Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sharing with My Physics Friend

Physics friends only. It occurs to me that in a 1+1 surface setting the Planck length might be thought of as a form of scalable Casimir style separation phenomena in quantum mechanics. If you remove the medium requirements of classical wave propagation you automatically have a two surface issue that could be coupled to a subPlanck <-> Casimir like separation phenomena. If the attractive strength scales high enough, the surfaces might osmose into a (1+1)+1 dual system analogous to Maxwell. by Joseph Marchione

L. Edgar Otto I was just thinking this although hard to visualize (hard to simulate? ) This, like twisted light in a standard fiber optic cable is a consequence of Quasic (Compass) Harmonics. I just made shorthand notes I will post here for the arts sake. These are principles, some of which would existentally express Null thermodynamics (see Penrose on entropy at one narrow event of water in ice) Imagine two Casmir plates one can cause water to freeze or melt but not by radiation (lasers). D4 over min. QM is a QM tetrahedron over discrete and analog directionality. 00 01 10 11 tt self dual qubits of a double system. Also the boundaries of a quasic grid can after successive iterations can jumble time directions as if randomly resulting in ongoing depth of linear time as if the homogeneous color cosmic latte lattice infinite inflation thinks needed to explain backgrounds. Very good thinking, physics friend


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