Friday, June 28, 2013

Brain Power (a note for Phil Gibbs viXra topic)

Brain Power  (a note for Phil Gibbs viXra topic)

L. Edgar Otto     June 28, 2013

Brain Power link

Joel  there seems to be a number of things a human can do at once such as how many numbers memorized... say so many as if a pattern, a low number.  But there is a case where a radioman could send and receive 9 incoming and 9 outgoing Morse code messages at the same time.  Is this human intelligence any more than the rain man in recognizing say 60 base patterns more efficiently- that perhaps  a better intelligence or just a more general filing system as Feynman discusses in the video link Vladimir posted above on heuristics.

I was disappointed in that Feynman lecture save maybe for historical reasons- it makes me glad I did not get caught up in that last century of what is technology and physics- but the cost of this is that I find it hard to suspend belief that would make science fiction more enjoyable.  I expected Feynman would address it from a quantum viewpoint, not a matrix of a filing system of choice between a red and blue binary pill.  What is quantum theory but the bra and ket as a way to generate functions.  Still what is between it that some desire to keep an almost religious or cultural mystery is the c in bra(c)ket.

Now, Phil  your  brain power article and your own testimony of experience in using computers to solve a problem inside the the game of this programming thus apply it to say particle physics raises deep and parallel questions that are current to our day such as what is the use of all the data if big brother does not know how to use it or what can be kept secret with a purpose.

Lately the frontier is to map the brain but would that simulation turn our as such an artificial intelligence you ask?  Consider this from my view I did not know you could use the computers the way you described the way to view such filing systems and methods hauntingly similar as information processing goes than my own which is to say the patterns we need to find are a little more universal than from his view imagines.  His Tee shirt says a lot about structure but so much is lost as is gained in the translation to simplicity so we may fear ourselves in fearing the machines.

Now the values you sought for with your computer time come up with matrices in matrices which in the cloud view of quantum theory certainly suggests all the non-linearity as fuzziness to sort thru- but the numbers you find say as QCD are more general in pattern than simple reduced binary systems (regardless of imaginary number modeling which as you stated finds "chiral symmetry breaking".  So what if we then see the pattern of your results finding ten fold symmetry as in groups of say 5 dimensions...  The brain model to simulate would at least include the DNA and as we know it too is multilevel in the reading and not a simple genome nor isolated from its environment.  Where is the memory? Why do we need time in a static natural filing system?  Could we replicate the brain without it being in fact indistinguishable from a flesh and blood brain?

Lately we can transmit ten fold channels in fiber optics if we spin the light in them in transit... the symmetry of  the double helix comes to mind.  In a sense this level of complexity where biology meets the cosmic code does seem to say machines think and the universe could have a moral code within as dumb or insane matter on the outside.

The next generation of physic will be quite an amazing place, as Feynman said a knife can be used for good or ill.  I like what Kierkegaard said:  To the corkscrew the knife is crooked... the ultimate source is deeper than just the substance gained by moving files around as if it (intelligence defined) will emerge from our inadequate ideas of what is economics and democracy.

*  *  *

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inhabitable Social Gravity and Terra Firma Planets

Inhabitable Social Gravity and Terra Firma Planets

L. Edgar Otto                                      June 25, 2013

I recall thinking about the globe of the earth as a youth in the dawning of the space age that the land masses seemed to fit together and I imagined the absurd idea the continents shifted or floated over time which made it easy to accept the idea when the theory of plate tectonics came out a little later...why is it we doubt some things or get set in our understanding of them? What magic is it that the undercurrents of our intuitions in our developing models of the world evokes confidence and skepticism in the social gravity that stands on yet divides our universe into physical and subjective space?

In our great abstractions we touch in experiments and models and metaphor from a God's eye view of the expected unification of the physics - in particular in our day the unification as an appeal to what is concrete and what is fancy as the dynamics of string and of the more looping variety of our models we should take that intellectual leap we need to consider wider views.

It is quite an inevitable and powerful model to redefine the information inside a creative object like black holes as connected in a multiplicity of worm holes, more quantum like to that which is outside it on which presumably they consume the external momentum or have entangled information that shows where its goes yet standing on the only agreed physical mechanism, magnetism.

One theoreticians idea of the land over the seas seems to be another's paranormal intuition and that more experienced than many admit to consider to explain as science is another s myth of the loss land masses from the shifting of abstract dynamics of scale, shrinking or expanding earths, hollow earths, shadow earths on the other side of our year orbit as the anomalies of the pendulum swings to and the alignment of the planets, the once moon from somewhere external crashing to add its minerals to the mix.

Beneath some unreachable absolute zero the mirror makes real that in our firm ground we stand on what to the other side of such mirrors is after all to them their own myths of Atlantis.

The existence or wormholes, instantaneous or not, in multiplicity or solution to where does the information go? is a question a mind can ask thinking on the math and physics of black holes - but we still have to take the higher structural and dimensional view of what happens at and deeper than the evasive naked singularities in that they themselves have such mirror images as we adjust the energy scales as a similar dynamic system of such ideas of super-entanglement mutually invisible.

I find it natural therefore being proud of the early intuitions and thus a little bored in the quest and the familiarity of such abstractions to imagine the more standard ideas of space and time of the looping and structural space varieties as para-natural rather than just mystically paranormal as science.  Thus the analogs at the singularity of such multiple connections and entanglements exist in standard string space as to what can be concrete and firm or fanciful only in the real- nature is despite how we try to fit it in our understanding as if of our incomplete dreams.

I have spent a lot of times and many attempts to form a candle company so to have the materials to mold and study space by wax,  one attempt I called Raw Flug for it was about the time of the Gulf War.  It operated in the night shift with open creativity of design in contrast to the other shifts of Bright Acres candles.

Where our current physics needs to find such common ground and expanded designs and logic is this deeper understanding of what we are,. how it fits together, and how we think,  For the ultimate ideas of the string theory and the more usual field or guage physics can often meet if not be one place as natural physics and philosophy.

* * * *
This link from Bruce is worth considering from this wider abstract viewpoint.  I assume the reader is aware of the more standard links in arXiv and viXra concerning this as standard science as well where the role in many dimensions is creative as with Pitkanen and so on where that hidden but better defined is makes whole paradigms of alternative and new creative methods should address and predict the limits and restraints of physical scale and scaled experiments...  Did not one young man among us make excessive positrons and now that others have rivaled the larger colliders?  Of course we have not found a way to more than imagine we can do this on the scale of atoms on the cheap so that is still unconstrained imagination.

