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Hierarchical Systems Mirror Sign Duality

Hierarchical Systems Mirror Sign Duality
(The True Absolute Unity Foundation)

L. Edgar Otto  27 December, 2012

I hope my last dozen of post or so will be sorted out, but not as posted in time save the dates submitted.  So I continue parts of the lampion post and new contemplations from today.

It seems to me that at our core philosophy's in relation to mathematics the consequences of the logic of it, the stance toward sign (the idea of negativity as inverses in relation to nothingness) is the source of our emotional stance and conflicts, a sort of fight or flight, in the idea of the necessity as principle to ground our logic as the reality.  A is A or A is not A for example or for some who have an idea of the mirror worlds a claim as to assert some sort of mirror logic condition.  But in the quasifinite world of non necessity it is clear that while ultimately logic can be defeated by "it is not the case" or "what is true at one place in time may not be the case at a different moment in time"- in a certain sense there is a core unity or intelligibility in the reality of all cases. 

This is the independece of the sign across abstract or absolute mirrors to which in counting things, as if a sequence of numbers or functions, we have a choice at each existential point as to the nature of the operations upon branching points in trees, rooted or not as the privileging may be, or unitary operations.  0! = 1 v 0 depending on how it makes the equations work (that is the logical choice of sign a the reality basis or if the direction of time can only be in a sense only zero or positive.  We note also that where phi from the quadratic equation the inverse 1/phi  I have called k as part of the absolute stance, is considered negative for the equations of unity to work.  We see the Fibonacci sequences beginning with unity, of which we can imagine for the solutions to exclude that the unity that starts things can be zero or even in a sense negative unity  such as the convention capital Pi sub minus one for the so called Null Polytope.

Thus there is some constructible and concrete quasi-sufficient logic to the idea of the quasic brane.  As a brane, as two dimensional initially, we note that in its n-dimensionality we can easily accommodate the linear string landscape that moreover describes the states of matter possible as well as more general symmetry systems and why in their consistency (of numerical functions across some plane map) this hierarchical structure (with all forms of the idea of particle generations) allows the general structure of mass into time and by creativity as at least the generalization of the Omnium, the twists perhaps of gravity or other intertia considerations, and in general the idea of vacuua or dark hidden matter...

It is clear that Penrose tiling as an interest by many in the mathematical and physics theoretical field the playing with the quasic plane is more than just a four fold or eight fold consideration of its abstract dimensional representations.  It is also the deeper look into the nature of quasic ideas in relation to the mystery of unity and sign.

From the earliest archeological evidence to date (another PBS show) the Phoenician alphabet as the source for many others derived from the Aegyptian hieroglyphs as a stage of language development finds the original letters such as A drawn in an order (up down left right immaterial) in four directions- this eventually develops in one direction.  This is the looking into a tablet as if it were the quasic brane in search of deeper symmetries even beyond the ghostly uses of how we define complex number planes.

Newton as one of the developers of calculus looked at this issure of order, that is the search for possible meaning in codes, in the Bible code in his case,  He considered the deeper nature of Gravity as to the direction of the planets having perhaps some outside designer, but in any case as above so below in the magical axiom his was a search for the cosmic idea despite able to argue for the mass of the earth without some greater lever his interest also touch on astrology.  As some have said, he was our last great astrologer.  But in our day whence gravity?

The hierarchical systems with sub group inheritance and distinctions of the quasifinite fit well into our observations of how language changes as if the sounds in shifting and meanings of the sounds and symbols are less like protons as fundamental but at least subatomic ideas on some level as influencing the higher level system subtly.

Lampions 12 12 continued:

A)  A polyhedron and its dual may oscillate between each other's dual state, alternatively.

B) An ensemble of edges meeting at a  (directed or not) simplex corner point (although generally the number of regular connected points is the higher simplex itself as a totality grouping) may exhibit one state and the next level down the opposite state (of duality) not necessarily alternating.

C) The concept of mediator particles or field conditions environs between these states may be determined by omnic physics as a general mirrored and generational (in depth or span) quasifinite paradox of necessity and nonnecessity at a singularity and in the Becoming.

D) Subcell ensembles may form field-particle round as self dual polytopes- likewise the global coherence of a field. Including doubling (unfolding) and half mirroring dihedronally (and n-hedrally explaining magic atom numbers).  These may be as singularities the first thing of Rowlands principle where they persist and exist creatively (notably in Hoyle's intelligent design sense from the vacuum also).

