Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quasi-orientation Space Principles

In search of the fundamental as an active idea that connects to the brand whether the fundamental wave equation exists or not that grounds the boundaries of the universe. Are we connected or not to these hidden symmetries of hidden spaces? I am convinced that the healing of minds or evolving of them goes through the realms of concepts and consciousness to more, and that the road to healing is a meditation on the varieties of geometry beginning with space and four space, improvised topology of which we distinguish the folding or extension of space- we ourselves and in ourselves the outer influences of decoherence. But for ideas if one finds oneself on both sides of the questions in a debate on physics or politics it should be taken as evidence that we have not comprehended enough to make clear the problem as to what is right and what a matter of propaganda, and what in ourselves is the real case as far as what grounds us culturally and collectively and concretely in some arrangement of multiverse.

(i) an interval, linear in dimension, bounded by the edges of a one sided surface connected to another such surface preserves the one sided-ness over the combined surfaces and is smoothly invariant with respect to its identity embedded in two or three dimensions and between them ambiguously so interpreted.

(ii) a one sided surface folded on itself such that one boundary is open and one closed at the fold, its endpoints the boundary of the interval (interpreted as a linear and temporally independent dimension ordered so or not; if then this doubled surface is cut perpendicular to the interval, the whole surface is cut in half and at the edge of the closed boundary, throughout, and divides the surface into two rings (not one). These hard to express but simple statements begin with the consideration of a Klein's bottle composed of two Moebious strips and gets around the idea that in three space there is concrete self intersection.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Improvised Universe

Here a sketch of quasi-false color to distinguish more the nature of the cosmic background data. Much as in music, the loudness and frequency as a subjective factor and that of the subjective in color perception, we set here the group ideas and yet adjust the frequency (for those technically in the know) to 262.5 or C = Red-Orange so that the tuning is balanced to our innate recognition of a fundamental frequency via the harmonics even if such a frequency is not there. Not also the inverse of the spectrum is not adjusted such that the binary information of the tritone is the true complementary of which I would like to find if we can find at least a uniform color perception space- then again the point is, at least in matters of light, that we can have certain other designations of what is the primary due to the bit depth. Also, as if the just scale we find the golden ratio suggested as a matter of the quadradic space.

In thinking of how my roommate and I could make some money (that is enough to live on at least- to become shall we say: Thousand-aires, I looked over some materials to make say the models of geometric things as an educational tool- and thought about micro mechanical wheels spun by polarized light (analogous to the eddies upon approaching by a magnet to a metal disc) the goal of which is not the spin as much as the reduction of the impulse in some direction that collectively this reduces the apparent weight of an object (not less than zero) - then again something on the sciencechat came up involving small wheels and nanotech- I am not that much of an engineer to feel these ideas have applied merit but I do get a very optimistic feeling of what new technology awaits us if we want to use it and find more rational theories to contain the conflict of what is subjective and objective, human and machine. Life delayed in the cycle- well, is that not the principle of the gasoline engine of Otto in reference to the laws of heat and efficiency?

Perhaps, if the Creator is, He is at least a Jazz musician- only we cannot distinguish the decibels of the stray bits of white noise when the brightness is turned down on the television of photons from the big bang, let alone their color or even the more exotic warps and spirals and looping time of their spin. Perhaps.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quasic Multi-teleoscoping Principle

A higher quasic dimension can map (hypothesis) uniquely multiple paths (as if a neuro-network) of lower quasic dimensions where these are "flanged" into an actual natural dimensional path.

* We can imagine the general interaction of cloud-like regions we can interpret as particles.

* The quasic algorithms may interpret and make more rational micro-algorithmic methods and view.

* On this level we may describe alternative and absolute parallel paths, predict and see them.

* Quasic time is different from other theories and forms of time.

* By quasic we mean here teleoscoping through relaxed possibilities actualized and so on to create an organized (entropic?) region or cloud of the interactions of data.

* There is a direct (in three and four natural space) relation to an evolving universe or discorce of gene encoding quasicontinuous or quasifinite or not.

