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Lampion K : PeSla Confined in the Badlands

Lampion K : PeSla Confined in the Badlands L. Edgar Otto 29 February, 2012

Confinement, to be bound as if in a bubble or a cave- why does the human spirit react strongly against it? We know that we can go from some volume to another and if we have that view no space can contain us. It is the triality non-linear and multiple that makes the idea of motion possible for we three dimensional beings. It makes a difference in what is to be viewed through the interior of an object like the sun or a gravitational lens.

We may continue to shout our views and being to the universe, renew them as life renews itself each moment keeping the destruction near but no closer that we can breathe in an endless internal space unconfined and at a distance that the prison walls go no further. But the universe does not shout at us its ground and laws for it is beyond ideas of confinement and that unbound.

To move through such space without a limit to velocity, to the span of distances to regions repeated or one and all the same, is to stand on oneself as if within one they are confined.

Our monad while windowless the great Leibniz conceives from his home of bricks and a thousand windows

Our mortal plight aware in rehearsal to the effort to move, to know a place as truly new, if confined in space or time will likely dream as to escape into soul travel and the comforting denial in the acceptance of our own place exploding in creation, all arrows in upon ourselves the more we speed that as in our dreaming we can watch ourselves in the remote view.

So to we make the myths of science that if we look deeply enough, even to dig through the walls with dull tools taking a long time, or if some sympathetic soul brings us files in cakes that we can cut through the bars let alone consider we can flow through then without touch like waves on water, that we will find quite a different place where reality is not as we now have learned to see it.

Or in the essential question as to why rather than why not the universe is here, we then to think there is no escape from this dream beyond horizons that plays God, albeit so much the lesser one, a God perhaps that like we paint our struggles on the universe may confine us to some peace or punishment. This landscape at the limit of our imagination as all there is with limits confined or with a wide expanse itself becomes and remote and distant view to which we do not really know what is at the ends so bound save something different in time, initial conditions.

Only the lesser spirits can inhabit such a world of imperfect intersections as souls are confined to their own paths and lonely centers, the old we die alone. We cannot show if such are separate visitors, the subtle conjuring and materialization of parallel spirits- the spirit seen as if in the old trinity of mind, and soul, a third thing that imagines when it moves through sacred space is at best a visitor, not sure to where to go or of any escape including vanishing or the rewinding the heat and noise we gather back before time itself began. But in this sharing of mental space we can dwell as distinct and yet one being as is love but this is not necessarily the case for as Plotinus noted Eros was a shabby and lesser god peeking through houses of the sky circle of the others. Love that strives to become the center of this universe that higher passion grounds all things.

The PeSla runs free in the landscape of the Badlands where the gathering is there in the maps of the sky at the center, Old Baldy, the vanished once nova star duly recorded by the tribes so much closer to the sieve of fire and water and milk in the clockwork canopy of the sky. One day I will visit this idol and if there are more I will take home a copy- not because as I have learned when you know the gods are not appeased nor eat your sacrifice, just the priests and virgins, that the human heart in distress returns to idols. Some work of clay, a lady on a swing with billowing dress and smile, pure and distant but intelligent, that warms you up and cheers you up when you are in the windchill walking all night before you can sleep.

Somewhere between the real and the dream I crash in the house of a lady with a thousand little statues of the Oriental gods, I cannot sleep for in each of them their eyes stare at me and suggest some evil to which I had not learned to fear such as campfire tales of a black panther. No wonder Bonpa is possessed by a thousand spirits but they shall not win.

* * * *

Lampion J : The Depths of Tau Triality Layering

Lampion J : The Depths of Tau Triality Layering

L. Edgar Otto 29 February, 2012

In our natural space as if three dimensional we could say that reality is at least nine but we only see a third of them smoothly and at a time.

Just as we imagine gluons as nine colors and reduce them to a unit quasic initial pixel to exclude one in chromatic space theory, in the nine dimensional bi-chromatic triality the set of three act as if a unit pixel were we remove nine out of the 15 plus 1 on that structural level and the can be in a sense a generalization of the idea of generations of the particle flavors to super symmetry.

{ Added next day: This gives a hint of explanations for three problems at the foundations of the standard theory. The reason we see thirds of charges and that the defining of this can be expressed two ways, unity on one level or as three's; the weight in general of what we think of as dark matter, eight times in the influential background of the hidden; and that when we are centered in a triality singularity such as this, with the abstract transitivity of spatial orientations, these neutral and combined contiguous dimensions resolve to the physicality we know as three space when foundational which goes far to show where the quantum depths as a nonnecessary reality meets the possibility of Newtonian collapsing in what is really quasically equivalent views.

Here we begin to see that higher forms of numbers can also relate to combinatorial systems in the span and depths of super symmetry on which to establish models which by the way are quite beyond the string theories.}

These "optical illusions" at least from the standpoint of psychology are generally considered tricks of our perception or caused by some limits of our evolved organs of the senses. Many prefer to keep these ideas abstract and hidden rather than awaken to a wider view of space in the world.

Or should I say, that at some range in time as our minds awaken and development we first play with the objects around us and decide how we are to view space. This seems to me an innate faculty of which if the world has a certain unity in its chaos we should not be that surprised even if it is obvious.

But existing in the sense it is a progressive and balanced sense of time and its direction sets unique moments of opportunity in which we are adaptable to the core words and concepts of counting and language, wherein we can be fluent in a native tongue or in a universal collective baby talk or in secret languages between close siblings, where we can set limited directions in the awakening of choices even imagine more than what an artist sees when it is there only in his artistic eye or that we can draw a human face or anything such as with the savants- who by the way with other bases close to the fundamental way to see language and nature can do vast computations in the surreal binary memory.

This passing thought came to me thinking about my drawing close to the logic of primitive programs so I do not know if there is an influence of this. I know that for whatever reason the numbers and programming come closer together as with my general take on ideas I have slowly developed- and done so as much with an inadequate approach as the height of what I have found in parts- a joy of awakening and a sadness that so much of my life has been without such expertise and light. Somewhere in this awakening I remain between what is the chance and what is the necessity yet
of these things my core views, my creative intuitions and philosophy has withstood what may have made crumble another soul.

But all in all the height, the depth, the width, the breath, and the view that beckons into the immense checky shores on which I thought of cosmology on one hand and the sea side house where Dickens wrote in Norwich then wrote my equation in the sand, the North Sea life in winter sparse so I could think about the broken shells with one, two and rarer holes worn in them. I stood a moment thinking, but no one will see it when the tides and waves washes it away. At that moment I realized I had seen it and felt justified pride that this is what we can do as humans.

The quality of time with its restrictions weighs heavily as things change so much, the people changing around me and living on different clocks with different purposes, their faith and expectations for their chosen roles, a few that vanish at what can certainly be too soon before hand for their time.