E) This formalizes ideas of Rene Thom, Ted Cloak Jr., Rowlands, Marina Shephard (Kea) of braid interchange, Pitkanen, and my Quasic systems.

F) galatomic systems while concrete in complexity exceeds the generalization of the omnium in the wider complication of consciousness added and so defined. It does unify the general stances of Gamow and Hoyle as core cosmologies.

G) The hierarchical concept is ultimately non necessary as a principle as scale and the dimensions (physical or geometrical) can be in a sense relative in ends, middles and origins or direction of time-like sequences.

H) There can be over hierarchical depths and spans minimum and maximum ensembles possible, concretely constructable and as hidden influence forces creatively.

I) The potential infinity Omnium law, 0xInfinity=unity, is an actual reality in the hierarchical detail of ontology (as quasi-metaphysical abstract functions), that is deduction vs induction, and abduction vs anti-abduction, plus singularity.  Singularity is equal to one or zero, that is a "wild card"

J) The sub-shadow hierarchy (Hr) of monopoles are transitive |sing> quantum notation function generating shadow fractal like grounding by principles preceding.

K) The intuitive but accumulating hints of mechanics yet a hidden cosmic code as well as idea of unity in the cosmic gravity (inertia) as tp be explained philosophically as if the idea of totality is beyond both Newton and Leibniz as quasibrane flatlands in perception and reality of the phaneron, background.

* * * * *

The science daily article, the only one I saw yesterday on the states of matter seems to confirm the general idea of symmetry and states of matter as if an absolute or positive stance to the quasic brane (this links string theories).

And Nova Now, with the show on long term memory- the memorization on the hippocampus larger (in fact an actual map there some sci mag articles have reported within the last year or so) a neurologist from Ghana in the search for the permanence of long term memory and his grounding of the self- has moral reservations that a certain enzyme can erase memory in rats.

It seems to me intuitively clear that there are structures, quasically, that could recover, at least in life processes and the reality or wish there is more to that sense of "human" than the neurology and chemistry of the self.

The host (the new Carl Sagan of this era I would say) brings this home in the question of the origin of life as perhaps the deepest question. He suggests that we have only the earth with which to compare what might seem a clear answer if we encountered things beyond our one self involved sample.  He goes further to say the origin just after but not at or before the universe as the Big Bang is also a question of origin (that we are comfortable with) but there is only one universe to which to compare,  Quasically we may compare these things in the shadows.  But the experiments do go on where they work, especially as we start to see what happens when our artificial constructs integrate with the natural organic.

This comparison is a matter as if modeling self-dual polytopes and mirror or shadow phenomena.  Although the question, so reduced on this side of the mirror of such singularity may not by such experience and our reaction to it define us, this question of uniqueness and the nonnecessity of experience should it like the sun somehow vanish keeps the frontier question open.  For we can imagine parallels and hierarchies in the unities of things that at least the general cosmos, the Omnium and what is or may seem beyond, can have a mechanism that in a sense can save memories for a very long term.

The complexity of an ensemble of particles in some geometric continuous or finite structure in the core logic and physical consistency even in the short term and with a wider concept of the dynamics of real or philosophic time has to deal with these questions of shadows and hints of supersymmetry- so I add the span of the hypercuble into three cubed cubes with innate directionality (that we cannot assume is there or not in any case it a looping or not, The deeper level of triality implied at least four fold in the abstract brane adds to the mix higher levels of shadow particles as well those so color coded in relative tempered quasifinite spectra over algebras like that of Dirac (seen at least as grounded in a general sense of origins as nilpotent,)

* * * * * * *

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Creative Cosmic Chemistry

Creative Cosmic Chemistry

L. Edgar Otto    Saturday, 22 December, 2012

"I recall reading once the lost poems of the sea horse, that the world began with Olney and the Mare Maid and the once and only single kiss..."
                                                  The Pe Sla

Does it seem that long ago that Dalton's dream came back again and its spring time of a thousand flowers.  These so fast the reawakening that further down into the discovery and filling of elements of the periodic table the dramatis personae past the outer planets gave them their names?

Somewhere near its end, Lawrencium, shooting charges into gold foil, finding the nucleus deep in the center, only this time around we gaze thru atoms themselves with our super colliders.  Perhaps, we would have come closer to a wider grasp of the terrain, more rapid our journey if in the heart of man we did not risk in stumbles and acceleration into unknowns writing themselves out of this play.

