variations as new principles)
As with those of Goebbels who admired as equals the Slavic peoples, the bigger the lie the more it is believed. 

Science done for the hearts and minds of man is not science that can be unbiased and universal, free from ideological influence.   The big lie today is that only string theory can be an adequate way to describe quantum gravity and that the loop group cannot address it from a quantum standpoint save by vague and false imagination.  This is a grounding that does not come to simple terms with what is real as continuous or discrete (finite) so in that sense where the physics is divided neither can achieve a higher generalization or unification within its own claims.

Clearly, the issue is indeed that of an age, supposedly post ideological- the so called end to history- that deconstructs even in the name of reason, what is grounded in reason and not the calling of opponents and rationalization even if the consensus and the application of authority and power can steal from the worker anything if it done formally and in the name of due process and by the authority of witnesses to which justice is not but debate with no certain grounding save for the show and the constant internal laws of the fantasy to which the masses heed as the familiar, the slaves to which expanding society understands that they are either decent deep down or should they take up arms as pushed into corners of corners the pace of propaganda is too late to change by one act of resistance that would stop a chain reaction of a thousand injustices at a moral distance. 

Today's breakdown of society is on the academic level of the universities who think their agenda is a God given right.  And while in reality we use all the mechanisms of our brains these humans in effect only use part of them and  are surprised and outraged anyone would dare challenge the way they see the world.  Like the right wing fundamentalist Christians they expect it is their world view that will subdue and allow people to obey and know their place and defeat to the wisdom of their ingrained claims of right at the expense of the resources of all not just of others who by being here take a place- or by the powers that are in possession already by being there have to exclude them.

In one of Americas safest cities we have too much money going to more police, more jails and so on as if the bill of rights is a constant gamble- but even more of the budget goes to the social service (closely connected to the university by the workers defending their so called middle class rights) but there is no bill of rights for this.  Let us not try to understand racism as some do in their social engineering or sham guilt by the liberals, let us rather know the dream of those who will be part of a more diverse mix of minorities (which cannot exceed 40% even with intermarriage) that their children will have more than the crumbs of the pie, if that.

Or is it that we are just a commodity and political pawns in our society in a no deposit and not return society.  Sayings like it is the fault of the slave he is a slave, or the homeless and addicted to just exist, have the force of natural law or faith for stupid people.  But who says society makes sense or that it matters if reason crumbles or not in a controlled by anarchistic society full of victims whining that can only end in surprised abandonment when the capital is consumed and their reasonable dreams buried along with their disillusions?

What ground for a principle like the poor are always with us so as to arise again, perhaps into civilization?  Then again they understand there is dark matter but have no idea what it is.  In matters of human freedom and science we should chase the money changers out of the temple of humanity.
In matters of street war, if the fault is honest including those who load the dice and reap the pot,  I predict a time will come when enough is enough and the art of war will be "take no prisoners."

* * *

Nothing in Between Noise and Human Understanding

Nothing in Between Noise and Human Understanding

L. Edgar Otto

I came with nothing on my mind shut down but the antics of the so called "homeless" and ex crackheads and those who brag in honor they are on some sort of medication or  will someday go to detox.  I had some general social thoughts on this on the way to the coffee shop- philosophy, again, one can take from two links, I checking my mail, something of these old issues and what they involve.  I may not discuss this so I point you to the way to understand the general systems better- think territoriality and what we mean by privacy on any of the supposed levels of which some things recognize other in the hierarchy of symmetries and multidimensional as we colonize a planet covered with people in these niches of subatomic systems limited only by the extend of the area of this earth.

When it was quite, I did some interesting graphs or when I was awakened again- there is nothing in between cooking at a temperature one almost melts but certainly ruins the pots and smokes the room.  The hierarchy of the social  system has nothing in between why they surround the plantations with street bums over-seers as if we live in a prison where the rules are held within and all work against but in the name of privacy to enforce their position and struggle.  The state, this county in particular, not only destroys families- that is they want not only families to be nuclear if indeed people are paired, but sub-nuclear- eventually without the right to establish families or pass anything of worked for wealth as inheritances- (and the issue of minorities is not about the genes but if those children of our future can survive in this climate- one where credit instead of being the essence of capitalism is its chains, and its flesh eating bacteria disease.

