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Simple Thought Experiments in General Science

Simple Thought Experiments in General Science

Lubos and Pitkanen discuss a lack of data for observation of gravity waves from binary black holes. For some of us we have independently considered that these may not be observed, at least directly. For others of us we can appeal to the question of not dismissing too soon what obviously exists because of insufficient technology in our experimental apparatus. Yes, it is questionable science given insufficient theoretical methods to make partial conclusions then suggest beyond the bounds of the systems so designed that there can be more than profound speculation and creative originality to generalize from those principles to claim it too soon a generalization of concrete theory.

Today I return to some early experiments, made independently, without the mathematical tools of my level of school and generation, the general science of which I did excel in class and made projects for my classmates to demonstrate things. But these are simple thought experiments in simple space in my looking back I see why I casually accepted and looked for certain things- in short, with a sense of what was kinetic and what potential everywhere around me I tried to expand my thinking to a sort of idea of hidden or superspace of more dimensions.

Reflection, rotation, and translation as general and equal descriptions of some physical, energy and geometry methods- I challenge as a matter of general science and recreation comment on these thought experiments to see just how far they are from the understanding of those highly trained in the methods of mathematical physics.

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The Mhosister:
(as superspace soliton conductor and detector)

In the illustration above I give you my conception of the Mho-sister. As we were changing from vacuum tubes (valves) to transistors, from voltage to conductance I imagined why not amplification based on resistance? Yes, a simple question and thought thru the eyes of late childhood.

Basically it was a Moebious strip with graphite (pencil) making paths around it to which I applied various batteries. It helped my father was working as an engineer for RCA and had a lifetime of interest in and at the dawn of radio. But this is not to say I adsorbed much of his expertise. From the start my interests were more theoretical. I did sign up for radar training but in my time you were assigned where the military wanted you- consequently my service field was not hard science. In fact not finding the equivalent of quasars (ironically the same word as my quasic theory) I abandoned my theories as fantasy for awhile.

Years later I saw an add from Sandia corporation that treated this sort of mobious strip as a "capacitor". But my device tried to take advantage of what happens when you divide a mobious strip in various ways. In thirds one could have an internal and a parallel external ring or circuit with the possibility of transformers and induction. But my thoughts stayed on the level of Ohm's laws and crystal radios and not the higher idea of power supplies. Indeed, this level may not see the ground as the place for zero in what can be built which my father told me would not work save the actual proof of the operation of it. If made by the design things will work was his advice. But if it worked he would say, guess it is OK then.

As simple as these concepts are they have come up on steroids with our modern reaches into theory and applied physics of some quite exotic situations. To what extent is two plates on the small scale explaining the Casmir force as if a sort of capacitor? What if we had a layer of graphene with its effects between the mhosister as layers? Being a mobious strip is half a Klein's bottle and things even in the repulsive and attractive force of the electromagnetism we have the mirrors with action-reaction as if opposite vortexes- that some such effects are observed even if the hidden or superspace other side of the looking glass only virtually there? Alas, can we arrange such mhosisters and their conductive-insulator properties of chemical structures of windscrenes for a sort of complex like a wireless? What would be these associated effects especially since amplification seems to be a complexification phenomenon up from the exquisite flux of the infinitesimal?

If in a rotation simple thought experiment we suspend a system of gyroscopes such that the force vector goes at right angles in all directions of three space- how does the system spin? Clearly, what is involved, especially if we say suspend magnets with the idea their repulsive force may be harnessed (presumably from the perpetual motion of spinning electrons in the material) we come up against the general idea of conservation of momentum. One can indeed make a system of suspended magnets that will move despite Lenz's law but it requires external sources of energy and the questions of mass in the momentum equations as geometry results in a lesser or greater, and sometimes hidden properties of spatial density.

Lincoln's ephiphany comment where he felt as if a theoretical physicists when in the reading of data from an experiment he realized the quantum aspects of the problem would explain things and balance out the data- that such quantum ideas can be seen on the mesocosmic or familiar level- goes right in line with his spinning objects on such scales that can be interpreted as relativistic effects. Of course since we cannot verify (as in the crossing over of knot nodes) the handedness in principle or that mirror forces actually exist) we can treat the experimental data as if one sided only without a depth of reversals or negative forces.

Thus we have simple thought experiments I will call soft for they are on a lower level language. Can we really draw analogies from soft thought and laboratory experiments to say something like the visible effects of graphene sheets tell us something bout the Higgs particle? Or such experiments, as say with sound, black holes? While we can do interesting things with coherent light can we really decide from an isolated particle, that is an insulated one, if there is a multiverse as a hard thought experiment or even if the evidence is concrete prove such complexity?

Lastly, the quasic unit at zero- while issues of where a zero ground must be or that it even shifts in the count, or that it is random in any local place in the counting, that is as a wild card singularity- it is evident that the value may be zero or one, and in the real part if there is only a universe, the residue of numbers in that they behave or logically describe the quasic plane be the zeta like one half- considering the base translations to octals to see it logically and clearly. The unity of a quasic pixel assumes at least one more multiplication or division of depth in the span compass of the quasic space and maybe it can be viewed in the hidden or depths of no concrete resolution as infinitesimal. Indeed, Eddington had a point of the nature of dimensionless constants of indefinite values because they are after all dimensionless. Eddington's conjecture rings true but only within the first few hard quasic levels and numbers as dimensions.

But considering the depth and span of the quasic plane in the pixels- and the behavior of primes to some degree a fractal phenomenon, and that certain configurations or patterns may not be but simple space in drawing and connections so not in a sense a recursive fractal at all (in regards to complex numbers) we also may say this of the other styles of fractals as less than fundamental. Indeed, the fractal idea applies more to composite space residues than hard prime fractals that unto themselves as unity may appear, perhaps mirror-wise, as of infinite or continuous influence and heredity of counting properties. Of course we have to consider the exchanging as real or virtual of what is depth or span in quadratic spaces. Beyond this there may be some epsilon honeycomb hidden grid arrangements left out of the picture still (but this is still a matter of my researches- but I did make some progress in determining in the highly superspace concepts just what it is with binary powers we may regard as the natural dimension of things in question which only as a simple space concept is explained by a general fractal configuration quality of quasic space. This is important that we do not extend our speculations beyond the idea of a certain fractal but closed infinity of recurrence only for that concept too is a simple space and idea of the infinite.) The core description may not be fractal at all at the fundamentals of things.

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About the only good use I got from the Mhosister concept was when some bureaucrat or university admissions officer who did not know the area of a circle let alone the volume of a hypersphere was when they asked me (after a certain point of realizing they had no intention of trying to understand or help my situation) how I was doing? and I would reply I am "irmhosistible" to which I found it quite humorous they pretended they knew what my coined word meant :-)

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