* * * * *

I grow tired to type tonight, I missed so much in my one visit to Zurich as a young and inexperienced world traveler to which the travel show on PBS I saw tonight reminded me of my walk down from its higher parts, missed the street car, Sunday morning to the stereo symphony of many church bells changing by my walking all the way down.

I would have liked to catch the mana from those in the bread guild and watched the boogy snow man burn, not that fond of the long nite moon, so say goodbye to him as begins winter.

There seems some natural delay in the imagined effects from the new moon, or some debate as the days grow longer tho the earth is further away until new spring, or that the procession of the poles complete some calendar gyre, the earth not just to end in bangs and whimpers, ice and fire- as so say the poets... our lips taste but do we really know in the seasons of passion why and what we are doing?  Whence the change of falling into or out of love, the precise or creeping moment, the seeds of world's end for our mundane affairs, monk isolation, prophesy of the return in triumph of the good as the stars move from Pieces into the New Age Aquarius, the Phoenix of spring's passion?

So for now I leave you my page of notes in a photo, raw and esoteric its symbols, but a note to myself with the notations still working out, and the words, a work of art perhaps only.  It concerns the recent speculations and long time points of theory to which I have pinpointed the moment I made early intuitions that grounded deeper things even when I did not quite know or think to question what in such a path I was thinking.  It concerns the source of the physics of this world, especially the what and why of dark matter and energy as creative depths to which we would well found a better grasp of higher symmetries.

Or I might wait to post the notes, with footnotes, explanations, and translations... but so far I have not done so with older page images posted - nor does it seem I can keep a promise that the next day I will have nothing more or new to say- still the project needs more of time, even time without a measure, than other pleasures mundane.  The technical and formal study now goes very rapidly where the hieroglyphs and equations are so clear they have long been left behind almost before the mastering- but this is a long time concern, what should be devoted to old work if it takes away from the new- even with the harsh truth that much of our creative work, like my pipe songs of the sea horse, may be lost in the manuscript or in time by retrospection.  That and when does any work begin or end?

This may also shed more light on the dynamics of our mind at a time such issues seem to rule the day.  In our monoliths of time we are all star babies as the science fiction goes, I in a series of aging and room toward some all to real end time that is too mature to waste life on a rant so small if sung into the wind.  And we apes do not know as awakened what we will do- but we will to think of something...  Let us then be the thinkers, and let us kiss, build our sculptures made of parts, so well in the search for a little unity these can fit together.

At some cliff again in punctuated Heraclitean change let us take the higher moral road so not to be, we would be Magi and Caliban, insensible to our creative destiny rearmed as noble beings to which (Fowles is profound by the way and I wonder sometimes what few books stand out, even some technical as my long companions, even dated, obsolete only to see them return in our shared wisdom again- how these may have influenced me for ill or good or so appears to others) the universe like God, does not load the dice and walk away.  But these worlds are yours if you want them, save perhaps those that in their own way will arise like we have...

"But you were old enough to have a choice,
yet too young to have a voice as
They sent your puppy into the night and
still they don't know why, those holding up your sky,
You freaked out come the morning light..."

                     from my song,
                                            "Conni Who Passed Through"

Lampions Footnotes: Late December 2012

Lampions Footnotes: Late December 2012
L. Edgar Otto

Dimension and Concrete Symbols 2012-12-25

23:36:25 -  A general concept of what by virtue of being in a lesser adjacent natural dimension gives it in a sense concreteness, as if a materiality which in the freedom of a general theory of space grounds our idea of touch in what is an abstraction.  This idea works grossly in some science fiction scenarios including the use of the concept on actual material things implying a certain space of wider immateriality if these essentially quasifinite "flangelations" that is conceptual and real geometrical and structural focusing in worlds of nonnecessary contiguity.

It follows that a great deal of mental development is the learning innate in children of this freedom to explore symbols as if concrete objects of which to form a relevance of what amounts to tangible but abstract structures that correspond to various levels of evidence when grounded by and experiencing the familiar and intelligible levels of the world.

In the abstract, between interactive dimensions and the counting with a tendency to move things in one of absolute directions for wider symmetry and what may be thought of then as articulation of these abstract geometrical objects- that is what we can combine, such as cubes formed into shapes in familiar space become the same stereonometry and tactical conductibility as if such objects are actually material objects so constructed.  Learning is on the same level of reference in this mental space as to what is imagined as a simulated system and how it applies to those encountered in the real world- moreover, these levels of such functions in an actual organism may loop in reference to these laws, and may be open or closed in the hierarchy or analogies of real or imagined encoding parallels of systems- these to some degree constrained where totalities are constrained if they have a matching totality of the excluded mirror or field possibilities of objects within an organism as if these at any point partake of restrained intelligible unity.

