Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Will the New Physics Bring us Useful Crafts Beyond its Art for Art's Sake?

April 26, 2011 Will the New Physics Bring us Useful Crafts Beyond its Art for Art's Sake?L. Edgar Otto (aka PeSla)

So it is that my blog became progressive harder to read, something I observed earlier when I joiked that I can barely read it myself. So here I come again with a new frontier of things half wanting to drop out of the hippodrome full of chariots and lions and horses, gladiators and games for the masses and kings. I can only sit back and watch the unfolding of intutions, much as a poem that seems to come at once and if we think to do it, capture as best we can a sometimes impossible mood and not always a describible or easy to describe picture.

Provided of course we are not discouraged by the dreams of others or their own centering and dealing with the circumstances of their existences- all such spirit guests or trapped as fragile ambience upon dispassionate and disinterested souls and in truth ultimately homeless.

Do not be discouraged. Hope that no time comes when you find yourself vaguely put off from your embarrased actions, once passionate desire and you cease in dreaming, abandon them.

For the new physics, if that is what our atom smashers are looking for- if there can be some reward that uplifts humanity or sustains it, defends against evils, makes existence a little better for us all, and our children's world to come, say by finding some conucopia of free and safe energy these experiments beyond hints have failed in the very method of the looking and in the very ground of chance as a measure of our ignorance ever more rigidly focused.

Ours is a world, in our souls full of quakes and longings unfulfilled, much like the earth itself pushed and pulled and spun, not quite there at a stable end to sustained and sane dreams, as all failed stars. Nor do we know yet the why of galaxies evolved flaying their arms, some force of self flagulation, some chance chaos the same as if by natural laws or by some fateful Design.

Only in the far reaches of our mental aethers can we say, once we have not dropped out of the race and battle where the play repeats again and we reinvent individually the wheels and axels
defend or tire of the same old debates and sayings, you cocky young larva in the privies of first awakenings far from the town let alone the gown, the gods caring not if we stumble and cannot get up again, the tyranny of others given only a formal reprimand, ruler on the hand, worse than the gods their spending of their own light.

Together, my idea of that hidden in the depths of motes of nothingness or that focused to vanishing of notions and ever more energetic particles or as some neutral idea at zero points- as with all complimentary ideas that may achieve some higher and explict integration beyond their contrary claims- for I have come to realize that our description of dimensions are the same only the differnce is that who can see it first and consider the new integrations of wider fields - there alone in but a smaller step up in the complexity, we almost there, this is where the difference is to be found- and the source of energy accessible there worth more than the gold talisman of prestige and social reward of prizes, the work and not promised forever later, of capital in the down to earth reach of intellect worth so much more than rumors of gold.

In this the colliders may have inspired and lain the ground for a better future, so has not failed, and in the end has done so by inspiring those already in wonder and awe at the universe to keep learning and dreaming on- somewhere such integrations occur in our time and space and dust, as subtle as a scale left on your ear from a passing butterfly's wing where all sunrises if still are confused with wisdom's sunsets.

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A comment and thought to Matti Pikanen today:

ThePeSla said...

I am still having trouble trying to evaluate and see where the water memory fits in to the scheme of things.

On the other hand I have read that statistically water that had passed thru Einstein leaves a few molecules in all of us. Well, maybe you drank a few more :-)


I found this today which vaguely links some ideas of p-adic analysis and my quasics- I now know a little better the great uses of this idea, even an alternative calculus based on absolute numbers seen differently.

Check out the pictures on that link. I am giving these number ideas in general a lot of thought lately. Do you think there may be primes beyond 127 as such? or is it somehow limited and physically so?


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