Monday, June 8, 2009

A Call for Colleagues

Let us keep in touch with our community, a gathering of dreams. To the statement above let us add this:

And lastly, a place for those who have had things to offer no matter how ordinary or advanced, outside of the usual established institutions of learning- that these things may endure awhile for our consideration and an alternative voice be heard of and for the benefit of all peoples.

I look forward to finding old friends from the chat forums that we fulfill the promise of what can be achieved between humans given a more open and diverse medium where our lives touch.

Footnote May 2011 - I wish to thank all those theoretical souls I have encountered on these blogs or with correspondence on creative issues... Kea, Pitkanen, rrushius, galatomic, Ulla, Yuri, Lubos, Rowlands and many others linking to them.

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