Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Empty Sea Shells

Empty Sea Shells
* * *
The pachyderms returned to the sea
to become dolphins, whales largest
in water as they on land, like sperms
They hear far away the low tones or
seek unique songs, echolocation
As gulls fly inland hear distant coasts
magnets in their beaks repel sky sharks
fleeing rare earth hidden things before bones
Not all in the pecking order of arrogance
survive, yet all like penguins fight to do so and
Cannot imagine by instinct's purpose, catastrophe
But that was sixty-five million years ago
blind to fear of cold rains of iridium
In rest keep warm, no sharks that must keep moving
back when Saturn's eternal rings formed

* * * *

Imperfect Sphere Sonnet
* * *
In the existential moment
we cannot know what is
Cause or what effect, what
is free-will or time determined chance
Necessity - a trap and yet an
escape thru forms  of imaginary
World's unstable at singularity
Yet of essence, beginnings, ends predicate
ultimate totality may vanish or transcend
Our collective soul half hidden
time waves over virial condensates
The defective individual so
amplifies light's and feeling's paradox
Thus works the universe, not otherwise
* *
My fallen sparrow, labyrinth your lost Earth
only the sound you make, head against a wall
Tells me what direction, your looping mind
anxiously avoiding, crossing, repeating
Words, fish bowl timed out yet seen infinite
yet you see me through the glass and cling
If I awaken love for you , my hope, I know
you must take wing
I'm yours if you want me to want you
life as my sister or my mate
Risking the healing stem in you that
October 1st may be too late.
* * * *

Light's Long Winters
* * *
Some live within the vanishing
at home with the outward darkness
Asked to learn as if a child in emptiness
remain a child by Time's leeward starkness
The sentient living world, explosions in exploding's
branches, rests, decays, consumes by burning
Recalling, prime the fiery pump, cold future yearnings
so easily set down as waters fall to crowded branching's
Until the span and roots, one great tree begun abundantly
returns to lightning heart struck soil a fairy ring
Into the upstart center sparks in echoes sing
in recapitulation's cradled flower dream redundancy
I, humble bee, kiss them in your mind's eye my reflections
Love's bond broken, banished, you hear no child's cry just
                          pearls one with their confections
* * * *
The Ferryman
* * *
When our paths cross in the moment
the universe of mirror, we separate, does not forget
Consciousness implied in the observer,
the ferryman, free to choose two ways
Yet follows only one beyond his choice
that the fox, chicken, and corn, only one
With him as he crosses rivers back and forth
so any two of them left on the bank horizons
Together are equal to each other and the third
Ley lines and the regions they describe
flatland as the colors four or on
The anchor ring seven colors, no cross overs
When light sleeps beyond the void am I still a part
Of Orenda, my shawled lady's brain, her rain barrel?
* * * *

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