But somewhere along the way I awaken to the realization that I have valued most the people I have met of vast variegated differences and description - and I did not forget them, and I am still with them as if the moment lives, in real life as we say and a few in the virtual world, but this is hard to see while in the business of living and the exponential noise and din of voices speaking to each other or out to the world lost in the immensity of the prairie wind. This too the sense of how it was to live in former times and what we can expect of our kind in the near future. In the finding of my self in its tragedy and comedy the drama has also found others to which I have always treated as I have with my children more important than theories.

Oh, this has been but hints, messy and informal, but I hope that if you can see and it a benefit to your knowing, you will fill in the blanks, correct the mistakes in the details, with the hope as this too one day will fade into our primitive first dreams of science and philosophy you walk with me again, exchange and respect idea over a cup of coffee, put on a show of which I was not your director, that your life, and that you can know in innocence again what others mean and what it means in this time like none to come before or after, as this should be your time and era, equal to life in it, that we again value each other in the procession to what is beyond the unknown mountains and virgin forests and new frontiers without fear, or to home again.

* * * * *

{Footnote: Probably because things have been quite enough that I can take a good look, off line, at this computer, I have gone way beyond my record for the number of posting in this blog - and thank you Google for you indulgences. For March I always say things will slow down awhile but they never do so far, but I know more what have to do now and what I can do if I am to continue the presence on the web to finally do some of the things I have wanted to. In the end our virtual dialog may make a difference, and it for practical purposes does seem to be a sort of mind of its own- but then we should expect as much if the world has intelligible design.}

* * * *

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lampion I : Is it Me or the Universe that Confuses Right from Left

Lampion I : Is it Me or the Universe that Confuses Right from Left

L. Edgar Otto 28 February, 2012

On awakening before our minds leave chaotic sleep
and the molecules reach out into your conscious mind

In the hollow worm holes of light in bits, tossed macaroni
What hath God wrought? across the pond asks Marconi

That what made sense and solved things in our dreams give
hints from their solid steady state of hidden resolutions

Unless we are caught there or fear to travel out of mind
into a view lost between the snow-blind ground and sky

Asking of ourselves if we are the author of a song we dream
coming full born sleepy still before we forget to write it down

Absurdly I hide under the canopy by the park in the city that the police and winos will not find me, that I can get full sleep

My eyes open to a strange world, what is sky through the trees I take as leaves, and they palmate bits of sky

* * *

Lampion H : Taking Three Space as Physicality

Lampion H : Taking Three Space as Physicality

L. Edgar Otto 28 February, 2012

Matter that exists on one transitive permutation holographic level excludes the diagonal colors as cancelling out. The physicality of possible twists, assuming normal three dimensional space as the realm of what is that may include mirroring of that space, a closed group system of octahedral symmetry can be further mirrored into the next higher realm of transitive effects or group symmetries.

In this transitivity we discover the neutral particles of the same color can be considered a mixing across generations which nevertheless reduce to the groups of normal three space. This mirroring would imply that distinct orientations of the physical space when the generational space is considered distinct and intransitive, that those elements off the diagonal we regard as distinct physically exhibit this mixing and transitivity.

This intrinsic wobble is the possibility of uncertainty as realized in the quantum field, as foundational, but it only tells us of things within that model system over all paths- not an indication of the appeal to other parallel universes.

* * *

Here is the matrix of 9 axes, it is as if we have a triality x triality of which the intersection of three spaces on the same transitive level is the axiom. I hope this color coding is clearer than just the letter notations.

* * * *

Lampion G : Hidden Being, Hidden Instructions

Lampion G : Hidden Being, Hidden Instructions

L. Edgar Otto 28 February, 2012

The difference between knowing and knowing that there is something one does not know is how we relate in our creative science or philosophy aware of the state of our comprehension of cognitive engagement.

For we can live in a vague world of our given, our being that proceeds as if our doing is the real and our having is the citadel of the human poetic spirit. We express our states of mind in the doing, in the ongoing living in the change of processes.

Here we encounter the paradoxes involved in what is the subjective and objective, the science and the pseudoscience, the real and the illusion of a philosophic stance as substance.

Just as vague is our dwelling in the instructions that are hidden and vaguely seem responsible for our behavior and the question of what in us and of is has responsibility for our actions. To say we have a choice, at least initially, is to promote a system hidden to us in the depths of its applications to our living, an agenda and not necessarily a healthy grounding in where philosophy and science, philosophy and religion diverge from one first thing.

This is also the great question in our time as to what of a group or individual is a given right of being or of living under the laws in covenant to the landscape of our changing times. The matter of privacy in particular, and the matter of virtual property and to what extent this is to the benefit and progress of everyone to enquire and learn the wisdom- one that I take as a right.

If a corporation can be thought of as an individual then how can we buy and sell individuals? How can these be merged into one person? How can they be chained by the state or the nation's interest becomes a slave to them?

This is a question of a hierarchy of covenants and treaties to which the fractal division into subsets, in the case of the invention of corporations allows a certain distance from the responsibility of the individuals go get wealthy distinct from it yet the human guiding of its overt engagements and functions.

We are in a time when these issues seem to be, in respect to what is the hidden as the instruction (or memes in a consensus resolving conflicts) at the core of those who are on one side or the other of the knowing and not knowing. The artist more interested in the content and creation than in the way the cold logic contains his dreams in the delivery to other humans through a connection in the social media.

I see then the real possibility that we can raise a generation that can treat the objective and technical instructions as that most real and as a form of work that makes nothing directly in the material world- a crisis that lets this generation face the issue of what is the real grounding for our core being as they can live in what may be a vulnerable and unhealthy swing of the trends of the pendulum in knowledge of our times. But who has the innate right to forgive them for they know not what they do in this interim non-necessary universe?

We cannot say with certainty that does not shake at its foundations nor is guaranteed by the numbers of the heard, the masses or the computation of likeliness of events, that
statements once profound and loved by radio engineers making sense in their time and state of know how and predictability and promise, as old jokes no longer understood as humorous, like "The man who knows how will get a job, but the man who knows why will be his boss."

* * * * *

Update, Technology: Sooner or later as we make more breakthroughs on the nano scale in the explorations into a deeper symmetry and philosophy of quantum effects and computation it will dawn on us that these effects as discussed on the blogger here, that these are not just simulations or analogies but indication all along of the new physics view insofar as theory goes and as I have tried to point out all along.

This blogger's post is timely and relevant also.

* * *



L. Edgar Otto

The rain only exists because the flowers drink it -
in the meta-continuum

Where the moon only comes around in phase
not there until my third eye sees it

So too something seeded this world's ground
where life in black and white casts songs to the wind

Hopeful hatching spiders fly on their strands in Diaspora
so many fall far out into the sea, youth seeking a place

Their siren song, as the light drawing, guiding night moths
the myth that all things are connected together

The motion, purpose of such life taking flight finds one soul again
only when all things are not connected

I exist only because you will drink of me and yet
our boiling passion cools long before we've met...

