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Simple and Superspace

Simple and Superspace

I define simple, natural, familiar, space as that only of a three dimensional view as the possible dimensions. This presented as a reality check and alternative theory that may reside in our mechanisms of understanding. The given three space is the work of God, all its edifices of superspaces is the work of man (to paraphrase that intuitionist saying about numbers in themselves.) I am not promoting this as a possible theory of everything, just pointing out that in whatever form we build a mathematical physics where they are not simple they represent some idea of this concept as a grounding to which all the extensions into multidimensional superspace (for example the idea of supersymmetry) share the same sense of direction for a world view as unified physics as at least more sophisticated than meets the eye.

We also assert that energy as the ground is equivalent to the idea of integration over volumes in three space or such geometry is the heart of our concept of energy.

The ratios to consider in the variations in the illustration above between the hierachy of quasic planes as superspace and finite intuitionist numbers hold certain levels of complexity where 32 is found as a more general number when we multiply by three again. These after all are concerned with introduction of odd numbers and powers thru the mixing of the even numbers and parts of them. (but this is too technical yet simple to explain here at the moment, posted for reference.)

If the case is that there is only simple geometry and no superspace then most of our general theories of everything fail, being merely illusions or specialized ideas of use only in what on some level seems well grounded calculations. Although considering the quality and education of my inspiring bloggers here I have reports that they do not understand the quasic idea- but from my viewpoint we seem to be converging to the same sort of ideas of more sophisticated geometries. In a sense all the suggested theories do not stand up to this superspace alternative or natural geometry even if we comprehend some theory- including my quasic ideas of the plane and numbers.

I feel that there is a certain level of reading or writing or symbol representations which sound profound but are empty as the well known problem of reading and recalling script in our dreams. This is perhaps because in our individual and collective understanding of the world, our investment in it of ourselves, our erection of myths and stories, our fear of the unknown or magic against all to often real demons, that some grounding of organizing our minds does not want to fact this empty truth of simple emptiness or nothing deeper in the world than that given as if we are only three space and not a complex bilateral hierarchy of superspace organization. We need the veil over the foundations to better build the superstructures. It is these considerations that are the climate of our evolving mental health as we debate vehemently or slowly reach toxicity by the superficial understanding of our life processes and environment by partial technology.

I notice the last few posts of Pitkanen concern closely some of my own concerns. These posts are especially creative. These also are close to the normal view of the mathematical physics- and I may discuss some of these points in general where I feel the notions and notations, as powerful as they are, fail us. I also note that Ulla has some very interesting posts which many of us have considered as to what may be the as yet science of unexplained phenomena especially of mind. She has asked some rather important questions on numbers lately that shows me where I have not left the key that something is easily and scientifically explained. I would think her idea of the space inside the carbon ring as a sort of wormhole (I presume this is Pitkanen's term used here) or portal. It is a problem for us who have to learn outside of the university setting if in fact what we are to learn is not there and no one can do more than assert the truth of some things in the cyber marketplace. I would love to talk to Matti as he does seem to talk some about space as quasic planes. But with Kea's insights there may be a more general combination of these ideas- all of which begin to struggle with the core intuition primes are the key.

The snowfall came again and I did not have much new to say so I hibernated awhile, I am just not made for winter. I could have posted twice more but I needed to take a breath anyway and tighten up the ideas, maybe a little input on hard reading. I will return here to make better presentation of the ideas behind this post as so jotted down casually in my notes. Also I had to get past a few dead ends- and the what is the point of doing this with the people in the world so selfish and superficial of late. Spring came awhile, I expected those around me already so to be more depressed but it seems they all went around frantically inside doing a lot of annoying spring cleaning. They require you do the same, even if you always do general maintenance. Our government in this state and the federal too are trying to do a lot of spring cleaning- but they may crash if they have to shut down awhile.

Economically it is just living room and Darwin, no real understanding of the superspace of balance and abundance of resources. It does not matter in the natural averaging of things if we sacrifice the few for the many or the many for the few- but it does matter what sort of political and economic theory we impose on the world.

* * *

Nonpareil Parallels

*Energy, an abstract and relative concept, is a measure of the (linear^n) dimensions of abstract space... in a sense mass-energy on the lowest level is "the other gravity" that is the properties of three space is the properties of familiar energy.

*Polarized light is such a measure viewing the forces as the square root down a dimension and as an abstract superimposition into a plane (surface, 2-space) of which the electric or magnetic components with lag (retardation) apply

for: it is the finite in the inversions of what is loop or indefinitely extended that decides the quantization and reintegration of styles of indefinite space everywhere its coordinates independent as if all can be related to a certain sense of discreteness of wildcard singularities and such freedoms concretely expressed as if portal centers or simply connected centers of orthogonal like structures.