If geometry, abstract but as if defined by touch and sight, do not have such principles at the foundation the explanation of imaginary and real structures will not be philosophically resolved as to which dualism substance is said to be the actual and the concrete- and the widest reach of the real of system possibilities to which we may on the more general level imagine a weight of what is intelligible.

Let me add that in the articulation of these abstract objects that there corresponds in the material world limitations of the order of conductibility which in our time the levels of understanding assume the concrete from statistical methods.  The extreme of this as a concept is the denial of any dimensions whatsoever beyond the three, or the permission assumed needed for a time dimension added that vanishes in the idea of the abstract motion thru time.

It is possible that where still higher systems of contiguity will fit into a matrix of color matching these have to be done to n-dimensions as triangular matrices only of which the main diagonal of colors to the desired number if we imagined it mirrored would contain double or multiple diagonal elements, alternatively these can be dihedron half elements.

* * * * * * *
2012-12-26  00:02:56

I notice that in the path fractal-like multiple possibility of filling a limited natural plane by linear dimensions, these in the hypercube imagined as motion thru space elements, or thru the 32 edges, that of the 256 combinations of axes we subtract an abstract row of 8 colors (the 3-space faces of a hypercube as opposite pairs) for what is considered the 248 dimensions in those theories- of which we should check again the number used for constructable hypercube unfoldings.

Let us recall that there are 240 Soma cube solutions (which of course may be considered of the important number 480 in some particle physics theories.  That of the pentominoes of five cubes we can add one abstractly to the whole as if in a distant four space.  Note also the 230 (that is 32 kinds and the translations) crystal groups in three space.  These are found without recourse to the idea of more abstraction than the constructable arithmetical axioms.

256 - 16 = 240;  256 - 26 = 30; and so on that we need to formally relate into arithmetical concrete systems upon the materialization available from abstraction. I do not know how in the literature these core numbers were derived other than it seems to take a lot of people working a long time in what is considered a very large field of number combinations by principles but far from the tangible computation and concrete but lesser number of pattern visualization.

* * * * * * *
2012-12-26  05:24:55

As far as conductibility goes, connected or divisible by flange stereonometry asymmetry in mirroring does not necessarily define primacy as indivisible in the factor relation to unity.  Geometrically a number times one is not the same as one times the number- a sort of quasi-prime concept.

This is reflected globally in the convergence differences in mirrored log or exp functions and such asymmetry may be treated as powers of the |x> quantum convention symbol as the power of itself, including this reversed (4 possibilities).

The division of subcells continues this quasi-primacy so sometimes in a wider system where there is a concrete unity it may act as prime fundamentally.
Perhaps a cyclic prime like 89 can be translated into other base representations via this mirroring asymmetry.

We note also that a linear motion thru the ensemble of the 24 hypercube square subcells at each edge crossing has two sign choices, alternatively.  Quasi-cycles.

We also note in the 4 x 4 matrix doubled as subcell edges the relation between given points, divided into two sets that compliment the mirrored information the shift from one such point to another may have a first or second generation skip in the quasic brane, qb for continuous sets, 8 cycles and 8 cycles as if two of many parallel paths of cubes, of the 24 implied cylindrical squares by the edges in cycle there are 8 that are independent or discontinuous for the total of 32 edges.

Pi is for principia.  It is obvious in the coloring and number of edges that meet in a point in say alpha 4 (5-cell simplex polytope) or the faces so colored or the volume integral of the polyhedra that the group numbers can be intelligible arithmetic with operations of absolute values where addition and multiplication my be indistinguishable or correspond as in the magic numbers of electron configuration in atoms.  The primacy as concrete 2 shows up here in the nature of division and  unity of systems- 96 is of course the 24 octahedra in the 24 cell polytope of the group 1152 that intelligibly are defined by rigid and inverse rotations unto the dimension in question.

Higher generations defined structurally and quasicly involve wider ideas of dimensions and symmetry of which the platonic figures and their four space analogs are especially significant for conductibility in the lower dimensions.

