Saturday, August 9, 2014

Epiphany Lane (On Drill-bit Nano Physics)

Epiphany Lane (On Drill-bit Nano Physics)

More text and commentary may be added soon... here are some raw notes and a symbolic picture to be compared to a wave color dimension model of quasic shell electron configurations.  The deeper principle is the wildcard * which equals 0 or 1 and energetic physics in between, as if alph sub * at the foundation of singularity or color added as a spacious singularity dimension, are there informationally indistinguishable. This is to say we do not understand chirality deeply enough nor how it is expressed physically.  From my quasic view, comparable to neutral plasma pinching where there are longitudinal wave effective concepts the geometry seems to portray patterns, here four-fold symmetry, that tend to repeat or not across the linear aspect of information which is equivalent to that we imagine expanded in higher space.

Singularity or avoiding singularity are equal as the indiscernible discernible in the discontinuity over a geometric abstraction where 2=0 by division by zero the imaginary or missing elements of an energetic focusing toward a linear direction represents the wildcard point or line description which may pass thru the event horizons as if the rim of a 4D volcano potential well with increased speed.  Thus qm tunneling.  If for example the big bang started from a black hole in a sense the idea of inflation is not needed or part of the illusion of expansion for instead of eternal it is more a diffuse steady state... thus what then is the need for inflation theory to explain an already more steady state conception?

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