Monday, August 18, 2014

Alternative Scaleless Symmetry

Alternative Scaleless Symmetry ( state of the vision between LHC experiments )  L. Edgar Otto ( The PeSla )

Alternative symmetries, now considered seriously although still in a confused way in regards to the math and conventional terminology. Welcome to the new physics, SUSYQ. It has been a long plateau to get here and a steep learning curve, yet there is more. Some of us wait patiently marginalized on the side, some of us do the work with results or not in a sense of higher duty. Some like Don have a sober view where even relativistic effects hold on our human scale.

L. Edgar Otto Don, and just what does Fermi Lab have to say about ghost particles, recently? Seems to me 'galatomic ' banded by the science philosophy chat forum, or others of the scaleless universe so threatened by the simple concept of a tablecloth fractal (like Lubos) and I see why - E=mc^2 is a local illusion right? Or my thoughts long on this issue or others like Robert Walker who predicts we vindicated.
This general concept comes closer to foundational theory. The single multiverse as a 'ghost' particle is a metaphysical principle. (nothingness is created with all that is not a created muon - Rowlands, even without consideration of 'tachyons'.) 
But various ideas of physics is not that radically changed nor generations of researchers work and experiments pointless wasted time and effort. Symmetry is still a wildcard in between what Nature discerns or decides which is zombie, which is ghost in a nonnecessary manner.
Complex analysis can be independent of scale likewise as descriptions like fractal length measured expansion but dimensionless.
In three space where scaleless the 'Otto-Conway' matrices have a hierarchy of such matrices in spaces or masses of imagined higher dimension.
The universe appears 'extranormal' not strictly paranormal part predictible nor necessarily supernatural as unreachable in existing science including ideas of tachyons or zero and negative probabilities.

Standard physics regards as gazing at an atom from outside and toward the micro world direction can be reduced to symmetry as if a perfect sphere.

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