* We should not always separate the complex wave phase space and classical configuration like spaces, octonians and quaterions as ideas have not be quasically considered int he unfoldings.

* It is still not clear if quasi and natural algorithms applied to a physical organism is in unity with or independent of mental models.

* Quantum ideas are not sufficiently powerful or complete enough to decisively describe, save interpreted after the fact what we regard as supernatural or not real including the idea of time beginning or not for the wave equation of the universe.

Note: I will post the poem after all and with extensive commentary that seems to have awakened these theoretical thoughts. Truth Fought for Needs Fear No Phantoms which continues into ideas or footnotes more concerning the level of human beliefs and social states---this forthcoming as soon as the ideas are organized bursting now the margins of the paper (actually back of scrap paper that contained some rather interesting and now understood Eastern prayers and sutras of my roommate) The poem begins (thanx for the Einstein picture link followed blogger):

There are as many universes as there are
photos of Einstein, his hand on the
Tesla coil; his hair charged, hedgehog explosions

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Corn and Red Winged Black Birds

I have been practicing music a lot, my fingers sore and am almost lost into theory of some sorts. I will post some of these experiments somewhere sooner or later. I also have this idea of some computer applications which seem to go beyond what we have applied of music theory- for one thing to my ears chords do not resolve at the octave but at twice that- and we can extend these principles in a non-linear or quasic way much as we seem to restrain ideas of time (a good article on this today in the reference frame blog I follow) In a sense things resolve into the three and four fold quasic states or dimensions of chords but that does not end but shows the boundaries of the matter (and perhaps matter itself) as for my color encoding that came from layer candle ideas it seems to me that my long question of finding the compliments (that is color theory) was indeed a hard one that no one understood what I was asking. The tempered scale applies to color too in these models but when we try to find the equivalents of Crayola 24 pack crayons it seems to me we have to deal for computer applications with at least 384 or 96 arrangements as some sort of group theory. The same number (after all 196 was Plato's music number)seems to apply to how we make integral the integrals of the twelfth root of two applied to the timing of things digitally- for example the sampling scale of DVD masters.

Soon I will no longer visit the science philosophy chat forums and have a copy as of last week of all the things there in the code in case anyone else is interested. And soon we will set up the art domains of which these cornflowers is to be the symbol of wisdom as they first came up with the old Bright Acres candle company.

Happy Holidays- I did post a rather deep and obscure psychological poem (damn, there are so many depressed people around me caught up in these times so some of it is to try to understand their mental states and know why they knowing this does not help them. So I myspace I posted The Law and Ghostly Entanglements ( ) which makes some connections of which I may use as I suggested here in a novelette The Purple Foxglove. I also wrote a piece I did not post today as I am not sure how it would be received as if it was not stated well- I may post it later but the heart of it is the theme we each determine our world in the end and can shield it from the realities possible by the plans of others- that is if we are awakened to it. This especially true of all the political struggles and imagined conspiracies in the world, But I am not sure what question I am asking here clearly enough yet.

Just how close when we are sensitive to the paranormal do we dwell and interfere in each others paths and heads? Lately I have kept my blinds closed sensing the distress of many chance encounters with the lady across the way who looks up at me when I am playing or writing. It is annoying to have to walk the other way, a little longer but so far our paths have not crossed. I am not sure why our very irregular schedules went in sync. But you see the blinds were significant in the foxglove story and my writings were about how we see and are seen in the various physics as a theme. The themes of the poetry and the coincidences of it all and the pale analogs to what is destiny or creators are finished for now as complete as I think they can be- then again we do make our own ultimate realities.

The people on the blogs I follow and did so mostly at random are rather interesting and quite remarkable and I am sensitive to their influence as we all are when we are exquisitely sensitive to life - usually rare moments- as if we are in true first love.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Victorian Journalism of the Soul

Victorian Journalism of the Soul Leonard Edgar Otto 11-20-09

The field not depleted, scarred and wrinkled
of its trace minerals and water table, its soil
Awaits the average poet to plant the seed corn
or the lesser poet to become tangled up in weeds

Between the lamb's and goat milk and cash cows
the flock of red wing black birds and the sea of corn
The making of cheese, the fife gone climate warm and dry
watered down dimensions, mammals with cold blood a delicate affair

Shepherds, traveling salesmen, milk maids seduced
by the Lord of the manor, harvesting the town and gown
The truck and sheaves at the fete of the auction block
the wild boars rendered by steam tractors

Bits of persistent former dreams, garden innocence forgotten
The birth of runes of myth, great ox alphabets past ripe for compost.

