Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Physics of Boromean Rings

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In itself and of the higher language level of physics, consistency in the logic of models and mathematics, as well what seems to be a fuzzy-like logic of "uncertainty" suggesting at times some phenomena are illusions, is not necessarily a guarantee of our most general concept of evidently stable complete and consistent laws of Being, thus of experiments and measure.
Why should we expect in a most comprehensive view between grounding simplicity and deep complexity that the dynamics of a physical universe in its evolving could be otherwise?  In face of the growing understanding, why must we despair at the given and enduring doubts as we face grounding mysteries of the unknown, or for an ear retreat, heads in the comfort of the sand, only so far to dare to ponder beyond the practical living what is deep and no further?
At the frontiers of speculation, a cautious shift of eras as scientific, it is difficult not so much to build radically new theories- if possible reassured by proofs and experiments, but that in the partial headway in theory, concepts can run hauntingly parallel yet distinct as interpretations.
For the issue of minimum distance, small lamba suggested by quantum theory considerations, that divided by the velocity of light thought a needed minimum duration as well.  So this issue stands in the state of our visions today.  It was mentioned in the popular book Thirty Years that Shook Physics.  Then follows a long plateau of rich speculation. Since then where gridlock of what we intuit as less than a more general theory, at times coming to a point we question our enterprise of inquiry and even thought itself.
Let us consider an article I saw but yesterday in Wired Magazine and the drama reported, including what the author of the concept while exploring by standard quantum means and with predictions verified in measure must have felt.  This new era (recall, friend Erion our talks on Lacan and the
Borrowmean rings in the philosophy chat forum?) could be contrasted with the drama felt upon "discovery" - a deep desire to find and focused probabilities half realized for the Higgs in the standard model "found". Surely an important step. So now we have another clue not alternative but part of the bigger picture, at least extended three levels of recursive scales where adjacent ones reflect the virial measures of things inverse square law obeying in the measures squared.
So what can this mean as we look back on our models, or questions, so as to adapt and adjust them accordingly?  For one thing the astute application to centering physics on the weak force level of generations on this foundational level- issues of information and thermodynamic equivalences really - may not explicitly hold.  This also applies to those models that try to resolve things by the CPT concept and its core logic.
It may be that nature, for some still not declared reason three dimensional and the plus one, condenses space as physical density as well extends it indefinitely as compactification. In nature questions of renormalization may exist as the process finds its use and not only as projections of our dreams.
The same goes for what is near or distant, that within or excluded as touching and all the in between.  We as nature see but the rim or flange of our topological structures as well imagine extended ideas of voids or dimensions to deeper infinities of symmetry or broken symmetry over singularities and spacious singularities that we by trivial addition in so many things (such as breaking the algebra of complex numbers or heat transfer into real plus imaginary parts) the ancients think they saw pi put there by design in the square base of their pyramids.
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My first blush comment to the Wired Article:
It is easy to underestimate this structure and overestimate its range. In theory at this null thermodynamic law two such bodies can be interlinked also as in Whitehead's rings. The difference of 2 and 3 event systems could be a whole new quantum measure of this quasic space. In a sense a single ring could be the raw stuff of inertial gravity in both the loopy or string formulations. The double null thermodynamic law or its hot mirror equivalent. Thus SM 5 fold quasi scaling, n-thermodynamic laws, over the Omnium.

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