Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Link to the Experiments of John Baez and My 30 cube Notations

A Link to the Experiments of John Baez
and My 30 cube Notations

There is obviously very much to explore and learn on these pages of Baez. Some of us are aware of higher space and the meaning of symmetry in it- and the varieties of what can occur there as in my application of Conway's matrix of color cube matching.

Here it is: scroll to bottom of page... name over this graph is Phylogenies

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Well, its been a productive blogging month- and I will probably be away for awhile setting up the candles perhaps- I am not sure of computer access. So, without much to say for now, and a thin posting compared to most- my thoughts look through the science daily and playfully find these links that seem to suggest something about how we might view and organize space perceptions- at least on the nerve level:

"Box jellyfish may seem like rather simple creatures, but in fact their visual system is anything but. They've got no fewer than 24 eyes of four different kinds. "

"The UCSD researchers monitored the electrical activity of grid cells in rats that explored a small four-foot by four-foot enclosure. Grid cells, located in the entorhinal cortex just adjacent to the hippocampus, maintain an internal representation of the external environment. This representation is a grid-like map made of repeating equilateral triangles that tile the space in a hexagonal pattern. As an animal navigates through its environment, a given grid cell becomes active when the animal's position coincides with any of the vertices within the grid."

"The researchers found that rhesus monkeys can flexibly recall extremely simple shapes from memory, as evidenced by their ability to reproduce those shapes on a computer touch screen. The findings suggest that human and monkey memory is more similar than scientists knew, the researchers say."

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So it has been a long ride up hill and I have surpassed myself again in my enquires although it is not a bad, but a dangerous and arrogant assumption to feel a little ahead of the race or quest for a unified theory hauntingly near and almost there. After all it is a very steep climb and can only end, as Heinz Pagels pointed out for quantum physicists drawn to mountaintops before his prescient dream of falling came true.

I was tempted to post comments other places- the news of Baez to have an article in Scientific American forthcoming, the blog suggesting it a matter of teaching the readers for such links- but I did not, because the real unification is from our various viewpoints to which, like the string theories Baez tried to bring into a unity of sorts, almost magical, as the M theory tried before him, is the unification of all our ideas to which we feel so strongly in its parts we feel compelled to push some agenda. I then will wait for the world to catch up- heck, even breaking even to our time frames is better than being behind even with the clock running out. I will wait then for another encore and the recurring dream of this work of poetry thought but another bowing out only the next book of poems surpassed, as are our visions.

But as far as the way things are going now, with our rungs and ladders, our snakes and ladders too in the morality of the game - we gentle with the new and as nature so wasteful with her acorns and stars, so said Schweitzer, our work so long in the saving of the sunlight perhaps just to vanish at its peak- I leave you with Vonnegut as far as quantum cats and string theory is concerned as we welcome, oppress, or lead the next generation to find dimensions so much wider than our present dreams:

"No damn cat, and no damn cradle."

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