* * *

Although I'm full of logic, my ravens and my writing desk
we all must go down the rabbit hole, run in place
Hitchhiking through the woods narrow paths and unpaved country roads
Our feet carrying anthrax or blight on the Norway Christmas trees
From the Fens and blogs, petrified logs of Isle of Ely to Oxford town

In search of Wessex or Yoknapatawpha, run hare and fox with hounds
afraid of cowpox inoculations, observe fan vaults of fanfare
As we hunt the witches of Salem or Endor awaiting another
padded chapter, edited in the telegraph
To become our daily local news after crossing Atlantis

The spiral ascent tot he top of towers
raising St. George's flag unto dragons can be exhausting
The descent into caves and catacombs, latent embryonic dreams
can trap us forever as the passage narrows through Sue'z canal

* * *

As the towers we build and model in real time fall for what of dawning
Light comes through the Cathedral's ceiling, we erect there a lantern.

* * *

Footnote on the blog: The poem above was written influenced by some of the blogs I follow with perhaps since some follow or read me I should add clearer content also. So now in draft I continue the reply to posts in the sciencechatforum and philo chats just in general thinking about how we change or not over time in a rant of sorts and rambling draft intellectually considering maybe the other's intent of viewpoints.

Innate Genius
may be only as deep as our ignorance, but trained genius is free from ignorance only to the worth of the training and depth of the context of available technology.

The conflicts then between science and culture as if fact or religion, on one side we're bewitched by the seeming facts of some dogma(we proud in our genius and our own discovery of it to understand). On the other side in the duller world of down to earth mystery (Lincoln's posts on religion again on the forum) some cling to metaphors (outside their field perhaps and thus the psychological need for it) as if reasonable discoveries in a way and similarly can be ignorant of that fact.

But a unified view of both sides also can question our notions of what is genius and what is ignorance and pride or embarrassment of the realization of it all we cover up over time with different reasons for our stumbles and achievements as we seek to make sense of the ever steeper curves of learning.

In a sense then not just ignorance by the deceit in our hearts but the mind itself can conjure and maintain our self deceptions, Oz behind the curtain or not. Yet, if there were not something mysteriously concrete in our thinking beyond fact and metaphor we would observe no progress, growth equal to its complexities if we desire them and solve or recognize thereby in expertise what distinguishes true science (hopefully to answer his question here) despite what it may appear Lincoln's can be seen as a serious question (from my view put awkwardly in the language)that does not just appeal to the polemics of philosophy with suspect metaphors taken also awkwardly at face value.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ten Favorite Things the Seamstress asked

Ten Favorite Things the Seamstress asked that Made us Happy L. Edgar Otto 11-18-11

The profuse stars at night

Her soul through the obscuring curtains at her shower

Forgotten taste of simple foods combined and rediscovered from childhood

Freckles and red hair

Flags of the world and other pure minimal art

The sound of the guitar when you first pick it up to play after a long time

When some people tell me my words made a difference
to them and I caught them happy

Awakening to the sense of life, its fragility and knowing
we survived and will despite the chill of night one with sunrise

That I have to notice sometimes that I am not sick
nor that the heat and cold more than we can deal with

Yes, and to go where no man has gone before...

* * *

Other Bookmarks 11-19-09

The joy, and yes the sadness, of the first snow

The first cry and my words in reply to my newborn recognized

The awakening, sensing nightfall, of a thousand points
of light in succession around the solitary evening star

The smell of sour sap you test to believe again
on your hand that caged a June bug

The mummy inside discovered in a fallen butterfly
not just colored folding planes of paper

The overwhelming sting of the bumblebee, I made still until the pain passes,
stepped on barefoot; friction burning running through the dewy grasses

Firefly's smashed glow that smells of yellow green light;
mosquito bits you resist to scratch so not to lead to blood, make sore

The transparent beating heart of pond snail jelly through my
red eyes and toy microscope

The symphony of changing church bells Sunday morning as I
descend from the mountain down to the Zurich Zee

Sculpting clouds and painting sunsets, calling up the
storms when others can see it

Recalling the rare and deep reality of transcended moods and
moments only felt or forgotten by themselves...