*The abstract count, one to one and 121 of such dimensional objects in SUSY space is intelligible as the counting of arithmetic itself, coherence as uniformity.

*Between 2 parallel or superimposed planes the "volumes" may be of different scales in the quasic grids in respect to what is surface or depth values, different scales.

*We can superimpose such volumes of different grids and find decoherence or more definition in the infinitesimal depth as a source of internal structural energy.

*The electric and magnetic differences is that difference in circles and lines quantity squared. A biquadratic bi-dialectical difference that later with a third axes sets up the focus into a geometry of bilateral n-dimensional symmetry.

*A sine wave as polarized entity in abstract vibration in superspace, is an epsilon honeycomb in motion but such motion can be intrinsic relative to other superspaces.

*One ideal ekpyrotic event but everywhere a continuum erected between two superparallel planes of space and point continuously at dimension zero is an integration of volumes between them in the depth and span and nilpotency of a more general continuum.

*These considerations of superspace field energy relates to mass intelligibly. But the surface can create hidden and retarded shell structures (of vast importance in forthcoming essay or comment in developmental ideas of organisms, mind, and environmental constraints (false ones?) see Pitkanen on animals sensing heavy and light water.

[*General natural space of such natural plane indefinite connectivity and motion can rarely find fixed coordinate vectors of the fields as matter points distinguished from an abstract empty vacuum.] This one needs clarification due to my writing the notion by very dim light awakened briefly in the middle of the night, the word vary which looked good in that light was illegible- it read it as "rarely" and tried to recover the notion: let me rephrase and elucidate:
In effect such an alternative theory as this views the relation of geometry and mass being abstractly equivalent but of shifting vast measure is to see not from the top down macrocosmic or bottom up microscopic but from the middle out, mesocosmic in which we observe the location of most living things of scale, perhaps ubiquitously. Time as well as space is an "averaging" toward flatness of zero and the infinite and can have what feels on our scale subjective effects. Even in a simple space we can understand that these effects can influence each other even if in a sense abstract and illusion. It follows also that space can have subjective effects- for example the feeling things are longer one way than the other from a to b, a quantum like subjectivity- or that we do not always know our immediate neighbors as we live closer together but those at a distance (some evidence of this on newscientist today). The superspace, and the bandwidths of perception may explain the differnce of matter and the vaster amount of empty space- without recourse to the natural varying of h or c , nor appeal to ideas of origin as a zero singularity save in a math of ideal design only.

I add an interesting reference to science daily that the nerves, dentrites and axons have been discovered that the information flows both ways, that there is a lag where the axons take a longer time to process information then communicates cell to cell to the other axons without immediate dendrite response from external sources. This also shows up in the general development and in things like aging and memory.

In this mental model, as if geometry or space in the abstract is conserved (after all the center wildcard singularity can act as if it has a mirror which seems to express complexification of duplication of space or there could be actual mirrors or vortexes. The 50% in regards to right and left consideration of entanglement a the surface points or center of orthogons shows a general abstract structure of intelligible geometry that may decide such things in the mind and certainly how we set the spin right or left of things initially equally and without recourse to a simple ides of explanation by probability which after all is explained also by the Pascal analogs.

But where there is a difference, as a speculation I suggest that in our age we have too many mimics that mime the appearance of say taste but the underlying chemistry can be different and alien to our evolved relation to sensing and consuming such chemicals (see also the idea between planes that molecules may bounce near the plane in a quantum manner in science news articles today.) If for example there is the androgen theory do we really make healthier baby food by using plastic mixers for say autism- do we not need to realize the possibility of these hidden properties of atoms of which we already know these surface phenomena are concerned with disease when one heavier element replaces the other like mercury and iodine? Cadmium.

While 8 is an important number in the division of three space- let us also realize that by the structure of numbers alone, not necessarily a situation of primes, complex prime analog, or inertial or infinite primes at zero and infinity, that it amounts to what Kea also understands- the relation of 8 and 4 in the extended superspace idea of information octonian and quaterion, as a source of mass-gravity in the idea of measure.

I add too that steady state ideas would not hold up with the three space only theory for they too are based on hyperbolic like spaces. While the invariants are only on the z axis of hyperboloids as well as spheres- the idea of rotation as the Lorentz boost- we do not directly see the idea of a repulsive force of the angles less than 180 as he interpretation exactly as we would the case of spherical non-euclidean space. Thus, while matter may arise creatively somewhere it is not clear it must arise from a lack of nearby matter as such a steady state space expands.

Again, the wildcard, the only invariant in the tetryacts of the 4 space matrix of Einstein from one view is the steady state in the simple space or the simple space realization of complex infinitesimal micro foam which as induction does not violate the intelligibly of the counting of things in simple space globally.