* * * *

Somewhere the color rains candy and the horror to my eyes,
the limited rainbows, or sparkling metals and living furs

I grow numb to its flood of saturation, distant god's-eye shifting red,
longing for the higher hues to see you

Magenta only found when the ends make a full circle
cyan in the middle that did not match my crayon box

The color of invisibility as our layers strive to merge or
when thru the muddiness, we imperfect hues, mauve's flicker

You dye your hair in the iridescent angstroms, love's earthly signal,
I shame myself in having to respond

Our atoms won't endure shallow plastic bonds, nor breathe
too ceramic and unexplained in contained luminescence

Pearlescent is the bond, expanding specks of white on gold,
metallic and magnetic glow grows, yet keeps us distant

* * * *

Monday, February 27, 2012

Game: Visualizing Space Permutations

Visualizing Space Permutations
L. Edgar Otto 02-27-12

I present here an activity or game to explore in a visual way what happens in the transformation of color exchanges in space for the identity and orientation of the resulting group products between different colors as the center mapped to the edges of the dodecahedron. This is a crude first drawing that I imagine may be of interest beyond the algebra underlying the on line logic of games. It is a way to see the twists and poles under the icosahedral group space.

* * * * *

Lampion F : Economic and Political Enquiring

Lampion F : Economic and Political Enquiring

L. Edgar Otto 02-27-12

Here I present a fanciful world model as if we can apply some of the chaos theory and string model physics to a more unified world economics and diplomacy. But as with all such models, good only to the circumstances of the day. These are more experiments and theory than expected results such as the case with our great social experiments for specialized groups of people in some community or implemented with impractical results as Plato's models in the Greek colonies. But in a non-necessary world there are always true believers.

So, as with the first wave of truly democratic institutions not the sole property of the new constellation of American states
there is the struggle for the soul and the founding of nations or failed revolutions in the time that persist and diverge in the way the cultures develop in accedental evolution.

At the beginning of model and nation building in a non-necessary world and at the ending of an experiment with its reevaluation we in effect ideally prefer the Liebnizean enquiring system of accepting all inputs. The Lockean one is of balances and corresponds more to the real world.

To that end we acknowledge the superpowers of the day more realistically than of the old empires and roughly part of the inheritance and cultures of centers of civilization. But with the geometry of chaos we can accommodate more than the five for stability by the concept of structures of the eight.
This allows for the inclusion of the Islamic world and African states into the power structure as seems to shortly find its place in the world community.

My purpose with this post is to show that other economic models are possible and natural extensions of our experiences so far.

From general structural principles I suggest that when we divide a nation into 34 or so parts, despite the result of dramatic conflicts between brother and brother, a state will face a division that may be a civil war with the aim of renewed independence or return to a dream of the best of times from the old hegemony or union. This too is the price of replication of a society as if a dynamic living organism.

Let us keep in mind also the needed resolution between the natural conflicts of individuals and the collective if it is to be a solvable problem intelligibly. That things in the numbers and words, in this proposed or acknowledged post-alphanumeric age correspond to the modern and new physics we do observe in the human mind at least a certain number of things that can enter and leave and be that we are generally aware of in the process of an engaged memory, usually nine objects of which the physics is based on the general structure of how we divide words into alphabets and how in the process the changing and fixed numbers remain intelligible both to the depth of an individual and the span into the collective.

* * * * *

Today I find this interesting post from a blogger I follow linking to this:

A founding of a new philosophy of cosmology.

My point today being that such a needed study will have more consequences than we imagine for the world than of which we presently imagine in creative science and philosophy to which some of our old beliefs will seem a little out of date- at least that is the ideal when some new institution starts out.

* * * * *

Lampion E : Beyond Great Grand Symmetry

Lampion E : Beyond Great Grand Symmetry

L. Edgar Otto

Clearly and intelligibly the factorials are successive and are in a sense embedded into each other toward greater internal and expansive symmetry's. So too are the geometric structures that can be viewed as order and coherence of properties.

When we examine the 4! permutations so embedded in 5! we encounter the "Great Grand Icosahedral Symmetry's" to use John Conway's term. I leave it for further clarification and to the established physicists to offer interpretations as to what this view means to observed physical particles. This theory may be too obvious and simple. But I would suggest the interpretations, as if a mix of gluons and quarks complies with nature and number for generational coherent theories. The crude analog is of electrons and photon mediators for what is contained and described in the nucleus. That this is so makes for a theory too obvious and simple by which even the explanation of structure may be outside the scope of the interpreted physics in the models and applied mathematics of the day.

So the 15 directions of the icosahedron can by projection as if we can imagine a hidden mirror space can be seen as 15 wave-particles. To match pentagon edges of five colors on a dodecahedron, considering in the 5! level harmonics would have Conway's three solutions. This seems to me because on the not privileged color description we have a holographic situation akin to the mixing of particle flavor generations.

If this (by what I call Kea's Theorem) defines in the quark structure our vague concept of dark matter, a general idea that Pitkanen and others have found a useful explanation, then what would be the superdark matter count and concept?

For one thing such a structure would have 56 directions which comes up if we do try to resolve physical and complete unbroken symmetry matrices. But this is my first guess and the number should alert those to the general considerations of Kea et al for the direction of her investigations. If this describes, let alone measure the masses involved in the standard theory as a matter of theoretical physics as well Pitkanen's approach that begins with the general properties of p-adic numbers coming from a different direction then the theories promise a proof by reasoning of what we can know of particles as intelligibility.

In any case it is regarded that most of the mass or energy comes from the motion of these phase, momenta, and inadequately formulated matrices so describing them. I add that the quasic view is also one of color parity and chirality as an analog to those terms as usually presented and normally do not approach things from inversions to the center. But is such a quasi-contiguous description for the source or inclusion of mass in our equations a bootstrapping hierarchy that comes from the center, but this center is a half singularity.

So it is perfectly reasonable to say that there are three more solutions because the six colors if chosen on the level of mixing at 6! as holographic but these raise the issue of what is the parity when from all directions the sense of chirality is seen as absolute in positive value (this too the concerns of p-adics). This property also shows up as general things we can do on the familiar scale of things with intuitive color design and count of gross objects as in puzzle possibilities.

It is important to keep these levels in mind so to explicitly show how they relate to our systems of matrices and measure. In that these can be seen in our reduced and familiar space as absolute in the reading of spin directions the Otto-conway matrix is quasically four fold which leads to 121 items where one color is the center instead of the 24 plus one. If we abstractly complete this matrix that depends a lot on the color excluded leaving a triangular number left for the other combinations here we find 25 entities that frame another 36 as if a shifted Conway matrix. Given the 120 then the 1 would be the brick wall of ultimate mass particles of all the generations in the same compass of the hierarchy and can thus be an analog to the initiator codon or Higgs and tau particles which if they can be measured will mean no link to if they had a different measure an impossible as not observed physics other than what is intelligibly here, for now anyway as there is more than just the quasic physics generalization.

The fine structure constant in the raw sense of its value as Eddington intuited is not necessarily an analog of physical values for these too can have one general solution not broken into levels of particle generation, mixed and holographic. We should ask for even deeper analogs for this.