* * *

Collecting Imaginary Parts of Thought's Equations: 11-18-09

From the conceptual physics view and considering we have wave particle duality, matter viewed either way and distinctly as a possibility of existing in forms that do or do not recognize velocity but acceleration for example, why are we surprised of the dark influences of either energy or mass being there or for that matter ideas of multiversal decoherence as dark flow linked to initial cosmic beginnings?

The difference then between quantum and classical effects for me a quasic thing (see recent articles on the sciencechatforum and and our reference frame blogspot), the indefinite but extensive boundaries, that our general idea of what is multiverse and universe is a unified phenomenon we can take the leap to understand beyond our current mathematical limitations (and yes expertise, Lincoln) finding these deeper unities, st abilities of which our biases, left and right brains not fragmented but rationally dynamic and dialectical capable of evaluating some scientific or cultural truth (yes Lincoln, how to distinguish what we believe or do not believe is behind the curtain Oz!) This may not mean we place finer definition to leveled identities, fractally complex or otherwise - not in any cas as to rely only on chance variation measurement around its limited statistical framework and especially the unities unrecognized and beautifully designed ergonomics of what some suspect are super- and/or internal symmetries to be found.

* * *

Clearly we need to deal with the non-linearity of the situation with the melody trace and silences of paths where there are more curves in a plane than lines and that more than the infinity of points on a line and so on... not just a smooth change in the plane as if our intuition of continuity- but the quasic plane as well which does negotiate the quantum and classical fronts of event and physics change. But of all these math things at one time or the other some have questioned these new procedures- comically and tragically and violently for some historically.

* * *

A note to readers if you got this far: This blog which the sciencechanceforum would have relegated me to as a blog is not their's- consequently it was not meant as a place to discuss or censor my more obscure styles of writing or necessarily for general readership. So the poems also are for the more down to earth readers although it was not evidence apparently to the philosophychatforum that I was capable of clear on varied thought.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dancing in the Dead Zone


Dancing in the Dead Zone L. Edgar Otto 11- 17 -09

Given the proper awe and respect
as if the creation worthy of a Creator
We could have foreseen the dance of chromosomes
the shielded logic in the cell nucleus
We who can speculate competently without caution
weigh the wonder and philosophic implications
Unlike those who work lies, don't mention truth, dole out and meter
what was in abundance free, an allowance of wisdom

Thantos is not a certain bogeyman nor
where worlds touch the womb full with the soon stillborn
Our chances, our universe of body and mind, that
something goes wrong with the micro choreography, self-destructs
Know you not we're not the only ones who dust the clouds for precious water?

* * *

As if the galaxy, the Lord's own cyclotron, iron whiskered crystal frozen
does not touch the smallest mote of light
Closed scriptures by approximations, imperfection idolized
the universe itself the Dark Demon with his gods and idols
False prophets and legions of Anti-Christs, a dead zone
You with tenuous faith in experiment question rationality
To which you may be blind in your magician's choice to truth free in perfection
the inner law of fantasy reasonable in itself and replete
With our humanity you cannot wish away- so do.