* * *

Wednesday June 26, 2013    posted as a status on facebook:

God is that place whose center in the universe is close to the mystery hidden just past our one universe's creation as nowhere, yet in a multiverse circumference the super-symmetry is everywhere.

We exist in the thin atmosphere and its fogs and storms of weather each in the balances of the real and shadow that can be but half the view; that can unify yet isolate forever the paths we happen to believe or choose that falls upon us in space and time allotted us as if half passionate circumstance.

This is true of what is inside or by wormhole tunnels connecting the inside or outside (and that more freedom as to the information or its destiny) including the structured singularity that joins the dances of entanglement into ourselves or each other while the reel and music plays, builds past and future beyond the curtain rise or fall, encores and fades.

True this for the smallest motes of particles, independence or attractions of the light.  In this many way social gravity also in our minds and dreams.

I, Edgar, carved these runes to find it vague still but beautiful.  As well I dreamed this last night so with a better ax of obsidian stone tried again in finding something new to follow the grain time set down in ancient wood.

* * * *

Where Social Gravity Meets God for Sure Gravity

Where Social Gravity Meets God for Sure Gravity

L. Edgar Otto    June 25, 2013

Leibniz and Mach, Newton and Einstein core backgrounds or what Martin Gardner called "phanerons" for physics... I read comments and debates between the string and loop theorists who seem confused in what is written or how it is expressed in the models themselves. Now I too have made such comments but how does anyone determine what in the debates are works of fact or fiction? It may help that to really understand my view that what I have written is not connected to any source other than myself in the development independently. Yet only I would know this- unless perhaps I foresee the future or the data leaks from other minds or somewhere. In the virtual world as with earlier forms of marketing or propaganda the bigger the lie the more it is believed or the more it is shouted to us with loud speakers little lies are believed- but what are Lies?
Social Gravity is much harder than physics, if God-like then physics is dead and the physicists have killed it all claiming the other in the open mad men.

* * *

to carlmott5520 and others on the viXra comment thread  Why I Like String Theory

when we convert a structural space  (stereonometry in my terms) into a structural time and do not separate the operations at a singularity into the real and imaginary parts to render the mathematics an algebra of addition logic closure rather than of the multiplicative variety including exponentiation, we tend to see the abstract structure embodied in the patterns of arithmetic and its corresponding geometries.  

Statistical methods will tend to correspond especially when chance or necessity in details over a system may be interchanged partially where we discern choices of sets as if non-linear thus a fuzzy hidden physicality.

In the charts on the links thru Steven we see a trial of 1190... does anything exist beyond the group count of 1152 and beyond some boundary as integers must it diverge in such lattices of 24 self dual objects?  Is the zero here not a little distant from a grounding zero as in the complex plane... in this sense in the inverse one half of the real value is complete for a universe but suggests there is more at singularity for a multi Riemann set of things that maps as a multiverse.

In the totality hinted at in this view, before big bangs  or scales or symmetrical balance beginning at binary  T or time shows up as the skewing of the bell curves, a higher expression of what we think of as time and on the balance favor toward the positive direction as matter...yet we might also say such a universe may be cyclic as existing successively or randomly in span of totalities.

Meanwhile, the string idea and its landscape can have a vast range of representations and ways to develop lesser dimensional theories for them almost as daunting to enumerate or we may assume intuitively these are parts of one view with hierarchies of such philosophic paradoxes.  Such replete wisdom in a sense, such as compactification ideas or what is possible in four space Riemann manifolds despite this complexity does not escape the range of such mathematics although I understand that multiply reentry of structures suggests to some in the depths and span of such spaces an outside influence as if to explain certain things as if from an outside universe in time in succession or from the higher general time as absolute aether.

* * * *

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dialog with Hans on the Green Function

Dialog with Hans on the Green Function

L. Edgar Otto    June 23, 2013

On the viXra thread   Why I Like String Theory:

Hans, I am at a disadvantage in working out the applications of the calculus but I think I follow the spirit of it looking up the Greens function... do such differentials ground what is physical in the reality (surely this is where the idea of space and its dimensional values enter these kinds of equations) and this the "unreasonableness of mathematics some say corresponds to physics"?  Surely our ideas of symmetry as thermodynamics are deeper than that of our standard symmetries including the separation and what seems the old link between the complex spaces and the structural we see partial integration.  I see why you as I tend to see physics as still a wide open terrain even in steps and why you approach from a simpler level of physical structure.  But in a sense is our view of such things (including the Higgs as viewed to any limit of power that Mike just commented on.

In that we strive to bring unity as a model of the universe so the idea of supersymmetry vanishes, it the physical (natural) reality of it as well as our current limits of perceptions; at the frontier or face of such ideals what trace or diagonal of information that describes changes and ground of physical states corresponds exactly to the higher volumes as structural products.  Only the temporal sequences may raise questions of illusion or division into infinitesimal limits or divergences.  This evidently is a problem in the power of the calculus itself as a modeling tool to which we probe the universe and in a partial view we fancy a system of gain or loss of holographic information in the breaking of such regions of space- perhaps in deeper ideas of entanglement including wormholes or their mouths as such a region as you suggest and I hold true in the "quasic" view- a view that also strives to explain and wonder at why the universe has such irregularity when it could be simply crystalline.  In that case the identity of objects between each other certainly may simplify to your Hilbert program.  But is this all?

I saw a great photo from accuweather of the most clear of lakes to which the reflection on the bottom is mirrored on the surface and tried to express or modify it as more than simple limits of what we may contain or be limited to in a plane drawing.  I added the rows representing necessity or chance, order or freedom by three levels or flavors of particles in the simple half coincidental golden ratio of five objects.  Now, looking into the center of it we find a fourth region with only an ideal limit beyond potential infinity in the projection or the boundary of the photo itself is also a limit of the depth of field two ways as we imagine being at once inside or outside of it.