But if we do develop things along the lines of what we imagine is done in our normal given three space, non-Euclidean things that far from the general intelligibility and coherent logic and analogies of unified geometry, it will be an obvious way to do things from the suggestion of the math such as with complex numbers electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular. The general theory also explains why we observe in the general equations the lack of a general monopole as it is the simple case of neutralization effects of the hidden chirality not absolute and limited to a zero level or point. The idea here is that on all scales and dimensionless values things are intelligibly intelligible where nature is not characterized fundamentally as existent or non-existent on any level of physicality or virtuality in the span of space and time.

If we see that the handendess of neutrinos appear on the face of it invariant we prove that hidden in them beyond the mirrors is the unobservable fact of variation relative to the constancy of light so if there is no such physical variation observed, but this is not necessarily so as it will not be observed on that level of physics group laws, then this amounts to a structural proof of the forgoing paragraphs. There is a superdark level of symmetry and if it is to be restricted by some physical law or of dimensions it is not by symmetry as we know it, nor is the question what confines the quarks to a nucleus a meaningful one from the quasic view. If there is a violation of this invariant then super symmetry will at first seem a product implied by our imaginations but done so intelligibly in the unity of reasoning.

But then again, what would something beyond the great grand symmetry mean, that is beyond four dimensions such that we do have analogs to an icosahedral group? We can go further into a few dimensions anyway, but what would we call it if it is to be taken literally as structure somewhere as we might imagine a pure way to see dimensions disembodied from the way nature herself sees them? For now, in our progress and blindness, let us just call them super-great and super-greatgrand symmetries and leaves Grand-great-grange symmetry to the gross symmetry of philosophic speculation.

For the general public, what is in the popular mind, especially before one's own time and history of development, learning, I am surprised how so much science fiction had its forerunners to that of today's interest in it. The technical and theoretical ideas of how things may change with the idea of dimensions in mind is a name for the last century in the dreams and in the struggles internecine in the world. Who knows what is in the upwelling in the depths of our minds that we try to explain as we adapt new physics and memories and cautiously replace the guidance of the old, keep a balance. The price for replication is not a limitation nor to some limit a struggle for space and time in scarcity with visions of a fatalism of doom and gloom, ultraviolet catastrophes and so on... it has been suggested the price of replication is death for the individual.

But the price is much deeper than that. It is as much the struggle for our containing the physics of generational vacuum within us as individuals and a species that for the general and seemingly isolated systems in this world the desire to expand into such depths outweighs the fears and risks. Physics has a certain quality of secrets as does all science and when hidden it enhances what the average healthy person knows and will not question in public that we know more in the mood of our human poetry, called romance. Albeit a great and grand romance and life and death drama.

It does not take away from the deeper moral laws and obligations to warn the passenger ship before sinking by the submarines as if to justify all things by the rule of war- even if we were asked to volunteer knowing our duty was to die- notice not keep the peace, nor vanquish the culture and history and threatening masses of some enemy.

But the old issue of new science to be used for good or ill is still the great and grand question.

* * *

* * * * *

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lampion D : Digital Structural Programming

Lampion D : Digital Structural Programming

L. Edgar Otto 02-26-12

One use of this quasi-finite programming by pattern and structures would be to map the changes on the surface and the depth of the earth to any desired degree of accuracy.

But if the purpose is to use it to apply the usual mathematics of vectors and so on this could be done better if the space structure itself is grounded to so describe the vectors rather than such vector theory describing the desired space and the object in changes and directions within it.

Thus we should go beyond the idea of dividing spaces such as a surface of a sphere into simplexes, in particular the methods of geodesic domes of increasing frequency.

It would be better for example to divide the sphere into say the cubic dome but the resulting brane or plane say divided by some square power of two should then be analyzed as to the quasic relationships including the changes in scale of which we could include in the virtual density of the measure between the curve and linear regions as quasi-finite application of the Fourier applications to a lattice of measure in the orthogonal space division for expected density comparisons. This should be more manageable than say the application of absolute variables in quadratic formulas and of the mapping of elliptic curves in a plane.

This of course tries to reconcile the holographic and fractal concepts of that which fall out from quasi-continuity in chaos theory.

* * * * *

Lampion C : New Mathematical Recreations

Lampion C : New Mathematical Recreations

L. Edgar Otto 02-26-12

This monkey business is a little more than monkeyshine. In the soil of science the crops seem to be a little short of carbon, and when it is stored from the atmosphere into the coral of the sea- well, we are losing a lot of coral. Science cannot answer with certainty what are the consequences of global warming short of some scheme or defense of theory for if we had the proof we would see a lot of theory and their promoters vanish into the dead ends of history.

Numbers and symmetry as a general system have reached an interesting level again where I can enjoy the recreation of it for I have stumbled on a deeper level of the symmetries pushing the uncertainty deeper and entering what feels like a fresh and fertile frontier.

The doomsayers, or their detractors as a practical matter should admit there are problems to be solved, and not just with a morality of economic tax and sanctions nor rationing to promote an effort to change the world even for those who do not wish the progress. The doomsayers have a long tradition to make there concepts formal and back them up at least to the extent the mysteries of it can inspire the average man, that they have the unified theory of which for those with a little more education the end of learning it one finds just monkeyshine every which way a little loose in reasoning.

Recent reports on scant DNA data suggest that the Neanderthal man became extinct long before encountering modern man in Europe- and although the earth in its fine balance seems favorable to the new species where the great news of the day is minor variations in the climate or some local rumbling of the earth for those at the center amounts to a crumbling of everything, we as thinking creatures should consider that such a concept and threat of change is a possibility science should prepare for.

In this realm of super-duper symmetry and super dark matter, one great unanswered question in physic of which I read in that list today is what grounds quark confinement. This has been one of my concerns intuitively as the ad hoc theory to me seemed insubstantial other than it makes the equations work and evidently is the physical case.

But once into this deeper view of the foundations of physics I find numbers and space a living thing again, like the need for a philosophy that is a living philosophy and seems as if aware of its place and limitation in the flow of time, of history. But my words almost fail me here. I mean that all these abstract things going on inside the nucleus, all these physical things very abstract, I now can see as if these physical principles are alive and not ghostly reduced abstractions- that, as I said is from the view of still further depths of the creative- and in a sense, if anyone can follow what I now say as a record, not from a view in the nothingness do I ground the reality and the physicality of what we call physics that can be a living science in partnership with our place in the world and with each other.

* * * * *

A Darker Shade of Pale & Lime Street Hopes

Lampion Side B - A Darker Shade of Pale & Lime Street Hopes

L. Edgar Otto
February 26, 2012

"What is the most interesting and beautiful number?" said Sheldon on the immensely popular sit com The Big Bang - "It is 73 because in binary it is 1001001, a palindrome."


