Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Calculus of Singularity

A Calculus of Singularity
(A philosophy of cosmology as general stereonometry in scientific phenomenology)
This page will be revised over the next few days for explict descriptions of the principles)

L. Edgar Otto Principle (for say a Calculus of Singularity) Anomalies may arise just at that point where an isolated interval may distinguish itself from a totality of infinite or indefinite extent as if such a poking the balloon. In a general sense a selection or evolving model of galaxies or such analogies as universes is not necessarily the total picture where we cannot find a more general model with initial origins or endings. We may of course only be part of a small focused general anomaly at such a pin prick and that is our limitation choice. Note the standard view on the unique reading of the gene code has been changed by experiment to a wider view where such initiators and terminators are part of a wider space where nature in analogy to DNA is a wider theory. So our evolutionary models are rather simplistic also.   ‎5/‎25/‎2014

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