We domesticated or wild animals, rusty machines de trope
while some want to bring back, rebuild capital squandered.
Manufacturing more than leaded wine and drunkard's infertile dreams

The dance is one of joy in the dancing more than chance alone
The cosmic code, design, justice in equifinality built beyond struggle

* * *

What persists longer in our memories, the color
of Lover and passion, finds spiral reels, soundtracks for
Our soul and dreams, learning new birth more than engrams
written in meaningless cadences, artlessly inserted dust

Our tunes familiar, understood, simple within our hearts
but seem complex so as to enjoy, suspending disbelief
So we full of tunnels and black holes not lords of our knowing, our own hearts
our egg teeth breaks the bucky bunny balls easier from within

How else does and old song evoke the vaporous scent of memory?
How else our lingering selves make new and wider thoughts and words?
Or the scandalous early pain if we dare see it, relive and bear it
not end time crumbling cause spent colors, but stimulated to self-repair, heal

This work said business of the young and old- and the tightrope of the center
Our unwinding braids with tails live longer, makes life smarter, stronger

* * *

You ask, baiting, yet no philosopher left with your who really cares
For your checkered game board, forgotten passions, bottleneck obsolete epiphanies.

* * *

* * *

Friday, November 13, 2009

On Ignoring My Questions Profound and Dumb

"It is unfortunate that the first intelligent species to arise to have control of its own effects on the planet was from the tribal carnivores" E. O. Wilson (paraphrase)

"All I know on the global warming debate is that the woodland sunflowers should have come back in profusion along the river by now." From this blog authors manuscript.

Can we set up a system of communication with the mission to promote science that in not a democratic enterprise with reasonable balances and restraints on the arguments- more perhaps a Lockean model of liberty and good weight than later philosophies of propaganda and adversarial arbitrary rules of judgment, especially if the mission statement includes assertions of intent for education as a shared and trusted enlightenment?

Nothing guarantees an open and diverse model as this can stand up to others logically where there is a vital struggle of the worth and gridlock and wasted effort ever renewed - save that it adapts to the experience and depth of our understanding of reality. This suggests the seemingly surpassed and obsolete philosophies by default of possibilities present and past will not go away at least to the state of our technology like the uncertainty of interpretations of the quantum view or the certainty in laws like relativity and Lorentz in their remote reach.

* * *

The Quantum Logic of the Sentient Earth

L. Edgar Otto 11-13-09..

could see
each other
through our thousand eyes

have a life
God's eye of its own?

not a final word

we know
the less some have said

we want
wild asparagus?

not at
times find we
jumped across borders?

be eaten, eat
collapsed light stalking?

tunnel through

the same
Lorentz law
with decoherence

reach out
seeking love
persistent victims

* * *

Where Did the Speculation Go?

if a
spinning thing
could rise, give us lift

it in
Science, I believed

points between
centrifugal force

lab tests
my report dismissed
epiphany, experiment

teach magic?
respect shared science?

you could sense truth

human doubts
through less certainty

multi-worlds my post

mine still dark
facts, your words of mouth?

as you've thought
why cold positrons?

* * *

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cyberspace Days of Silence (and Linear Measure of Quasic Distances Fractally)

An Ottonian Rant with a Rocket Flag
(Of hope for new American enterprise)

I have been practicing and playing a lot in the open mikes and have not been around the coffee shop and cyberspace that much. I am in a period of lesser creativity which reaches highs and downs in the confidence that I can sing and play. That and the insanity of the news both on the right and left- So there are to be no homeless veterans by 2010? I think I heard that said of 2003 did I not? In any case I chewed out the Eau Clare county service officer today after his remarks concerning ft hood yesterday. He just laughed at me. Guess they want everyone drugged up and they refuse to see the actual danger of the wingnuts (whatever their race or nationality). Allah Akbar to all those politically correct army shrink wounded types who are selling our nation and its citizens and own minorities, and yes its Veterans- down the drain. I don't know he did over there in Nam, get high? But for me I did not want to stand before our flag receiving an air medal for shooting anything in sight for a body count. All I wanted was a little school, a job, a place to live, something meaningful to do with and for others maybe a business where we actually make something real- At least not have to grow numb to rotting teeth- btw where is my so called tax refunds and stimulus? One day they will not give us the luxury of simply leaving us alone. And the universities are at the top of the in effect conspiricy to undermine the balance and fairness of our democratic nation- Yell at your service officer then Pro Republica- for our founders were not primitive and our Gods or lack of them not just an empty crying ascetic punishing space with less than modern hormones and fake oak leaves on their shoulders. I want to go to school as promised me- not have to stand in line for Columbian drug dealers and Iraqi and Iranian students and UAE engineers (damn our nation needs its own engineers and especially our own biochemists) who obviously work to undermine our free society despite the Bureau's cover up of what they did in our small town- let us not be silenced while we can still speak freely.