This from science daily on amplifying randomness    and
This link for an enlightening discussion of the world as if a computer, Turing, Bell, et al .  Readers if any should try to combine these issues and  I think you will find most of them have been covered here, that is if you want to know things from the way science and philosophy will be in the coming century.

The  illustration today is simply my symbols, ottonians, but in it is the solution to an old problem of making the eight point star candle in its endless variations (and new understanding of symmetries).

* * * * * * *

Lubos has a more formal post  today on some idea of  "in between" or little string theory which does not really make the case for his general assertions and conclusion.  But if you look at the subject he discusses in this limited view of it you can say that a bigger picture compared to a few others would see all his training and learned view and appeal that his view will stand as part of a non-crackpot picture anyway- let us start in this absurd edifice of theory of limited dimensions with that of the 6 or 11 dimensional restricted formalism- that we will look back a this find summary of speculations as a rather little string or brane theory itself compared to the reality of things.  I take his last paragraph as a typical overreach by the cleaver and sneaky if not unintelligent-  Like on the lower levels of the burn outs low so called IQ- I begin to see there is no hope for progress in our generation and its stances to how the world should be, politically - so, you victims and proud homeless, mentally ill, I no longer care if you jump into the river, but the right and the left have cost society way to much.
"Lubos concludes:
There exists a class of people with a very low intelligence, no creativity, no imagination, and no ability to see the "big picture" who are only capable of learning some very limited rules and who are devastated by every new powerful technique or technology that physics learns. These human feces often concentrate around Shmoit-and-Shmolin kind of aggressive sourball crackpot forums. I hope that all readers with IQ above 100 have managed to understand why the text above is enough as a proof of the simple assertion that all these Shmoits-and-Shwolins are just intellecutally worthless dishonest scum.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Technology of Material Exclusion

The Technology of Material Exclusion

L. Edgar Otto   20 May, 2012

I find it interesting that we can view some of our big experiments in its methods, as if it were necessary from the inherent intelligibility of the view, that in the search for understanding the structure, the stereonometry of the universe and that within it as enquiry into core philosophy.

The great colliders, the development of superconductivity researched, trying to contain plasma for hot fusion, even the questionable principle of Pauli exclusion that amounts to but a working principle against the natural reasoning we say holds mysteriously as science known yet pushed into abstract ideas of vague probability space or local and nonlocal ideas of similarity and superposition, that are great modern experiments in the search to find things like higher dimensions and supersymmetry, are philosophical experiments in the final analysis.

Not far from this, as we look into the heart of atoms, is the inclusion of what is the background of energy and mass conversion itself as a consequence of scale and the tightrope of structures of fusionable and fissionable isotope changes or directing quasifinite bits leading to chain reaction, including the analogous biological ones, as we fancy that at this realm of philosophy certain ideas of stereonometry require again our dealing with the hidden symmetries and anomalies in our time called dark matter.

What are we trying to prove as we debate things like the quantum theory as a philosophic and not just scientific thought experiment if not this a stance to the question of what is existence itself and why its form- science as the second philosophy of Descartes is indeed these issues of a method of enquiry as doubting all inputs of data.

This naturally raises epistemology and the logic of non necessity as having concrete exceptions, the entropy like consciousness imagined in making the distinction insofar as  if the mechanism is mental or mechanical alone or a mix, the endless debate of parties for or against such an interpretation of quantum theory, that key fulcrum vanishes into the working philosophy, or the machines of our argument.  Thus even in the lucidity of Hume we find some thing neutral in the middle wherein we are precariously balanced on what any extension of causality may be defined only by extension and not at this razor thin center cut of wedges sharpened to  focused emptiness of the idea of nothing.  Or we can enshrine ideas of precise focusing as a philosophy of ignorance as the measure, as uncertainty.

Descartes asks if he doubts his existence is there after all something that seems concrete, that he cannot so doubt.  That this seems the case he shows by the idea that if all is as if in a dream, an illusion or fancy, this shows that even in such a dream there is a reality of concrete existence of which he is thinking or existing even if it not consciousness  as a substance in itself concrete- not at first blush and not once we do exist concretely (that is have not vanished back into some irreversible night or lack of coherence into parts that have not reached some critical mass of organism) Our dreams prove to him our engagement with reality also.

