Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Philosophic Interpretation of Gravitational Wave Evidence of the Cosmic Background Data

L. Edgar Otto                                       05/22/2014

*1 An indirect intention meets an indirect observation, indicators and the reading of data.

*2 At the "present" if a beginning would superentanglement superdetermine the state of becoming in the here and now?

*3 Would this suggest a more spacious range of what is meant by our ideas of evidence?

*4 Otherwise, as if physically described by Heisenberg matrices in the scope of that of them but philosophic interpretation, in pulsar systems be indirect evidence?

*5 Or direct evidence of evidently hidden energy (by our indirect mathematical methods apparently) of the changes in proximity of two stellar objects conserving fixed scale changes as apparent motion of all parameters and ultimately nothing further.

*6 So in a particular system as a physical pattern such hidden parameters (such as the 15 in 3D to 4D or 28 in 4D to 5D and so on) explicitly determined as "s, super" or "b, boring evidence from some shifting solution, casual or causal, or the method as well as instruments by the search for such evidence that which guarantees observation of the evidence?

*7 Extraordinary claims do not necessarily need such superordinary evidence.

* * *      * * * *

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