I will post it on my blog so you may see it- it is a little crude and free hand and uses Paint because I wanted to be close to the logic of such drawing...control the steps of it :-)

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quasic State Shift Structural Flavors Successive Real or Virtual over Omnic Time

Quasic State Shift Structural Flavors
Successive Real or Virtual over Omnic Time

L. Edgar Otto     22 June, 2013

On the face of it Pitkanen's idea of the doubling of the Earth's radius to explain the discontinuity in geological history or my idea of parallel evolving states of atoms as in iridium seeming external (thus asteroids etc...) in origin, both to explain mass extinctions or the explosion of diverse life  as if a given while there is let no solid explanation where the processes build or accrue over time, seems absurd and fantastic and with truth enough that while stuck in a particular hidden dark step or frame many speculations may sound reasonable so to attempt a theory of facts we can say is real only in what we touch or the touching is real elsewhere in the manyworld multiverse.

What makes it more complicated than we imagine, although we are creatures also of theory as well as perception it that the very structure and evolving of our brain and mind may go thru similar stages as to what is at the present state concrete in touch or prediction in virtual hidden spaces and that this state may shift as well from what we may feel comfortable with as a centered reality- the contemplation of which if understood may at first disorient us, self referential change us at the core until we rise to higher generalization of indefinite potential extent.

In our Lime Tree Bowers of metaphysical metaphor as to what is the more general theory from the intuitionist sense mathematically (no way yet in principle to tell what is the reality to be found or not behind the mirrors of beautiful minded theoreticians in all of us) I remind the old more relativistic guard toward the utility of strings in the debate that Weyl insisted the intuitionist had something worthwhile to contribute although the mass of an atom in consideration of its history as another idea considered spooky by Einstein as with all speculation down from a higher understanding Weyl's ideas seem to now have application.

What does it mean when some say there is only one monopole in the universe at a time we can make physical electronics as at least one pipe to convey away the magnetism in the sense Dirac suggested it - or as in the science fiction of Rudy Rucker three states where the hero eats successively the single quarks of three generations to find himself in a shifted new reality as tangible in the world?

The contemporary problem with physics that some see as chaos is that we need a more unified perceptual view with the unified physics to determine beyond a strict flow or sequence that is also a unifying theory across this skeleton of measure or illusion of shifting state generations.  Without it we can still evolve yet in that situation what is pure fantasy as well as what hold as pure fact can be used as tool to persuade so to direct people toward some theory of social gravity and mental health, to control the individuals as well the species collectively for what seems to me arbitrary, not seen even by the controllers with good intentions or not and risky consequences that can risk the board of the survival game.  Is there such a unity or not also an issue that at the quantum level is not forbidden... as Feynman said  what he cannot create ( imagine? ) is  ( unreal?  )  he does  not understand- all this limited by our quantum methods in our symbol systems until we find better ways to express our imagination as general design where sound in our logic systems.

* * * * *
"What I cannot create, I do not understand." - Richard Feynman

Friday, June 21, 2013

Self-Referential Comment to the viXra Dialog

Self-Referential Comment to the viXra Dialog

L. Edgar Otto says:
June 20, 2013 at 8:18 pm

carlmott… I think I understand, read between the lines of what appears that you say… yes, we can look with benefit down to lower dimensions (including zero and null polytope roughly dimension -1… Dirac used the more two valued than the 4 valued system but knew of both… Hans considers such mathematical limitations and cites Baez on hypercomplex numbers (now in space alone what happens after 8 dimensions where the hypersphere fills the hypercube volume? what happens at nine dimensions? From our lower adjacent dimensional view the difference appears again.

Hans there is more to consider in the general reality than Hilbert and other such general spaces to which the mere diagonal dimensions taking time to expand do not capture the structural logic of the brane idea. If we can have biquaterions why not bioctonions… a neutral spin idea or value as a scalar if indeed it is a finite stepping stone (and yes Robert a general absolute structural continuity to which stings embedded is a fractal idea in the taking of natural time SR GR and QM as subspaces that may embed some string ideas.)

Hans, not sure if it is more than a statement of the problem but the key idea is in that first book link of yours which is the question in a neutral scalar particle defined as one and not directed path of many can be generally linear and thus the fifth view you suggest as Majorana-like. Why are there only 8 and not nine interger stepping gluons but for these reasons… at the exotic group of 8 dimensions where is the relativity if there is no distinction between intrinsic curvatures and flatland? Well, even Dirac mentioned new possibilities for some future QCD in the wider atom theory and the problems of how we measure the scales of quarks and so on. There is at singularity a region which is the initial one that contains these cancellations wherein on the face of it how can we say the Higgs is scalar then prove it can be seen or reasoned out without higher operational and symmetry concepts? How can we prove this to the satisfaction of all the theoreticians involved? Yet this region is a unit singularity that begins to project down levels including what we cannot be directly certain we can think about as an existing thought.

Now, before that one paper or link by decades if we can think in the embarrassing observation the universe is flat I found it a simple matter to covert 4 fold and 8 fold binary spaces of any base actually where the scalar neutral numbers do not depend on the base change (there is nothing to distinguish them but some abstract thought that raises our general comprehension.

If we are just chemicals, that is quantum creatures, the of course we are comfortable as being bilaterally symmetric…yet this could be biquaterion symmetric… or on a grounding level at the boundary of a jump if time is the stance as to what is the natural and real… are we not at least quadroquaternion or bioctonion in your sense? Now to see this merely rotate the cubic objects with your six hands! Wonder perhaps which is the inside or outside or even the divided Klein bottles. Your matrices, and a few by marni shepphard a couple of years ago were on the right path but these are not complete in the logic of how they apply (I miss that brilliant lady)… if there are particles in particles even at rest then why not the same for such matrices Jordan-like?

See the new black hole pictures (and Leo understand this creative symmetry idea as well Matti the deeper p-adic structure as if a finite fractal creativity or source. We can be seen as a tori as well if we turn the universe inside out… and so on to even more interesting and logical topology where the only restraints we need is our self-referential loops and what there is in nature despite our sense of what is reality.

* * * * *

Note:   New Scientist has something highly relevant to the TGD blog of Matti Pitkanen

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Between Baggott and Duff

Between Baggott and Duff
 L. Edgar Otto  June 19, 2013  One of many comments for the viXra log  the dialog for the section called Why I Like String Theory

Robert et al...

An interesting read and definitely a book to await with anticipation.  If we want to play the game we should not assume there is no third party in the picture but we can be cheerleaders in pointless theoretical debate and impossible experiments.

