Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Great Speculation

The Great Speculation        L. Edgar Otto  June 21, 2014

In this post I will comment on recent data and speculative models which seem to me if these are science we have gone directly to philosophic implications before even the science fiction aspects were developed as technology seems to rapidly evolve.

I usually associate quantum stuff with the metaphor of a hive and honey bee.  Relativistic stuff with hedgehogs, and quasic stuff with the many eyes of a peacock.

dS and Es universes seem to have some creative aspects which work jointly to predict what is observes or suggested recently on both sides of the profane and sacred geometry.

This has come from some recurring, yet comforting dreams.
Consider these news results:
1. the speed of light may be slower than thought as a standard of measure.
2. a model of galaxies where only so many, dark matter simulation wise, become star bearers.
3. two rings of star formation happen, one more elliptical near the vicinity of galactic black holes.
4. information wise, what is radiating if a black hole can radiate completely, and why when items fall or accelerate there is heat... how can this be if things are relative?  What of the angular momentum?
5. can a Dyson sphere literally isolate social systems or concepts like soul in reincarnation models? Is there in a sense a higher level of super-entanglement that inverts or appears isolated and internal - is this not in fact a fractal like form of inflation models.
6. in multicellular animals the source code seems intimate from the origins to life thus cancer but in the bonds of molecules while breaking they spontaneously tend to repair. Life is this focal point of living and death.
7, quantum computation does not necessarily work faster than classical computation.

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