If in a set of points, orthogonal for a start, in the virial shift fault pairing by the dihedron at singularity or zero, or the 6 10 14 18   and the implied 50 we choose a pair of them of unity linear motion or zero change of binary coordinates we can open or divide the orthogon (including greater than 5 space) as if it is not a matter of a looping circuit but an open circuit at both ends where the choice of sign allows extended mirroring if the sign path respects differences by halving the path division as in edges at these points (a memory action at a distance entanglement for example.)  Such global memory effects applies to unfoldings via numbers greater than 2 also in the flange or rim natural stereonometry of condensing or expanding dimensional structures shifted interdimensionally.

In a consistent integral system that involves exponentiation the value of one half as constructable contains other magic values if there is general dimensional entanglement of said memory or the unity of a space is alternatively to be seen as parts that are discontinuous, manifold spaces add to their complexity by these unity or quasi-prime quasi-logical states of an evolving classical system as if he hidden forces and wider laws of symmetry define materiality as constructable.

Structurally, that implied in the 24 or 32 duality difference of the faces and edges of the hypercuble may interchange the idea of 8 independent elements or in the circuits describable as if distinct squares a series of 8 mirrored are a continuous prime, both meeting intelligibly at contiguity where the functions are looping.

* * * * *
2012-12-26  11:01:45

Quasic Plane Ordering

In this iI list of 16 edge elements I put 16 elements of the quasic plane in the logical order I called the quasic order (sometimes the Zz code but I am not sure the Z code term applies here the same way.  The imagined path or motion function between these points in a two space or brane representation of four dimensions will physically appear as discrete points where in the four into three space representation we can imagine these are continuous motions.  We then see that at each point in either representation there are four choices of the at each point for 64 in regard to the four axes.  This is 48 should we allow no reversals at an edge, and if we mirror and expand the path (not including the cases of motion thru other subcells, here thru a cube face at each point - that also considered a linear motion without a right angle shift which would describe the 6n usual degrees of freedom of such ensembles) we can apply this to the doubling or halving of the covering planes of the 32 elements as if the possibility of the natural doubling of subcells elements to extend the orthogon another 2^5 natural dimension.

In loops these are transitive in function over any of the sixteen points, the ordering being chosen from one of them privilege as a standard- the topological methods as in a Karnaugh graph is not just a matter of the illusion of elements on the plane that is presumed transitive as discreteness into a wider range of discrete adjacency as the foundations of such abstract quantum like jump motions.  The tenuous continuity between these elements can be readily seen where they on the simplest or reduced (flanged)level applies to codon genetics. Note the symmetry that in a table cloth fractal like manner divides the symmetry of the totality into quadrants even in the 4 x 4 representation for the underlying logic and validity of such point-class codon expression possibilities.  Here we also see in a asymmetrical direction existentially at least the non-necessary but not strictly non-linear unto a given basis of a natural dimension the area of choices at an element point that may or may not depend on its preceding history nor what possibilities in a consistent universal aspects of the system may follow in a tachyonic like or teleological directed like abstract and absolute motion system.  The general fixity of our concepts of a physics field, either as the case of randomness for itself or as overly mechanistic misses the sublty of these interdimensional and inter brane or group sub-possibilities (of which we vaguely interpret in terms of say the second physics, quantum theories with the problems of how we see such physics of vague clouds materialize as the classical concrete.

The general quasic plane is not restricted to any level of the n dimensions but we can make global confusions or decisions as to what we consider concrete or as illusions of our perceptions (of which we have the adaptability in our life and thought paths to discern what is concrete and what is hidden in our evolving world.)  These brane quasic generations may be multiple around a full or empty singularity vacuum point as well the idea of manifolds of multiple branes as if vectors of natural dimensions.  These persists in their discrete properties also.

If in the quantum |x> notation we represent asymmetry in discrete or continuous systems, the powers not just inverses of functions generated, these too may be considers relatively continuous or discrete as logical possibilities of the quasi-complimentary mirror powers or that powered as the grounding dimensions. 

At a given point or quasic region we can also imagine that entry into the next point may affect in the multiple choices sign reversals in intelligibly all of the direction possibilities in question for a sort of complete  or partial "quasic inversion".

Two such general quasic fields, in ideal completeness or unto some part of the totality of each, may combine or may influence the conformal structure on many levels as if a unity or division of the properties of each other.

When we do consider different subcell motions as quasifinite from some set of elements in the quasic brane we may note or have a rough measure of the weights or energy involved as if between rays or stings as edges between them and the effect when seen directly or not may materialize intermittently as does the core positive existence over the zero or negative in the omnium as logically unified and fixed yet expanding and self looping quasifinite universe.

* * * * * * *