This is quite beside what predictions can be made from blowing smoke rings from Cuban cigars other than they may vibrate here and there in crystalline formations or break into lesser ones in the case of ink drops falling in water.

"By experiment and experience I mean the same thing..." says Peirce in his practical approach which fell out of favor by those arguing from the views of the Skeptical Inquirer.  His "Threesomeness" idea as to what is reasonably valid points out what is one man's premise is another man's conclusion and vise verse.  Feelings in the working out science may or may not be part of the method as valuable, not the redentialism of what discovery or invention belongs to what group or whom.  This view comes before string theory so gives an answer now for what seems to be without a good one... why there are different neutrino flavors and how many?

So as pure space the tablecloth fractal applies in a positive view at least just as well as pure symmetry where negative in variety  Such logic, a breach or not with other logic's in design such as quantum logic may or may not come back to classical models- but even there what is valid is a local and historical matter  to which the list does not match to more modern syllogism.  In this sense we are in a wider universe of discourse as our abilities and symbols evolve and we apply logic as a branch of philosophy to the foundations of nature deeper than assumptions of our small local regions or space or views of understanding.  Are we to deny four space as a real but somewhat hidden concept? Only few people deduce a 24th valid syllogism even when it violates all the set of rules.

I will set this debate out for now.  But if someone can figure out what I am saying they will understand my position:

Between Duff and Baggott -  a pox on both their houses!


* * * * *

I might agree with Lubos here and with Robert physics is in a mess in regards to a closed stance and the general principles of which Lubos demands we learn in his humble correspondence (my cursing here is more from frustration than arrogance) and where while I can see his point and system I very much disagree it is the be all and end all of physics- I agree that this problem and state of things was hopeless for longer than the string physics of the last forty years... hmmm about the time Eddington in the Fundamental Theory should have ended this impass at a lesser level of physics in his Quantum Gravity.

note on Lubos on Wilson  said: All these insights were found independently of string theory and, effectively ;-), before string theory. And Ken Wilson wasn't even a string theorist at any point of his life. Still, pretty much all the people who talk about nonsensical things such as "competing theories", "loop quantum gravity", and so on misunderstand most of the insights about the renormalization group – even the general comments above. Their beliefs about the character and right interpretation of renormalization techniques are stuck somewhere in the 1940s (especially because of the patently obsolete opinion that the real challenge when it comes to UV divergences is to get rid of divergent integrals). In this sense, these "anti-string-theorists" misunderstand not only the physics of the last 40 years but also the physics of the last 70 years. They're just hopeless.

* * *

At last, an obscure paper that reads very clearly.  The mystery we feel in the clarity at awakening in sunlight rather than what may be hidden deep in dreams.  It contains simplified and basic grounding issues working between the mirror idea and outside the weakly imagined breath between them.  It is a step toward actual understanding of the nature of a more general idea of multidimensional matter on a higher level we imagine as manyworld and multiverse issues.  Beyond our sense of the pyramids of compression we build the tension scale as in skyscrapers by presumably more concrete higher dimensional as if consciousness like designers or principles.  We hold here the possibility of a wider new class of such machines to which the little towers are but the skeleton of the first of such unification's  and limit cycles much as the small simple diagrams of the four space remind us of th Eiffel Tower in slices of such constructions.  As you have singled this article out I am quite impressed as your sense of the reality in what appears a probe in the dark as a thought experiment at the frontiers of speculation.  Alas, true higher dimensional particles might be found in a more general but locally diverse hierarchy say as in the heart of quasars.

facebook comment to sabine hossenfelder june 19, 2013 on the paper

* * * * *

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Louisville Sluggers

Louisville Sluggers

L. Edgar Otto   June 18, 2013

Orwin...i was thinking last night of how to draw or map a globe into certain flat spaces and of course in this third dimensional or natural physics view (where physics is primary and math related as perhaps a secondary role).   Tarski's idea says we can divide the sphere into 5 regions but do not know the precise boundary in the small scale between them.  So this is a math question where I am trying to see ways to map from the four space into three as the primary ground to begin (and so on into higher space systems where if we have a choice space trumps time.)

The first result as far as simple drawing goes  (I just wanted to map the wmap for a globe and paint it in an actual model) is that in these representations we only can do it as a strip- thus a cylindrical map (as the usual appeal to five space solutions of which the large scale boundary is not clear between regions)  The intuitive second result is that in imagining what happens viewing from the three space dimension is that what is the space analog there is really a model of two interrelated or distinct higher cylinders of which this modeling seems to ground vaguely such ideas theoreticians mention in caveats as to what may be speculative intuitive concerns.

How many variations say of Five for the Higgs and can it be such a mathematical particle on this level?

I found the paper interesting and while my ideas are really procedural and appear too simple this 2008 paper seems far from my view into its own direction toward a simplicity.  I do like the idea it goes beyond the exponential notation in using them in the standard matrix forms--- what should be obvious in the observation of branes and negative force views concerning things that suggest dark matter in the cosmological constants.

But into three space there may not always be a prefect representation of these shadows of othogons as five dimensional space filling solids very symmetrical in 4 or 5.  In which case there seems a higher sense of the beauty if seen from within the higher space emphasized to view to which we do not find such beauty in the partial but unique unitary models. The reality of complex mapping aside seems to me a math that does indeed need this spirit of higher analogs (as some have said here beyond the quaternions or octonions...

In multiversal ideas such math may seek in the search for a physics of unity, beauty in balance, this same principle as the complexity of mathematics as unity of beauty and symmetry, in an intelligible world where it is anyway, finite or not.

The first result or comment for Leo Vuyk's raspberry model was for me to think rather it was wild strawberries in this wider view of physical space...but in truth even the wild strawberry has seeds as do some models that treat the universe as organic and replicative...

I will post on my pesla blog this comment so to include a drawing of the wmap from poles to poles... it certainly does seem to include a direction of the hot and cold differences globally.

It takes some practice to remember dispassionately to keep the dimensions separate as to the dimensional grounding of views.