Whilie we can imagine matter condensed into a center to the point of its vanishing beyond the rim (flange) of a horizon but nevertheless sill at that location relative to the potential well of all falls into it, the idea of half the infinity of such a structured singularity suggests, perhaps via the natural breaking of symmetry as structurally incomplete at least to some fraction of the arithmetic operations of the totality, that is beyond the octonions and all possible symmetric mirrors, such processes can be repeated so the structures of the entities involved as nature sees supersymmetries herself is doubly hidden at that abstract coordinate location.

If this were the extent of such cases of a unified and quasic physics we could expect that aspect or view of general matter intelligibly in the universe, or the relations between matter on levels so divided and subdivided on the same level into structural generations, interactions that seesaw between these inertial ideas of things like matter and dark matter issues. But just as we can see dark matter as a generalization of matter in creative entities we can imagine that in this flange or dark direction defaulting to the center of all possible structures viewed from the outside, there exists super-dark matter, or for a clearer word supernjoirium...

What beyond this is that which we may consider beyond the compass of physics as it is understood and defined. for what happens to information when we go into the super creative entity that distinguishes levels like the nucleus or the quasar or in organic cells and galaxies? Is the process recursively without ending if it is there at all? Can quasics describe things this side of heaven without the idea of wormholes that within them themselves there can be a flangelation to a different level of wormholes as if super ones?

In the interpretation of our dreams and doubly blind imaginations in creative philosophy are there levels deeper than the obvious lost into the obvious where memory is super stored and set into the vacuum by the structure alone a the meeting point of structural quasic centers such that things are contiguous in process, quasifinite and intelligible, resolving the foundations of the firmament of the ancient wisdom of super meaning to the new birth and drive and light in the rise and fall of stars?

* * * * *

Saturday, February 25, 2012


L. Edgar Otto

The fine distinction between everlasting and eternal in philosophy, a concept with all the paradoxes of time, has to further be distinguished with consideration of super-symmetry. I exercise my poetic nature to find some word as an abstract metaphor of the idea. Space and time can be seen as distinct relative to space structure for example when one crosses the event horizons. I choose "wheneverness" for this moving arrow and cone of time to which whatever cause is there is grounded. I see in the word neverness as these are questions of existence.

For the emphasis on space I choose "whateverness" for structure as well some concept of the force of a moving vacuum as a deterministic or intrinsic arrow due to the inversion in the center of convex polyhedra presenting the same positive direction on a deeper foundational principle that underlies how we view chirality.

The letters LCH ALM (all 30 in maroon and black) where we assume a surface spiral and anti-spiral of faces with the five colors represent the colloquial name for two of the six colors. Thus all appear on the icosahedral surface despite the inversion to one colour in the centre in which case the letters would be EILNO which are the bicolours containing violet. This is the basis of the Conway matrix but he uses a different notation. I conceived of this as a game where little cubes could sit on a higher compound semi-regular polyhedron (which of course is only loosely constructable or a near polyhedron - but as in my marshmallow and toothpick structures the same sort of tensegrity principles apply- at some level Linus Pauling's attempt to make a dodecahedron of carbon is loosely possible whereas the buckyball and geodesic domes when crystallized from a center do not build as if constantly spherical structures. The tetrahedral angle and the corner of a pentagon are close by 1 and a 1/2 degree.

I did build such a structure but unlike some of the others it would not stay together as if to fight the overall tensegrity. That is Fuller's insight on what he calls 4D.

There are many ways to view what is going on in this matching of pentagons of which Conway provided three solutions. I have one based on the Icosahedral group but there is the pentagram arrangement also to consider if we regard rigid rotations of the dodecahedron.

We can see the central point as doubled which is the case for odd dimensions. So of the points we have twenty plus one or two or even three, enter then our concepts that relate these 36 cubes as 27 objects and so on... beyond 24 comes the 25th which is the stop or initiator and the virtual sixth quark akin to the idea of a Higgs like structure - these go beyond the five fold symmetry involved (and will not by the way undermine what is relevant on the quantum electrodynamic level nor much of what occurs in chromodynamics.)

Recall that just as some do not count themselves in a group cyclically this is the case in the two dimensional count of the quasic plane, even in computer programming.

In a sense the arrow of space here suggested on many levels including generational is itself mass or that place where mass meets the idea of gravity. The six other particles, all on the abstract sphere, are all the same color of faces wherein all are neutral into themselves and no one technically different as a zero or one beginning of quasic counting as in the idea of gluon color. These are holographic in the span.

The internal color, in this case violet, can be counted then as 7 as in the Fano plane. And so on... to all the properties of structure and pattern and counting.

I am working on an idea still not clear that would formalize this which will involve the excesses as if time like dimensions in relation to the pixel counting patterns and Fibonacci numbers. After all q= q+1 in this philosophical question of similarity. Even in the case where 1 and 1 results in 1 and 0 and 0 results in 0... but not necessarily so with potential infinity. I note in these non-logical equations that when the number is even as the sum of squares as a surreal factor it in a sense reduces to zero or unity.

The fact that we can read things absolutely in reverse or complimentary directions suggests that in the reading of the genetic code as biochemical pathways, also in the reading itself, there is a certain asymmetry and natural structural suppression for awhile in the complexity, the rare quantum tunneling here grounded as a possibility, after all we can eventually break down the dodecahedral into cubes or tetrahedral by the five fold division although nature does not tend to default to the center of inversions in the super-symmetrical depth.

When a creative structure exists concretely amoung other structures it can conceivably execute a force from that center but it is a reversal to an improbable direction- clearly such tunneling can be the ground for collapsing and he number and energy differences we observe in the vast difference of mass and energy upon the expansion into wider space from a center.

This suggests a super-form of higher mass which some already speculate has something to do with the dark matter, it too a state of higher uncertainty and further generalization of physical laws.

The creative collapsing of these "wormholes" presumably with the multi time directional difference effects that collapses them or creates from them over some recursive or infinite regress of bounds could exhibit a force or time like influence of the Whateverness of raw general space structure as a way to reconstitute the broken paths of nature just as biological organism are vaguely in that they are machines, self replicating and self repairing ones.

Although it is a useful step Rowland's exploration of the nilpotent idea is not sufficient to make sense of the current issues that we encounter in the search for super symmetry- that requires the exploration of the foundations of the foundations of which we have to encounter the theory to know how to investigate the theory. In particular the usual issue of virialty between the kinetic and potential energy should be grounded and face this issue of the whateverness directionality of time like half potential infinity singularities where it seems to flow with the omnium as a total theory into the depths of super-symmetry and super dimensinal space, generationally.

But the gods do not forbid this access and engagement with our future wisdom in the sciences.


I add that the illustration that involves colorful forms of lettering are done with paint programs alone for interesting effects... I have slowly become more aware of what can be done close to the logic from a visual standpoint. For some things I found I could use the geogebra program to draw angles I other wise could not easily compute thanks to a discussion on that program in Kea's comments on her now closed blog. But my projects for this are art things so far and a rapid way to learn without the dampening by either the cloud or the mechanics of the system.