Plato, in the surface triangles of the polyhedra was first to have a subatomic theory of sorts with the rules for its chemicals of the elements. From the viewpoint of the vibration of strings and the sacred number 192 it is clear that he also had the first string theory of sorts.

In the fact, in mathematical physics, that we can have tensors, vectors, and mixed elements it is clear that to some extent our ideas fit the quantum relativity of Eddington in his fundamental theory of 1929, only the case of such not obvious superspace is a little more complex than the data of our reality of the time would suggest as physical possibility.

Time, again does not have to vary but is counted as if simple and unconnected so we can see it as a constant if we desire over simple space. Sorry, I only wanted to make a less long winded revision, perhaps it is not good to skip the sequence of ideas in my posting and expect them not to grow in considerations.]

* * *

*We note the various analogs and general formulas and views as to that happens and what is described, both classically and quantumly in the Casmir effect and its analogs to other theories where this applies to cosmology.

Lampion: 02-21-11 If we assume only an entity of energy as geometry of but only the third dimension, the assumptions in the edifice of theory requires no "dark matter", and no external "teleology or tachyons" needed for our ideas of some sort of superspace. These ideas too are not as metaphysical fundamental or at least not shown so. Otherwise they are a viable part of superspace.

* * *

Action, Conservation, Multiverse

*Least action has a "purpose" in symmetry of conservation but what does this mean at a spherical singularity as multiverse?

*Geometrically then the multiplicity of action is modified by the depth and span degrees of freedom in superspace. Even with limited integration over the quasized infinite depths and spans.

*Quasi-space and superspace at least locally explain the possibility of decoherence.

Alternative Theory

*There is only a three dimensional space that applies to the familiar physical world. Other dimensions are abstract artifacts of the edifices of mathematical systems.

1. The idea of the relativity's are absurd.
2. The idea of quantum theories is equally or more so absurd.
3. Geometric theories, M, string, and inflation theories also.
4. Energy is merely a matter of natural counting and division of three space scaleless roots of positive unity as unity.
5. No extended set can be mapped to part of itself, nor independently is this forbidden.
6. n-topes, polyhedra, polygons are abstract entities

*no path or lines can be necessarily of infinite extent
*no circles or knots need be necessarily closed
*there are no points nor are there totalities beyond three space
*the more extended indefinitely the classical time the less is space
*the more compacted space the less time
*surfaces are a mapping of space coordinates into themselves
*quasic ideas also vanish into flat space trivially.

*Three space as vacuum and mass are identical as a real solid given of indefinite extension in classical space and time but of constant existence.

* * *

These casual notes of the last couple of days much more difficult to read than I recalled- the number explorations not included here. Some of the themes seem to have recurred as items of assertion or consideration.

* * *

Thought from today:

I have objected somewhat to the formulas as presented where they use the exp symbolism and the tensor symbols to express some of these more fundamental ideas.

I have wondered but not fully understood why we should limit things to 8 of the 9 gluons for example- what technical grounding for such an exclusion of same flavors or colors. But it seems that say in a 4 x 4 matrix of tensors only one will be the flat and euclidean space one to which the others have a gauge and metric. This leaves the ten at rest of Einstein? or the 9 and 6 to accommodate the eh field? In any case it concerns the superposition on a wildcard singularity at zero or infinity.

From my quasic view where I map the subcells of an orthogon into such logical space there seems to be "implicative singularity". Which is to say that in the upper right hand corner we find the 0101 position which is the abstract wildcard center place or singularity of the orthogon in question.

A sine wave does not need external space to vibrate within as a superspace of its linear sequence- such spaces can be intrinsic. But should we map them in a general idea of numbering the plane regardless of bases used there will be points of the plane left out in a sense which can be filled by considerations of overall group rotations of the plane if used together impartially. This a sort of epsilon honeycomb idea of grids and space but an independent one from natural space.

* * *

We are not just a collection, biologically, of globs of things in a three space. At least as we develop and are organized we are a bilaterally symmetric superspace in the intelligible description of our complexity.

* * *

Note- in some correspondences steps were left out of this post do to it unclear what I was supposed to include or not in my hopefully clearer explanations of the the view of numbers and so on. The last posts concerned certain topological ideas wherein the interesting concept of the negative index of refraction (where we can see those in say a swimming pool swimming over it) as a question of what effects as if an inverted topology of the hyperbolic and elliptic spaces represent what is internal or external to an organism or mind with respect to the depth and span of whatever conception of the coherences of such four way bilateral phenomena.

But in that simple numbers relate to such superspace geometrical concepts one cannot help but feel we are closer to a more intelligible understanding of physics.

* * *

The idea of a three space model only of physics is presented here not as a serious alternative theory- but just to show that such an idea, even with our vast edifice of mathematical models, is lurking somewhere in our natural habit of defining and seeing dimensions. Why is the world three space and only there can we tie linear knots indeed?

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