* * * *

Are we content to be the seeds or the leaves?  Each path, recurring long or short our universe, our lives with enough exposure in the night:

* * * *

Aside-  Lubos posting recently on how someone will not simply accept physics from statistical models, specifically the Higgs as a physical reality...  I have raised this issue myself (even as my doing physics as an armchair hobbly independently).  Statistics is part of the world too... perhaps we need the algebraists and topologists as much as the physicists to see the wider view of which we seem to be concerned with here - not what is a false competition of narrow directions of sides as ideological debate.  But all should progress deeper into their own specialized disciplines and views before they lobby against others.

* * * * *

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cul-de-Sac and Clarkson Close (for the viXra log debate forum)

Cul-de-Sac and Clarkson Close  (for the viXra log  debate forum)

L. Edgar Otto   June 17, 2013

Consider this pattern, symbolic, observable, predictive, mind bending without meds if we rise above the cul-de-sac we naturally live in  (if we can play nicely).  Were we not once young men who at the tea of the old men (myself and Fred Hoyle who said in October 1st is Too Late perhaps some young person most likely serving now in England will find ways out or answers)... does that change along with the dead ends and loops or round'a'bouts?

What is in the symmetry and heart of it all that so many now find hauntingly similar in the spirit of it (or for that matter a new generation of which we today are late but now are defined as a part of it (born again for me leaped into the new century with all the memories of the last created anew after the vanished millennium) but these deeper questions of fractals, strings, dark and creative discrete relativity just shy of mirrors and singularity?  The honest work of Hogg in quiet research to mine the clearer pictures in the data from deep sky?  Can we not see here the insights of Leo, or of Matti?  Does this not converge, as said the sprouting violets of independent non-Euclidean development, perhaps Pierre and crystal classification then the others arise from one root source?

As Gibbs the new age of bits, information a primary consideration. Maybe the geeks with their sense of humor, shallow sit com puns not as deep of humor healing our whistles in the dark as we try to see ourselves truly in the mirror.  Nature not to remain seen as all mystery or a joke.

Evidence this ennui and stagnation, disappointment as the hiatus in the game so unfulfilled our anticipation (that cannot rest once set in motion as it exhausts us to care then to take new effort to move or explain really the mass therein for now... between each other in our social gravity that longs as much for poetry and not anodyne's where thinking, sorrow, or just plain living is a pain.

You have done well in your cup and hour, that best of canvasses given but one to paint... You all have honored we imperfect monkeys standing together we find our wings we may not see save in future legends while in our cores inside we wonder of the gods who loaded the dice, some magus, magicians choice, cosmic gravity its wake left as riddles as they walked away.

* * * * *

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Blind Clock Maker

The Blind Clock Maker

L. Edgar Otto   Saturday, 15 June, 2013

If there are no necessary realities (as some sane ground for an open philosophy of science) then There is No Quantum World either... see Lubos excellent but filled with almost higher primate empathy for the views and uncertainty in others.

The classical world persists as if we are still fighting the plague and inheritance from the dark ages from one side or the other of an inverted but equivalent view of enlightenment and reformation from the long dead power of the church condemning the conspiracies of uncertainties of there sole European power awakened by the earlier Jihad Christian crusades so to find science and wisdom from the other end of reductionist monotheism in the peoples of the book all the way to the National Socialist cults  -now mind you such ongoing movements do have persistence at the core of history even if the mirrors of thinking seem a division of perceptions as part of a quantum world as social and biological schizophrenia as real or myth- as in the underworld throughout Europe... under the streets of Prague and say the truth or myths of Hitler's hoards of stolen gold or doomsday devices - these hidden dimensions of history covered up and crumbling beneath our cities buildt on swamps (Berlin, Mexico...) or in ancient craters forming the landscape as if water found in the shadows of Mercury so near the sun, what after all are powers of their day long gone or should be in the new unification and understand of science in our hopeful debates.

The holy grail of unified physics (note excellent History channel perspective I have found on television lately but even this as with all things should be seen as disinformation like our ideas of what energy we may find from some vibrating vacuum zero state or so dismiss it.) cannot ask which in the democracy or authoritarian or shadow guild worlds can come together as Christian or pagan as what is the ground for a non necessary reality of conflicting laws of power among peoples and states save the sense a unity of physics may be possible.

As old as Aegypt the creative forces awaken to our stances toward esoteric symbolism of sun worship or dark stars that we in the directed asymmetric motion hear as well the voices of the creator and his words or his angels of classical broken symmetries to which we cannot just leave the string theory as evidence nor be just half the face of understanding classical ideas of Adam at the height of the tree of life in Cabalism, Gnosticism, Sufism and so on by any other despotic or humanist faith up to quantum mysticism.

The reductionist compression as if the architecture of pyramids only to awaken thru the tension resolved by the flying buttress shows the engineers, soldiers, slaves, and all who built and designed the hidden chambers that point to histories current or recurring north stars are to be buried with their creation after completion that secrets are buried with them.

How do we discern what is myth - was Newton a crackpot to spend time on the Temple of Solomon, he enraptured by the sense of the importance in classical three space of the surrealistic approximation, and as even his laws of gravity an ideal for such approximations that we see the disturbance covered up unto death by the Pythagorean priesthood of the ratio of the square root of two nature's first classical secret
if we can rise to more general surreal calculus generalization so to incorporate in wider new physics unity what from our centered structure dispassionately at zero we see as science in the world this grail of variable but uniform multiverse and many world finger counts and evolving potential infinities?

How much have we abused the idea of a Blind Watchmaker as with Dawkins in the many layers of the genome and its culture bearing codes!  We self-referential ourselves as such selectors, quantum jumpers, time travelers, time binders and creators erecting civilization on the technology reached in the ideals of our clocks or melting clocks seeking resolution somewhere distant or connected in systems of singularity!

Is it fact or myth then or some truth in the deeper sense of treason's and tradition's that he who made the great Czech clock was blinded after he made it that one could not be made again... can the Deity make a Stradivarius with Stradivari or against even our creators we rise from difficult times and faiths to sacrifice unto martyrdom our selves and others in an all or nothing stance if lost then doomsday as what may be noble in new myths for each of us existentially we too half blind like Woden awaiting the twilight of the gods?