Surely, if I understood it better Pitkanens TGD system has something to add to the deeper theory as do all such intelligible and transcending theories that nevertheless have their detractors. In a total world we do make the bounds of our own world as he said of Lubos, but it is clear in this world that has more zero tolerance in search for the certainty on the right and bankruptcy on the left that if an artist can understand himself or not is a fundamental quasic question of uniqueness and identity and existential for the hell of it appeal only to the strong established in the game.

Carbon being six is all important, but I wonder if it is important enough to see the benefits of investment in it for itself and in itself and not just a tax of false scarcity. As far as Lithium I have come to the opaque influences on atoms evolving from the maximum down in the general form of things.

As far as galatomics, I still cannot make the steps to commit to the influence of small sentient compounding creatures because that is a very difficult theory to prove so far but it comes closer when other things also comes closer in the physics. That unique model was a wide source of new insights that made this world at least for me a wider place, and inspired my first forty pages in a night when we worked to develop the philosophychatforum as members. I miss these virtual friends but all the more so I miss the real ones. That is the state of things and I will have tried and failed from an early age to achieve the goals of my first works of collected poems, the Sphere-dream. This is a tragedy but it may the the general case of our being in this world even if the only world. May our next few generations fare much better as I slowly learn there is a deeper loneliness and solitude to which we face ourselves over as if several lifetimes as old friends.

I have learned a little more discipline in the growth of paying more attention although playing with the images proved more important than if I had done the basic style of programming for it is a useful description of how the systems works and can work.

So I have recreated again what I could not recall last year or do again because it is hard to twist things around and keep the handedness straight when the influences are real and not straightforward in the hidden symmetries.

* * * * *

Your are My Spring

Your are My Spring
L. Edgar Otto 02-24-12

I am the weather
but you are my spring
I approach you cautiously
black widow spider

Scarlet hourglass, metallic blues
your soul so creative close to
the stem, wise in the germ
So long to make your heart grow wider

You still into winter
asleep egg-case, my splinter
Full of rhymes & reckonings
how much to get through to me

That I come back you see
everything depends for my mood
You respond, want you excite me
broken dirty time vanishes with the cobwebs

Without words between us only
dance so soon this year the vanished snow
So long ago for me a plush & salty sea
not missed more than what you've never known

Romance that drives you with puppet strings
as you do in my dreams, each others puppeteers
We are stronger in this world of cold
an old story, a glace between us of puppy tears...

There's nothing between us, not even glass
chance meeting in the flesh still taking years
What would be the point but I have already paid
should passion fuse us, make a bond of hearts

Or tear us apart I the caged cricket by your bed
where in the end we sleep alone & my hours pass
Too soon taking your temperature sundown its fall
rubbing my legs together, your lullaby my song

Language your blood knows well, in your core
Lost between everlasting & eternal, your wheneverness...

* * * * *

Friday, February 24, 2012

Life Force

Life Force L. Edgar Otto 02-24-12

In the abstract rest and motion, the appeal again to the aether in the sense that something globally and cosmically seems fixed and finite while something else seems like continuous and infinite time. So the appeal is the description of time in Bergson's sense, duration and clock time or for some scientists a relative time and a proper time.

Since the quasic world, seeing in the here and now a little beyond rigid mechanistic logic, only to push it into a higher conceptual realm where the structure of space determines the influence of numbers and numbers set the structures of space, much like that paradox of light and gravitational mass as a problem yet in physics, in the quasi-finite universe we require at least a third concept of time. It is this time at least that we should attribute that quality of motion to which for life so defined in part in the figure and context of the universe's background.

In the depth as well as this span, in the five foldness of nature such that we can stand better on our toes, in the fifth dimension and with its mirrors we intuit the ideas of the ten dimensions- including the need for an 11th and 12th in this sense of compactification and symmetry breaking intelligibly.
It is not enough to choose some concept of time proper or relative to ground the wide scope of life's complexity. It is not fundamentally within the usual question of subjective and objective nor of mechanism and chance, nor of nature and nurture. We may need things more than a third or quasic time beyond this trap of reasoning ignoring higher spaces and symmetries.

Over the quasic plane the alpha and beta, x and y, directions and the properties of numbers is that which for some concept or entity distinguishes potentially the continuous from the discrete. These do not explain sufficiently how things are to be explained beneath the idea as physics, especially that of measure and of global or local processes of observation and how we debate concepts such as quantum collapsing. In a large sense some cherished principles, renormalization, conservation laws, Pauli exclusion and the like will seem in retrospect vague intuitions and very convincing for a metaphysical philosophy more than physics as science- we need intuitive proofs as well.

The situation is not helped by those who promote insufficient understanding of new age ideas like "Sacred Geometry" but the same problems as to what is pseudoscience or science exists there as a matter of debate as to what is sound and whom first discovers or authors what. To dismiss all of it is no better than the anti-intellectual stance that would dismiss any facts in the theories of science.

To this end, from a combinations standpoint, to show the wide but accessible fifth generation behind phenomena such as life, one that forgets to count themselves at time initially in the plane itself let alone a cycle of others- so to the overly simplified application of group theories, in the reading of the gene code we explain also the 20 as a grounding as much as we can explain the 24 in the proper quasic time, the more Bosonic view that begins as discreteness, corpuscular over clouds and fluids of chance -itself split in its deep philosophy and applications, I arrange twenty colors of the internet logic spectrum and their mirrors. To this I add the cosmic latte and is mirror for 21 symbolic entities as the color designs show while needing further development than I have given here.

Of course at times over the various color spaces, to begin with the first such spectra excluded orange much to the chagrin of my young children. We tend in primary systems to choose three with compliments six colors, but newly defined via the internet we obviously should add the cyan and that outside the rainbow, magenta. Thus just as the inadequate description of slices of six dimensions for physical models of compactification we find 8 colors- in a sense we add black and white to make the ten then to expand these logically as if each hue is a dimension added in a generation of a uniform color space system. Super-symmetry begins at 8 dimensions.

While it is clear we can rotate things, 720 degrees which is the start of quaternions and string theories, we should not forget the centered concept of things at 90 degree multiples to find the identity or center of a holographic surface identity in the rotation of things. Quasics removes the paradoxes of the application of properties beyond octonions and we can treat these abstract number concepts as if simple plane drawing which more or less is our experience of natural space.

* * * * *

Color Graphics as Operations on Patterns

Color Graphics as Operations on Patterns (the 30 Cubes) L. Edgar Otto 02-24-12

I find it remarkable that on a cube of 4 colors the 24 permutations inverted thru the center results in the same 24 permutations, just reorienting the cube itself. In the case of the symmetry of the dodecahedron, logic as multiplications and addition confined to the quasic brane, one simply cannot draw the dodecahedron to represent stacking face to face by inversion. The depth is a brick wall. I imagine then some such process may be possible if my graphics program was not so close to the logic- but this is a natural geometrical restriction in modeling physics itself from one view.

