Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Calculus of Singularity

A Calculus of Singularity
(A philosophy of cosmology as general stereonometry in scientific phenomenology)
This page will be revised over the next few days for explict descriptions of the principles)

L. Edgar Otto Principle (for say a Calculus of Singularity) Anomalies may arise just at that point where an isolated interval may distinguish itself from a totality of infinite or indefinite extent as if such a poking the balloon. In a general sense a selection or evolving model of galaxies or such analogies as universes is not necessarily the total picture where we cannot find a more general model with initial origins or endings. We may of course only be part of a small focused general anomaly at such a pin prick and that is our limitation choice. Note the standard view on the unique reading of the gene code has been changed by experiment to a wider view where such initiators and terminators are part of a wider space where nature in analogy to DNA is a wider theory. So our evolutionary models are rather simplistic also.   ‎5/‎25/‎2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Philosophic Interpretation of Gravitational Wave Evidence of the Cosmic Background Data

L. Edgar Otto                                       05/22/2014

*1 An indirect intention meets an indirect observation, indicators and the reading of data.

*2 At the "present" if a beginning would superentanglement superdetermine the state of becoming in the here and now?

*3 Would this suggest a more spacious range of what is meant by our ideas of evidence?

*4 Otherwise, as if physically described by Heisenberg matrices in the scope of that of them but philosophic interpretation, in pulsar systems be indirect evidence?

*5 Or direct evidence of evidently hidden energy (by our indirect mathematical methods apparently) of the changes in proximity of two stellar objects conserving fixed scale changes as apparent motion of all parameters and ultimately nothing further.

*6 So in a particular system as a physical pattern such hidden parameters (such as the 15 in 3D to 4D or 28 in 4D to 5D and so on) explicitly determined as "s, super" or "b, boring evidence from some shifting solution, casual or causal, or the method as well as instruments by the search for such evidence that which guarantees observation of the evidence?

*7 Extraordinary claims do not necessarily need such superordinary evidence.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the Cosmic Heartbeat

Blog is active again after a long winter

L. Edgar Otto (The PeSla)  21 May, 2014

Social Gravity, Scientific Phenomenology, and the Cosmic Heartbeat
                                         L. Edgar Otto  04.11.14

How would we design a universe with all the possibilities most general? The question is not one of the universe here rather than not here. It is not that we can say from the nothingness it arises spontaneously. But what else can we imagine it to be if in the singular state at the deepest level nature in being itself so is a reference frame indifferent to our question on existence by which we build our philosophy and models?

Time Machines and Echo Wobbles

L. Edgar Otto    December 07, 2013

Alone on the front porch Olney unfolded his time machine.  It was made of cardboard with numbered dials and pictures of rocket ships and the solar system.  This was the year zero which he could not find on the dial of years and he tried for awhile to figure out just how old he was, or was he a year older he thought to himself.  Nevertheless, be began to think about his future life and how long until Haley's comet would return again.

In our dream land such machines obey the truth of their own inner laws much as in the world of the awake where we still wonder if such machines can be real.  In this space of dreams Olney found he could go back close to but not before the year zero of his unfolding.

Time seems still a little fuzzy from his flight back to childhood, to decades past from the present day. We try to fill the gaps between the finite mortal paths as we mold the clay of memories.  He could not say back then that he could see into some future, but he could see rare dreams of who would be born or died, what the constellation of his family would be, even as if at a birthday party being the first born from a glimpsed distant past before some zero point he said goodbye to his siblings with sorrow although he knew he would see them again.

Even rarer the few times he knew the old shawled lady had moved on and between his dream and awaken falling in a sea or scroll of silver stars on blue she called to him.  But childhood can contain fearful dreams where children know enough that the cartoon coyote will fall even if he does not know he ran past the clif. Or when in playing cowboys or soldiers those who fall are only is pretend in play.  So Olney woke up a little frightened of his dream.

In this era, in the small universe of the old house on Derby road, how close were theses events?  The microscope he when saw the transparent beating of hearts of snails in the jelly egg cases on the side of a jar of pond water and rotting leaves and a snow of barely visible cyclops.  Or when the first Echo satellites were launched from Langley and they wobbled in the sunlight. Or sputnik on the hour on the larger than he stood shortwave radio.  Earlier he did understand why no one was excited when he thought he discovered the morning star, something so bright and out of place.  He combined rubbing alcohol with water and like magic thought he found a new element Olnium. Or in the fuzzy time with magnets, matches, plastic and iron filings he made sparklers and aluminum foil rockets. Or glued swizzle sticks together to discover the ten triangle deltahedron.

In any case that infinity that forbids division by zero into the first blush unity of it all Olney saw as a dynamic division as if the unfolding of dimensions evolving ever higher from the first zero point. Through these doors he peeked thru a keyhole into world of vibrant radiating colors to the cold geometry of his pencil scribbles to an adult's eyes. He tried to open locks in combinations of the numbers as well back when watching the numbers change on the gasoline pumps the dynamic division by which he could add columns of five digit telephone numbers in his head the adults took hours to decide if Oln had done it right. The world to Olney seemed much more magic than just the Old lady's skeleton keys, such skeletons were full of motion and of meat like when he could see the higher colors in the craters and caves in the mountains of the moon.  Alas, all the apple and oranges games in grade school stopped such addition that took years to see numbers this way of a deeper way to add things too. That and by the simple trick of adding zeros like on the abbacus place holders the teacher and students were amazed with such large numbers.

There are a lot of normal dreams lately as if in the going back we trace such many armed levels of a few finite life paths, a resolution or understanding of some lesser things and a little bit of new sensitivity to how others felt toward their lives in retrospect as many as the raindrops. Only one dream was the key to this testament today, for Olney kept many turtles and pets and on his explorations thru the little ditch and mudflats around the teeming life in the brackish tide waters. Old Red Eyes in the shed half hibernating thru the winter, growing hollow eyed and all the turtles put back or escaping with the spring rains. Olney had freed them or allowed them to leave yet visited them again that together they find the passion of the first of springs.

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Now, can any of you geniuses out there design an app for me so I can test the fish?  Something on our smart phones that could be in the hands of everybody?  I did enter a Geiger counter into the science fair but did not win... you see I could not disclose where I hid my (safe) radiation source so they thought it just picking up background radiation.