* * * * *
Quantum Mechanics should not be reduced in conception to ghosts in a machine that is the reality of the world either with or without some higher entity to save the play.  What the experiment cited and kudos to the attempt to do it despite the ideas it not remotely possible, in the cartoon on Lubos page discussed, is that we need a wider look, inter-dimensional and inter-group as our geometrical basis as to what is motion itself that can be understood in a new unified physics and expanded mathematics.  String theory does not address this unification or it cannot be shown in that fuzzy world of left over vibrations between the rationalism and the empiricism in the ways paradoxically imagined or models dismissed by Lubos at some zero grounding- nor should we dismiss the relativity with such new yet concrete reference frames to which the wider quantum laws do apply but not just as a unnameable unity as mystery.  Einstein knew better than to suggest this as if a fact of the extent of his wisdom.  And where fractal ideas as if a new creative relation to physical geometry are said to not be useful in the search for say new sources or explanation of energy beyond he classical ideas of wave forms in this cloudy realm supposed in speculation and limits of imagination we limit ourselves again to dismiss it without understanding.

But in the theme of this post wondering how we get thru life thinking second hand about such things as if a conspiracy of credible but nonnecessarily truth in soul's freedom can seem a dark star evil to another in the name of gods or science... and that is the source of human conflicts in the reality and uncertainty of models of our Will.  So many quantities of departed ghosts or ghosts that only make what remains and so little comprehension of the frontiers, the front where time and action count until we break the shell and learn to fly... but even an indifferent universe for those caught in one side of this mirror of mass belief inversion to the exclusion or destruction of others, perhaps all is necessary in the general quantum saying it is not forbidden... even if what is said rare in exotic phenomena turns out to be just as well the general grounding case equally less than what our minds are capable of in our evolving understanding.

* * * * *

There can be no progress toward a better stable and predictable world if it does not arise from an atmosphere of free interaction in the cosmic or social gravity where smaller and worthy groups and individuals have a chance to grow beyond the arbitrary shifts of 4 or more chaotic powers unto a unified method or theory.  fb status june 15

Aditya Kalapatapu Haven't you just described the world we are moving in?

L. Edgar Otto It is a little more subtle than that...more like the results of mutations arising as in chaos theory which with even three powers the predictability and stability of a global or part system is only 50-50. But are we seeing more freedom in the world? After the LHC nothing really was discovered new in the possible of what may be expected of the new "Higgs" at that limit for a total theory we have to think wider of a particle at least five fold. Ramanujan is a higher step on the way to a workable stable world as was our symbol of genius we say was Einstein. The deep question is indeed what it means to be moving in space or time... thanks for this comment!

* * * 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anthos - On the Wider Logic of Flowering Physics

Anthos -  On the Wider Logic of Flowering Physics

L. Edgar Otto    Thursday, 13 June, 2013

The independent discovery or extending of logic beyond Non-Euclidean geometries, beginning with Gauss thru Riemann to others said to sprout like the violets, independently, seems part of the greater trend in mathematical physics to which we read directly or perhaps from some general ubiquity within our thoughts our growing symbolic anthology.

So too the classification of crystals in the era ripe for what seems independent work in isolation and now inspired by new physics (how can anyone who comprehends the abstract reach of string theory not eventually consider deeper things even with the most unique language  I see Lubos is coming along as if the flower arrangement as he is prone to do and build a firewall against developments outside himself not seen nor influenced by others in this variable sea of new space considering the axiom that the laws of the universe are not uniform at least in our local patch of time and space in the cosmos where some evidence exists as observable there is more to count than the three standard and number of neutrinos?)

Of course such deep and subtle variability proposed for things like the fine structure constant could apply to shared conceptual space as well in the Young Frankenstein beer bubble chain reaction raspberry conception of a quasi-universe.

One that sees for now the striking idea of the Big Bang slowly fade into some sort of potential infinity if not rare isolated stability as the promise of one universal ubiquitous law again.  Yet is this not the case in the earlier debate of the count of protons sprouting close to the sea of singularity in the steady state universe?  Do we not in Western religious faiths condemn the sorcery and necromancy, the distinction from living spirits that broken souls redeemed perhaps by some future state to come that they are surely dead and in to transition, limbo, purgatory until some end?  How many archangels can dance on a pinhead to which our lives and he universe itself is the pin cushion, put together in what seems a shifting crystal lattice finding pins in a haystack?

Our doubts of what is concrete with a sense ultimate uncertainty of our individual event horizons and reference frames play this game of imaginary or evil voices to sort out this side of that core focus of singularity to the periphery of the simple sphere breath holds at a distance and makes a cosmic censor of our minds invisible to empty grounding not so far away in space and time at all.  Yet in these theories that suggest hidden things like dark matter and multiverse is not the simple paradox solved in time travel that the clones of a Shakespeare and his echos in parallel places requires somewhere an original Shakespeare...the illusion of some remote end or beginning of creation is compelling to our psyches even unto in such a variable world full of voids and distortions, illusions if not reasoned out what can be seen, that despite the immensity we may be more alone than on the face of it we reasonably should conclude.

We should for the sake of the design of space itself, the universe or for those who imagine a creator god, suspect any assumption or restrictions of free but necessary laws if these haunt us with dark scenarios of where our worlds may go into depressing disastrous ends telling us little more than what as living beings we know of the reason or purpose we seek wisdom and still are not wise enough to know this in the brief span and focus of our personal lifetime.  Such myths do not last while in some evolving, perhaps higher  form these dreams and nightmare scenarios like the universe its mimes in symbols and matter dance with close and nearly parallel as if everlasting unmoving so persists and gives us the almost resolution that cycles more than about we wise monkey's keeps our cyclic models on trucking, rocking.

Element 112 is named for he who would launch a scientific revolution but for the masses some centering erased in our clockwork models, far from the first extension of names for the planets and scientists more modern along the way- but whom in just the superficial view knows the simplicity and the details of his contribution buried in the legend that grows and grows apart, unwinding epicycles as if buried in some final law of physics that cannot tolerate a vacuum and abhors as much as in religious certainty blemishes on order and imperfection trickling down to us from the past or in the natural symbolic forms mystical or mathematical some have intuitively applied in neutral sleeping spirit to total theories of our modeled forms still in the higher struggle to select and survive.