* * *

One thought of a couple of days ago wast that the actual measure of the length of curves in a quasic plane to higher degrees of resolution leads to a more profound definition of what continuity is and what sort of calculus we need to describe it. There are obvious applications especially to cyber graphics and other calculations.

* * *

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thematic Interval Music Notation

Here we look at the symmetry of the cycles of the twelve tone group with the question of what rules are there for directions of the melody and why things move or are perceived to move into some direction. (This graph from long ago but now updated to consider negative directions was on my mind yesterday too for that difficult post and its fundamental concepts. Indeed, listening to Debussy on the university radio I recognized the whole tone themes but still the music seemed but an exercise rather than something of intrinsic meaning. Peter, as a future composer I hope this answers some of you questions and you do not lose faith in your enterprise, and thank you for the dialog on all this.

Rolling Rigid Dice (and other Abstractions of Abstractions)

L. Edgar Otto

*1. That a point and all connecting edges from it in an Euclidean honeycomb (delta n) removed results in a finite structure is too rigid a principle to distinguish a space as finite or infinite. For the process can result in other indefinite models of space.

*2. These removed elements may remain ambiguously “substantial” although can be hidden. Style this also the concept of a virtual field or vacuum default.

*3. The designated virtual elements (collapsed or oriented) may not necessarily reconnect in the some complex or ordering.

*4. Invariant light rays can also be described by this quasi-transfinite (QsX) spatial model.

*5. Alternatively, we can have virtual mirrors as quasi-substantial principles of reflection (perhaps also in a consciousness sense).

*6. The accentuation, attenuation, of virtual systems as a phenomenological dynamic and substantial may appear meaningless or neutral, in itself. Alternatively, a false relation within a self contained or projected outside system.

*7. Both principles of space can make a dynamic evolution of state within some potential of expressed boundaries and actualization of organized perceived time and entropy directions. In this mode or “interval” of an existing system we resolve sub-system decay and merger of system modes and directions.

*8. This model can have global (and sub-regional) economic relevance as the explanation, model and method of implementation as Non-Linear Market Economics and social relations.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Quasitransfinite Statististics

In the back of my mind last night I thought that these recent concepts of the quasi infinite and finite (thus the quasitransfinite) could be formulated as a sort of statistics and with the aleph's and boundary concepts like that of Boltzman and his gasses could be shored up as mathematical proofs. I also dreamed of something like a mouse (a turtle actually) which worked to do some of the arrangements and computations. It all seems to me to connect in the model to ideas of baby universes in evolution yet like the gamma ray bursts at the end of our visible world things can have such a quasic coordinate sphere averaging or in the case of other parallel and organic like systems (after all we sometimes are part of other minds in a sort of Spotted Cow Universe or chimera of near souls in the entropy.

I find it ashame that the old sciencechat-philosophychat forum did not consider any of these ideas as new but are stuck in the gray past of what can be the great new colors of science. Yet between the maya (with juna the yin and yang and a third stuff of the world in Hindu with a positive arrow of being)the maya is usually translated as illusion but technically means measure or measurement. I mean when scientist speak of metaphysics they may appear very foolish (unfortunate in the continuity of my conversation they removed most from metaphysics and buried it into odds and ends thread- they cannot bury the truth and eternal truths in all of us. BTW for those who would datamine my creativity there my pics will be posted here eventually as they do not link in the new forum format (save perhaps by some zit faced so called scientist who linked all my newscientist articles to the one on how to use Tampax to study std's. Let us strive for better science sites. Not also the argument today on the blog I follow The Reference Frame on the common sense interpretation of quantum theory.

I am a little under the weather ( did they light up the LHC or something, we are all in a creative funk lately?) I should not have expected creativity from the forum in retrospect- nor that we have faith enough in our kind and nation to further a compromise between the sphere of diversity and immutability as a matter of measured pragmatism instead of ideology.