Monday, December 1, 2014

Off-Shell Communication and Navigation

Off-Shell Communication and Navigation
  (and Off-Cone Dreamikin Echolocation)

[An exercise in sci fi UFO intuitive logic between physics and fantasy.]

*The issues of Bell inequality is independent of positive effects and extents of our (Omnium) reality save where zero points in action in such dreamspace neutralize or effectively null points and total mass pass thru each other (which implies a strict barrier between such general worlds as the norm)
In reality the force of shifting values globally match the variably constant states of persistent and stable Being over omnic intervals (ideas of compression cannot simply be reduced to higher dimensional flatland as primary to one representation of duality as flatland as if fixed distances) we so define as time or space or the question of abstract form vs materialism beyond it as concave-convex, discrete or continuous in events of provisional unities.

*Consequently, the effects are at the instant of contact, spaciously, making indirect evidence of scale extent yet provide a grounding for experimental inquiry.

*From our physical reality an if and only if to abstract others the influence or awareness is limited in
how beings can interact with each other.

*A change, a bright or mirror dark half real calling beacon, can disrupt navigational location via sub-mass structures (as conceived in an absolutely empty vacuum also).  Or as an influence  and grounding by higher general scaling so too what we interpret or define as sentient entities.  This is the higher interpretation of what we ourselves in relation to higher physics strive to ground and define consciousness.

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