* * * * *

Monday, June 10, 2013

Social Gravity Consequences of Our Polytopal Consciousness Model

Social Gravity Consequences of Our Polytopal Consciousness Model
and Openness or Privacy in Internet Private Intellectual Property

L. Edgar Otto    June 10,  2013

It seems clear to me that we have to be more aware of the powerful changes around us for things deep in the background, as with all concepts of hidden symmetry that on one level can convert dual things like waves and particles or matter.  I have to think about this more but it does widen my perspective to have at least this more general theory as to what is, what can be, and what we believe.  As in the hidden effects of things like modifying food or our genome or the economy of states and corporations, it is important we understand the technology as mechanism that as usual science is a two edged sword that cannot always foresee things in the dark of our tinkering.  Not all of it is bad... but openness in and of itself does not guarantee that those promising this are those who on the face of it are the protectors of the internet or property.  The virtual world  comes home to this question of what we are but on a heretofore hidden higher level.

* * * *

When some things can be cancelled as in the series sum -1+1-1+1... alternately as zero or one depending on how you look at it we can cloak information over time what is 1 or 0 half the time... this is the genius of Newton in extending Pascal's triangle to negative values... and it is intimate also to ideas such as of Dirac that a negative vacuum may be filled up despite in measurement we may extend things as if complex numbers or not in the foundational quasi-absolute equations.   (this was a stray physics thought I had last night...but brought it more together- if indeed the distinctions are more universal than simply Euclidean or Non-Euclidean aspects of topological description... I also see the obvious in how people behave in specific genome or hormone situations with certainty even with the usual differences between generations of which the divide seems to be growing lately- certainly the crimes of the actual behavior do not carry the penalties of those of our perceived intent many times over...  But this sort of thing that nullifies local laws or brings them into the determinism of a higher system cannot stand as merely a unified world order, mathematically.

This rings a bell on science daily today with me- but we all know or feel this I imagine.

* * * * *
 Mentioned in side chat in passing to Marcus:

my status today is trying to say that I find my mind in a good place as physics catches up to my intuitions from long ago but it is a spooky time travel like experience of which it is good to know it may not last  but in our time we should enjoy the scene like the friends we knew back when even if they have changed

and as a comment to this post of June 11-12 2013 :

Walking thru town, my usual rounds, I am struck as if I could have foreseen that what is talked about of the universe more and more fits my outrageous early thoughts now long time familiar friends- and they grow closer to that vision wherever like the poems it may come from. I have traveled over time but if I could have jumped to now from then I would be so surprised how natural the vision fits and for awhile can bask in its light... how very wonderful our depths of body and mind, how very wide the promise that if we have sense at all we would not desire to risk or waste it for lesser realities of our dreams. Knowledge is the thru power and openness the safest ground... not the anguish of paper thin credentials or empty social rewards we imagine as education.

* * * * *

Today also Leo Vuyk shared and commented on this science daily article in relation to what seems a natural intuition shared by the deeper theoreticians and my footnote to this comment he made to the link:

Dark Matter black holes (located outside the galaxy) also produce hydrogen gas according to Quantum FFF theory.

L. Edgar Otto Star formation appears to slow down, in the one universe a general direction to which we may imagine galaxy formation intimate with the structures of black hole formation over time... or perhaps a steady state universe where in Hoyle's creation field planets same in content at some radius from a star in the depths of space new protons arise to compensate expansion...I think also of the new forms of ice that reference void or hollow regions where in the rigidity protons may move around.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Consciousness as Focused Systems

Consciousness as Focused Systems

L. Edgar Otto    June 08, 2013

Consider this for the context of a physical system on science daily today:  Have we not worked on this viewpoint in our multidimensional informational mathematical physics topology all my alternative physics friends?  QED and kudos to you.

* * * * *

*1    A comment posted on the state of Pitkanen's visison June 2013  and other things posted only as comments that contain relevant theories will be also posted here as reference (due to difficulties and changes of systems and more presence in the social networks to which communications do not always connect.)

I think it is clear in general that we have a sense of unity that begins to describe consciousness as some kind of structural system.  And it is complex and dynamic. I do not think of it as just an emerging phenomenon- emerging to what and to where?  But I am concerned with things more foundational than the quantum regime and depth of physical reality as uniqueness.

The shared principle of converging evolving toward the best or ideal among systems (such as life in a solar system or galaxy arising in some local chance configuration) as a unifying self referential system is pretty much an understood principle in one form or another in our physics in some parallel form (for yes conscious is at least a system and one moreover from my view and experience seems almost a model I can hold in my hand and understand in the abstract viewing)

The other principle you suggest here is the supersymmetry 101 as in the simple Don Lincoln's video on it from Fermi lab... or what I called the four way dialectic... four space in a sense but that only the beginning beyond say octonions in physics as I understand such higher abstract realms is that which p-adic spaces touch and explore.

Application of such systems say to things like "water memory" of we can touch or imagine them seem half distant in a vague context of such certainties we feel and feel as uniquely our own and stand toward as a center of awareness convinced of our theories of everything.

In this sense the phenomenon of the conscious system as physics we here address and explore as if half material or potential as energetic,    an abstract theory of nothingness- is of the same model description as of the Higgs.

Where do you think TGD may go or lead us from here?  I am sure your vision is sound and strong, in it secure enough to stand on its own outside of challenges of others and the main stream.  But how or by what mechanism (of things just outside experiment) can we convey the consciousness of this description as a phenomenon if someone else has to be in the phenomenon of awareness or consciousness of it?

In these deeper realms I come across papers on line and recently that do not seem to form simple ideas say of transfinite number embedded spaces in our consciousness like structures that
generalizes things to the other levels of differentiation (save the number of curves in a plane or brane on the second level). Our consciousness is wider in such abstractions and principles hidden in abstraction...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Structure is Motion, Consciousness Focusing of Command

Structure is Motion, Consciousness Focusing of Command   

L. Edgar Otto  [note VIXRA visitors... the link to simple water drop video in the previous post along with relevant content that raises issues in this one...]

06 June, 2013

*In Measurement Anti-teleology is not always Teleology and
point viewed dimension systems indicate the direction toward but is not the substance of consciousness which finds itself in the decision focusing as reaction or command.

*Physics is not as rigid in concepts to divide phenomena equally in the reduction to concepts like symmetry or curvature over transfinite dimensions and divisions.  In this sense, and in teleology infinite sets may cancel out half the time but this is beyond the classical questions of structure left behind from what quantum theory cannot completely address.