I find this level of color makes the possibilities of visualization ordinary combination theory an advanced yet clearer view of things and the parallel synaethasia of alphanumerics and rhymes (said on the news yesterday that women being more verbal have a better ability than men to do the computation due to verbal superiority in general) and logic to the extent depth mathematical concepts that apply in general as does a formula are interconnected and seem to apply to a theory of everything (if not show how and why and where this is not true!)

I note that Lubos denies the new age idea of everything connected to everything else, this is right, but it does not go deep enough into physics to show beyond the flat logic what may be happening in super-symmetric dimensions. I note also that in matters of the foundations of quantum theory and or of relativity- ultimately the alternative view of what is the disconnections in the discreteness of nature and the assumption of a limited or brick wall of energy conservation, that he does not regard modification of these theories as possible or worries that in doing so some of our cherished concepts as physics are threatened. This is not necessarily the case.

I see today on the blogs two interesting links:

Ulla here has a most interesting post and rather first rate in the level of reading.

A blogger I follow has this concerning numbers for undergraduate exercises which does seem to relate to what I am trying to do with numbers (and more to the point the permutations involving color) here.

I have so many experimental graphics not all of it will be posted for there is a level or a way of doing things easier yet I am not always aware my methods may be a little too loose and artistic for the eye or for the design of the program and machine- but I am getting there. It would be much easier to do this from scratch, then again it is easier to tear down a wall than to build it up.

* * * * *

Ideas for Three Dimensional Printing

Ideas for Three Dimensional Printing L. Edgar Otto

I would welcome serious ideas for three dimensional printing. What do you think you might want to use it for? Here are some of my ideas that come to mind:

*1 After many hours of thinking about very small and yet flat surfaces of whatever material for the purpose of making prototypes for my intricate candle molds I actually looked to see if there was anything available for it. This would be a lot better than laser cutting and may make a new level of advancement in a society that uses it economically. The metal processes came from Japan but are delayed due to the recent tragedies there that would make my task costly but easier.
As a principle of production a flat surface is preferred, not the constant rounding off of corners. This in the research and development metaphysics of the largest attempt so far at a candle company.

"Man's achievement in architecture was the taking of the Euclidean plane and standing it on edge."
George Santayana

*2 Around the late 70's I visited the crystallography professor who taught the class. He had a few wooden models of crystals (not stick figures) which over the years from the set were lost or worn down. He remarked how it would be nice to have them again. I offered to attempt it but he said I should consider the very difficult angles.

I recall reading that even with visual help from computers that there is something to actually holding a model of such structures like organic molecules that is a comfort to those scientist even if they just hang from the ceiling or are on the desk. This is part of understanding geometry too.

3. Perhaps a design for robot arms, or the parts of one such as the steel strings that convey the changes in say endless testing of lab samples that would be tiring to humans. The emphasis of which is to minimize the vibrations involved that sometimes stop the machine in its range of subdivisions of its product by action out of sync.

4. On these principles, some new, can we scale things such that these can make filters with the idea of desalination in mind? Can these be in any form, based on the general substructures such as of Fuller's tensegrity for lighter but greater strength of structures such that the overall shape of something could say mimic a natural tree in a landscape but contain solar panels if not filter out the air itself?

* * * *

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Triacon Orthogonal Quasic Symmetry

Triacon Orthogonal Quasic Symmetry L. Edgar Otto 02-23-12

Not much to say today, science-wise. I did try to make a few charts using the color rectangles as permutation operators but it is hard to see. Once seen it shows the depth of such symmetries a small table may not show clearly. I am working on this as I do with other things to take them up from time to time, put aside awhile maybe. For the dodecahedron I posted how these may be viewed undergoing various paint symmetry operations as if to see where the inversions could possibly be- other than the other permutation of five objects so to color the five sets of six axes.

I include a graph paper if someone wants to color things themselves. Once we do see things in this way it shows even wider spaces where such combinatorics relate.

The reference to Pink Floyd, "another brick in the wall" seems to apply to a lot of things lately when we try to fit into academia or some social situation. But the two bricks show the mortar and stucco over the bare brick. This is pretty much the general idea of particles that can be modified a bit - but this is an old view maybe.

I think I got the clockwise and anti-clockwise right for the sequence of colors but the first is light grey and the second dark gray. I sort of imagine here the 3+1 of these grays on both sides of a mirror- now while I have not thought about it and worked it out I do see a sort of logical addition and multiplication implied here where this side of the inversion (half the Icosahedral group really) the light grey is zero and the dark gray one... and so on.

* * * * *

Carbon Footsteps (4D Printing Elan Vital)

Carbon Footsteps (4D Printing Elan Vital) L. Edgar Otto 02-23-12

The quasic view explains a lot as to why we can imagine certain directions in the development of science. But on the next level of the aggregation of things, the next super-generation of the properties of the vacuum we call physics- those which do not claim to replicate in the laboratory the properties intrinsic to mind or for that matter the life force itself. But the reverse sense of time as the memory and learning is this process where, just as with matter, vague concepts crystallize into and intelligible reality. This is the "perpendicular' extension to the vague and general idea to the what and why of existence.

In that it is science, and can be shown directly with more certain data and the ability to control it- otherwise such vague ideas are not taken seriously as real possibilities- it is clear that we need to reach a certain level of expertise and technical complexity, a deeper generation of space, to set into the printing, a condensation, that accesses these higher processes founded first on the material given just as if a mind emerging from the body or life as structured to evolving possibilities.

On this new level of complexity, if we are to tap our imagination beyond striking speculations on which there seems only metaphors of existing science that nevertheless boggles our mind, we are apt to feel overwhelmed with the new and not imagined possibilities in our speculation to which our science fiction of the future in retrospect will appear very much an underestimation.

Carbon life after all seems to hold a special place- even if the heart of biochemistry is really to gain the understanding of DNA, the organic. Just as Euclid's work in earlier times amounts to a hymn to the dodecahedron. After all, that fifth element represented the universe. In that our universe is finite that is the model still in the running and itself can be a mathematics as finite properties usually imagined as symmetry breaking and compactification in recent models.

The quasic world is quasi-finite although as in the first impressions of relativity some philosophers quite imagined that eventually even time itself will be a discrete phenomenon.

Thanks to Ulla for her almost surgical questions to the theoreticians and her insight into the central role of carbon. Knowledge of the world is the beginning of applying the unknowns and things we cannot put into words and formulas that can heal, maybe even at a distance.

Some ideas in today's science fiction; metal that can be strong yet can bond on touch of parts, layers that negotiate the gravitational idea in ways that look fantastic to normal physics; and though I feel taken in by the thrill of the entertaining concepts I have to acknowledge that some of the most far out ideas are a possibility which perhaps the charlatans are not aware of as real themselves. It turn out we may have a path to the vacuum energy after all and it does not take cosmic level tools to enact it.

