Monday, July 28, 2014

Thesis and Theory

Thesis and Theory          L. Edgar Otto    (shared on facebook and represents a day in the life of my recreational physics and math where things seem to come together after thoughts and dreams)  I am sorry I have not kept up the blogs or the vague ideas for new poems and songs (broken toy road is coming along even though scientific concerns are more important a use of time, but not of we as people) In a sense nothing is lost in this issue of information or how we use our light in life, yet efforts are not always visible nor need they be in the miracle of life and what is unique in us and the universe.

* * *

Sometimes things seem to fit together but we cannot be sure if this is all we can know of a given model as our imagined totality. The ability to distinguish science and pseudo-science appears to be a phenomenon needing better explanation in itself. I think it helps that those who research are highly open minded but in general should be highly emotionally stable. Still, if somehow language and concepts are passed down in our genes which I feel strongly is the case just random or artificial arrangements of symbols as roots, for words or solutions of equations, are harder for humans to adapt to initially to understand. But there does seem quantum leaps after the fact of deep reflection. This strikes me as a direct but delayed result where what was intuitively vague yet correct may raise our awareness to the obvious then new questions. Yet it is not clear for any of us that we need to express this knowledge in a post alphanumeric age as numbers or words as we go about the business of living and living together.

Counterflow superconductivity as a thermodynamic micro concept would be equivalent to QM space issues of turning black holes into white holes as in LQG theory for hierarchical scale measure theses.
The "polyomnic" idea of space itself quantized over so many apparently irreducible sheets of atomic layers in successive but indefinite dualities on the middle or general scale beginning at five-fold symmetry.
QM issues relating to awareness (theory) can be imagined an artifact of language including its representation by formulae which may not properly distinguish linear or logirithmic symbols nor their certainty in establishing physical effects.
This is evident in what we call agglutinating or almalagmating confusions of evolving or fixed views of variations on roots.  Our theses then local or extended of matrix verses particle-wave duality in a range of perceptual phenomenal applications conceptually.
Otherwise we would not observe analogous phases questioning what effects we regard as natural or artificial as this applies especially to the informational complexities of biological systems as models.
"The root was a solitary monolith surrounded by concentric stone-circles of superfluous if exquisitely regular, flexions."  Loom of Language  Frederick Bodmer pg.464   July 25, 2014 article

* * * *
I have considered a project, more for fun, of representing language visually as a series of the international signal flags, colors and shapes, with the intrinsic issues of logic that to me these imply.  I think it may be important that on the beach before the great unknowns we as people have some time to play, perhaps draw equations in the sand without worry that it may be a waste of time or just something for us to do this day.

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