*We do not rigidly trade the concept of awareness as illusion with the concept of mass, motion or time as illusion- the quasic physics is an inherent unity but the unity expected by today's physics, quantum and qlassical, is that which can be the only thing left, along with the contradictions as if the rigidity of both physics are balanced and everything.

*The next level of generalization exceeds even that to which the issues of quantum-gravity finds excessively narrow in scope.  Many questions vanish completely if ask in the wider and deeper light of new physics as do earlier naive assumptions about the design and awareness in such matters.

*The surface of a given in the main certainty of that contained itself a disks or surface as if sunspots where physics as matter resolves its balances and signs...the earth to a great extent as weather and more is as much a unified and seeming living and aware system as any of its local changes in the wind or waves...  He who by scale alone or count of stars and galaxies, of the unrestrained idea of multiverses, cannot with scientific honesty say we are not the center of the universe in the sense of natural design phenomena to which our consciousness may transcend our first impressions of dimensions, operations, groups or machines.

*But no social totality such as a state or corporation or cult of individuality as if with the strength of the gods, can claim unity with unique and global value as a center of a social gravity for long.

*Teleological differences in physics is trivial, yet the difference between anti-teleology and ateleology is everything.  The Teleomnium transcends these questions of free will and determinism.  But can conscious things?

* * * * *

The Social Implications of Hidden Polymorph Biological Physics

The Social Implications of Hidden Polymorph Biological Physics - Of Viruses and Venom

L. Edgar Otto     06 June, 2013

From a structural viewpoint the mechanisms of the range of changes we vaguely define as cancer, where I have related it to a more static vision of equivalent viewings of the same informational generational physics, is generalized in the context of the more dynamic aspects of quasic theory.

In the social gravity of the situation it occurs to me that the century old paradigm of medicine, as drug emphasized, may not realize dangers in assuming only the surface phenomena and symptoms of things - nor without such knowledge will we be able to undo the toxic harm we have done to ourselves and our world.  I imagine further that in what Nixon said 40 years ago was the moral equivalent of war, that if it is known without regard to the lives of the people these issues of toxicity, accumulating it seems, it is a trade off that shows little respect for the few unfortunate people.  So some cost risk excuse seeming reasonable in blind studies for the good of the greatest number, no right to privacy by our states under stress and conflict with the powers of global wealth in and for itself, the first victim of attempts to enlighten the people will be the suppression of the truly new science.

From the quasifinite view - We cannot think outside the box when the concept of a box is not a clear concept.

Essentially, we apply the disc or sphere phenomenon as that difference in the balances or development of morphogenic like tissue fields (conceived as Leonic in my 1965 speculations) of which the focusing of the how and non local information escaping say a tumor across hidden mirror spaces within the unity of an organism recognizes its place in the body chemistry globally and at a distance.

Heretofore, I supposed that between quasic generations as in the particle generations that a fully balanced and functional but different arrangement of cells is possible but occasionally may develop differently as if the proper unity in a differentiation- that or as metastasis is like the spiraling jets of natures structures starts as in star formation, new birth process over time of say stars, germ cells, and the speculation perhaps on "baby universes".  After the questionable hearing of the talk show last night and that theory of 1910 of the placenta as if a mirror to the fetus I awakened with this thought- and while most of my writing or comments have been done lately in real time and on line I took the time to come back to the blog to update this.  It was an obvious step more to the general idea in our more general alternative physics.

* * * * * *

This delightful simple video shows something like the spherical harmonics in a developing hierarchical system of actions and reactions... how far does it go?  I did not know things did this while I did know one more drop in slow motion comes out of a water drop splashing.   Now, in any terms of physics what are the formulas that would have predicted or described such a phenomenon?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

State of the Video - Technology and Content

State of the Video - Technology and Content

L. Edgar Otto   04 June, 2013

I tend to think I need a general map of things in order to understand them better and more rapidly in searches as visualization.  As I learn things with better access and pick up the underlying logic of internet systems as a social user- the why companies compete or present various programs to which we follow the changes as best we can when we are more concerned with the content and the best versions of things to share.

I have other such maps for organizing various new things in my life.   Food and Diet schedules, responses reciprocated in social comments, endorsements as I follow the progress of some careers,  the influences of philosophers and scientists on each other and the converging visions of new theory, the system of finance, personal and public.  These examples are of course not as deep as say a better map of biochemical pathways or of the brain and nerve networks, or hierarchies of mathematical systems, DNA, genomes, string theory, particle physics, world language development.  The net, say in organization of web pages as in the cloud seems to converge in format across devices that can scale how they are viewed, itself is a convergence of sorts by which the user may object to the changes in adapting.

I shall return here from time to time with such maps on a 101 level in what seems to diverge.  First with the number of ways an artist may post music and videos and the public access them.  Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many other systems you may find within them.  The simple visual picture map, a graphic idea I thought of I called windows and windowpanes, 1967 way back has come now thru a long history of codes and browsers.  It certainly requires a lot of passwords none of which are safe save in the numbers as does all the numbers it takes to do something simple like use the phones or transfer virtual money.  I prefer to know the reasons behind what I am doing rather than exploring haphazardly or with brute force as if the mistakes we make do not matter.

* * * * *

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Gathering of Dreams ( Form and Function Universe )

A Gathering of Dreams  ( Form and Function Universe )

L. Edgar Otto    June 1, 2013

In a sense the writing of a poem project on my new poetry domain  dreamikins.blogspot  com concerns a view of things that mulled over in my actual dreams led to this general concept with the idea of just where in the theoreticians I encounter on line lately their concepts fit in as if by their fruits we can know them- what part or wrinkle of a theory of everything.  Most consider the source of things as if a process, say fractal or multiversal inflation big bang like or contained with some relation to cycles.  Indeed the paper that first and formally linked the idea of black holes and dark matter to explore as a principle.  But for my part the realization after the frame of my quasic structure that applied to gene code reading understood in the next level that string theory as well as the ideas of black holes apply to organic models in an organic way.  Is Kant not relevant again considering the internet and its phenomena?  After the stars above and their laws is it just mystical to discuss or admire the moral laws within?  But of course as the universe moves thru the paradoxes of its tunnels of green garden like crossing here and now or in the ideal point parallels do at infinity, philosophy as a method is not that easily falsified.

***  June 2

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