Of course when the time-like dimensions and the ambiguity as to what is time has to be considered along with the meaning of in what way does it appear tachyonic, on what level.
This perpendicularity, meant from a God's-eye view holographic in all span directions, is a sort of quasic analog to what we mean by time-like dimensions as in the description of the Monster group.

* * * * *

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visualizing Quasic Permutations

Visualizing Quasic Permutations

L. Edgar Otto

This was from an old concept navigating through pages for a web sight and perhaps an animation. In this case there are five colors and thus the 20 and mirror 20 of the forty units (that is in a sense perpendicular to 4space. The permutations, which are the Icoahedral group of 120 elements, each are in the form of a golden spiral (actually Fibonacci for pixel squares here) so we can imagine depth and direction perpendicular to the quasic plane- and all the issues of warped structures, that is the spirals can be seen as helices.

Clearly this is an analog to a plane of xy and a z axis in three space- this being 4D (or alternatively 40 close packed 5D spheres) we have the 80 elements to which on the next depth of generational symmetry structures the number is a stop at 81 - a sort of generalized Kea theorem).


I note Lubos has a post more or less confirming the faster than light neutrinos was a GPS related glitch. But this changes nothing for the theory. I already said that it would not undermine the Lorentz plane and take on things, but such a plane is not enough to encompass the ideas we need for new physics including the tachyon concept that we may have to one day consider (or do so again for string theory). In this permutation visualization of chriality it is clear that a helix in one of the regions is invariant to the direction perpendicular to the plane even if it changes the time like direction. One may interpret this as a sort of invariance or disconnect from time and also from matter, if there is motion it is a ray going one way or appearing to. But is this not the issue with neutrinos and their mixing in the first place? If we can have illusions of faster than light in space, how much more so in that space of still higher dimensions and relativity analogs? On in this case as with the idea of such dimensions and symmetry making things orientated and physical it is not a given that these are or are not observable in their influence including what defines the mass as well as balance the books with the momenta.

* * * *

Quasic Intelligibility

Quasic Intelligibility

L. Edgar Otto 02-22-12

The mind needs not be imperceptible to itself on its own level for it does not separate itself as if from a distance so make a distinction of similarity that has divided itself. This is more a grounding of the logic of things indifferently in the universe and that grounds numbers and space.

At a distance then we can make these distinctions with in a sense is invisible to self-perception. While in what seems isolation in a quasic field, that does not reach the intensity of broader horizons in which the mind connects to others and in this promiscuous orbit of higher generalization finds a design of wider architecture for the soul.

The intelligibility of number and design can in a sense be for all practical purposes and innocuous fancy's be contiguous or intimate with the idea that it is an aware, intelligent design. But the proof of this, if we accept any balanced logic or properties of numbers as grounding physics, close to the design which at first seems an overly rich idea of particle generations is the surprising necessity so distinguished and discerned in a non-necessary universe.

But logic, or even numbers at a perceptive distance, or from them of some unknown faculty sentient or not but a possible living thing at least, is not to be confused with the level of the faculty of mind, nor proofs by incompleteness and inconsistencies when logic appears invisible, a dead and neutral thing. A state of mind that asks for connections but is shy to reach for them and see them for what they are. A state of mind that cannot use efficiency with compassion and meaning even for themselves.

In the study of space and time, and the particles of whatever balance of mirrors on some level, in the reality we need room and direction to move, and no resistance by that outside our selves by the mind of others or the mindless logic of the game. We need the vacuum alive or still more than we need dust and space and time.

* * * * *

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 3D Limits of l Layered Printing

The 3D Limits of l
Layered Printing
L. Edgar Otto

Intuitively we tend to regard an atom as what we experience in the familiar world as three dimensions.

Of course the situation is discrete as is the question. But from the view of the continuous we exclude solutions involving powers of phi that would be a lesser dimension for a solution.

So the minimum 3D structure that can be assembled but not printed would be "Graphene" if we can do this with carbon.

So what then is the maximum object that cannot be printed in layers? That would be Tellurium (52), by what I call Kea's Theorem involving dark or Casmir forces.

But should we find and control the Higgs in this marvelous new era of the search for it in physics we could I imagine use it to catalyze some higher elements if it did not break down into Xenon.

But Teflon turns out to be unhealthy for us as it gets sticky with age and heat and we ingest it along with other chemical properties we did not expect in this marvelous age of technology.

* * * * *

[Footnote: This posted to Gibbs comments and I decided to make it a general post.]

The Fifth Generational Axis (Qunitality)

The Fifth Generational Axis (Qunitality)

L. Edgar Otto

Over the quasic plane conceived as all four dihedral group rotations (and four mirrors of which we see only one unitary direction) these are exhausted in four space lattice regions of golden spirals scaleless in the depth and span, thus flat to the plane. Such perpendicularity's as triality have its analog in the unitary axis to a plane in three space.

The local regions that crystallize into the four, and at a distance by quasic aggregate intelligible contiguity have a rationalized count of four plus the fifth axis for five thins. But over the span of the quasic brane we observe the numerical properties that can be seen with generations unto triality a sum of 12 plus the 5th axis for 13 space region physics to consider of 13 torus volumetric colors- to these we add three more of which these are perpendicular to the level of four space for the more interconnected (thus quabics relates to the inter-context of more general groups objectively and subjectively) for the deeper meaning of applied higher matrices of 16 elements. Beyond this is the system which tries to imagine a generational quabicity.

Considering all such compliments, axes, and mirror, it is here we find at least the 32 elements of Dirac nilpotent formalism to ground that level of quantum field theory.

* * * * *

L. Edgar Otto

From the vital now of life force and our mystic connection to the idea of time, we descent from the doubling of our ancestors, both in the flesh and in the spirit.

Our unique soul does not simply vanish as if to have our lives flash by before the triple sinking into drowning, but we relive all past lives through our line in the structured vacuum.

Memory then is deeper than the vacuum as if it were not such a radical thought already that it persists in the nothingness as well the uniqueness of the world as mind.

I stand by he grey lady with her great numbers in white and shake hands, man of the family while my father goes over seas. I know he will return awhile, hang around my world.

The move on to the more distant stairway as if something holding him back, or if it is a rather long journey- or he has to untangle his life, braid his encounter with others for dress inspection.

His early photos left in black and white, double exposure
strangling himself and I playing tag with him in some meadow beyond time to hear some warning of events.

I pick up the bottle cap, tax paid for the state of Virginia.
I did not want to make this trip but from some other path some tangled future in my dreams he told me of the great auto crash, I had to delay things. In the now I disobeyed, the snow, the chill and I thought he would punish me. We missed the truck by inches.

I talk a long time on the phone that last week. He said he was sorry for some things- going fishing with the black folk they are people like anyone else too- don't forget that. But you know, I guess it has to be over sometime.

My son had never met him but did my wife's folks. He woke up yelling where is grandpa. He is OK in Milwaukee and that is not too far away- No, no he cried, my other grandpa.

Next day when things had looked up and everyone who could flew to see him, things turned down, and he moved on precisely at that hour in the night my little son cried out.

* * * * *