Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sagicorn in Tailspin (Part II) Perturbations

Sagicorn in Tailspin (Part II)   Perturbations
* * *
Professor Whitman rose to present his paper before the public
and his peers of the Progressive and Dialectical Natural Philosophy Society.
"Fellow space masters and aspiring knaves,
we hope that we will disturb the set
Thoughts of your continuum and thereby
bring the songs of light to light that we
Can measure indirect evidence for the
source and structures of still hidden things.
Our current visions follow down speculative
uncertain paths, separately, we building
Them running concepts into the ground
of deeper ends still too deep into the chaos.
You may note in the tug of war between
the raw verse of Shakespeare and of Goethe
Marching formally to the music of the twilight
of the gods, my free verse stands midway,
A compromise, Tycho Brae-like which orbs
dance around the Earth as center of the
Universe, which rhythms cause our
feet to dance even if we do not recognize the jazz.
I cannot guarantee, this side of cautious
dreaming if all is coincidence and only by
Accident we find Neptune from Uranus implied
but any errors are the fault of the author
Or perhaps ours and imperfect image we
transcend in principle further from
The mysterious Will, sources Alpha and Omega
of the lonely Creator God.
With due respect for Dr. Rodin, his glory
of the Kiss and of all thinkers,
The whole can be our colossus carved idols
as one, as well the parts assembled
That ultimately gravity divides from
electric sparks, twitching frogs severed legs
Tree toads we taste or toad stools of changing
colors to the context in stealth our forms and functions
Changing too the rise and fall of dreams, Frankenstein's
Hopeful monsters on a tight rope, hanging chain,
in the anguish of Faust that to this world
He does not belong - fire good, fire bad.
I propose then a radical compromise between the
large lambda cosmological constant, CC transliterated
and the small lambda of Casmir force, ll a compromise
On the question of minimum distance - rather
a center, a quasi-interval of monster dimensions drawn out
As far as we may see, deeper than our inborn sense of geometry,
A little deeper than Compton of flatland and Fermi
dreams of limitless dimensions or expansions.
Before you is a box of six sides, but what is the
length of its diagonal if its shadow vacuum is filled?
The tallest spire can be placed within it, so too if the
light is adsorbed to wander awhile in a lost internal earth.
Yet this is but one of many views, w can
unfold it outward as well, so imagine
Many worlds and multiverse our choice between them
nature made of noise, scaleless but with imperfections
Binding both the high and low dimensions
of an abstract atom, symmetries, conservation,
Broken rules of imagined renormalization
which led Holy Planck to ponder the discrete
The eleven states of ice, 9 and 1, some stable, complete
so enters quantum theory - but what of the
Other end of the 120 elements, the electrons
inside their twelve fold and simple five fold rhombihedra?
While there is more than space's natural elements
more mass-less less space, more space - less mass,
Even a little more than natural elements
ultimately and asymptotically conserving the
Physical, the electron shells are the four space dodecahedral
polytope and the nuclear shells the half 600 dual of tetrahedra.
What is not physical we cannot disprove by today's models.
not where the sparks and gravity both either discrete or one
So the laws resonate up, down, to proton, flowers, body cells.
As if we know everything, this generation of higher flight.
we are an anxious species not putting what is
Known together when it comes to what may
end us as a species, like the black hole in our
Hearts moving, distorting the background
of stars, or the asteroids we may not
Deflect from gravity's keyholes so that they
fall into to reversals of potential and kinetic
No unified theory of kinematics, all
these same doom end's we may perturb
More than predict how likely the scatterings
even for the comets in the higher clouds of Pluto.
So it is perhaps not that in ignorance we
fancy we hold the theory of everything, but that which
We know god-for-sure copper, we lazing
reptiles with tri-chambered hearts soaking up the sun
Our cosmic heartbeats does not heed.
Thank you for listening. There will be no
questions you should not try to answer on your
Own, nor advice which paths to follow, which
laurels or dead ends.  The city council
Now decrees funding shared with the sciences
as well the established arts, so stick to your
Soldiering guns if your are of that persuasion for in
the big picture what of time you have to put on
The white-boards or the canvass, work for and
count on one chance your painting and on yourself.
The next lecture, after coffee and cookies
will be given by professor Vonnegut
Concerning quantum cat cradle's and other
string theories with a little entertaining legerdemain."
* * * *

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