Does is really matter, in the balancing of equations, that the dreamy, ghostly particles like neutrinos or perhaps their higher analogs that seemed on the face only of higher planes of existence, that is contained as if in God's pilot waves and left the reality of a soliton, volumes of illusion smashed into the distinct superpositions on a background, a brane,  that these are only in an illusion sense concrete and invisible save we imagine they have some physical effects?  How do we distinguish them from other such effects by unknown forces or particles or perhaps real realms of conscious thoughts?  Science in itself is not the search for wisdom so to discern what is science or pseudoscience, philosophy or philosophic delusions real by default, that is a distraction away from the gaining of the byproducts of research and widening of the frontiers of thought and civilization.

 It seems to me also a defeat, an acceptance of the level and situation of our ignorance, the settling for lesser dreams and the convincing us our purposes and scientific goals and careers are not a noble, nay a moral, enterprise.

In the containment, or wave guide, in a duality of higher dialectics of symmetry, to so control the evolution is to paradoxically have society work against is goals of socialization and diversity- science in some objective sense strives to bring these views of social and engineering political philosophies back to the same loop or tracks again with joint interests after the exhaustion of clashes in the natural hippodrome or rat race of a social system- here again our machines ape the stereonomic models of space and time, of nature and matter, as we collide bits of matter that in the old primitive concept, in the idea of heat where none actually applies as a fundamental substance, linear or in circular tracks, we run trains together and analyse the debris for clues to such a real or imaginary universal structure and theory.  Matter in the old sense is that it cannot occupy the same place at the same time,  There is no concept of mass defect or for that matter entropy at rest. Nor the strange reversals where more mass makes for denser volumes- pile up bricks the the volume gets larger.

We have barely begun to think in these terms so as to show these foundational past things needing a wider and formal analyses so some may say we have progressed over the philosophic or more poetic of terms and ideas- like some say time is the fourth dimension, or energy once a poetic word made concrete from some vague metaphysics into crystal claritiy.  Such is also the great supercollider of our mental archetecture, in dreams or otherwise.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shadow Quasic Branes

Shadow Quasic Branes
L. Edgar Otto  19 May, 2012

The idea of actual separations of the unit cells (pixel regions) of the quasic plane is a distinction that is not needed upon further generalization as far as real or illusion counting goes.  It can be replaced by the actual and shadow products in a four way sense of multiplication. (my epsilon-delta idea)

In this sense the Otto-Conway matrix is a mathematical phenomenon not depended only on centering of cells that are in shells that relate to a difference in adjacent natural dimensions (Riemann's Insight) but us ubiquous over general space.  These brane like properties should be considered when we use them for cosmological modeling for in a sense they transcend our current concepts of scale distinction and opaque or dark matter as a rigid principle of some boundary.

By these products of the peripheral dimension (or those in some form of it contained in the area dimension being more of an indefinite region (as in expansion or contraction or the containment of such structures by other structures with similar dynamics) I mean the binary patterns of zero and unity.  Integers as a division of the peripheral boundary do not distinguish such divisions where they add up in the shadow space for the unit count as transcendental kaleidoscopes or the imagined cardinal points of a complex plane. But these abstract dynamics may combine interger or some abstract prime values, but not necessarily, as say the relative idea of products of such information stereonometry.

A structured object can move through something we imagine as if a wormhole or wave guide, being these obey the laws of this general shadow quasic space.  The distinguishing of illusion or non illusion is not strict as to what we discern or not as physicality for a persistence picture cannot soundly be chosen as a statement in perception as to it being science- in that sense physical laws should obey the views of logic that at least heeds the excluded middle on some flat grounding.

Mathematically, some of the required proofs are difficult or elusive because the aspects involved of the deeper grounding and generalizations do not consider the proper relations possible between the algebra and geometry of dimensions or of what scope or level of physics the laws can persist dynamically as real or illusions of mirrors and shadows.  Science as probability really does not solve these foundational issues other than encompassing that to which it is probable to conclude from observation.  In organic experiments we need a mass of people, with the idea that the greater numbers benefit from the risk, objectively, such that we may conclude in the animal test subjects a measure of the likelihood some treatment is most likely a cure in any one specific case.  We are also blind in our use of theory.  We have no guarantees or insurance or need for it other than it sustains our world view where we hedge the gamble and chances.

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